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Part 47 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"The very essence of romance is uncertainty."

"Isse accha main tumhe na entertain kar dun" as he said smlingly she chuckled
"Joke of the day... Kyun ki mujhe farq nai padta aap kuch b karen..." she said in extra fake sweet tone pointing at his chest who hide his smile
"Really dekhte hai..." he challenged to which she rolled her eyes
"Dekh lena..." saying this wd attitude she turned to go when

Ek ho gaye
Hum aur tum...

Hearing his voice she stopped wd wide eyes did she heard his voice?? She thought confusedly... No no she must be over thinking How can he sung that is for her?? But may be?? No

Humma humma

She looked back at him who was standing calmly wd a teasing smile on his face while his hands were put inside his jean's pocket which made her think No he didn't sang it was her illusion and turned to go when

Toh udd gayi

Neende re
Heyyy humma...

Stopping her by her wrist he sang calmly making her eyes wide who turned back at him and as she turned he jerked her towards him almost making her bang wd his hard rock chest where as she was only staring at him stunningly

Ek ho gaye
Hum aur tum
Toh udd gayi
Neende re...

Singing this wd a smile he tucked her strand of hairs behind her ear who was looking at him surprisingly while he was holding her firmly by her waist and her both hands were resting on his chest who bend his head near her cheek

Aur khanki payal
Masti mein
Toh kangan...

Whispering this softly he grabbed her one hand and wd an instant twirled her who got stunned when she landed on his chest making him smile he pulled her closer by her waist while nuzzling his face on her neck who closed her eyes getting lost in his touch

Yeh pehli
Baar mile
Tumpe ye
Dum nikle...

Cupping her one cheek he sang wd a smile and immediately turned her touching her back wd his chest who looked at her from behind Shilpa's all anger went into gutter hearing his voice she looked at him who winked making her looked down shyly

Tumpe ye
Dheere dheere
Maddham machle re...

Staring at her from back he brushed his nose wd her who smiled shyly while his one hand was on her waist other was one her shoulder holding her firmly he bend his head towards her face to which she giggled and removing his hands she ran only to look back at him wd a giggle

Humma humma
Humma humma

"Aapko kya lagta hai... Aap mujhe gaana gaa kar impress karenge...??" she asked wd a teasing smile on her face while stepping back making him smile

"Sorry... Main tumhe impress nai kar raha ok... Vo to mera mood kar raha hai... So main gaa raha hun" stepping ahead he replied calmly making her to nod in fake serious mood
"To fir gaaiyee... Par mujhse durr rehkar" stepping back she said wd her cute attitude tone making him chuckled

Hey humma humma
Humma humma

"Vo to nai ho sakta..." saying this stubbornly he pulled her towards him firmly
"Kyun nai ho sakta??" she asked knowingly keeping her both hands around his neck who gripped her waist firmly

"Aise hi mera mood meri Biwi" he said in fake serious tone making her giggle
"To fir main b nai reh sakti..." saying this smilingly she pushed him lightly wd a giggle making him amused
"Tumhe to abi batata hun..." he said calmly trying to hold her wrist who stepped back wd a giggle

Mujhe dar is baat ka hai bas
Ke kahin na ye raat nikal jaaye
Mere itne b paas tu aa mat
Kahin mere haathon se na
Baat nikal jaaye...

"Kya bataayenge aap...??" she stepped closer to him wd a teasing smile on her face making him amused
"Yehi ki.. Tum pagal ho" he replied in very calm tone making her to rolled her eyes
"Toh aap mere saath kya kar rahe hai.. Aapko to mujhse durr rehna chahiyee" she said in full fake serious tone pointing at his chest who smiled
"Vo kya haina... Ab aadat pad chuki hai tumhaare saath rehne ki..." he said calmly gripping her pointed finger
"To aadaten badli b jaa sakti hai..." pulling her hand back she said normally making him smile

Bolunga sach mai jo de tu ijazat
Sabar bhi ab karne laga bagawat
Zulfein hain zaalim aur aankhen hai aafat
Lagta hai hone waali hai qayamat...

"Haa vo to hai... But unfortunately tum.. Ab meri zaroorat ban gayi ho... So I can't do anything" pulling her closer he said softly making her smile
"Hmmm... Ab ye problem ban gayi hai... To isse kaise change karen??" she asked in fake thoughtfull look keeping her hands around his neck who chuckled at her cute expression

"Main to kehta hun.. Change karne ki zarurat hi nai hai... Ab bahoot daer ho chuki hai" he replied in same tone keeping his hands on her waist firmly
"Aree zyada daer thodi hui hai.. Abi b kuch ho sakta hai" she said wd a smile making him to shook his head

Mat tadpa aise tu
Na kar na-insaafi
Jo galti karne wala hoon main
Uske liye pehle se hi
Maangta hoon.maafi
Aye aye...

