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Part 48 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



" I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul."

"Shilpa kya huaa??" he asked worriedly cupping her face as he saw her sniffing who stared him for minutes thinking he was not that person whom she fell for first "Shilpa... Ro kyun rahi ho??" wiping her tears wd his thumb he asked softly to which she nodded in NO and removing his hand ran from there leaving him confused he was about to ran behind her when Shivanya approached towards him and narrated everything at the end asking it is true or not?? Hearing this he became shocked thinking May be that was the reason behind Shilpa's tears?? When he saw behind her KV & Dev were standing requesting him to say yes which made him understood that they were making her fun... So making a innocent look he replied to her How would he know?? He didn't remember right? Shivanya thought its true and became shocked when Dev & KV burst wd laughter hinting her they were again making her fun who started beating them while Armaan ran were Shilpa disappeared... He looked for her everywhere but didn't found her when he asked to the lift-man showing Shilpa's pic and seeing that pic lift-man answered in YES also informed he stopped the lift for her on Terrace... Armaan immediately reached on upstairs looking for her whom he found on a bench near the railing of Terrace

Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhute meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyu
Zaalima main keh layi...

"Shilpa kya bachpana hai ye...?" he asked angrily as he stood infront of her who stood seeing him "Dimaag thikaane pe to hai tumhaara... Mann kar raha hai ek kheech k laga k dun... Aise koi bina bataye aata hai.. Vo b itni raat ko... Manali hau Goa nai jo itni raat ko Terrace pe aa gayi..." he started scolding her who was watching him tearfully "Yahan meri jaan jaa rahi hai.. Aur tum bol b nai rahi ho" he said angrily glaring her who was only staring him
"Dekh Shilpa kitna pyaar karte hai tujhse Armaan... Tu b na kuch zyada soch rahi hai" her heart said to her "Zyada nai sahi soch rahi hai... Ye ek saath do insaan se kaise pyaar kar sakti hai... Most important iske saath itna bada dhoka huaa hai haa bhale hi vo dhoka is badtameez ne nai diya but dhoka to huaa hai..." as her mind said this a tear landed from her eye making Armaan hell worried
"Shilpa... Kya huaa yaar??" he asked softly cupping her face who sniffed "Kuch to batao yaar... Aao baitho idhar pehle" making her sat on bench he knelled in front of her while taking her hands in his "Kya huaa kuch to bolo yaar??" he asked firmly to which she looked at him
"Kya bataygi isse... Ki iske saath kitna bada dhoka huaa hai ki iski wife kisi aur se pyaar karti hai... Aur confuse hai dono mein" her mind said to her who sniffed "Jo sach hai vo bata.. Kyun ki teri b galti nai hai... Bolde Armaan tujhpe trust karenge" as her heart said this she looked at Armaan who was watching her face waiting for her answer calmly Shilpa's biggest fear was if its true that Karan was the person whom she fell first... Became his first will Armaan accept her?? But truth is also that she loves that man also unconditionally and now also she loved Armaan but if they are two persons then whom she does loves more?? Also wd whom she will spend her life "Kitni ajeeb baat hai ek ne mujhe Pyaar sikhaaya... Aur dusre ne mujhe Zindagi... Kya karun main" her heart was so confused right now when seeing no response from her he sat beside her and wiped her tears softly making her to face him
"See agar tum nai batana chahti to koi baat nai... Par..." his words made her broke and she hugged him tightly while crying making him taken aback but in his mind he was cursing Dev & KV
"Armaan vo..." and wd a broken voice she narrated everything to him who already guessed this must be the reason behind this scene "Mujhe samajh nai aata main kisse... Pyaar karti hun?" she whispered softly still hugging him who smiled and hugged her tightly thinking to test her
"Kisse Shilpa...??" as he asked slowly she became stiff for minutes Armaan knows he doesn't need to ask this but he wants to see her reaction talking about him before his accident.. Shilpa parted from the hug and looked up at him who wiped her tears by his hand lovingly "Tell me" he asked softly
