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part 39&40 :Instant Messaging

Part 39

Armaan is annoyed wid riddhima :
"then wat did u say??????" but armaan noticed riddhima's gaze switching to some one behind her... getting even more pissed at the fact tht she was hardly even listenin to him... he turned around....

"WHAT THE.....???!!? oh my god.. wats he doing?????" armaan said as he saw rahul

15 minutes ago
Rahul walked into the cafeteria ... trying to balance himself on his heels, and walked straight for the centre table.

"oh my god !!! i cant believe im doin this!!! Hai bhagwan!!! " rahul murmered to as he realised tht he had grabbed enough attention to last him a life time. Muskaan nudged at her friends next to her who turned around just to burst out laughng at rahul.

Rahul was dressed in a bikini top wid a long flowy indian skirt... and a wid long enough hair to throttle himself with.. whic was somethin he wished he could have done.

Rahul being one of the most popular boys at college... seemed to get more attention."Okay umm... i umm... amm.. dressed like thi.. because.. i " whispereing suddenly " to bring out the woman inside me..."

"KYA????" Atul yelled from the crowd.

"TO BRING OUT THE WOMAN INSIDE ME!!..." rahul yelled... suddenly getting the confidence in himself." aur umm.. is khushi mein... im gonna perform a dance...HIT IT!!!" he said pointing to muskaan ...

mera chain bain sab ujda ,jaalim nazar hata le
mera chain bain sab ujda ,jaalim nazar hata le
barbaad ho rahe hai ji
barbaad ho rahe hai ji
tere apne shaher wale
mera chain bain sab ujda ,jaalim nazar hata le
meri angdai na toote tu aaja
meri angdai na toote tu aaja
kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
ho kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
ho mere naina mere naina mere naina judwa mere naina
kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina

Rahul twisted and turned.. shaking his hips and flaunting the boys in his moves .... making everyone crack up.. guys were blowing whistles and muskaan was literally rolling on the floor wtching rahul dance.

"oh my god... muskaan ur a genious " karishma whispered in between her laughs

" i no.. i cant believe he is dancng on the very dance he made fun of... last year during which we danced on during the college fest...."

"good one!!!!!"

surmain se likhe tere wade, aankhon ki jabani aate hain
mere rumalo pe lab tere ,bandh ke nishani jaate hain
(ho teri baaton main kimam ki khusbu hain
ho tera aana bhi garmiyon ki lu hain )
ho tera aana bhi garmiyon ki lu hain
aaja tute na tute na aangdai
ho meri angdai na tute tuu aaja
ho meri angdai na tute tuu aaja
kajra re kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
kajra re kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
ho kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
ho kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
ho kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina
ho mere naina mere naina mere nain main chupke rehna
ho kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina

after the second verse... rahul bent down.. exhausted... while everyone cheered him on to continue... "tired... n-no wayyy.... c-cant continue...."
"awwwwwwwwwwwww....." muskaan yelled... making rahul stand up straight again...

"that reminds me.. now some serious business.... maine yeh sab.... sirf muskaan ke liye kiya tha... let me make tht clear..." rahul announced.. as he stepped of the table.. removing his wig.. muskaans face dropped..
Wait a minute.... he isnt supposed to do this!!!

"im here... to crrect all my errors... strting wid the time i made fun of a dance.... " rahul shrugged... " haan... aur yeh... magazines.... muskaan hates playboy..." Atul handed rahul some magzines..
"insult to women ryte???? muskaan.... they are outta my life... i promise..."

"OH HOY!!!!" some one whistled as rahul adjusted his fake bra...taking off the paddings..

"aur mujhe yah bhi kehna hai ki.. PLAYBOY ek achi cheez nahi hai....." rahul said... pulling up his skirt again for the fifteenth time.. "so.. i uh.. g-going t-to take thislighter.. and burn this!" he said taking out  his magazine and setting it out on fire...

guys everywhere were laughing.....

"arrre... u didnt want it to give it to me na???" some guy yelled out just to b hit playfully by a female neighbour..

