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Part 38: college life

Back on dance floor.
Everyone is enjoying.
Armaan n: anyone need drink .
Atul: ya lets go.
Armaan an and atul excuse themselves and go for bringing more drinks.
Anjali and riddhima is dancing together both are enjoying . Every boy eyes on riddhima because she is looking so hote and her moves are sexy every boy is drooling over her. Some boys are dancing near riddhima anjali . One of them touch riddhima back and try to dance close to riddhima. Riddhima get angry she turn and slap that boy directly on his face .
Boy get angry and grab riddhima wrist and pull her .
But at same time armaan come and punch that boy directly on his face.
That boy and his friend come forward to beat him but armaan push them hard and they fall on ground and then armaan punch that boy again. And I mean time bouncers come and throw those boys out of the club and apologise to riddhima and armaan. 

Roy: you must watch him when he is angry.
Atul: we already have seen him in this mode .
All chuckle
But riddhima to calm him wrap him in her arms but armaan next move shock them because he pull riddhima in kiss and then reluctantly pull back.
Riddhima caresses his arm to calm him .
Riddhima and armaan go back on their table and settle down.
Riddhima: armaan how many times i have to tell you don’t get angry on these small small things kya need thi fight karne ki.
Armaan: really riddhima ye choti baat hai how can he touch you. .
Riddhima: armaan i can handle that I don’t want you to pick fights with anyone.
Armaan : riddhima meri baat suno aj k baad ager kisi ne bhi tumhe touch kiya na main us insaan ko aise hi chup chap nyi dekhonga. Jarurat padi to jaan se bhi mardonga and said this all dangerously.
Riddhima: armaan fir na aisa hai main aise kapde dalna hi chod deti hon thk hai fir aisi prob hi nyi hogi or tum bhi tensn free rahoge.
Armaan : really riddhima . Girls k clothes se koi farak nyi padta hai jinki najar gandi hoti hai na vo un ladki ko bhi nyi chodte jo khud ko dhak kar rakhti hain or to or aise ghatiya log to un bachiyon ko bhi nyi chodte jinhe kuch pata bhi nyi hota unke kapde reason hote hain .
Armaan is angry because of the happenings and then ridhima silly talk.
Riddhima get mum .
Armaan : riddhima meri ek baat dhayan se sunlo mujhe tumhare phenave se koi problem nyi hai or na hi humare ghar par kisi ko hai tum jo chaho vo phen sakti ho or dusri baat har ladki ko vo phena chaiye jisme vo comfortable hain. Or girls k clothes se unka character define nyi hota hai samjhi or age se ye sab bakwas mat karna or sach bolon tumse mujhe ye umeed nyi thi riddhima. Tum jaisi padi likhi mordern ladki bhi aisa soch sakti hai.
Riddhima sighs and try to explain her point but armaan is angry with riddhima he give one last glance and left the table .
Anjali saw tension between them so she move towards riddhima.
Anjali: kya hua .
Riddhima: kuch nyi yar mujhe acha nyi lagta armaan aise ladayi kare aj kal yar kisi ka pata nyi hai .
Anjali: han vo baat thk hai but armaan ka point bhi thk hai na aise chup to nyi beth sakte na .
Riddhima: i know or yar gusse me maine vo boldiya jo main mean bhi nyi karti yaar.
Anjali: don’t wry maan jayega .
Riddhima stand up and go to pacify armaan. But he never listens her
riddhima get hurt and she directly go to bar nd order tequila shots .
She gulp one by one shots to calm her anger. She drink 5 shots.
On the other side armaan.
Armaan: kya kuch jada gusa kardiya faltu main chal beta mana ab madam ko then he turn back but don’t found riddhima there so he start searching riddhima. Then he ask from gang about her but they don’t know so they all start searching.
Then armaan found her near the bar table.
Talking to bartender in drunken state.
Riddhima: bhaiyaa mujheee or dooo.
Bartender: mam hume allow nyi hai ise jada dena or ap kuch sahi bhi nyi lag rhi to better hoga ap kisi ko bula len.
Riddhima: parrrr merrraa tu koi bhi nyi hai she said this cutely. And then make sad face.
Armaan frown then understand and his eyes become big with shock he then run instantly towards riddhima.
Armaan: jaan kya kar rhi ho chalo mere sath.
Riddhima: ap kon hain bhaishab.
Armaan: annoyingly bhaishab.
Riddhima: maine apko phenchana nyi.
