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Part 49 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"And, in the end,The love you take is equal to the love you make."

He was walking when he saw Dev sitting quietly on pool side Its both of them's favourite spot for chilling out... He sat beside him quietly which made Dev amused who asked why he is awake?? To which he replied he didn't knew?? They both talked for hours in b/w Aditi joined them... They three joked also made fun of each others
"Acha... Tune Singapore offer ka kya kiya??" Dev asked in serious tone making Armaan and Aditi's smile faded
"Haa.. Kya decision liya tumne" Aditi asked slowly gripping Armaan's hand who was sitting b/w them
"Drop kar diya" he replied normally making Dev shocked while Aditi smiled
"Love u.. Tumne Shilpa ko choose kiya..." she hugged him happily who smiled

"Kya kiya tune Armaan.. Itni badi opportunity chod di" Dev scolded making Aditi & Armaan looked at him "I know tu Shilpa se bahoot pyaar karta hai.. Par Armaan ye bahoot badi opportunity hai.. aise kaise chod sakta hai tu..." He asked in serious tone
"Kyun ki mera interest nai hai..." he replied coolly making Aditi giggle "Dekh abi main apne personal life pe dhyaan dena chahta hun... Baaki sab baad mein dekhunga" giving side hug to Dev he said smilingly making Aditi smile
"Matlab tere paas do saal ka time hai Sochne k liye... Tab tu kya faisla lega??" Dev asked normally
"Tab ka tab dekhunga... Abhi plzz hum kisi aur topic pe baat karen" his calm tone made Dev smiled and shaking his head he hugged him making Aditi to hug them smilingly.. That's it they talked for minutes and then retired to their Rooms... Next morning Armaan went to meet Nikki for Shilpa's case in which she said its true which made Armaan more worried for Shilpa they discussed about it for hours and then he came back home leaving for Bhopal... And after bidding bye to his family ArSh sat in plane where Armaan was working on laptop while Shilpa was looking here & there when her eyes landed on a woman who was cuddling her little baby lovingly... A tug felt in her heart seeing the scene She also want a child wants to play Love How much she is craving for that she only knows but may be its not in her destiny
"Shilpa.. Rehne de teri kismat mein nai hai baccha.. Aur usse dekhna band kar" her mind scolded her who looked away from that woman sadly and looked down on her hands "Par agar teri kismat mein nai hai baccha to kya tu Armaan ki life destroy karegi uske saath rehkar.. Aakhir usse b to bacche chahiye honge... Tab kya karegi tu" her mind said to her who felt low "To tu keh rahi hai ye Armaan ko chod de... Taaki Armaan apne life mein aage badh sake??" her heart questioned "Haa..." her mind answered which made Shilpa to feel sad when
"Shilpa..." Armaan's voice made her look at him who was already staring her "Kya huaa... Itni chup chaap kyun ho??" he asked concernly making her to show a small smile
"Aise hi.." she replied slowly which made him to think She is missing everyone
"Acha.. Mujhe tumhe kuch dikhana hai" keeping the laptop b/w them he said smillingly making her smile
"Aisa kya hai??" she asked smillingly
"Dekho to sahi..." he said calmly and opened a video on Laptop
"Haww..." she put her hands on her mouth shockingly seeing Her & Surbhi's videos from Avni's music function where Surbhi became a boy while she was her GF.. She felt so embarressingly in front of him who was smilling seeing her look She also saw their Dubsmash
"Wow... Kash meri b koi aisi girlfriend hoti" he said in fake dreaming tone making her smile
"Armaann.." she closed the laptop embarressingly making him chuckled "Kahan mili ye aapko??" she asked slowly to which he smiled
"Usi din mil gayi thi jis din ye scene shoot huaa tha... Remember maine call kiya tha bataya tha ki except u sabko dekha" he replied calmly taking her hand in his who looked down smillingly
"Iska matlab aapne mujhse jhut bola??" she asked wd shy smile to which he nodded calmly "Aur Surbhi ne b mujhse jhut bola... Usko to chodungi nai main" she said wd grumpy look making him chuckled
"Uska to pata nai.. But tumhe bata dun... Maine kaha tha na ki kyun tum sabke saath hasti ho... Except me to vo is video ka asar tha" he said calmly keeping the laptop aside