Rahul bowed down.. as the whole cafeteria burst into laughter... Muskaan stared in disbelief.. wat was he ding..

hai ram.... if hes ruining his rep... WHY AM I INvOLVED!!!!!

"And i di this all... for you muskaan... " immediately.. the entire cafeteria stopped laughing and turned to face muskaan....

shit....everyones looking at me.... omg... ur coming closer to me in a womans outfit??? noooooooooooooooo

"im sorry sweety if i hurt you.... " rahul said as he pulled off his short top and wore his GUY shirt again... "forgive me plz???"

"rahull... wat are u doin??? ur trya embarress me too???" msukaan hissed

"both....." rahul said as he came even closer to her... wearing a red shirt and  skirt below.

"RAHUL!!! " muskaan hissed as he came even closer...

"sweetheart..... will u forgive me???" Rahul said bendign down on one knee...

"iske baad?????? KABHI NAHI!!! " muskaan frowned... making rahul grin even wider....

"yahi problem hai.... u dont give up and neither do i.... cmon sweety...." rahul said holding her hand tightly


"theek hai... to mein yahan hi bethta rahoonga ...why not?"

"ur crazy...!!!"

"crazy bout you...!!!"  rahul whispered making the cafetria shout.. muskaan blushed...

" theek hai.. fine....i forive you... khush... now ab yeh sab natak band karo!!!" rahu got up to hug muskaan...

suddenly everyones attention turned... Armaaan and Riddhima stood near the door arguing in full swing..

"Armaan... wait!!!!!!!!! " riddhima yelled as she ran behind him and out of the cafeteria...

"wat was tht???" eevryone seemed to whisper just as riddhima left the hall...

"rahul?? armaan ko kya hua??" muskaan whisperd... rahul shrugged confused as ever....

how many things could happen in one day????


"armaan.... Will u just listen to me for a second..." Rids said huffing and puffing behind him." you no wat.. come here... rids said pulling him to a near by storage room...

Armaan motioned to leave but then riddhima cornered him against the wall tightly...

"ab batao ... kya hua?? wat did chirag say????"

"you no wat rids??? im seriously not in the mood for this... so give me a break plz.." Armaan mummbld as he tried to push her away, which just made riddhima grip him down even tighter..

"just tell me wat he said! all i told him was tht i wa-"

"forgt it riddhima.. i dont wanna hear anythin... i told you.. im not in the mood..!!!!" Armaan siad pushin her to a side and walking out of the room... leaving riddhima dumbfounded at the spot

"Rids where wee you??OMG!! ive been looking all over for you!!!!Oh gosh.. ur ccring??? " muskaan said rushing over to her when she finally found her near her lcker.

Instantly ridhima threw her hands around her crying silently.."kya hua??" muskaan said stroking her hair

"is it armaan?" riddhima nodded "because of chirag???"

"bataya nahi??? i mean chirag ko???"

"bataya tha...."

"to phir?? kya hua???

"armaan baat sunne ke liye tyaar kaha hai???? kehta hai ki.. chirag told him soemthin this moring..." riddhima sobbed..pulling herself off muskaan's shoulder

"kya kaha"

"bataya nahi..."

"to phir ek hi rasta hai.. chirag ko batana.. ask chirag to tell armaan the truth...ask him to tell hi bout ritu! if he deosnt listen to you he'll listen to chirag....After all he is his friend ryte??"

"you no wat.... ill do tht!!" riddhima said bravely,,..." kaha hoga???
"pata nahi.. lekin jaldi karna.... before lectures strt..." muskaan called out as riddhima went in search of him..

As riddhima searced for chirag she heard people whispereing arund her.. she suddenly realised tht her scene wid armaan had been a bit too public.. she had been so engrossed in telling armaan the truth tht she has been oblivious to her surroundings... suddenl she spotted a familiar face
"hey Ritu.. have you seen chirag???"

"oh hey.. ummm" ritu said trying hard to recollect..." he was in the basketball court.. he still might be there... try there..."

"ok thankz.." rids said running off to find hm.. before ritu ould even say another word...

