Friday, 4 January 2019

Part 45 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment."

"Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho Aditi...??" Armaan asked calmy staring at Aditi who is grinning now
"Kabab mein haddi banane aayi hun" she replied teasingly making Shilpa blushed where as Armaan was still normal standing b/w the girls
"Aur kya ban hi sakti ho tum..." he taunted calmly to which she smacked lightly on his shoulder
"Badtameez..." she said angrily
"Mmain.. Main aati hun" Shilpa was feeling hell embarressed so she excused to go when Dev blocked her
"Aree abhi kahan...??" Dev said smilingly stepping towards her who banged wd Armaan
"Kya kar raha hai Dev.." Armaan said sternly holding Shilpa's hand who looked up at him slowly "Saaf saaf bolo dono ko kaam kya hai??" he directly asked to which Aditi smacked his head lightly
"Hum to bas jaa rahe thae.. Fir mujhe yaad aaya Shilpa ko khaane k liye bulaana hai but... Tum dono ka romance dekh k... Haayyyee maza aa gaya" as she replied teasingly Shilpa became red where as Armaan was normal

"Acha vo chod ye bata... Tune mujhe is baare mein nai bataya... Kyun??" Dev too teased
"Isme batane waali kaunsi baat hai... Aur vaise b tu itna important nai hai..." as he replied this he got two smacks on his shoulder ftom both sides which made Shilpa giggled
"Jo b ho I am happy for u both" Saying this she hugged Armaan who smiled
"Even I" Dev to hugged Armaan which made Shilpa sandwitched b/w them
"Even I am Dev" saying this softly he hugged them
"Offo!! Main dab jaaungi andar" Shilpa said slowly looking up at Armaan who chuckled
"Ab itna to adjust karna padega" as she heard from three she giggled hugging Armaan back... After their group hug they four sat for talk where Dev brought food for both ladies but Shilpa couldn't eat coz of her hand so Aditi made her to eat and after talking on some random talks they four retired for bed... Also they discussed about KV's wedding.. ArSh were in Room Shilpa was trying to remove her bangles but coz of wound on her hand she can't removed so Mr Husband helped her who was feeling on cloud nine but seeing his love an unknown insecurity came inside her To loose him... Armaan was fast asleep while sleep was miles away from her eyes Her thoughts were only thinking about Armaan.. She don't want to loose him again her fear was What if she again started living happily wd him but if again a storm come she will not gather courage to live again? But as she felt his hand on her waist made her realize that he will always there wd her... And still thinking about him when her eyes closed down she didn't realized... Two three days passed their life was normal some times they argues fight or banter but they stay close to each other after that hotel night they didn't had any physical relation coz Armaan was taking it slow fearing she will back up but he knew she will not go anywhere... Infact how he is controlling his desires he only knows where as Shilpa was happy wd him but somewhee she too wanted him but didnt had courage to take any step... Relatives were gone except Jai's Family who will stay wd them but as the relatives were gone there were three persons who were happy the most... Armaan Aditi & Dev who didn't like conjusted family and now were at peace... Then KV came for invitation of his marriage in Manali also met Shilpa and was pleased to met her also taunted Armaan 'Kahan se ye tujhe mil gayi... I am sure ye Uncle Aunty ki choice hai.. Kyun ki tu to raha acchi ladki dhundhne se' which made everyone laughed in his Family but Shilpa's mind thought YES he is right and she thought to ask him later... Just like this their days passed wd little Nok Jhok and argument also wd little touch of romance... They always had argue over small small things but usually it happened coz of Armaan... Like one morning Shilpa was getting ready while he was searching something hurriedly

"Shilpa... Kahan rakh di yaar file...??" he asked angrily while looking everywhere in Room
"Tch! Armaan... Yehi kahin hoga... Dhyaan se dekhiyee" she said normally wearing her earrings She wore a baby pink wd navy blue border saari while her hairs were opened
"Dhyaan O really..!! Shilpa kitni important patient ki file thi vo.. Socho aur batao kahan rakkhi hai...??" he asked annoyingly looking inside a drawer while she held he head at his annoying look so she turned to help him buy stopped seeing the room's condition which was decorated wd his files
"Haww... Ye kya kiya Armaan... Pura Room ganda kiya hai" she asked calmly looking at him who was not in mood to listen her
"Tumhe Room ki padi hai.. Yahan meri file nai mil rahi aur tumhe Room dikh raha hai" he said angrily standing beside her who tried to calm herself not to argue wd him
"Armaan maine shelf k uper rakkhi thi... Dhyaan se dekhiyee" she said sweetly trying to hold his arm
"Shilpa vahan dekha maine... Nai hai... Tumhe nai pata kitni important file thi vo" he said sternly checking on couch to which shaking her head she carefully moved to search his file and sitting on floor she looked for his file on that crowded files
"Yehin kahin hoga aapne phek diya hoga..." she said normally which made him angry but as she said she found his red file "Arm..." she stood to inform him smilingly when he said something which made her hurt
"See Shilpa main tumhari tarah free nai hun... Mujhe kaam hota hai... Isi liye dhyaan nai hoga" wdout looking at her he said angrily only to regret in next second but he was late "Shit Armaan" his mind smacked him mentally where as she was completely hurt by his words who turned to apologize wd guilty look "Shilpa... I am... So.." he stepped to apologize but she stepped back hurtfully
"Aapki file... Aur aainda se apna kaam khud karna mujhe mat bolna.. Kyun ki mere free time mein b time nai hai..." saying this in strong voice she kept his file on his hand and went from there leaving him guilty
"Damm... Armaan... Kya kar diya" he hit his leg angrily on arm chair... Where as descending downstairs she composed herself
"Ladke hote hi aise hai... Kahan tha na ek na ek din zarur sunaate hai.. Ki tu inke paiso pe jee rahi hai.. See tere paas itni badi opportunity thi isse chodkar jaane ki aur apni zindagi apne hisaab se jeene ki... Par nai tujhe to iska pyaar chahiyee tha... Ab dekh kahan gaya vo pyaar... Ye pyaar vyaar sirf do din tak accha hota hai puri zindagi nai rehta" her mind scolded her who silently went inside kitchen and started helping Raina quietly
"Gud morning Bhabhi..." Raina wished smilingly to which she smiled back
"Gud morning" she said politely and started helping her for lunch where as Armaan was not at peace.. Moving tro & fro cursing himself
Tu duaan hai
Tu hi hai
Mera karam
Tujhpe hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam...