"Ho sakta haina.. Agar tum thodi sudhar jaao" he said meaningfully making her giggle they were moving slowly slowly like a couple dance

"Ho to ye b sakta hai... Agar aap bhi pagal ban jao..." tip toeing her feet she moved her face near his ear and whispered slowly making him amazed by her act

"Tumhe dikh nai raha... Addhe se zyada tumne mujhe apne jaisa bana hi liya hai" pulling her closer he said softly staring deep at her green almoned eyes
"Plan to pura ka tha.. But aadha b chalega" she said wd a giggle making him smile who bend his face near her lips while pulling her closer
"Mujhe lagta hai pura b ban jaaunga agar zyada daer saath raha to..." gripping her chin firmly he whispered making her blush "But ab soch raha hun ban hi jaaun" saying this huskily he bend his head to kiss her who smiled shyly and pushing him lightly she turned to go when

Khili chandni
Jaisa ye badan
Janam mila tumko...

Pulling her back by her wrist wd sudden speed that twirled and landed on his arms who sang huskily playing wd her hairs smillingly making her heartbeat skipped

Mann mein
Socha tha jaisa
Roop tera
Aaya nazar humko...

Gripping her waist firmly by his one hand he bended her wd him while holding her one hand by his other hand her one hand was holding his shoulder who sang while rubbing his nose tip on her cheek who closed her eyes feeling him

Sitam khuli khuli
Ye sanam gori gori
Ye baahein karti hai yun...

Keeping her one hand around his neck she sang slowly as they stood for dance he pulled her closer by her waist nuzzling on her hairs who smiled shyly

Humein tumne
Jab gale lagaya
Toh kho hi gaye hum...

She sang as he twirled her around then pulling her back in his arms firmly she stared him lovingly who kissed her cheek softly making her blushed wd thudding heartbeat

Humma humma
Humma humma

Caressing her hairs lovingly he kissed her nose who smiled ruffling his hairs making him to eye her for this scene which made her giggle so she again did that wd mischievous grin on her face Armaan gripped her both wrist firmly and pulled her closer

Hey humma humma
Humma humma

She closed her eyes as he kissed on her neck firmly making her heartbeat skipped he pulled her closer by her waist and swiftly lifted her up in his arms who kept her both hands around his neck smilingly

Ek ho gaye
Hum aur tum...

She sang while pinching his nose lightly who made her laye on bed wd him above her she looked at him smilingly as stared her lovingly

Humma humma

He traced her neckline by his index finger making her closed her eyes slowly by his sensuous touch while he remove her hairs from her shoulder and kissed her there making her heartbeat skipped

Toh udd gayi

Neende re...

She cupped his face lovingly as he faced her wd a smile she kissed his chin who showed his dimples and lightly pecked on her lips making her breath stopped for seconds then entwining her hand wd his he started placing kisses on her neck... His hands were feeling every curves of her lostly whose hands moved inside his hairs to caress it when he carefully removed her skirt still lost in her who was completely dazed by him... Wdin a hour their clothes were out from their bodies and wrapped in that cozy comforter they were exploring each other Starting their New Year wd wonderful togetherness..

"Armaan..." she moaned his name as he was claiming her again and again their love is beyond their imagination First they talks They banters over it They argues Then fights and at the end Ends wd their Love.. Is it a love right?? where everything accepted wd open heart weather it is bad or good... 


"Happy New Year..." he whispered softly while cupping her one cheek who opened her eyes slowly coz of their passionate love making.. He was laying above her still in that blanket

"Same too u..." cupping his cheek she smiled and kissed his chin who kissed her nose blissfully and then he layed beside her taking her in a hug "Armaan aapko pata hai... Aaj Party mein maine kya dekha" putting her head on his chest she said slowly where as he just hummed wd closed eyes "Maine na kisi ko to Hulk k costume mein dekha... Vo real dikh raha tha" and she started saying about the party unknown to that he was fast asleep 15 minutes passed when she didn't heard any word from him she looked up at him only to left smiling seeing him sleeping peacefully... Staring at him lovingly her eyes also got closed getting tiredness in her body... That's their relation which moves up & down but at the end stopped at their love

3 weeks later

In Bhopal

ArSh's House

Leke jaan hi
Jaayega meri
Kaatil har tera
Bahaana hua...

