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part 37 &38 :Instant Messaging

Part 37

back at rids house where armaan and rids had met up to work on thier presentation..

"so.. first u can say this part... and then ill say this... or do you wanna say both and me the next two parts????"

"you start off... ill say the next few parts.. " Armaan said smiling as he went through thier entire presentation..

rids smiled back weakly.. armaan was definetly making this quite easy for her.. or was he? he hadnt mentioned chirag ... the last thing she wanted was to armaan mention the "reveaing" word again..Confused

"oops.. im sorry.. armaan would you like soemhtin?? coffee?? tea??? juice?? pepsi?? anythin???" rids asked getin up almost instantly...

"coffee will be fine...."

Rids walked out.. and headed for the kitchen.. slightly embarresed tht she had not done this a while ago...

A while later
"Hey armaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! two teaspoons of sugar or one????!!!? " rids yelled fromt he kitchen..

Suddenly she felt an arm move around her and squeeze her down to a size zero..Embarrassed

"one spoon..... and i was feeling a bit lonely..." whispering naughtily...Tongue

"A-armaan .. c-cofee-ee" rids said as she strugled to keep her hands steadyShocked

But instead he pulled her in...snuggling her neck... as he gently pulled her sleeves down..

"Armaan.... i-need.. t-to pour...." spilling some coffee on the kicthen counter..

Armaan took the kettle out of her hands and made poured it out... just as his cell phone rang..

"u-ur cell..." rids said looking back at him... wondering why he wasnt picking up his phone...

"hands are full..." he winkd..Wink

Rids reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone..
"ummm.. muskaan's phone..." she said handing it to him

A- hey muskaan... wats up??

M- oh hey armaan.... wat did u do to rids???
muskaan giggled

A- kyon kya hua?

M- shes not picking her cell phone.. kab se try kar rahi hu...Angry

Armaan chuckled listening to to nagging tone in muskaan's voice..
A- lagta hai phone off hai... pta nahi.... why?? u wnana talk to ehr??

" armaan??? kiska phone hai??" rids asked watching armaan stare back at her..

M-nahi.... just wanted to know if u guys finished..

"muskaan..." armaan whispered back..

A- alright... umm not yet ... kya baat hai??? rahul ke saath ho na???? kuch galat mat karna alright?????/?? LOL

M- haan haan... tum bhi!!! mein to rahul se bahoot gussa hu...Angry

"hoy....i said im sorry.. maaf karana plz!!!!" Armaan heard from the background.. Ouch

M- abbe chup... oh sory armaan... tht wasnt for you... so.. tell me when i should come back..

A- project?? actually hum abhi abhi finish kar rahe hai.... umm give u an hour.. alright??? chalo.. bye mukaan.... aur haan.... tell rahul he'll have to deal wid me.. if he hurts you agin.... ok?
Armaan laughed..

M- see!!!!!! rahul!! armaan's so sweet!!!LOL
muskaan screamed into the phone

M- accha armaan.. mein abhi chalti hu.... byee!!

"Armaan.... kaam to..." rids said just as armaan cut the call

"haan pata hai... katam ho chuka hai.. lekin mera pyaar abhi baki hai...." Amaan said lifting her up and placing her on the counter table.
Armaan tightened his grip...pulling her in...
ouch.." rids wispered..."

"kya hua??" wondering how he could have hurt her...since his touch was always very delicate

"umm.. kuch nahi..." rids said feeling her back..

"batao.. kya hua.." armaan repeated..

"basket ball hit me.." armaan stared into ehr eyes... 


"basketball court.."

"no i mean... where deos it hurt.."

"oh...some-some where here.." rids said pating her back gently..

Armaan lifted his hand and gently rummaged around... watching her expressions at the same time..

suddenly her face scruched up.."it hurts here?????"

Rids nodded... "one sec stay here.."
Armaan alked back into riddhima's room.. and came back wid somethin in his hand..