"hey armaan.... wats up....wat ahppened you look tense..."  Ritu said looking at armaan leaning against his locker..

"oh.. yea sorta.. can u tell me where riddhima went...i eman do you no????/"

"she went to te basketball court..... oh crap... i forgt my note book.... gotta go.. by armaan..." Ritu said waving goodbye hastily..

"What was dat armaan?????" Atul burst out the second Ritu was out of sight...

evidently he had been speaking about wat had happend in the cafeteria hall.." oh.. dont ask...!!" armaan sighed heavily..

"alright... then wats up??? u and riddhima...???"

"i hate this dude!!!!"

"wats it bout???"

"riddhima and chirag......soemthings happening..."

"wat did she say bout it??"
"wat will she say??? she said no..... "

"did rids tell you everythin??"

"no..." atul raise his eyebrows.." i didnt let her...look wats the point... ive herd everythin i need to already..."

"seriously just go talk her... dude shes not tht kinda gurl...u havent seen anythin"

"Alright.. fine.. ill go..." Armaan said weakly as he let himself be pushed all the way to the court.... for soem reason he knew it was he right thing to do... although he just wanted to stay angry and let it heal over time.

"tht good for nothin.............." Armaan muttered under hs breath... just as he approached the auditorium... Armaan saw chirag and riddhima talkin to one another as they sat next to each other on the bleachers.... just as armaan left the audi... Riddhima caught his gaze.. and asked  chirag to run over to him... it was either now or never

Armaan walked fast enough to escape contact wid chirag...

"so wat happened??tht was really fast" Atul asked as armaan neared him...

"dont even ask...and i SAW it...wid my oen eyes!!!"

"can i stil??did u atleast talk to her???" Armaan raised his eyebros as though atul ah said the most ridiculous thing...
Just then some one tapped his shoulders..."hey armaan... i need to talk to you.."

"not now chirag....!!! seriously not now!!!its better off u back off... " armaan said trying to stare him down...

" Ok... Armaan... you left me no choice..... but i love...." even before he could complete the sentence chirag was knockd down by Armaan.

Riddhima who came was near by rushed to them

"Armaan!!! Tum paagal ho kya???" Riddhima burst out crying and knelt down to help the dazed chirag..

"IM CRAZZY??? what bout you??? huh??" armaan yelled.. unable to control tht temper from within him...

"what is wrong wid you.." riddhima was crying now.. unabe to eblieve tht he was the same armaan who made her feel so good last night...

"yea well wat about me???Stop playing around me... stop cheaing on me.."  Armaan yeleld...

"what the hell is wrong wid you.. i never cheated on not tht kinda person... you no tht.."

"i dont tink i no you any more... i ont think iw anna no you any more..." Muskaan rushed over... along wid rahul.... staring at them.. no one could even think of wat to say to ease the tension.. no one rellay knew wat was happenning... except for muskaan.

"A-Armaan wat was tht for... ??" chirag said rubbing his eye which armaan had blackened.

"suck it chirag..." Arman said as he was about to give chirag another punch to remember...befoe he was pulled back by atul and rahul.

"armaan... Ritu loves me!!! im sorry but we are togetehr..."

"no she..... Wh-WHAT???"

"she loves me rmaan... and we are goin out... "

"itu..." Armaan said looking at riddhima sobbing beside chirrag,,,

"an-and u cant take her away from me.... i can fight too..." chirag continued rather weakly.

"what bout riddhima.."

" she told me she loves you... but tht wasnt why she set me up wid er.. ritu sked her too.. its not her fault.... i swear...."

"wat bout you and riddhima..???"

"look.. armaan tht was a phase... we both werent ready.. and besides.. i have ritu " Chirag continued.. trying to make a point..

"wat are you talkin bout???" rahul suddenly blurted.. confused

"Armaan loves ritu...."

"what???? " rahul, Atul and muskaan blurted togetehr...

"no chirag... not even close... " mukaaan finally said....

