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Part 23 & 24 : Instant Messaging

part 23 :

In college .. on the basketball court.

"Armaan.. im getting really scares." karishma said as soon as she met armaan..Hugging him as though if she lost the match she would die.

"dont worry... you'll do great.." Armaan said giving her a peck on her cheek though a bit confused.

Look at her!!! Armaan thodi bhagwan hai!! Aise behave kar rahi hai jaise hamai aakhri match hai!! Aur armaan bhi!! Riddhima said watching armaan give her a kiss..

"so... everyone... all set?? lets have a practise match again... boys vs gurls.. and then lets chill out... after all... hum hi to jeetne wale hai... ryte???" Rahul getting the basketballs

At 9:30.. Josephs team players as well as cheerleaders and supporters had arrived.Players from the other team came on the basketball court to practise..

L.U college cheerleaders also took stand.. holding up banners and pompoms. Apperently almost 3/4th of the people had banners fer armaan.

Armaan ka big game hai... aur anjali abhi tak nahi aayi??? wow!! Rids said a bit content.. last thing she needed was anjali and Armaan drooling over one another.

"hey Rids best of luck.." u guys will definetly win!! " some one called out..

"thankz... koshish karenge.." Smiling at an L.U student.

" oh my god... Rids!!! PEhli match hai hamari team Vs Josephs girls..!!! " MUskaan said running into Rids.
" its a knock out syetem!! if we lose even one match... we'r out!!

" oh shit... match kab hai??" Rids said

"in one hour..."
"theek hai... get armaan... and Rahul and the entire girls team!!!!"
"shure.. leking tum kahan jaa rahi ho???"
"rest room!!" Embarrassed
"thankz for helping." Muskaan told Armaan and Rahul.
"no problem.."
"..............alright... soo... yeh raha hamari stategy."Riddhima said after explaing to them he entire placements and positions.

"haan... aur.. watch out for her.... she looks very tough...and woh bhi.. she can shoot very well.." Armaan said judging a few players.

"got it.." tina said she was the defender..drinking some water.

"alright.....??? Lets play ball!!!" Rids said as the enitre team shouted!

As the match began... the entire auditorium was in complete chaos.. Peple were cheering like crazy.

Armaan and rahul were guiding the players as the match went on... the game went on well.. with L.U under an easly lead..

In the last second... Muskaan scored a basket... beating joseph girls by 8 points (4 baskets).

Next atch was agaisnt Xavier girls and L.U boys... the match was very close.. Armaan and rahul played in full form.. Atul had gotten both the baskets in a penalty...which was basically how they had won.

After the match.. a break had commenced for about an hour.. ebfore the next match could begin.

L.U verses Xaviers to determine the first place winners among the girls.

"oh my god!!! kya kare!!! " Rids im really getting FREAKED!!!" tina said... holding riddhima's hands... While muskaan clinged on to Rahul...

"i know...." Muskaan said.." aur woh ladki kitni badi hai!! mujhe pata hai... shes not our age!!! Abhi dekhti hun... referee kahan hai!!!! girafe ki bacchi!!!" muskaan said.. looking for the referee... but rahul pulled her back...

"oy.. muskaan.. choodo... trust me... ur much better than her... meri star player to ho na???" Rahul said toching her cheeks.. making her blush and completely forgt about that tall gurl.
Referee announced " Lawrence University Girls... team and St. Xaviers University girls tema.. pleas ecome to the basket bll court.. match is about t begin."

"thats us.... wish us luck!!" kajol said looking at the guys.
"good luck!!" they shouted back!

As the match began Xaviers had the lead.. but L.U was catchig up... wid a lot of support from the students and tips from the boys team.. L.U had won the finals match.

"The winners of the gurls tournament Basketball is St. Lawrence University!!!!! Wid the captain.. Miss Riddhima Gupta." The Guest of honour announced as rids went up to shake his hands.

As soon as she got to her team.. everyone shouted....Armaan yelled..
"Three cheers ferr Ridsy!!!
Hip hip.......HOORAY!!!!
Hip hip.......Hooray!!!!
Hip Hip.......Hooray!!!!"

No way... " rids said completely blushing."it was our entire team!!!! And rahul and Armaan!!!! is they hadnt been here.. we couldnt havewon!!!!! And thankz people.. for cheering us on..This ones fer L.U"Rids shouted..

"now only boys are left!! Hope they win.."

"those guys look tough... much taller too!!!"Karishma said wiping herface wid a towel.

"wheres armaan??" muskaan asked searching through the crowds.
"hey he was just here.... he congratulated me also!!" kojal said looking around.