"Kya bataygi tu isse... Dekha jaaye to teri shaadi isse hui thi but pyaar tune usse kiya rishta b tune uske saath pehle nibhaya... Bhale hi usne tujhe nai bataya but pyaar usne sikhaya tujhe... Aur Zindagi jeena isne sikhaya chahe daat k hi sahi par jab jab tujhpe koi musibat aayi pehle saamne ye tha tere liye... Aasmaan aur Zameen hai dono par tere hai aur tu dono se hi pyaar karti hai" her mind calculated when her heart said "Wrong sab kuch wrong.. Tune sirf ek se pyaar kiya hai vo hai Armaan bas... Puch mujhse main jaanti hu dono ek hai mehsoos kiya hai maine... Aur bahoot se saboot hai ki dono ek hai... Behaviour mein change aane se insaan alag nai ho jaata... Armaan ko aaj b bikes pasand hai aaj b unhe tattoos ka shauk hai... Tattoos se yaad kar pagal dono k arms pe tera naam kaise" as her heart said this she looked at him calmly who was watching her face calmly wd a smile on his face "Ye b to ho sakta hai jab Armaan coma mein ho bana diya gaya ho taaki same lage" her mind argued "Saara nai bana sakte... Tu usse chod aur thande dimaag se soch aise kaise ho sakta hai ye... Zarur KV aur Dev masti kar rahe thae Shivanya k saath" as her heart said this she got cleared yes they must be laying coz she knew he is the one n only person whom she loves the most "Armaan se" whispering this she hugged him who smiled lightly hugging her back hearing her answer
"To bas... Itna soch kyun rahi thi... Bewkoof" he scolded smilingly as she parted and stared him who kissed her cheek lovingly "KV aur Dev... Shivanya k saath masti kar rahe thae... Unhone bataya mujhe..." he said slowly and narrated everything making her jaw dropped in shock
"Aise kaise vo aape..." but before she could complete her sentence he kept his palm on her mouth
"Hum bachpan se yehi karte aaye hai... Shivanya ko buddhu banana koi nai baat nai hai... Ek baar to humne usse ye keh kar April fool banaya tha ki Avi ka accident ho gaya hai vo jaldi se Hospital mein pahuche... Vo to pahuch gayi thi but koi nai tha humme se vahan" he explained calmly removing his palm from her mouth who looked at him angrily
"Armaan aise koi kissi ko dara k buddhu banata hai... Agar vo serious ho gayi to... Infact" she started scolding him when he put again his palm on her lips
"Hum dusro ko chod k khudki dekhe..." he said calmly leaving her lips who smiled nodding in YES "Aur for god sake... Dusro ki baate sunke serious mat huaa karo plzz" taking her hand in his he requested
"Sorryy..." nodding in YES she apologized making him to kiss her side of head
"Its ok..." he mumbled smilingly making her to hug him "Vaise agar sachmein aisa kuch hota to...??" he asked slowly making her to look up at him "Kisse chunti??" he asked calmly staring her intently to which she thought for sometime
"Pata nai..." she replied slowly not leaving his shirt who smiled Thinking He must had done something very good to her that she is confused to take any decision "Par shayad dono ko hi chod deti..." her answer made him chuckled
"Expected tha" he said smilingly making her smile too while keeping her head on his shoulder who observed she is shivering a little Obviously her dress was exposing one "Tumhe thand nai lag rahi...??" he asked smilingly caressing her hairs who looked at him nodding in yes to which he smiled she thought he will give his blazer to her but no he didn't
"Apna blazer do.. Kaise Husband hai aap.. Sab khud dete hai mujhe yahan maangna pad raha hai..." she almost demanded which made him chuckled and quietly gave his blazer to her who wore that feeling warm
"Ab plzz... Chalo yahan se..." rising up he took her hand in his while Shilpa also stood "Par usse pehle... Kuch b ulta seedha sochne se pehle hazar baar mere baare mein zarur soch lena" pulling her closer by her waist he whispered softly while holding her chin by his other hand making her to nod in YES guiltfully "Aur... Aaj tum bahoot beautiful lag rahi ho..." moving his face closer to her he whispered softly making her to lowered her lashes shyly the cold breeze was touching their faces His face neared her face who pulled him closer by his shirt... Decreasing the distance b/w their lips he took her in a soulful kiss while pulling her closer who caressed his hairs passionately turning him on he moved his hands behind her head and pulled her closer whose breath were getting difficult which made him to leave her lips slowly... They panted touching their foreheads when Shilpa hugged him tightly who responded equally
"Armaan mujhe nind aa rahi hai" she whispered softly making him chuckled and they parted
"Abi itni jaldi...??" he looked at his wrist watch it was 9:45 pm to which she nodded in YES making him to take her hand in his and They both walked towards their Room talking about their tomorrow's flight for Mumbai "Kholo..." he said calmly standing behind her who frowned coz it was always he who opened the door but taking as it normal she opened the door and entered inside their Room which was dark
"Armaan lights??" she looked back at him who closed the door
"Ek minute.." he replied normally to which she looked ahead and removed the blazer when lights came making her surprised

Kyun iss tarah se duniya jahaan mein
Karta hai meri ruswayi
Tera kasoor aur
Zalima main keh layi...

