Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Part 3: Jab We Met

rahul-so...umm how did u guys get together??

armi-well....simple...we fell in love

rahul-oh gawddd....i mean how did u guys fall in love....temme..i wanna noe about ur relationship our relationship was a love-hate one...den eventually it turned into serious love

ridzy was blushing

at-haan ab khali love hai maar yeh log abhi bhi ladte hain


muski-arrey...tum logonne kabhi suna nahiin kya??ladne se aur bhi pyaar bharta hai

AA-ohh tu yeh baat hai

ridz-di.....and she leaves

armi-oyyee hoyyee

rahul was amused with their 'love story'

muski was just leaving and so was rahul suddenly muski tripped and she was falling down when rahul caught her.....they both got lost into each other's eye.......

rahul realized how beautiful intense her eyes were..muskaan wanted to stay like this forever....holding his neck and softly beathing in his deo..

atul,armaan and anjali were looking at each other...atul stood up and went to them...

atul-kuch to hua hai...kuch hogaya char din se lagta hai essa...

rahul cums out of his trance....and in a state of shock drops muski..

now muski is really really angry..she gets ups and picks up her slippers and hit him..

ra-ow..ow..ow...enough ow...ow

muski stops hitting.....-gey se graya na ...mein tujhe gira doongi sabki nazroon se

ra-oyye jada apna mu mat khol

muski-tu karega kya haan??

ra-woh mein soch lunga

mu-mein tera intezaar nahiin karne wali

ra-tu mat karna


ra-hmmm..(immitating her)

and they both leave in opposite directions

the other interns laugh

an-seriously..woh log edam tumlogon ke jaise hain..she said pointing at AR.....

at-nahiin woh log hamare jaise hain..pehle se hi ek dusre se pyaar karte hain

an-*rolls her eyes*......and gives a funny smile

at-haasi toh phasi

anjali luks at him very weirdly and leaves

at-ruk ja o anjali......and runs after herBig smile

AR laugh

armi-jaan do u think rahul muskaan bhi pyaar mein padenge??

ridz-lagta to hai

armi smiles holds her hand and dey also go out

armi was just walking down the corridor and he saw rahul...he went to him

armi-ehem ehem


ar-tumhe kya hua??why are you so lost??when dr.armaan is her have no fear(ohk i noe u guys are cursing me fr using the same  hey i am nt creative enoughBig smile)

ra-you are here dats the fearLOL(i dun noe weder dat line makes sense or not)

armi-ohh...cum off it....temme d problem..


armi-fine..temme wen u feel like it...and goes

rahul-uff mujhe hi nahiin pataa toh mein tumhe kaise bataaon??but i noe ki the problem is related to MUSKAAN!!!!

muski was lost to...wondering why d hell did she feel weird when she was in rahul's arm??why??


they both were in the elevator....suddenly the elevator stopped...and d lights started blinking...anjali's dropped her file and screamed


atul was by her side in a second

at-kya hua anjali??

an-mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai

at-kuch nahiin hoga anjali..and holds her hands and sqeezes it tight!!

anjali is now not dat scared as atul is with her

atul picks up the emergency phone and says-hello...mein dr.atul bol rahaan hoon mein aur dr,anjali lift mein phaas gaye hain level 1 or level 2 ke beech mein...

operator-hume kuch waqt dejiye sir


an-what happened??

at-they just need sum time

an went and hugged atul and said:thanx fr everythng..

atul blushes....

an-errm...breaks off...

atul smiles...anjali smiles back

the lights come back...and the lift starts uo again and leave dem on level 3...

at-see maine kahaan na  sab theek hojayega

an-hmm...her pager rings......she leaves..

atul blushes and smile and leave!!

dats it fr now.....adios!!

luv ya,


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