"Kya kiya Armaan.. Gusse mein koi ye sab bolta hai aur tu khud b jaanta hai.. U didn't mean it... Damm pata nai kya kya soch liya hoga usne... Jaha tak lag raha hai.. Divorce tak to soch hi liya hoga..." he thought worriedly "See Armaan isse pehle baat Divorce tak pahoche tu khud chalke maafi maang haa... Chal directly usse sorry bolde" saying this to himself he ran downstairs looking for her He loves her and that words just slipped from.his mouth he didn't mean it at all "Kaka Shilpa ko dekha kahin??" he asked in serious tone as saw Kaka in Hall
"Haa beta vo Kitchen mein hai.." as Kaka informed he immediately ran inside the Kitchen but stopped at the entrance looking the four 'Bahu's' of Malik Family
"Gosh in sab k saamne kaise maafi maangungaa.. Most important bulaaunga kaise" he thought worriedly seeing the girls busy in works Riddhi & Aditi were talking Raina was making something... And his dear Wify was chopping vegetables silently as if murdering that Carrot "Agar kuch bola b to pata chala bhuki sherni ki tarah attack kar degi" as he thought he gulped imagining that scene and started thinking some excuse to take her from here when Riddhi saw him
"Aree Armaan tum yahan... Kuch chahiyee...??" Riddhi asked politely as she saw him which made the girls to look at him who looked at Shilpa... Whose eyes didn't looked at him as if he is not standing here her only concentration was on her work making him guess her mood that its going a big task for him
"Kahin ye sachmein divorce dene ka to nai soch rahi" he thought fearly guessing her mood
"Armaan kuch chahiyee??" again Riddhi asked but this time smilingly
"Meri biwi" he wanted to say this but stopped himself "Haa... Mujhe.. Yaa mujhe paani chahiyee aur..." he said carefully making Aditi giggled seeing his face
"Aur??" Riddhi asked slowly
"Aur Shilpa meri.. Blue waali file nai mil rahi vo kahan rakkhi hai... Chalo dhundh k do" getting himself strong he said in his usual strict tone but Shilpa didn't looked at him whose heart fell
"Bhaiyaa paani" Raina forwarded a glass of water to him who smiled
"Thank u Raina??" he said politely to which she smiled back and again concentrated on her work "Shilpa meri file??" he tried to sound strict but from inside he was pleading her to look at him once
"Vohi hai.. Shelf k paas" wdout looking at him she replied slowly making Aditi to observed ArSh while Armaan's heart fell but he didn't loosed his cool
"Vahan nai hai... Maine dekha" he said calmly making Shilpa to close her eyes while calming herself not to yelled on him in front of the girls
"Armaan vohin rakkha hai.. Aap thik se dhundhiyee" she said calmly still not looking st him who guessed she is hurt very badly Aditi noticed the silent war b/w them actually from Shilpa's side
"Shilpa rehne do.. Main kar lungi tum pehle iski file dhundh k dedo" Riddhi said politely taking the knife from her hand which made Armaan to take a sigh
"Maan kar raha hai.. Saari chize uthake Armaan k uper phek dun... But nai kar sakti ye log jo hai yahan varna sachmein kar deti" she thought angrily "Armaan aap jaaiyee.. Main aati hun" wdout looking at him she said in fake sweet tone making him to sensed her inside anger
"Pak... I mean jaldi aao" he stopped himself for asking 'Pakka' and then he said calmly seeing the situation making Aditi to hide her smile seeing his cute face
"Haa..." saying this she turn her back at him whose face fell disappointingly when his eyes landed on Aditi who crossed her hands and asked him 'What happened' by her eyes making him to show a grumpy look pointing slowly at Shilpa which made her hide her giggle to which he glared... Then looking at him she gestured him to go she will send her which made Armaan to smile lightly and he mouthed 'Plzzz' to which she nodded in YES wd a smile.. Before going he mouthed 'I love u' to Aditi who rolled her eyes and pointed at Shilpa gesturing say her I luv u which made him smile and shaking his head he went from there expectedly

"Shilpa sunn... Tu jaldi se uski file dekar aaja kyun ki lunch k liye b late ho raha hai.. Aur Armaan ko b late ho jaayga... Jaa jaldi" Aditi said hurriedly while pushing her slowly out from Kitchem which made Raina & Riddhi frown
"Aditi par.." Shilpa moved to ask when she stopped
"Jaa jaldi varna late ho jaayga usko" Aditi said hurriedly making Shilpa to nod in YES reluctantly while Riddhi smiled guessing the situation coz she also saw the look of Armaan & Shilpa.. Raina took it as normal
"Mera bilkul mood nai hai uper jaane ka.. But nai iske liye b inki file dhundh k do... Agar itni hi problem hai to khud kar liya kare apna kaam.. Vo to sabke saamne bola varna main to kabhi galti se b nai jaati" thinking this she went upstairs still cursing him and opened their Room's door only to find mess just the way she left the Room.. Armaan was not around so taking the situation she started arranging his file "Haa ye sab kaamo ke liye main free hun... But baaki sab nai... Silly Husbands" she cursed him mentally while Armaan was talking on phone in balcony then finishing his call he came back in room only to find Shilpa arranging his files... A smile reached his lips seeing her Jerk He!! Who didn't even value his own wife he cursed himself mentally when his eyes landed where she was bending her head under a table trying to took out a file which made him worried about her... She was about to moved her head up when suddenly Armaan kept his hand on her head who got frowned
"Lag jaati..." he said softly making her to remove his hand from her head slowly who stood calmly following by him "Shilpa yaar..." he moved to make her understand while gripping her shoulders as he saw she was about to step back "I am sorry... I didn't mean it trust me" he apologized softly making her stared him quietly "Bas vo sab gusse mein keh diya Shilpa... I didn't mean it... I am sorry I am really sorryy..." he said guiltfully to which she removed his hand from her shoulder slowly
"Its ok Armaan..." she said slowly and bend to pick his files when he stopped her
Tu duaan hai
Tu hi hai
Mera karam
Tujhpe hi shuru...
