Friday, 4 January 2019

Part 3 : Instant Messaging

A week later

"good morning biker…. And .. send " Riddhima said as she sent a message.
"Muskaan utho… collaege ke liye late ho rahe hai"
god she will never get up!! .. I need a bucket of water..

"paanch minute aur.. please yaar" muskaan threw the quilt over her head.

"theek hai..then ill just have to Rahul to leave us and go!.. niche wait kar raha hai!"
If this doesn't work…ill have to wet her bed!

"RAHUL??? SHIT! Pehle kyon nahi batayi? Yahan kya kar raha hai?!! " she jumped of the bed and stared at riddhima…
"good ur awake.. now get ready in 10 mins.. khana table par rakha hai… " BEEP BEEP… ridsy gets a message.
Reading it out loud "good morning flower.. had a good night sleep? Thankz fer the wake up call…crap im late fer college"

"oy hoy.. biker ki alarm clock bhi ban gayi ab?"
"chup… now go take a bath …."
"theek hai theek hai.. jaa rahi hu" she gets up and goes to the bathroom.
Muskaan and Ridsy Reach college to find armaan and his friend near their lockers

"hey atul..hey rahul, sahil and chirag… anything new?" ridhsy called out as soon as she could identify their faces. They smiled and said hi back

"excuse me… u forgt someone.. " Armaan was starin at riddhima wid the same annoyed face he always looked at her wid..

" oh ur ryte im sorry.. HEY ANKIT!! " she called out.. more like screamed out to to some guy a few feet from them.he looked at her obviously confused.

The other guys chuckled.. while muskan said in the sweetest most possible way " oh hey guys… hey rahul… kaise ho?"

"im fine… thankz" rahul smiled at her.. widout noticing those dreamy eyes starin at him.. and those eyelashes blinkin nonstop.
"hmmm.. armaan i was thinking.. kya ek basket ball practice match ho jaye? Ridsy ke team VS humare team?"

"naa yaar rahoool… ye macchar ko har roz harana ek acchi bat nahi.. "
"meri team ko harana? Ya ryte!! U haven't even played a real game wid us.. oh I get it.. armaan dar gaya" ridhzy challenged armaan..Muskaan grinned..

"mein aur scared? Dream on machhar.. " armaan yawned..

"Phir, hum ek match khele?" Atul asked completely excited. sahil and sahil gave eachother aa high five..

"ha yaar … it'll be fun! And we all can prove how bad they are" muskaan got really excited!

"bring it on.." Armaan gave ridsy a thumbs down

"yea.. well go ec on you.. don't worry.."

"shure Princess" obviously sarcastic…and he patted her on her head and walked away

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