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Part 4 & 5 : Heart Attacks & Seizures

part 4

She looked over at him as he looked so nervous and smiled to reassure him. He looked uneasy about the whole thing…

"You sure about all this?" rolling her eyes she looked at him.

"Look you have to be seen as dashing, hip and a babe magnet… and the clothes fit.. So lets work on your attitude!…OK!" Jeez he has no problem flirting with and you just mention Kirti he sweating and freaking out!?

"OK but I totally ignore her?" placing her arm on his shoulder she looked at him in the mirror.

"Do you trust me?" he stared at her in the mirror and nodded.

"Good just follow my lead and act cool like a good friend …I will take it from there..main hoon na!" he looked at her giggling

"You look beautiful in that gold lengha..but the duputta is not right let me help you!" Dame you noticed I hate these long duputta? She looked at him as he took hold of the dupatta in his hands…moving forward he placed it in her waist … feeling her gasped he looked at her and smiled.

"Sorry my hands are cold" OMG u telling me? She smiled looking at his cheeky dimpled smile…. He moved around her as he draped the dupatta… as he stood in front of her he stared into her eyes.. OMG Ridz what the HECK is going on here? Coming back to her senses she looked at him smiling back at her.

"Wow Armaan you made her look perfect!" they turned to see Padma at the door looking at them…

"Mum?" Why don't people ever knock? This is so embarrassing…OMG he's blushing? She looked at him as he walked towards the bathroom

"You know you're fathers never placed a duppatta so lovingly around me…" MUM u have no idea this is a total act? She placed the tikka in her mang and felt her mother loving hand on her head.

"Both I and your father are so happy that you have found a life partner like Armaan…" You're going to all hate me when I dump him or he me!

"Are you feeling ok now?" she looked at her mother confused.

"Anjali mentioned…"

"Oh yes mom … I think I'm still jetlagged and Armaan was feelin tired as well so we went to the beach… can't get over it as we both feel asleep in the car!"… LIAR LIAR BUMS ON FIRE!!… shut up…NO!! as you were scheming a way of getting dumped and Kirti in Armaan's arms…all afternoon and ..SHHH shut up!

"Riddhima you still look pale!" I feel sick and want to throw up! As I feel this will all be a disaster.. Everything in my life always is!

"She's fine Mom… she in capable hands!" Yeah mom listen to the hired help!!.. He knows what he talking about?… and he madly in love with Kirti and I'm wearing her engagement ring!… OMG SHUT UP !!… Feeling Armaan taking hold of her hand she smiled looking at her mother as she giggled leaving the room.

"Ok honey… its show time!" OMG!! She looked at him as he nodded and lead her downstairs….


The house was decorated to beautifully in red and gold.. As the walked down the stairs together all eyes where upon them… tonight was the mendhi and sangeet… she looked at Armaan who smiled at her holding her arm and but she could see his eyes scan the room for his love.

'OK ridz deep breaths and you can pull this off and bag the chaurali for the Bandar' taking a deep breath she smiled as the approached Anjali and Atul.

"YOU?" Anjali and Ridhima stared at Atul as he looked at Armaan angry.

"Ok what are you doing here you murder?" Armaan looked at him angry back.

"ATUL WATCH YOUR MOUTH?" Ridhima stared at Armaan as he pointed a finger at him.

"You are a liar and cheat good for nothing…" everyone stared at them and Anjali looked at Ridhima upset.

"Don't blame me Atul!…you are also to blame!" WTF is happening and everyone is staring at us? YOU TWO KNOW EACH OTHER??… is there anyone who this Bandar does not know? She looked at Armaan as he looked sternly at Atul.

"Ridhima I though you had good taste like your sister and you are dating this man?" Atul turned to look at Ridz..OMG what the hell was that look?

"Actually Atul she marring him!" Anjali looked at her annoyed as the stared at Armaan and Ridhima… OH Yeah I AM get with the program people im marring the murder!!

"You knew about this i bet?" she looked at anjali crying.

"No Di! I don't know what is going on?" they both looked over at Armaan and Atul

"You always do this ridz …spoil my day?" Ridhima looked at Anjali as her eyes filled up with tear. Great now she cryin and everyone going to blame me as usual.

"Armaan what is going on?" she turned him around to face her.

"Who did you kill?" she looked at him as he looked angry back at Atul

"Ridhima he killed Jasmine!" she looked at Atul as he looked really upset.

"It never would have happen if he had told me about her water intake!" WHAT?