"i-im sorry ch-chirag " armaan said helping chirag back to his feet.... "i ththought u and ri-ridhhima were... and .. riddhima.... im.. im really sorry.. i shouldve listened to you.. " armaan said bending down next to her... as riddhima had straightened herself..

"dont be.. " riddhima said coldly..

"please baby.... " armaan said getting up as well

"peeche did i no u were gonna do tht??" riddhima said backing away from him..

"riddhima im really sorry.... it was an honest mistake..."

"oh really??? thts why u ignored me all this while... u made a big scen in the cafeteria.. now u knock down some one.. and make an even bgger scene..!?!! this is wat u always do!!! u hurt me.. and then apologise!! i said peecha raho!!! pas aane ko hi mat sochna... " Riddhima said as she felt a fresh new set of tears fall across her face..

Armaan walked closer to her "i-im sorry.... but but i love you......" he whispered..

"b-but i hate you.." riddhima sid as she ran followed by muskaan who knew tht riddhima needed her the most now...
iddhima ra way leaving armaan behind in the crowd teary-eyed....

what had he done???


Riddhima ran outside with muskaan trailing behind her..

Armaan shook his head and sighed "chirag... this was a complete misunderstanding .. i thought you and riddhima... were.. im just really sorry please forgive me"

"hey armaan.. dont sweat it...its alright.. and hey...  few years from now id probably come to you for medical assistancee and we'd probably laugh at this!!" chirag said giving armaan a big ol bear hug.. "but then again.. i think ur lady love needs ur apology...."

"alright nothing to see here.... its over.. ab kya dekhna hai???" Atul said trying to break the thick crowd wid rahul

just then the bell rang..."oh crap... Hitlers class... " Rahl said scratching his head...

"chalo armaan..." Atul said pulling him...


"dude... look... we just hae to attend.. u no hitler... proxy-woxy nahi chalta hai... and besides riddhima also has the same class...."

Armaan finally gave up... taking his books he walked into class..loathing every minute of his existence..

half the class was over and he grew impatient as ever... Riddhima as well as muskaan had not come... he kept looking at the seat infront of him tht lay vaccant...

Where are you riddhima???!?! just pick up my calls... reply baby!!

"psst .. Armaan is she replying??" rahul whispered...

Armaan shook his head.." Shes disconnecting mycalls and now her phone is off...

"just be careful hitler deosnt see you...." armaan nodded as he put his head down...gripping onto his cellphone... whishing it would vibrate soon enough..

every second felt like a day pass by... he was shure that watever he thought was tru enough.. if only he could go back and change it all... he remembered the way she screamed holding him tightly when he had tried to scare her wid the 'haunted lamp' that night when he had confessed..... how rids had run down from the bleachers to check if he was alright when he fell down in the basket ball court...

he thought about her touch nd her kiss and the way she fit so perfectly in his arms...  unknowingly he smiled thinking about her jealousy... when he had been dancing wid preeti... in the ball dance.. and when anjali had fed him in the cafeteria... but now as he looked in front to see the chiar vaccant... his smile vanished... his heart grew heavy as he remembered the sight of her crying and the hurt in her eyes... how could he do tht?? how could he even say that he didnt want to know her again...?? how could he be so cruel to some one so tender and loving?

Armaan stirred in his place growing even more restless what he would do to see her in his arms again...

"Armaan malik??"

"Mr. Armaan malik...??" keertis voice boomed out...

Armaan stood up straight... after being nudged by Rahul....

"It is none of my business .. but ive been noticing for sometime now tht u are quite restless.. would you like to freshen up?? " keerti suggested wid kindnes in her eyes...

"n-no thank you maam.. " armaan said sitting back down... luckily to his relief the bell rang... all gazes were finally off him... keerti left the class shaking her head after having one last look at armaan... He had been the most happy-go-lucky.. carefree boy in class...

"teenagers.." keerti shrugged..

Keerti wasnt the only one who looked at armaan tht way.. infact it seemed as if the whole college was staring in awe and disbelief..

