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part 33 &34 :Instant Messaging

part 33:

Armaan slowly lifter up her chin... kissing her cheeks lightly..

"ab to batao.. do you love me??" Arman asked tigheningher grip..

"armaan... please... we have a lot of history... aur...friends.. aur.. hum...aur"

"pyaar karti ho??" raising her higher... he whispered

"Armaan.. h-hum..a-abhi tak.. t-to" rids mummbled as she felt armaan buried his face on her neck..

"pyaar karti ho ya nahi??" armaan repeated this time in a more audible voice.

"h-haan..armaan p-par.."rids whispered.. tryin to find an excuse.. Armaan immediately lifted his head and held her a bit more 'leniently'

"you love me??"smiling innocently..

"i love you armaan" Embarrassed

armaan put his hand around her neck pulling her in very close...

rids felt hersllf reaching for his lips and kissing im passionately as her hands rumaged through his hair holding them in clumps gently..Armaan put his hand back around her waist.. taken aback by her sudden initiative..

After a few moments of kissing..rids pulled back breathing armaan smiled.. staring into her hazel eyes... he reached over to hold her hand ad grasped it tightly..

"armaan... muskaan aane hi wali hai..."

"to kya hua?" armaan said sencing the worry in her tone..

"muskaan..usko pata chalega.. if we stay like this.." rids said

"to kya hua??shes ur bes friend..."

thinking it over..."haan... actually...ur ryte"

"haan aur wo mujse thodi pyaar karti hai... shes going out wid rahul... to kya problem hai??"

Pyaaar????????? oh crap Confused

"armaan.. muskaan se koi problem nahi hai.. LEKIN... all the gurls in college... no armaan.. pleasee.. dont tell anyone..plz promise me.."

"what?? kyon??? how will i survive not being wid you around the campus sweetheart??" Embarrassed

"Armaan.. pleasee.. promise me.."

"par batao kyon??? ur a bright student.. sweet... beautiful... gorgeous sexy... cute... teachers pet.. captain of the gurls basketball team..." Embarrassed

"gurls basket ball team only.." Smile rids corrected..

"mera team tumhara team... ek hi baat hai." Embarrassed

blushing " armaan,... tumhara point kya hai??"

"That after all this.. you deserve a boyfriend... koi kuch nahi kahega..cmon..."

"Armaan..muskaan to theek hai.. lekin other gurls.." rids said in a more serious tone..

" kyon kya hua?? ur embarresed of me?" Confused

" nahi armaan... tumhe pata hi hai.. ki there are soo many gurls after you in college.."

"woh toh hai.... have you seen this pretty face??" LOL

"armaan im serious... and i dont wanna hur them... kya sochenge.. we've been insulting each other.. and suddenly we start goin out... wo bhi kajol aur karishma."

"toh theek hai...ill go out wid all of you... fri kajol... sat..karishma.. aur sunday pura din.. umhare saath.. deal??"


"alright.. fine... tumhari marzi... lekin ek din to un logo ko pata hi chalega..."

"thankz armaan..." rids said laning over to kiss him on his cheeks..

"Oy hoy.... kya baat hain... first day and i already get kisses??" Embarrassed placing his hand on his cheek.

blushing rapidly..
"lagta hai... aaj bijli nahi aane wali hai.."

"oh haan... ummm... mein electricity wale ko phone karta hun.." armaan said as he dialled rahul's number..

A-helloo?? is his the elecricity guy?

R-electricity guy?? armaan??? kya keh rhe ho??? tumne mujhe phone kiya!!! rahul grewal!!

A-haan.. electricity guy ryte??
stressing on the 'electricity'

R-oh haan... haan.. yea...

A-actually the electricity has tripped or soemthin.. can you please do soemthin about it...?FAST??

R- oh armaan?? you want me to switch it back on..?
A-yea plz do..

R- im n muskaans house.. so ill be there in 30 mins.. oh so is love in the air now??

A- tell you later... bye.. and thankz

R- bye..

"kya bataoge baad mein?" rids said looking at him wierdly.

""oh haan...umm.. electicity guy wanted to know.. umm how the umm.. electricity is running... hehe.. " Confused

" electriity is running???"

"yea.. umm you no.. wheather quality is good enough.." armaan looked at her as she stared at him in complete disbelief..he tried to chane the topic..."umm ab mein candle laoo?"

Rids looked around at the complete darknss i the room... except for the faint beam of light that fell form the window.. whish allowed them to look at ech other.. she turned to see a lamp in the corner of the room whic glowed a bit.. wich actually resembled somethin like a person standing there... her imagination got the better of her though she very well knew tht there was just a lamp standing there..
she burried her head in armaans chest not letting him go for the second time

"Armaan... mat jao... woh ek lamp hai na??"

turning to face the corner.." hmm.. actually i dont no... WAIT... wo hil raha hai.."

"armaan!!! stop it.. mujhe dar lag raha hai.." pressing on him even harder..