"She was the beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on and when I touched her I felt like I was in heaven?" You're going to marry my sister and you are drooling over another woman while she standing next to you… ARE YOU CRAZY!!… she looked at Anjali running of crying.

"Armaan now look what you have done?!" she looked at him as he total ignored her and carried on shouting at Atul.. Now I feel like cryin….she looked over at everyone staring at them and walked away.

"NOW look what you have done CHAMP! …Look I told you i'm sorry for not watering jasmine twice a day!"… he looked at Atul pouting his lip.

"Both our lady loves are upset!…so what are we going to do about… I can't believe you called Anjali 2nd class next to jasmine?" Armaan chuckled and looked over at everyone as he placed his arm around Atul and looked at Shanshank as he looked at them shocked.

"A plant?" Atul looked over at Armaan and then Shanshank..

"I am sorry papa… see Armaan and I were college room mates.. We fight all the time.! Some one should have warned me that the Armaan was coming?"

Everyone started laughing…..


"This is so funny…both Gupta girls are marrying the college geeks" Kirti smiled looking at her friend Sonia..

"I still remember Armaan following you around like love sick puppy… but look at him now!" Ridhima could hear them from balcony!"

"Yeah impressive… he was the biology geek and now a neurologists and Atul cardiologist … you know Anjali does not love him… she marrying him for the fame and money.. She just desperate and Ridhima will get dumped like always she has no class she can never keep them… Armaan looking dish though maybe I could play him like Sumit!" hearing them both giggle she walked into her room.

"Honey I'm sorry!" she looked at him as he wiped her tears and took hold of her.

"You lied to me?" he looked at her

"Lied.. Look Atul still upset about his stupid plant ..I never meant to hurt him"

"I mean you are a neurologist!" he looked at her guilty

"Yeah I was going to tell you but you wanted me to.."

"HELLO Ridhima!" she looked up at the friendly face and ran towards him.

"Rahul please take me away!" she sobbed… Armaan looked at him smiling as he held her in his arms and walked out of the room.

"Wow girlfriend you're getting married?" NO ITS FAKE! I was crying because of Kirti and just took it all out on the Bandar as he loves her. Its a total disaster… she smiled and looked at Armaan standing by her father.

"Yes Armaan is very warm and affectionate.. always there for me…" OMG what are you saying?

"Sounds serious I seen the way he looks at you!… give him a break go talk to him!" LOOKS at me?? he is acting… she walked over towards him outside.

"Armaan?" he took hold of her in his arms..

