Friday, 18 January 2019

Part 3 : Heart Attacks & Seizures

"WHAT THE HEL…" she looked at him confused as he placed his hand on her mouth to silences her…she looked at him mortified…as he looked at the door…

"Someone's been hanging round the door I have heard voices this morning…OK!" he whispered… nodding he released her as she looked at the footsteps by the door.

"Hmm they are spies!"….the churali does not miss a trick!!

"Spies?" he looked at her as she got up and approach the door… she looked at him sitting in the bed topless and smiled as she opened the door.

"DIDI!" Armaan started at the children running into the room and hug her.

"Minnie and Dhoni …this is

"ARMAAN JIJU!… Anjali didi told us about you !" Riddhima looked at Armaan and smiled as she walked over towards him still in the bed…

"Are you two married know?" Armaan looked at Minnie as she moved closer to Riddhima…

"No not yet… he is muscularly and naked in your bed didi!" Riddhima looked at the children chuckle as Armaan blushed.

"OK Guys… Armaan and I want to get ready for breakfast …so I suggest you to get ready to …if you want your gifts this morning." She chuckled as they dashed for the door…. She stopped as she looked at him smiling.

"Mum and Dad run an orphanage so I guess when they both had been diagnosed with Cancer mum shifted them here … they doing much better now…" she looked at him smiling as he got out of the bed with the sheets wrapped around him and stopped… He looked at her looking at him and looked away.

"I uh…cant sleep until I'm totally naked!" OMG I WAS HOLDING YOU NAKED!! HOW LONG WHERE U IN MY BED??…she looked at him walk into his room and closed her eyes.

"Morning!!" everyone looked at them surprised

"OMG u guys look cute in matching colours!" Really I think the Bandar suggestion is way over the top!… for some reason he advised all the top celebs wear matching items of clothes…today …coming down the runway we have me wearing yellow looking seriously like a couple …while the tall monkey next to be is wearing that bed sheet… OMG! What is happening to me?? I'm picturing him a white stain sheet butt naked?… OMG you have seen a naked man before loads of time… YEAH BUT Not IN MY BED WITH ME HOLDING HIM!!!…OH GET OVER IT AND SIT DOWN!!…. she looked at him as he smiled sheepishly next to her… OMG HE KNOWS WHAT IM THINKING????

"So Guys I was thinking before the wedding official get started this evening …we can stop over and see mine and Atul new house…" OMG she so rubbing it in my face…Smiling and placing her arm around Anjali sitting next to her she looked at Armaan.

"Ok Di how about me and Armaan met you there as we have a few errands to run this morning"

"Ok fine Ridz! I call Atul and meet you there at noon OK!… Mom, Papa you coming right!"… Anjali looked at her parents.

"No Beta we have so much to do for this evening… you both will be back by 3pm. Yes!" Ridhima looked and Anjali and her mother… there was something between them like they understood each other without saying anything… Ridhima sighed under breath as she looked down at her bowl of fruit.

Mom was always fussing over Anjali more then her. Anjali was attached to her but mom always gave her everything first while she got the seconds or refused gift… It was the small things that bother her but she learn to live with it …She knew mom loved her but and how hard mom had worked to get Anjali to accept her as her mother but feeling that kind of love would have been nice too…. Seeing her so quite he placed his arm around her…

"Honey…you know that I can't eat until you make me a cup of tea!" HUH WHAT? She looked at him smiling and then looked at her parents. OMG IM NOT YOU'RE SLAVE!… smiling she picked up teapot and poured him a cup of tea.

"Sugar?" Anjali turned to look at her curiously….OH DAME?

"Just take the first sip as you usually do! Honey…" OMG you are so corny

"Armaan?.. I told you to behave we not in New York!" she blushed slightly as she looked at her parents and Anjali staring at them.

"Well I refuse to drink it if you don't take a sip!" she looked at him pout his lip! OMG THE OSCAR FOR CHEESE LINES GOES TO THE BANDAR!!

"Armaan… Look!…" taking a sip she passed the cup to him and rolled her eyes.

"OH MY Atuls is not this sweet!" OMG U like this rubbish… heheh that why I hired the chimp!! Hehehe…you know he making me look good!!

"Armaan better …I'm very interested in that research you are doing!" OMG dad fell for the chemical researcher job thing.

"Hmm Dad! I was wondering since im in Delhi to see your pathologist…" she looked at him surprised.

"That's easy your seeing him this afternoon..Dr Rahul!" OMG Rahul… he going to kill me for not calling him… DAME!! SH*T.

"Really that's great!" OMG NO!!

"Yeah I can't wait for the fireworks this afternoon!" Anjali looked at Ridhima smiling.. CHURALI…. OK now what do I do about my best friend who will kill me as I have told him nothing about Armaan and if I do he will just be so cross and freak out!

"Honey you not eaten a thing!" she looked at him stuffing the tomato filled sandwich in his mouth

"Armaan she dieting …cant you tell!…hehehe!"

"Honey I love you the way you are!" she grinning at Anjali… He will fight my battles heheh… OMG you want to feed me?? feeling the fruit in her mouth she looked at Armaan as he winked at her…


"Armaan I have to tell Rahul about us!"

"NO out of the question he will blow our cover… and jeopardise the mission!" HUH WHAT? This is a stake out??…

"Look we need to keep this OUR secret you can go back to you're childhood sweetheart when we break up…

"WHAT? I love him but not that way!" she looked at him smiling.

"You sure as you talked about him non stop since we got in the car!" I HAVE NOT!! IM FREAKING OUT AS IM GOING TO GET FOUND OUT!!

"OMG how corny where you this morning?…that was so tacky.. sip the tea!" she looked at him chuckling…and started laughing with him
"I can get even more cornier with you by my side!"

"OMG Armaan don't start! I will not be able to stop laughing at you're lines…hehe!" she looked at him smiling as he pulled up in the driveway…

"OK I have never met this Atul guy and they Kirti will be here…"

"Kirti?" Yeah Anjali's best friend… she works in states as well but her flight was delayed she here with her boyfriend …mum was telling me!" she looked at him looking upset for some reason…

"Dr Kirti Sharma"

"Yeah why?" she looked at his face going pale.

"OMG it's her!" Great of all the men in the world I get the dumped left over of Kirti??

"OK lets leave now!" she looked at him as he was very upset.

She looked at him so silent as he drove the car… 'ring ring'… Anjali name flashed on the phone and she silenced it looking at him…. She looked at him as he stopped the car.

"Why don't you leave!! I can handle everything?" he looked at her

"No! see I went there to tell her that I love her and found her with some other man arms…." OMG SHE DOES NOT KNOW!! …she looked at him so upset…placing her hand on his shoulder she looked and saw the hurt in his eyes… Poor guy!! It better if you go! I will just tell them you had an emergency.

"Ridhima I want you to help… show what she has missed out on and win her back!" HUH WHAT?


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