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Part 44 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

"Mujhe bike pe darr lagta hai..." she said in fake sad tone making him narrowed his eyes
"Kyun kabhi baithi nai ho...??" he asked frowningly making her smile who shaking her head moved to sat behind but suddenly her hands stopped remembering the time when she first time sat behind him "Shilpa..??" his voice brought her back from that time... So taking a sigh she sat behind him not like a gentle girl... Like a girlfriend making him smile where as Shilpa hasistate to put her hands on his waist thinking What if he thinks she is taking everything fast?? So she put her hands on his shoulder who started his bike but stopped "Aise nai rakhte... Aise rakhte hai" taking her hands from his shoulders he put on his chest almost pulling her closer whose heartbeat skipped "Tumhe sab kuch batana padta hai" he said smilingly while starting his bike making her smile wd a blush

"Vo sab chodiyee... Ab aap plzz mujhe batayenge ki ye sudden idea aaya kaise aapke dimaag mein?" hiding her blush she asked in normal tone keeping her hands on his waist who smiled at her shyness
"Bas mera mood kiya..." he replied in calm tone focusing on road making her to shook her head "Soo.. Bataao kahan jaana hai pehle...??" he asked calmly
"Kyun plan aapne banaya hai... To place b aapko pata hoga..." she replied in normal tone making him smile
"Shilpa... Sharafat se mujhe batao" saying this sternly he speeded his bike making her to fist her hands on his waist
"Offo!! Armaan..." she shook her head making him chuckled at her cute look... Just like their cute banter they reached in front of Shilpa's school which was locked from outside
"Ye band kyun hai??" Armaan frowned looking at the school building which was very big while standing against his bike
"Maine aapko pehle hi bataya.. Ki school band ho gaya tha... Mere chodne k 6 saal baad.. " she replied normally staring at the school she was just standing beside him who chuckled hearing this making her frown
"Kahin aisa to nai.. Tumhare jaane k baad unhone socha ki ab aisi dusri koi student nai chahiyee so.. Lock kar diya ho" he calmly teased her whose mouth dropped
"Armaan... Aisa kuch nai hai..." crossing her arms she said wd attitude making him to shook his head still smilling
"Yaa right... But tell me us din Surbhi ko fir kaise dikhaya hoga??" asking this calmly he wore his helmet back and sat on bike following by her
"Haa us din to hum chup ke gaye thaae na andar..." she replied nonchantily holding him by his waist who became stunned hearing this
"What?? Tum dono pagal ho... Aise koi andar jaata hai.. Kuch ho jaata to" he started scolding her who shook her head... Their cute Nok Jhok was'nt stopping untip they reached at her collage which he appriceated while making fun of her... Then she showed her all time favourite spot (A mini sea shore) wd Aditi where she narrated how they both bunked their lectures and came here to met each other this is also the same place where her frndz including Ansh also they sat on one of a tents which was near that sea shore for studying.. When she was narrating her old days he was only staring her admiring her cute expressions which always maked him fell for her... He didnt knew what she was saying he only knew he is falling more and more for her The sudden decision to know her came inside his brain when he woke first in morning.. He feared to find himself alone on bed but left delight to see her sleeping peacefully beside him who was thinking to go home but then it clicked in his brain that its very rare when he got time wd her so why not spend some time wd Wify to know her more better... So he thought he will spend his time wd her and will know about her childhood days & collage days... Then getting ready he moved out from the room leaving a note for her and calling Rehaan to bring his bike he went to bring something for her so he buyed western clothes for her coz he wanted she should be free wd him... And then he thought to give a new look to himself... After spending few hours to her favourite spot they took their lunch date which went very beautiful coz of her non stop talking which he heared after many monthes He was seeing the glimpse of his old Shilpa who was wd him in Bhopal... Then he forced her for shopping which she refused saying she didnt have mood making him smile then he asked why she didnt like to shopping every girls love to shop?? Her answer was "Kyun ki mera mood nai karta... Jab mood karega tab kharidungi..." which deffinately made him amused Then he took her to the Fashion Street of Mumbai which was a very big Fashion centre...

They roamed talking about some random things when they have a little argument over She cant buy something in ten minutes which resulted in a bet
"Thik hai... I challenge u.. Go and buy something in just ten minutes... But jo appropriate ho" he challenged calmly putting his hands inside his pockets
"Fine... Aap b dekhna main dus minute kya paanch minute k andar aaungi" she said wd attitude making him chuckled
"Aaogi magar khaali haath" he pointed calmly making her angry
"We will see..." saying this wd attitude she went inside a accessories shop making him smile who watched his wrist watch calmly knowing very well she will loose this bet.. Where as Shilpa looked around in the shop thinking what to buy.. She saw many things but got confused seeing it
"Mam... Aap batao kya chahiyee aapko??" the sales man asked polietly looking at her confused face
"Come on Shilpa... Tujhe kuch to kharidna hoga Armaan ko proove jo karna hai..." her mind said to her who showed a formal smile to the shop man "Nai main dekh rahi hun..." she replied polietly pretending to look at other things to which the man nodded and started showing something to other customers where as Shilpa is still looking something "Ohno sirf 2 minute aur bache hai... Aur mujhe kuch nai pasand aaya..." she looked at her wrist watch "Shilpa kuch b kharid le... Kuch b" she said to herself and looked for anything but the time passed Armaan entered in the shop wd a winning smile
"Kuch liya?? Dus minute pure ho gaye" his voice made her closed her eyes and she turned at him who smiled
"Ofcourse.. Liya na..." looking away from him she said in fake normal tone
"Really... Dikhao kya liya hai" he asked bemusingly making her to gulped and she looked here & there
"Aa... Haa vo... Ye.. Haa ye liya hai maine" she fumbled looking down while searching something by her hands and showed the first thing which came on her hand
"R u sure... Tumne ye liya hai??" he asked calmly while hidding his smile to which she nodded smilingly when she saw what she pointed which made her eyes big
"Boxing gloves??" he asked calmly to which she gulped and nodded in YES pretending cool
"Vo to maine aapke liye lene ka socha... Aur le b liya" she replied coolly making him chuckled
"Rehne do.. Main janta hun tumne kuch nai khareeda" he said normally making her to look down
"Nai maine liya hai..." as she opened her mouth to say when the shopman came standing beside Armaan
"Mam kuch pasand aaya aapko" as the man said Armaan hidding his smile looked at Shilpa who gulped
"Aree kabka pasand kar liya... Aap jaao" eyeing the man she gestured him to go making the man confused
"Haa plzz jaaiyee na... Pura dukaan khareed liya hai inhone" he looked at the man who smiled at his sarcastic comment and went from there where as Shilpa looked down knowing very well he knows "Ab chalein..." looking at her he asked smillingly
"Actually.. Main le rahi thi but..." she tried to explain him but was stopped by him who gripped her wrist and took her out