Armaan: how many shots
Bartender: sir 5 shots i think first time hai ap sambhal len ab.
Arman give assurance smile to bartender and try to handle riddhima.
And gang also come there.
Armaan: jaan bas karo ab chalo yhan se.
Riddhima: bhaishab ap ho kon ap jaao yhan se . Or bhaiya ap mujhe ek shot or de.
At this roy and atul burst into laughter.
Arman and anjali give hard glares.
Then anjali move forward.
Anjali placing her hands on riddhima cheeks lovingly.
Anjali: ridzi ghar chalen.
Riddhima: anjiii tum agyi mujhe is jalim duniya se bachane
Riddhima said this hugging anjali.
Armaan frown
Armaan again try.
Armaan: riddhima bacha plz chalo yhan se.
Riddhima to anjali.
Riddhima: anjali ye bhaishab hain kon. This time anjali also laugh because they way riddhima said this cutely make riddhima laugh but bhaishab make armaan more irritate
Armaan: riddhima ek to ye bhaishab bolna band karo main bata rha hon acha nyi hoga.
Riddhima act like she is frightened and hide behind anjali.
Armaan sighs and then lovingly try to make her understand.
Armaan: jaan mera bacha sry na bas lo kaan pakad liye maine maaf kardo mujhe
Riddhima is not in state of mind use samjh nyi arha hota kuch ki vo kya bol rhi hai.
Riddhima: haww dekho di ye mujhe kyaa bol rha hai apke samne jaan and make annoyed face. Tumhe pata nyi hai mera boyfriend hai vo tumhe bhut marega. Dur raho mujhse samjhe bhaishab.
Armaan: ye aise nyi manegi.
Then he pick riddhima in his arms .
Riddhima: bachao bachao ye mujhe uthaa kar lekar ja rha hai.
Armaan: look towards everyone and feel embarrassed then he drop her down.
Armaan: riddhima ager tum yhan se chup chaap nyi chali to main bata rha hon bhut bura hoga armaan said this dangerously.
Riddhima gulp and then again.
Riddhima: tum hote kon ho mera armaan tumhe chodega nyi then she start yelling
Armaan Armaan.
This make armaan smile but then he again try.
Roy and atul is enjoying this and anjali is helpless but as riddhima start yelling armaan name she again try to make riddhima understand.
Anjali: riddhima ye hi to tumhara armaan hai na.
Riddhima: nyi like a small kid , mera armaan to bhut achaa hai mujhse kabhi gussa nyi hota mujhe bhut pyar karta hai but ye junior hulk mujhe kab se dant rha hai.
( yes maine ye dmg se churaya hai hehe)
Armaan sighs.
Armaan: jaan am sry dekho main sry hon plz bacha maaf kardo plzz
Riddhima: nyi and slap armaan softly.
Then atul come forward.
Atul: ridhu chalo ab ao .
Riddhima: are jiju ap bhi yhan ho.mujhe kisi ne batya kyun nyi then make cute face
Atul:acha ghar chalen.
Riddhima: ghar mera to koi ghar nyi hai.
At this all frown and then armaan.
Armaan: riddhima shhhh bas ab chup.
Riddhima put finger on her lips like a kid.
Armaan then again pick her in his arms and start walking towards exit door.
Riddhima try to speak but armaan again give hard glares so she again put her finger on lips and then she rest her head on armaan shoulder .
But this creates havoc inside armaan because riddhima hot breaths caresses armaan neck.
And next second armaan get shock because riddhima start giving sloppy kisses to armaan neck.
Armaan making distance between them and ask slowly.
Armaan: kya kar rhi ho tum.
Riddhima: tumhe pyar said cutely.
Armaan smile .
Armaan: riddhima meri jaan abhi ap plz chup chap bina kuch kare nyi rhe sakti .
Riddhima make puppy face both are looking in each other eyes and anjali click this moment in her phone armaan riddhima.
Then armaan make riddhima sit on back seat.
And lock the car.
Riddhima due to alcohol effect close her eyes and rest her head on back of seat.
Armaan: ab kya karen.
Anjali: ghar gye to mom or badi maa ko pata lag jayega.
Armaan: roy tum jao or mona ko drop karke ghar chale jana hum handle kar lenge.
Roy: are but aise kese main ata hon na.
Armaan: hum kar lenge handle tum jao mona bhi late hogyi hai kafi tum jao.
Roy nod : but koi bhi need ho to call me ok tu paka sure hai na .
Armaan: haan baba jaa ab tu.
Roy leave with mona.
