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Part 46 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Closing the door Armaan turned back at her who is shivering making him guilty for shouting on her but she didnt left any choice for him.. He only knows what was his condition when he came back in their Room after outing wd Dev Aditi but when he saw the room empty his heartbeat skipped he called her name many times but no response... He dailed her number which was not reachable at that time he moved out to ask Aditi who was standing in corridor arguing on something wd Dev... As Armaan asked about Shilpa they also got tensed when Rehaan came hurriedly there and informed about incident which Surbhi informed him from phone.. Armaan became shocked hearing this and immediately ran out to search her following by three Snant was wd Aaysha at that time so no tension of him in whole way Armaan's mind & heart were not at all in peace thinking soo many negative things but concentrating on road he drived... They reached at the place where Surbhi informed Shilpa went last but the biggest problem was cold which was getting heavier wd each passing seconds Surbhi called again on Armaan's phone who picked and asked about the shop... She told it was near a coffee shop at corner side So Armaan immediately ran there and tried to opened the door which was locked from outside then Rehaan took the address which was written above the shop and went to bring the shopkeeper Armaan's heart was skipping every passing seconds also Aditi who was praying for Shilpa's safety Dev was the only person who was handling that situation spcly Armaan & Aditi... After some time Rehaan came back wd the shopkeeper who opened the door also scolded them for this scene and as the door opened Armaan ran inside the shop calling her name but his voice stopped as he found her in corner of the shop fainted... He immediately woke her by splashing some water on her face who opened her eyes slowly and seeing him she hugged him tightly still shivering by cold Armaan didn't showed his fear at that time but yes he hugged her back... Thanking the shopkeeper they moved out from the shop Dev asked how she landed in this situation to which she informed in detail and since then Armaan & Aditi were scolding her

Main sau martaba
Deewana hua
Mera na raha
Jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka nishana hua...

