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Part 4 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima was walking along a street. It was almost night. The sun was setting down. And suddenly she saw everywhere on the sky falling stars. Every where she saw, stars were falling. Only one thing came in her mind, or better say, just one person came in her mind.

R: Armaan, Armaan, Armaan

By seeing every single falling star, Riddhima wished for him. She longed for him. She asked for him. She fell on her knees and put her hands together.

R: Mujhe Armaan ke ilawa kuch bhi nahi chahiye, bas aap usko meri haatho ki lakeero me likh de.

Riddhima looked up the sky, the stars still haven’t stopped falling. The picture was just beautiful, orange, almost black sky, and everywhere the eye reached, stars were falling.

R: Armaan Mallik

Riddhima closed her eyes, and prayed for him. As soon as she opened her eyes, the picture was changed. She was sitting in a room, which was beautifully decorated with flowers. She looked at herself and realised that she was dressed as a bride. then the door opened and none other than Sid entered the room, with a smirk plastered on his lip.

Riddhima woke up from her dream, breathing very hard. Her heart was beating crazily. She put her hand on her heart and closed her eyes.

R: aisa nahi ho sakta. Yeh sab kya ho raha hai, mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha. Yeh koi Ishara tha kya? Ya phri sirf mera wehem?

After some time Riddhima finally got out of the bed and got ready. Today was the day, they would be flying back to Pakistan. Next week was Riddhima’s wedding with Siddhant. Should we say that she was excited, then yes. Should we say that she was excited by heart, then no. Should we say that she is happy, then yes, because her family is very happy. But should we say that she is happy by her heart, than the answer is definitely a big NO.

Armaan on the other hand was very excited. He was looking forward to it. they had planned a train trip form Karachi to Rawalpindi. That would be so much fun. And from there, he would visit Islamabad. Then again trip back to Karachi, with stopping at every main city, to visit it. He especially wants to go to a holy shrine in Lahore. He had heard a lot of it from his parents. That was actually the place, where his parents meet. He wanted to go there, and offer his prayers there.

Finally the day had arrived. Both of them had reached Pakistan. Yeah on different times, but at the same airport. In Karachi. Riddhima and her Family got recived by Siddhant. Eventhough her whole family lived in Lahore, they decided to land in Karachi. Riddhima and Muskaan wanted to travel with the train to Lahore. They wanted to discover Pakistan a little bit. So it was decided that only Siddhant will receive them at the airport.

Right now they were at the train station, waiting for the train to arrive. Not even once had Riddhima looked at Siddhant. She wasn’t able to, or better say, she did not feel that it was right. But Sid on the other hand, could not take his eyes off of Riddhima. To say he was mesmerised, would be an understatement. He was thrilled to see such a beauty. Riddhima actually looked like a angel sent from heaven for him. He was right now standing with her brothers and chatting. Padma and Ishu were sitting on a bench waiting for the train to arrive. Ishu had already bought too many snack for their trip. Whereas Muskaan and Riddhima were sitting on an other bench, lost in their own thoughts. Muskaan looked at Riddhima.

M: tujhe kaisa laga Sid?
R: pata nahi, mene abhi tak dekha hi nahi.

Muskaan looked at her with disbelieve. Is this girl for real.

M: wese kuch dekhne ko hai hi nahi. Do aankhe hai, ek muh hai, do kaan hai, ek nak hai. Jaise sab insaano ki hoti hai. Nothing special, you know.

Riddhima looked at her and brust out laughing. She clutched her stomach and could not stop laughing. Even Muskaan could not hold herself back, and they both laughed till tears came out of their eyes. Rahul and Atul very happy to see Riddhima again laughing. That was the first time after their fathers death, that she laughed so much and so freely. Rahul on the other and also admired Muskaan, who always made the impossible possible. Just as Muskaan looked towards him, she winked at her, and then gave his attention back to Sid.

Sid was listening to her laughter and fall even more in love with her. Her laughter sounded so peaceful in his ears. Padma and Ishu were also looking towards them. Padma was so happy to see again a smile on her daughters face. She really wished, to take away all her pain. Riddhima had already sufferd enough in her life. And Sid looked like a very nice boy. He respects elders and is nice to everyone.

Riddhima looked at Muskaan, with tears in her eyes. Not because he was felling happy or sad, but because these days, their emotions were mixed. She decided to tell Muskaan about her dream, who listened carefully at it.

M: Mujhe lagta hai ke Khuda ka koi ishara hai.
R: Kaisa Ishara?
M: Yeh to me bhi nahi keh sakti, lekin zaroor koi na koi connection hai.
R: hmmm…
M: Abhi bhi waqt hai sab kuch theek karne ka.
R: Ab sirf Khuda hi sab kuch theek kar sakta hai, or koi nahi. Aur mujhe uski khudai pe bharosa hai. Wo koi na koi rasta zaroor nikalega.