"Shilpa nai.. Pehle sunno meri baat.. Main sachmein bahoot guilty feel kar raha hun.. Plzz mujhe maaf kardo.." he said softly to which she stared him
"Main samajhti hun... Armaan.." she said slowly and turned to go when he hugged her tightly
"Mera seriously vo matlab nai tha... I am sorryy" he whispered softly hugging her tightly who was shocked at this scene but didn't showed that thinking how can he say that first he himself hurted her and now apologizing
"Maine kaha na.. Armaan its ok..." saying this softly she parted coz she didn't want any issue now to which he thought to kiss her when his cell rang stopping him
"Shilpa vo..." he looked at her who nodded wd a small smile "Haa Sid bol...??" he asked slowly as he received the call after she nodded... But his eyes were fixed on Shilpa who was arranging their Room silently making him fell for her more... Yes today he hurt her more and now he have to find a cure for his wife's silent anger "Acha ruk main nikal raha hun bas.." saying this hurriedly he moved to go but stopped remembering about Shilpa so hunging up the call he stood behind her who was unaware of his move... Jerking her towards him he stared her who got startled by his sudden move and was watching his face frowningly when

"Huh!!" her breath stopped as he took her in a soulful kiss making her stunned... His hands were cupping her face whose hands were resting on his chest but still she was shocked that she didn't responded the kiss... He sucked her lower lip so hard that she has to respond then loosing her control she closed her eyes responding his kiss equally while moving her hands inside his hairs ruffling them... When he felt her out of breath he leaved her lips slowly still wd closed eyes and then put his forehead on hers who was breathing heavenly making him smile
Tujhpe hi
"I am really Sorry Shilpa..." he whispered softly still cupping her face who opened her eyes slowly "Mera sachmein vo matlab nai tha..." he said truthfully making her stare him quietly "Plzz kuch zyada mat sochna" he requested softly to which she managed to give a small smile "Bye..." at last giving a lingering kiss on her cheek he went out hurriedly coz of getting late
"Armaan... Kaise rahun main aapse gussa" she mumbled slowly while sitting on bed but remembering their kiss a blush formed on her cheek who forgot that she was angry wd him... but Armaan's whole day went only thinking about a plan to make her happy but the problem was he didn't knew how to do that... He was sitting in Cafeteria still thinking about a plan to make her mood happy
"Bahoot mushkil se change hui thi.. But coz of me firse wapas apne puraane mode pe chali gayi.. Nai yaar ek baar aur main usse khone ka risk nai le sakta..." he thought staring at his coffee calmly when Rahul Sid & Atul came inside Cafeteria
"Dekh Atul ek baar Armaan ko free hone de fir baat karna" Rahul made him understand calmly which took Armaan's attention hearing his name
"Nai mujhe usse abhi baat karni hai... Sirf vohi hai jo ye problem solve kar sakta hai" Atul said wd sad look
"Kaunsi problem??" hearing Armaan's voice they three turned at him and a wide smile reached Atul's lips seeing Armaan
"Hii.. Armaan" Sid took a seat in front of him who looked at him smilingly while Atul & Rahul also took a seat beside Armaan
"Yaah.. Hii" he showed a small smile to them "Par kaunsi problem k baare mein baat karna chahta tha tu??" he asked Atul calmly
"Plz Armaan meri madad karde tu jo kahega vohin karunga main..." Atul whinnied
"Abbe yaar tu bas kar..." Rahul folded his hands in front of Atul making Armaan to narrowed his eyes
"Huaa kya hai??" he asked annoyingly looking at Sid who shook his head
"Aree zyada se zyada kya hoga... Anjali" Sid replied wd a teasing grin making Armaan smile when Rehaan entered there "Oyyee aaja yaara idhar.." he called Rehaan who smiled seeing the four and took a chair beside Sid
"Armaan yaar ab tu hi kuch karna.. Varna Anjali mujhpe kabhi dhyaan nai degi" Atul requested making Armaan smiled
"Main kya kar sakta hun" Armaan looked at him normally
"Aree tu hi to kar sakta hai... Aur kaun karega" Atul said wd wide smile to which he narrowed his eyes confusedly
"Atul... Main kaise teri help kar sakta hun.. Mujhe to koi idea b nai hai is baare mein" he tried to sound in calm tone where as from inside he was getting irritated
"Armaan tu chod isse ye pagal hai" Rahul said in understanding tone and hearing his Atul's face became sad which Armaan guessed so he took his chair closer to him
"Kya hua champ.. Tu clearly bata na mujhe.. Tabhi to main kuch samjhunga" he asked politely keeping his hand on his shoulder who looked at him tearfully
"Bataun..??" Atul asked innocently making him smile while other boys also chuckled
"Offcourse tu bata to sahi... Tabhi to samjhunga" he said smilingly
"To sunn jis tarah tune Avi-Shagun... Dev-Aditi... Aaysha-Aditya ki love story set ki thi to meri b kar naaa" as he said sadly Rehaan Sid & Rahul's eyes became wide fearing about Armaan's reaction who was shocked hearing this "Armaan.. Tu to Luv Guru haina Dr Love haina.. To meri b love story solve karna plzz yaara... Apne Bhai ki itni madat kar de" he requested gripping his hands who was too shocked to react on this
"What..?? Main aur luv story..??" he asked in disbelief to which Atul nodded in YES and Armaan looked at Rehaan for confirmation who gulped "Rehaan... Saaf saaf bata" he asked strictly to which Rehaan nodded quietly making his eyes big "Kab?? Kyun?? Kahan?? Kaise...??" he asked shockingly to which they three looked at each other
"Ye Atul na.. Iski wajah se kya jo gaya..." Rahul mumbled worriedly
"Main bataun..??" Atul asked smilingly to which Armaan looked at him while other three glared Atul
"Abbe pagal hai kya..." Sid scolded