"Hmm... Idhar aao" gripping her wrist he took her from bed and made her sat on one of a two seater arm chair which is kept in front of the Mantel (Fireplace)
"Arnaan sorryy but main..." she apologized slowly while rubbing her shoulders where as he quietly kept coffee trey in front of her on a small table
"Yaa right sorryy... Dimaag thikaane mein to tha tumhaara agar kuch ho jaata to... Jaanti b ho kya hota.. Ek saath panch logo ko tumne tension mein daala tha... Hum chaaro to yaha pareshaan the hi vaha NY mein Surbhi b pareshaan thi khud ko blame kar rahi thi... Gosh jab tumne dekha ki shop mein koi nai hai to kya zarurat thi andar rukne ki..." he started scoldong her angrily which made her guilty also sad
"Sorryy... Par meri galti nai hai main to jaane waali thi pata nai kahan se vo dog bich mein aa gaya aur main dar gayi" she looked up at him scaredly who closed his eyes to calm himself and sitting beside her calmly he picked a coffee
"Acha thik hai ye piyo..." saying this calmly he forwarded that cup infront of her who nodded like a good girl taking the coffee but frowned seeing three cups of coffee that to black coffee
"Armaan ye to black coffee hai..??" she asked wd wide eyes seeing the coffee
"Yaahh... Black coffee wdout sugar" he replied calmly staring at her whose mouth dropped
"Armaan.. Main kaise ye to bahoot kadvi hogi... Eeeww main nai piyungi" making a face she kept that mug on table to which he took a sigh
"Aise kaise nai piyogi.. Ye tumhaari punishment hai... And most important bhul gayi tum jab hamaari bet lagi thi Khao Gali mein... U promised me to drink three cups of black coffee wdout sugar" he said in very calm tone picking that coffee mug again where as hearing this she made a face "Lo piyo..." he said calmly making her to take that cup while making a face
"How rude Armaan... Isse acha to main zeher kha lun..." she said wd grumpy look making him to hide his smile
"How about usse acha main tumhe injection laga dun... Aur do hi minute mein tum behosh.. Na thand lagegi na kuch" taking her hand in his he said in extra sweet tone making her pout
"Armaan..." she whinned
"Sharafat se piyo varna zabardasti karni padegi..." he pointed his index finger sternly to which wd grumpy look she looked at the coffee
"Ye bahoot kadvi hogi na...??" she looked at him wd cute pouted look making his all anger disappear somewhere "Isse accha main garam garam soup pilun yaa fir noodles kha lun" mummbling this cutely she looked at the cup making him adore her
"Acha thik hai... Tum bas ye ek cup khatam kardo.. Baaki tumhe jo chahiyee main mangaunga pakka.. But pehle ye ek cup khatam kardo coz it needed in ur body" this time he said lovingly keeping his one hand on her shoulder who nodded
"Kadvi hogi na...??" she asked slowly making him smile
"Nai bahoot tasty hogi... Just imagine tum koi soft drink pii rahi ho" he said calmly staring at her who smiled
"Armaan soft drink aur black coffee mein bahoot farq hota hai..." she said smillingly to which he shook his head
"Tum peeti ho ki nai" he warned in strict tone to which she nodded in YES and took the first sip of coffee
"Yuck..." she made a face as she tasted making him chuckled
"Come on Shilpa.. Thoda sa aur" he encouraged patting on her back who finished that coffee wd great difficulty making him amazed who took the cup and kept that on table
"Yuck maine isse zyada kadvi chiz dekhi nai aaj tak" she whinned making faces which made him chuckled "Armaan mujhe thand lag rahi hai.." saying this softly she kept her head on his chest who smilled hugging her back "Plzz kuch kijiye..." she requested hiding her face on his chest
"Sukar manao main Doctor hun.. Varna aadhi raat ko itni thand mein main kahan se dhundhta koi Doctor tumhaare liye" he said in calm tone rubbing her back lovingly who smiled nodding in YES when he felt her clothes were very cold "Shilpa... Chalo kapde change karlo varna aur thand lagegi..." caressing her hairs lovingly he said calmly who nodded in NO
"Nai mujhe thand lag rahi hai..." she said slowly still not leaving him who held his head
"Shilpa... Jab tak kapde change nai karogi to thand nai band hogi... Coz ye kapde thande hai... Warm pehno koi" he said calmly parting her slowly who made a face
"Nai mujhe bahoot thand lagegi... Main nai change karungi" she said stubbornly crossing her arms which made him to calm himself
"Shilpa main sirf change karne k liye bol raha hun... Nahaane k liye nai bol raha hun" he tried to sound in calm tone but from inside he can get angry at anytime
"Nai... Washroom mein aur thand hogi" she whinned like a kid
"Enough.. Agar tum seedhi sharafat se nai jaogi to main change kar dunga tumhaare kapde..." as he said sternly she became stunned
"Armaan..." she looked at him wd wide eyes
"Jaati ho ki nai... Ki main change karun" he warned moving his hand to remove her jacket who stood
"Arrgghhh.. Armaan I hate u..." she said angrily making him to watch her calmly
"Jaati ho ki nai..." he said calmly stooding in front of her who got scared and stumping her foot on floor she went from there making him chuckled
"Jab tak ye andar hai tab tak.. Room ko thoda thik karun..." saying this calmly he dailed the phone to the Room Service man and ordered a hot soup & noodles for her... Then put on the heater also lit the fire more in fireplace so that the room could be warm for her at last made the bed so that she can sleep properly "Iska andar rehne ka hi plan hai kya..." he looked at his wrist watch when a knock came on the door.. Opening the door he found a Room Service man wd his order so taking the trey from his hand he payed the bill and closing the door he kept the trey on table waiting for her when she came out shivering "Kahan thi tum... Aur...??" but his sentence left incomplete as he saw her
photo tumblr_lv00p0l3Wx1qc1lz7.gif
"Ye kya hai??" he asked stunnedly while blinking his eyes.. Seeing her in blue saari Yes she wore a saari that to in this cold weather "Dimaag thikaane pe hai tumhara... Itni thand mein koi ye pehenta hai" he scolded standing infront of her who as rubbing her shoulder
"Armaan plzz... Mujhe thand lag rahi thi to jaldi mein jo mila vohi pehen liya" she whinnied hugging him tightly who held his head
"Kya karun main tumhara" he said tiredly keeping his hand on her back who snuggled more closer to him
"Gaana gaao mere liye" she said wd giggle making him slapped her head lightly "Armaan mujhe sachmein bahoot thand lag rahi hai" she whispered tightening her hold on his back who smiled
"Aur ghumo akele..." he taunted smilingly to which she lightly hit his chest making him chuckled "Acha aao kuch khaao..." parting from hug he draped her wd the shawl and made her sat on chair
"Soup aur noodles??" she looked at him surprisingly who nodding in yes forwarded the soup infront of her
"Zyada bakwaas nai.. Isse khatam karke so jaao..." he said sternly pointing at her who smiled at his care
"Par..." she opened her mouth to say something when he glared making her to eat that quietly.. And shaking his head he looked at his phone checking some mails "Armaan.. Bas ab mujhe neend aa rahi.hai..." she kept the bowl aside making him to shook his head
"Fine... Chalo ab chup chap so jaao" gripping her wrist he stood up following by her who hugged him out of blue... He became surprised by her "Kya huaa??" he asked smilingly keeping his hands on her back
"Armaan main bahoot darr gayi thi uswaqt... Mujhe laga main nai bachungi..." she shared her fear making him to understand her
"Sukar karo Surbhi se baat kar rahi thi varna tumhara pata lagaana mushkil hota" picking her up in his arms he made her lay on bed who looked up at him while he pulled the blanket on her.. Shilpa sat up holding the blanket while he sat beside her
"Acha agar main nai milti to...??" she asked slowly as he kept his back against the bed post
"To kuch nai..." he replied calmly pulling her closer by her wrist who pouted "Acha ab tumhe neend nai aa rahi hai??" he asked smilingly as she kept her head on his chest hugging him
"Nai ab mujhe bahoot thand lag rahi hai..." she replied slowly playing wd his shirt's buttons who shook his head
"Galti tumhaari hai... Aur jaao bina mujhe bataye" he scolded caressing her hairs who closed her eyes smilingly
"Agar aur koi Husband hota to aisi situation mein kuch romantic karta.. But nai ye mera Pati haina jisse sirf daatne aur sunaane k siwa kuch nai aata" she thought hugging him tightly
"Yaad rakkho abi to baat kar raha hun... Par kal subhe baat nai karunga tumhari galti k liye.. Samjhi" he lightly hit her head who smiled
"Chalega mujhe..." she replied smillingly closing her eyes making him chuckled
"I know..." he mummbled smllingly pulling the blanket up on her
"Jaise b hai.. Mere hai.. I love my this Husband" she thought smillingly still wd closed eyes
"Mujhe iske dog phobia ka kuch karna padega... Varna ye aise hi musibat mein padti rahegi.. Kyun ki jitni baar ye aise situations mein land hui hai... Sirf dogs ki wajah se... Iska darr dur karna hoga..." he thought in fully serious mode as he found she is in deep slumber So trying not to disturb her he carefully made her lay on bed and pulled the blanket up on themselves... His eyes were tired but he didnt slept coz of her condition who was sleeping beside him while shivering so he hugged her tightly giving the warmth and when he slept he didn't knew

Next Morning

New Year Day

Jiski har dhadkan tu ho aise
Dil ko kya dhadkana
O zaalima o zalima...

