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Part 50 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"When you're in Love, you're capable of learning everything, and knowing things you had never dared even to think, because Love is the key to understanding of all the mysteries"

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt,Sing like there's nobody listening ,And live like it's heaven on earth. About heaven yes after lot of hustle & bustle Arsh started their new journey of Love!
Turning wd the Passion ArSh had explored each other wd pure love...Blushing but still a little distance made Shilpa insecure as always her KnightWink Armaan took everything in his hands blewing her all insecurities away and they once again understood each other...SmileThey filled each other wd love & care... They tour Mumbai Manali...Embarrassed
And after their romance n lovey dovey journey they returned back to their home Bhopal Smile but what made Shilpa shocked was Shao Pao's look alikesLOLand fearing for future she locked herself in room Cry leaving a poor Armaan outside the roomLOLLet's read What would Armaan do ??Wink

"Love changes everything. It changes what you feel and what you do. What would you say to me if I told you... I love you?"


Three weeks later...

Sun zaalima mere
Saanu koi dar na
Ki samjhega zamaana ...

"Nai yaar Surbhi... Kuch aur suggest karo... I know ye Armaan ko pasand nai aayga" A confused Shilpa rejected that idea while looking at men watches

"Allah Miya... Tab kya suggest karun main Shilpa" Surbhi asked wd a giggle keeping her coffee mug on table
"Exactly... Kyun ladko k liye gifts ki choices bahoot kam hoti hai" she whinned gripping the phone on her other ear and moved out from watch section
"Haa yaar... Main khud bahoot confuse ho jaati hun Rehaan ko gift lene time... Kyun ki usse jaldi to kuch acha nai lagta... To sochti hun usse dunn kya" Surbhi said thoughtfully making her smile who looked at the goggles carefully
"Haina...? Same... Samajh mein hi nai aa raha hai ki Armaan ko unke b'day pe dun kya... Kal b'day hai aur mujhe gift ab tak nai samjha ki kya loon" picking the goggles she replied normally
"Acha tumne Mr Khan se indirectly pucha ki unhe kya chahiyee??" Surbhi asked smartly
"Itna time kahan hai Mr Badtameez k paas... Itna busy rehte haina... Ki Hospital se thik aake so jaate hai... Aur bich mein kabhi bhi emergency aati hai raat ko nikal jaate hai mere liye ek message chod k ki mujhe late hoga" she replied in full serious mode which made Surbhi laughed
"Ab to fir tumhe hi kuch sochna hoga..." Surbhi said smilingly
"Aur koi option b nai hai..." she smiled looking around for something "Acha Surbhi late ho raha hai... Main bhi kuch acha se lekar nikalti hun.." she said normally looking at her wrist watch which is showing 2 'O' clock of afternoon
"Haa ok.. Par yaad haina.. Ghar pahuchte hi mujhe text kar dena aur gift lene k baad mujhe uska pic send kar dena" Surbhi said in warning tone
"Main bacchi thodi hun... Ki ghar pahuchte hi tumhe text kar dun..." she replied in grumpy look making her smile
"Haa pata hai... Fir bhi" Surbhi giggled
"Ho gaya na... To ab main rakhti hun bye..." saying this smilingly she hung up the phone and looked at the clothes section for Armaan "Kitna mushkil hai ladko k liye kuch lena" she shook her head looking at the clothes... After one hour of shopping she bought for him A rolex wrist watch... A black shirt... Navy blue tie... A men perfume.. Two shades glares... And video games DVDs "Kahan samajh mein kuch nai aa raha tha... Vahan itna kuch le liya" she smiled at herself while moving out from the Mall also carrying her shopping bags "Oh no... 3 baj gaye... Aur main abhi bhi yehin hun... Armaan ko pata chala na to murder kar denge mera..." she mummbled worriedly while looking down at her watch when she bumped wd a man "Ouch...!!" she winced as her bags fell down and her ankle slipped a little but she balanced herself not to fall
"I am sorryy... Plzz mujhe maaf karna" that man apologized bending to help her who was picking her shopping bags
"Haa pehle dhakka maar k fir sorry boldo... Ye acha hai.. Andhe ho tum.. Jo dekh k" but before she could scold him more she noticed his face which have fear on it his eyes which were looking red as if crying... Sweats were dripping from his forehead he was looking full scared as if saw something very scary "Aap... Thik to hai...??" looking at his face she asked concernly
"Jjiii... Mmmujhe kya huaa hai... Main thik hun" stooding up he replied in strong voice "Ye lijiye aapka bag... Madam" he forwarded her bag as she stood holding her other bags "Firse sorryy.." he apologized as she took the bag slowly and he ran from there leaving her confused
"Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai... Ki vo kisi bahoot badi problem mein tha..." she mummbled confusedly while walking ahead towards her scooty when she saw some mens were running here and there in Parking Lot
"Dhundho usse yehin kahin hoga vo..." a man yelled at other three men to which she gulped who started walking slowly while gripping her bags tightly
"Boss... Mujhe lagta hai bhaag gaya..." one of a man said slowly to which first one slapped him hard
"Bhaagna nai chahiyee vo... Dhundho usse.. Pucho sabse" first one yelled which made her scared so she fastened her speed gathering all her courage when one of a man stopped in front of her whose hearbeat got skipped
"Behenji... Aapne yahan se ek red shirt black pant pehne hue ladke ko dekha??" he asked politely to which she gulped thinking Yes that man whom she bumped wore the same colour clothes There is something fishy going on??
