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part 31 &32 :Instant Messaging

part 31:

"congratulations Armaan And Rids!!!!" everyone shouted.. giving the two basketball stars a fright..

"thankz guys.." Armaan said enjoyin the attention and fame
Rids on the other hand tried to get away from this excitment...

Just then... Miss keerti walked in..

"yeh sab kya ho raha hai??" keerti said as she walked into the chaotic class

Immediately all thsoe standing on the desks got down... and the entire class fell into silence as they returned to thier places..

Once everyone was settled down.. Keerti walked to the board...

"ok now tht all of you have settled... i would like to remind all of you that ur presentations are yet due.. it accounts for your percentage.. so.." miss keerti went on

"oy.. armaan kya karne wale ho??" rahul whispered..

"hmm... pata nahi.... soch raha hu..." armaan whispered back

"MR. Armaan Malik aur Mr. Rahul grewal ... may i know wat u were talking about??" keerti said in her most disgusted tone strressing on the 'MR.s'

Armaan and rahul immediately got up
"actually umm.. maam... hum soch rahe the... ki... umm.. did u see the basketball matchs.. hamere skool.. aur.." armaan satrted..

"haan haan... maam hamne aapko waha nahi dekha tha... shub si-.. i mean shubhankar sir bhi the..." Rahul blurted out nervously..

"As a matter of fact... maine dekh liya tha.. aur tumhe congrts bhi kaha tha.. Rahul.." keerti replied..

"oh... oh haan.. haan" rahul said biting his nails

"oh.. really maam?? aapne rahul ki shot dekhi thi?? tht half court shot.. aur..."

"Thnk you Armaan Malik... now tht all the tournaments and wat not are over... i hope tht u are going to take college much more seriously now.. and i suggest you focus on ur studies..incase u ever want to see ur diploma" Keerti said cutting him off

"yes maaam" armaan put his head down.. and mummbled very cutely..

"awww.. so sweet" kajol whispered to rids...

"any problem kajol??"

"nahi.. nahi maam...sorry"

"as i was saying.." keerti said looking at kajol wid narrow eyes." the topic for ur presentations can be decided amongst urselves... i excpect u to choose them wisely... u may choose ur own partners...hand me the slips by the end of college.. wid the names of ur partner.."

next class was a free period..
the medical students were either loafing in the canteen aur out in the feild.

Rids decided to do some of her homework... as she sat at the canteen table wid muskaan..

"kiske liye home work likh rahi ho??" armaan said as he neared her.. wid rahul and atul following.
As soon as rids heard his voice she looked up for a second and then looked back down trying to resume her work.. widout thinking about armaan touch from the previous day..

"tumhara nahi... apni homewrk...yeh ishq vishq nahi hai.. jahan mein kisi ki homwork ya notes likhti rehti hu.." rids said.. blushing slightly..

"kash..." armaan whispered..


"nahi.. kuch nahi." armaan said as he sat down beside her..

"oh.. .. by the way..rahul... you'll be my partner ryte?? " muskaan said fluttering her eyes at rahul..

" oh hitler ke project ke liye??? haan.. kyon nahi??" rahul sid placing his hand on top of hers.

"rids tumhe koi problem nahi hai na??"

"nahi nahi.. koi problem nahi..." rids lied...

shit.. ab kise saath project karoo??? rids thought as she slowly turned around... karishma? nahi... hmm.. sahil?? haan wo to hoga... lekin wo bahoot dur rehta hai... uff!! ab kya karoo..

Amaan noticed her and slowly grabbed her hand... and interlocked his fingers...rids gasped.. Embarrassed and quickly turned her head to see wheather anyone had seen thier connection..luckily no one could see it..

rids slowly turned around.. feeling his deep intense voice vibrating through his body...

"riddhima.. rahul muskan ke partner hai... and i have no one...kya aap mere partner ban jaoge??" armaan said in his most innocent voice yet..

"actually.. armaan .. umm"

Armaan cut her off "plzz rids... anjali.. wo bhi to nai hai..." armaan said emotionally blackmailing her...and grasping her hands all the more tighter..

"anjali??? haan.. par..." rids said looking into his eyes..."theek hai...lets be partners.. " rids said giving him a very comforting smile..

"thnakz rids..." giving her a weak smile..

"umm rids?? armaan? kya khus pus chal raha hai??" muskaan asked looking at them curiously..

rids immediately pulled her hand away..

"nahi.. nahi kuch nahi.."

"i juts wanted a partner.. aur... islie rids agreed to work wid me.." armaan said very cooly..

"oh.. ok... so partners ka naam se se miss kerti ko?"

"shure.. par.. Atul... aap kiske saath jaane wale ho?"

"oh... maine kajol ko poocha tha."

