Monday, 21 January 2019

part 35 &36 :Instant Messaging

part 35:

On Muskaan's dhano (bike)

"toh kab tak armaan ko msg kar rahi thi???"

"muskaan??? AAGE DEKH!! i dont wanna die today!!"

"haan yaar!!! Armaan mujhe mar dalega!!"

"CHUP!!! " rids said giving muskaan a wack on ehr back, making her lose control of her bike...

"AAAH!!! rids!!!oops sorry uncle!!" Muskaan called out as an angry man looked out of the window glaring at the two college girls.

"serves u right.."

"haan haan... aur jab ticket milega to who will pay??? tumhara baap????"

Rids giggled "so rids??? batao na??/ aur shaddi ka din kab hoga??"

"UR serious???// muskaan?? aur mein kaphi rat tak msg NAHI kar rahi thi..."
"then when did u sleep?"


"JHOOTI!!!!i was watchin saas bahu 12:30... and ur light was still on!!!"

"saas bahu????"

"haan yaar... saasbahu... poora week ka aata hai..."

"theek hai theek hai... mein to 1:30 tak msg kar rahi thi... khush???"

"haan!!aur lo college bhi aa gaya tha...ek hi sawaal ke liye kitna der lagati ho??"

ignoring her statment.."hey aa gaya.. and remember... kissi ko mat batana.."

"haan haan... kitni baar yaad dilaoge? chill yaar... woh dialogue kya hai??? oh.. haan... take a chill till"

"chill PILL!"

"jo bhi ho.."

Near the locker...
rids opens her locker to find a huge bouquet of flowers..
Oh My God!!!!!! shit!!!.. he is mad!!! crazy insane!!! ooof...i bet someone saw... oh god!!!... par actually... hes got good taste... "

she reads note attached to the bouquet..: flowers for my princess.. kaha tha na? ki whenever i meet u ill give u flowers..

Suddenly she hears a voice from behind her..
"pasand aaya ki nahi???"

"Armaan!!!!!!!! ur crazy!!! its sooo big... kissi ne dekha hoga!! how did u put it in my locker??? "

"arre... ek bouquet ki baat kar rahe hai!!! aur no one saw me put i in!!!!!!!!!!!!aur cmon... evry guy noes how to open a gurls locker...its in our genes!!"

"kaise???" cooling down a bit..

"boy secrets... cant tell... Wink u gurls also haveloads dont you?"

"secrets?? plzz hamare pas koi secrets toh nahi hai.."

"really?? toh phir... whats behind all that make up huh??? what do u really look like behind alll tht???" armaan joked around poking h cheeks..

rids couldnthelp smilingg "we'll never tell"

"SEE!!! secrets secrets secrets! armaan said changin his tone to a much more romant one.. changing his 'pokes' to 'strokes' as well..

"hey armaan... hey rids!!" ammy n rids lost contact n turned around to see chirag wavin at them..

"hey chirag.. itni subah subah kya kar rahe ho?" armaan voiced out through his teeth..

"colege hai... why??" chirag said looking at him comletly confused..

"oh n-nothing chirag..." rids blurted out.." k-kaise ho??" she said in a more frendly voice..

"im fine... socha tha ki mein tum se mil lu.... afterall we havent met ever since the dance.."

"yes bonding time.... why not " armaan walked oer and stood between the two..

"aur socha ki hum coffeee peene chale.." chirag continued

"haan shure..."

"yeah why not.." armaan butted in..

" we mett at coffeecorner?? fine?" rids said before chirag could mention tht he had meant only the two of them..

" alright.. then fine... se u later.. gotta copy some notes...bye armaan bye rids..

"Bye Rids" armaan immitated...just as chirag left

"ARMAAN!"rids said hitting him playfully on his arm

"ouch.. kya???'

bursting into laughter.." so jealous??"

"aur kya??? u danced wid him..!!! bad dancer!!!"


"not you!!! him! bekaar ka dancer.."

"shut up.. aur abhi mujhe jaana hai....byee..."

"phirse mujhe chod kar..."

"armaan!!! bye!! aur haan.... thankz for the flowers!!"

"anytime sweetheart..." suddenly smiling again..


During library

Rids sat at her usual computer trying to collect info.. atleast thts wat she wanted to do..

BB: Wat>??? now we cant sit together also????Wats wrong wid tht?

FF: armaan.. before you never wated to even see my face.. and now if we start sitting together and talking??? armaan.. everyone will come to know..

BB:fine chodo!! so?? thinkin bout e the whole day??

FF: nope sorry...!!

BB: wat??

FF: accha baba... lil bit?? happy???

BB: only ht much???