"Nai... Main to abi shop se bahar aayi" she replied slowly to which that man nodded and went from there making her to take a long sigh "I hope kuch galat na ho us ladke k saath..." she prayed as she reached where her scooty was parked... So keeping the bags near her legs she started her scooty wd speed still worrying about that man... It's been three weeks since they came back from Mumbai to Bhopal where their life is going normal.. That night where those two little puppies came who resembled Shao Pao she was scared to accept coz they remind her Shao Pao whom she loved the most... She was not at all ready to accept she needs time to adjust wd these sudden happiness Yaah she got Armaan whose love she accepted lately coz of fear to lose him and suddenly these new addition came in which again made her scared thinking she'll lose everything... She was inside the Room and have had heard Armaan's voice from outside but she stood locked in wd the need of gaining some strength to console herself that's why she didn't opened the door but when she didn't heard any noise from outside she frowned

Tu vi si kamli
Main vi sa kamla
Ishqe da rog sayana
Ishqe da rog sayana...

"Kya tu bhi na Shilpa apne gusse mein... Sudhre hue Armaan ko bhi bigaad degi... Kitni koshish kar rahe hai vo tujhe khush rakhne ki" she smacked herself mentally while moving down from bed "I hope Armaan gusse mein na ho... Aur uper se unhe Hall mein neend bhi nai aati" she mummbled worriedly while opening the door and she peeped her head outside only to find silence in the Room also the lights were off "Itni shaanti kyun hai..." moving out she thought confusedly and walked in Hall for Armaan "Armaan... Aap kahan hai??" she called slowly but scaredly coz of dark in Room when by mistakenly she stepped on Breezer's leg
"Boww boww... Woowww" he barked loudly making Shilpa scared
"Aahhh..."getting frightened she screamed while sitting on sofa near Armaan's leg but her shout resulted that puppies to shout loudly also Armaan's sleep broke hearing their noises
"Kya huaa...?? Kyun chilla rahe ho yaar??" switching on the lamp bulb he sat on sofa while rubbing his eyes
"Armaan..." seeing him she hugged tightly almost putting her all weight on him who opened his eyes groggly infact surprisingly seeing her here
"Kya huaa...??" rubbing his forehead by his one hand he asked still in sleepy tone making her to hug him more tight while seeing Shilpa scared three of the dogs sat quietly looking up at ArSh
"Kuch nai.. Andhera tha aur Breezer ki aawaaz se darr gayi" she replied slowly parting from hug while he opened his eyes fully
"See tum khud to dari inko bhi dara diya.. Aur saath mein mujhe bhi" he said calmly as she sat properly beside him
"Sorry.. Par itna andhera tha ki.. Mujhe kuch dikh nai raha tha" she looked at him slowly who smiled seeing her face "Aur aap andar kyun nai aaye...??" as she asked wd grumpy look making him to raised his bows while staring at her
"Acha... Tumne extra door bhi banvaya hai" he asked in sarcastic way making her looked down smilingly "Bewkoof" he mumbled which she heard
"Armaan.. Meri galti nai hai okay... Vo to bas" she tried to explain when he fobbed off
"Tum pehle mujhe ye batao... Ki jab andar gayi thi to wapas kyun aayi??" crossing his arms he asked calmly keeping his back against the sofa post which make her looked down guiltfully
"Sorryy... Main gusse mein thi..." she looked at him slowly wd cute sad look
"Toh...??" he asked in normal tone making her to move closer to him
"I am sorryy Armaan..." helding her ears wd cute guilty face she apologized making him to adore her
"Hmm... Thik hai..." saying this in fake serious tone he looked away from her who looked at him wd grumpy look and moved closer to him
"Armaan bola na sorry... But mujhe time chahiyee ise accept karne mein" making him face her helding his cheek she said in ordering tone to which he smiled and took her in a hug
"I know it's difficult but ye... To abhi bahoot chote hai aur uper se do b hai... Inki kya galti" caressing her hairs lovingly he whispered softly
"Haa ye bhi hai..." parting from hug she looked down making him to take her hands in his
"That's like a good girl..." he smiled when Breezer jumped on Shilpa from down and seeing him jumping on Shilpa the two little bundles also started jumping on her from floor trying to reach near her "See kitni attention mil rahi hai tumhe" he joked pulling her closer by her waist almost making her stick to him
