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Part 27 & 28 : Instant Messaging

Part 27:

At home
Rids tells muskaan about Armaan's last wish

"so?? kya korogi?????" muskaan asked... secretly smiling to her self.
She knew armaan would do somethin like this

"jaana hoga..."

"hmmm...actually why not???" muskaan said smirking.

"oh.. shut up" rids said as she hit her wid a pillow." lekin ab kya pehnu???"

"kyon??? peeli (yellow) sari mein kya problem hai?? woh to pehne wali ho na???"

"haan... lekin.. ab.. mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe kuch aur hi pehna chahiye.." rids said looking at her borin saree on the bed

"theek hai... to mall chale??? ready made sarees avaliable honge.."

"mall?? thankz muskaan" rids hugged muskaan... she wasnt too shure she would come wid her... and she really needed to wear soemthin nice.


At the mall... in FabIndia(hey ive seen pretty good sarees

"wow... they all look so good!! mujhe bhi ek kharidni hai!!! Muskaan said

Rids laughed at muskaan's kiddishness..
"fine... kharid lo"

"lekin kaunsa?????" muskaan said pulling 20 of them out and holding them one by one agaisnt herself infront of the mirror..

"hmmm... this looks really niceZ" rids said pulling one out..

"haan yaar.. and tht too its rahuls favorite colour!!! "muskaan said geting completely excited.

color??? rids thought... ofcourse... armaan loves BLACK!!! i should get somethin black!!! he would love it!!! .. no.. wait... NAHI!! Armaan aur mein?? kabhi nahi!!!Anjali bhi to hai!!! par mein armaan ke saath ja rahi hu... aur armaan ne MUJHE choose kiya... toh... that must mean something ryte???oh shit! NAHI!! mein kya soch rahi hu???!! par... hmm... lekin..... black to ek acha colour hai.... deosnt mean i have to buy it for him... meri choice hai!! i love black too!

"rids??? kya hua??? " Muskaan said watching her

"oh nothing....ummm excuse me... may i see some black elegant sarees??"Rids said talkin to the salsman.

"yes maam..." pulling out black sarees from various shelves

"black????? " muskaan said... she watched the salesman pull out millions of sarees.. evident tht black was the in statement.

"haan... kyon???" rids said looking through the back sarees..

"oh i get it!!! Armaan ka favorite color!!!!" muskaan said wid a huge grin across her face

"kya??? ofcourse no!!!" rids said blushing

"haan haan... rids mujhse jhoot???"

"nahi... mein to bas black islie le rah hu... kyon ki mere pass ek black blouse bhi hai!! aur waise bhi.. i love black!!"

but before muskaan could contradict her statement... Muskaan noticed someone in the opposite store

"Riddhima!!!!!!!!!" muskaan yelped

"kya?? kya??" rids asked looking around

"ARMAAN AUR ATUL!! muskaan said extremly excitedly...

"oh shit!!! kya kare??"

"kya kare??? wat do u eman kya kare!!" we'll call them here na?? mujhe poochna hai ki kya rahul ko yah saree pasand aayegi.." muskaan said about to leave to meet them

"WAT????? muskaan??? tum pagal ho?????kaise kar sakti ho?????" Rids said pulling her back

"kyon????kya hua??"

"kyon????kyon ki mein saree khareedne aayi hu!!!"

"haan to???"

"toh??? armaan waha hai!!!!!"

"as i said..... haan toh???"

"ARMAAN!!!!!!!! ko lagega ki mein uske saath jaane ke wajah se ek nayi saari kharidne wali hu!! BALL DANCE KE LIYE!!!

"so.. aap yah saree ball dance mein nahi pehne wali ho???"muskaan asked getting completely confused.

"haan pehne wali hu.. lekin.. armaan shouldnt know tht i bought one just for te dance... "

"ohhhhhhhhhhhh.....!!!" muskaan said "theek hai theek hai..."