"Haww..." she looked at the Room surprisingly which was decorated wd yellow beautiful lights & white curtains just matching wd her clothes who looked back at him smilingly while the blazer fell from her hand "Armaan aapne kiya??" she asked wd a smile looking at him who was removing his shoes calmly
"Nai to... Ruko main Room Service waalo ko phone karta hun.. Ye sab hataane k liye..." he replied in calm tone making her smile who ran towards him and hugged tightly making him step back a little "Easy... Shilpa" he said wd a smile keeping his hands on her back
"I know ye aapne kiya hai" looking back at him she said smilingly making him chuckled "Kyun??" she asked cutely to which he picked her up in his arms and made her lay on bed who sat up
"Aise hi meri Biwi meri Marzi" saying this he sat beside her who smiled lightly hearing this
"Armaan main sach puch rahi hun?" smacking him lightly on his chest she asked again making him to held her hands
"Sachmein aise hi mera mood kiya isliye" he replied normally pulling her closer who smiled lightly and gave a lingering kiss on his cheek leaving her lipstick mark there "Tch!! Shilpa... Lipstick tumhara yehi rahega its difficult to remove" he whinnied rubbing his cheek making her mouth dropped opened
"Yeh baat hai... Abhi batati hun" saying this cutely she cupped his cheek
"Shilpa dare u..." he pointed his finger at her who kissed hard in his cheek "Yaar" he made a face as she looked at him wd a giggle "Bahoot hassi aa rahi haina tumhe abhi batata hun" glaring her he pulled her towards him and started tickling her who laughed her heart out which lead them her laying down wd him above
"Armaan... Aaahhh..." she wriggled under him who was smiling still tickling her
"Ab chodogi apna lipstick mark" he asked smilingly leaving her who was panting hard while nodding in NO
"Fine.. Ab to main aapko dekhun b nai.. Huh" she said wd fake anger making him to kiss her cheek "How dare u to kiss me..." smacking his shoulder lightly she asked wd pouted anger making him chuckled
"Meri biwi meri Marzi..." he replied coolly removing hairs from her shoulder who smiled

"Toh fir thik hai..." pulling him by his shirt she whispered slowly making him amused when cupping his cheeks she took him in a kiss making him stunned but as he felt her hands on his hairs he immediately responded more passionately cupping her one cheek whose both hands moved to opened his shirt buttons... Parting from the kiss he looked at her wd satisfying smile That's why his heart is getting more deeply in love wd her whose love is beyond his imaginations
"Ye kyun.." he asked smillingly tucking her hairs aside who smiled shyly
"Mera Pati meri Marzi..." pinching his nose cutely she replied smillingly making him smile who kissed on her side of neck making her heartbeat skipped
"I love u Shilpa.." looking at her he confessed heartly making her eyes big Coz this was a shock for her he rarely said this??... He never says this just once or two but now when he said it maked her emotional while he frowned seeing her quiet "Kya huaa...??" he asked slowly caressing her hairs who nodded in NO mumbling I luv u too... He kissed on her neck lovingly which made her to lost in him
"Armaan..." she moaned as he started planting numerous kisses on her whole neck who was breathing hard as his hands were caressing her curves... Her hands were caressing his hairs who now opened her back of zip still lost in her who gasped as her dress lowered til her waist while kissing her everywhere on top making her breathless widin a minute they were inside blanket feeling each other... As the time passed she observed today he is more passionate than before coz he is not leaving her at once also she can felt he is taking time to feel her every inch as if not wanting to loose her who was whimpering under his touches... After exploring & loving her more he claimed her again Making love for hours he kissed her forehead and took her in his arms Shilpa had closed her eyes feeling blissful while he was hell tired... Armaan was fast asleep while she was only staring him Today she felt his love more than any day which made a fear inside her heart that What if she'll loose him again?? She cant trust her life but when he snuggled his face on her crook of neck she forgot that fear... He stirred as she touched his face who mumbled her name in warning yet sleepy tone making her giggled So she thought to irritate him again she put her finger inside his ear
"Umm.. Shilpa sone do na yaar" he whined still sleepily making her giggled then kissing his cheek she watched his face lovingly when she noticed his long soft hairs which were hiding his eyes
"Tch! Baalo ko thoda sa to katwaana padega" she thought while keeping his hairs properly viewing his forehead and just like watching his face she slept peacefully...