"Haa..." she smiled slowly ruffling Breezer's head while they both from floor nuzzled their faces on her leg who giggled feeling ticklish and seeing her giggling he also smiled taking a sigh of relief
"Acha tum yahan kya kar rahi thi...? he asked calmly looking at her who looked away from dogs to her Hubby
"Vo kya haina..." facing him she sat on her knees while moving closer to him who raised his bows "Mujhe yaad aaya ki maine to ek Akdu insaan ko bahar lock kar diya... Aur pata nai kya kya tod de vo gusse mein" keeping her hands around his neck she said wd a smile making him amused who put his hand on her waist
Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar...
"Acha Akdu..." he asked in calm tone while nodding his head in YES to which she also nodded in YES hiding her giggle "To yahan kya kar rahi ho... Jao Room mein" he said in strict tone bending a little back to which she giggled and cupping his face she kissed his cheek lovingly
"I love u..." saying this she hugged him who smiled while responding her equally
"Toh.. Tum isliye yahan aayi thi..??" he asked slowly engulfing her more into him
"Nai.. Main yahan apne hubby ko lene aayi thi .. Vo kya haina main andar bore ho rahi thi" looking back at him she replied in cute tone while ruffling his hairs who eyed her to stop
"Sorryy... But ab mera mood nai hai" he replied in fake serious tone making her chuckled
"Toh koi baat nai main... Yahan rahungi aapke saath" she said nonchantingly which made him smile
"Acha... But itna space nai hai yahan..." he said normally pulling her closer who thought for some time
"Toh fir chalo andar..." moving down from sofa she stood while gripping his wrist who pulled her wd such force that she landed on him almost making both to laye on sofa "Armaan... Kya hai ye??" she asked surprisingly staring down at him who rolled his eyes
"Mera mood nai hai andar jaane ka... To main soch raha hun hum yehin soyen... Haa agar tumhe problem hai to jaa sakti ho" saying this calmly he kept a cushion under his head making her smile who put her head on his chest almost laying on him
"Nai mujhe bhi koi problem nai hai..." she whispered smillinglly playing wd his T-Shirt's hem while they three adorable dogs were watching these two lovers... Armaan was playing wd her hairs staring up at the ceiling while Shilpa was staring on that two puppies who now was sleeping silently on floor beside Breezer a smile reached her lips seeing this three "Armaan. ." she called softly making him hummed in YES still looking up "Thank u... Mujhe rokne k liye us din" her tone was soft one which made him smile but also confused
"Rokne k liye?? Kaunse din Shilpa??" he asked frowningly coz every day he stopped her for something while she looked up at him smilingly
"Offo!! Avni k Reception k din Armaan" as she said annoyingly he smiled nodding in YES
"Vo to bas suddenly ho gaya... Koi intention nai tha" he said truthfully but there was smile on his face which maked her to face him
"Fir b thank u... Kyunki ki agar main chali jaati to main bahoot regret karti" she confessed truthfully keeping her head back on his chest who encircled her back
"Janta hoon..." he said slowly while closing his eyes making her also to close her eyes smilingly "Acha Shilpa tum in dono ka naam kya rakkhogi...??" after few seconds of silence he asked slowly still wd eyes closed
"Ammm..." she started thinking staring down on both of the tiny puppies
"Main suggest karun??" his sudden permission made her smile
"Haa bilkul" she replied normally
"How about... Ek ka naam Shao aur dusre ka Pao..." he suggested wd a teasing smile making her stop for seconds "See Shilpa... Shao Pao gaya kyun ki usko jaana tha... But ye dono as a resemble milen hai tumhe matlab buy one get one free... To dono ko dilse accept karo" keeping his hand on her head he said politely making her to nod in YES "Toh.. Fir batao dono mein se kaun hai Shao Pao aur Vada Pao" as he said this she chuckled looking at the two
"Dono hi same hai pata kaise chalega...??" she asked confusedly laying straight beside him who engulfed her more into him
"Ek k gale pe blue hankerchief baandh do... Ya fir dono ko hi unke naam ka pendants pehna do simple" he suggested normally hugging her who smiled lightly closing her eyes
"Hmm... But maine kuch aur soch liya hai" she said slowly making him smile
"Kya??" he asked calmly
"Ek kaa naam hoga Shao Pao aur dusre ka Toy..." she replied smilingly which make him smile "Kaisa hai??" she looked up at his face who was staring at both the puppies