As armaan stood only inches away from her own face she felt a warm hand on her bare waist... instantly she gasped...Embarrassed

"A-Armaan.." she moaned.. realising what he was doing.. she tried to push him away...but he stard her down.. making her own hands retreat...apparently guys could stare girls down as wellWink

"relax.. kuch nahi kar raha hu... u have a swelling.. let me make it feel better..." HE whispered as he put his hand further up her back... his hand felt so warm compared to her ice cold back...
Armaan stared at her as she closed her eyes and bit her lips... it made her realise tht she his touch could melt her instantly.. hardly believing tht she had allowed him to feel her back..
as he went higher she felt him flicker past her bra strap... she straightened up a bit... as he reached the spot which hurt the most.. everypart of her had become very numb and gullible to anythin armaa would do or did.. he felt his way.. slowly rubbing somethin ice cold.. clearly the cream he had picked up from her table stand by her bed..

"sweetheart.. how could it hurt this bad if a basketball hit you.." armaan asked as he massaged her delicately.. "ar you lying to me.."

"nahi.. actually.. after the ball hit me.. i hit this rod near he net.." rids swore..

Armaan nodded as he pulled her even closer and massaged even harder.. rids moaned as she felt the burning sensation... Armaan leant in and kissed her on er lips.. goosbumps ran down her back, she felt a mixture of both pain and pleasure.. his hands had even gone below her strap...rids couldnt resist any more and put her hands around him as well... pulling him closer and kissing him wid equal aggression.. finally armaan removed his hands from inside her shirt...

rids noded...slowly openeing her eyes..."Th-thank you..coffee getting cold..." rids said suddenly realising tht she was on earth andnot in heaven.. and there were a lot of other people besides Armaan and herself..

"my hands are a bit greesy.." Armaan whispered..

"oh.. uh.. shure.. shure.." rids sad picking up the coffe cup and placing it near his lips..

Armaan took small sips.. as rids blew on it to make it cooler..

"i dont no if its the cofee or the one who made it.. but i want coffee everyday from you..." Armaan said kissing her cheeks.

suddenly amaan's eyes fell on somethin "hmmm.. isnt tht wierd... where ever we go.. tht lamp is always there..'

Rids instantly turned around to face it as well.. even in the light it looked scary... for some reason.. only when armaan was wid her...
"i put it there.."

"oh... so ur ryne tell me tht ur not scared any mroe??? tough luck.."

"nope im not.."

"really??? coz... it looks like its... " armaan said in a ghastly tone..

"ARMAAN!!! " rids said hugging him tightly..

"Armaan chuckled "u keep scaring me!!!! stop it.. is just a lamp.. and old.. stupid lamp..."

"coz u look so cute when ur scared.."

"dekho armaan.. apart from these 'things' im not scared of ANYTHIN ELSE"

"oh really???/"

"ok.. at about... hmmm.... heights...???"

"nope... i can even bungee jump..."

"alright... then... " acting as hough he as trying very hard to think.. immediately riddhima's face fell...

"wat bout... lizards???"

"ok.. who told you???"

"muskaan.." Armaan smiled cheekily...

OH GR8 i need to have a one on one wid muskaan... bout wat she tells my bf!!!

"theek ahi.. fine im scared of lizards bout you huh???? wat are u scared of??"

"me???? haha... nothin...well ofcourse im scared of losing you... well then ... apart from tht... hmmm.. nothing..."

"come on... armaan... tell te truth.. u must e scared of somethin..."

"ok.. fine.. but you cant ell any one.."

"promise!!!!" rids said excitedly...

"n u cant laugh..."

"ok baba...now plz tell me.."

"ok.. im scared of...... leeches

"WAT????????????????????? worms " rids said as she burst out laughing...

"not worms... leeches.. da ones which suck blood...im scared as hell..n sop laughing..."

"ARMAAN MALIK... capt of the basket ball team.... the coolest guy in college... the most sought after guy.... the biggest flirt in skool......"


"is scared of leeches???"rids giggledLOL

Armaan smiled..just as the door bell rang..

"must be muskaan and rahul..."

"uffff....i thoguht i said one hour.."

"aArmaan its 9:15... i think the hour got over..."

"crap... alright.. u stay here.. ill get the door...."

"so we done right??"

"wid??? pyaar??? will never get over baby..." Armaan said kissing her again..

rids went red.." nahi... armaan.. im talin bout the presentation.."