Shehro me
Galliyon me
Apno me
Paraayo me
Dhundha tujhe...

"So ab tum kuch khareed to nai paayi but... Maine zaroor khareed liya tumhare liye" making her stood beside his bike he said calmly to which Shilpa looked at him wd pouted lips
"I am not interested" crossing her arms she said wd pouted lips
"Ok fir chalo chalte hai" he said normally sitting on his bike making her mouth dropped
"Armaan..." she looked at him in disbelief making him chuckled who wdout saying anything grabbed her wrist
"Baitho..." making her stood behind him he said smilingly which she followed wd cutest pout "See... Isme gussa hone ki koi baat nai.. Ab har ladki mein vo shppping waali khubi nai hoti" making her hands rest on his chest he said smilingly making her rest her chin on her back which made him smile "Pehli baat.. Shopping karne ka mood hota hai jo mera abi nai tha... So maine nai liya" resting her head on his shoulder she said in cute voice making him chuckled
"Achaa aisa hai...??" he asked smilingly to which she nodded in YES making him to kiss her hand lovingly which only maked her blush "Apna gift nai logi??" he asked smilingly
"Nai.. Abi mood nai hai" she replied slowly making him smile and wearing his helmet he started his bike... Then after spending some time wd each other they finally reached at the same beach where they were last night.. They were talking on some random things sitting on sand where she was writting something when Armaan thought to inform her about Kiya's exit

"Shilpa.. Mujhe tumhe kuch batana hai" he said slowly guessing her mood who was writting her name on sand and hummed in YES "Shilpa mujhe serious baat karna hai" when he saw she didnt paid any attention to him he said strictly which deffinately gained her attention
"Kyaa??" cleaning her hands she looked at him who forwared his hankerchief making her frown to which he shook his head and grabbed her hands
"Kiya mili thi mujhe..." he said slowly rubbing her hands wd his hankerchief carefully making her look up at him "Matlab... Last time New York jaane se pehle mujhe milne aayi thi... For the last time" he explained carefully still looking at her hands while rubbing that dry sands from her hands who smiled at his honesty "But vo usse pehle b mujhse milna chahti thi.. Main bahoot irritate tha uswaqt sabse.. Reason tum thi ye tum b jaanti ho.. Main uswaqt kisi aur k baare mein sochna hi nai chahta tha... But suddenly ek din Kiya mujhse milne aayi bye bola aur chali gayi..." at last he looked up at her who smiled pulling her hand back
"Toh..." she said nonchantingly making him frown "Matlab ye toh acchi baat haina ki vo last time aapse milkar gayi..." she said normally making him amused by her
"Haa but..." as he opened his mouth to say something she smiled
"Its ok Armaan... Ab vo gayi aur apne life mein aage dekhegi aur kya chahiyee" she said smilingly making him fell for her more How she understands him so well??
"Haa vo to hai..." he nodded when she stood making him frown "Kya huaa??" he asked following her who smiled
"Aise hi thak gayi thi" she replied normally to which he shook his head "Haa to aap kya keh rahe thae" she asked smilingly making him to took a sigh
"Yaa.. I was saying.. Jaate waqt usne tumhe thank u kaha... Means mujhe bola tumhe thank u kahun.. Kyun??" he asked confusedly to which she giggle which was a signal for him to guessed she knew about this "Shilpa.. I know tum jaanti ho...??" he asked strictly crossing his arms coz it clicked on his brain that she was not shocked or stunned when he told about Kiya she has a normal expressions as if she already knew about this
"Ok.. Main Kiya se mili thi vo b aapse pehle..." she replied slowly making him shocked "Aapko yaad hai maine aapka phone liya tha... Vo is liye tha ki Kiya ko main rok sakun aapko call karne se... Kyun ki maine aapki aur Kabir ki baate sun li thi.. To socha main hi kuch help kar dun aapki.." as she started he became stunned while she narrated her meeting wd Kiya... Goshhh this girl had done soo much for him?? How will he reciprocate the same feeling which she have for him?? But he will try his best... And as she finishes he pulled her closer by her waist making her surprised "Armaan..??" she looked at him questionally