"Acha hai" kissing her head he said smilingly making her to close her eyes
"Acha Armaan agar main sachmein chali jaati uss din...toh??" after few minutes of silence she asked again but when she didn't got any answer from him "Armaan..." she looked up at him but smiled finding him sleeping "Aww... " she adored kissing on his cheek lovingly... Then putting her head back on his chest she closed her eyes while hugging him their night went like this only on sofa... Next morning was very surprising for her coz when she opened her eyes found herself alone on bed under the blanket... She woke up fully and looked for him in Room but found empty she moved out to search him when Meethi informed he left for his work... So getting disappointed she went to freshen up and spend her day wd Breezer Shao Pao & Toy Yaah she brought two little pendants wd apphabet S & T for Shao Pao & Toy... On that week renovation of their house also started which was making ArSh too busy that they couldn't get time for each other Armaan's hectic schedule also making him away from her.. Her days only went wd her three little pets who always make her happy In day times she stays outside in Garden area or Terrace wd Nazma Ayaan & Tanveer who were also the one who make her happy the most... Rose day came but Armaan was occupied wd work and home renovation was included She was not at all angry on him or sad coz she knew he is doing these all only for her So in early morning she kept a bouquet of roses for him on dressing table so that he can see when he get ready for his work... Armaan was getting ready for Hospital when he saw that bouquet of roses on dressing table seeing that a smile reached on his lips who looked on bed where she was sleeping soundlessly "Happy Rose day Armaan...!!" as he read the note he chuckled smacking himself mentally for forgetting this day

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar...

"I am sorry Shilpa... Bhul gaya main... Aur tumhe time nai de paa raha" leaning on her he whispered softly "I hope main jaldi se free ho jaaun aur apni pyaari si wife ko time doon" carressing her hairs he whispered softly and kissing her cheek he went out for Hospital His whole day went in work only while Shilpa was instructing the workers for Room renovation... On Valentine's day he was out for work also he forgot that day Yaah Shilpa was expecting for his wish but knowing about his nature she herself texted him "Happy Valentine's Day my ASUAM... Love U..!!" Armaan was in a Conference so he didn't got time to check his phone.. He was on way back to home when he saw roses & balloons on road that time it clicked inside his brain that Today is Valentine's day which made him to held his head
"Kya yaar Armaan... Tu sab kuch kaise bhul sakta hai.." he scolded himself mentally and took out his phone to call her when he saw her message on phone which was of last night "Shit...!!" he hit his hand on steering as he read her message... Then moving out from his car he bought some Roses, Chocolates, Teddies & her favorite Cake for his wify... He called her name as he entered in House but finding everything messy he kept the gifts on table and entered in their Room frowningly "Shilpa...!!" he called her name loudly as he entered in Room but stopped seeing her on bed wd cotton ball & antiseptic bottle on her hands while Shao Pao Breezer & Toy were watching her calmly from floor
"Sss..." she hissed as she put the cotton on her toe making Armaan shocked seeing her bleeding feet
"Shilpa... Kya huaa..??" he asked worriedly as he sat in front of her who looked at him wd moist eyes
"Armaan... Vo mera pair" she said painfully looking up at him who got hell worried
"Kaise lagi...??" he asked worriedly taking the cotton ball from her hand
"Vo.. Workers k jaane k baad maine socha thoda arrange kardun jo cheeze bikhari hui thi.." she was saying this painfully as he was applying the antiseptic on her toe while concentrating fully "Par galti se ek keel (Nil) pe rakh diya jo chub gayi mujhe" she finished while wipping her tears but her words made him shocked
"What?? Keel??" he looked up at her shockingly to which she nodded her head in YES "Dimaag thikaane pe hai tumhaara?? Kya jarurat thi safaai karne ki... Steve kaha tha...??" he asked in strict tone making her quiet "Shilpa kisi din kheech k maarunga main tumhe... Bina soche samjhe karti ho tum sab kuch... Pata bhi hai aisi chote andar tak failti hai.. Kitni infectous hoti hai..." he scolded her while tying a bandage on her feet who looked at him scaredly