"Kirti is over there act romantic!" OH YEAH RIGHT but wait she's… feeling his lips on hers..she found her arms around his neck and herself kissing him back…as he nibbled on her upper lips he found her moaning in delight and her body just melted in his arms.. Surpising to him she was kissing him back..opening his eyes he noticed that no one was around and released her….
~~~~Part 5~~~~

"Honey open you're eyes!!" huh what??… opening her eyes she looked at him as he looked around the garden…. Feeling a little giddy she looked at him…HE KISSSSED ME!!??!!?? *sigh*

"She's gone!" WITCH I was enjoying that!! Churali!! … OMG what am I saying he wants that COW?

"Is something the matter?"  yeah she wants you against me you bandar… and OMG can you kiss a girl!!

"Ridz?" *SLAP* he looked at her as he cheek throbbed and smiled shyly as he watched her go inside.

"The flippin cheek… you cant just grab a person and kiss them like that…I bet he was picturing her and kissed me… omg I feel sick!"  ….she felt someone grab her arm, it was Anjali.

"We need to talk!"  oh great now I have nutty over her wanting to give me ear ache and seriously I am not in the mood!… she looked at Anjali closing the door behind her.

"I am sorry!" she looked at her shocked and surprised… DI said the s word?

"Look about earlier I say that you ruion everything and the truth is I am scared?" tears rolled down anjali eyes as she sat down on the bed crying…. OK this is the first first the s word and di is scared?  What the hell? They only thing Di is scared of is…. NOTHING?… Ridz sat on the bed next to her and placed her hand on her shoulder…to find Anjali take hold of her crying.

"Look Atul really loves you loads and he will make you happy!"  Now is not the time to have a panic attack? The guys ladoo over you and im jealous like hell that you have someone who will grow old with you… me I hired Armaan just to get back at you and even I cant get that right… tears ran down her face as she held Anjali.

"The thing is I am scared of failing him…as he loves me to much…and I feel like that because of me …it may not work?"

"Di your just scared… look I see they way you both look at each other and the way he fusses over you… and is there for you no matter what… these things are never easy you have to work at it… You do love him right?"  she looked at her as she wiped her tears with a tissue.

"Yeah of course I do! He the only man who every cared about me seriously the others just used me to get to dad… you know on our first date he gave me a pink rose bush as he said he could not send me dead flowers but only living flowers …which would blossom like me…"   Aweee di sweet!

"I know everyone thinks I am marrying him because he is famous and rich…but when we met he was nothing of those things… and he tells me I am lucky for him…every since I came into his life…. But you know he means the world to me ..i have never met anyone so committed to his patients and me…I guess that is why I am scared! Kirti told me everyone say she is marrying him for the money… but that not true!"  Let me guess the Churali said all this!!.. I bet she wants to break you up!! THE COW!! Let me get my hands on her neck…

"Come on Di!! Lets go and kick butt!….i mean have some fun!  You are getting married to the man you love and I am…"

"You are two soon…"  Yeah yeah I would not bet on it!! He taken by someone eles.

"Forget about me Di …today is your day and we are going to show everyone how much you love him…"

"I am NOT talking to him… he compare me to a plant!" 

"OK you can get him back once you are married…I'm sure you will think of something…" they both giggled getting up.


"Rahul… I need you're help!" Rahul looked at Ridhima as she looked at him as he was talking to a bunch of girls.

"Ridz I don't mean to be rude… but I am at a party, have you seen the single females around here?" he whispered leading her away…she looked at him annoyed… MEN? UFF!!

"Look you husband to be is standing there with Kirti ask him!" WHAT???!!! She turned to look to see him engrossed in conversations with her as she gave him that I want you look!!… NO WAY KIRTI find you're next victim else where?

"Lunch sounds great!!" she looked at him as he stared at Kirti almost drooling

"Honey?"  he turned to look at her and smiled broadly as he placed his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him.

"Where have you been darling?… I have been bored stiff and then noticed Kirti…we started talking about old times…"  I BET!! CHURALI!!

"Ridhima so good to see you… can't believe we both in New York and never get a chance to met up!"  LIKE HELL!! Would freeze over first!!

"So Armaan how did you two meet?" she looked at the way he was staring at her.

"By accident!" she looked at him in a dreamy state and pinched him hard in the back!


"That was what I said when he crashed into the back of my car! Isn't that right Honey?" she looked at him as he looked at her angrily. He looked at Kirti and smiled.

"Darling how can I every forget!!  That was were it all began!"  he whispered "blackmailing" as he looked at Ridhima…. OH YOU JERK!! I should have called the police!!

"I fell in love with her totally and we are living together.. it was funny when dad walked in when I was wondering around in a towel!" OK THAT IS INfORMATION OVER LOAD!! POOR WOMAN WILL BURST ANY MOMENT!! LOOK AT HER DROOOLING ????!!

"Armaan? Such a joker!! Hehe… that dinner you cooked for us was amazing honey!… You know as well as a great doctor he a great cook and…" Armaan looked at Ridhima blush… OMG I WAS GOING TO SAY KISSER!

"Ridz that is only because I love you…" feeling his lips on her cheek she blushed even more… OMG!! He turned her to face him and looked into her eyes.

"I am totally yours honey! I am crazy about you!" OMG U ARE? Feeling his arms around her he hugged him back smiling and looked at Kirti walk away…

"Is she gone?" he whispered in her ear releasing her as he looked around to find her gone.