Then Riddhima put out the song, which she had written for Armaan and herself. She looked at it.

R: Me kya karu iska?
M: Mujhe koi haq nahi hai, ke me kuch bhi batau. Yeh sirf tera faisla hona chahiye.

Just in that moment, the train come. And the wind the piece of paper with it, in another direction. At first Riddhima wanted to follow it, but then she stopped. Muskaan looked at her.

M: Ruk kyu gayi?
R: Shayad, yehi theek hai. Me to usko khatam nahi kar payi, koi aur shayad kar de.

Then she turned around and faced Muskaan, with putting a fake smile on her face.

R: Chal chale, nahi to window seat hume nahi milengi.

Muskaan smiled at her friend and then they all went inside the train. Riddhima did not know, that probably the destiny was also playing with her. The wind took the paper to none other than Armaans feet. Armaan just reached the airport with his siblings and Barun, when suddenly something fly direct to his face. Armaan took it in his hand. It was a piece of paper. At first he wanted to throw it away, but then decided against it as he realised, that something was scribbled in it. He put the paper in his pocket and then moved to the train. They were already late.

Armaan and Abhimanyu especially wore caps and sunglasses, as they did not want anyone to recognise them. They were pretty famous in Pakistan. So that was the only way, to enjoy a relaxed their trip. Finally they got in their carriage. they finally settled down and relaxed. And soon the train started.

Was is destiny or just a game of the fate, that at the same moment, Armaan and Riddhima were in the same carriage. Just some feets away from each other. After some time, when the train already was in his full speed, Armaan remembered the paper and took it out. He took it out and realised that it was a song. He read the text and was pretty impressed by it. It was really deep. But one thing disturbed him, that the song was not completed. And then his brain started to work. he wanted to finish this song. He wanted to complete it. And maybe, he will add it in his next album.

Riddhima on the other side was looking outside the window. She was enjoying the view very much. Suddenly Sid started to talking with her, who was sitting just beside her. Riddhima was feeling uncomfortable, but then decided to be nice and answered all his questions. In this cabin, were on Rahul, Muskaan, Riddhima and Sid. Atul, Padma and Ishu were in the next cabin. Suddenly Muskaan said that Riddhima was a very good poet. Riddhima looked at her with disbelieve. Muskaan just shrugged her shoulders and smiled at her.

S: oh really, to please aap kuch sunaye na.
R: nahi, me…
S: please.

Riddhima looked at Rahul and Muskaan. Rahul nod his head in agreement. Riddhima looked outside the window, to get a grip on her thoughts. She closed her eyes and Armaans picture came in her mind.

Apni mohabbat ki nakamiyan kya kahun,
Khwaish-e-ishq har kadam mujhe rulati rahi..
Woh doosron se has has ke milte rahe,
Meri hi bad’kismati ashq bahati rahi

Everyone was silent in the cabin. Riddhima looked at Muskaan and smiled at her.

S: Woow… Saach me Riddhima, aap bohot aachi Shayari karti hai.

Riddhima smiled at him. Meanwhile Muskaan was very silent. She was hoping that Sid would get the hint, that Riddhima likes someone else, and step back from the wedding. She knew how stubborn Riddhima can be. But as she heard her shayari, she truly had no words. Why is her every single poet getting deep and deep. And then she looked at Sid.

M: Tumhe pata hai Sid, Riddhima gana bhi bohot aacha gati hai. Uski awaz me to jaadu hai.
R: What no, Muskaan, stop it.
M: Aree kyu? Akhri mere hone wali Jiju hai, unko to pata hona chahiye.
S: to kyu nae k song hi gaye aap?
R: nahi me…
Muskaan moved forward and whispered in her ear.

M: Kya pata, wo yahi kahi pe ho? Ek bar phir apni kismet azma le Riddhima.

Riddhima looked at her with disbelieve but then she decided to give it a try. She closed her eyes, and only one song was playing in her mind, which she had written for them.

(Andddd here comes the song. To be honest, I have decided already 4 months ago, that I will add this one, in this story, enjyoy. Do Lafzom Mein Likhdi Maine)

Riddhima looked outside the window. As Armaan was in the same wagon, he also could hear her voice.

Aah aah aah, aah aah aah
Aah aah aah aah aah, aah aah aah

He was pretty impressed with her voice and instantly liked it.

Do lafzon mein likh di maine
Apni prem kahaani
Tu mere dil ka raja ban jaa
Main tere dil ki rani

Armaan was shocked to see the lyric of the song in his hands. Means that he found the writer of the song. her voice was just magical.