"Thank u..." he said softly tucking her hairs side from her shoulder who smiled "Isse acha main tumhe pehle bata deta... Kiya pehle hi chali jaati" he said thoughtfully making her giggle
"To ye aapki galti" she said wid a giggle making him chuckled
"Vaise... Tumhaare andar itni guts kabse aa gayi... Ki tum mere liye kisi ka saamna b kar sakti ho" he asked smilingly taking her hand in his
"Aapke liye thodi.. Vo to mujhe Kiya k liye karna tha.." she replied in fake serious tone to which he looked at her smilingly
"Acha..." he nodded wd a calm face when in next second they both chuckled if they were not in public he would have hugged her but knowing they were in public place he stopped himself "Aur kitne kaarname kiye hai tumne??" he asked calmly to which she pretended to think for sometime
"Nai bas itna hi.." she replied normally making him smile
"Toh mera phone is liye liya tha??" he asked calmly to which she nodded wd a giggle "Acha phone se yaad aaya... Tumne phone k gallery mein password kyun lagaya hai... Mere phone me to nai hai aisa kuch" this time he asked sternly coz it clicked on his brain remembering that gallery lock scene
"Vo.. Main to bas.. Yuhin.. Aise hi" she fumbled looking at him who showed his serious look making her looked down "Ok... Usme hai kuch.. But vo main aapko baad mine dikhaaungi.. Pakka sahi waqt aane pe" she said slowly making him raised his bows "Pakka... Dikhaaungi but abi nai" she requested keeping her hands on his wrist who shook his head
"Fine... But agar tumne mujhe Bhopal jaane se pehle nai bataya na.. To kuch b karke phone tod dunga" pulling her closer by her waist he warned calmly making her to nod wid cute scared face... Which he is loving it!! The sun was setting inside the deep sea leaving everything dark wd stars on sky "Tumne mujhse jhut bola na...??" as he asked calmly she looked up at him confusedly
"Maine kaunsa??" she asked confusedly but then it clicked inside her brain... Don't tell me he knew about their relationship before his accident
"Ye waali" grabbing her wrist he showed the ring making her to took a sigh that he didnt knew about them "Tumne mujhse jhut ku bola ki tumne ring phek di thi??" he asked in fake serious tone making her smile coz she knew he is acting right now
"Aise hi mera mood .." she replied wd full arrogance making him showed his dimpled smile
"Acha mood..." he nodded calmly to which she nodded wd a giggle making him chuckled seeing her smile
"Kahan mili ye aapko Armaan.." looking at her ring she asked softly making him to put his both hands inside his pant's pocket
"Jaha pheki thi tumne" he replied normally staring at her who felt guilty
"I am sorry" saying this she hugged him who became stiff for seconds then hugged her back slowly... She always does this to hug him suddenly which left a surprise for him
"Its ok..." he mummbled softly caressing her head lovingly
"Armaan ab ghar chalen... Bahoot late ho gaya hai... Aur sab wait b kar rahe honge..." parting from the hug she said worriedly to which he chuckled
"Koi wait nai kar raha hoga..." he said calmly wearing his shoes back
"Kyun??" she frowned as she wore her shoes
"Kyun ki unke hisaab se.. Main Panchgani mein hun aur tum... Apne ghar" as he replied calmly taking her hand in his she became more confused so he narrated everything which was a complete shock for her
"Par Armaan?? I mean ye kyun??" she looked at him shockingly to which he didn't said anything while walking... But in their way he explained everything that it was not his plan it just happened which made her to agree but somewhere she feared what if his family got to know about this may be they took her wrong but this insecurity she didnt shared wd him.. After walking for minutes on beach they moved to go in hotel when Armaan took her in Khao Gali... Which left Shilpa stunned remembering when first time he brought her here then now how he did the same?? When wdout asking her he himself said he wants to eat her favourite foods which Surbhi informed before going... Hearing this Shilpa giggled saying he cant eat the street foods she knew about this then he calmly said he can do everything Nothing is impossible for him So it turned into their argument and resulted in a bet

