Friday, 18 January 2019

Part 29 & 30 : Instant Messaging

part 29 :

Armaan slowly lifted up her face making riddhima look at him.... she was completely captivated.. everythin seemed so perfect...

just then.."ummm Riddima?? do u mind if i dance wid Armaan???" Rids broke out of armaans arms almost she came back to the real world..

"oh hey Preeti..." Armaan said giving her a wide smile

"hey.... Armaan.. can i dance wid you??"

"ask the lady ..." armaan said winking..

" i mean.. shure shure.. go ahead.." rids said nervously..

"oh thankZ!!" preeti said grabbing his hand and pulling him deep into the crowd..

Oh God!!! preeti ke pass ek date already hai!!!! Armaan ko chraliya!!!! UGHH!!!! Rids mumbled as she stormed away angrily.. seating herself at a table to get a good view of them.


"thankz preeti!!! dekh rahi hai ???" Armaan whispeed...

"haan,... very jealous... Mujhe mar daalne wali hai!!"

"Armaan chuckled.." dont worry... she wont do a thing..."

Riddhima was sitting at a table galring at them as she watched armaan hold her waist... her eyes narrowed as she watched armaan laugh.... the way his hair bounced as he nodded ... he had he at the palm of her hands..

Mujhe dance par lata hai!! aur khud kisi aur ke saath dacne karta hai... sharam nahi hai ladkiyon ko aise pakad ta hai.... suddenly she stopped,she felt like a complete she thought about the way armaan held her.. which was much more tighter.. she looked down at her palms which had become really sweaty..
ufff!! yeh armaan bhi!!dimag kha raha hai!! rids thought trying to wipe him off from her mind..

"hmmm.. since preeti aur armaan ek dusre ke saath dance kar rahe hai.. kyon na hum dono bhi??" rids looked behind to see chirag.

""umm i donno" rids said very hesitantly..

"oh come on... just ONE dance?? wouldnt hurt anyone.."

"oh alright" rids said giving in to his puppy dog look..

rids took his hand taking one last look at preeti and armaan standing togetehr..

chirag and rids began to dance as she put her hands on his shoulder..she felt much different than wat armaan had made her feel.. she missed tht warm touch of his tht gave her goosebumps all over.

"so?? college ke baad?? doctor.. ya basketball star??" chirag said trying to make a converstation

"surgeon actually...aur tum??"

"cardiologist.... mere papa bh hai... uncle bhi... so i guess i wanna take up the family occupation.." chirag said wid a smile

"thts nice..." rids said as she realised tht armaan and her had been ten times closer... she looked down to see the floor.. which was somethin armaan would have probably never have let her do... since he held her so close ofcourse Wink

"somethin down there??" chirag asked very wearily..

"oh no.. no.. " rids giggled.. looking straight bck up.

" wait a minute..ur Dr sashank gupta's daughter ryte??" chirag said suddenly

"oh haan... my dad..."

"excuse me... may i???" Suddenly She heard a familiar but stern voice coming from behind her..

"shure"chirag said

before rids could turn around and face him... chirag spun her around.. as armaan caught hold of her..

She felt soo much better and much warmer than before.. she couldnt see the floor anymore either... Embarrassed

"i thougt we made a deal sweetheart.." armaan said in the same stern and unimpressed voice..

"kya wat deal?" rids as she smiled within herself again..

"u dance wid me.. and only me!!"

"hey thats not fair... tum to koi bhi ladki ke saath dance kar sakte ho... aur mein kisi aur ke saath nahi??"

"u could have stopped me you no..." Armaan said as a naughty grin appeared back on his face Embarrassed

Strike one! rids couldnt say anythin... he just knew wat to say...

"aur waise bhi... i saw you watching us...dont worry  preeti aur mein kaphi dur the ek dosre se.." armaan said as h pulled her even closer...

Strike two.... Rids looked back into his eyes.. astonished tht he mentioned tht he saw her looking at him..

"kaphi jal rahi thi na??" Armaan said as he closed in on her..

Strike three... ur out!!
Rids couldnt say anythin... her face said it all.. she pulled her hands back and was ready to run away... she definetly could not face him after tht...

just as she was about to... Armaan caught her hand and pulled her back.. holding her tightly... forcing her to put her own around his neck she was to embarresed to say anythin...

"aaJ a deal!!aaj tum meri ho..sirf meri" Armaan said whispering in her ears...

Riddhima's heart sank... she couldnt belive wat she heard..She closed her eyes as she felt armaan kiss her cheecks very softly..Armaan just couldnt let her go..