"To vo iska gussa tha??" she giggled to which he nodded calmly entwinning their hands when the lights went off except the dim lights
"Haa... Par..." before he could ask why she was sad few minutes ago a airhostess came
"Do u want anything Sir & Mam??" she asked very polietly making Shilpa to answer in NO smilingly and nodding in yes she went from there leaving ArSh alone... Shilpa put her head on his shoulder while gripping his arm who smiled
"Acha... Shilpa... Tumhaari vo jo Dehradun ki job thi uska kya huaa??" he asked slowly keeping his head on hers who smiled slowly wd closed eyes
"Armaan... Teen mahine se zyada ho gaya aur aapko lagta hai... Vo ab b mera wait kar rahe honge.." she replied smilingly looking up at him who felt guilty thinking Coz of him she left her job
"Matlab ab tumhare jaane k koi chances nai haina??" he asked slowly to which she replied in YES smilingly which made him smile In this dim light also her face is glowing more making him to fell for her more "Sorryy... Meri wajah se tumhe tumhari job chodni padi" he said guiltfully making her smile
"Thik hai... Iski b punishment hai mere paas" she said in fake thoughtful look making him to raised his bows "Aap apne baal katwa len..." as she said smilingly he narrowed his eyes
"R u serious??" he asked frowningly to which she nodded in yes calmly "Sorryy... Abi to mera bilkul mood nai hai ise cut karne ka... To tum kuch aur punish karo" he said calmly making her to shook her head
"Ok... Par isse aapko pura karna hoga?" she asked in warning tone to which he nodded in YES "Thik hai... Next week se Valentine week shuru hoga to aapko mujhe impress karna hoga" saying this wd serious look she crossed her arms making him chuckled
"Tab to tum bhul hi jaao... Ki main aisa kuch karunga" he said smilingly making her mouth dropped
"U know what mujhe aapse baat hi nai karni..." saying this wd grumpy look she looked away from him
"See Shilpa... I don't have any interest in these things... So tum kuch aur bolo" making her face him he explained calmly
"Ab mera mood nai hai..." she said slowly but then she thought Its not his fault that he doesn't have interest in this things how can she forgot she also didn't had interest in this things before Armaan made her fell for him
"Shilpa..." he kept his hand on her face to make her understand when she smiled
"Armaan... Samajh gayi main... But abhi na mujhe neend aa rahi hai" she said smilingly gripping his arm and kept her head on his shoulder who was speechless at her understanding nature
"Mujhe b..." saying this smilingly he kept his head on hers "Hmm... Lagta hai ab kuch to karna hoga Apni Tufaani Chidchidi Wife k liye..." he thought while closing his eyes "Kyun naa ye Valentine kuch khaas banaya jaaye Shilpa k liye... Kaise karunga ye baad mein sochunga main... Par karunga zarur" thinking this he also slept... After two hours they reached Bhopal where Armaan find peace the most... They reached home took the Breezer from Dilshad's House while informing her Rehaan will come a month later... Then everything went perfect their cute little family is happy... Armaan thought to renovate the house according to Shilpa & His choice so that it should look according to both's choice... And now Mr Armaan Malik is struggling to delete the video or not
"Nai... Main isse delete nai kar sakta... Kyun ki agar mujhme himmat nai hui batane ki to main yehi dikha dunga..." he thought in serious look staring down the Tab "Par agar ye isme raha to... Shilpa dekh legi??" he is confused what to do?? "I think mujhe ye video apne phone mein daalna chahiyee... Aur isme se delete kar dena chahiyee... Haa ye sahi hoga" following his idea he took that video inside his phone and locked a password on it then deleted that video from tab when
"Bhaiyaa... Coffee" Meethi's voice made him look up at her who was holding the trey
"Thank u... Shilpa kahan hai??" taking the coffee from her hand he asked calmly
"Vo Surbhi Didi ka phone aa gaya hai to vo unse baate kar rahi hai" she informed slowly making him to nod in YES and she went from there
"Ye Surbhi ka kuch karna hoga... New York mein rehkar b pareshaan kar rahi hai... Dono ki dono pagal hai" mumbling this calmly he stood while picking the coffee mug and walked outside in lawn to see what to change or what to not??