"Bhaijaan... Aap" Rehaan opened his mouth to made Armaan understand when he looked at three calmly
"Guys.. I can handle it.. Come on main ek Doctor hun I can understand... Mujhe batao..." he said calmly looking at four to which Rehaan nodded in YES slowly... And narrated how he made Dev fell for Aditi.. How he made Avi ready for Marriage.. How he made Aditya to understand Aaysha more... And this was a complete shock for him "Ok.. Let me digest this first.." after hearing this he said slowly making the boys to stare him worriedly "Ok.. Yahan mujhse khud ki luv story solve nai ho rahi aur main dusro ki luv story solve kara tha... Great... Aur kya bacha hai sunne k liye.." he thought looking at the space "Ok.. Anything else..." he looked a the four calmly
"Nai.. Bas yehi tak" Rahul replied slowly to which he nodded calmly
"Ab to tu meri help karega na..." Atul asked cutely to which he looked at him calmly as if wanting sometime alone wd himself
"But... Main kaise yaar..." he shook his head in NO
"Plzzz... Armaan" Atul showed his puppy face making him to take a sigh
"Ook.. Sochne de mujhe..." he said calmly to which Atul looked at him expectedly while other three stared them patiently... Rehaan was amused by Armaan's reaction coz he was fearing that hearing this Armaan will react on some negative way but it turned opposite which means he can manage everything Rehaan smiled seeing this scene "See jahan tak main Anjali ko jaaanta hun.. Vo itni jaldi nai maanegi... Hum baaki ladkiyo ko jealous kar sakte hai but Anjali thoda tough hai..." standing up he looked at the four thoughtfully who were only watching him amusingly "So Anjali ka attention lene k liye... Uskki koi aisi chiz leni hogi jisse vo kamzor pade aur Atul support bane uska" he said thoughtfully looking at them
"Toh main.. Uski Car chura loon vo uski bahoot fav hai.." Atul suggested making them laughed while Armaan smacked his head
"Nai pagal.. Vo chiz nai... " he said calmly " Vo chiz jo uski pyaari hai.. Aur vo hai ego... Uska ego todna hai bas.." he looked at them smilingly making the four smile at his words
"Par vo hoga kaise...??" Sid asked confusedly
"Simple... Atul ko usse bahoot bhaav dena padega... Bahoot zyaada matlab 24 hours uske saath... But jab tak Anjali ko aadat na pad jaaye uski tab tak.. Fir jab vo roz expect karne lagegi tab tu peeche ho jaana... Bas" he said smartly making them stared him smilingly
"But Armaan aisa nai huaa to...??" Rahul asked confusedly
"Agar aisa nai huaa to mujhe nai pata.. Tab dusra plan ye hoga ki hum Atul ka swayanwar karayenge that's it.. Maine idea de diya follow karna aur pura karna Atul k uper hai.. Baki mujhe nai pata" He said calmly taking his blazer from his chair
"Wow!! Yaar" Sid clapped
"Armaan..." Atul hugged him happily making him smile
"Ok... Now.. Mujhe ek case ko finish karna hai... So main baad mein milta hun" Saying this Armaan smiled and went from there leaving them amazed
"Expected nai tha.. Ki Armaan normally lega" Rahul smiled looking at them
"Mujhe b" Sid also nodded
"Hume b Sid.. But khushi hai Bhaijaan ko khush dekh kar... Agar Bhaijaan ne sab normal liya hai to saaf hota hai ki Bhaijaan khush hai... Jaise pehle vo sab kuch normal lete thae..." Rehaan thought smilingly... Where as Armaan was busy in his case and in night time he came early in Malik Mansion which was a surprised for Ananya who taunted 'Aaj chaand kaha se nikla' making him to retort 'Jaha se roz nikalta hai' which made everyone smile.. His eyes searched for her who was busy in Kitchen at that time he cursed himself thinking 'Pure din to busy rehti hai.. Aur mai idiot kuch b bol gaya...' then he got busy wd Anant... After dinner he immediately ran upstairs wishing everyone gud night hurriedly which made Dev chuckled while everyone thought he must be sleepy coz of tiredness... Armaan reached inside his Room and started thinking to do something special for Shilpa

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana
O zaalima o zaalima...
"Par yahan karunga to acha nai lagega.. Its not appropriate.." he mumbled doubtfully looking around in his Room "Toh fir kahan??" he scratched his head confusedly then his eyes landed on balcony "Not bad..." he smiled slowly and throwing his blazer on bed he remove his tie walking towards balcony "But yahan karunga to... Hawa... Gosh kuch smajh mein nai aa raha" entering in balcony he looked at it but got unsatisfied "Armaan.. Come on yaar tu to champion hai.. Kuch to special kar..." he said to himself looking around when his eyes landed on a Room Yes their Heaven where he will go first time after his accident "Haa isse achi place kahan milegi... But Shilpa ne kaha tha ki isme plants hai..." he thought pressing his lips together while moving towards the Room "To kya huaa... Isse side karunga... Vaise plants ka shauk mujhe to itna nai hai... Ye zarur Shilpa ne kiya hoga... Kyun ki usse greenery pasand jo hai.." thinking this he slide the door peeping his head inside the room which was dark only the light of the moon was shinning on plants... Taking a sigh he entered in Room and searching the switch he on the light which made him surprised seeing the view "Wow yaar...!! Kabhi dhyaan kyun nai diya... Its so beautiful" he mumbled smilingly looking at the Room then suddenly some words flashed inside his brain 'May I kiss u Bracelet'.. 