"Armaan aap kyun koi meri baat nai sunte..??" a calm Shilpa blocked his way who crossed his arms staring at her
"Shilpa maine bola na... Ye mera last decision hai matlab last" he said calmly concentrating on file
"Armaan... Renovation ka matlab samajhte hai aap...?? Vo b pura ghar renovate??" snatching his file she asked angrily making him to stared her calmly
"Haa renovation ka matlab hai.. Ki main chahta hun ki kuch nai look dun is ghar ko" replying this calmly he kept his hands on her shoulder "Dhyaan se dekho kya tumhe nai lagta ki isse renovation ki jarurat hai" making her to look at the house he asked cutely making her looked at him uninterestingly
"Nai.. Mujhe aise hi accha lag raha hai... Pata nai aapko kyun problem ho rahi hai" she said crossing her arms to which he pulled her closer by her waist
"Kyun ki main chahta hun.. Thoda sa change karun is ghar ko... I mean kitna puraana ho gaya hai ye style..." he said smilingly making her smiled "U know thoda naya try karna chahiyee" he said calmly making her to take a sigh
"Acha... Fir jab ghar me tod fod hogi to main aur Breezer jaayenge kahan??" she asked normally to which he started thinking something
"Haa ye b hai..." he nodded thoughtfully
"Exactly... Abi zaruri nai hai ye..." stepping back she said smilingly crossing her arms
"Nai abi hi karna hai ye... Bas" he almost ordered making her angry
"Oh.. Accha.. Tab hum Terrace pe rahenge kya... Jab ye sab renovate hoga" she asked in sarcastic tone making him smile
"Not a bad idea... Actually we can stay on Terrace" he said in fake serious tone making her angry
"Fine... Aapko jo karna hai karo... Mujhe kya" crossing her arms she said angrily making him to shook his head and he hugged her from behind
"Shilpa yaar... Problem kya hai?? See main to isse renovate is liye karvaana chahta hun.. Kyun ki ye ghar humara hai to... Yahan ki cheeze humari choice ko honi chahiyee sirf meri nai" he explained looking at her from behind who looked at him smillingly "Aur raha sawaal rehne ka to... Pehle neeche ka renovation hoga fir uper ka... Sab ek saath nai..." he made her understand carefully which made her to nod in YES slowly "Good... Ab chalo mujhe batao kya kya change karna hai??" he asked smillingly making her to turned at him
"Aapko..." as she said in fake serious tone he leaved her calmly
"Aur kuch...??" crossing his arms he asked in fake calm tone
"Haa.. Main soch rahi hun.. Ki Breezer ko hata k... Kuch do teen pyaare pyaare Rabbits Birds Cats lekar aaun" hiding her smile she said thoughtfully making him to shook his head
"Haa.. Zoo khol k rakkha haina maine... Infact main to kehta hun ghar mein saare animals laake rakh dete hai... Aur Bhopal mein news de dete hai ki kisiko agar Zoo dekhna hai to aao mere ghar mein... Meri wife free service mein dikhaaygi" as he said sarcastically she laughed making him smile
"Not a bad idea" hugging him smilingly she said cutely making him to put his hand on her back engulfing her more into him when Breezer making her looked back parting from him and seeing her Breezer jumped on Her "Aaww Breezer..." she made a face as Breezer jumped on her making Armaan chuckled
"Acha Shilpa... Tum mujhe batao... Colour kaunsa choose karna hai ghar k liye??" he asked calmly checking something on phone
"Red Pink Orange Purple aur Yellow ko chod k kuch b" she replied cutely while playing wd Breezer but hearing this he chuckled
"Sab girlish thi... But ek b choose nai ki kyun??" he asked smilingly sitting on sofa
"Pata nai..." she replied normally kneeling infront of Breezer and ruffled his hairs cutely when her eyes landed on floor beside Breezer It was her old Tab which have her old memories "Aree... Ye kisne laaya yahan.. Ye to Room mein tha??" she frowned picking the tab making Armaan to looked at her but as he saw the Tab he stood shockingly "Ye to aapke paas thi na Armaan??" stooding up she asked confusedly making him to watch her shockingly
"Yaah... Maine bahar nikal di thi... Shayad Breezer laaya hoga" he replied slowly moving towards her who smiled
"Acha hai fir to... Ruko main open karti hun" saying this smilingly she touched the screen to open when he stopped her hand
"Pehle jaao mere liye coffee laao... Fir dekhna" taking the tab from her hand he said calmly
"Par Armaan..." she moved to argue
"Shilpa... Jaao.." but stopped his glare who almost ordered her to which stumping her foot on floor she went inside Kitchen wd grumpy look "Pheww..." he took a sigh moving towards their room "Isse pehle Shilpa us video k dekhe... Mujhe delete kar dena chahiyee..." mumbling this he sat on couch and opened that video to watch that for last time... Its been three weeks after their 'Humma Humma' night which he cant forget he didn't remember when he slept but he still cant forget their any moment Where as Shilpa's sleep was far away from sleep coz whole night she thought about baby thing but seeing his face she forgot that also... Morning was late for her coz he woke first and finding her sleeping he smiled and caressed her hairs lovingly who snuggled closer to him making him chuckled when his cell rang diverting him from his wife It was from KV who scolded him for not coming wd their boys team on sky diving to which he replied wait there he is coming... And getting ready he wrote a note informing about Sky diving he went from there locking the room after three hours of good sleeping she woke tiredly but as she read his note she became angry and wd her grumpy look she freshen up... Whole day she roamed wd Aditi & Aaysha wd their kids also Shivanya & Riya company them in evening Shivanya introduced Shilpa wd Sonali... Meeting Sonali a J-factor came inside her which she tried to ignore while Sonali also formed a formal smile and talked her few minutes coz of that same J-factor... At evening Armaan return in room and found Shilpa combing her hairs for KV & Shivanya's Bachelor Party in Pub She is looking so gorgeous right now he cant take off his eyes from her who wore a white chiffon net saari wd shining golden thin border...