"muskaan dont give me that loook.." rid said looking at her suspisciously..

"wat look...???" muskaan said grinning "accha.. ab batao.. wat have you chosen??" changing the topic

" pata nahi... lekin.. did he see us??"

"hmmm pata nahi.. lagta to nahi hai.."

"ok.. " just then... her cell phone starts to vibrate..

she recieved a message.
BB: hey rids... im picking you up at 7.. alright??

"oh my god!!! muskaan i hink he saw us!!!!!!" rids said

"kya??? he told you??"

"nahi..... lekin"

"toh... he could have just randomly msged you ryte???" muskaan reassured her

hmmm.. she has a point.... rids thought

"do one thing... message him... he might mention it."
muskaan said

"hmm.. theek hai.." ..kyaa kahoo??? rids thought

FF: ok...tumhe mera address pata hai???

As she sent the message she got back to looking at the sarees..trying her best to be out of sight from armaan..

"mere paas ek spaggetti strap black blouse hai.. kiske saath jayega??" rids asked

"hmmm... i like this one.... oh wait.. yeah bhi accha hai.... oh WOW!!! lok at this...... oooooooohh this one!!! " muskan said as she picked up a couple of sareees.

"oh god... sooo many.."
just then she got a msg
BB: yeah baby... i know ur address...

Riddhimas stomach churned at the word 'baby' she read tht line over and over again....
"oh.. kuch nahi..." yeh dekho.." rids said as she pulled out of the trance...

FF: oh.. ok.. umm.. hame kuch kal ke liye lana hai???

she recieved an immediate reply
BB: nahi... kyon??

FF: kyon ki party basketball ki jeet ki vajah se hai... aur... hum teams ke captains hai.. to mujhe laga ki hame kuch laana chahiye... kher chod do... umm.. party kab tak hai???

rids typed.. trying to think of somehtin more to ask

"yeh kaisa hai muskaan??' rids said picking up a black and gold saree

"nahi yaar.. bahoot flashy hai..."

"hmm.. theek hai... so out of these ... wat do i take muskaan??" rids said as she piled a set of sarees seperately on the table

" hmmm... dekh lete hai...oh wait... look at this rids!!!" muskaan jumped as she pulled out a delecate and smooth saree wid silver handwork on it..

rids was checking her cellphone as she recieved another message

BB: 1:00... parso (dayafter) holiday hai.... so deosnt matter..

FF: haan.. bas pooch rahi thi..

"wow muskaan.. it looks amazing!! " rids said falling in love wid the sareee.
muskaan placed the saree infront of riddhima as she tested the texture wid her skin tone in front of the mirror..

"wow... it looks gorgeos!!!" muskaan exclaimed

just then rids noticed armaan and atul leaving the store..
"hes gone.." muskaan whispered..

"Thank god!!!!i taking this.. billing kare??" rids asked...

"shure.. meri saree bhi.." muskaan said handing herlight blue saree to rids..

As they sat in the car...suddenly rids gets a msg.

BB: oh and by the way... nice choice.. cant wait to see you in it ;)

part 28 :

At about 6:45 Pm.. (the big dance day)

muskan walked up to riddhima's room.. dressed as beautiful as ever...wearing her light blue saree wid silver earings.. her hair was left open and straightened as it fell delicately on her shoulders.. her gloss added to the sparkle in her eyes... she had a faint blush added to her cheeks..

"kya mein andar aa sakti hun??" muskaan asked carrying her white heels in her hand.

"come in" rids replied from within the room..

"Oh my god!!! wow rids!!! tum kitni sundar lag rahi ho!! " muskaan said watching riddhima adjust her saree in front of the mirror..

Riddhima had worn her black saree perfectly.. wid a light pink lipstick wid a touch of gloss.. long frail silver earings fell from her ears... she put a bit of kajal on her eyes... but apart from tht nothing else touched her face... showing off her natural beauty...