FF: fine.. i was thinkin bout you for the WHOLE DAY! happy??????/????? aur tum???

Aur tum????? rids thts enough.. stop flirting!

BB:very happy.. aur mein??? hmm.. every second of da day!

FF: haan.. haan.. jhooti!!! mujhe pata hai.. toher than me u were thinkin bout everyother gurl!!! SEE! abhi abhi u were flirting wid tht girl in red..!!!

BB:mein aur flirt??? woh bhi kissi doosri gurl ke saath... KABHI nahi!!!aur waise bhi.. tht girl is my classmate.. BAS uske baad kuch nahi.... andsecondly i was just sayin hi to her.. thirdly.. flirting wid another gurl mein.. itna maza nahi aata hai Wink

FF: dekhte hai kab tak tum yah kahoge..

im losing it!!!

BB: so jealous????? itna jealous health ke liye accha nahi hai sweetheart!!

FF: shut up!!! u can get jealous so ic ant???
AAAh wat did i write???

BB: hmmmmmeri jealous girlfrend... nice! but i have to say... kafi cute lagti ho.. when ur jealous..

rids looked up to see armaan starin at her..a smile forms on his lips..
suddenly rids gets a new PM

Muskaan_chadda101 (CM) : oy... eye contact n all?? kya baat hai!!!itni pyaar aur mohaabaat ek hi room mein?? wo kya kehte hai?? oh haan... Love is in the air!!!!!

FF: muskaan tum paagal ho!! get a life... ur sitting right next to me.. and ur Pming me??? uf!!!!!!aur mein bas usse project ke baare mein bata rahi thi

CM: baat aakhon se??? wah!! kya ishq hai??

FF: nahi muskaan..

CM: are.. itni defensive kyon ho???? ill leave u two alone... nahi to armaan meri computer ko band kar dega!!

Rids gets back to armaan.

FF: coffe... ke liye aane wale ho na?

BB: coffe corner right?

FF: obvoius kyon?
oh god y did i ask tht!!! I know his answer!!!!!!!actually phir bhi... rids thought as she hits 'enter'

BB: im not leaving you wid despo for eve a split seond...

FF: kyon? u don trust me?

BB: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

FF: ArmaaaN!>>???

BB: fine fine... i trust u baby... but not him... pisses me off..

FF: armaan hes just a frend..

BB: ill be the judge of tht!!!! oh crap... agla clecture bunk bhi nahi kar sakta!!!!!HITLER KA CLASS HAI!.... proxi bhi nahi de sakte!!!!! jaana badega... bye rids!!

FF: bye armaan.. aur zyaada flirt mat karna..

BB:ur not there.. kiske saat karoonga?


Part 36 :

At Coffee Corner:

"hey guys!!" Rids waved as she neared the table where armaan and chirag were seated..

"How were the lectures?? u look sleepy!!" Chirag asked as he ushered her to sit beside him...but rids acted as though she never saw his gestures.. and seated beside armaan.
"ummm no bad.. wat bout you armaan?? rids asked as she tried to judge Armaan's quiet expressions..


Just a fine???lagta hai armaan accha mood mein nahi hai...

"armaan??? itni prompt reply??? kya hua?? girfrend se jhagada(fight)???"

instantly armaan and rids looked at one another.. rids the more terrified of the two..

"Armaan???" rids laughed weakly "cant be possible!!"

"nothing chirag.. im fine.."

"c'mon armaan.. kuch t hoga... but i promise.. rids n i will make ur mood better.. ryte rids??"

"haan haan.... kyon nahi.."

He's pissed... par kyon??? ab maine kya kiya?? idea... msg karti hun..

FF:hey armaan? wats up??? devdas kyon banne??

BB: kuch nahi.. mood theek nahi..

FF: achha??? 2 periods pehle to bahoot khush the??"

BB:i told you nothin..

ufff....kuch batata hi nahi!!

FF:armaan??? plz tell me??

"so wat will you have guys??"

"a mochachillo wid ice cream and a lot of chocolate"

"same.. but no ice cream and less chocolate.." armaan replied

"ok.. umm excuse me..waiter..yeah.. ummm one mochachillo wid extra chocolate and icecream.. and one wid less ice cream.. and a frappe" chirag said " and could you hurry it up..??"

Meanwhile back in the college campus in the basketball auditorium..

"RAHUL!!! " muskaan yelled as she neared to basketball court

"ab maine kya kiya??" missing he shot into the basket .

"bataya kyon nahi??"

"Dekho mujhe nahi pata tha ki u will find them...c'mon every guy has them.. its natural... aur mere pas sirf dus hai.... have you seen how many magzines atul and arman have??? they only gave me.."