Mil jaaye mujhe
Tu kahin rubaroo
Tu hi dikhe
Mai jahaan rahun...

"Armaan.. Aap kha hi nai sakte... Mujhe pata hai..." she said confidently putting her hands on table looking at him who was sitting in front of her
"Vo main abhi proove kar dunga dekh lena..." he crossed his arms and said in a calm tone to which she giggled
"Main ache se jaanti hun.. Aap nai kar paaogi" she looked at him wd a winning smile
"I know main kar lunga.. Chahe to bet laga lo" keeping his hands on table he said wd a arrogance look
"Lag gayi... Kyun ki street food itna spicy hota hai aap kha hi nai sakte" she said coolly looking at him who smiled
"We will see... Lekin agar mai jeeta na Shilpa to yaad rakhna main tumse vo karwaunga jo tumne apni puri zindagi me nai kiya hoga" he challenged wd a confident look making her to think for sometime
"Don't go wd his words Shilpa... Armaan nai kha paayenge.. Tu b acche se jaanti hai vo street food jaldi nai bardaast karte infact karte hi nai hai..." her heart encouraged her who was scared by his bet from inside "Abbe pagal itna easy mat le isko... Ye kuch b kar sakta hai... Bhul mat street foods bahoot tasty hote hai... Kisiko b pasand aa sakte hai" her mind said smartly to which her heart moved to argue when Armaan clicked his fingers in front of her
"Darr gayi...?" he asked in challenging tone making her ego hurt
"Nai soch rahi thi jab aap haaroge to kya punishment dungi main aapko" she looked at him wd confident look making him smile
"Don't worry uski naubat hi nai aaygi... Tum bas order karo jo tumhe pasand hai ..." saying this calmly he leaned his back against the chair making her scared from inside... She looked at the stall where they were sitting and call that boy who is taking orders... She orders all her street foods but most of it was spicy to which nodding in YES that boy went to bring her orders "Vaise tumne pucha nai... Ki main tumhe kya karne k liye bolunga??" he asked calmly tapping his fingers on table making her to think about this
"Well aisa hoga to nai.. But agar huaa to main kuch b strongly kar sakti hun" she said nonchalantly making him chuckled
"Really... To fir suno agar tum haar gayi... To tumhe teen cup coffee peena hoga" he said calmly making her giggled
"Bas... Teen cup coffee.. Ye to mere chutkiyo ka kaam hai" she said coolly making him shook his head smilingly
"Puri baat to sunlo Miss Bracelet..."as he said this Shilpa's heartbeat skipped he called her Bracelet... That is after long time "Tumhe teen cup coffee to peeni hai but.. Black coffee wdout suger" he smirked where as she didn't paid attention at first still thinking about Bracelet thing but when it registered inside her brain her eyes widened
"What?? Black coffee wdout suger??" she looked at him horrifyingly making him to nod in YES calmly "Par par... Vo aapko sadi hui coffee..." but her sentence left incomplete by his words
"Darr gayi??" he asked wd teasing grin making her to calm herself
"Dekh Shilpa darr mat... Tu b jaanti hai ye pura to nai kha paayenge.. To tu chill maar na yaar" her heart said coolly "Nai re pagal... Agar tu haar gayi to tujhe ye sadi hui si coffees peeni padegi.. So teri bhalaai issi mein hai tu backout karle" her mind suggested "Main kyun darun... Kyun ki mujhe pata hai aap haarenge.." but she can't let go her ego so she replied normally making him smile
"Dekhenge..." he nodded calmly when the order arrived on their table which was full wd her choice's food which definitely wasn't his choice whose eyes widened seeing the spicy food in front of him "Gosh... Tum ye sab cheeze khaati ho... Yuck kitni ajeeb dikh rahi hai" he made a face looking at the food
"Pehli baat aapke us sade hue black coffee wdout suger se to thik hi hai... Aap ye bolo aap kar nai paaoge" she said wd cute smile on her face making him adore her who now picked a Vada Pao to eat
"No ways... Tum counting shuru karo" he said strictly making her grinned
"One two three start" she immediately finished making him to roll his eyes
"Stupid... Aise koi speed se bolta hai... Aaraam se start karo" he said strictly making her mouth hung up hearing Stupid
"Haa thik hai... One" she said unintrestingly
"Two..." he said calmly then they both looked at each other confidently
"Three... Lets start" they both said in unionism wd confidence looking at each other
"Kahan se shuru karun...??" he looked at the plates confusedly while she giggled taking a bite from her Vada Pao "Tell me... Tumhe sabse zyada inme se kya pasand hai??" he asked calmly looking up at her who giggled "come on Shilpa... Bolo" he glared her who nodded calmly taking another bite from her Vada Pao
"Accept it... Nai jeet sakte" she said smilingly to which he glared "Ok... Vo side waala... Chineese bhel" pointing at the plate she started eating wid a giggle seeing his cute face who was making weird looks seeing the plate... Picking a fork he looked at the plate strangely
"Ok I can do it..." saying this to himself he started eating slowly but carefully
"Dekha Shilpa ye nai jeet sakte" her heart said smilingly "Dhyaan se dekhna... Tu kaise haaregi"her mind warned making her to ignore them concentrating on Armaan's adorable face who was started eating food at his fastest speed making her smile... Now he stared second plate of Pav Bhaji while she started eating her plate of Chinese calmly still watching him who was engrossed to finished the food as soon as possible... Thirty minutes are gone at last he emptied the plate taking a long sigh where as she finishes her food already and now was giggling at his face
"Aahhh.. Sss... Its so spicy..." he took a sigh after gulping three glass of water but still his tongue was burning wd that spicy foods "Gosh Shilpa... Its" he rubbed his face trying to ignore that feeling but seeing him she got worried so rising up she immediately took a chair beside him offering him water "No I already dranked that three glass... I need something" he said in strong voice shaking his head
"Acha Armaan rukiyen.." saying this she went somewhere and buying some dry fruits chocolates she came back " Hmm... Ye lo ye khao.. Thik ho jaayga..." saying this slowly she tore a bite from the chocolate and forwarded towards his mouth who wdout arguing ate that wdin a seconds which soothed his burning tongue
"Thank god..." he took a sigh feeling cool inside
"Ho gaya... Jab itna hi spicy tha to khaya kyun... Buddhu... Main aapko bata dun Armaan bet k chakkar mein agar aisa kuch kiya na to mujhse bura koi nai hoga... Bade aaye gambler banane" she started scolding him while inserting another bite inside his mouth who ate staring dazely at her coz he was amused to see first time she is scolding him that to authoritatively
"Vaise main bet jeet gaya... Haa khaane k baad problem hui but plates empty hai" looking at her he said calmly making her to shook her head smilingly
"Toh aap chahte hai main aapki vo sadi hui si black coffee peeun...??" she asked slowly looking at him who took a bite from her half chocolate which she was holding in her hand making her smile amusely