Next day only they returned back to Mumbai where they got busy wd their old life style but ArSh's life changed more they were fully in love but wd their Banter Fights Arguments and Romance... Nothing changed much Armaan still orders her scolds her get angry but this time not too much coz he easly manofy her also who get back angry & argues back to him... Everything was going perfect until he announced they have to live for Bhopal on next week which was a shock for his family also Shilpa except His Parents and Dev who already knew about this also was okay knowing about Armaan's work.. Everyone asked him to stop but he directly said his work is more important which made everyone convinced except Shilpa who was thinking what if his family think he is getting away from his family coz of her?? So she thought to talk wd him but before she needs to know Ananya's feeling... So she moved towards her Room to talk but stopped at the entrance seeing the scene
"Armaan... Tum peetoge mere haath se" Ananya smacked his head lightly who was sitting on floor while Ananya was sitting on bed massaging his head
"Mom plzz yaar... Sach bol raha hun main... Main aapko sach mein miss karta tha Dubai mein" he said calmly pulling her hands around his neck
"Jhut bol raha hai... Mom ye" Dev complained laying properly on couch
"Oye hil mat..." Dadi smacked Dev's head which was put on her lap who was sitting on couch
"Aree ooo Shehzaado... Neend nai aa rahi tum dono ko??" Billy asked smilingly watching them he was sitting on arm chair while working on laptop... Where as Dadaji was sitting beside Billy's chair
"Dad aapko kya problem hai..." Armaan looked at his dad who corrected his specks
"Mujhe kyun problem hogi... Pehle ye batao Bhopal k liye kab nikloge tum...??" Billy asked normally
"Next week" his reply was normal one which made Shilpa to think why everyone is behaving normal??
"Acha suno... Vaha apne kaam k chakkar mein Shilpa ko mat bhulna... Kyun ki tum to rahoge Hospital pure din vo ghar pe akeli rahegi to bich bich mein usse call karte rehna" as Ananya maked him understand Dev laughed
"Oye tujhe kya hua??" Dadi asked frowningly ruffling his hairs
"Aree kuch nai Dadi... Main ye soch k hass raha tha ki yehi phone karega usko jisse khud k liye time nai rehta usko phone karega" As Dev joked everyone laughed except Armaan & Ananya
"Aap dekh rahe ho" Armaan looked up at his mom who smiled
"Tum dhyaan mat do uspe... Bas meri baat yaad rakhna" she ruffled his hairs who smiled nodding in YES while Shilpa smiled seeing this and moved from there
"Main b naa kuch zyada hi sochti hun... But kyun kisi ko problem nai hai" she mumbled confusedly moving towards their Room... Two days went wd his family Shilpa observed he was more spending the time wd his family which was a good signal for her... But a night before coming in Bhopal everything got changed in morning they had a argument over a small thing which was related to Shilpa's phone Yes that gallery thing
"Shilpa u promised me... Ki hamare Bhopal jaane se pehle tum mujhe dikhaaogi usme kya hai... Fir ku nai dikha rahi??" he asked in serious voice moving to take back her phone which she was hiding behind her back
"Armaan kyun ki... Mujhe nai lagta abi sahi waqt hai..." she replied slowly stepping back as he stepped ahead
"Sahi waqt sahi waqt... Kab aayga tumhara sahi waqt... U know what... Nai jaanna mujhe" he said angrily pointing at her who nodded in no "I think tumhe trust hi nai hai mujhpe..." saying this slowly he went from there
"Armaan nai..." she moved to stop him but she was late he was already out from the Room which made her guilty... She sat on bed sadly while staring at her phone "Tu b na kitni badi gadhi hai... Dikha deti Armaan ko kabhi na kabhi to dikhaana tha hi to abhi dikha deti..." her heart scolded her "Par agar iska effect kuch negative mein hota to... Maanlo pics mein videos mein Shao Pao aur tum dono ko saath dekhe k kaise react karta vo.. Most important tere pregnant waali news se" her mind said "Kabhi na kabhi unhe jaanna hi tha.. Aur sabse badi baat Armaan samjhenge pagal" her heart reminded her who understood and decided to manofy him also to tell him everything... And night she arranged their room in romantic way wd candles and lights also was preparing herself to told him everything... He came late night still disturbed by the morning incident but as he saw the room his all tension vanished who smiled knowing it was done by her when his eyes landed on table where 'Sorry' was written wd rose petals making him smile.. He looked around the room which was looking beautiful he switched off the lights and observed the room which looked more beautiful after closing the lights