"its coming closr... closer... AHHH! he has hand!!! AAAHHHHH!"


"Armaan burst out lauhin.. closin his mought wid his hand lightly..."mazaaak kar raha hun... ur really very scared.. hehe..." armaan said pulling her chin up to face the corner..

"armaan.. it still looks scary... and ur so mean... HMPH!!" rids said punfing him hard on his chest making him fall backwards on the bed...

" ouch tht actually hurts!!!" armaan said cathich her hands in the last minute..

"u deserve t... and let me go!!" rids said trying to let loose..

"cmon im sorry... please... sorry" pulling her closer..

"Dont look a me like tht ,... 2nd time.. armaan.." rids said almost falling for his puppy dog face..

"pleaaseeeee.. last time..sowwwieee" armaan said as he pulled her gently on top of him...

"nahi.. im not falling for it!" by now she was on top of him...


"theenk hai fine... last time... "

"ur soo sweet!!and kind annd understandin... mein kitna lucky hu.." armaan said butterin her up

"dont flatter me so much also!! LOL ... ab choddo plz"
rids said struggling to pull back

"jaoo?? theek hai... fine.. " ointing at the haunted lamp in the corner..

" oh shit... sorrry...." rids said hugging him again.. resting her head on his chest

"much better... where was i.. oh yes.."
Armaan said turning her and moving on top of rids...armaan placed his hands on her waist and pulled her up higher up on the bed..

Rids felt h stomach churn as armaan gently kissed her cheeks.. and moved her shoulders.. her hand grasped the bed covers as he kissed her even harder..
his hnds seeped lower holding her thighs..

Just as he was bout to kiss her even lower... he felt her breathing heavily.. she was probably not ready for the next step... so he pulled himslef back up.. caressing her cheeks wid his hand..he tucked the loose strand of hair falling across her face behind her ear.. and stared at her innocent face..
just then the lights turned back on... showing her disappointment on her face.. which she tried to avoid.. Embarrassed
Armaan listed himself and reached over to switch off the light button..
"khush...??"armaan whispered... feeling her blush in his arms.. and kissed her before she coud abject to his question..

After a few minutes.. they heard the door open..

"rahul... kya kar rahe the????batao??"

"kuch nahi!! kuch laane gaya tha.. tumhare liye muskaan"

"building ke electicity area ke pas???"

"woh.. actually??" jjust then they saw armaan walk in wid rids on his left side..

" oh hey guys.." rids blurted..

"hey rids!! hey armaan..."

"hey... kaisa raha project???"

"theek... " muskaan said studying his right cheek carefully..

"umm.. chalo... i think we gotta go... ryte armaan?" bye muskaan.. bye rids.."

Rids waved slightly red in the face as he watched arman leave her..

"oh and armaan... uve got lipstick mark on ur cheek.. and Rids...UR lipsick it messed up..." Muskaan said rubbing off the extra from her face and retreating to her room wid a dramatic exit.. while Armaan and Rids stood there stain wid thier mouth open....

Part 34 

Riddhima enters mukaan's room.. after saying a hasty goodbye to Armaan.
"muskaan?? please listen to me.. i no tht ur really angry wid me.. but plz.."

"kyon nahi ho??" aakhir tumne mujhe bataya tak nahi"

bataya nahi??? oh crap she thinks i hid it from her... thank goodness she deosnt have a prob wid me n him...

"muskaan... yeh baat nahi hai.." rids said startin to smile again

but muskaan cute her off "rids.. dont even try to defend urself.. aur mujhe laga ki hum sacche dost the.. two peas in a pod.. sisters till the end..par..."

"muskaan... just hear me out "rids said sort of enjoying her little performance..

"nahi rids.. bahoot ho gaya!!! aur.. sika matlab hai ki.. watevr bad stuff you told me bout him was all a lie... sab jhoot.." muskaan said putting her hand on her forhead signalling a dramtaic dialogue.

"Muskaan.. suno to sahi" starting to lose a bit of her patience now..

"we have known each other from chldhood!!! hum ek dosre ke saath sanjeevani bhi jaane wale the..par ab??" holding up a phtoto frame of the two of them...

"MUSKAAAN!!!!!!" rids yelled..

"KYAAA???" yelling even louder??

"AAJ PEHLA DIN HAI!!!!" matching up to her voice..

"OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!.. sorry.. i mean.. oh.. " clearing her throat..

"haan... batane wali thi..." rids said.." but as sual you never let me speak..."

"Oh.. god.. sorry rids.. i went too far didnt i??"

"a bit " rids lied.. " its ok.."

"to phir... tum aur armaan.. kya baat hai!!"

"haan... yeah" rids said trying to find somethin else to add to it..

"batao.. *singing* yehhhh kaise hua?? kab hua?? kyon hua... "

"muskaan..shut up!! tum bhi na... bilkul PAAGAL!"