"Pee logi...??" he asked calmly eating that chocolate to which she proudly nodded in YES "Sochlo..?" toring a bite he asked calmly while inserting that inside her mouth who nodded in YES trying to hide her blush "Thik hai fir... Waiter ye sab le jaao... Aur one black coffee wdout suger le aana..." he looked at the boy who was picking their empty plates and hearing this looked at him confusedly
"Armaan... Ye coffee shop nai hai.. Yahan nai milega... Main ghar jakar proove karungi..." she looked at Armaan who nodded in YES "Tum jaao.. Aur bill banao" she said to that boy who nodded in YES and went from there after cleaning their table
"Vaise un saari chizo mein kuch to missing tha tumhaare favourites mein" he said doubtfully making her narrowed her eyes
"Sab to tha..." she said slowly gripping his arm who was still thinking
"I think Dhosa.. Shayad" he said thoughtfully making her stunned That how he knows about it coz she never ate that after his accident which reminds her about her pregnancy stage??
"Aapko... Kaise..??" she didn't knew how to ask this to which he looked at her
"Pata nai... Chodo vo sab... Chalo Hotel chalte hai.. Varna ghar jaane mein late hoga" he stood calmly following by her who was still thinking about his words.. Paying the bill they left the place on a way back to hotel Shilpa was only thinking about this day which he made her more special wdout any planning her head was kept on his back who was driving his bike wd full focus... Her hands were rested on his chest feeling his heartbeat
"Kitna ajeeb haina Shilpa... Ek vo b din tha jab aise hi tere b'day ko special banaya tha inhone... Aur aaj mere b'day k baad wdout any planning inhone tera din banaya..." she was thinking deeply wd closed eyes feeling this chilly Weather touching her skin there was silence b/w them but it was peaceful making both to cherish the moments which they spent today... After reaching hotel they got dressed in normal clothes everything was packed Shilpa was wearing her sandles still sitting on bed on a blue umbrella dress while Armaan was wearing his watch then it clicked inside his brain that he had buyed something for her when she went to buy something in that shop
"Shilpa .." he called softly sitting beside her who looked up at him after wearing her sandles mumbling YES "Apni aankhen band karo.." he said calmly making her confused
"Par kyun...??" she asked confusedly when he himself put his hand on her eyes
"Ssshhh... Tab tak nai kholna jab tak main na kahun" saying this calmly he took her hand kept something in her hands while removing his hand from her eyes who opened slowly only to left awestruck "So how's it??" he asked slowly looking at her who was staring down on her palms where a stylish solitaire wrist watch was shinning from that opened box making her speechless
"Armaan ye??" she looked up at him lovingly who smiled taking out that watch
"Jab tum mere liye boxing gloves le rahi thi tab liya tha tumhaare liye... So it is a b'day gift for u..." he replied calmly making her wear that watch
"Asli gift to aap hai Armaan" she thought smilingly staring him dazely who was engrossed locking it "Thank u..." saying this softly she kissed his cheek lovingly making him stop for minutes digesting her love
"Yaaa... Ab chalo..." nodding in YES he stood following by her... After checking out the room they moved towards his car while handling the bike's key to Rehaan who came to pick that bike.. And then they reached at their house where Kaka opened the door for them... They found everyone on dinner table Rakesh called Armaan for dinner as he saw ArSh entering in House to which Armaan lied they had their dinner in Shilpa"s house while Shilpa felt guilty hearing this thinking its wrong to lie... But knowing Armaan she didnt said anything and excusing to change she went upstairs while Armaan sat wd his family on dinner table just for fun Ananya scolded him for coming late but has he apologized cutely she forgot her anger... Then at last everyone went for sleep even Armaan who walked inside his Room only to find Shilpa sleeping soundlessly shaking his head smilingly he slept beside her tiredly after removing his shoes... Next morning when she woke find herself wrapped in his arms who was sleeping soundlessly She smiled seeing his face in early morning when her smiled faded as it clicked inside her brain that today is function... To which she woke up and got ready in Midnight blue plush orange & yellow Gujrati touch border saari She curled her hairs from down looking perfect for function... She immediately went downstairs and found preparations were going on seeing her Aditi smiled and hugged her saying she missed her a lot
"By god!! Mast dikh rahi hai" Aditi commented teasingly making her smile
"Not more than u..." she said sweetly making Aditi giggled
"Har baar... Yehi bolti hai" Aditi smacked her shoulder lightly who giggled when
"Acha suno na... Isse kahan rakhna hai...??" Riddhi asked loudly while trying to hold a plate full of flowers which made both the girls laugh
"Laao isse mujhe do" Shilpa took the plate and kept that on side table making Riddhi to take a sigh
"Thank u..." Riddhi smiled "Vaise Shilpa kaafi mast lag rahi ho..." she commented teasingly making Shilpa smile
"Haina... Tumhe b change dikha na..." Aditi also asked teasingly keeping her hands on Riddhi's shoulder who giggled seeing Shilpa's shy smile Actually they were not wrong coz the glow & her heartily smile was making her more beautiful then her look... Her heartful smile which she losted when Armaan said he regret their marriage after that time she became quiet & silent so she always showed her fake smile at that times which didn't came from her heart... But now she got Armaan and his love which brought again that old cheerful Shilpa who laughed wd heart
"Aisa kuch nai hai... Aur tum log shayad bhul rahe ho ki hume ab kaam pe dhyaan dena chahiyee..." she said in fake serious tone making them to nod in YES
"Aree haa... Chalo" Aditi said hurriedly and they three got busied for preparations... Where as Armaan woke tiredly and started looking for Shilpa who was not beside him to which he reluctantly got up for shower.. After getting ready he moved from his Room to go for Sanjeevani but his feet stopped on mid way finding Shilpa downstairs on corner side arranging some flowers on table wd full concentration... Seeing her a smile reached his lips also something clicked in his brain to irritate his 'Chidchidi Wife' so standing beside a pillar on upstairs he looked at her... He knew her phone was inside their room so he dialed on Telephone which was kept on that table where she was working... She looked frowningly at the phone which was ringing so at last keeping the flowers aside she picked the phone making him smirk
"Hello...!" she said normally keeping the phone on her one ear while wd hands she arranged the flowers