"I think main tumse zyada daer gussa nai reh sakta" he mumbled smilingly looking at the room when his cell rang "Haa Atul... Bol??" he asked normally while removing his blazer
"Armaan.. Teri aawaaz nai aa rahi hai..." Atul said loudly
"Kya bol raha hai tu.. Sunaayi nai de raha hai" he asked sternly and throwing the blazer on bed he moved outside the balcony
"Yaar main Lonavala mein hun... Aawaaz nai aa rahi hai teri" Atul said loudly making him to held his head
"Haa mujhe pata hai tu Lonavala mein hai... But kaam kya tha??" he asked calmly sliding the door of the Heaven
"Bas tujhe gud night wish karna chahta tha" as Atul replied he shook his head
"To tune mujhe gud night wish karne k liye phone kiya??" he asked calmly while walking inside the Room
"Haa... Kal tu jaa raha haina wapas Bhopal to socha wish kar dun" Atul's answer made him chuckled
"Abbe India mein hi hun... Dubai wapas nai jaa raha main" he said smilingly keeping his one hand on one of a cupboard
"Jaa to raha haina... Miss karunga main tujhe yaar" Atul said cutely making him smile
"Main b champ" he replied smilingly playing wd that cupboards door which opened taking his attention "Chal fir gud night... Kal baat karta hun main tujhse" he said calmly while checking the cupboard which have many boxes but something took his interest that was a frame which was kept behind the box and half of the photo frame was peeping put behind the box showing someone's eyes and he knew it was Shilpa's green eyes how can he forgot her eyes
"Gud night" As he heard Atul wished him, he hung up the phone and put that inside his pocket
"Ye zarur Shilpa ki pic hai but ye yahan kyun rakkhi hai??" he frowned taking the frame out carefully but by mistakenly it bumped wd that box which fell down resulting every thing scattered "Kya yaar isse b abi girna tha..." he mumbled annoyingly and knelled on floor keeping the frame aside wdout watching it coz his attention moved towards the things which were scattered on floor.. There was a Tablet phone a Cell phone number of picture albums also there where many pictures were scattered on floor There was two three small boxes kept not to forget that notes (Yes that Eternal Aashiq) "Pata nai ye sab..." but his sentence left incomplete as his eyes landed on a pic which he picked frowningly but as he saw the pic he became stiff... It was the pic of ArSh wd Shao pao Yes that same pic where Shilpa had cuddled Shao Pao while Armaan had kissed her cheek "I knew it... Ki bahoot kuch khaas tha jo Shilpa ne nai bataya mujhe" he was not shocked coz he had already guessed that there must be something like this instead he was hurt thinking why she didn't told him when he asked many times "Par ye dog yahan kaise ye to Bhopal mein??" he mumbled confusedly seeing Shao Pao "Ab kahan hai??" mumbling this he started looking at every pic which only showed How much they were in love and most important Happy... Every pic only made him smile not angry or anything coz he can see how much he was in love wd her.. He didn't saw any flashes seeing the pics but yeah he felt as if it happened wd him seeing the pics after watching it he opened the small boxes which had Her anklet which he gifted on valentine's day then her bracelet which he gifted wd Shao Pao and the last box had Her 'Maang tika' which he gifted on that night when they became one for the first time "Ye sab ye yahan kyun rakhhi hai... Aur ye Payal to vohi payal haina jo gum gayi thi.. Jisse dhundhne k liye Madam pagal ho gayi thi" he said to himself calmly when his eyes landed on that big frame which he first saw then turning it around he saw Shilpa wd Him that too very close... Bingo!! They were so much in love and she didn't cared to tell him Great he thought.. After looking at he frame he picked that Notes but as he read he became shocked thinking Who the hell is Eternal Aashiq?? But as he understood the words on notes it showed it was him... Then he looked at the Tablet frowningly and opened it in which he found numbers of videos of them... He became shock when he saw himself cooking that too Shilpa taking the video wd her cute taunts to him it made him chuckled seeing the scene... He saw many videos and in every video Shilpa was the one was was shooting also challenging him... He can see how much he was in love wd her and how much she was happy than now it made a tug inside his heart feeling why he cant make her that happy now which he did in these videos??... Then at last he found a video which was of him (Yes guys it was that video which he made for Shilpa before his accident) he smiled seeing himself calling her Bracelet...