"Meri galti thodi hai.. Main to bas clean kar rahi thi" she argued looking at him but stopped as he glared her
"Shut up!!" he said angrily putting the first aid kit on side table
"Boww...!!" Breezer tried to jumped on bed near Shilpa and seeing this Shao Pao & Toy followed him trying to gain ArSh's attention
"Not now Breezer" as Armaan's strict tone reached their heads three of them stood silently and Shilpa understood right now Mr Malik is on his Akdu Sadu mood "Ab yehin baithi raho main aata hun" saying this sternly he stood up and opened a drawer making her confused
"Ho gaya tum dono ka Valentine's day..." her mind taunted her who made a sad face looking down on her leg "Aur tumhe bhi abhi hi hona tha... Kitni mehnat se maine socha tha ki Armaan k liye kuch surprising karungi... Par nai sab uss plywood k keel k wajah se huaa mera saara plan fail ho gaya" she cursed her leg mentally when she felt Armaan sat beside her
"Aankhen band karlo..." he said calmly grabbing her hand who looked at him frowningly
"Kyun...?" she questioned staring him confusedly who took a cotton and put the antiseptic on it "Armaan.. Aap kya karne wale hai??" she asked fearly seeing him rubbing the cotton on her arm
"Chup chap baithi raho...??" he said sternly taking out a injection from a box which made her eyes widend
"Armaan nai.. Main ye nai lagwaaungi" she moved back a little while pointing at the injection
"Shilpa... Dekho jo cheez tumhe lagi hai vo kaafi dangerous hai... Toh shaanti se injection lagwa lo" he tried to say calmly while gripping her arm who nodded her in YES
"Nai main nai lagwaungi... Aaahhh" she tried to stood but winced in pain coz of her leg
"Shaanti se baitho varna maarunga" he warned making her sat properly who made a sad face "Shilpa... Isse pehle ye effect kare plzz lagwa loo..." this time he said lovingly making her looked away from him and laying on bed she hidded her face in pillows while forwarding her hand in front of him who pressed his lips hidding his smile "That's like a good girl..." he said lovingly taking her arm in his hold while they cute little dogs were watching this scene from floor pitying on their poor Princess Shilpa
"I hate u... Isse acha maine kissi Rockstar se shaadi ki hoti... At least gaana to gaata yaa fir dance to karta mere liye... Aur ek aap... Aaahhh" she was cursing him still hiding her face on pillows while wd a calm smile he injected her who shouted in pain
"Bas... Bas... Ho gaya" he said lovingly after throwing the injection inside dustbin where as she was sniffing still hiding her face on pillows "Shilpa... Ab baat bhi nai karogi??" he asked smilingly keeping his hands on her shoulder almost hugging her from behind not before washing his hands
"Nai..." as she said wd grumpy look he chuckled when she looked at him "Ye sab aapki wajah se huaa hai..." hiting his arm she said angrily to which he held her hand lovingly
"Maine kya kiya... Maine thodi bola ki aise andhiyon ki tarah chalo" saying this calmly he tucked her hairs aside from her face who looked at him wd grumpy look
"Haa... Agar aapko ye stupid sa renovation nai sujhta to ye nai hota..." she said in complaining tone to which he chuckled
"Ho gaya... Bol chuki ab chalo kuch khaa lo" saying this lovingly he made her sat properly when again Breezer Shao Pao & Toy barked taking their attention "I think inko b bhuk lagi hai" he said smilingly picking Toy up when Breezer and Shao Pao also barked hinting they also want to come up which made Armaan chuckled so he picked Shao Pao up and handled to Shilpa who started playing wd the puppies where as Breezer put his half weight on bed
"Nai ye kha chuke hai... Bas inhe neend aa rahi hai shayad" she smiled caressing Breezer's head lovingly making him to adore her
"Acha... Lo tum in sab k saath khelo... Main dinner ready karta hoon..." keeping Toy beside her he bend to untie his shoes
"Nai Armaan... Aap Kitchen mein pair b nai rakhenge... Agli baar gayye thae pura Kitchen ganda ho gaya tha..." she said in scolding voice making him to shook his head who removed his blazer "Aur dinner pehle se hi ready hai... Bas serve karna hai... Meethi bhi apne ghar gayi to main karungi aap baitho" making Shao Pao sat beside her she moved to stood when he made her sat again
"Chup chap yahan baitho main khana laata hun..." he almost ordered her
"Nai Armaan... Pura Kitchen ganda ho jaayga" she said stubbornly making him to took a sigh