Mai jo bhi hoon
Jaisa hoon
Tujhme rehta
Khota hoon...

"Hello... Kya main Miss Bracelet se baat kar sakta hun...??" wd a serious look he asked calmly leaning his shoulder against the pillar but hearing this Shilpa frowned hearing his voice on telephone then she started looking here & there for Armaan who smiled seeing her confused look
"Armaan... Kya masti hai ye?" she asked cutely keeping the flowers on table which made him smile
"Excuse me!! Aapko mera naam kaise pata hai...??" he asked in serious voice making her smile So he is in mood to play she thought "Aur by the way aapki language to kaafi change ho gayi... Itna acha Punjabi bolti thi aap ye acchi khaasi Hindi kaha se aa gayi aapko??"he asked teasingly making her to hide her smile
"Aapko sharam nai aati kisi aur ki wife ko phone karke pareshaan karte hue" she played along concentrating on flowers
"Aap bas ye bata dijiyee ki... Aap Bracelet hai yaa nai... Fir main kabhi aapko phone nai karunga??" he asked in strict tone making her to hide her smile
"Pehle aap batao aapko mere ghar ka number kisne diya??" she also asked in strict tone making him smile
"Mere phone mein aapka number kaise aaya.. Pehle ye bataiyee??" his question made her to held her head
"Offo!! Armaan aapko yehi time mila mujhe pareshaan karne k liye...??" as she asked annoyingly he chuckled
"Yes..." he replied smilingly seeing her expressions "Tumne abi b nai bataya..." he again asked to which she took a sigh
"Nai bataungi jab tak mera mood nai karta tab tak... Aur plzz mujhe pareshaan na karen.. Kyun ki main bahoot busy hun" she said wd her cute irritated anger making him adore her
"Haa dikh raha hai kitni busy ho... Bas phulo ko yahan vahan phek rahi ho aur kuch nai" as he said this she guessed he is somewhere near so she started looking around for him who chuckled "Yahan vahan nai... Uper dekho" as he informed she turned back and looked upstairs only to found Armaan standing there against a pillar... And as she saw him he waved calmly making her to eyed him for irritating her
"Aapko subhe subhe kuch kaam nai mila... Jo aap mujhe irritate kar rahe hai..." she said angrily staring up at him who nodded in no wd a grin
"Nai.." a direct answer from him
"Jo b ho... Mere paas to kaam hai so... Bye" saying this she hung up the phone making him chuckled while she again made herself busy in works... Today she is looking breath taking to him who was watching her move calmly when his cell rang which was from Sanjeevani... So wdout informing her he went Hospital but messaged Ananya that he will return at evening to which she shook her head knowing about his workholic nature... Function was in evening everyone was preparing whole day went wd function's arrangements... At evening that 'Puja' was going on everyone was present there except Armaan.. Shilpa's eyes were looking for him whose phone was switched off 'Puja' got finished and everyone was busy in talking & chatings... Armaan came a little late so his grandma started scolding him who apologized by holding his ears making the elders laugh... Shilpa was wearing a yellow Ananarkali & was busy wd her sisters in laws where as Armaan's eyes were searching her in whole function when suddenly KV's call arrived making him to excuse from his elders and went to talk on upstairs... When Radha handled Shilpa & Raina to gave sweets to everyone to and they both moved to give everyone when Aditi informed Armaan was on upstairs to which Shilpa ascended on stairs where She found Armaan on phone near the corridor she slowly approached towards him whose back was facing her

Tu mera aaj hai
Mera kal hai
Meri zindagi ki
"Armaan..." she called slowly to which he turned at her only to frozed on his spot... His heartbeat skipped seeing her look her dress was perfectly suiting on her but what made him more attracted towards her was her Pony hairs which was wrapped wd a jasmine 'Gajra' making her beautiful.. He forgot what he was talking wd KV "Hmm..." she offered the plate full of sweets in front of him who gestured her he will take later "Armaan kya hai ye... Aise koi mana karta hai... Aur har waqt phone pe rehna zaruri hai... Infact..." she started scolding him who tried to calm her but she didn't stopped so shaking his head he picked a sweet and inserted inside her mouth making her shut "Arm..." she looked at him wd wide eyes while chewing the food to which he smiled taking another sweet inside his mouth while hunging up the call

"Kabhi kabhal dusro ko b bolne ka mauka dena chahiyee... Samjhi Wify" he said smilingly to which she glared him
"Aap..." she opened her mouth to argue when out of blue he kissed her cheek making her stunned
"Achi lag rahi ho..." tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear he whispered smilingly making her blush "Tumhe pata hai.. Tum gajre mein..." as he moved to comment her Naina called Shilpa from downstairs making her stepped back
"Aunty bula rahi hai... Bye.." saying this hurriedly she ran from there before he could stop
"Bewkoof aaram se nai jaa sakti... Zaruri hai daudna iska... gir jaati to.." he mumbled strictly but knowing her nature he shook his head descending from stairs... Dinner started and everyone was talking joking except the daughter in laws of this house who didn't had mood for dinner so they were upstairs busy on chatings
"Acha sunna... KV k shaadi mein chal raha hai" Dev asked in low tone to Armaan who was eating quietly
"Option nai choda usne... To jaana hi padega" he replied calmly looking at him who smiled
"Acha suno na Bhai... Do din baad hum sab jaa rahe hai to ek Party to banti hai..." Rudra's voice brought both the boys to look at him
"Party... Ye to jashn manane waali baat hai tu chala jaayga..." Dev joked making Rudra pout
"Acha.. Hamare jaane k baad aap sab sabse zyada miss karoge hume" Divya said proudly to which Armaan chuckled
"Infact zindagi sukoon se rahegi... Sirf hum chaar Bhai aur Neha... Bas kitna peaceful rahega" Armaan said calmly making her angry
"Acha to aap ye kehna chahte ho... Ki hum teeno sabse bade problems hai..." Nikki asked in serious tone
"Aisa to maine nai kaha..." Armaan replied smilingly "Haa agar aisa soch rahi ho to kuch galat nai hai..." he teased making her jaw dropped
"Bhai..." Divya looked at him in disbelief
"Oye tu khana kyun nai khaati kyun time waste kar rahi hai hamaara..." Rishubh scolded
"Maami dekh rahe ho ye log kaise baat kar rahe hai humse" Divya complained looking at Ananya who shrugged
"Main kuch nai jaanti ye tum logo ka matter hai..." she said normally making the elders smile who were enjoying their banter... Where as hearing this Rudra Divya & Nikki sat wd grumpy look
"Tum log gussa kyun ho rahe ho... Kuch galat nai kahan gaya" Rakesh teased
"Bhai aap log to rehne hi do..." Nikki rolled her eyes to which he chuckled and like this their dinner got over wd fun... Armaan went upstairs after wishing gud night to all but as he reached upstairs he found Shilpa in corridors talking on phone wd a smile... A smile reached seeing her beautiful look the same hair style which she maked on their first night her hairs were looking beautiful but the glowing look which she have now was making her more beautiful he smiled seeing her who was talking wd Surbhi smilingly
"Nai Surbhi... Ab mai kch nai kar sakti agar tum NY jaa rahi ho wapas... I mean mai kaise vaha aaungi..." she said in her sweet tone while correcting her Duppata which's end fell on a table where some candles were putting unaware of that Armaan approached towards her calmly when he saw something which maked him stopped... His eyes widened seeing Shilpa's duppata burning from down by touching a candle and deffinately she was unaware of it so she put her hand on that table only to get burn coz of her Duppata "Aaahhh..." she whinced painfully making her phone fell from her hand when that fire increased on her duppata making Armaan worried

Mai jo bhi hoon
Jaisa hoon
Tujhme rehta
Khota hoon...