"Heyyy Bracelet... I know tum soch rahi hogi ki is video ka kya matlab hai... But mujhe samajh me nai aaya ki tumhe kaise kahun sab kuch.. Bahoot difficult tha tumse kal raat kehna kyun ki tum jis tarah se darr gayi thi.. Meri himmat nai hui tumse kehne ki..." his smile faded seeing him self worried
"Aisa bahoot kuch hai jo tumhe nai bataya maine.. Kyun ki mujhe pata hai tum bardaast nai kar paati... But abhi agar meri majboori nai hoti to main tumhe kabhi nai batata... So pehli baat jo nai bataayi maine tumhe vo yeh hai ki... Meri life k peeche kuch log pade hai... Main unhe nai jaanta tha vo kaun hai.. But Rehaan ne bataya ki vo Shakti hai... Jiske saath kuch to huaa tha Past mein... Jaisa ki tum jaanti ho main apne life k six months bhul chuka hun... To mujhe nai pata vo kaun hai" Armaan didn't knew how to react on this "Shakti ne hi Dad aur tumhara accident karvaya... Chandigarh mein jiski wajah se hume hamara baby khona pada... Main uske baare mein nai jaanta tha jab tak Rehaan aur Arjun ne nai bataya... Main tumhe batake daraana nai chahta tha... Already tum miscarriage k baad disturbed thi.. Tumhe wapas normal kaise laaya main hi jaanta hun..." He was so shocked hearing this They had baby?? No no Shilpa faced a miscarriage?? Why she never told this to him??

"Par shayad tumhe ye nai bataya maine ki.. Kuch hai jo maine tumhe nai bataya... Jo kisi ko nai bataya.. I know tum ye news bardaast nai kar paaogi but I want you to be strong... Main tumse bahoot pyaar karta hun Bracelet apni is zindagi se zyada.. Isi liye ye baat nai bataayi ki..." he can see himself helpless "Tumhare bahoot kam chances hai dobaara Maa banane k take it 30%... Aur main jaanta hun isse sunane k baad tum tut jaaogi.. But Bracelet mere paas option nai tha... Tum already gussa thi ki kyun maine tumhe bachaane k liye bacche ko abort kiya aur agar ye pata chalta tumhe to... Pata nai kaise react karti tum... Already tum Shao Pao ki death se disturbed thi aur hamara baby to kaise batata main... Kerela mein hi bolne waala tha fir socha nai ye sahi waqt nai hai... Ye baat sirf mujhe aur Nikki ko pata hai kyun ki vo tumhaari Doctor thi..." and that was a blow for him who became numb
"I love u Bracelet is liye tumhe nai bataya... I hope tum samjho mujhe.. Aur aaj is liye bata raha hun kyun ki main kal Shakti se milne jaa raha hun... I know ye risky hai but koi option nai hai mere paas yaa to vo rahega yaa main... But Shakti ka chapter to close karunga... Jaane se pehle sirf yehi kehna chahta hun... Tum mera sab kuch ho Bracelet.. Main tumse is duniya mein sabse zyada pyaar karta hun.. Main kabhi nai chahunga ki main tumse durr rahun.. Yaa fir tum mujhse durr raho... Ye decision lena zaruri tha... Agar main bach gaya to main ye video delete kar dunga... Aur agar nai bacha to yaad rakhna... Tumhaara Armaan tumse bahoot pyaar karta hai... Aur vo tumse kabhi durr nai hona chahega... I love u" at the end he gave a flying kiss and the video got over... That tab fell from his hand as the video got over making him stunned who stood to calm himself when suddenly his head started throbbing in pain making him to held that on his hands... So much was hidden from him why?? They were in Love?? They lost their unborn child?? Shakti's matter?? Goddd!! His head was paining badly... He sat on bed to calm himself but its no use coz already his head was spinning whose eyes got moist remembering his own words... He can see himself how much he was in pain at that time laying on bed he closed his eyes to calm himself which was far away from his mind... After one hour Shilpa entered in Room remembering how she excused from the ladies of Malik House who were gathered for some chat Shilpa wanted to come more early but Naina's questions kept her busy... But as she entered the Room she found dark only the candles and lights were making the room shine She got scared as she saw Armaan standing infront of the window watching calmly the moon but hearing her bangle's voice he looked at her who somehow managed to walked infront of him thinking he still didn't forgive her

Deedaar tera
Milne ke baad hi
Chhute meri angdaayi...

