Saturday, 5 January 2019

Part 4& 5 : Instant Messaging

   PART 4 

"Oh my god .. Ridsy.. Itne saare log?.. who bhi ek choti si match ke liye?" Muskaan said as she saw the entire stadium filled

"yeh sab armaan ne hi kiya hai.. mujhe paata hai ! he probably wants us to look bad infront of them!" ridsy said lookin at the numbr of people in the audi.

"shit ridsy im getting scared" kajol said.. obviously very nervously.

"Oh my god.. armaan aa gaya .. sh*t… he is looking damn hott!" karishma stared at him in awe!
Armaan walked in with his basket ball.. taking off his jacket to reveal his well built body and strong arms covered by a black and white jersey…
His first shot made the gurls go crazy!
Riddhima watched him wink at all the gurls.. WAT a flirt!! She thought.

"ok gurls lets do this .. lets show them whos the boss… ok.. now muskaan block rahul.. kajol take atul and……" riddhima began to give each gurl their mans.

Suddenly Armaan calls out
"Oy macchar .. come here.." widout even lookin at her…and went for a lay up and shot a basket.

Show off!!.. girls ko impress karne ke liye hi kar raha hai!
"kya hai? You wanna go home?" rids shot a three pointer which went straight in

"kisko impress kar rahi ho?" ridsy itni good kab or kaise bani? Armaan wondered
"go home? Don't worry.. I will ..after beating you that is.. "

"dekh lenge… ab kya baat hai? Aur aapne itne saare log ko kyo bulaya?" Ridsy asked? Practicing her shots.. while armaan tried to block them.

"how do u know it was me" he snatched the ball from her hand

"three-fourth of them are gurls!!"

"thts true.. theek hai.. leav that now… is basket ball match k ek bet lagaye… if u win… i give you three wishes…but if I win .. you give me three wishes deal?" listenin to this… rahul gives him a high five.

"I don't know……" ridsy said.. takin the rebound.
But before she could say anything more.. watchin rahul smile.. muskaan burst out
"deal pakki!!!"

"muskaan!!!!.... " rids looked at her shocked!

"cmon rids.. koi baat nahi… socho .. armaan grantin you 3 wishes… usko apni jooto ko polish karna bhi keh sakte ho yaar !'

'hmmm… i always wanted to have a genie' ridhima said.. while givin armaan an evil look…
"theek hai… deal pakki!!!"
Part 5

half time… during the match. 

"muskaan hum to paanch baskets se peeche hai." Ridsy looks at muskaan very panicked. 

"ridsy don't worry we will win" muskaan said trying to keep up the captains spirit! 
"Right gurls?" 

"yea … hame bas armaan ko rokna hoga" karishma said, staring at Armaan, as he poured water over his face.. obviously she was drooling over him. 

"hmm.. rids u should tackle him" kojal suggested 

"haa.. yaar.. u are the only one who can stop him" Tina said giving Rids a pat on the back 

"theek hai.. but muskaan stick to Rahul… he shoots really well!.. and gurls… don't lose concentration.. 

"don't worry… mein to uspe chipakte hi rahoogni" muskaan giggled. 

"oh hoy" karishma and kajol chanted.. lookin at muskaans blushing face. 

"chup bhet… aur game par dhyan do.. armaan pe nahi ! ' muskaan hid her face. 

Referee… " HALF TIME UP TEAMS!!" 
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------

"yes another basket…. Go Rhiddima "tina called out! 

" thankz.." smiling at her team mates.." shit armaan ke pass ball hai…. Surround him" riddhima ordered. 

Rhiddima stuck to him trying to take the ball fom him… 

"this is why I call u macchar…. Tum mere peeche nahi chodti. " Armaan said.. giving her a naughty smile. 

"iska matlab hai ki mein achi tarah se defend karti hu… aur mere hote hue aap .. you cant shoot.." Rhiddima smiled.. as she blocked him from passing. 

"nahi iska matlab hai ki mein aapko uloo bana dunga aur tum dekhte rah jaoge" and he played her by acting like he was going o jump.. and when riddhima jumped.. he went passed her and took a lay up. 

"dekha" Armaan said as he winked at her. 
"ooph!... SHIT!" 
Coach blew his whistle and the game was over. 

"Muskaan.. we lost" Riddhima said panting.. her team had almost never lost. 

"haan yaar… we underestimated them!" muskaan said taking a sip of water. 

"hey cmon gurls.. you played really well.. u were down by only 2 baskets.." Rahul said as he saw their depressed faces. 

"Really? Thank you Rahul" and muskaan lept over to hug him. 

"yeah, muskaan really!" Rahul said hugging her back.. and looking confused at the same time. 

Just then Armaan walks over.. spinning the ball on his finger.. 
"hmm.. well played girls.. oh and macchar…hmm so mis gupta tumhe meri teen wishes ko puri karni hogi". 

"bolo.." Riddhima said.. lookin at him doing stunts wid the basket ball. 

"hmm… checkin me out? Nice" he smiled.. 

"oh shut up.. just wondering wat girls see in you" she lied! 
"jo aap mujme dekhti ho.." winkin at her.. "theek hai.. meri phli wish.. u gotta do all my homework for my the whole week." 

"Aur … aur kya?2nd wish… later.. mujhe sochne ki samay do" was about to leave leave . 

"Armaan.. umm.. how did I play?" karishma asked very cautiously… 

"amazing.. as usual" he smiled. "really good shots.. id like to play one on one wid you…" 
He walked away wid rahul and the other guys.. 

"OMG… ridsy.. he wants to play one on one wid ME!!" jumping up and down.. 

Armaan had tht effect on girls! 


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