"Shilpa..." he immediately ran towards her who became startled and looked back at him who instantly threw her duppata from her shoulder where as she was stunned to see this scene and was watching on her Duppatta numbly forgetting her burt hand... Armaan took a jug full of water which was kept on that table only and threw that on her burning duppata which immediately stopped becoming drenched "Tum... Thik to ho...??" he looked at her worriedly who looked up at him wd scared look "Kuch nai huaa..." saying this worriedly he hugged her tightly who now got what just happened few minutes ago
"Armaan..." she whispered scaredly tightening her hold on his back who caressed her back to calm her
"Ssshhh... Kuch nai huaa" he mumbled worriedly... He only knows how he controlled his thudding heart beat after seeing her that condition... He was so scared at that time but seeing her he got courage but then it clicked inside his brain about her carelessness so parting her he looked at her strictly when Aditi came and saw her duppata's condition then Shilpa's scared face "Dimaaag kharab hai tumhara... Kuch ho jaata to... Dhyaan kahan rehta hai tumhara Shilpa..." he scolded angrily making her frightened actually he was not wrong at all
"Kya huaa Armaan tum ispar kyun chilla rahe ho??" Aditi asked angrily standing b/w them
"Kuch nai... Aaj jalte jalte bacchi hai Madam... Hadd hoti hai laparwahi ki Shilpa" he said sternly making her to looked down on floor wd moist eyes while Aditi understood everything
"I am sorry... Mera dhyaan nai tha... But" before she could complete her sentence he raised his hand making her stop
"Enough... Agar kuch ho jaata to kya karti tum... Agar main sahi time pe nai aata to jaanti b thi iska anjaam kya hota lekin nai tumhe to sirf apni padi rehti hai... Bewkoof..." he said in angry tone making her scared who was stopping her cry but didn't want to break infront of him so she ran from there
"Armaan... Tumhara dimaag kharab hai... Jab dekho tab chillate ho uspe..." Aditi scolded him who looked at her
"Chillaun nai to Award doon use... Uski galti k liye" he said sarcastically "Aur galti b to dekho uski... By chance Aditi agar nai pahuchta main to kuch ho jaata... Fir kya hota socha hai... At least baat karte time aage peeche dhyaan dena chahiyee" He said calmly picking her Duppata up where as Aditi agreed wd his words
"Maanti hun uski galti hai.. But abhi vo dari hui hai... Aise chillaoge to aur darr jaaygi... Infact yehi baat usko pyaar se boldo bas .." Aditi made him understand politely to which he looked at her calmly
"Zyada chilla diya kya??" he asked slowly to which crossing her arms she nodded in YES while glaring him "To ab...??" he looked at her who shrugged but smiled at his confused look
"To ab manao.. Varna.." she said smilingly when he cutted her sentence
"Room mein entry ban kar degi meri..." saying this hurriedly he ran from there leaving a stunned Aditi there
"Armaan... To bilkul pehle jaisa react kar raha hai... I mean change ho raha hai... Wow this is something new" she said smilingly looking at the corridors where he disappeared "Dev ko batana padega" she said excitedly and went to inform Dev "Dev... Dev..." she came inside their Room excitingly and sat beside Dev who was working on laptop but seeing her excited he looked up
"Kya huaa...??" he asked amusingly
"Tumhe pata hai.. Maine na Armaan mein vo change dekha... Jo pehle tha... Mujhe aisa lag raha hai usse yaad aa gaya hai sab kuch" she informed in her one breath making him laughed "By god!! Tum hass kyun rahe ho??" she asked angrily
"Aree... Vo is liye ki jis chiz ki tum baat kar rahi ho vo mujhe pehle se hi pata hai..." he said controlling his laugh making her mouth opened
"Tumne mujhe kyun nai bataya..?" she hit his arm angrily making him smile
"Ye koi batane waali baat nai hai.. Ye to notice karne waali baat hai... Jo tumne nai kiya to tumhari galti" he said smilingly
"Notice??" she narrowed her eyes
"Haa... Vo change nai huaa hai... Aur na hi usse kuch yaad aaya hai... But the thing is he fell for Shilpa again... Aur changes usme kuch nai aaye bas vo.. Apne self mein wapas aa raha hai dheere dheere..." he said calmly making her smile widely
"Wow... Matlab Ab dono saath mein hai... Tum nai jaante Dev main kitni khush hun ye sunke" she said happily gripping his arm
"Haa par ek problem aa gayi hai" as he said slowly Aditi looked at him questionably"Haa Aditi... Ek problem aa gayi hai.. Bas dekhna hai Armaan kya faisla lega" he said slowly closing his laptop
"Tum kya keh rahe ho clear karo??" she asked confusedly
"Matlab ye ki... Armaan ko Singapore se ek bahoot bada offer mila hai... Vahan k sabse bade aur famous Hospital se usko offer mila hai vahan work karne ka... Infact isse bada offer abi tak unhone kisi ko nai diya not even Singapore k doctors ko b" he informed calmly
"But isme problem kya hai ye to bahoot acchi baat haina??" Aditi asked doubtfully
"Problem ye hai... Ki Armaan ko ek saal vahan rehna padega kaam karna hoga.. Fir uske baad vo vaha k Hospital k branch ko kahin pe b khol sakta hai aur chala sakta hai infact vo us Hospital ka owner hoga..." as he informed this Aditi became shocked
"Aur koi option nai hai??" she asked shockingly
"Hai but vo b risky hai... Unke hisaab se agar Armaan ne abi naa kaha.. To vo log do saal tak wait karenge Armaan ka.. Kyun ki vo uske jaisa Doctor khona nai chahte... But agar do saal baad b Armaan ne naa kaha to itni badi opportunity uske haath se nikal jaaygi" he explained calmly making her worried
"Ye to bahoot badi problem ho gayi..." she looked at him sadly and kept her head on his shoulder "Aisa nai ho sakta ki Shilpa b jaaye uske saath??" she asked slowly
"Nai.. Vo us ek saal mein fully involve rahega case mein ghar se durr aur agar Shilpa gayi b.. To b akeli pad jaaygi..." he replied normally
"Vaise tumhe kisne bataya ye??" looking up at him she asked
"Obviously Armaan to batayga nai Rehaan ne bataya.. Jab usse laga ki Armaan ko samjhaana chahiyee" he answered looking at her
"To fir hume usse samjhaana chahiyee..." Aditi suggested to which he nodded in yes
"Haa main b mauka dhundh raha tha..." Dev nodded calmly... Where as reaching at end of the corridors Armaan found Shilpa sitting on one of a sofa while sniffing

