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Part 3 & 4 : Pulse

Part 3 

Hearing the music blasting as they approached the beach house apartment Ridhima looked at Sapna as she opened up her compact mirror for the second time…

"You look fine!…I don't get it you see him all the time and he knows what you look like?" Sapna looked at her and handed her the silver compact mirror.

 "here have a look! Yourself as you might meet the man of your dreams" looking at Sapna giggling she narrowed her eyes at her .

"Please tell me you have not set me up tonight with some cheese friend of his?" letting out a deep sigh she looked at her annoyed.

"Gosh Ridz enjoy yourself for once let down your hair and forget the past and live it up!"

"Look Sapna don't talk to me about my past OK! I seriously don't want to be here but I have only come for you and nothing else… there no such thing as a knight in shining amour or prince charming… once these guys screw you over you are thrown away like yesterdays news…"

"Dame it! Ridhima what happen to you mother will not happen to you.. heck you are so scared letting anyone come near you… look I'm not asking you to get involved just to have some fun.. and not stand as a piece of furniture and not wishing to be out of the room… Amit is celebrating a contract win and I want to be part of his happiness and not worry about you there…" Ridhima looked at Sapna march off and enter the apartment.. some times Sapna was so self centre it easy for her to wear her heart on her sleeve for me who has nothing but myself I will not be taken in for a mug…

Sapna looked around the room filled with Amits close friends and looked to see Ridhima 'why does she think she will end up like her mother? For years I have been telling her to let the baggage go but she just does not? DAME IT I was too hard on her!' as she moved towards the balcony knowing that was where she was going to be she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Sapna?" she stare at him smiling where a black suit and a red shirt Dr Armaan was know as a cavalier maybe he can help Ridhima in more ways then one…

"So tell me where is my princess?" she looked at him as his eyes searched the room…

"Hmm don't tell me… my fair lady is at the balcony awaiting her prince…." She looked at him heading towards the large French doors and closed her eyes..

"Please Lord! Give her one relationship where someone will give her nothing but love!" Sapna felt an arm around her and opened her eyes to see Amit.. smiling his broad smile looking down at her…


  Hearing the laughter and the music she looked at the sea as it washed over the beach.. the smell of sea air and the full moon above staring down at her.

"Hi I thought you might want a drink!" she turned to see him and looked at him puzzled as he stretched out his arm to hand her a drink..

"I'm on call so no alcohol for me either.. just a soft drink.." he looked at her looking at her confused and chuckled.

"Dr Armaan Malki we met at the hospital!" he looked at her nodding her head and turning back to the night sky…

"Must say the night is especially beautiful tonight .." she looked at him now standing close to her and she turned to look at him place the glass to his lips.

"So tell me why are you out here and not in there with your friend? She looked worried about you?"  he turned to look at her.. in the moon light she was more stunning and the smell of dior was captivating his senses…

"OMG listen Dr Armaan… that is none of your business and if she was that concern she would have be here 2 hours ago and not with Amit!" hearing him laugh out loud she looked at him angrily.

"Seems like someone is jealous and not getting any attention!" hearing her puff he smiled… and turned to face her

"She happy as Amit asked her to marry him and she said yes! I guess she upset at you for not congratulating her!" he looked at her as she looked stunned.

"What's the matter? You looked every surprised?"

"He's seeing her for 2 years and now he pops the questions?"

"Actually Amit's parents want him to marry someone else when he told them about Sapna…he wanted to start his own business be successful and then marry her as he wanted her to be proud of him…I know may people think he's a dreamer and a waste of time… but the guys had it rough.. and he not told Sapna about his parents as he scared she will leave him.. hence he was waiting for this contract win…" she looked at him stunned

"Sapna knows nothing only that she loves him and will wait until the ends of the earth for him.. she lives with her heart.."

"You know a lot?"

"I would hope so as Amit is my cousin… and Sapna will by the end of the year be my bhabhi.." she looked at the handsome guy as he approached the doors..

"You going to swallow that pride and coming to congratulate them.. as Sapna parents now about tonight as Amit and I have gotten there blessing!" as he stood not looking back at her he heard her step closer to her and enter the party…


Sapna smiled as she looked at Ridhima talking to the group of people

"Thanks Armaan!" she looked at him as he stared at Ridhima..

"She is hard work and does not give me the time of day!" she looked up at him stunned

"Armaan she is an orphan and  it's been rough! very hard and she has lost respect for men as they have always used her in some ways…she only listens to papa and Nana ji.. and look! I know your reputation with the woman… and if you ever hurt her…"

"Relax! I need you on side for when I marry her!" she looked at him smile and walk over towards her.

"May I have this dance?" she looked into his eyes as he held out his hand.. there was something about him and he was interesting as she took hold of his hand she felt his hand on her waist…

Looking into her green emerald eyes he let out a gentle sigh…and smiled

"So I was think about tomorrow evening… around 8pm!" she looked at him this guys so confusing

"8pm?" he looked at her confused look and twirled her to the music and brought her back to him…

"Too early …ok 9pm!" she felt him pulling her closer to him and she pulled back.