Shaking his head he went to change for Party and wearing a brown crisp shirt wd formal light cream colour pant he gelled up his hairs when he saw her watching at the space wd serious look

Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyaar ka
Fasaana hua...

"Agar main aise neeche Party mein gayi... To kahin vo log mujhe Behenji type na samjhe... Armaan k kitne friends honge vahan... Uper se Sonali b jo kitni hot hai comparing to me..." she thought worriedly while biting her nails "Gadhi... Jab Party Western hai to tujhe kya jarurat thi saari pehene ki..." her mind scolded her "Toh ab kya kare ye..." her heart questioned "Change kar aur proove kar ki tu b Hot hai... Taaki Armaan ki nazar tujhpe se hate hi nai" her mind suggested to which she nodded cutely making Armaan to stare her smilingly but then it clicked inside his brain that Its a Western Party but how can he say this coz she is looking breathtaking now which was making him out of control... If its not KV's Bachelor Party he would have cancelled to go there just to spend time wd her but he knows if he would not go there KV will kill him... Before he could move towards her to inform about the party she turned and left a little shock to find him here "Aap kab aaye Armaan??" she asked frowningly to which he pulled her closer by her waist who looked at him surprisingly

"Main aadhe ghante se aaya hun... Ready b ho chuka... But tum batao kya soch rahi ho kabse??" he asked calmly playing wd her earring whose eyes widened hearing this
"Bata de.. Ki tujhe Party mein jaane ka koi mood nai hai..." her mind said "Nai aisa kuch mat bol.. Kyun ki Armaan k friend ki Party hai sab honge vaha aur tere baare mein puchenge..." her heart said which she followed "Vo main.. Haa... Maine na galti se saari pehen liya... Bhul gayi thi ki neeche Western Party hai..." she replied slowly making him smile
"Toh ab??" he asked calmly pulling her closer to him by her bare waist
"Ab... Change karungi... Tab tak aap neeche jaao... Main change karke aati hun" pushing him lightly she replied normally
"Tum ready ho jaao main wait karta hun" he said lovingly putting his hands inside his pant's pocket
"Nai Armaan aap jaao main aati hun... Bacchi thodi hun... Jaao" she said normally removing her bangles making him to shook his head
"Fine... Par jaldi neeche aana.. Main jaa raha hun" he said calmly picking his phone from table to which she nodded quietly... He turned to go when he turned back at her
"Armaan..." she looked at him surprisingly as he banged her wd his chest who has a smile on his face
"Ek chiz kehna tha..." he said softly playing wd her hairs who looked at him nodding in yes "Tum is saari mein bahoot khubsoorat lag rahi ho" he whispered softly kissing her cheek who blushed when he moved to kiss her lips she kept her palm on his lips
"Aap neeche jaao..." she said smilingly to which he rolled his eyes entwining her hand which was kept on his lips
"Jaa raha hun.. Jaldi aana" pecking her lips he moved back and went out of the room leaving her smiling... So choosing a golden sleeveless shining top wd black jeans till her anklet She opened her hairs in straight and wore a golden round earrings.. Wearing her golden high heels she walked out of the room not before locking it properly she reached inside party hall wd Aditi and got involved wd everyone... Armaan was talking wd Aditya when his eyes landed on his wife who was looking So hot right now he cant explain in words he was amazed by her few minutes ago she was looking a perfect Traditional beauty and now a Western queen... He scanned her from top to bottom her smile made his heart's chords again skipped when he noticed something she is talking wd Sonali that to normally wd other girls in hall He was amazed by Shilpa coz She must be the first Indian wife who can easly talked wd her Husband's Ex
"Isko jealousy nai hoti... Itne aaram se ye baat kar rahi hai Sonali k saath as if vo kuch nai hai... Jab mujhe Ansh se itni problem hai jab ki vo iska friend hai Sonali to meri Ex thi fir ye kaise normally baat kar sakti hai..." he thought staring at her from far "Exactly.. Kiya se b normal thi ye.. Bas isko problem thi to Tanu se jiski koi galti nai thi..." he reminded himself mentally "Nai Armaan problem to hogi isse.. Bas dikha nai rahi hai... Isse jealous to hona chahiyee Sonali se... But ye proove kaise karunga main" his mind said to him who was observing her... Party was on full swing everyone was dancing and enjoying Shilpa was getting bored so she thought to go when someone tapped on her shoulder from behind making her to look back but no one was there she frowned when someone jerked her towards him by her arm