"i know..." armaa smiled.." an excuse to kiss you again.." Embarrassed

The dorr bell rangagain..
"Coming!!!" armaan yelled as he picked her off the counter  and hen rushed to get the door. rids followd him as well..

"how long do you guys take????hmmm???" muskaan said suspisciously..

"sorry sunai nahi diya.."

"kya??? phir kya kar rahe the???" Rahul asked curiously..Wink

"Aur woh smell kya hai?? koi mar gaya kya?"

"oh.. nahi muskaan.. i had gotten hurt.."

"hoy armaan!! itna physical bhi mat bano... bechari rids..!!" msukaan laughed..Big%20smile

rids blushed." muskaan woh baat nahi hai... actually... woh basket ball.. hit me.. remember..?? armaan ne kuch nahi kiya.."Embarrassed

"oy hoy!!!!!!!! " muskaan said playfully hitting armaan's arm...

"Armaan.. how deos it feel being supported sooo much by rids.... is it true that love is in the air..." Rahul said shoving an 'imaginary' microphone into his face..LOL

"Armaan chuckled as he watched rids chase rahul all around the house..
"alright guys.. its sorta late.. and i think we gotta go..." armaan said.. pulling rahul

"haan yaar.. bye rds.. bye msukaan.."

"bye guys!!!" muskaan yelled.. "aur haan... kal ke liya tyaar rehna"


"kuch nahi armaan.... ull see tomorrow.."

"ok... one sec... hey rids can i ahve tht sheet... need to learn up my parts.." rids nodded as she went back into the room wid armaan behind her

"he- - " Rids said as she gave him the sheet.. but before she could finish... armaan puled her in... cupping her chin in his hands and kissing her much deeper than before.

"rids.. haan.. aur yaad rakhna... kal chirag ko hum dono ke baare mein pata hona chahiye!!!" he whispered very firmly..."oh... n baby tell me if ur back still hurt ok???" Embarrassed
part 38

That night

"Ok... Rids wats wrong.. u havent eaten anythin and ur not smiling..... wats up?"

Riddhima sighed as she played wid her food....Every second armaan was there tht night wid her, she felt so good... Her love for him was growiing wid each passing minute.. she could feel his touch everywhere, what she could do to ge him back into her arms again.. or more like his arms again.. the second she leans back.. she feels the pain in her back which just reminds her of armaan's touch again... even though she still wonders how she let armaan touch her like that... the last thing she feels is regret. She thought as tough armaan had completely forgotten about revealing thier secret and telling everyone... least of all chirag. But then the second he reminded her... her entire system underwent havouc...

"cmon rids.. tell me...u dont like armaan???"

the second she registered the line.. she stood straight again.."nahi... muskaan aisa koi baat nahi hai.."

"phir??? cmon you can tell me anythin"

"Armaan wants everyone to know bout 'us' "

"thts it???? cmon rids.. it was bound to happen....but dont you think its a bit early??"

"wahi to!!! "

"par there has to be some reason na?"

"Chirag!" rids said looking down again.

"he got to know???!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!"

"yea .... chirag told him..."

"greta.. ab to .. you just have to tell him rids! "

"I no.... par kaise???"

"i no... call him up..." muskaan said getting up..." yea thts it... call him up!!! its easier better faster.. and u wont see his reactions.."

"omg! muskaan.... ur brilliant!!!! " rids said looking for his number on ehr cellphone..
"par muskaan stay here... dont go..."

"main kaha jaoongi????  ahvent finished eating.." msukaan said as she filed her plate again.


R- hey this is riddhima...

C- oh hey rids... how are you?

R- im fine.... um actually u no wat i wanted to speak to you...

C- alright... but imguessig it has somethin to do wid me liking you??

R-uh.. umm yea.. sorta...

C- look.. chill rids... its not like i really expected anythin... it was just worth a sshot... i dont wanna ris our friendship..

R"no no ofcourse not.. i just wanted to say.. tht ur a really awsome guy.. very sweet.. n im shure tht there are loads of girls after you.. its just tht im not really ready..

c_ alright.. thankz anyways... so still frendz ryte?