"Look I'm working and…"  as he felt his strong arms push her away from him and pull her back she saw a smile form on his lips…

"I forgot… ok I will meet you there!"

"Meet me for what?" he smiled back at her and stopped as his beeper went off

"Tomorrow ….i will see you there?"

She stared at him dashing to the door and looked at him stunned the man talks in riddles but he was very interesting and for some reason he was relaxing to be around.. NO Way…Ridz she thought walking over towards Sapna..



"Thanks Riddhima! I really hope you don't mind!" she looked over at Sumar and smiled..

"Samar how many times are you goin to say thank you… just go! And I hope everything works out for the family.." She saw him nod his head and smiled.

"Well I cant get over the fact my little sisters getting married so soon and to tell you the truth…it seems like a long time since I have been home…it be good to see everyone again…"

"Hmm you sound excited …ok I think you have explained the console to me and I should be ok for the week…" he looked at her looking a little uncertain about the buttons.

"Look if you not…"

"Leave Samar before I hit you…It will be fine and the other producers will asset if I get stuck…GO!"

"Ok I'm leaving and good luck for the auction…" he looked at her roll her eyes at him…as he chuckled on the way out.

"How can I forget… Nana's bright idea for raising money for Minnie was to auction the 4 top RJ for a date…." Hearing the jingle running constantly every hour she was dreading the function in a weeks time….Placing the head phones on her ears she looked at the young assistance through the glass window counting down …3-2-1


Riddhima looked over at Sapna as she sat so still in the presence of Amit's parents and smiled looking at her feeling very uncomfortable…As all eyes where upon them all in the small function hall.

As Amit looked at Sapna as he held her hand and placed the ring on her fingers… As everyone clapped there hands Sapna looked over at her parents with tears in her eyes as Ridhima heart raced feelin alone tear running down her cheek… her best friend will so start a new life and move away from her and the family… feeling Amma's hand squeeze her she looked over at Sapna place the ring on Amits finger… now it was official…..

"Congrats!!" Sapna looked over at Riddhima and could not control her tears.

Riddhima took hold of them as they both hugged each teary eyed…

"Stop it! I thought you were happy …"

"I am but …" feeling Sapna hold Riddhima closed her eyes…I know we will no longer been together for much longer…

"Congrates Amit…" Sapna released Ridhima and looked over at Armaan as he stood on the stage with them …looked handsome in his grey pipe stripe suit…but she noticed his eyes on Riddhima and no one else and smiled.

"Armaan the flowers are beautiful!"… seeing him staring at Riddhima and not responding she looked at Amit as he nudged him.

"Beautiful!" ..Sapna giggled looking at Armaan staring at Riddhima moving towards her parents as she was in charge assisting them the arrangement…

"Armaan… she not interested and you know that.." She looked at him taking a deep sigh…

"Sapna that is all what interesting… Ok she said no to me twice now…indirectly… Now Bhabhi you have to help me out here…" She looked at him grinning..

"OK Baba… there is one way… you have to bid for her!" he looked at her confused and watched her walk away.

"Amit bid for her?" Amit chuckled as he placed his arm around him

"Armaan! You don't listen to the radio and not seen the posters …"

"Don't ask Amit … I see her picture and cant move …so I had to find another way to work… don't ask it taking me 1hour to get to work!"… Armaan looked at Amit chuckle..

"You have got it Bad!" Armaan shook his head.. believe me you have no idea

"Ok Listen tomorrow … there is a charity auction to raise money for Minnie's trip to London… for her finial treatment… so guess what up for auction?…"

"No you kidding?" Armaan looked at Riddhima

"Yes you can bid for a date with Riddhima… and there are a few sports personality up for action as aswell…So don't empty out the bank on the bidding!"

"When is it?"

"Tomorrow at the Royal Kings hotel at 8pm…"  Amit looked at him looking disappointed

"I cant make it… dame it looks like the gods don't want us to get together either!" Amit looked at Armaan shaking his head

"I have an idea…."


Riddhima looked over at Nana grinning….both of the two male radio jocks had raised enough to pay for the trip and the extra money now would help the radio recover some of there cost..

"Riddhima I have a feeling you will raise a lot of money for me…"  she looked at Nana and cursed herself for getting involved … but it would raise money to save a life and Nana had agreed to help other cases in the future… but she wanted to get some aid for the orphanage that raised her… so she told Nana… 50% of her bid would go towards… so she was a little happy… feeling like lamb going to the slaughter she stood in the spot light…

"Ok next we have a date with the beautiful Dr Riddhima…starting bid… 2000 rupees …." Seeing a show of hands goin up she looked over at Nana who was excited over the response…As the bidding got heated up she looked at the back of the crowd and saw a tall slender girl raise her hand…

"5000 rupees!"

"6000 rupees" she looked over at the exit unable to make out the person.

"10,000 rupees!"  as the audience fell silent she looked at the tall girl move forward in the crowd.

"15,000 rupees!"  Riddhima looked up at the hand

"25,000 rupees!" she looked over at the girl who looked determine to win.

"50,000 rupees!" the hall fell silent and the girl opened her purse and shook her head.

"Going – once …." Hearing the hammer on the table bang… she looked over at the old gentle man walking forward.