"wow muskaan... you look gorgeous too!!! " rids said as soon as she had a good look at muskaan..."bilkul pari jaisi!!!"

"thnkz... rids?? kya pehne wali ho sari ke saath??" mukaan asked as she wore her heels..

"joote?? oh.. yeh " rids said reaching under the bed to pull out a box... to reveal black pensil heels wid silver straps, the heels were made of glass.

"oh my god!!! these go sooo well!!!aaj aap L.U ki cindrella ban ke jaane wali ho.."

"nahi yaar muskaan... tum bhi na!!" Rids said blushing.. as she put them on

"aakhir .... tumhara prince bhi toh hai na?? Armaan Malik......"

But before she could find somethin smart and defensive to say... the door bell rang..

Riddhima's heart skipped a beat.. she got infront of the mirror to check wheather she looked 'presentable'

oh my god... armaan aagaya... shit!! rids panicked

"ill get it!!!" muskaan said as she sprinted for the door.

pleas dont be armaan... please dont be armaan!!! Rids wished as she stood to watch muskaan open the door..

"oh.. HEY RAHUL!!!! wow.. ur looking soo good!!!aur.... mein kaise dikh rahi hu???" muskaan said turning around.. to give rahul a 360 degrees..

riddhima's heart dropped.. she actually did want it to be him

"wow.. beautiful!!!" rahul said taking muskaan in his arms... rahul too looked stunning... wearing a black suit with a white shirt inside...

"oh hey rids.... your looking very pretty... armaan bahoot lucky hai.. not as lucky as me.. but..... pretty lucky.." rahul sid as he winked at riddhima..

muskaan looked down completely flattered.. her skin tone matching the same color as her lips..

"thankz rahul" riddhima said wid a hint of dissappointment in her tone. though she smiled..
Rahul sensed te tone..

"umm... rids.. should we wait for you?? or??" muskaan asked very compasionately..

"nahi nahi.. tum log jao...carry on.." riddhima said smiling..

"alright mein milte hai.."she said as she walked out..

"bye rid.. oh and bye the way.... look down from your balcony..." rhul said giving her a naughty smile..

Balcony???? Rids thougt as she ran to her room's balcony..

As she lookd down... se noticed armaan stnading down leaning againt his car, his hands were folded against his chest.. and he was looking up...
As soon as he saw riddhima he looked up to give her a 'wat took you soo long' look...

riddhima melted.. he looked stunning.. "ill come down.. one second.." rids said as she rushed down

once she reached the ground flor.. she got more nervous... her heart beat reached a new speed

Kya sochega??? do i look proper...?? please dont trip.. please dont trip!!! rids prayed as she neared himm...

Armaan couldnt get his eyes off of her... even if an asteroid landed right next to him... he couldnt care less... he was checking her out from head to toe... everything looked so perfect about her..

wow.. he looks sooo good.. rids thougt as she had her own share of 'checking him out' he had on a black suit wid a maroon soft and silky shirt that revealed his well maintained body..

As she reached closer.. she could smel his musky deodrant.. which made her feel even more hazy ..
when she was only a few feet away from him... she partially twisted her ankle landing right on top of him... armaan caught her by his waist as she had her hands on his chest..

"im soo s-sorr"

"sssh....." armaan whispered as he pulled her closer... and placed a finger on her lips..

Armaan ran his hands down her cheek admring ever inch of her.. he leaned over to kiss her
Rids culdnt get up.. she had fallen on armaan as he was leaning against the car.. she was in a very awkward position.. unless armaan gott off the car.. she couldnt get up properly..

"you look very beatiful.." armaan whispered..
Something about the way he said it made her heart melt... she wanted to listen to those words forever.. she looked up into his eyes ... to see armaan smiling at her..

"th-thank you...." rids said.. after she finally got the nerve to say anythin...

"ab hum chale??" armaan said getting up after a moment...

"huh??? oh.. oh... s-sorry.." Rids said..

armaan got off the car and opened the door for her..