Night Time
Tu hi bata de kyu
Zaalima main keh layi...
"Armaan... Main aapse kuch puchun??" Shilpa's slow voice made him look at her whose head was resting on his shoulder
"Nai bolunga fir b tum puchogi... To bolo" he replied calmly staring down at the water... They both were sitting on swimming pool area where Armaan's half legs were inside the water he was wearing a black full sleeve T-Shirt wd beighe colour three four pant Shilpa was sitting beside him wd her normal black kurta and red payjaama... Her legs were crossed while her head was resting on his shoulder Breezer was laying Armaan's other side.. Their Swimming area was made on Terrece hidded by a glass room it was not so big or not so small its perfect for ArSh
"Armaan... Kya aap bachpan se hi akele rahen hai.. I mean kya aap apni family k bina reh sakte hai .. Unki yaad nai aati aapko??" looking up at him she asked slowly to which he looked at her frowningly
"Ye sawaal kaise aaya tumhaare dimaag mein??" he asked frowningly looking at her who smiled
"Bas aa gaya... Ab to batao aap??" replying him smilingly she took his hand and asked slowly
"Shilpa... See main bachpan se hi akele rehna pasand karta hun... Aisa nai hai ki main apni family se pyaar nai karta.. Bahoot karta hun mai unse pyaar but I can stay wdout them..." entwining their hands he said normally making her stared him
"Kyun??" she questioned making him smile
"Aise hi... Ab reh sakta hun matlab reh sakta hun..." he answered calmly when she opened her mouth to ask something he interrupted "Vo is liye kyun ki bachpan se akela raha hun... Aur kabhi kisi pe depened nai tha to aadat hai... Most important agar zindagi mein kisi k karib raha hun to vo Rehaan aur Dev thae... Main apne family se bahoot pyaar karta hun but vohi agar zindagi mujhe unke bina jeene ko kahe koi.. Then yes I can live wdout them..." he answered her unasked question making her stare him thinking he lived wdout his family since childhood then also he loves his family How??
"Armaan jab aap apne family k saath zyada rahe nai hai... Toh kaise aap unse itna pyaar karte hai aur vo aapse??" she asked innocently which maked him smile
"Family family hoti hai Shilpa... Chahe aap unke saath raho yaa naa raho... We love them... Tumhaare liye kehna aasaan hai kyun ki tum apni family k saath rahi ho... Agar nai rehti tab shayad samajhti" pulling her closer by her shoulder he replied calmly making her to nod in YES
"Matlab aap apni family k bina reh sakte ho??" she again asked for confirmation making him to nod in YES tiredly "Tab to aap mere bina b reh sakte ho??" her slow question made him taken aback
"Kyaa??" he narrowed his eyes to which she nodded in YES slowly making him chuckled "Vaise dekha jaaye to yes.. I can stay wdout u..." as he said normally she looked at him sadly "Par main rehna nai chahta" kissing her cheek he said softly making her smile "Ab kya kar sakte hai... Tum ho hi thodi ajeeb aise hi chod diya to pata nai kya hoga tumhara..." moving back he said calmly only to get a smack in return "Acha vo sab chodo ye batao.. Tumhe swimming aati hai??" taking her in a side hug he asked normally who nodded in no "Expected tha" he said wd a smile
"Armaan... Ab nai aata to nai aata.. Main kya kar sakti hun" moving away from him she said wd grumpy look making him chuckled
"Thik hai.. Lagta hai tumhe swimming b sikhaani hogi" saying this thoughtfully he looked at her who narrowed her bows "Aree.. Maanlo kal ko tum kisi musibat mein pad gayi... To kaise bachogi socha hai??" hitting her head lightly he asked calmly
"Tab ka tab dekhungi... Par" before she could say more he fobbed off
"Nai... Its done ki tumhe swimming sikhana hai... I can't take risk" he announced calmly making her angry
"Achaa.. Ghar ka renovation b issi bich karao... Job b karun.. Ghar ko b sambhalun... Aur ab Swimming.. Zyada nai ho gaya" she looked at him in fake sweet smile while he chuckled hearing this
"Haa toh... Tum to multi-talented ho..." he said smilingly pinching her nose who made face removing his hand wd pouted lips "Acha job se yaad aaya... Tum job karogi na??" this time he asked in serious tone making her to took a sigh
"Nai.. Mera mood nai hai.." she replied unintrestingly
"Shilpa yaar... Samajh kyun nai rahi tum... Job karna tumhara zaruri hai varna pure din kya karogi tum" he said in calm tone
"Armaan... Sach mein mera koi interest nai hai" she also said in same tone
"See tumhara job karna bahoot zaruri hai.. Varna ghar baithe baithe tum sochogi sirf... Aur sochte sochte kaha pahuch jaaogi.. Tum b nai jaanti... Jo risk main lena nai chahta" keeping his hand on her neck he said calmly to which she looked at him
"What do u mean... Sochungi??" removing his hand she asked in serious tone
"Mera matlab..." but before he could complete his sentence she cutted him
"Rehne do.. Mujhe aapse baat hi nai karni" saying this she stood up which made Breezer awake
"Aree... Shilpa.." as he opened his mouth she went from there angrily following by Breezer "Kahan fas gaya main..." he rubbed his forehead to calm himself "Ye acha hai.. Socho isi k bhalai k liye aur sunna khud pade" he mocked at himself while shaking his head when