"theek hai.. mein dekh kar aati hu... mujhe usse thankz bhi to kehna hai!!!"
Rids said as she headed to the campus..."
But As she approached the college building.. she heard some voices..
hmm Sounds like Atul and Rahul..

"so wat do i tell her???" Atul asked..

"ki armaan deos not want you here.. or... soemthing.." rahul shrugged..

"par rids will feel bad na???" atul said ...

He deosnt want me???? where??? Rids thought.

"haan... lekin.. L.u ka sawal hai...aur armaa bhi yah chahta hai..."

"Armaan kya chahta hai???" Rids said suddenly coming to face them..

Atul and rahul look at one another.. obviously shocked...

" lets just tell her..." rahul said...

"dekho.. rids... Armaan.. ne kuch kaha tha.."


"ki.. he deosnt want you to be there..for the match..."

"par kyon.." rids thought.... she thought tht armaan had finally forgiven her.. or had become her friend...

" Rids.. im very sorry.. par Armaan... ne hame yah kaha tha... hi... hi... deosnt want you anywhere near him.."

"Kya???"Rids said.. as her voice broke.she couldnt say anythin

"im sorry rids.. "

Rids turned to leave... as she ran away to get her things... she felt tears running down her cheeks..
Why deosnt he want me there??? his big match!! rids said completely forgettin her big win.

"rids suno.... " Atul called as he saw her run... he couldnt stop her.. he wouldnt actually no wat to say to her.
15 mins.. left till the match would start.
Armaan noticed Riddhima packing her things... " Hey Rids ... where are you going? MAtch is about to start!!" armaan said giving her a wide smile.

"im not tht stupid!! ..... u dont want me here... i get it.. dont rub it on my face.."

"what??? wat u saying??? wat the hell???maine kab kaha than??"

Rids shook her head.. as tears ran down her cheeks again.She ran towards the campus... trying to hide her tears..

Armaan couldnt run after her.. he had his match to play..

"Rahul??? Atul???? Wat the hell is rids talking bout!!!!?????" Armaan yelled!!1

"Jo... tumne kaha tha!! ajali ko.." Atul said.. smiling..

" kya?? aur kab???Atul??" armaan asked losing his patience.

"tht you will lose concentration so you hope she wont come...so hamne rids ko bata diya! " Atul continued

" WHAT???????????? It was a figure of speecH!!! i didnt mean it!!! maine bas anjali ko kaha... mazaak tha.."

"mazaak... oh.. uh.. ATUL!!!" Rahul said.."tumne mujhe ... Oh shit!!"

Rahul said looking at armaan's pissed off face.

"Thats it.. main nahi khelne wala hun..."

"WHAT??????????????????????" Rahul and Atul shouted!

part 24 :

" Armaan tum aise nahi kar sakte...yaar...."

"Armaan!! c'mon... be real...Your letting your college down."Rahul said

"well... you guys let me down!! i made up my mind.. not gonna play!" Arman said just as muskaan came over.

"kya hua?" muskaan asked looking at thier tense faces.

"dekho na muskaan... Armaan khelne ke liye tyaar nahi hai..." Atul said sounding like a kid.

"what?? par kyon?" Muskaan exclaimed.. as though she had a heartattack

"Atul ne armaan ko phone par baat karte hue suna... He misunderstood Armaan... and thought he deosnt want Rids ... phir hum dono usse kah diya.... and now... woh khelne ke liye tyaar nahi hai!!

"Oh no!! ill get rids....!!! phir khelega??"

Armaan nodded his head... "fine.. be back.."

Muskaan ran to the campus.... trying to find rids... She saw her sitting in the library...

"Rids .." Muskaan said panting" b-been looking fo-for y-you...come on... game dekhne chale...."
Rids wiped her tears before muskaan could notice them.

"nahi... i cant come"

"rids . look... mujhe pata hai.... kya hua tha.... it was all a misunderstanding..." muskaan said leaning over.

"misunderstandin?? yeah ryte! dekho muskaan.. i donno why ur doing this... par.. i no th truth." rids said trying to sound comfortable and not bothered.

"han... ek badi misunderstanding hai..... Atul ne Armaan ko phone par baat karte hue suna... Armaan ne kuch kaha tha...... Atul ne socha kiArmaan didnt want her there.... par he didnt even talk bout you...please Rids believe me... its the truth."

Lagta hai muskaan sach keh rahi hai.... Lekin... why is she telling me this... so urgently... it deosnt even matter so much. rids though

"oh.. lekin aise ko kah rahi ho?? jaise mein marne ke liye tyaar hu...?? i dont realy care muskaan."

"kyon ki.. Armaan khelna nahi chahta... jab tak you come to the match!!"

"kya???" Rids was half light hearted.. smiling within.She couldnt believe it... Arman woh bhi... oh my god... mere liye????