At the venue..

armaan opned the door again for hr..walking wid hr to the entrance.. as they walked armaan slowly reached for her hands and held it tightly..
Rids felt a chill run through hr body.. as she looked down to see armaans hands holding her own..

As they walked in... they noticed tht the place was filled...
"wow... two days ntice.. and the whole college shows up??" armaan said smiling looking around...still holdingg on to her tightly..

"ARMAAN??? RIDS??? so.. yeh plan..." Sahil strted..
"oh.. umm.. hehe.. actually... umm.. rids.. can you excuse us?? ill catch up wid you... " Armaan said as he tried to hush sahil..

Rids nodded..walking away wid a confused look on her face.. she noticed a few of her frendz on the dance floor and walked towards them...

As soon as she was out of sight.. armaan put his hand around sahil.." look.. sahil!! mere pass aur koi option nahi tha... i emna.. she didnt have anyone.. i didnt have any one... islie!!

"yeah ryte!!"sahil said just aas chirag walked over...

"tum aur rids???" chirag said

"arre yaar!!" arman satrted again...

"see!!! see!!! "sahil said.." unhone hum logo ko stop kiya.... aur woh khud rids ke saath aa gaya!!!"

"oh god!!! theek hai... i came wid her... ab???"armaan said finally giving up.. the last thing he wanted to do was spend the night arguing wid these peopl... when he could have riddhima..

"ab??" sahil said...smiling...

"OH HOY!!!!"

"tum dono??? mere lines mere upar hi???? Armaan said blushing..
mean wile.. rids on the dance floor..

"oh god!!! rids.. you look so pretty!!" tina exclaimed..who was wearing a purple saree

"dekha.. maine kaha tha!! hamari cindrella!!! " muskaan said giggling..

""haan yaar.. very pretty!!" neha (some frend.. atuls date) agreed

"oh come on guys stop it!!" rids said blushing...and looking back again anad again to see if armaan would come..

"Riddhima.. your sooo lucky!!! armaan ne Apko ask kiya!!" shit he looks soo good!!" Karishma said... as she turned around to look at him too..

"hoy!! armaan RIDS ki hai!! aise mat dekhna..." muskaan chuckled..

"haan haan... very funny muskaan " rids said..then facing karishma "actually kya hai ki.. armaan ke pass koi date nahi tha.. aur mein bhi.. so he asked me.."

Just then rahul and atul came up..
"excuse me gurls... muskaan?? dance??" Rahul said taking muskaans hand..

"dance?? Neha??"

Rids watched her friends slowly get taken away by thier dates...

She looked around to see evryone around her dancing and she felt stupd doing absolutly nothin...

suddenly she felt a hand move around her pullin her in..."missed me??? i saw you looking at me" some one whispered.
riddhima blushed.. and turned around to see armaan giving he a choclatey smile..

dance??" armaan said offering his hand as riddhima took it...
Armaan put her hand on his sholder as he placed his own on her waist

They started to move slowly.. as the music played...
Riddhima couldnt face him but she felt him looking into her eyes.

"tumhe nahi lagta hai ki..... we're too far apart???" Armaan asked

"uh... ummm.." but before she could manage to get a real word out of her mouth.. she felt armaans hands lock around her... as he pulled her in closer to him self.. she felt warmer .. his cologne smelt muh stronger.. she was only inches away from his face...

"much better" Armaan he felt her hands go around his neck

"armaan???" rids finally said looking up into his eyes...


"u really saw me yesterday??"

"haan.. msg bhi kiya! "


'kyon?? nahi dekhna chahiye tha??"


"kaise nahi dekh sakta?? ek khubsoorat ladki just a few feet away from me.. cmon..." armaan said giving his most charming puppy dog look..

rids coudlnt help but smile...armaan winked at her...suddenly her smile faded away into a blush..

"aww.. smile for me agian please..." armaan whispered...


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