Do lafzon mein likh di maine
Apni prem kahaani
Tu mere dil ka raja ban jaa
Main tere dil ki rani

Riddhima was looking at Muskaan. She did not want to look at Sid or anyone, she just imagined Armaan being here with her. Armaan on the other side, decided to sing along, as he already saw that the song was a duet.

Jeeta tha pehle bhi magar yun tha lagta
Jeene mein shaayad kahin kuch kami hai

Riddhima was shocked to hear a male voice. Not only she, but also Muskaan. Was it a sign form above? Who is this person? Just those thoughts were playing in her mind.

Mile humko jaana,
Dil ne bhi maana
Tu hi sanam meri aashiqui hai

Armaan looked at his siblings and Barun, who looked at him with confusion. But they also liked the song. Then the song continued.

Kabhi hona na judaa,
Kabhi hona na khafaa

Riddhima was really confused, who is this person, singing along with her. How did he know the lyrics? Maybe he got the paper, which flew away with the wind.

Kabhi hona na judaa,
Kabhi hona na khafaa

Bhola bhaala dil jo mera
Kar baithe naadaani
Tu mere dil ka raja ban jaa
Main tere dil ki rani

Do lafzon mein likh di maine
Apni prem kahaani
Main tere dil ka raja ban gaya
Tu mere dil ki rani

Riddhima closed her eyes. She knew that the words were just for one person. She imagined herself with Armaan in some other world. Armaan was touched by the depth of her words.

Mujhe apne rang mein rang ke deewani
Jisne banaayi voh teri nazar hai
Hone lagi main khud se begaani
Sanam tere pyaar ka aisa asar hai

Kabhi hona na judaa,
Kabhi hona na khafaa

Kabhi hona na judaa,
Kabhi hona na khafaa

Here the lyric ended on the page. Riddhima knew that there is nothing standing on the paper anymore. Armaan on the other hand just closed his eyes and followed his heart.

Dil deewana deewane ne
Kab kiski hai maani
Main tere dil ka raja ban gaya
Tu mere dil ki rani

those words touched at the exact moment her heart. She knew that this were the perfect missing words. She was acutally curious to know this person.

Do lafzon mein likh di maine
Apni prem kahaani
Tu mere dil ka raja ban jaa
Main tere dil ki rani

Armaan stood up and decided to see the person in life. Her name is Riddhima, that is standing on the paper. Now he just have to find her.

Main tere dil ka raja ban gaya
Tu mere dil ki rani

Everyone clapped their hands, as soon as the song ended. Muskaan was smiling from ear to ear.

M: Wahh Riddhima, kasam se yaar, teri awaz me to jaadu hai. Tu to kisi ki bhi attention apni taraf kheech sakti hai.
A: To aap hai Riddhima.

Every one from the cabin looked towards the voice. To say that Riddhima was shocked, would be an understatement. There was standing Armaan, Armaan Mallik. He was standing infront of her. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging. Armaan chuckled and moved inside her cabin.

A: I am sorry ke me aise hi aagaya. But may I?

Before anyone could say anything Muskaan spoke up.

M: ahhhhhhhh. Aap saach me. As in Armaan Mallik…
A: shhhhh.
M: sorry sorry, but aap, yaha? aree yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hai, please ander aaye. Aap jante nahi ke me aapki kitni badi fan hu.

Armaan smiled towards Muskaan.

A: Aur me Riddhima ka fan ho gaya.

Everyones eyes turned towards Riddhima, who was still looing at Armaan. her face was pure shock. She still could not believe it, that Armaan was actually infornt of her. As Armaan got no reaction from Riddhima, he again spoke up.

A: Actually mujhe yeh lyric mili, train station pe. Aur phir aapne singing shuru ki, to me apne aap ko rok nahi paaya.
R: Aapne mere saath… yeh song…

Riddhima could not believe. Armaan had actually sung the song with her. She would have done anything for it, and now that it happened, she had now idea how to react.

A: me apne aap ko rok hi nahi paya, bohot zyaada feelings hai is song me. Yeh aapne khud likha hai?

Before Riddhima could say anything, again Muskaan spoke up.

M: Aree Armaan, aap jante nahi, Riddhima ek pure talent hai, song writing, poetry. She is just mindblowing.

Everyone laughed at this, but only Riddhima found it impossible, to even look away form Armaan. Armaan looked towards her.

A: to ek shayari mere liye bhi keh di jiye.

Riddhima gasped for air. He really wanted her to say something for him. Not for one second she looked away, when she finally spoke up.

Tere nishaan yaadon mein hain
Tu kyun nahi taqdeer mein
Nadaan dil hai dhoondta
Qurbat teri tasveer mein

(Qurbat means getting closer or staying closer)

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