"armaan and riddhima??? oh gosh ... i cant believe it..she told me she hated him.... and oh my god.. i used to flirt wid him in front of her... i cant believe it... i feel so stupid.." karishma she saw armaan pass.. remembering how much she talked bout him in front of her..

Armaan took out his cellphone oblivious to the whispers... A- hllo muskaan... listen.. i need to know where u guys are.... just tell me...please...

M- credit card??? no no... not interested... Am in the middle of a basketball game... plz call me later...
muskan said hinting that she was on the court

A- ok thanks im coming now....

M- no no... not now... my credi card is still valid... usable condition... now is not a good time....

A- are you shure...

M- garenteed... ill let you no hen to come.. theek hai??... bye...

Muskaan said cutting the phone... great now he had to wait.. and it was definetly killing him..
"any luck??" Rahul asked

"no... nothing... muskaan told me to give her some time... " armaan lowered his head " cant do anything.. feel so helpless..." Armaan said as he packed his bag.. ready to go home...

At the basket ball court...

"rids... just talk to him...."

"nahi... i dont even want to see him....i mean... deos he think ill beg him all his life?? every sorry HE says ill forgive him?? he gets jealous so he starts to ASSUME things?? and punches his own friends down?? he breaks every promise... even the smallest...and its hardly been a week even... hes heartless..." rids said sobbing uncontrollably

"dont say tht rids... come on.... you love him and he definetly loves you too-....

"love?? definetly... ?? u call this love?? if it is... then i hate it... i hate being in love.. coz it hurts so much.... he gets everything he wants.. and i? i get nothing...thats it... armaan is not... going to get his way this time.." rids said wiping her tears..
next day at college...  "have you see riddhima??" armaan asked rahul as he came in..

"nahi... yaar .. baat kiya kya?"

"nahi... phone nahi utha rahi hai.. aur muskaan said i shouldnt go over to her place "

"toh ab??"

"apologise to her face  i guess...."

"well good luck... coz she just walked in...." rahul said pointing to her...

"thankz....." armaan said walking over..." riddhima?? "

riddhima closed her eyes... she had been preparing for this ...somehow the insides werent working as she had hoped they would..

"armaan seriously... im not in the mood... so abhi nahi...." rids said trying to find words to come out of her mouth as she stood wid her back turned...

"please.. just give me a few minutes...." armaan said as he closed in on her, making shure she couldnt make a quick escape even if she tried...

rids felt the gap between herself and armaan become lesser as she could feel his breath on her neck...

"baby please....??" armaan said placing her hand on shoulder just to get shrugged off again...

"fine... speak... you have five minutes.." riddhima said looking into her watch...

"ok listen sweety i really didnt no what to believe... first i heard chirag and then you told me tht u didnt talk to him.. and then he started teling everyone that he has a chance wid you.... finally i saw the two of you in the court.. alone...i guess..."armaan looked down... away from her gaze.." my eyes decieved me... im sorry.. it was a mistake.. an honest one... i-i should have come to you... i love you... soo much...." armaan said moving the loose strands of her hair away from her face... " forgive me..." he said taking her hands and kissing them...

Riddhima's eyes filled up... something she anticipated would happen.... she pushed armaan back...

"As i said.... this is what you always do... you-you hurt me.. and th-then you kiss me... thinking it'll all go away.. samajte kya ho apne aap ko?? i asked you to keep  one promise.... just one... and u break it... u accuse me of cheating on you... how could you?? and then u yell at me infront of everyon... then you punch ur OWN friends down...I was Crying on the FLOOR GODDAMIT! "rids yelled she pused him furthur away trying hard to run away.. she didnt want to break down inf ront of him.. or any one else for dat matter...

suddely she felt a hand catch hold of her own... why was he makng this so difficult for her... she was supposed to just hear him out.... and tell him tht it was over.. but here she was trying to make a run for it after she had spilled her emotions... and now he wasnt letting her go....

"armaan.. hath choddo...." rids said as she closed her eyes...fighting his grip...." i said let me go!!!! " rids said more firmly... as she felt his hand losen up....

he had let her run away...


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