"kya karoo aise hi hoon..... oh god... tumhe pata hai iska matlab kya hai?????? double dates...engagement aur marriage bhi ek din.. honeymoon ek hi destination.. aur phir.. BACHOOO!!" muskaan said staring into space wid a twinkle in her eye..

"woah woah.. easy gurl!!!! snap out of it..!!! one step at a time..."

"sorry .." muskaan blushed.. wat was she thinking... BACCHO???? "par sach mein rids... im sooo happy for you.. aur kaphi accha choci hai...Armaan malik... most wanted boy in college.."winking at her..

"woh toh hai.... " winkin back " par.. plzzz muskaan kissi ko mat btana.."

"kyon re??"

"muskaan.. you no very wel tht there are soo many gurls who like armaan in college... aur kya sochenge?? suddenly mein aur armaan ek saath...u understand ryte??? plzz muskaan.. i dont wanna hurt anyone.."

"theek hai theek hai.." zipping her mouth shut and throwing away the key.

"to aapne kuch kaam kiya???"

"as much as you did... " muskaan whipsered as she watched rids blush..

"ab to batao??? kya hua??"

rids narrated the incident leaving out the 'FINER details'

"hmm... armaan ka jaadu.." muskaan mummbled..

"KYA????" rids smirked her grin off her face and stared in disbelief at her awkward statment

"haan... armaan ka hi jaadu hai..." speaking in a more firm and audible voice..


"khus lag rahi ho....actually BAHOOT khush lag rahi ho.."

"muskaan im ALWAYS happy... oh shit.. muskaan mujhe ab sona hoga... kal college hai..."

"haan haan.. aur apni boyfriend ko bhi uthana hai.. hai na??"watching rids turn a shade rosier

"oh shut up muskaan!! aur goodnight.."

"wedding ke baare mein zaroor sochna..wat day would you prefer??"

"good night muskaan" stressing on the goodnight
"oh ummm muskaan?? can i plz keep the lamp in my room outside in the hall???"

"ummm shure....ya mein armaan ko bulaoo???"

"muskaan im gonna kill you.." rids said as she threw a pillow at her..

"good night!!"
back in her room...
Kya kahoo?? rids thought as she tried to find a good enough excuse to msg armaan in the middle of the night..

FF: hey armaan... have you reached home??

BB: itni phikar?? haan ghar theek se pahoocha..

FF: nahi bas.. aise hi pooch rahi thi... general courtisies.. you no.."

BB: DENIAL!!! face it.. u care bout me way too much... its alright... i like it..

FF: dont get used to it... ARMAAN MALIK..
oh god!! im flirting wid him!!!

BB: first day and soo much love for me???

FF: nahi chahiye.. then i can stop...
im actually flirting???AAAAHHHH!

BB: kya tumhe lagta hai ki.. id ever ask you to stop?anyway we'll see when you 'STOP'.. so? kya hua muskaan ke saath???

FF: she was pissed coz she thought we had been goin out for a long time..

BB: so shes cool wid you now?? is she cool wid US??

FF: completely... pata hai.. she was deciding on double dates and wedding and kids!!!lol

just after rids typed the msg she realised tht she had said too much..OH SHIT!!!

BB: hmmm.. Wink.. sochna hoga...
rids blushed at the smilies...

BB:par jab tak tumhari prosie chalti rahegi.. kissi ko bhi nahi pata chalega.. ryte rids?

FF: ARMAAN u promised..

BB: when did i say im not gonna do it???

FF: thank god!!! Armaan.. ab project ka kya kare??actually aisa karte hai ki tum 2 diseases ke baare mein info collect karo.. aur mein bhi do diseases ke baare mein info collect karti hoon.. is tarah se.. we can finish on time..

BB: yes maam!! toh kal kaha mile??

FF: my house.. college ke baad theek hai??

BB: fine.. lekin college ke baad .. we are goin for icecream..

FF: armaan i donno.. we have to finsih our work..

BB: im not asking you... will rahul and muskaan be over at ur place?

FF: nahi..they are goin to rahuls again tomorrow..

BB: excellent.. bas mein aur tum.. tum aur mein..

FF: aur hamari project

BB: haan haan.. kaise bhool sakta hoon... after all ur there to remind me..

FF: Smile sowwie armaan.. par hamara project bahoot important hai... aur mujhe abhi jaana hai... good night Armaan...

BB: u keep leaving me... theek hai.. bye..

FF: kya?? armaan time dekha?? its soo damn late..

BB: so fine then go... im not stopping you..

FF: armaan ur pissed?

BB: nope... kyon?? do i sound pissed

FF: armaan.. cmon.. its past 2... please dont be mad.. i promise ill make it up to you tomorrow.. aur waise bhi.. if i dont get up tomorrow.. who'll wake you up??

BB: theek hai fine..goodnight sweetheart.. love you.. aur mere baare mein zyaada nai sochna theek hai?? dont wanna get the hiccups all night Wink

FF: koshish karrongi.. Embarrassed good night armaan.

BB: oy hoy!!!



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