Tu shama hai toh
Yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon
O zaalima o zalima...

"Armaan..." she lightly hit his chest as he caged her in his arms "Aapne to mujhe dara hi diya tha..." she said wd grumpy look making him chuckled
"I know... Acha tum jaa kaha rahi thi??" he asked calmly leaving her waist
"Aise hi walk kar rahi thi" she replied normally while crossing her arms making him smile
"Acha tum Sonali se milli...??" he asked calmly hiding that teasing tone making her look at him who stood beside her "U know meri pehli aur aakhiri Ex thi..." he said knowingly trying to see her reaction who was looking calm Armaan already knew she knows about Sonali and his relation coz she herself told angrily when they were in Udaipur also he knows himself that on those three years he must have told about his Past
"Jaanti hun" she answered strictly looking away from him still wd crossed arms making him smile
"Tumhe kaise pata?? Maine thodi bataya tumhe??" he asked calmly hiding his smile to which she smacked herself mentally
"Aap.. Aapne mujhe bataya tha..." she replied slowly to which he nodded in fake serious look
"Toh.. Tum milli usse??" he asked knowingly which made her angry that why he is so interested to make her meet wd his Ex??
"Haa milli... Toh??" looking at him she asked angrily making him hide his smile
"Toh kaisi lagi... Acchi haina vo??" he asked just to see her jealous reaction who fumed hearing this
"Aapko kya problem hai... Agar mujhe acchi lagi yaa nai" glaring him she asked angrily to which he chuckled
"Kuch jal raha hai... Nai??" he asked wd fake innocent look making her to understand that he was trying to make her jealous
"Main kyun jalungi kisi se... Mujhe koi farq nai padta.. Agar aap kissi se baat karen yaa na karen.." crossing her arms she said wd attitude while looking away from him who chuckled again
"Beech mein main kaise aa gaya.. ??" as he asked in fake serious tone looking at her from behind she closed her eyes smacking herself mentally
"Aamm.. Mujhe yaad aaya mujhe Aditi se kuch puchna hai" looking at him she said in fake tone making him hide his smile and before she could turned to go he gripped her wrist stopping her
"Aacept karlo... Ki tumhe mujhe kisi aur k saath dekh k jealousy hoti hai" whispering softly on her ear he stared her who gulped
"Mujhe kisi se koi jealousy nai hoti... Chahe aap kuch b kare" looking at him she said confidently making him smirk
"We will see" he said calmly and went from there wd a smile leaving her there
"Kya chal raha hai inke dimaag mein" she thought worriedly and shaking her head she moved to go when Aaysha stopped her asking to go wd her in hall coz she was also getting bored... Shilpa was standing in corner side wd Aaysha talking on some random topics when she heared about couple dance where all the couples started dancing Shilpa was standing alone when Rehaan came and gave her a small gift box... She frowned looking at him who smiled and informed its from Surbhi who ordered him on phone to buy a gift for Shilpa hearing this she giggled while opening the gift slowly while Rehaan took her video saying Surbhi wants to see her reaction while opening the gift... She smiled as she saw the gift it was a golden bracelet wd lots of dancing drops on it which maked him giggle and she thanked her on video also wore that for Surbhi... Rehaan & Shilpa were talking when she saw Armaan who was dancing wd a girl that too closely making her shocked
"Ye kaunsi ladki hai Bhaijaan k saath" Rehaan's question made her look at him
"Kaun hai ye??" she asked slowly wd hurt look making Rehaan to observe the girl whose back was facing them
"Armaan... Tumhe lagta hai ye work karega??" Riya asked slowly looking at him whose eyes were only staring Shilpa
"Ofcourse... Work karega... Tum bas Arjun ko observe karo" he replied normally moving wd her calmly his one hand was on her waist other was holding her hand while Riya's one hand was kept on his shoulder and she was looking behind Armaan were Arjun's eyes were playing hide n seek Actually the thing is Riya asked Arjun for dance but he refused So seeing her sad Armaan asked her hand for dance but as they reached on floor his eyes landed on Shilpa which made a idea inside him to make her jealous also Arjun So he showed Riya's back towards Shilpa so that she cant recognize who the girl is??
"Pehle tum mujhe batao... Tumhare Bhai ki aur kitni GFs hai??" a angry Shilpa asked Rehaan who looked at her scaredly
"Bhabhi Bhaijaan k life mein aapke siwa koi nai hai... Agar thi to Sonali bas koi nai" he replied slowly
"To vo Malika Sherwat dance kar rahi hai unke saath" she asked in sarcastic way glaring him who gulped when she saw Armaan's head hidden behind the girl's face making her mouth opened in 'O shape wd hurtful' look where as Armaan chuckled seeing her look who smashed the gift box hurtfully by her hands He can saw her jealous "Apne Bhai se keh dena... Ki unka divorce to confirm hai" warning this angrily to Rehaan she went from there angrily leaving Rehaan to look at Armaan who asked through eyes what happened to which Rehaan showed his finger at him pointing at his neck hinting Armaan is going to dead which was enough for him to understand the situation so excusing from Riya he ran where Shilpa disappeared last.. Shilpa was cursing him angrily while walking in corridor when Armaan came and blocked her way
"Kabse bula raha hun... Ek baar mud k to dekhti" gripping her wrist he asked pantingly making her realize he came for her but remembering his dance wd another girl she got angry and pulled her hand back