"Armaan... I am Sorryy..." She apologized directly as she stood infront of him who looked at her slowly "I know mujhe aapko de dena chahiyee tha... But mujhe laga ki pata nai kaise aap react karoge un sab pics ko dekh k..." she started slowly watching the floor where as he turned at her calmly Thinking How much she faced just coz of him?? "Main aape trust karti hun... Bahoot trust karti hun... Par mujhe laga aap abhi ready nai ho ye sach jaanne k liye... Aur saath mein mere liye b bahoot difficult hai sab kuch batana kyun ki firse sab mere saamne aa jaayga" she was saying this slowly still not daring to look at him who was only staring her wd moist eyes
"Mere kuch sawaalo ka... Sach sach jawab dogi" she looked up slowly hearing his calm question "Iske baad main tumse kabhi kuch nai puchunga" as he said this calmly she moved closer to him
"Nai Armaan.. Aapko pura haq hai.. Puchne ka.. Kabhi b... Main bataaungi" holding his hand she looked up at his face wd moist eyes making him smile a little while pulling her closer by her waist
"Kya hamaare bich sachmein kuch khaas nai tha... Un teen saalo mein??" as he asked slowly she looked down guiltfully nodding in NO "Toh kya tha hamaare bich??" making her looked at him he asked softly while her heart started beating fast thinking how will he react hearing this??
"We were in love..." she said slowly staring on floor making him stared her lovingly "I know mujhe aapko batana chahiyee tha.. But himmat nai ho rahi thi... Aur mere phone mein unhi teen saalo ki yaadein thi..." she said wd moist eyes looking up at him who was only staring her calmly Now he gotted why she was crying when he broke her phone in anger after his accident coz there were so many memories of them in that phone also he knows its difficult for her to say this to him... But he wanted to now how much she knows?? Means she know about that Video of him or not??
"Tumhaari har ek baat ab clear ho rahi hai Shilpa... Bas mujhe itna jaanna hai ki kya tum us video k baare me jaanto ho yaa nai.." he thought staring at her who looked down feeling his unresponse "Kya aur b kuch hai jo tumhe mujhe batana chahiyee...??" he asked softly taking her hands in his
"Bata de Shilpa apne miscarriage k baare mein... Varna agar Armaan ko kisi aur se pata chala to bahoot hurt hoga unhe" her heart said to her who looked at him
"Bata do Shilpa ye aakhiri baar tumse puch raha hun iske baad main kabhi nai puchunga... Chahe tum batao yaa nai" his soft voice made her look at him tearfully
"Vo.. Main.. Hum..." she didn't knew how to say this coz its very difficult for her to say this when he cupped her face carefully and nodded in YES making her to close her eyes painfully "I was pregnant Armaan... I had a miscarriage... Jo.. Vo car accident mein hui thi... Jab... Hum Chandigarh gaye thae.. Main aur Daddyji the car mein... Fir vo Shakti ki wajah... Se accident" collecting some energy she said but at the end broke
"Ssshhh... Calm down Shilpa... Bas itna hi janna tha mujhe" taking her in a hug he whispered softly while caressing her hairs who hugged him back while she was still crying... He knew its very difficult for her to say this but once he wanted to hear from her mouth which cleared everything now he dont want to know anything except Did she knows about that she have very less chance be a mother?? Or about his video??... Also he felt to kill that Shakti for destroying their life but right now he needs to console her "Ssshh stop crying Shilpa..." parting her he cupped her face lovingly who sniffed and looked at him
"I know aapko shock huaa..." but before she could complete her sentence he put his palm on her lips who stared him confusedly
"Nai mujhe bilkul shock nai huaa... Kyun ki mujhe pehle se hi doubt tha ki hamaare bich kuch khaas nai... Bahoot kuch khaas tha... But haa ye wali news shocking thi... Miscarriage waali..." he whispeted softly removing his palm making her to stare him guiltfully
"I am sorry mujhe aapko pehle batana chahiiyee tha Armaan... Par.." she was intruppted by his finger on her lips
"Sshh... Thank u mujhe nai bataane k liye... Kyun ki agar tum mujhe bata deti to shayad main tumse durr bhaag jaata... Infact kabhi tumhe dilse nai accept kar paata.." saying this softly he hugged her who smiled tearfully thanking him for not taking anything negative "I know tumhaare liye vo sab bahoot difficult hoga sab kuch bhula k firse shuru karna... I am sorry for my all rude behaviour par Shilpa... Jo b tha mujhe yaad nai... And I can't promise ki main pehle jaisa ban paaunga..." hidding his face on her hairs he whispered softly making him to hug him more tightly
"Nai Armaan... Mujhe farq nai padta ki aapko yaad aaye yaa naa aaye... Kyun ki maine aapse pyaar kiya hai... In yaadon se nai aapse.. To koi farq nai padta ki yaad aaye yaa nai... Par agar aapko jaanna hai to... Mere phone mein vohi sab yaadein hai.. Main dikhaun" parting from hug she said skowly to which he smiled
"Nai.. Mujhe nai jaanna... Kyun ki main dekh chuka sab kuch... Un boxes mein" saying this softly he pointed on couch where that box was kept making her to put her hands on her mouth shockingly which maked him chuckled "Ye andar Room mein mila mujhe ek ghante pehle..." he answered her unasked question making her looked at him slowly "U know mujhe kuch nai jaanna... Par ek sawaal ka jawab ka jawab dogi" cupping her face he asked lovingly making her to nod on YES "Ab aisa kuch nai haina.. Jo mujhe nai pata ho??" he asked softly making her looked down guiltfully "Matlab kuch hai Right??" he asked slowly to which she looked at him
"Haa... Hamare paas ek cute sa puppy tha uska naam Shao Pao tha... Uski death ho gayi thi.. Swimming pool mein gir k..." she replied slowly looking down where as he gotted now that dog's name was Shao Pao??