Atul: hum mere ghar chalte hain koi bhi ghar par nyi hai. Or subha jaldi uth kar ghar chale jana.
Anjali: but mom or badi mom.
Atul: tum apni mom ko msg kardo ki aj friend k ghar par stay kar rhi ho or riddhima bhi sath hai.
Armaan: han anjali aise kardo.
Anjali: ok main kar deti hon.
Then anjali drop message for kirti and padma.
Atul: chalo betho ab tum bhi.
Then armaan sit with riddhima.
Riddhima open her eyes and found armaan near her so she move close to armaan. Then she put her head on armman shoulder.
Riddhima: armaan tum na shirtless but hottt lagte ho.
Anjali shockingly look back.
Atul chuckle.
And armaan for the first time blush.
Armaan: riddhima chup chap betho.
Riddhima: nyi armaan mujhe na tumhe kiss karna hai abhi.
Armaan put his palm on riddhima lips but riddhima start coming close and armaan is trying to stop her and anjali is shock and atul is laughing.
Armaan: atul hasana band kar or car jaldi chala.
And in next armaan hug riddhima tightly to stop her from getting more embarrassed.
But riddhima start kissing armman.
Armaan try hard to stop his maon but riddhima is not helping she is making this worst for armaan.
But armaan don’t want embarrassment for riddhima and he know she is not in her senses alcohol is controlling her mind.
Armaan control himself and then they reach joshi house.
Joshi house
Armaan again pick her in his arms and take her in home following atul.
Atul take them to guest room. Armaan make her lay on bed but riddhima is not ready to leave armaan she tightened her grip around armaan neck.
Armaan: riddhima main yhin hon.
Riddhima: nyi tum chale jaoge mujhe chod kar.
Anjali: armaan tum yhin ruk jao iske pass main dusre room me hon.
Armaan nod in yes.
Atul: anjali main tumhe dusra room dikha deta hon.
Anjali: koi need ho to mujhe bula lena.
Armaan: sure thakyou
Anjali: all the best and wink.
Armaan: chuckle thanks.
Anjali leave the room and close the door from outside. And follow atul.
Outside the room.
Anjali: bhagwan bachaye aj armaan ko pata nyi kya haal hoga uska.
Atul chuckle.
Anjali: show me my room.
Atul ya sure and then he sweeps her in his arms and take her to his room.
Anjali: kya kar rhe ho.
Atul: apni hone wali biwi ko humara room dikha rha hon.
Anjali: aj kuch jada romantic nyi ho rhe tum.
Atul: nyi to abhi to humne kuch kiya khan hai and wink.
Anjali chuckle and hug atul more.
Atul take anjali in his room and show her his room and then both spend quality time together and sleep together in each other arms.
And on other side
Guest room
Armaan: acha riddhima ab to chod do baba.
Riddhima: nyi tum gayab ho jaoge.
Armaan: paka nyi honga yhin hon baba.
Armaan nod in yes cutely.
Riddhima leave armaan neck and armaan sit near riddhima.
Armaan: riddhima tum soe jao main washroom jaker ata hon.
Riddhima: no main bhi sath chalongi.
Armaan: riddhima jid mat karo plz
But riddhima is not listening him so after so many pleads and request.
Armaan make riddhima sleep and go in washroom he get freshen up
And come outside but riddhima is not in bed armaan look for her but in next second riddhima push him on couch and come on him.
Song Tu isaq mera
Hate story 3
Song start
Riddhima come over armaan and start moving her finger from his forehead till his lips. Armaan try to stop her
Give Me Give Me Love N Give Me More
Thoda Sa Mujhse Love Le Bhi Aao
My Lover Gave You Dounce And I Feelin'
Then she turn and sit in armaan laps and fall back touching her back to arman chest
Again And Again And Again
What's Danger, What Danger, What Danger
Take Me Down, Down, Down
What Danger, What Danger, What Danger
Take Me Down, Down, Down
Take Me Down, Down, Down
Take Me Down, Down, Down
She again move and face armaan this time she move her face close to him and start singing lyrics.
Aaj Dikhade Mujhe Love Karke
She fall back but armaan on time save her in his arms
Oh Baby Baahon Mein Bharke
She hug armaan and sing in armaan ear and then kiss armaan ear.
Oh Jo Bhi Sohca Sapnon Mein
Woh Aaj Dikhade Mujhe Sab Karke
Armaan control his desires and make riddhima stand up and also stand.
Armaan try to move but riddhima hug him from back.