R- yea totally. *gulp*

Rids motioned muskaan to call her


R- oh hey wat do you no? muskaan is calling me.. ok i gotta go.. byee....

C- shure.. bye.. goodnight..

"omg.. muskaan ur a life saver.. thankz..."

"so u didnt tell him bout armaan??"

"wat???? oh comeon... this was hard enough.."

Rids and muskaan sighed together.."was he tht hurt?"
"unfortunately.. yeah...."
"but u have to tell him bout armaan.., u no tht right?"

"yea.. will do tht tomrrow or soemthin..


Next day at college..

"muskaan... armaan came to skool right??"

"yeah i saw him...why u still ahvent seen him?"

"nope... and i even tried to call him..."

"lets ask soemone... umm excuse me " muskan asked a passerby "have you seen armaan malik?"

"umm yea.. saw him talkin to karishma and ritu..." she pointed out tothe girls

"ok thankz..." muskaan and rids walked by towards the tw girls, who stood whispering behind the lockers...

"but he likes riddhma gupta... he told me.." ritu said helplessly

"whole college knows bout it.. but cmon... wat if she deosnt like him.???  just talk to him..." kaishma reassured

" but wat if...?"

"ummmm hey ritu.. hey karishma... we were just wonderin.. have u seen armaan>????" muskaan blurted

"umm.. yeah he said he would go the cafeteria in like 5 minutes..." karishma said...

"ummm thankz..." rids aded... as he motioed to leav..

"umm wi ridscan i pk to you...?" cam a hsitant question rom ritu.

"um a sure.." uskan adkarishma moved asie o getthm some rivacy... ofcusee ee one of them kn tht they wouldcoe to kow withn a fe mnutes..

"ok...  reallydonno if u heardme or ot... but i just wanna come righ out and ask... do u like chiag???"

"honestly.. i dont.. no tht hs a great guy n all.. but no  dont like hm lik tht... i sorry."

"dont be.. actually.. im a bit relived... coz... well i hope  wont tell anyone.. but ilove crag.."

"really???? oh my god thts awsome.... deos he know??"

"no..." ritu said "he has no idea.. and  i anna tell him today but i dono how..."

"how bout if i talk to him??"

"like wat u dd for muskaan n rahul??? omg could you??"

"no problem.. cupid ss at ur servce.......!!!! hey look ther is chirag.... ill go now.." rids said just as excited as ritu

"no wait... ok... go... no...... " ritu said blushing like a skool girl.

'chill out...wish me luck!!!" ids said as she walked towards chirag and began takn to him.

Muskaan, Ritu and Karishma watched rids talk to chirag. it felt like days pass by... but suddenly by the end of it... riddhima called muskaan and karishma... and they headed out... widout even a glanc back at Ritu... ritu looked at chirag who stared back all the more... i guess a spark shot out somewhere along the lines...as thier friendship turned into more than wat it had been

on the other hand... when rids entered the cafeteria the scene had completely changed... she spotted armaan ordering somthing at the counter and went towards him...

"hey armaan ive been lookin for you everywhere.."

but armaan continued to study the menu board... rids tapped his shoulders..."heloooo? armaan>?"

"loook... u no wat.. im not in the mood right now.... so give me a break..."

"wat??? wat are you sayin... armaan i talked to him.....i talked to chirag.."

"oh really?"

"yea.. i ddi ask him..."

"no point....." came a blank reply.
" Armaan... listen to me..."

Armaan continues to walk ahead.. trying to find his friends in the cafeteria..Rids walks over to armaan and stands infront of him.. blocking his path

"look... i talked to him!!!"

"shure!!!" armaan said sarcastically.... 

"then why the hell is he telling all the guys tht u are gonna 'Think about it??'.. wats that supposed to mean???" Armaan hissed making shure nobody over heard..

"what???? i didnt say tht!!!!!"

"then wat did u say??????" but armaan noticed riddhima's gaze switching to some one behind her... getting even more pissed at the fact tht she was hardly even listenin to him... he turned around....

"WHAT THE.....???!!? oh my god.. wats he doing?????" armaan said as he saw rahul


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