"OMG I am meeting her for lunch tomorrow!" HUH WHAT!! THE B*&^%$….OK calm down and remember why you came over here!!

"Look Armaan forcus … what are we going to do about them?" he looked at Atul and Anjali as they both looked upset.

"This is totally your fault!!" he looked at her surprised as she looked at him.

"OK! So what do you want me to do?"

"FIX IT!" he looked at her walk off towards Rahul.


"Champ whats up?" Atul looked at him looking gloomy

"Yaar she will not talk to me? I hate it when she upset yaar as I feel like crap!" Armaan looked at him surprised.

"You really fell in love with a girl!" Atul looked at Armaan as he laugh out load.

"I was a little scared that I could not get you talking about the girls as the plants took over the doorm"

"You can talk I could see the way you were drooling over Kirti when she was speaking to you right now!"

"That is history… im taken for remember Ridhima!"  Atul looked at him as he started at Ridhima dancing with Rahul on the dance floor.


"She is blaming me for you two not talking and now not talking to me!"  they both looked at each other and started laughing.

"She's too good for you!" Armaan looked at Atul as he picked up the second glass of whiskey.

"Plus she  has a boyfriend Rahul!"  Armaan picked up the glass and drank it all in one shoot…

"He is just a friend… she loves me!" he looked at Atul and then back at them on the dance floor.

"Right that is enough Atul!! 1 more and you will be drunk… go and ask Anjali to dance!… while I will see what Ridhima says…" 

"May I!"  Rahul looked at Armaan as he stood looking at Ridhima.

"Rahul tell him I do not want to dance with him and…"  Armaan took hold of her arm and twirled her around as she landed on top of him as he held her.

"Look!" he turned her to see Anjali and Atul laughing on the dance floor.

"Happy now honey!" he smiled cheekily looking into her eyes.  Ecstatic can't you see?? …OMG don't pull me to close.

He looked deep into her green eyes… everything about her was so easy… and he felt so comfortable around her…

"Thank you Ridz… you have saved me….more then once and I can never re pay you" she looked at him as he closed the bedroom door and approached her.

"THANK GOD THAT IS OVER!" he looked at her fall on the bed looking at the ceiling… her navel was totally exposed and her arms out with her eyes now closed….her hair gentle on her face covering her and the cool breeze from the window.

"I am totally shattered!…good night Armaan!"  he looked at her turn over to face the window.

"Ridz you asleep?" hearing her moan she turned to look at him.

"Armaan what time is it?"  he looked over towards the clock 

"2am… Ok wake me up at 8am…" I don't get out bed unless its an emergency…she moaned closing her eyes.

"Ridhima? honey?…" he whispered in her ear…feeling him snuggle into bed with her she turned to face him as he stared at her in her bed.


"Before you say anything I am wear pajamas…"  he looked at her closing her eyes again.

"I can't sleep … what do I tell Kirti? …uh I mean what do I talk about?"  FOR flip sake im trying to have a nice dream and know you mention the wicked witch I'm going to have nightmares?… he looked at her taking a long deep sigh and opening her eyes to look at him.

"You're not going to let me sleep are you?" yeah well don't give me that cheeky dimple smile?…he looked at her shaking her head at him.

"Ok tell her the truth!"  see if I care you going to die with heart ache…

"Truth?"  ok calm down I have had heart attack ? Bandhar!

"Look when you are having you conversation about old time drop that you liked her and always imaged marrying her ect ect" blah blah blah!!

"Oh that truth!"   yeah!! mans a doctor?

"Then after the marriage I will then dump you for cheating on me and then you both live happily ever after…. NOW can I get some sleep!!"

"With Rahul right!"  he looked at her stare at him

"Rahul?"  Yeah right as if!!

"I heard him tell some girl that you were his girlfriend!"  why do you sound upset?

"A Girl who happens to be his friend!… Anyway this conversation was about you and Kirti where did Rahul come from?"

"I uh…"         she looked at him look away

"Armaan can I please go to sleep?" he looked at her turn and pull up the blanket.

She felt him body snuggle up next to hers and his arm around her…she moved into his body feeling warm.

"Ridz I feel cold in that big bed by myself…can I?…."

"Armaan Shut up and GO TO SLEEP YOU BANDAR!!"  hearing him chuckle she smiled closing her eyes……

She opened her eyes and saw him asleep next to her… his head resting on her shoulder and his arm holding her close… he was not like anyone she had meet before… a guy would automatically think about sex when getting into bed but he would?…. But then again he was totally in love with someone else and she was nothing but a friend.  He looked like and angel as the sun seeped through the window…placing hand on his arm he pulled her closer as she tried to move.  "Honey go to sleep!" Honey …she smiled he called her that…. She moved closer to him…

"Armaan?" she whispered in his ear…to see a smile spread on his lips.

"WAKE UP YOU HAVE A LUNCH DATE!" he fell out of bed and looked at her as he giggled non stop on the bed!

"YOU!" getting back he took hold of her arm as she turned and picked up the pillow and hit him on the head….

"OYE!" he looked at her as another pillow hit him…. The pillows flew across the room as they laugh…she looked at him as he sat on top of her holding her hands down.

"You give up? or hungry for more?" he asked smiling to see her panting beneath him

"NO!" she smiled back looking at him as he looked at her.

"NO!" feeling him move closer to him….omg Ridz he going to kiss you?

"Kirti?" she looked at him as his smile faded and he nodded and got off her. Ok now why did you say that? As he loves her and not me!


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