'I love u Bracelet'...'Main chahta hun hum ye raat kabhi nai bhule'... His head started spinning hearing that words "What was that.." he held his head painfully trying to stop that words "Goshhh..." he closed his ears painfully "Just calm down Armaan.. Just come down... Aisa hota hai memory cases mein aisa hota hai may be... May be vo words un teen saalo mein se ho... So just chill... U have to face this" he tried to calm himself in strong tone Well as u all know He is a neurosurgeon who can understand his case like any other Doctor... So he gotted what his mind is facing right now yaa its painful but he is a Doctor so he have to be strong "In sab baato ko chod k... Chal Shilpa k surprise pe focus de... Varna aa jaaygi" jerking that words he concentrated on Shilpa his wife who can come anytime... So keeping the plants on side he started decorating the room wd flowers curtains and candles... Wdin thirty minutes the Room got ready by Mr Husband its looking so beautiful according to Shilpa's taste he switched off the lights and thought to lit the candles but before that he looked at the bed which was in middle of the Room wd white curtains around... Some flashes came inside his brain "No.. Not again..." jerking his head from that flashes he concentrated on the Room there was only that bed in middle and on every corner candles were put... Moon was giving its shine to the Room wd the help of cool wind which was making the Room cool "Sab ho gaya bas candles jalaane hai..." he mumbled smilingly seeing the Room... He was so excieted coz he did something like this first time and was wanting to see Shilpa's reaction seeing this Room... He lit the candles slowly carefully only three candles were left "I hope Shilpa ko acha lage aur vo mujhe maaf karde..." he thought worriedly litting the candles... Where as Shilpa entered in room only to find it empty she frowned seeing him not inside
"Aree... Room mein to aaye thae vo.. Fir kaha gaye..??" she mumbled confusedly seeing the washroom empty then thought to check the balcony.. Which was also empty "Kahan gayye...??" she frowned turning to go when her feet stopped seeing the door of Heaven which was opened... She can see the lights were coming from inside "Kahin.. Armaan andar to nai??" her heartbeat skipped thinking that.. What if he find their old pics inside cupboard?? Fearing of this she moved inside immediately only to stopped on entrance... She left surprised to found her Husband lighting a candle She observed the room which was looking beautiful.. Did he made this?? For her?? Why?? These thoughts were coming inside her brain who walked slowly slowly towards him wd love filled heart for him
"Ye hone k baad.. Shilpa ko text karta hun.." he thought smilingly liting the last candle when he heard
"Armaan..." her soft voice made him stopped in middle who turned at her slowly "Ye...??" she stood infront of him wd a small smile on her face where as keeping the candle on table he looked at her slowly seeing his surprise spoiled he became unhappy
"Kya yaar tumhe abhi nai aana chahiyee tha... Thik se surprise b nai de paaya" he said unhappily looking at her who smiled
"Ye mere liye??" she asked softly hiding her emotion to which he looked down on floor then up at her
"Nai... Allu Arjun k liye..." as he said in sarcastic tone calmly made her giggled
"But mujhe to kahin b... MERA Allu Arjun nai dikh raha" she said carefully hiding her smile at the word Mera coz she knew how will he react.. Where as hearing this he jerked her towards him by her waist almost touching their fronts "Armaan..." she dragged his name at his sudden move
"Dare u say.. Mera again to Allu Arjun" saying this calmly he pulled her more closer who looked at him smilingly
"Aapne hi bich mein laaya usse..." she said smilingly looking up at him
"Jo b ho..." he rolled his eyes and looked at her who smiled shyly
"Ye kyun??" she asked slowly playing wd his shirt's button who didn't knew what to say?? Coz he didn't prepared himself how to start their talk
"Vo... Aaa.. Nai I mean vo... Nai actually" he didn't knew how to start and seeing his nervous look she giggled taking his attention
"Armaan... Itna ghumaane firane ki kya jarurat hai.. Saaf saaf bolo kya huaa hai" she asked smilingly staring up at him who smiled nodding in YES
"Ok fine... Ye sab isliye kyun ki main chahta hun tum mujhe maaf karo subhe k liye..." at last he said what he wanted to say which made her smile fade "See Shilpa... Mera sachmein vo matlab nai tha.. I am really sorry" he apologized again which made her more sad so parting from him she stepped back slowly making him disappoint "Shilpa.. Plzz yaar aise durr mat jaaya karo" moving closer to her he gripped her hands who looked up at him wd moist eyes
"Nai Armaan aapki galti nai hai... Yaha galti to meri hai... I am sorryy..." she whispered softly staring up at him who narrowed his eyes
"Shilpa galti meri hai.. Tum kyun sorryy bol rahi ho.." he said frowningly pulling her more closer to him by her shoulder
"Armaan... Galti meri hi hai.. Ki main aapke status aur level k laayak nai hun.. I know aapne ye shaadi aapke family k liye ki thi... But isme meri koi galti nai hai... Jo main aapke status level ki nai hun" she said wd tearful eyes making him stunned who leaved her shoulder hurtfully... How can she think like that?? Cant she see how much he loves her?? And why the hell she always says she is not his choice?? He was right leaving her alone is hell dangerous coz she can think anything whatever her mind says.. So moving closer to her he stared her calmly
"Kisne kaha tum mere status level ki nai ho... Main hi jaanta hun ki kaise main tumhare kaabil khud ko banata hun Shilpa... Infact jitna main busy nai hota usse kai zyada tum hoti ho... Ye aaj maine dekha" he confessed cupping her face who sniffed "Main to idiot hun ye tum b jaanti ho ki main gusse mein kuch b bol deta hun... Par itna main jaanta hun ki tum mere liye duniya ki best ladki ho.. Jiske liye mujhe khudko petfect banana hai abi" he said softly wiping her tears who gripped his shirt from front "Aur har baar ye kehne ki zarurat nai hai ki... Tum meri family ki choice ho... But shayad tum nai jaanti... Ki maine ye shaadi apni marzi se ki hai... Tum meri choice ho..." he said truthfully looking at her who stared him quiet to which he knew he have to first clear her mind "Acha idhar aao... Baitho" making her sat on a chair he sat in front of her while taking her both hands in his "I know tumhe... Nai samjha hoga... To chalo main tumhe ek story sunaata hun mere ek patient ki.. Kya pata usse sunne se... Tumhe kuch samjhe... Agar tum smart ho to..." he said calmly staring at her who looked at him confusedly