After a few moments.. Rids began to feel very comfortable in his arms use fighting it.. all her anger and jealousy had disappeared... without realisin wat she was doin she leaned over and rested her head on his shoulders...
just when she thoght the song was about to get over.. she felt armaan put his hand in his pocket and take out a note (money)and hand it over to the DJ...
Rids smiled to herself.. she didnt mind dancing wid him all night.

Ater dancing fer a really long time.... they headed back to the main table .. where atul, rahul, muskaan and a whole lot of other people gathered around... suddenly everyone stopped dancing adn turned to face them... riddhima and armaan looked at one another completely baffled by the sudden silence....

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone shouted... a they placed an enormous basketall orage cake infront of them..
"yeh kya hai???" armaan asked almost falling backwards by the sudden exxcitment..

"Tumhare basketball ki jeet ke liye....!! basket ball jeet aur no cake??? cmon armaan!!"

"hamare nahi... hum sab ke!!!!" rids smiled

"oh don be so modest rids!!! .. cake kato....mmm looks delicious.." Muskaan cried..

Rids held the knife as armaan placed his hands on top of hers... Rids looked at him as he direted her hands... His touch always left her gazing at him..

Rids took the first peice and fed it to Armaan who licked her fingers as he took it in.everyone else dived into the cake as well..Armaan saved a peice and quietly fed rids when no one noticed.. a lil bit got caugt near the side of her mouth...

" umm rids..." armaan said poinin to the wrong side of her mouth.. Embarrassed

"gaya?" armaan shook his head and leaned over kissing crumb off her mouth...

rids blushed.."mujhe laga... ki.. dosre side par hai.." she aded hesitantly..

"lets just misleading.. especially when i gt an opportunity to kiss" Embarrassed Armaan whispered as he held her hand ...but rids pulled her hand away.. and ran to muskaan..blushing even more..

Armaan smiled... licking the rest of the cream tht was still on his finger..

Armaan, Rahul and Atul met seperately..
"rahul... this isnt workin... She isnt gonna admit it!! anjali ka plan isnt workin..Aur anjali bhi aaj nahi aa sakti hai!..

"haan.. aise hi lagta hai.."

"aur mein apne aap ko rok nahi pa raha hun... sochegi ki mein ek ladki ke saath hote hue bhi doosri ladkiyon ke saath flirt karta hun.... she'll lose trust...!

"meine pehle bhi yah kaha tha!! rids aise nahi hi!!!! Atul said giving a 'i-told-you-so-look'

"haan haan.. you were ryte champ... sorry... should have listened.." Armaan said regretting the sentence..

"kya kaha??? phir se kaho.."

"don push it...." armaan said smiling..obviously having somethin in mind

"oh crap.... ab kya plan hai.. Armaan malik??"atul said nrvously..

"armaan???" rahul asked..

"hehe... just wait n watch... but heres wat i want you to do.." Armaan said as he pulled them over to say soemthin..


part 30 :

" Armaan waha aise kyon khada hai??" rahul asked as he neared riddhima
"armaan??" rids said turning around to look at armaan.. "mujhe nahi pata... kuch hua kya?"

"seems really low.. hmmm .. oh muskaan mujhe bula rahi hai... sorry gotta go.." rahul lied..

"shure..."rids said watching him leave

armaan ko kya hua?? aise akela kyon khada hai?? rids thought as she walked over to the balcony where armaan was standing all sad and depressed..

"armaan??? kya hua??" rids said in her most concerned voice ever.

"Oh... rids aap?? nahi kuch nahi..." armaan said turning around to look at her almost instantly..

"armaan please mujhe bata do... aakhir.. emin bhi tumhari dost to hn na?" Rids said resting her hand near the railing beside him

""haan.. par...... alright theek hai... batata hu.." armaan said taking a deep breath.." anjali dumped me."


"haan... she found someone else... some one from her shoots..... aur isilie.. mujhe.." armaan said sounding miserable..

"Armaan.. kab hua??" rids asked wid a shocked look on her face

"2 din pehle.. match ke baad... " Armaan said wiping his tears..

" very sorry ..."

"its alright... jo hua...ab hogaya.." Armaan said looking down from railing..

"armaan?" rids asked as she watchin him stare down at the cars goin by

Anjali aise kaise kar sakti hai?? mein Armaan ko aise nahi dekh sakti... just look at him..

"islie maine tumhe ball mein invite kiya tha.. taki i will have company... didnt wanna feel so lonely.." hope u didnt mind..." armaan sighed.

'no no.. ofcourse not.." rids said almost immediately..

"can i have a hug??" armaan said giving her a weak smile..