"Acha thik hai... Tum vahan baithi rehna aur instruct karna mujhe... Ye thik hai??" he said in tired tone to which she giggled nodding in YES "Thik hai main fresh hokar aata hun... Tum yehin baithi rehna" warning her he took out his night clothes from Wardrobe and went inside Washroom to fresh up while she made both the puppies to sleep also Breezer who was sleeping on floor.. After minutes he came out only to find three of the pets sleeping peacefully So he carefully picked Shao Pao & Toy from her lap and made them layed on their baskets then picking her up in his arms he took her in dinning Hall where he made her sat on chair "Yahan se hilna mat... Aur bolo kya kya karna hai" saying this calmly he went inside Kitchen making her to adore him who was stirring the food
"Armaan... Aapne mera message padha tha kal raat??" she asked normally while playing wd a tissue paper but hearing this he stopped his work as something hit his head

Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar, haaye...

"Aree haa... Usse kaise bhul gaya" he mumbled under his breath and keeping the plates on dinner table he ran towards the Hall making Shilpa confused
"Armaan.. Kahan??" she asked confusedly but not hearing any response she looked down sadly "Don't tell me firse... Chale gaye Hospital" she thought sadly still looking down on her hands when
"Happy Valentine's day... Meri Chidchidi Cinderella" keeping that bunch of colour full roses on her lap who looked up at him surprisingly specially his word 'Meri Chidchidi Cinderella' while he kept the teddies in front of her which were in Blue & Pink colour "Actually sorry.. Bhool gaya tha sab kuch.. U know na kaam mein aaj kal duba huaa hoon... To aate waqt tumhara message padha... So uswaqt Jo mujhe thik laga maine liya" keeping the chocolate boxes & cake beside teddies he took a chair beside her whose eyes were moist and looked down smilingly on roses which were in many colours and the red one was in middle of the roses "Itna experience nai hai in sabka to... Thoda peeche..." he said slowly but he was interrupted by her voice

"I love you Armaan..." wdout looking up at him she said smilingly caressing the roses making him chuckled at her sudden change of mood but when she didn't heard anything from him she looked up "How unromantic Armaan... At least I love you too to bol dete" she said wd pouted anger making him smile
"Uski zaroorat hi kahan padi tumne jo bol diya" giving a kiss on her cheek he stood to go inside Kitchen leaving her blushing
"Armaan sab kuch main karungi to aap kya karoge??" looking at him she asked slowly which made him smiled who brought the food on dinning area and keeping that on table he took a chair beside her "Boliye??" she asked again while making a tiara for herself from that roses
"Main karunga na... Jab free ho jaaunga" he replied in calm tone but she unoticed that tease in his voice "By the way ye tum kya kar rahi ho...??" he frowned seeing her fully engrossed on roses
"Ho gaya..." she smiled looking up at him who raised his bows when she put a tiara on his head then at her head smilingly
"Ye kya hai Shilpa...??" he asked unintrestingly to which she smiled while opening the cake box "Shilpa kuch puch raha hun na..?" this time he asked sternly while taking his chair closer to her
"Armaan kya aapko pata hai.. Aap bahoot handsome lag rahe hai iswaqt" she tried to divert his mind who shook his head and put that tiara on her head
"Nai.. Tum mujhse zyada acchi lag rahi ho ispe... Aur plzz kya hum khana shuru karen... Mujhe bahoot tez bhook lagi hai" he requested staring at her who smiled seeing his adorable face
"Ok... Hmm" forwarding the knife towards him she put the cake b/w them making Armaan smile
"Kisi Bollywood Heroine se kam nai hai ye... Full too filmy meri wife" he thought smilingly keeping his hand on her hand which was holding the knife which also bought smile on her face "Isse kya hoga...??" he asked calmly as they both cut the cake into pieces
"Pyaar..." she replied wd a giggle inserting a piece of cake inside his mouth who smiled heartly
"Vo to ho chuka hai... Ab kitni baar hoga??" making her eat a piece of cake he asked smilingly to which she shrugged her shoulders which made him to kiss her cheeks one by one lovingly "I love you... One.. Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Raised till infinity... Shilpa" he confessed lovingly taking her in a hug who smiled heartly while keeping her hands on his back making him to engulfed her more into him He knows he didn't did something big for her but whatever he did it was enough for her "Vaise in roses se... Khusboo bahoot acchi aa rahi hai" as he said wd closed eyes feeling the fragrance of roses coz of her tiara she chuckled parting from hug