"kajol??? kyon?? kya ho raha hai tum dono ke beech?? hmmm??/" muskaan said punching him

"ouch.. nahi yaar.. aise kuch nahi!!! wo.. we live near by na?? so.. easier for us..." atul said rudding his arm

"hmmm....if u say so.." muskaan said suspisciously..

"to chale??" rahul said.. heading for the door..
At hme... rids and armaan are chatting over the internet..

FF: so?? topic kya hai??

BB: hmmm... i donno... anythin you thought of??

FF: naa... muskaan aur rahul brain tumour ke baare mein presentation banane wale hai...

BB: brain tumours??

FF: yeah... par hum kya kare?

BB: dil ka mamla....

FF: KYA?????
riddhima's heart skipped a beat..

BB: haan... heart problems...aur unke ilaz (cure)

FF: oh.... oh... haan..
rids said breathing properly again..

BB: kyon?? tumne kya socha??
armaan replied cheekily

FF: nahi.. kuch nahi.. bas... to.. kab mile?

BB: kal? ya purso (dayafter)

FF: shure... mere house?

BB: shure..

u me aur dil ka mamla..thought armaan..


part 32 :

At rids's house....the next day.. Time 6:30 Pm

door bell rings and rids runs over to get the door..

"hey armaan!!!" she said as she noticed armaan standing behind a huge pile of books..
taking some load off of him.. she walks into her room.. armaan following her.. admiring her house..

"muskaan kahan hai??"

"oh... rahul ke saath gayi hai.. prject karne ke liye.."

""mere liye room saaf bhi kar di?" armaan said enterin a spotless room..

"nahi.. nahi har roz aisa hi hai.." rids said a bit embarresed as he noticed the change

""yeah ryte... pichle baar jab mein aaya tha.. books were everywhere..bahoot jhoot kehti ho!"

"kya?? armaan yu came a year ago...!!"

"phir bhi.." armaan said tring to open some closets and drawers..

"Armaan!!!!!!! kya kar rahe ho?? dont you no its impolite to ...."

cutting her off " open a girs closet?? yeah yeah... heard tht.." armaan said giving her a "i-no-tht " look.

"yeh kisne diya???" armaan said holdin up a teddy wid a heart.."koi boyfrend woifrend to nahi hai na??"

"papa ne diya !! buddhu!!!"

" ooops!!.. isme kya hai??" pulling out a drawer by the bed..

"ARMAAN!!! ghar dekhne aaye ho?? ya hitler ke project??"

"haan haan project... lekin pehle batao.... woh ladki kaun hai??" armaan said watchin a gurl in the oposite window come out of her balcony drinking coffee...

"ARMAAN!!" rids said pulling him away from the window..

"riddhima!!" armaan imiitated.." i no my name!! kuch nahi karne deti!!"

"uff ur crazy!!! kya karne hai?? other than hamara project.. u wnana do everythin else!!u always look out of the windows looking for gurls in other houses.. ya kuch naya hai??" rids said sarcastically..

"haan... dont you no?? pata hai... theres a gorgeous model in the opposite house to my bedroom.. kya body.. kya face... kya.."

"i get it!!! i get it!!!! bas kar ab!"

"kyon jal rahi ho kya?"

"nahi...why should i be jealous!!!"

"really?? but its written all over ur face.. look J-E-A-L-O-U-S.." armaan said playfully inscripting the letters wid his fingers across her forhead

"oh shut up..." pushing him back..." ab hum shuru kare?? ya tumhe us ladki ko dekhna hai..."

"dekh sakta hu??? thankz.." armaan said moving back towards the window..
"oh no u dont!!!" pushing him on the bed and piling him wid books..rids sat beside him... pulling out a notebook from the pile which was on him.

"ab suno!! hum yahan karenge ki.... we'll make a power point presentation... on the various heart diseases.. thier symtoms,cures,medication proceedures,umm... cases.. etc.. aur phir.." rids said pointing at the book..where she had writtn everythin in a complete colour coded and organised manner..

"Armaan??" rids said suddenly looking at hisface which had been staring at her ...

""helooo??? armaaaaan/??"

"haan... haan... kya? wat? i didnt understad.."armaan said suddenly waking up..

"kya hua??? mujhe aise kyon dekh rahe the??"

"kuch nahi.. bas... " armaan said looking into her eyes...

"actually.. ur looking very beautiful" he mummled.

"umm.. thankz i think.." rids said looking at him weirdly wondering wheather he really did say tht or wheather she has misinterpreted him..

Armaan leaned against her.. moving the pile of books off of his lap.. peeping into the book as an excuse..

rids continued... though she noticed the gap between the two of them reducing..

"aur... si-since hamare pas sirf dus minutes hai... so we can only do about 3 - 4 diseases.."

just as he was gettin close enough.. his cell phone beeped...he took it out of his pocket to see a msg..