Jo teri khatir
Tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana
O zaalima, o zaalima...

"Kyun aapke dance mein problem hui kya??" she asked wd her fake sweet tone making him amused
"Dance bich mein kahan aa gaya??" he asked in fake confused tone making her fumed
"Don't try to act smart Mr Armaan Akdu Malik..." pointing her finger at him she glared moving towards him who was staring her amusingly "Main acche se jaanti hun aap jaise ladko ko.." she said angrily making him smile
"Par maine kiya kya??" he asked in fake innocent tone as his back touched a wall
"Zyada innocent banane ki jarurat nai hai..." she looked at him angrily while pointing at his chest who controlled hard not to laugh "Acche se jaanti hun main aap jaise Husbands ko... Ek taraf Gharwaali chahiyee to dusri taraf Baharwaali... But mind u main baaki sab wives ki tarah nai hun... Direct divorce de dungi samjhe" warning this angrily she stepped back and turned to go when his voice stopped her
"Par tum kya ho fir Gharwaali yaa Baharwaali..." as he asked this teasingly she looked at him angrily who raised his hand in surrender
"Ho gaya aapka..." she looked at him unintrestingly
"Baap re... Itne mahino se mujhe faltu mein lag raha tha ki main tumhe darata hun... But yahan to scene hi alag hai..." keeping his hands down he said normally making her to roll her eyes and she turned to go when he pulled her back by her hand and wd an instant she was jammed b/w him and the wall "Accept kyun nai kar leti ki tum jealous ho rahi thi" he said in calm tone caging her who looked at him slowly
"Main kyun..." she opened her mouth to explain when he interrupted
"Waste of time Shilpa... I know u r jealous..." he said calmly moving his face closer to her who looked ay him then became angry
"Haa hoon main jealous... Khush" pushing him she said wd attitude making him smirked
"Mujhe kyun khushi hogi... Infact..." but before he could complete his sentence she turned to go making him stop by her waist who looked at him frowningly "Jiske saath main dance kar raha tha vo Riya thi... Arjun ko dance k liye usne pucha to usne mana kar diya... So maine isko chear aur Arjun ko dikhaane k liye dance kiya... Frankly tumhe jealous karne k liye" pulling her closer he cleared slowly making her to stare him but giving not her ego she rolled her eyes pushing him lightly
"I don't care" saying this stubbornly she went from there
"Toh... Ise kehte hai apne hi pairo pe kulhadi marna" he said to himself while walking back in party... In whole party his thoughts were occupied wd her image where as changing herself in comfortable clothes she laid on bed not before making a pillow wall b/w bed... Armaan came late night and finding her sleeping he smiled but his smile faded as he saw that pillow wall "Gosh kaise... Samjhaun isse" laying beside her he thought "Hamare bich koi nai aayga.. Not even these pillows also" mumbling to himself he threw all the pillows behind his back and laid beside her who turned her position at him... He entered in her blanket "Kal subhe tak to maan hi jaaogi... I know" he whispered smilingly tucking her hairs behind her ear who cuddled into him making him smile and hugging her lovingly he closed his eyes only to went in peacefull sleep... Next morning was that D-Day in a church where KV & Shivanya was going to merry... ArSh's morning start wd their cute Nok Jhok over that jealous topic but their banter ended when Shilpa went to change inside washroom while he got ready on grey suit... Shilpa came out from washroom changing herself in a baby pink sleeveless gown his eyes stopped to blink seeing her who got ready and nudged him to go... Armaan's heartbeat was skipping seeing her like this he didnt want to go out coz he wants to stay in room wd her who nudged him again but this time angrily which made him to come out from his dream land and then taking her hand in his they walked out... In whole marriage ceremony Armaan was only staring her thinking How deeply he is falling for her?? Yes