"Offo!! Armaan to baat hi nai kar rahe ab manaun kaise unhe main..." keeping her chin on her hand she thought staring in front of her where her Hubby is sitting quietly while concentrating on his phone where as others were enjoying the breakfast... Yes they all were in a big breakfast table which was arranged in garden area for everyone... Armaan was sitted in front of Shilpa who only wants to manofy him coz since morning he didnt talked wd her following his words which he last night said that he will not talk to her in morning

"Oye aur kisi ko agar shaadi waadi karni hai to karlo... Yehi acha mauka hai" one of a friend joked making them smile and hearing this Armaan looked at Arjun
"Exactly jisko jisse shaadi karni hai karlo... Main hamesha free nai rahunga" he said meaningfully looking at Arjun who gotted what he is trying to say Yes indirectly saying Arjun to marry Riya
"Haa Bhai.. Tera shukriyaa jo tune apne free time se mere shaadi mein aane ka faisla kiya..." KV said jokingly looking at Armaan who was sitting beside him
"Ho gaya tera... Breakfast kar" Armaan's calm tone maked them chuckled
"O bhai.. Tu itna serious kaise ho gaya..." KV asked in disbelief making him chuckled
"Acha vo sab chodo.. Aaj New year ki Party theme Fancy hai to Party mein kaun kya-kya pehenega.. " Shivanya asked excitedly

"Ye theme kisne decide kiya New year ka..??" Aditya asked annoyingly
"Aur kaun karega... Boscow ki jaan k siwa" Armaan answered calmly still engrossed on his phone making Shivanya's jaw dropped while others laugh
"Tumhe nai aana to mat aao.. But stop calling Boscow ki jaan ok" Shivanya retorted looking at him who rolled his eyes
"As if I care" Armaan said calmly making others laugh
"Kuch b ho jaaye tum dono ka jhagda aaj tak nai khatam huaa" Arjun shook his head seeing the both to arguing which they both ignored
"Acha vo sab chodo... Breakfast k baad... Roahtang pass aur Soalang valley chale outing pe..." KV suggested to which everyone started discussing about it while Shilpa is only staring at her hubby who was busy on his phone
"Kya karun... Kaise manaaun??" she thought confusedly staring at him when by mistakenly her spoon fell from her hand which she bend to pick when her eyes landed under the table where Armaan's legs were kept straight which made a crooked idea inside her brain "Ye acha idea hai... Aaj dekho Mr Malik aapko kaise manati hun" she smiled mentally and staring at him she grinned... Moving her leg in front of him who didn't have any idea what's going inside his wife's head.. She wore a full white umbrella dress wd golden borders her hairs were opened today she is looking a real angel according to Armaan who was mesmerized by her beauty but trying to teach her lesson he pretended he didn't cared "Ab kaise nai manoge" she smirked mentally seeing him fully engrossed on his phone while from under table she hit his leg wd her high heels making him startled
"Kya kar raha hai..." Armaan looked at KV angrily thinking he had done that
"Maine kya kiya...??" KV asked confusedly making Shilpa to hide her giggle
"Sharafat se baitha reh..." saying this Armaan again looked back on his phone leaving a confused KV who was only thinking 'Usne Kiya kya??' LOL... Shilpa wanted to laugh but controlled herself not do that and continued her work to irritate him... This time she slowly moved her leg on his leg whose eye lids slowly moved up feeling the movement on his leg which was very sharp (her sharp heels)... Shilpa pretended very normal looking down on her plate also hiding her smile seeing his face who looked here & there then rubbed his forehead to calm himself... She again hit his leg by her heel which made his eyes snapped opened then he gotted who can do this So he directly looked in front of him where his wife is sitting... Seeing him staring at her wd questioning look she smiled which was enough for him to understand yes she was doing that "Sorryyy..." she mouthed staring him who shook his head looking away from her calmly when she again hit his leg wd her heel making him to glare her who keeping her hands on her mouth giggled.. No one was observing them coz they all were busy on chanting where as getting irritated by her Armaan thought to teach her so he also hit her leg wd his leg.. Shilpa became surprised by his move who have a very calm look on his face making her adore him
"Haina Armaan..." KV looked at Armaan who looked away from Shilpa then at him
"Yaa..." he didn't knew what KV is talking about coz his mind was occupied by his Wify whom he showed his glare to stop but instead this she showed a cute innocent look making him amused.. She again hit his leg making him to close his eyes by his hand making her giggle so at last he thought to end this where as she guessed he is upto something so she pulled her leg back... He knowingly hit Aditi's leg thinking its Shilpa's feet who controlled hard not to laugh while Aditi became startled "Shit..." he looked away from them knowing he hit Aditi's leg
"By god ye.. Dev na kahin pe b masti sujhti hai isko" Aditi glared Dev who was sitting beside Armaan's other side infront of her "By God! Dev kya hai ye..." she directly asked angrily making Dev confused while Armaan smiled seeing this
"Kya kiya maine??" Dev narrowed his eyes
"Acha... Bahoot bhole bhaale banane ki jarurat nai hai... I know u" Aditi argued which made Shilpa to control her laugh so she stood from there trying not to show her laugh... Where as Armaan also stood to go while others where trying to stop Dev-Aditi's banter
"Hehee..." she giggled as she came from there walking inside corridor when someone jerked her behind a pillar "Armaan..." she looked at him surprisingly who caged her b/w his arms
"Maza aaya jhagda karwa k...??" he asked calmly making her giggle
"Its not becoz of me... Aapke wajah se unki ladaai hui" crossing her arms she said smilingly
"Acha... Shuru kisne kiya??" he asked in strict tone but she knows he is not at all strict right now
"Aapne..." she directly said to which he nodded calmly
"Acha... Abi batata hun.." saying this calmly he kept his hand on her waist and started tickling
"Armaan..." she dragged his name trying to escape while he smiled seeing her look... Just like this their cute little Nok Jhok started resulting in laugh

2 hours later
Old Manali
Jo teri khatir
Tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana
O zaalima, o zalima...