"Acha aapne itne saare colourful roses kyun laaye??" she asked smilingly keeping her hands on table
"Tum smart ho??" serving the food he asked calmly which made her narrow her bows
"Aapka matlab hai main smart nai hun??" she looked at him wd pouted lips
"Ye toh tumhe pata hoga..." as he replied normally she looked away from him wd grumpy look which made him smile while picking a fork "Kyun ki... Maine jo kuch bhi liya vo tumhe sochke liya... Ab ye tumhara kaam hai ki maine kyun diya ye sab.. If u are smart enough" taking a morsel inside his mouth he said calmly which made her to look at him confusedly "Khana khao" eating his food he said calmly which made her to start her food also to think about his words who was hidding his smile seeing her confused face "Ye bina pata lagaaye khaaygi nai..." he thought seeing her not starting her food "Maine tumhe itne colourfull roses isliye diye..." taking her spoon from her hand he took a morsel while forwarding towards her mouth who looked at him slowly "Kyun ki tum colourfull ho mere life mein... Aur" inserting that morsel inside her mouth he answered calmly making her smile while eating
"Aur...??" she asked while eating her food
"Aur... Tumhe ek hi colour ka rose dena... Tumhaare mood swings ki insult hogi... Isilye tumhare colourful mood ko colourful roses diye" as he replied calmly she giggled "Samjhi...?" he asked eating his food to which she nodded in YES smilingly "Abhi bhi koi doubt??" he raised his bows
"Nai.." nodding in YES she started eating her food smilingly making him chuckled at her silent mode "Armaan... Aapne kahin ye sab mujhe impress karne k liye toh nai kaha... Yaa fir aapne injection waali baat ko mere dimaag se nikaalne k liye kaha" after few minutes of silence she asked wd grumpy look making him to look at her calmly
"Kisine sahi kaha hai... Ek ladki ko samajhna duniya ka sabse mushkil kaam hai... Kuch karo toh problem na karo tab problem... Khud kya chahti hai ye nai pata hota" he thought while shaking his head "Tumhe kaise pata chala..." he asked calmly to which she showed her grumpy look "I don't know tum ladkiyo ko sunna kya accha lagta hai... Taarif karo to problem na karo to problem..." he said wd calm look which made her mouth dropped
"Excuse me!! Hum nai kehte ki aakar taarif karo" she retorted wd cute anger
"Yaa right... Vo tum ladkiyaa hi hoti ho jinhe vo stupid Complements aur Valentine pasand hai" he also retorted but calmly
"Oh hello... Hum nai kehte ki aao wish karo yaa complements do... Vo aap ladke hote ho jo cheezy lines bolte ho" she argued which made him to roll his eyes
"Haa hamare paas toh koi kaam hi nai hota" he too argued and there start their cute banter over Valentine topic when Shilpa got angry and stood to go but coz of her leg she winced "Shilpa... Lag jaaygi yaar... Aur dukhega ye" making her sat on chair he scolded her who looked at him wd moist eyes "Kisi din maar khaaogi tum mere haath se... Dekho ab lag gayi na" he scolded kneeling in front of her and checked her leg who was watching his face lovingly
"Tu bhi na pagal acche khaase moment ko bhi spoil karegi tu.. Ek to itne din baad tum dono saath aaye ho aur tu... Gadhi" cursing herself mentally she looked at him who took his chair closer to her "Armaan..." as she called slowly he looked at her calmly when she cupped his face and gave a lingering kiss on his cheek who was taken aback "Mwuaahh I love you..." looking at him she said lovingly
"Kaha tha na... Tum ladkiyaa bahoot ajeeb hoti ho" as he said smilingly she chuckled "Chalo ab dinner khatam karen plzz mujhe bahoot tez bhook lagi hai" he said cutely to which she nodded in YES smilingly and they ended their dinner wd their cute banter then arranging everything in Hall he took her inside their Room where he made her laye on bed carefully coz of her leg then laying side her he started instructing how to take care of herself who was only watching his face lovingly.. Few minutes later he was fast asleep coz of tiredness she can see how he is spending his days wd lots of pressure on his head which is making her more to understand him This is Valentine right?? Where there is no need of gifts no need of words... The only thing which is needed is togetherness also that love & care which they have wd themselves that's it nothing more...