"WAT????wat are u talking bout??"muskaan said just as she reached the point where rahul was standing..

"oh... umm nothin... " rahul said nervously.." i umm.. i mean... u were sayin somethin?"

"yea...u never told me bout armaan and rids!!!"

"oh!!" rahul sighs "im sorry sweetheart it was a secret..."

"secret from me??"

"it wasnt my secret..thts wy"

"RAHUL GREWAL.. ur talkin but MY bst frend!!!"

"haaan... par.."

muskaan interupted "its not like i'd say no to it..i would have helped!!"

"haan.. par.."

interupting again "and u should trust me.."


interuptin for the millionth time " its not like i don like armaan..."

"ho gaya ???"

"kya ho gaya???" muskaan said angrily..

"i mean... im sorry jaan... batana chahiye tha.." rhul said instantly fearing tht she would lose her temper again..

"i dont care.. im pissed"

"sorry baba.."

"sorry shorry.. nahi manne wali hu....u dont even trust me???bye bye!!" muskaan said as she was about to leave.. but rahul caught hold of her hand..

"sorry princess.. sorry..." rahul said holding one of his ears...

"sorry ke bacche.. HUT!! mujhe jaane do!!"

"please muskaan... kuch bhi karne ke liye tyaar hu.."

"anythin???" muskaan said suddenly brightening up

"what?? why are u smiling so much??? oh no... "

"OH YES!!! abbe come ehre.." muskaan said puling him closer .. she whispered in his ears

"no way!!.. no way!!"

"theek hai.. to phir buh bye... oh haan.. sahil mujhe bula raha hai.." muskaan winked..

"accha achha... theek hai... ill do it.. kab karna hai??"

"good boy!!"

"tum meri gf ho ya hitler ki behen?"
Bck at coffeecorner..

"hey guys.. i just got a msg from preeti.. i gotta go.. need to return some book of hers.. but u guys have fun.. bye " chirag said as he was getting up.

"Bye.. " rids said as she watched him go.. and then turned to armaan.. who was staring ryte bck at her..

suddenly.. "come wid me.." Armaan said holding her hand and gettin up..

"par kaha..??" even though she knew,judging by his expressions.. he wouldnt tell her.

Armaan took rids to a room near the auditorium..which to riddhima seemed like a room which was probably used to store unused or old sports gear.

armaan swung her around and cornered her to the wall..

"armaan??? kuch bataoge??" watching an expressionless face come closer and closer to her own..

he tightened his grip around her wait and moved her hair away from her face, kissing her very passionately on her cheeks..holding her higher and burrying his face in her neck..

"armaan>??? kuch bolt-" rids started just to be silenced by his lips..
Rids could tht soemthin was wrong wid armaan... he kissed her a bit more aggressively than he would normally..and each time she made a move.. he would just tighten his grip..
Finally rids pulled away..

"armaan?? sach sach batao.. " this time she used a more serious tone.. deos he know????

Fianlly raan gave in "Rids i cant.. im not gonna keep this a secret any more.."

"wat??? armaan?? u cant....its been just a day... u promised.."

"i no... but now i cant.."

"nahi armaan... please..." rids sai raising her voice involantarily..

Armaan losened his grip.. and stepped back.. shocked from ehr sudden out burst..

"rids... how long do you think this is goin to last a secret??" raising his voice just the same " and for pete's sake.. chirag is flirting wid you.. he has a crush on you.. hes asking you on dates in front of me! and i cant stand it... telling all the boys ht u could have a chance wid him!!!! "

"i know!!! he told me.." rids blurted out

"HE WHAT????????" Armaan crossed his hands..

it no use..." armaan he told me.. 2 days ago..."

"and you?? and you... you couldnt tell me??"

"armaa.. i said no... and i told him tht i didnt like him... i thought he got the message.. so i thought u didnt have to know..

"then why the hell is he still flirting wid you??!!??u could have told him tht u loved me.."

"i dont wanna hurt him armaan!!"

"so this is why u wanted to keep 'us' a secret??/ THIS is ur reason??"

"Armaan please.. socho... what if u liked.. or loved a person and then u come to know tht she loved someone else.. and tht u had to see them everyday wid soemone else?"

"imagine if u fell IN love wid someone.. and had to watch some other girl flirt wid her everyday in front of ur own eyes... wat o u say to dat??"

Rids couldnt reply.. maybe it was the way he said it or the way he looked at her.. tht made i impossible for her to open her mouth..

"I thought so.... ur telling him first thing tomorrow...and if he tries to flirt wid you again... ill show him wat pain really feels like..!!"



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