"Armaan.. Hum yahan kya kar rahe hai??" Shilpa asked slowly gripping his arm who smiled "Hum baaki sab ki tarah vaha kyun nai gaye??" she looked up at him
"Vo kya haina... Yahan tumhare gumne k kam chances hai" he teased her who pouted and looked up at him "Ok... Actually Manali mein snow bahoot hai.. Aur already kal raat tum shiver kar rahi thi... To maine socha tumhe Old Manali ghuma den..." entwining their hands he said calmly while walking on the bridge of Manalsu river

"Wow!! Its so beautiful..." she looked around the place making him chucked... And just like this they roamed around the place... He took her fully ripped apricots, Apple orchids, Menu temple and at last took her to the Main street wd shops on both sides "Kitni amazing place haina ye..." she looked at him who nodded in YES calmly looking for something
"Shop kahan hai..." he thought while looking for a shop where as Shilpa was constantly blabbering about the place "Haa vo rahaa..." he smiled finding that shop which made him stopped
"Armaan kya huaa??" she frowned seeing him stopped

"Kuch nai aao mere saath..." saying this calmly he gripped her wrist and took her inside the shop which was animal shop making her confused
"Armaan hum yahan kya kar rahe hai...??" she asked confusedly looking at the birds
"Aise hi socha.. Tumhe kuch logo se milaa dun" he replied calmly looking for the shopman
"Woww..." she smiled seeing the colorful birds and started looking at them wd wide smile while seeing her busy wd birds he moved towards the shopkeeper
"Sab kuch ready hai??" he asked the shopkeeper slowly to which the shopkeeper nodded in yes "Zyada khatarnaak to nai haina vo??" he asked carefully
"Nai Sir thode jangli hai.. Par kaatenge nai" the shopkeeper replied making him smile
"Thank u... Aap sab ready karo... Main aata hun lekar" He said in polite tone to which the man nodded in YES and went from there "Shilpa... Chalo kuch dikhaana hai" taking her hand in his he said calmly making her confused
"Kya huaa...??" she asked confusedly looking up at him who smiled
"Aao.. Batata hun" saying this they walked passed a door entering in Terrece which was hanging on air and was surrounded by Apple orchards
"Woww!!" she smiled seeing the view
"Abi to wow keh rahi hai... Pata nai dekhne k baad kaise react karegi" he thought worriedly standing behind her "Shilpa" he maked her face him Shilpa looked at him smilingly "See main jo kar raha hun.. Tumhaare darr ko bhagaane k liye kar raha hun.. So plzzz mujhe maaf kar dena" cupping her face he said softly making her confused... She opened her mouth to ask when she heard loud barked of Dogs which made her startled... She looked back where eleven dangerous dogs were standing encircling them but there was belt on their neck which was helded by some dog holders Shilpa's eyes widened seeing them
"Armaan..." she immediately hugged him scaredly who stepped back a little
"Relax Shilpa... See vo kuch nai karenge... Bas dara rahe hai infact zyada se zyada bhogte hi to hai" he tried to made her understand lovingly while caressing her back who didn't leaved him
"Nai ye bahoot khatarnaak hote hai... Aaahhh" she was arguing still hugging him when that dogs started barking loudly making her frightened... Their loud barks were making so noise that Armaan put his fingers inside his ears wd closed eyes while Shilpa didn't leaved him... Thirty minutes passed but still they didn't stopped where as ArSh were still at their same position standing Armaan was patiently waiting when she will calm?? then after few minutes dogs got tired and they sat quietly on floor making Shilpa to opened her eyes slowly not hearing any voice... She parted from him and turned back at the dogs fearly but founding them sitting on floor watching her she smiled Armaan opened his eyes as he felt her body part away from him and then he removed his fingers from his ears
"Goshh... Aisa lag raha hai thodi daer k liye Deaf ho gaya tha..." shaking his head he mumbled but smiled seeing her watching the dogs silently he smiled thinking may be his plan to worked?? "See... Jab tak hum inhe tamg nai karte tab tak ye kuch nai karte kisiko..." keeping his hands on her shoulder from back he said smilingly to which she looked at him and nodded in YES quietly
"But agar inme se koi pagal dog huaa to??" turning at him she asked innocently making him chuckled
"Apna chehra dikha dena bhaag jaayenge..." he taunted to which she pouted and hit his chest lightly "Haa lekin agar tum usse dikhaaogi ki tum darr gayi... To vo aur bhokega.. Haa agar patiently shaant se khadi rahogi to vo kuch nai karega" pulling her closer by her waist he said softly to which she nodded smilingly when again a dog barked making her frightened
"Armaan..." she moved closer to him who held his head
"Kisika kuch b ho sakta hai.. Tumhara kuch nai hoga... Specially in this term" he said calmly hugging her
"Dheere dheere sikhungi Armaan... Aise thodi main apna darr ek hi pal mein bhul sakti hun" she said softly still not leaving him who smiled and kissed her head
"Ye b hai..." he said calmly... After moving out from that shop they moved inside a cafe which was made on street Shilpa was veryy veryy happy to get back her love... Yes he rarely says I Love U but he always prooves He Loves Her no need of words in his love which she calculated How much she is thankful to god that she got her Armaan... Where as from Armaan side he needs more things to make her fears away from her also her insecurities coz it will only create more problems in b/w them... After the cafe he took her to the Manalsu river which she loved the most and then they returned back to Hotel in Manali
Evening time

New Year's Eve

"Heyyy Armaan... Tu Party mein nai gaya??" one of a friend's voice stopped him in corridor who turned back at him
"Nai yaar.. Mera mood nai tha" he replied politely putting his phone in his jean's pocket
"Kya baat kar raha hai yaar... Tu to party type banda tha..." he said in joking way to which he smiled
"Yaah... Acha sunn main milta hun" he said smilingly to which his friend nodded in YES nd Armaan moved ahead Yes Armaan didn't went in Party reason he was getting bored there... Yeah in College he was Party person but since he became a responsible person he lost his interest from Parties specially Fancy types... Shilpa also was'nt there coz she didn't have interest in Parties n all and when he got to know about this he was soo amused coz this is the first thing which is common b/w them... He didn't wore any fancy thing coz he was not interested His clothes were normal like a Denim shirt wd ripped denim jeans and whites shoes... Shilpa & Aditi were in costume room where Aditi is selecting a costume dress for herself Armaan got to know this by Aditi whom he called asking for Shilpa for their room's key which she have wd her