"haa... so.. jaldi se ao...please... we'll lose widout him...!!" Muskaan said pulling riddima's hand

Muskaan and Rids arrived first as the jump ball was about to start... As soon as Armaan saw her ... he smiled ...
he walked over to the court.

"woh aa gayi!!!" Atul shouted!!

"kaun??" sahil shouted.. very confused..

"hoy... chup beth .. aur game par dhyaan dho.."
As the game started ... everyone was screaming this was the most exciting match because both the teams were equally mtched... the other team had an advantage of height while L.U had an advantage of skill.

"over here...Armaan." Armaan passed the ball and Rahul shot.

"wooohoo... Rahul.. you rock!!!" muskaan yelled.... ... rahul turned around and winked at muskaan... just as he was about to give Atul a high five.

Muskaan fell...
"muskaan are you alright?" rids said looking down...

"Rids i think she fainted!!"


Announcer.."6 all!!! 3 Minutes till half tme"

"wow.. go atul..!!" the cheerleaders shouted.

"muskaan they'll win ryte??" Rids sai biting her nails.

" please Babaji!!!! please... boys ko jeetne do!!! please!!" Muskaan said praying wid he eyes closed.

"haa haan.... definelty..."

"babaji???????????" Muskaan said looking up in wonder.

"nahi... mein..." Sahil said " we'll win... "

"hope so..." rids muttered

"Hey gurls Armaan's got the ball!! lets Cheer him on.." muskaan said winking at the gurls..
winking??? rids thought...

Riddhima finished...."GO ARMAAN!!!!"yelling at the top of her voice... suddenly she closed her mouth!!She just realised tht she was the only one who screamed.

Muskaan and the other girls giggled.

Oh SHIT!!!!! everyones looking at me...CRAP!!!Rids thought as she melted in her seat wid embaressment!

Armaan had just slam dunked the ball inside the basket when suddenly he heard Riddhima scream.. he turned around to look at her blushing.. completely red in the face...Armaan smiled..

Just then... the referee blew his whistle... "half time!"

Everyone pounced on armaan... he had given them a lead by two pooints.
But armaan ddint hear nor see anyone.. his eyes were fixed on riddhima...

He watched Muskaan hug riddhima after he got the bsket... she was still re in the face.

The girls jumped down from the bleachers handing the guys water and energy drinks.
even muskaan and riddhima got down to help them out.

Arman walked over as the gurls thrusted thier drinks to armaan... but he couldnt get his ees off of her..

Rids hadnt even seen Armaan.. she couldnt.. not after tht solo shout of hers.

Rids took out a bottle of gatorade.. just then she saw Armaan approaching her. she made eye contact wid him.. and for some reason again.. she couldnt break it... she didnt really want to... armaan came closer to her.. and held the gatorade botle she held out... as his hands brushed against hers... her stomach did a flip...

Armaan opened the bottle.. and took a sip.. Rids watched him drin... he looke really cute..

rids was checking him out.. she turned around and got a towel lying near her...

"umm Armaan" Rids said holding out the towel.... she tried to avoid his gaze.. it was very captivating...

"thankz " armaan said taking the towel from her hand.

Just then... the boys came up to him...

" soooo cap?? wat next?"

Oh hey guys.." armaan said coming back to reality.." ummm yeah.. alright... listen up.." Armaan said as the boys gathered around him..
"another basket??? WOW!!! 3 baskets in a row!!!itni josh??? and he seems so much happier... kya piya ridsy ke haatho se?? Muskaan nudged riddhima.. as she watched him score another basket..

Riddhima bluhed... she couldnt help wonder wheather she was really responsible for armaan's brilliant playing.

" oh my god! Armaan fell... woh!!! .. ouch!!" muskaan jumped up..

Rids looked up.. Armaan was on the floor... he had been knowcked over..
" is he ok?????? is he alright.... did he get hurt????" Ridsy jumped down near the court.

"Armaan you alright???" ridsy called out to him.

" Armaan looked up... to see riddhima outside the court line looking very worried.
"yeah im fine.... " armaan said as he smiled and stod up.

"penalty shot... armaan malik..... 2 shots" the referee called out...
Entire stadium started to cheer....

"peice of cake...." Rahul said as he helped armaan up.

"yeah..." Atul said giving Chirag a highfive.

The St joseph boys frowned.. last thing they wanted was armaan to shoot!

As armaan stood up... the referee passed him the ball..
"this ones fer L.U" Armaan said in an audible voice as he got a clear shot..
" and this ones fer all the beautiful girls..." Armaan winked at riddhima.. who was now joined by a few more girls...

after his basket the refereee blew the whistel..
match was over...
L.U won by 6 points ...


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