"Bas... Aur kuch nai haina...??" he asked hopefully thinking about that Pregnacy scene but as she nodded in no he got confused thinking Did she really didn't knew about that?? Or she is lying?? But he also knew that she can't lie to him "Acha usme mere saare videos hai??" he asked carefully while pointing at the box trying to use another trick
"Saare to nai... But hai" she replied slowly when he pulled her closer by her waist and kept her both hands around his neck
"I know bahoot kuch huaa tha Past mein... Par ab hume aage dekhna chahiye haina??" he asked softly pulling her more closer who nodded wd a smile "Toh ab batao... Vo jo tab hai... Vo kiska hai" turning her around he kept his head on her shoulder from behind
"Vo mera hai... Par kabhi use nai kiya usko" she replied slowly as he hugged her from behind tightly
"Accha usme k videos dekhe..??" he asked in normal tone so that she couldn't doubt
"Nai saare nai dekhe... Sirf shuru k dekhe hai do... Kyun aapne dekhe??" repliying him normally she looked up at him who smiled Thinking Thank god she didn't watched that video or else it would be hard for him to understand everything
"Haa dekhe..." twirling her he replied calmly when she landed on him smillingly
"Main b sochun dekhun" she said slowly which made him serious
"Abi thodi... Kyun ki Tab ko maine pack kar k rakh diya apne bag mein... Aur agar tumhe inhe le jaana hai to le chalenge" pointing at the box he lifted her up in his arms
"Armaan... Kya kar rahe hai aap??" she asked confusedly as he made her lay on bed while laying top of her
"Kyun tum kya chaahti ho??" he asked in teasing to ne to which she smacked his chest lightly making him smile "Aise hi... Acha mujhe ye bataao... Who the Hell is Eternal Aashiq?? No leave it.. Tum pehle hamari story detail mein batao??" laying beside her he asked calmly taking her head on his chest who smiled hearing this
"Agar main kahun mera mood nai hai to??" she replied slowly but in teasing tone
"To mere paas aur b raaste hai pata lagaane k" he said calmly making her giggle "Batao b na Shilpa" as he asked lovingly she smiled... Wd an increasing heartbeat she narrated their story in short way while cherishing their moments Armaan was calmly listening in b/w questioning also... Infact when she too Shao Pao's name he directly teased 'Isse Accha Vada Pao rakh deti...' which made her smile thinking nothing changed except now they knows each other much better... Shilpa slept after answering his all questions but Armaan was only looking up at the cieling thinking How will he tell her about that?? Coz its very difficult for him to adjust this reality then how she will handle this?? "Isse accha main ye baat tumhe kabhi pata lagne hi naa doon..." he thought staring at her sleeping figure Also thought Yeah this can be true coz its been three months to that night in Udaipur where they became one.. They are having physical life also enjoying it But he didn't use any precautions or anything coz he never thought about this Its not like that he doesn't want baby ofcourse he would love to become a father but he never think about it much... But knowing about Shilpa's miscarriage he guessed she deffinately want child but may be that is not in their hands He will try his best to make her happy also started thinking to ask about this in detail to Nikki coz Shilpa was her Patient... Also he can make a test on Shilpa but not right now... Thankfully he is taking her away from here or else the consequence will be different if his relatives got to know about this They already hurted Shilpa in Avni's Reception which now again he cant take any risk... So he is happy they are moving to their place where she would live in peace Where as peace was away from his head so moving out of the Room he thought to take a walk...

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