"By god!! Tum aa gayye...??" Aditi asked surprisingly as she bumped wd Armaan in middle of the way
"Wow... Looking stunning haa" he commented seeing her ready in a Anarkali style
"By God.. Sachmein..." she asked excitedly to which he nodded calmly
"U know... Anarkali ko dewaar mein chunwa do..." he said in filmy style making her giggle
"Thank u... Ab main jaaun Jahanpanah??" she bowed like Anarkali making him chuckled
"Jaao na..." he said calmly to which she nodded in YES and moved to go but stopped
"Acha haa tumhari begum andar hai.. Ajeebo gareeb costumes try karke mujhe entertain kar rahi thi... Ab jaao tumhi sambhalo usse" saying this she turned to leave while he nodded in YES and went towards the door when "Aur ek baat... Door ko andar se zor se mat band karna lock ho jaati hai..." her loud voice made him turn back at her
"Thank u..." he smiled to which waving at him she went from there and he entered inside the Room "Shilpa..." he called her name as he entered in room "Ye gayi kahan...??" he frowned keeping his hand on door which resulted the door locked wd a Thump!! Making him stunned "Oh Shit..." he looked at the door shockingly and started trying to opened the door "Kya kar diya Armaan" he scolded himself mentally still trying to opened the door when

Saanson mein teri
Nazdeekiyon ka
Ittr tu ghol de
Ghol de...

"Ooo... Aditi..." Shilpa's cheerful voice made him stopped and he turned his head back only to left stunned... His eyes stopped blinking for seconds seeing her view who was standing like a statue wearing a sky blue princess gown wd diamond necklace on her neck also diamond bracelet... But the thing was making her beautiful was the diamond crown on her head there was blue gloves on her hands also her black hairs were fully opened till her waist She is actually looking like a princess... Her both eyes were closed wd a winning smile on her face whose one hand was on her waist while other one was holding a magical crystal wand "Dekha tujhse.. Kaha tha na... I can be a frozen princess.. Lekin tu..." her sentence left incomplete as she opened her eyes which blinked twice seeing Armaan infront of her instead Aditi... She straightened herself looking at him embarrassingly "Oh teri Shilpa... Kya kar gayi" she scolded herself mentally "Tu darr kyun rahi hai... Tune koi galat kaam kiya chal aaram se khadi hoja.. Pati hai vo tera bhale hi badtameez hai to kya huaa..." her mind scolded to her who agreed "Armaan aap yahan kya kar rahe hai...??" she asked in normal tone to which he pretended in calm way

"Pehle aap ye farmaayingi... Ki aap aise kya kar rahi hai??" he asked in fake calm tone making her to roll her eyes

"Dikhta nai aapko.. Main Frozen Princess bani hun" she said proudly walking infront of him who shook his head
"Jo b ho... Pehle ye batadun ki door lock ho gaya hai... Isse kholne k liye kuch karna hoga" he said in normal tone looking back at the door
"To kholiyee.. Main to chali apni selfies lene" as he heard her non chantic answer he looked back at her angrily but his anger disappeared as he found her clicking her pics by showing different poses... Why girls love posing pics?? He thought staring at her but then ignoring her he started opening the door
"Come on... Khulja..." he said annoyingly trying to opened the door but it didn't moved an inch "Jab jab iske saath rehta hun.. Kisina kisi jagah lock jarur ho jaata hun" he muttered under his breath trying to opened the door "Dammm..." getting angry he kicked on door angrily which resulted the door knob broke and fell down on floor "Haa isse b abhi hona tha" he cursed when he heard Shilpa's laugh making him turmed back at her angrily who was laughing uncontrollably "Its not funny at all Shilpa..." he said in controlled voice but she was still laughing "U know what... Yehi rehte hai lock hokar jaana tab jab koi bahar se kholega" saying this angrily he sat one of a chair which was a King's seat
"Sorryy..." seeing him angry she controlled her laugh and walked in front of him "Maharaj aap gussa na hoiyee... Hum ye darwaaza zarur khulwaayenge...?" she said like a servant bowing her head down making him narrowed his bows

"Ho gaya jaao change..." before he could scold her more she raised her hand stopping him
"Nai... Aisa zurm na keejiyee.. Bahoot mushkil se hume hamari magical wand mili hai... Agar hum change kar lenge to humaari saari shaktiyaa chali jaayngi" she said in dramatic way making him to hide his smile but they have to moved out its getting cold here he thought
"Shilpa yaar I am serious... Hume yahan se kissi b haal me nikalna hoga.. Varna" he said calmly looking up at her who tried to hide her giggle

"Nai... Plzz aisa mat kijeeye... Hum aapke charan chute hai..." bending on floor she kept her hands on his leg bowing her head while seeing this he held his head "Bahoot mushkil se hum aur aap saath hai... Aur aap hume nikalne k liye keh rahe hai... Aisa na keejiye" she requested looking up at him who looked at her calmly

"Ho gaya na... Chalo utho aur jakar change kar k aao" he directly ordered making her angry
"Offo!! Armaan... How unromantic u r... Spoiler" stooding up she said wd grumpy look crossing her hands making him stood

"Really... Isme unromantic kya hai...??" he asked calmly making her to ignore him "Shilpa... Main tumse bol raha hun" he said firmly making her looked at him
"Haa... Toh kitni acchi place hai... Aur aapko bahar jaana hai" she said in disbelief making him to shook his head
"Achi place??" he raised his bows looking around where costumes were kept everywhere
"Haa to..." she replied cutely making him chuckled
"Acha ye batao.. Yahan rehkar hum karenge kya??" he asked calmly to which she looked at him
"Time pass... See main jaise Frozen Princess bani hun... Aap b ek Prince bano na Armaan... Mujhe dekhna hai" she said excietedly making him smile
"Correction... U r not some Frozen Princess call urself Cinderella" he corrected making her narrow her bows "Kyun ki... Vo b bhaag jaati thi... Aur tum b... Bas tum dono mein farq yehi hoga ki vo sandle chod gayi thi aur tum Kabhi Bracelet kabhi Duppatta to kabhi kuch" as he said this her mouth became in O shape
"Armaan aap..." she pointed her finger at him who glared making her looked away from him wd grumpy look but again looked at him "Acha Armaan ek bet lagaaye..." she said sweetly making him raised his bows "Agar mai jeeti to aapko prince banana hoga aur mere saath selfy leni hogi aur agar aap jeete to jo aap kahoge main karungi" she said smillingly making him to cross his arms
"Acha... Agar main nai maanun to" he asked calmly
"To matlab aap darr gayye..." she said nonchantically making him amused by her guts "Sochiyee... The great Armaan Malik.. Mujhse Shilpa Malhotra se darr gayye" she said proudly making him to look at her calmly