"oh.. yeah ofcourse..." As Rids hugged him Armaan held on to her tightly..Smling from within..

As rids hugged armaan she stroked his back trying to make him feel better...
Armaan on the other hand winiked at atul who was stnding by the entrance of the balcony.. enjoying armaans lil act..

"as she pulld back armaan once again had his disheartened look on his face...

Mujhe pata tha.. Anjali waise type ki ladki hi hai!!!par.. as far as i remeber.. she was more crazy for him.. than he ever was.. Rids said as she remembered the meeting she had wid him..

"ummmm rids ... do you want to dance wid me?? one last time??" armaan said holding his hand out

"shure" she found it even more difficult to put him down when he was so sad... not tht she could dream of it Wink

Rids gave armaan her hand.. as they walked inside to dance..
inside the song "pehli nazar mein was playing.. which had evidently been modified to suit a ball dance..

As they began to dance Araan looked deep into ehr eyes.. the lights had dimmed down.. creating a romantic effect in the entire hall... riddhima looked gorgeous.. her back hair was shining and the silver embroidery seemed to glow in the dark..

Armaan spun rids around to bring her clser... other couples stared a them... the gurls obviously jealous.. while the boys learned up his tricks to bring thier dates closer. LOL

Armaan looked down at her lips... he wantedto touch them wid his own.. but he knew very well tht it would only push her furthur away... something armaan was not ready to compromise wid.. Embarrassed

Rids turned to her left and noticed Muskaan and Rahul... she gasped as she saw them lip-locking..

"oh my god.." rids said.. suddenly feeling very happy for them.. they looked perfect together.
she knew tht muskaan would tell her everythin the next day.

Armaan turned around to look at what she was smiling about and noticed te two love birds.

"they look soo cute" rids finally whispered.

"yeah.. i no.. you look sooo cute" armaan whispered tucking the loose strands of hair behind her ear.

Rids blushed..."n-not me... th-them.." looking back down.. avoiding his gaze..armaan smiled..

she felt the room was getting too warm .. she could feel her palms sweat... for some reason she wrapped her hands around armaan even tighter.. Armaan smiled at the suden gesture...

Armaan felt riddhima's breath... h leaned over and gently kissed her neck.. and went lower as he kissed shoulders softly.. Rids closed her eyes... here was no way she could get out of this one.. his kisses were very passionate. Embarrassed

Armaan pulled back.. sencing tht if he continued.. she might push him away or somethin.. but he realised tht he left an impression...

Even after he pulle back.. she felt his kisses still running down her neck...

she opened her eyes looking down at his soft shirt... as the music faded away... they broke apart... she checked her watch it was about 12:10 AM

oh my god.... we have college tomorrow!! rids suddenly remembered..

"ummm.. armaan mujhe jaana hoga..."

"shure.. ill drop you.." Armaan said

Rids didnt want him to go through soo much of trouble.. just then rahul and muskan walked over..

"so... having fun??" muskaan asked..

"more fun than you think" armaan replied..

"thats nice.. hey rids.. rahu aur mein.. ice cream ke liye bahar jaa rahe hai.. is it ok wid you?"

"haan shure shure.. lekn 2 baje wapas aa jaana..."

"yes mummy.. ill come back.." muskaan said jokingly..

"haan haan... dekh lenge.."

"theek hai.. bye rids..."

"bye" rids said as she realised tht muskaan would not be able to go back wid he..

"so?? shall i drop you now??" armaan offered


"kis liye?? havent dropped you back yet."

rids smiled and followed him back to the car...

As they stopped outside rids apartment..

"umm armaan.. you wanna come up?? coffee?? icecream... aur jo bhi hai ghar mein??"

"maybe another time... college hai kal!!mujhe nahi lagta hai ki mein uth paonga" Armaan said as he got out of the car..

he walked over and opened her door

"mein hoon na??? ill wake you up tomorrow.."rids said getting out of the car..

"sach?? thankz..." he closed the door behind her..and held her agaisnt the car

"yahi to karti hun ??" riddhima said as she lowered her voice.. armaan smiled at the sudden shiver in her voice..

Armaan came coser and closer to her... till her lips were only inches away

Rids was defiently not prepared for this.. she took a big gulp down.. as she felt very hott once more..

" armaan.. umm.. mu-mujhe jaana hai.." rids whispered..

"to jao.." Armaan put his hands around her waist..making it impossible for her to do anythin..

he leaned over and kissed her on her cheeks passionately.. kissing her way near her lips... but before he could reach it.. she pulled his hands out and ran away blushing... secretly smiling to herself..


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