Tu mera aaj hai
Mera kal hai
Meri zindagi ki

"Armaan yaar kya kar diya..." he looked at her guiltfully "Par galti to iski hai... Kitni careless hai jo aage peeche nai dekh sakti... But fir b mujhe itna nai bolna chahiyee tha..." he thought mentally staring at her who cleared her face sensing he is standing behind her... So slowly slowly he walked towards her and sat beside her quietly who looked away from him... Armaan looked at her who tried to ignore him which made him smile amusely "Shilpa..." as he called carefully she looked away from him hurtfully
"Mujhe aapse koi baat nai karni Armaan plzz..." she said wd grumpy look making him hide his smile
"Main tumse baat karne aaya b nai tha... Vo to bas main tumse ye kehne aaya tha ki jaao Aditi bula rahi hai... Dinner k liye" he said in fake serious tone which made her more angry so she got up to go when he gripped her wrist and made her sat almost close to him
"Armaan haath chodiye..." she said angrily trying to free her wrist which he gripped firmly
"Nai... Pehle tum meri baat sunogi... Tab" he said calmly to which she glared him
"Mujhe kuch nai sunna bas aap mera... Aaahhh..." she was saying this angrily when trying to free her wrist she used her burnt hand which made her whinced
"Shit!! Sorrryyy..." seeing her in pain he leaved her wrist and took her burnt hand in his "Kitna jal gaya hai... Sorryyy..." he said softly staring down at her hand whose eyes got moist "Seriously sorrryy Shilpa.. Main to bas tumhe rok raha tha .." he apologized worriedly "Tum ruko main.. Ointment laata hun..." saying this he immediately ran to bring medicine for her who looked down at her hand then at his disappearing figure
"Ajeeb hai Armaan b.. Pehle khud chillate hai fir parwa dikhaate hai..." she whispered softly but then she remembered how he rescued her from burning also after hugging her he scolded then came for apology but wd his ego and when he saw her in pain he came back on his lover mode... She was right Actually he have 100 shades and which shade she loves the most she didn't knew but the thing is she loves him more than any of his shade... She smiled remembering him but as she saw him approaching towards her she made a fake serious look
"Haath do apna..." as he sat infront of her he extendee his hand to which she slowly kept her hand on his "See thoda jalega karega but baad me cool lagega... So be strong ok" he said concernly opening the ointment lid... Slowly carefully he started applying the medicine making her whinced in pain "Sorryyy..." he apologized worriedly and blew air on her hand which was burnt... Seeing his face she forgot her pain how much he loves her she can see on his face "Seriously sorryy Shilpa" saying this softly he held his one ear and stared her who smiled which was a signal for him that she forgive him
"Armaan main thik hun.. Bas thoda jal raha hai" she said slowly making him looked at her
"I know... Soorrryy tumpe zyada chilla diya... But galti tumhari thi na??" he said slowly staring at her who nodded in YES "Par mujhe itna gussa b nai karna chahiye tha??" he asked softly taking her other hand also who nodded in YES "But agli baar plzz apne aas paas dhyaan dena..." he requested to which she nodded in yes smilingly
"Galti meri hai Armaan... I am sorry" she said slowly making him smile while he was applying the ointment carefully
"Haa... Acha ab tumhara haath kaisa hai??" he asked lovingly keeping his one hand on her cheek
"Thik hai... But main khana kaise kaahungi" she replied wd pouted lips making him chuckled
"Hmm.. Dusre haath se kha lena" he suggested calmly moving more closer to her who pouted
"Main thodi lefty hun..." she said cutely making him chuckled
"To kya kar sakte hai ab...??" he asked calmly keeping the ointment aside
"Armaan.. Ek normal Husband ye kehta hai... Ki rehne do main khila dunga.. But nai aap to" she complained wd pouted lips making him amused
"Achaa... But main thodi normal Husband hun... Main to Armaan Malik hun.. Sabse different isiliye mere tarike b sabse different hai..." he said proudly making her to shook her head
"Aapse to baat karna bekaar hai..." she said cutely and stood to go when he stopped her by her other hand while stooding up "Ab kya hua..??" she asked slowly staring up at him who pulled her closer by her waist
"Sach kahun Shilpa... Main bahoot dar gaya tha us aag ko tumhaare duppate mein dekh k... As if main tumhe abhi kho dunga.. So isilye gusaa kiya" as he said softly she looked at him lovingly "Mujhe aisa laga... Ki main kuch nai hun tumhare bina... Tumhe kuch ho jaata to main... Main marr jaata Shilpa.." as he confessed she stared him wd moist eyes coz this same line of him came back from flashback inside her brain... After that Mall scene he confessed like this only.. God she is getting her love back which made her to hug him tearfully who hugged her wd moist eyes
"I luv u Armaan..." she whispered softly making him to hugged her more tightly as if answering in YES when he felt someone hugged him from behind

"I luv u too... Shilpa" as Shilpa heared Aditi's voice her eyes snapped opened only to find Aditi hugging the both from behind Armaan who parted from Shilpa and looked back at Aditi who have teasing grin on her face.. While Shilpa felt hell embarressed


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