"Wrong... Shilpa Malik" he corrected
"Whatever... But aap sachmein darr gaye na" she challengee him who took a sigh
"Fine main b dekhta hun tum kaise jeeti ho... Bet batao" he asked normally making her smile widely
"Yeeyy... Ok... Bet ye hai ki main aapko ek shock news dungi... Aur aapko khudko shock hone se rokna hai" she said smartly which maked him chuckled
"Isme kya hai... Aaye din tum mujhe shock deti ho... To ab to aadat ho gayi hai handle karne ki" he said smillingly making her angry

"Aap mujhe firse taunt kar rahe haina" she looked at him amgrily who smiled
"Nai direct bol raha hun" he gave a fake sweet smile making her pout
"Jo b ho... Main b dekhti hun aap kaise shock nai hote... Kyun ki jo main aapko bataungi vo to sabse bada shock hoga aapke liye" she said wd a smirk making him amused
"Agar divorce k baare mein bataaogi... To pehle hi bata raha hun.. Vo mujhe shock nai dega" he said in normal tone to which she nodded in NO wd a smile "Toh fir kya hoga??" he asked suspiciously
"Jo aapne socha nai hoga" she replied coolly making his eyes wide
"Don't tell me..." he looked at her shockingly who frowned at his expressions "Don't tell me ki tum pregnant ho??" he asked in confirming tone making her stunned
"Nai... Vo..." but her words died there as she registered his words.. He was shocked?? What does that mean?? He doesn't want baby?? Why?? These thoughts came inside her brain "Dekha Shilpa... Isse baccha nai chahiyee yahan tu mar rahi hai bacche k liye par isse nai chahiyee... Ab tu kya karegi??" her mind questioned "Shilpa aisa zaruri thodi hai ki agar tujhe baccha chahiyee to inko b chahiyee... Tujhe yaad hai teri shaadi ko chaar saal hue hai jisme baccha tujhe chahiyee but Armaan k liye to tum dono ki shaadi ko ek hi saal k barabar hai... Toh usse to time chahiiyee naa..."her heart maked her understand who tried to hide her sad feeling
"Tum chup ho iska kya matlab samjhun??" he asked in serious tone making her look up at him and hiding her sad feeling she showed a fake smile
"Nai aisi koi baat nai hai... Vo koi dusri baat hai" she replied slowly to which he took a sigh making her heart sank
"So bolo kya shock dena tha??" he asked calmly but her all interest went somewhere coz of that sad feeling but when he clicked his fingers in front of her it made her to pretened normal
"Hai ek... Aap apni shirt utaariyee" she almost ordered him who smiled teasingly
"R u serious??" he asked smillingly to which she glared making him to obey her order so un doing his shirt's buttons he moved to remove when she stopped
"Main batati hun.." saying this calmly she lowered his shirt till his biceps and pointed there "Read kya likha hai" she said smillingly making him looked there confusedly where he saw 'Bracelet' name in different style "Hai na ye shock..?" she said wd winning smile to which he looked at her calmly
"To tum mujhe ye shock dena chahti thi??" he asked calmly buttoning his shirt to which she nodded smillingly but stopped seeing his calm look
"Aap shock nai huye...??" she asked wd cute questioning look to which he nodded in NO calmly "Kyun?? Aapko thodi pata tha ki ye aapke pass hai fir??" she asked wd cute anger on her face making him chuckled
"Vo isliye... Kyun ki mujhe pehle se hi pata tha ye yahan hai..." he replied calmly pulling her closer by her waist who have so many questions inside her brain
"Kabse...??" she asked doubtfully
"Tumhe kya lagta hai meri body hai aur mujhe pata nai hoga... Ye to mujhe mere accident k do hafto baad hi pata chal gaya tha" he replied wd a smile seeing her bewildered look "To tumhe kya laga... Main aise hi kisi ko call karke puchunga ki aapka naam Bracelet hai sirf is basis pe to bilkul nai ki uska number mere paas hai... But is basis pe zarur ki uske naam ka tattoo mere bicep pe hai" looking at her he said calmly making her to put her hands in her mouth shockingly "Aur mujhe laga mujhe shock karogi" he chuckled seeing her face
"Aapko tabse pata tha...??" she asked still in shock to which he chuckled
"Nai... Ye nai pata tha ki Bracelet kaun hai but ye zarur pata tha ki iska naam mere arm pe hai... Bich mein to mujhe lagne laga tha ki mera affair hoga coz as u all said mein... Ki main hamesha bahar rehta tha... To mujhe to yehi lagta tha" he answered calmly making her stunned "Ab ho gaya na... Nai huaa main shock... Ab plzz jao ye torturing sa dress change karo... Ye mera order hai" he ordered making her angry
"Excuse me.. Isse pehna maine hai to torture aapko kyun kar raha hai??" she asked angrily making him to calm himself coz she didn't have idea why he said that coz her dress was making a desire inside him to remove her dress and made her his again
"Tum nai samjhogi... Jaao change karo" he replied sternly making her more angry
"Aap.. Itne sadu unromantic kyun hai Armaan... I hate u" it just slipped from her mouth making him smiled and she went from there angrily in Changing Room Already she was feeling sad at his reaction on that pregnancy news also he knew about tattoo added more fuel in fire but then his orders made her angry plus sad "Hamesha mood kharab kar dete hai... Main hi pagal hun jo zyada sochti hun... Aaj se kabhi kuch bolungi hi nai" she blabbered wd moist eyes throwing her crystal wand on a sofa but unaware of her he heard her words which made him guilty Why she is soo innocent?? He thought