"Aaahh... Armaan" Shilpa's loud scared voice made him startled
"Shilpa..." standing up worriedly he ran downstairs only to find Shilpa wd shocked look standing like a statue on door step while Breezer was barking loudly "Gosh... Tum na dara deti ho" he took a sigh seeing that little bundles on Tanveer's hand
"Jammy aap kal aaye aur is bichaare ko to lena hi bhul gaye... To humne socha hume hi aakar dena hoga" Tanveer said politely keeping that two little Toddle Poddle Toys on floor who were looking up at Shilpa wd their tiny eyes (Yes guys they are like Shao Pao)
"Thank u... Tanu.. I mean Tanveer" he smiled looking at her who smiled back
"Shilpa ko dekh k lagta hai... Jaise bhoot dekh liya ho" she said smilingly looking at Shilpa who was numbly staring at that tiny creatures
"Actually ye bahoot zyada surprise ho gayi hai... Par tumhe thank u varna main to bhul gaya tha isse..." he said politely
"Koi baat nai Jammy... Ab hum chalte hai... Gud night" saying this politely Tanveer went from there while he locked the door and looked at Breezer and That tiny creatures who were barking at each other but ignoring them he stood infront of his wife who was standing shockingly "Shilpa stop staring ki jaise bhoot dekh liya ho" he jerked her by her shoulder who looked up at him wd moist eyes
"Armaan.. Ye kaise... I mean ye to.. Shao Pao..." she didn't knew how to ask to which he hugged her
"Sshhh calm down Shilpa..." he caressed her back lovingly "See ye sab maine jaan bujhkar nai kiya... Actually huaa yun ki..." parting her from hug he looked at her calmly while clearing her tears "Jab main Bhopal aaya tha last time... Meri ek patient thi jiske paas six dogs the.. Aur usse brain tumor tha to usse samajh nai aa raha tha ki unka kya karen... Vo last stage pe thi baaki chaar ko to usne bech diya tha bach gaye ye do... Bahoot chote hai ye dono to usse koi accha care taker chahiyee tha... Bahoot pressure mein thi vo aur operate karaane ko ready nai thi... To maine kaha ki agar vo operate karwa lengi to mai in dono ko apne paas rakh lunga... chahe vo bache ya nai... Tab jaakar vo maani operation k liye.. But unfortunately unki operation se pehle death ho gayi... Maine unhe promise kiya tha to in dono ko ghar le aaya aur Mumbai jaane se pehle Tanu ko de diya... Tabhi to main shock tha saare pictures mein vo dog tha na.. Yaa jo b naam ho uska... Usse dekh k kyun ki ye dono same to same uski tarah dikhte hai..." he explained calmly cupping her face who looked down at the twins "Shilpa may be ye hona tha... Aise darne se koi faida nai hai... Ishe accept karo.. Aur" but before he could make her understand she stepped back tearfully
Tu hi bata de Kyu
Zaalima main keh layi...
"Itna aasaan nai hai mere liye Armaan... Nai kar sakti main inhe accept... Aap inhe kisi ko de do..." saying this tearfully she ran towards their Room hurtfully and locked the door
"Shilpa.. Kya karrahi ho yaar tum" standing outside the door he asked calmly "Aise bhaagne se problems solve nai hoti" he tried to made her understand politely but when she didn't said anything he held his head "Kahan fasa diya mujhe bhagwaan" he cursed when he heard the fighting loud voices of three dogs one was our Breezer and other was Tiny little two creatures who were not less than Breezer "Pehle ek musibat nai sambhalti thi... Ab chaar chaar kaise sambhlegi... Kyun mujhe isse pyaar huaa" he mumbled calmly feeling pity on himself "Shilpa yaar darwaza to kholo..." he knocked in calm tone but its no use So taking a sigh he walked in Hall where three of them were barking but seeing him they stand quietly

"Chalo koi to darta hai mujhse.." saying this he slumped on sofa and laid quietly getting tired while three of them laid on floor beside Armaan and the night goes like this only... So here start Arsh's new journey.. Wd two little members added more... Where lots more to come.. Will Shilpa accept that two little dogs like Shao Pao & Breezer?? Will they make their marriage work?? Will Armaan be able to tell about Shilpa's pregnancy history to her?? Will Shilpa express her feelings to Armaan for baby?? Will Armaan gain back his memory?? Let's see...

To Be Continued...Embarrassed
We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdnes sand call it love, true love.Simply falling back to their lala love land ArSh are no matter how much tym it took they are back to each other wd all the love!Day Dreaming With all troubles tackled .. wd all the completeness.. is their anything which is still lacking?Shocked To learn more w8 for the NEXT PART!

Armaan is much more intelligent the way he had handled and drawn back all the puzzles of his Past connecting them together he had learned a lot but still 1 link is missing! Would that unknown link drop them to another trouble?

Armaan's Valentine Surprise
ArSh more Romance
Armaan to face 'biggest'
ArSh to face New


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