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Part 25 & 26 : Instant Messaging

Part 25 

The whole auditoriums was givng Armaan Malik an encore!!
L.U had one both the titles.
The next two matches were for 2nd and 3rd place

St. joseph had gotten the 2nd place in the boys tournament.. and josephs won 2nd fer the girls.

As the awards were given out... Mr. Deshpande the priniple of the college cae to recieve the award along wid rids and armaan by his side.
in the cafeteria... everyone sat there to celebrate.
"Hey armaan... Kya kare???" Lovely said (Student Cultural president)

Lovely basically decided what functions to have and where....

"kis liye??" Armaan asked...

"Basketball ki jeet" Lovely said pulling a chair over.

"oh... i dont know...wat do you wanna do guys??" Armaan said asking around.

"hmmm.. lets have a party.... a big party!!!" kajol suggested..

"yeah.. and umm.. wid... umm" Sahil thought trying to add somethin to the suggestion

"how bout a ball dance!!" muskaan said suddenly getting up wid excitement..

"aur .. Aur ... guys in suits an d gurls in... uh ..." rids added..

"Sarees..... " armaan added very coolly..looking at her.

"yeah.. just like in 'main hoon na' na???" karishma said

"haan!!!! brilliant.. woh hai ji!! wahi karenge!! oh n guys can ask gurls to be their dates...ok ji???"Lovely said getting up..

"yeah totally" kajol said eyeing armaan

"ill tell everyone ican!! " lovely said taking out her cell phone and walking away.

"lekin aaj kya kare?hame kuch to karna hoga na?" Muskaan said...

"hmmmm.. so dinner??" rahul said staring into her eyes..

"stupid.. hum sab ke saath!!!!"
"oh...crap... haan.... " rahul turned around and looked at rids and armaan"so captains????? wheres our treat???"

soon everyone was looking at them..

"wht???? u should give us a treat!!" Armaan said smiling..

"yeah i no" rids agreed

"haan.. lekin agar hum nahi hote.. to hum thodi jeet sakte.." Atul said

"haan yaar" sahil agreed

"accha... fine... hamara treat.... wat say rids??" armaan said turning to face her

"alright.. theek hai... "

everyone shouted..

"alright.. so 8:00 at little italy.. theek hai??" armaan said looking at riddhima..
Rids knew tht why he chose tht place.... but before she could object.. everyone at the table agreed.
At about 8:30 everyone had arrived

After placing the order... they started to talk

"Oh.. my god... guess wat.. abhishek asked me to the dance!!!!!!!!" Tina blurted out...completely excited

"oh thts awsome.." the gurls congratulated.

Immediately muskaan hit rahul playfully..
"OY!! mujhe kab ask karoge??"

"kis liye??"


"tumhe??? maine socha ki mein disha ko invite karoo"

"Disha ki bacchi!!!!!!!!!!! " muskaan said muttering to her self as she got up.

"hoy mein to mazaak kar raha tha.... never would so tht..!!! " Rahul said.. holding her hand.."will you go wid me???? .................pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?"

"theek hai theek hai" muskaan said giving in to his puppy dog face.

wow....they look so cute.... muskaan tina aur kareena ne sab apne apne dates ko fix kar diya hai... *sigh*
rid thought..

"hey... armaan... anjali kaha hai.." muskaan sudenly asked.

"oh.. umm shes in paris.. some photo shoot"

"oh.... kab laut jaegi?"

"in a week.." Armaan said sounding a bit sad

"oh... soo... dance ke liye??? kiske saath jaane wale ho?? i mean as friends?"kajol said.. getting her hopes up

"i donno actually.."

"hey rids.. who are you going wid??" sahil asked..

"no one... i mean.. no one asked me yet..."

" oh bout...." sahil wanted to continue.. but...

"hey... kajol.. even ur not taken ryte??" Armaan interupted suddenly.. sensing wat sahil was gonna say next....
kajol shook her head

"hey then why dont you and sahil go together???.. both of u ahve no one ryte?" Armaan said brightening up.. lookig at riddhima's confused face.

sahil couldnt say no...
"haan haan.. shure.. would u lie to go wid me??"

"yeah shure..." she said sounding a bit dissapointed.

Atul and Rahul looked at one another smiled.. and shook thier heads...
Arman was soo prdictable...he wouldnt let another man touch riddhima!

Part 26 :

Next day at college. 
Rahul,Atul,Muskaan,Kajol,chirag,rids and Armaan are standing near the lockers. 

"dance kal hai rids.. kiske saath ja rahi ho???" muskaan asked suspisciously 

"arre chill muskaan.. no one yet.." 

"oh ok..." Muskaan said hoping there really was someone.. 

"Hey rids.. since ur not goin wid anyone.. how bout...." but before chirag could finish 

Armaan cut in "CHIRAG!!!!!!" everyone jumped at the sudden shout.. 

"hya hai...."chirag askd a bit frightened. 