"Ab to door b lock ho gaya hai... Main bahar kaise jaaungi.. Kyun ki iswaqt to main inke saath nai reh sakti bilkul nai... Socha tha enjoy karungi ye time but nai Mr Stubborn ko bahar jaana hai... To fir jaaye mujhe kya" she cursed him while trying to unclock her bracelet when someone stopped her hand gripping her wrist... Before she could looked up she was jerked by him almost banging her wd his chest "Huh!!" she looked up at him wd wide eyes while he smiled seeing her surprised look
"Aapko nai lagta aap bahoot zyada gussa karti hai..." he said wd smile while tucking her strands of hairs behind her ear who was stunned to see him like a Prince Yes he wore a crown on his head and a red jacket opened fully showing his bare abs "Aise ghurne se kuch nai hoga... Jaaiyee humaare liye coffee laaiyee" he said in fake serious tone like a prince which made her to hide her smile who parted from him
"Excuse me... Main har waqt mood mein nai rehti" she said proudly making him smiled
"Gustaakh Princess... Tumhe to hum aisi saza denge ki tum zindagi bhar yaad rakhogi" saying this calmly he took her out from Changing Room and made her stand in middle of the Changing Room while he himself sat at that King's chair "Jaaiyee hamare liye coffee laaiyee" he ordered like a prince making her smile
"I think aapko kisine bataya nai... Prince log coffee nai peete... Aur agar peeni hai hai to aapke baaju ek khaali cup hai usse hi coffee samajh kar pee lijiye... Par hum nai jaayenge" she said in fake amgry tone crossing her arms making him chuckled but showing his serious look he picked that empty cup and looked at her

"Gustaakh badtameez naacheez Princess... Zyada hoshiyaari hamaare saamne nai chalegi... Ab hum jo kehte hai vo karo" he said in strict calm tone making her to hide her smile "As u said inside... So entertain me" he ordered wd a arrogant look making her to shook her head
"Kyun?? Hum aapko kyun entertain karen...?? Hum b Princess hai aise hi kisi b Prince k saamne hum kuch nai karte... Aur vaise b hum aapke Gulaam nai samjhe" she said proudly making him to hide his smile
"Bahoot bol liyaa... Agar tum nai karogi... To tumhe direct dewaar mein chunwa denge... Yaa fir Coufin mein lock karwa denge" stooding up he ordered making her giggle "Hamare saamne hasne ki himmat kaise hui tumhaari... Ab iski saza milegi tymhe... Aaj se abhi se hum tumhara TV dekhna band karwaate hai not to forget Allu Arjun aur Mahesh Babu ki movies b" saying this he sat back wd fake anger look making her not to laugh infront of him

"Nai.. Jahapnaahh ASUAM (Akdu Sadu Unromantic Armaan Malik)... Aisa mat kijiyee... Aisa zurm mujh naazuk kali pe... Nai mat kijiye" she bend again holding his knees who smiled also got confused hearing ASUAM what was that?? He thought "Aap jaisa kahengi vaise karungi.. Bas aap hukum to karo" she looked up at him wd her fake innocent look making him smile
"Thik hai hum tumhe paanch minute dete hai.. Hume entertain karo" he ordered calmly making her to nod in YES cutely while standing up "Yaad rakhna na paanch minute se kam na zyada" he said calmly while showing his finger a little making her smile and she went inside to think something to pleased him who smiled heartily seeing her happy "Kya kya nai karna padta pyaar k liye" he thought smilingly keeping his head back on the chair post when his cell rang "KV??" he frowned seeing KV's number "Haa KV bol ??" he asked normally keeping that crown on side table