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Tu Hi Meri Raaton Ka Nasha
Riddhima move her hands sensually on armaan chest and move with the song.
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Soya Huaa Jisam Jagaa
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Then she start moving around armaan touching him sensually.
Tu Hi Meri Raaton Ka Nasha
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Soya Huaa Jisam Jagaa
Armaan try to ignore riddhima and move away.
That Reason That I Can Not Love No Other
Tera Pyaar
Riddhima grab armaan wrist and pull him towards herself. And this time she start opening armaan shirt buttons. Armaan is trying to stop her but riddhima is so high.
This Life I'm Gonna Live It Longer
Tera Pyaar
I Made A Spell Girl, I'm Down Under
Tera Pyaar
I Keep Coming For More N More N More
That Reason That I Can Not Love No Other
Tera Pyaar
This Life I'm Gonna Live It Longer
Tera Pyaar
Then in next second riddhima pull armaan shirt from back and now armaan six abs and well build chest is shown
I Made A Spell Girl, I'm Down Under
Tera Pyaar
I Keep Coming For More N More N More
Riddhima push armaan on bed and come over him. And directly looks in armaan eyes with passion.
Kaali Raaton Mein
Crazy Aankhon Ne Chuaa
Then she put her hand on her face and trace till her neck sensually. Armaan gulp and try to move riddhima away.
Kuch Mujhko Kuch Meri Saanson Ko Huaa
Kaali Raaton Mein
Crazy Aankhon Ne Chuaa
Kuch Tezz Asar Lazy Saanson Ko Huaa
Riddhima start planting kisses on armaan face . Firstly she kiss armaan eyes and then his cheeks but armaan push her softly.
Tu Ishq Mera, Tu Ishq Mera
Tu Hi Meri Raaton Ka Nasha
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Soya Huaa Jism Jagaa
Armaan is trying so hard he get up from bed but again ridhima push him back on bed and then she again come over him.
Sardi Mein Garmi Hai
Poori Besharmi Hai
Jaanam Jaayaz Jo
Humne Woh
Ghalati Ki Hai
Riddhima trail her fingers down his muscled chest, lower and lower... armaan audibly catches his breath.
Sardi Mein Garmi Hai
Poori Besharmi Hai
Jaanam Jaayaz Jo
Humne Woh
Ghalati Ki Hai
Then she again come face to face him and then she plead armaan for kiss she kiss near armaan lips
Please Dikhade Tu Gazab Karke
Labon Ke Paas Lab Karke
Then she pull armaan in kiss Her hands grip his shoulder and armaan stand up try to pull back but riddhima is not giving him time and instead she start kissing him more passionately her hands went into his hairs...soon the kiss turned in to more passionate..... Armaan lost his control and give up. both kissed each other passionately taking out all their armaan nibbled her upper lip while she chewed his lower lip...both then changed their positions as he chewed her lower lip on she nibbled his upper lip....while doing so he make her lay and cover them with comforter.
Socha Hai Jo Bhi Sapno Mein
Woh Aaj Dikhade Mujhe Sab Karke
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Tuhi Meri Raaton Ka Nasha
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Soya Hua Jisam Jaga
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Tuhi Meri Raaton Ka Nasha
Tu Isaq Mera, Tu Isaq Mera
Soya Hua Jisam Jaga
Tu Hi Meri Raaton Ka Nasha
Soya Huaa Jisam Jagaa..
Arman pull back slowly and look in riddhima eyes which is heavy so he pull her closer and try to make her sleep and in 20 min riddhima is in deep slumber.
But sleep is away from armaan eyes he is helpless because riddhima bold move creates havoc inside armaan. He is controlling his demons.
But riddhima hot breaths are also making this difficult for him.
4 am morning
Armaan sleep disturb he open his eyes and found his side is empty and turn and found riddhima is sitting on couch and her both hands in her hairs pressing her forehead and head.
Arman get up move towards riddhima.
Armaan: kya hua ser dard ho rha hai.
Riddhima nod in yes.
Armaan: ek min main abhi aya.
Armaan come back with lemon water which he already have in room with disprine.
Armaan: have this.
Without argument riddhima take med and lemon water.
Armaan look towards her. But she is not looking in his eyes infact she is avoiding eye contact. Armaan understand that she remembers everything.
Riddhima think aise mat behave kar aise pretend karna tujhe kuch yaad nyi hai. Han ye hi karti hon.
Armaan: kya soch rhi ho.