his love is getting deeper and deeper day by day no actually seconds after seconds Shilpa didn't have any idea that she is making him fall for her deeply like infinity... So he thought to express this feeling in front of her who was unaware of his poor condition but yeah she can felt his gaze who was standing beside her... She looked at him as if asking what?? Which made him smile who shook his head and looked at the couple making her confused... In wedding when Armaan was talking wd Arjun her eyes landed on his smile which made her smile she was staring him when Dev came from behind and asked on teasing tone
"I know mera Bhaai handsome hai.. Par iska matlab ye thodi ki tum usko ghuro.. Bhulo mat tumhaara hi hai" Dev teased making her embarrassed
"Nai.. Vo... Bahoot time baad Armaan ko khush dekh rahi hun" she replied slowly making him chuckled
"Tum jo saath ho uske" he said smilingly making her smile "Sab sahi chal raha hai... Bas isko yaad aa jaaye nai" looking at her he asked smilingly to which she looked at him then at Armaan
"Nai... Ab farq nai padta... Yaad aaye yaa nai... Main khush hun" still watching him she said smilingly making Dev chuckled
"Tum khush ho aur kya chahiyee" Dev said truthfully making her smile... There was Party arranged by wedded couple in evening that to a ball party Shilpa was confused what to wear in party also Armaan was out since the wedding got over she was trying his number when his message came 'Mujhe late hoga aane mein.. Tum ready hokar Party mein jaao... Main kisi kaam se bahar hun' as she read she put the phone side wd grumpy look thinking 'Yaha Manali mein kya kaam hoga' she cursed him mentally then diverting her mind from him... She started looking for a perfect dress but she didn't find any dress when again a message came from Armaan making her irritate 'Mere bag mein tumhare liye ek dress hai... Usse pehen lena... Bye' but her all irritation went into gutter as she read his message which made a wide smile on her face getting up she took out that dress from his bag only to left stunned seeing that gown... It was soo beautiful that she cant express in words she immediately got ready but in a way which would seduce him completely it was her way to thanked him... Everyone was enjoying that party except Shilpa whose eyes were fixed on door for her one n only best Husband when Aditi and other girls started chating wd her inshort unknowingly distracting her from her Husband also in b/w complementing her looks and dress which made her heart jumped excitedly waiting to see Armaan's reaction... After few minutes Armaan came back in Party where KV & Shivanya stopped him for some talk where as always Armaan and Shivanya landed in a argument on which they pulled each other's leg also teased in b/w he made her fun when Shivanya taunted
"I felt very bad for Shilpa... Itni gorgeous hoke usse tum jaisa boring Husband mila..." she taunted meaningfully making him chuckled
"Ho gaya... Ab main bolta hun.. KV tujhse pehle hi bola tha ki abi b waqt hai is Boscow ki jaan se peecha chuda le... Ab dekh aage kaise tujhe ye pareshan rakhegi" he said to KV who held his head seeing their non stop banter
"Peecha to Shilpa ko chudana chahiyee tumse... U know jab maine dekha tha usse mujhe laga tumhari wife hai kuch to ego aur attitude hoga usme... But no she is more than good from u.. Infact..." before Shivanya's words start another banter KV cutted her words
"Aree haan. Aaj Bhabhi kya dikh rahi hai... Matlab beautiful" KV diverted their minds making Armaan realised for Shilpa's absence
"Yaa.. I must say she is gorgeous... Specially aaj to vo puri Party mein aachi lag rahi hai but not more than me" she complemented making him smile
"Vaise aaj tum dono ek dusre ko match kar rahe ho.. Kya baat hai" KV Teased looking at him from upto down who wore a light blue colour blazer wd light yellow shirt beneath and black formal pant looking as always handsome
"Aisa kuch nai hai..." he replied normally while his eyes only wants to see her