"ummm... i forgt to tell you... come wid me..." armaan said hesitantly 

"kya?? yahi batao na?" 

everyone was really confused 
"cant... come here.." armaan said pulling him away. 

As soon as they got far enough.... 
"listen... you wanted to go out wid preeeti ryte???? ic an set u up wid her..." 

"hmmm.. thankz... yaar... lekin mujhe rids ke saath jaana hai!" 

"rids??? arre.. you really dont wanna go wid her..." 

"dont wanna go wid her??" he repeated "lekin kyon??" 

"kyon ki.... rids... she .. she actually cant dance.." Armaan made up." and.. and i know how much you love to dance..." 

"really?? par dekhne mein to woh ek acchi dancer ki tarah dikhti hai..." 

"dont judge a book by its cover.... " armaan sad shaking his head as though he was dissappointed... 
"aur.. woh bhi ball mein ek achi dancer ke bina ... deosnt sound ryte..." 

"haan... lekin.. tumhe kaise pata ki she cant dance armaan?????"chirag asked suspisciously.. 

"oh... umm.. actully.. woh kya hai ki Rids.. papa ka uncle ki ma ki friend ka beta ki ladki hai.... so... we met at a party actually... aur phir i saw her dancing... ussi ki wajah se i needed to get my glasses...aur waise bhi.... i wanted to set u up wid preeti.... i heard she was really impressed by you.. durin the tournament..." Armaan lied 

"oh.... hmmm.. really?? preeti impressed by me???"Chirag said completely forgtin about rids. " u'l help out ryte???" 

"no me at lunch break .. we'll give Ms preeti a visit...theek hai?" Armaan said patting him on the back 

"shure... thankz.. bye" Chirag said headed for the locker.. 
Armaan had spent the whole day trying to keep the guys away from riddhima... 

After college... Rids went to the auditorium to practise some shots.... 
Basket ball practise was over for the time being... but she preffered to play to relieve her stress. 

Suddenly armaan walked in charged and ready to play some ball.. 

"wat do you wat armaan??" Rids asked getting completely pissed off... 

"nothing.. just khelne ke liye aaya hun.." Armaan said cathing the rebound and taking a leyup.. 
"any problem??" 

"haan you!!!!!!!" rids said.. 

"ouch..... itna gussa??" Armaan said mocing her.. 

"yeah ofocurse... Armaan.. kya tumhe lagta hai ki im stupid???"Rids said suddenly facing him 

"Aakhir.. tumne maan hi liya.... toh mein kya kahoo?" Armaan said cheerfully.. 

"oh shut up! im serious... mujhe pata hai... ki aap kya kar rahe ho!!!" 

"Aur mein kya kar raha hoo??? plzz even i wanna know.." armaan said joking around wid her.. 

"5 boys tried to ask me fer the dance.. and u managed to stop them!!!!!! i know why u are doing this.... mujhe pata hai!!!! you just wanna put me down!! so tht u can laugh at me at the dance!!! badla lena chahte ho.... i knew it!!!" Rids said.. 

Suddenly armaan dropped the ball... his smile vanished.. he had a stern look on his face.. and he turned to face her.. 

Armaan walked up to her... rids walked backwards... Armaan looked very serious. 

"tumhe lagta hai... ki.. of all the reasons in the world ... i would keep the boys away from you... so tht i could 'put yu down'" armaan qotedher words as he moved closer and coser to her... 

The way armaan put it.. made it sound really stupid... she was shure it hadnt sounded tht bad when she thought it over in her head. 

"Armaan... haan.. i mean... w-wat are you doing??" Rids asked as he came close to her.. 

Rids backed up against the wall.. 

"maine college ke saare ladko tumse dur rakha tha... kyon ki.. i didnt want you to go wid anyone except me..." armaan stressed on te words 'except me' 

making riddhima's heart melt all over again... 

Armaan looked down to hold her hand.. and put his other hand around her making shure her body was pressed up against his. 

"kya??" rids said feeling his hands grip around her.. she wanted to say more.. but for some reason.. nothing was coming out of her mouth.. 

"meri aakhri wish baki hai...." Armaan whispered 

wish?? oh.. oh shit.. oh no! Rids thought 

sensing her thoughts... 
"haan.. meri aakhri wish... aur yah hai ki.. tum sirf.. AUR SIRF.. mere saath hogi.. in the party..." Armaan said closing in on riddhima 

Rids couldnt move.. she had only one hand to move.. and she knew armaan was too strong to move wid jut one hand... and remembering the last time... everytime she had tried to push him away.. he would only pull her in closer.. 
"par armaan" rids said feeling his lips only inches away from her own... 

Armaan leaned over an gae her a quick kiss leaving her speechless as he let go of her and walked away. the second he let go of her.. she felt a cold chill... she hated tht feeling of armaan letting go of her... 

As she watched him go... she felt the imprint of his lips on hers... 

ab kya hoga??? rids thought... 


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