Riddhima: mujhe kuch yaad nyi arha hum yhan kaise aye or khan hain hum.
Armaan look towards her and think acha bachu humse chalo ban rhi ho apko to hum batate hain.
Armaan: tumhe kuch yaad nyi hai.
Riddhima: nyi kya hua tha.
Armaan: achaa ye chodo phele batao ab kesa feel kar rhi ho.
Riddhima: thk hai phele se.
Armaan: achaa good vese hum atul k ghar par hain.
Riddhima: ok main thodi fress air lekar ati hon.
Without taking time she run in balcony.
Armaan also go behind her. He stand hugging her from behind.
Armaan: tumhe sach me kuch yaad nyi hai.
Riddhima: nyi kuch bhi nyi.
Armaan whisper near her ear huskily hamara pyar bhi nyi. Riddhima shiver in his hold.
Armaan: yaad dilaon.
And start placing kisses to riddhima neck the way she was kissing him outside the pub.
Riddhima grip railing to control her heavy breaths
Riddhima turn so her back is to the railing, pulling armaan with her. He grips the rail on either side of her body and presses her firmly against it.
Riddhima hands finds the back of his neck and tries to pull him ever closer, but there’s no space between them left to fill.
Riddhima:hume ander jana chaiye.
Armaan: hmmm
Riddhima and armaan come back in room.
Armaan grab riddhima wrist and stop her from moving further.
Armaan: riddhima i want you again.
Riddhima look towards armaan in shock.
Riddhima: what want you.... again ? Matlab.
Armaan without giving her answers
Pinned riddhima to wall
He grabs her wrist again, moving them above her head and holding them there with one hand. The other caresses her waist and bare back as he captures her lips in his passionately. Riddhima is to shock so she is not responding. Armaan push his tongue inside her mouth as he just wanted to feel every corner of her mouth...
When Armaan deep the kiss, Riddhima also started to kiss him back making the fire heat up the place with their passion... Armaan move his hands on her bare back as her hands also move on his back, not getting enough of her skin he move his hands further down making her moan in to the kiss...
Armaan break the kiss and turned her such that her back was facing him . he removed all her hairs from her back to her shoulder and moved his finger sensually on her back till the end of her spinal cord riddhima shiver in his hold but armaan is not in mood to stop he dug his face in riddhima nape pressing her more to wall. He give sloppy kisses. He then pick her in his arms and make her lay on bed in the way her back is facing him. Armaan start kissing her back. He kiss every inch of her back. Riddhima is groaning and moaning his name aarmaaannn.
Riddhima try to stop armaan and try to move but his hold is getting more tight.
Armaan then whisper near her ear ab kuch yaad aya.
Riddhima: han thoda thoda.
Armaan: acha thoda hi lo sab yaad karvate hain vo karke jo humne aj first time kiya.
Armaan then again turn her and come on her then he start kissing her neck then he move down and kiss her near her chest then further down.
Then armaan Put his hand on her leg his hand moving on her smooth legs going up to her thighs caressing while at the same time him lips were busy kissing every inch of her exposed body.
Armaan is teasing her as his hand touch the fabric of her dress. Riddhima sit up pushing armaan from
Riddhima: han sab yaad hai mujhe bas.
Armaan burst into laughter.
Armaan: ab kya hua tumhe to kuch yaad nyi tha na.
Riddhima try to control her blush so she agin lay down hiding her face in pillow.
Armaan: hmmm dekho ab kese sharma rhi ho.
Riddhima: mujhe neend ayi hai.
Armaan also lay beside her and hug her pulling her to him.
Armaan : han han ab neend arhi hai tab kya hua tha jab meri ijat lutne ki koshish kar rhi thi.
Riddhima turn and hid in armaan cest hugging him more.
Armaan chuckle.
Next morning
Atul and armaan is pulling riddhima leg.
Atul: ridz seriously bhaishab vo bhi armaan ko.
Riddhima: bas bhi karo jiju ap.
Armaan: sach me riddhima bhaishab or hai kon ye mujhe hi bhul gyi.
Anjali also join
Anjali: sab se best tha armaan tum na shirtless ache lagte ho.
Atul: mujhe kiss karna hai abhi at this all break in to laughter.
Riddhima face is flushed.
Riddhima: yar bas karo phele armaan kam tha kya jo ap dono bhi sheru hogye.
All: ok but in next second all again burst into laughter. This time riddhima also smile.
Anjali: armaan chalo drop us home mom or badi maa ghar par hi honge.
Armaan then drop them gupta house. 

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