"Armaan... Is waqt aapko story sunani hai??" she asked confusedly to which he smiled
"Ek baar sunlo.. Fir kuch bolna... Ok" he said lovingly still not leaving her hands who nodded in YES quietly "Toh... Fir suno ok... Ek ladka tha... Vo bachpan se hi akela rehna pasand karta tha yaa uske bahoot se Friends the aur vo apne Family ko b bahoot pyaar karta tha.. But uska kisi se b koi gehra relation nai tha kyun ki usne khud kabhi nai baanya... Bahoot saal se durr rehne k baad apne family se vo apne ghar aaya..." as he started Shilpa guessed he must be talking about himself "But vo jaise hi aaya.. Uske Parents usse ek Party mein le gaye jaha vo jaana nai chahta tha... Party bahoot boring thi... But tabhi us ladke ki nazar ek ladki pe padi... Jo corner mein khadi ro rahi thi usne us ladke ka pura dhyaan le liyaa..." he said smilingly remembering that day where as Shilpa thought he is not talking about himself it must be someone else
"Fir..." she asked slowly making him smile
"Fir... Kya vo puri Party mein sirf us ladki ko dekh raha tha.. Usne socha jaa k usse chup karaaye but jaise hi vo us ladki k karib pahucha usne us ladki ko khud se baat karte hue sunnaa jo us ladke ko bahoot amusing laga... But isse pehle vo usse kuch puchta vo vahan se chali gayi..." he narrated calmly staring at her who looked at him
"Fir... Kya kiya aapke patient ne??" she asked softly
"Fir kya kuch nai kar paaya... Firse bore ho gaya us party me... Lekin suddenly usse ek call aata hai jisse uthaane k liye vo bahar jaane waala hota hai ki ussi ladki se takra jaata hai... Jo uski taraf dekhti b nai.. Its ok bolke chali gayi thi... Aur vo usse sirf dekhta hi reh gaya tha... Trust me vo ladki bahoot khubsoorat thi" he replied smilingly staring at her
"Aapko kaise pata??" she asked wd cute anger on her face making him smile
"Mere patient ne bataya Shilpa... Kya tum b" he replied wd a smile making her to nod in yes
"Par mera question ye hai... Aapke patient ko itna interest kyun aaya us ladki pe.. Vo to pehli baar mila tha na usse" she asked doubtfully to which he smiled thinking Yes she is right.. He also thought the first that why he is interested on her at that time??
"Pata nai... Par uske baad se vo uske dimaag se kabhi nai nikli" he replied smilingly tucking her hairs aside which made her smile
"Tab to pakka usse.. Love at first sight huaa tha..." she said confidently making him stop for minute thinking Yes she is right he had love at first sight then why he never understand?? Jerk he!
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usse behkana
O zaalima o zaalima
O zaalima o zaalima...
"Tumhe pura yakeen hai??" he asked wd an amusing smile
"Offcourse... Armaan varna usse kyun itna interest aata uspe" she answered normally making him smile coyly
"I think u r right" he nodded wd a grin
"Fir aage vo usse nai milli...??" she asked interestingly making him chuckled
"Milli naa... Vo usse teen baar takraayi par unoticed kar diya bechaare ladke ko..." he replied calmly making her smile "Fir suddenly ek din... Us ladke k family ne usse emotional blackmail karke shaadi k liye manaya... Jo vo karna nai chahta tha..." he replied in fake sad tone making her stare him
"To us ladki kya huaa??" she asked in full serious tone making him smile
"Hmmm... Haa... Tum believe nai karogi us ladke k saath kya huaa..." he said calmly
"Kya hua??" she asked slowly
"Us ladke k family ne number of girls ki pics dikhaayi usse jisse usko gussa aaya usne chilla diya apni family pe.. Fir baad mein aakar sorry bola unse.. Then uski Mom ne usko last option diya do ladkiyo ki pics dekar kaha inme se kisi ek ko choose karlo aur shaadi to tumhe issi saal karni hai... Bechaare k paas koi option nai tha" he said calmly also pitying on himself which took her more interest "To usne socha subhe aaram se dekhega dono ko... Aur jab subhe hui usse bahar jaana tha jaldi thi usse... Fir uski nazar floor pe padi jaha ek pic thi.. Usne dekha aur vo shock ho gaya same ladki ko dekh kar... Aur usse dekhte hi usne decide kiya vo shaadi karega to sirf isse varna kissi se b nai... Aur vo ladki vohi thi jisse usne us party me dekha tha..." as he said softly staring at her who became confused Thinking is he talking about himself?? But how.. She met him on road then from where a Party came?? He must be talking about his patient she thought "Kya tumhe pata hai jis ladki ko usne choose kiya vo uski family ki to choice bilkul nai hai.. Matlab unhone to pic rakkhi b nai thi vo to just us ladke ki Bhai ki wife k book se gir gayi thi uski ku ki vo us ladke ki Bhabhi ki best friend thi... Sirf us ladke ne gharmein ye keh diya tha ki voo iske alawa kisi se shaadi nai karega to uski puri family ne pata nai kaise kaha se mushkil se dhundh k uski shaadi us ladki se karaayi... Aur coincident ye b tha ki ladke ka father aur ladki k father friends nikle..." as he finished Shilpa's eyes became wide coz this somewhere relates to their life where as he smiled seeing her reaction "See unki jodi to pehle se hi banni thi... They are meant to be... Kyun ki bina kuch kiye vo saath hai... Aur aaj vo ladki uske saamne hai uski wife banke... So tell me kahin se b ye lag raha hai ki ye shaadi uske marzi ki nai hai??" he asked softly keeping her both hands in front of him Where as Shilpa gotted he is talking about them but how??