As she moved forward she looked at the young girl move forward..

"I need to talk to you Riddhima… My name is Anjali Gupta… I need to talk to you about an urgent matter… can you meet me here!" Riddhima looked at the tall girl..for some strange reason she looked familiar ….as she looked at the card in her hand.

"Please It's! Important…tomorrow lunch time!" Riddhima could hear the distress in her voice and nodded.

"Riddhima!" she looked over at Nana as he stood next to the old man.

"This is Mr Mahon … he your date this evening… and I have informed him… this officially finishes at midnight..

"No Mr Nana… this evening will finish at 6am…" Riddhima looked at the old gentle man holding up a walking stick towards Nana…

"Fine… ok you paid 50,000 rupees so 6am… is fine!" Riddhima looked at Nana confused

"Beta …shall we!" Riddhima nodded as he held his arm out


Riddhima sat in the car and looked at the old man as he smiled

"I have to tell you beta… I was bidding for my baba… he is waiting for you at the beach house…" Riddhima looked at him totally confused

"Your baba?" know she was feeling a little scared and unsure what was happening

"Beta seriously there is nothing to be afraid off…I have called you beta and now you are like my daughter…nahi" as the car holted she looked at him as he got out of the car…

"He's  waiting for you inside…please beta…trust me!"

As she pushed open the door she saw the red flower petals on the floor leading the path…stepping onto the petals she could smell the fragrance of the rose…looking around at the small house she saw pictures of a young boy smiling as he played with his father…on the beach…. As she looked over at the glass table she looked around to see no one around and stop to see the candles on lit on the table…as it was decorated with plates and …feeling hunger she looked over at the kitchen area…

"Hi!" she turned to see Armaan leaning against the door frame

"Oh its you!" Letting out a little sigh of relief she smiled to see him walk over towards her.

"I thinks so!… Armaan in the flesh!" she looked at him as he pulled out a chair.

"Now if you could take a seat …I can get dinner as am starving!"… she looked over at him as he moved around the kitchen mumbling… shaking her head as a smile formed on her lips she got up from her seat.

"Where did Kaka put the ??.."

"Do you need a hand?" he looked at her standing close to him and smiled as he scratched his head…

"I guess my kitchen skills need some work..!" he looked at her nodding and smiling…

"Ok I confess im no good when it comes to cooking and I have no idea where the glasses are in the kitchen…" she looked at him opening up the cupboards and closing them.

"Why don't you sit down I will serve dinner!" she looked at him coming closer to her.

"Ok but can I ask …you?…. would you mid if I  take a quick shower… as I came from work and…" he looked at her smiling

"Sure!…I get the food out on the table…"

She looked over at him as he sat at the table with his wet hair and sleeveless top and smiled …poor guys was tryin so hard and she was impressed with him …

"I am sorry not the romantic evening you where expecting…"

"shall I be honest…this is nice… good food and company…." He looked at her as she placed the fork full of rice in her mouth…

"I have something special for desert… its outside…" she looked at him as he had a mischievous smile on his face…"… as she took hold of his hand…. As she felt his hand walking down the beach she looked at the smile on his face as they walked up towards the small little caf …

"Ammy!" Riddhima looked at him as he smiled at the old lady.

"Auntie… my usual but make it a large please…" Riddhima looked at him as he held her hand not letting go…

"Everyone knows you and loves you…" he looked at her with a far away look in her eyes…

"Hmm I guess but the question is do you?" feeling her let go of his hand he looked at her feelin uncomfortable for the first time the entire evening… he had shared his childhood with her over dinner.. and looked at her as she looked so distant…

"I don't want to bet around the bush but I like you a lot…" he looked at him take hold of her hand again.

"I need to time… Armaan… I have a lot of things I need to …"

"The orphanage? We can help them together and you will never need to worry about anything financial and…"

"She looked at him and truth was she did feel something for him …but was very unsure…"

"Can we take it slowly…" she looked at him gesture with his eyes.

As the large bowl appeared on the table she looked at him grining as he looked at the ice cream like a spoilt child in his photos she saw back in the house… as they spoke all night about there work … she found herself telling him thing she had never shared with anyone including Sapna…..


"Hello Riddhima!" hearing his voice on the phone she smiled

"Armaan this is the 6th time you have called me!" she sat in the hotel awaiting Anjali Gupta

"Look this poor woman has called me all week and I promised to meet her today…" Hearing him moan she could not believe in a week how close she had gotten to him..

"Ok I will see you in the evening!" Riddhima smiled as the wedding preparations where keeping them busy and together…

"Hello Riddhima!" looking up at the worried and uncomfortable look on Anjali's face she nodded at her.

"Armaan I talk to you later… ok Bye!"

"Come on say it… I love you?"

"Armaan I have to gooo… bye"  hearing her giggle he smiled…


"Riddhima?" he looked at her as she took hold of him crying

"Baby whats the matter?"

"That girl total me I am her half sister and our father is dieing and wants to see me!" Sapna looked over at Armaan holding Riddhima with Amit… shocked by what she had said…

Hearing her crying he felt her arms pull him tight to her as she sobbed………


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