Rahul- Kab karoo yaar?/ abhi ya kal??? muskaan mere liya car mein wait kar rahi ha.... jaldi bolo..

Armaan- arre buddhu!!! ab karna yaar!!! kaha tha!!

"sorry... Airtel ka msg.. very annoying..." LOL

"oh.. ok... so i was saying... so we can only talk bout 3 - 4 diseases... kaunsa kar le??"
As armaan scooted over to retain his original position.. close to herEmbarrassed

suddenly the lights tripped...

"AAAH!" rids screamed ans she juped on armaan.. roping her hands around him..armaan got shocked by her sudden reflex and put one hand beside her on the bed

Wah rahul.. wah.. kya tming... armaan thought

Rids held him tightly... closing her eyes..

"andhere se darti ho kya?"

"no ofcourse not..."pulling away from him

"u should be... tumhe nahi pata... ki main kaun hu..main hi hun jo aap sabse dart ho!" armaan said in his scariest voice yet

"AAAH!!! " rids said jmping back on him holding him all he more tighter.."theek hai!! theek hai!! mein darti hun!!!"

"chill out sweetheart... main armaan hi hun!!! " armaan smiled... holding her wid his other hand .. he felt her shiver a bit..

"sweety.. mein candle lata hu.... kitchen mein hoga ryte??" armaan said letting her go, getting up. but rids caught hold of his hands..

"armaan.. NAhi... please..." rids said pulling him back
"light aane hi wala hai.... thankz to you.. muje aur bhi dar lag raha hai!! my only fear ANDHERA!!"

seating himself back down... "armaan closed in on her and whispered" kehte hai.. jab koi kisi se darta hai.. to they run away from dem.. maine kaha ki main hi hu.....aur aap mujhse aur bhi kareeb aagaye..."

"Kya?? armaan...mein kya karoo? kiske pass jao phir?"

"lekin... maine to kaha tha ki main hi jo aap sabse darti aap?... aapko to bhagna chahiye tha..hmmm..  iska vajah ek hi ho sakta hai.. riddhima... ki mein tumhari dil ki bahoot kareeb hu.." Embarrassed
Rids let go of armaan...and stared into his eyes..a faint beam of light highleted thier faces..

armaan leaned even more cloer..
"tum mjhse pyaar karti ho na?" armaan whispered in er ears...rubbing his cheek against hers..

armaan moved back.. to get a good look at her face..

"armaan plz..aise kuch" rids said trying to push him away..

cutting her off " yaar karti ho?? ya nahi??"


Arman shook his head... holding her waist all the more tighter..

"armaan.... rids whispered... ad she gasped at his sudden strong touch..

"batao... tum mujhse pyaar karti ho??" he repeated..


"meri aakhon mein dekh kar kaho.."

" please" rids pushed him back and got up.. only to have he hand caught all over again..

"nahi keh sakti ho?? "

"armaan.. please leave me.." rids said trying to act firm..

Armaan pulled her back down.. ignoring her serious tone.. however serious it was...

"agar aap mujhse pyaar karti nahi?? to phir.. why do you always let me hold you so close??"

"ch-chodte nahi" armaan smiled..

"when i fell on the basket ball court. aap itni pareshan kyon thi ki aapne bleachers se niche bhag kar basket ball court par khadi thi???"

"koi bhi gir jaata.. to mein.."

cutting her off for the millionth time
"aur subah mujhe utathi kyon ho?? even when i got u in trouble wid keerti??"

"woh actually"

"jab mein aur anjali ek saath the.. to aap itni jal kyon rahi thi.. aur baar baar hamare baare mein pooch thi kyon thi??"

Rids had nothing to say..she couldnt even open her mouth...

armaan continued.." jab mein aur preeti ek saat dance kar rahe the.... toh aap ka dil toot kyon gaya tha?? hr samay hame hi kyon dekh rahi thi?? riddhima? armaan said stressing on her name...

"when u played tht april fools day prank on me.. why were you as hurt as i was ???"

riddhima closed her eyes.. and remembered the days pass by.. he ha hr cornered...
"armaan.. tumhe pata tha... lekin aapna aur jalaya??" rids said blurting out the truth.. as a tear trickled down her cheeks

Armaan leaned over and kissed the tear away..

"jisse aap puri duniya se bhi zyada chahte hai... usse jalane mein sabse  zyada maza aata hai.." armaan smiled" kyunki uska chehra guse se jab lal lal ho jaata hai..Embarrassed toh woh aur bhi khub soorat lagti hai... issi gusse wali pyari chehre ko dekhne ke liye.. maine sab kiye..just to see that pretty face face.. turn prettier.. i love you jaan.."


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