"Armaan.. Hum??" she was confused to which he nodded in YES calmly kissing her both hands which made her eyes moist
"Ab to tumhe yakeen huaa na Shilpa ki mere liye tum kya ho... Ye shaadi aur tum dono hi meri marzi hai... Haa main idiot hun.. Ki kuch b bol gaya gusse mein subhe but trust me I didn't mean it" he tried to explain softly making her stared him lovingly He loves he from that time... Now she understood after coming back from NY why he was soo interested in her that to when he forgot their marriage?? "Tum chaho to mujhe thappad b maar sakti ho meri har galti k liye but yaar bahoot ho gaya... Itna mat socha karo.. Thak gaya hun main... Ek baar bas waqt k saath chalo mere saath chalo... But plzz aisi baate mat laaya karo apne dimaag mein.. U can punish me but plzz gussa nai" he said softly moving closer to her who stared him wd moist eyes but seeing his love she smiled "Aur agar..." but he was stopped by her sudden light slap on his cheek making him stunned while she controlled not to giggle at his stunned face who kept his one hand on his cheek staring at her questioningly
"Aap hi ne kaha na... Ki galti karun to thappad maarna to ye aaj subhe k liye" she answered proudly making him amused "Aur ye..." moving closer to him she whispered softly to which he raised his bows keeping his hand down from his cheek
"Ye...??" he asked smilingly to which she kissed his cheek lovingly cupping his face who smiled coyly
"Ye... Aise hi" looking at him she said shyly making him pulled her closer almost touching their fronts
"So... Aur koi sawaal" he asked smilingly blowing air on her face who looked down blushingly while nodding in NO "To fir... Mere saath dance karogi??" leaving her he stood up while extending his hand infront of her who was surprised by his gesture... Coz after his accident he never asked about dance it was always someone to pushed him for dance wd her but now seeing him asking she became surprised "Don't tell me tum firse soch rahi ho...??" he asked wd wide eyes making her giggle and she kept her hand on his while stooding up... He pulled her closer to him by her waist
"Armaan... Gaana??" she asked slowly keeping her hands on his chest who smiled
"Uski koi zarurat nai hai... Tum ho na... Chapar chapar karne k liye" he said wd a teasing grin moving wd her whose mouth fell opened hearing 'Chapar chapar'
"To main matlab chappar chappar karti hun??" she asked wd pouted anger to which he nodded in YES smillingly keeping his hands on hers which was kept on his chest
"Bahoot..." he whispered softly brushing his nose on her cheek who blushed while looking down
"Armaan... Aapko ye idea kaise aaya..??" she asked slowly staring at him who pulled her closer while kissing on her cheek "Armaan boliyee..." she asked blushingly to which he smiled and taking her one hand he turned her around resulting her back touched his chest
"Aree tumhe proove karke jo dikhaana hai... That I can be a romantic person... Tumne kya kaha tha.. Haa ki mujhe romance ka R b nai pata hai... So ye tumhe aaj main proove karunga ki..." keeping his face near her ear from back he whispered softly pulling her more closer by her waist who closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her ear
"Kii...??" she looked at him smilingly who engulf her more into him while closing his eyes
"Kii... How much I am romantic" he kept his head on hers still wd closed eyes making her smile feeling him
"Par aap to.. Akdu Sadu Armaan Malik hai.. Romance aapke bas ki baat nai" moving away from him she said wd a naughty smile on her face to which he nodded in YES calmly stepping ahead
"Acha... Aisa hai kya??" he asked smilingly approaching towards her who giggled while stepping back
"Haa... To" she replied wd a giggle making him smile
"I'll swear agar tum mere haath aayi na... Tumhe chodunga nai" he said wd a grin moving to touch her who laughed
"Pehle pakad to lo jaanemann..." as she said teasingly wd a giggle made him amused at her word 'Jaaneman'
"Ohhoo Jaaneman haa... Ab to pakadna hi padega" he said wd a grin and ran to catch her who giggled stepping back trying to escape... When in a second he catched her only to caged her in his arms smilingly "Jaa to kya keh raji thi...??" he asked wd a naughty grin pulling her closer who blushed looking down
"Main mazak kar rahi thi... Sachmein" she said in fake serious voice making him smile
Aankhen marhaba,
baatein marhaba...
"Acha..." he asked smilingly tracing her chin wd his thumb lightly who blushed nodding in YES making him to kiss her nose tip "Tell me is sStore Room ka renovation kisne kiya.. I mean jahan tak mujhe yaad hai... It was a Store Room aur mere dimaag mein to isse renovate karvaane ka idea aaya b nai hoga..." he asked thoughtfully keeping her both hands on his chest
"Vo..." she was confused to tell him or not "Shilpa bata de.. Plzz ab jhut mat bol..." her heart requested to which she stared him
"Come on Shilpa... Mat socho itna... Ab to bata b do..." he too requested tiredly pulling her closer by waist to which she nodded in YES silently
"Vo iska renovation aap hi ne karvaya tha... Mujhe surprise diya tha..." She said smilingly making him too smile
"Really??" he asked smilingly gripping her both hands which was on his chest to which she nodded in YES "Kyun??" he asked slowly which made her to think To tell him or Not??
"Vo isliye..." keeping her one hand behind his neck she smiled "Kyun ki mujhe greenery pasand haina aur dusri hum bahoot jhagadte the to.. Jhagda hone k baad main yaha aati thi" she said slowly looking at him who chuckled hearing this
"Uswaqt b tum mujhse ladti thi...??" he asked wd a smile making her to nod in YES smilingly while staring down... He pulled her towards him more and made her look up at him by her chin "Yaani tumne shuru se hi plan kar k rakkha tha ki jab b jhagdogi yahan aaogi??" he asked brushing their noses making her blush
"Haa to kuch to plan karna hoga na apne liye..." she replied smilingly brushing his nose tip by her index finger
"Acha.. Aur kya-kya plan kiya hai.. Ye b bata do" he asked softly bending his head closer to her face who blushed
"Aapko thodi bataungi..." pushing him lightly she said wd a giggle spoiling his romantic mood
"Acha... Thik hai mat batao... Janna b nai hai mujhe" he said calmly turning his back at her who hide her smile
"Vaise aapko pata hai Armaan... Main soch rahi hun apna aadha saaman yaha shift karlun.. Vo kya haina hum to kabhi b lad sakte hai.. To bahar jaane se accha main yehi aa jaaya karun" she said in fake serious tone hiding her giggle facing his back who smiled at her words
"Jo karna hai karo mujhe kyun bata rahi ho" his reply was uninterested but from front he was smiling