"Acha aisa kuch nai hai.. Dekho usse aur khudko.. Saath mein khade ho jaao koi b bata dega couple ho tum dono" Shivanya said coolly pointing at behind him who looked back following her finger when he finally saw his wife who was talking wd other girls but seeing her his heartbeat skipped a cool breeze touched his face who traced her from top to bottom... She wore a white gown wd golden touch above the gown it didn't have any sleeve it was holding by that golden thin border Her hairs were wd brown shades not to forget above her head she wore a golden 'Maang tika' on side of her head it was making her more beautiful... The dress was perfectly suiting on her when he purchased that dress he was confused she will wear or not but now she proved him It was not the dress which is making her beautiful She is the one who is making the dress beautiful...

He wanted to go towards her but in middle of the way Aditya stopped him for some talk where as here Shilpa was getting bored so she thought to go so excusing from girls she thought to go when her bracelet fell from her wrist which made her bend to pick that while cursing it when she heard something about Armaan... She looked at that voices which was coming infront of her Dev, KV & Shivanya
"Aree Shivanya main sach bol raha hun... Tum yakeen kyun nai karti... KV tu hi samjha" Dev spoke annoyingly to which Shivanya glared
"Mujhe acche se pata hai tum dono jhut bol rahe ho... Aise kaise ho sakta hai Karan aur Armaan" She said angrily
"Aree nai Shivi... Sach bol rahe hai hum... Ab tumhi socho ki uske behaviour mein kyun changes aaye... Come on hum sab usse jaante hai vo kaisa hai..." KV said in serious tone
"Pehle mujhe clearly batao" Shivanya almost ordered while crossing her arms
"Thik hai suno... But promise me tum iske baare mein Armaan aur Shilpa ko nai bataaogi" Dev asked in serious voice to which she nodded in YES calmly where as Shilpa's heart beat skipped fearing for something bad they three cannot see her coz their backs were faced by her "Actually jab NY mein accident huaa tha Armaan ka vo coma mein chala gaya tha... Hum chaaro ko samajh mein nai aa raha tha ki kaise handle karen sab kuch fir Adi se ek din galti se Karan takra gaya jisee dekh k Adi to shock ho gaya kyun ki vo to ditto Armaan ki tarah dikh raha tha... Usne jab hume bataya hum b shock ho gaye the fir humne kuch b karke Karan ko dhundha aur usko Armaan k baare mein bataya aur request ki jab tak Armaan coma se bahar nai aa jaata vo hamari help karde... Pehle to usne bahoot mana kiya but Armaan ki condition dekhne k baad aa gaya vo India hamari help k liye... Aur vo teen saal teen mahine Armaan banke tha kyun ki usse Shilpa se pyaar ho gaya tha... But jab vahan Armaan ko hosh aaya tab hume usse bhejna pada... Ab vo NY mein hai aur hamara Armaan hamaare paas" Dev narrated calmly making Shilpa to put her hands on her mouth shockingly while Shivanya was staring them stunned
"Haa Shivi... Tum khud socho accident se pehle vo itne thande dimaag ka tha... But ab..." KV said slowly
"Ab b vo pehle jaisa hi hai... Mujhse ladta hai" Shivanya said angrily
"Haa kyun ki ye hamara Armaan hai... Vo Karan tha... Varna ab tak Armaan ko kuch yaad nai aa jaata... Usse yaad b kun aaye kyun ki vo vahan tha hi nai vo to coma mein tha..." Dev explained calmly making Shivanya & Shilpa both agree
"To ye baat Armaan ko pata hai?? Specially Shilpa ko??" Shivanya asked slowly
"Nai... Armaan ko is liye nai kyun ki vo bahoot gussa ho jaayga aur vo nai samjhega ki kyun kiya... Aur Shilpa ko isliye nai kyun ki uska dil tut jaayga bahoot mushkil se dono saath hue hai" Dev said wd sad look making Shilpa's eyes welled up who now didn't have any strength to hear more so she ran from there only to got bumped wd Armaan who was searching her in Party but seeing her tearful eyes he got worried
"Shilpa kya huaa??" he asked worriedly cupping her face as he saw her sniffing who stared him for minutes thinking he was not that person whom she fell for first "Shilpa... Ro kyun rahi ho??" wiping her tears wd his thumb he asked softly to which she nodded in NO and removing his hand ran from there leaving him confused he was about to ran behind her when Shivanya approached towards him and narrated everything at the end asking it is true or not?? Hearing this he became shocked thinking May be that was the reason behind Shilpa's tears??


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