"Oye kahan hai tu...?? Kabse dhundh raha hun main" KV asked in serious voice while here he removed his jacket
"Aree main to hun kahin.. But kya huaa tu mujhe kyun dhundh raha hai??" he asked normally while wearing back his denim Shirt and buttoned them
"Aise hi tu dikha nai na.." KV replied smilingly which made him chuckled
"Ho gaya tera baccho jaisa reaction... Ab Party mein dhyaan de" he suggested moving towards the door trying to opened them
"Kaise... Sirf do ghante reh gaye hai New Year k liye... Aur tu gayab hai" KV asked calmly making him smile
"Haa vo.. Tu ruk main aata hun" he replied normally "But kaise aaunga.. Vo Costume Room mein main lock ho gaya hun... I mean door ka knob tut gaya hai" he informed calmly
"Kya?? Tab tu back side ka door khol... Vo thik hai" KV said smilingly making him stunned
"R u serious... Back side door b hai??" he asked surprisingly to which KV replied in YES
"Ab to aa... Bahoot important kaam hai" KV insisted making him thought for sometime
"Acha thik hai main aata hun..." saying this he hung up the phone and ran to check the back side's door which opened in just a click "Yes... Khul gaya" he smiled widely and thought to call Shilpa but as he moved to call her when his cell rang "Hello... Haa Sid bol" he received the call while moving out from that Room coz of network problem... He talked wd Sid for some critical case and talking wd Sid when he reached in Hall he didn't realized "Acha chal baad mein baat karta hun... Agar us case mein aur koi problem ho to bata mujhe... Bye" saying this he hung up the phone "Ab.. Shilpa ko wapas laaun... Baat karte karte kab yahan pahuch gaya mujhe pata hi nai chala..." he muttered to himself and was about yo turn when
"Heyyy.. Armaan its so long time yaar..." Armaan's old friend Gautam's voice made him turned back at him
"Gautam... How r u man" he smiled widely while hugging him who responded equally
"Aur kaisa hai tu...??" he asked happily as they parted from hug
"Main to thik hun... Tu bata..." Armaan asked smilingly and they got busy in talking making him to forgot Shilpa who came out from Changing Room in a very stunning look but not finding him she frowned... But as her eyes landed on exit door she gotted he went out which was a hurt for her... So getting hurt picked her phone from table
"Shilpa... Kuch negative mat soch... Kaam hoga unko.. Isliye gayye honge... Haa" mumbling to herself she moved out from that Room She wore a purple & black one piece wd stockings on her leg also black high heels her hairs were opened straight wd a cute hair band on her head "I think mujhe... Na Armaan ko ek New Year gift dena chahiyee" she thought smilingly entering in hall where the Party was going wd full swing Her eyes searched him in whole party where everyone dressed in different different fancy dresses... At last she saw him who was talking wd his friend she smiled widely and moved to go towards him when her feet stopped seeing a girl behind Armaan
"Armaan... Pehchaano mujhe" that girl put her palms on his eyes who puts his hand on her palms
"Don't tell me... Sonali Manali mein tum ho??" as Armaan made her fun her mouth dropped and she came infront of him
"Armaan... Kam se kam ab to acche se baat kiya karo" Sonali said in fake serious tone making Gautam smiled while Armaan rolled his eyes "But jo b ho... Its good to see u" saying this she hugged him who was stunned at her guts but Shilpa's mouth dropped seeing the scene when she heard someone took Sonali's name while moving towards Armaan & Group... Which was enough for her to understand Yes she is Sonali.. Armaan's Ex... She scanned Sonali from top to bottom who wore a red one piece which reached till her thighs almost revealing her body and not wanting to stand there she went from there wd unknown sadness in her heart when she bumped wd Dev(Batman) & Arjun(Spiderman) both were looking so cute that Shilpa giggled seeing them and they both entertained her by their joking also informed how in school days they both always became Batman & Spider man in fancy types of parties also they commented she is looking beautiful in this dress... Being wd them she forgot everything and was laughing wd them Armaan was talking wd Gautam also was ignoring Sonali when his eyes landed on his wife... He forgot to blinked seeing her laughing wd her heart out right now she is looking so amazing that he excused from Gautam & Sonali

In ArSh's Room

Before New Year

Main hi kyun ishq
Zahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de
Bol de
Tu bhi kabhi bol de
Bol de...

"Haa.. Surbhi main to kehti hun... Tum direct usse delete kardo..." she said smilingly gripping her phone tightly "Haa... Vohi to.. Kitna funny haina" she giggled looking out of the window Where as Armaan looked at his wrist watch tiredly then looked at the couch where Shilpa is sitting and he was sitting on edge of the Bed

"Ye accha tarika hai... Mujhe torture karne ka..." he mumbled under his breath looking at her "Do minute mein New Year start hoga... Aur yahan meri Wife... Mujhe bhav b nai de rahi hai... I am missing our last New year" he thought staring at her who was constantly talking on phone wd Surbhi... Its been one hour since he came back in their Room but as he entered in Room he found her on phone whom he noticed now she was still wearing that which was making hard for him to control himself while she glanced at him then again got busy on phone... He remembered in Party when he moved to meet her she excused and moved from there unknowningly that he was coming to meet her... He was about to follow her when KV stopped him and then 15 minutes later he entered in room only to find her like this " Its enough... Shilpa..." getting irritated he called her who looked at him and showed her finger to quiet eyeing him whose mouth dropped seeing her unintrested and after waiting for 15 minutes he got annoyed "Happy New Year... Armaan" he mocked at himself looking at her who was wishing Surbhi happily
"I know.. I hope ye New Year bahoot saari... Good... Newss laaye" she wished happily while stooding up from couch when "Huh ..!!" her breath stopped as he jerked her towards him making her banged wd his chest

"Bahoot ho gaya..." saying this angrily he snatched her phone whose eyes became big "Happy New Year Surbhi... Kal baat karte hai gud night" wishing Surbhi in fake sweet tone he switched her phone off
"Par.. Mr Khan..." but Surbhi was late phone was switched off from other side already which made her giggle "Mr Khan... Naa" she smiled looking at the phone where as seeing her phone on bed Shilpa got angry

"Armaan.. How dare u... Mera phone kaise pheka aapne??" pushing him lightly she said angrily to which he pulled her back on his arms
"Tumhe nai lagta aaj New Year hai to hume ek dusre k saath time spend karna chahiyee" he said calmly tucking her hairs behind her shoulder
"Sorryy... Mera mood nai hai" pushing him she turned her back at him and crossed her arms making him smile Yes She is still angry wd him he thought
"Ab tak gussa ho??" he asked carefully standing right behind her who turned back at him
"Nai.. Main kyun gussa houngi... Vo right to sirf aapka hai..." she gave him a fake smile making him chuckled
"Matlab sachmein gussa hai" he thought smilingly looking at her who have a grumpy look on her face "Acha sorryy... But ab plzz New Year hume kharab nai karna chahiyee... U know I want to spend this day wd u" he said softly moving to cup her face who showed her grumpy look and stepped back
"Nai.. Koi zarurat nai hai.. Mujh jaisi boring ladki k saath apna New Year kharab karne ki... Vo kya haina main aap jaisi entertaining nai hun na..." she said in her extra fake sweet tone making him chuckled
"Boring aur tum... Nai Baba... Tum to bahoot entertaining ho..." pulling her closer by her waist he said lovingly making her looked away from him
"Armaan... Plzz mujhe faltu ki baaton mein laane ki zarurat nai hai... I just hate u already... Aap jaakar apni Party enjoy kariye... Aur mujhe akela chod dijiyee" pushing him again she said angrily making him to understand her level of anger
"Tumhe akela chodna... Yaani kamre ko aur boring banana..." he said teasingly to which her mouth opened in 'O shape'
"Tab aap ek kaam kyun nai karte... Is kamre ko entertain kariye... Vaise b aap bahoot accha gaate hai... But plz mujhse durr rahiyee" saying this wd grumpy anger she turned to go when he blocked her way


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