"Pakkaa...??" she asked teasingly to which he didn't replied which made her frown thinking Is he taken this serious?? "Armaan aap... Gus.." as she kept her hand on his shoulder he grinned and wd an instant he pulled her closer almost making her taken aback "Armaan..." she smacked his chest lightly still was surprised by his move who smiled
"Kya-kya bakwaas kar rahi thi tum??" he asked smilingly to which she smiled and wdout warning he lifted her on his arms
"Armaan..." she looked at him scaredly while gripping his shoulder tightly who smiled
"Ab dobaara jhagde ki baat ki na... To uthaake phek dunga" he warned pulling her closer who closed her eyes as he twirled her around carefully
"Par jhagde to honge.. Mujhe pata hai" as he dropped her down almost near to him she said slowly keeping her hands around his neck who shook his head
"Haa honge... But kuch b ho jaaye tum mere saath rahogi" he whispered in serious voice almost brushing their noses... Shilpa smiled nodding in YES to which he pulled her more closer by her waist whose heartbeat skipped... He tucked her hairs aside by his one hand from her face who closed her eyes feeling his touch Armaan's eyes were watching her face intently then kissed her cheek lightly who tightened her hold on his shirt... His face lowered till her lips which he parted slowly by his thumb and moved his face to took that in his lips when Shilpa turned her face away shyly making him kiss her cheek "Ho gaya tumhaara... Ab main kuch karun.." he said softly pulling her more closer brushing her waist by his hands making her shivered by his smooth touch
"Nai... Abi nai.." saying this she ruffled his hairs wd a giggle making him annoyed
"Shilpa... Baal nai yaar..." he whinnied as she again messed his hairs smilingly to which he banged her wd his chest "Bas bahoot huaa..." saying this he took her lips passionately in his lips making her to respond his kiss equally her hands moved inside his hairs who pulled her more closer by her waist... The atmosphere turned romantic as he lifted her up in his arms and took her on bed where the net curtains flew on air He came above her who still had closed her eyes on which he kissed one by one making her smile... Carefully removing her hairs from her neck he started planting kisses there making her hands to move inside his hairs... Wdin an hour her clothes were out by him and his also then under the blanket wd bare bodies he made her his again & again making her moan in pleasure the cool breeze making the room freezed trying to low the heat inside the room.. This night turned into passionate night as they made love promising to stay together forever like this their night ended.. Armaan was sleeping peacefully hiding his face inside her crook of neck whose sleep was miles away from her eyes.. She was thinking only about Armaan... Now she don't care whether he will gain his memory or not She loves him and today he proved how much he loves her... Yes he didn't said I luv u but she knows he loves her whole heartily... Still thinking about him she slept hugging him... Just like this their life goes wd cute banters arguments and romance... After two days of that night they came here Manali wd Dev's little family Rehaan & Aditya's little family.. Avi couldn't come coz of Shagun's pregnancy... It was a Hotel where the marriage is going to take place also there is Arjun & Riya and many more friends will be there to KV's marriage... Everything was going good until she came inside that shop in which she got locked... Where as Armaan was wd Aditi-Dev enjoying the day according to him Shilpa is wd Rehaan and Anant unaware of that Shilpa sent Rehaan and Anant to hotel just to buy Surbhi's Kashmiri bell... Poor Shilpa is stuck inside a shop waiting for morning also the cold was getting high and under that shop she fainted coz of shiver

3 hours later
In Hotel
ArSh's Room
"Aree yaaar ab tum dono band b karo... Maana isse galti hui hai but abhi iski haalat nai kuch sunne ki" Dev at last stopped Armaan and Aditi from scolding our poor Shona while Rehaan was calmly watching them
"Haalat ka kya matlab hai tu mujhse puch... Stupid phone b band ho gaya tha iska... Aur kya zarurat thi isse akele jaane ki..." Armaan said angrily looking at Dev who held his head at his stubborness
"Haa to... Pagal aise hi kisi b shop mein ghus gayi agar kuch ho jaata to... Maan kar raha hai kheech k maarun" Aditi scolded looking beside her where Shilpa is sitting wd shawl around her still shivering
"Par Bhaijaan... Bhabhi ki galti nai hai ye sab to Surbhi ki wajah se huaa hai... Agar vo apni faaltu si demaand nai karti to ye nai hota" Rehaan said slowly defending Shilpa
"Kuch b mat bol yaar... Surbhi ki wajah se kuch nai hua sab kuch iski wajah se hi huaa hai.. Kya zarurat thi isse andar ghusne ki that to jab koi nai tha... Infact Surbhi ko hume thank u kehna chahiyee kyun ki agar vo nai hoti... To hume is matter k baare mein pata kaise chalta... Varna dhundta rehta main isko pata nai ki kahan kahan" Armaan said angrily making Shilpa sniffed hearing his words
"Haa to... Kutte ko dekh kar behosh ho gayi Madam... Bolo bhala.. Vahan se bhaag jaana chahiyee tha to behosh ho gayi ye" Aditi scolded again
"Nai Bhabhi hum abi b Surbhi ko hi bolenge.." Rehaan said again which resulted their argument while they sat beside Shilpa who was shivering wd moist eyes coz of their words
"See.. Zyada inke baare mein mat socho kyun ki.. Tumhe andar lock dekh k sabse zyada asar in dono pe hi huaa tha... To vohi tension bahar aa raha hai" Dev made her understand smilingly to which she nodded wd a small smile "Ruko inko main handle karta hun" saying this he stood up "Aditi bahoot raat ho chuki hai.. Chalo Anant ko b laana hai Aaysha k paas se... Aur Regaan chal jaa sojaa thak gaya hoga.." he said in strict tone making the three stare him
"Haa.. Sahi keh raha hai.. Anant ko jaao le aao... Aur rehaan tu b jaa" Armaan said calmly thinking its getting late
"Acha thik hai... Gud night fir.. Aur tu chup chap jaisa Armaan kehta hai vaisa karna varna maar khaygi tu" Aditi looked at Shilpa who nodded silently still feeling cold
"Acha thik hai hum jaate hai... Gud night... Aur Bhabhi apna khayaal rakhna chalte hai..." saying this smillingly Rehaan went from there
"Chal main b jaata hun... Aur sunn iska dhyaan dena..." Dev said strictly to which he rolled his eyes and Dev-Aditi moved towards the door... Aditi went from there to take Anant back while Dev looked at Armaan who came to close the door when "Sunn.. Chillana hai to subhe chillana ispe ku ki is waqt vo dari hui hai aur thand b lag rahi hai usse.. To calmly handle kar usse... Chillaana mat... Bye" whispering this Dev went from there leaving Arsh alone....

"He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."


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