Next morning when she woke as always find herself alone on bed when she heared Dilshad's voice outside her Room she tried to stand but coz of her feet she couldn't stand... When Dilshad herself entered in Room wd breakfast trey following by Nazma & Meethi she frowned seeing them that too in early morning when Dilshad told Armaan informed about her feet before going to Hospital So they all are here for taking her care.. Nazma also informed before going he scolded all the servants for not taking care of the house infact warned Steve... Shilpa felt so pity on servants but somewhere she was happy at his care... Renovation's work was almost completed only the pet houses of Breezer Shao Pao & Toy's were remaining which will be build on backyard's garden so no issue of inside's mess Also a new thing he made was a opened Room in their backyard's garden it's terrace was made up of glasses while under it four pillars were joint in corners its floor was made up of plywood this place is for relaxing It was made just beside the pet houses its like a Luxurious White Tent House..Their home was beautifully renovated by white & tourquise colour from inside but from outside it was in same colour only the polishing was done coz Shilpa wanted the same... Their Rooms were also the same but there was a small Room attached which was made up of glasses
Which was made just beside their Wardrobe when Shilpa asked about it Armaan calmly replied 'Aise hi' which made her confused but she let it go... Also their backyard's garden are decorated wd more plants & flowers coz Shilpa loves greenery There was a gym newly made up on terrace just beside the swimming area... There are five Rooms in their House one was on ground floor which was also the biggest one another was in front of their Room on which Shilpa has put her all girly stuffs inside their Like sewing machine all her paper works of fashion designings wd her all teddies and gifts inside there coz she knew he didn't like that stuffs Armaan calls that Room her personal Room coz whenever they fight or argue over something she goes there only... Week got ended also now she can walk normally and Armaan was occupied by his work so Shilpa didn't bothered him for anything Pets's House were already made the only thing left is his birthday which will be on tomorrow so she thought to buy gifts for him also to make his birthday memorable coz he was already busy on his works "Ohno... Armaan ki car... Aaj ye Sadu ghar pe kaise??" she mumbled scaredly as she parked her scooty near his car which was parked in Parking Lot of their House "Ohno agar Armaan ko pata chal gaya ki main scooty se gayi thi toh meri class laga denge... Aur ye gifts kaha chupaaun main..." she blabbered picking the gifts from scooty "Haa... Nazma ko bolti hun abhi le jaaye ye saara saaman.. Armaan k bahar jaate hi main le lungi" she thought and dailed Nazma's number who picked in just two rings So calling her for help she waited outside the House... As Nazma came she handled the gifts and arrangement things to her who giggled at Shilpa's cute face then Shilpa came inside the House only to find Armaan sitting on sofa fully engrossed on his match "Lagta hai mera Pati aaj normal Husband bana hai..." she mumbled smilingly sitting beside him who didn't bothered to look at her engrossed in match
" />
Jitni haseen ye mulakatein hain
Unse bhi pyari teri baatein hain...
"Shilpa meri coffee laana..." he said wdout looking at her whose mouth dropped hearing this
"Armaan.. Main yahan saamne hun aur aapko coffee ki padi hai" she said wd grumpy look to which he ignored her "Isse acha main gifts laakar Room mein hi rakh deti... Kyun ki inka dhyaan to idhar hai nai... Isse accha main aur aaraam se aati" she thought wd pouted lips looking at the TV screen where match was going on
"Shilpa... Jaldi laao yaar" this time he said sternly looking at her who looked at him wd pouted anger
"Main Meethi se bolti hun vo aapko de degi..." saying this wd grumpy look she stood to go when he gripped her wrist and pulled her wd such force that she landed on him resulting his back touched the sofa post
"Kahan thi tum??" staring up at her he asked sternly making her to tightened her hold on his shoulders "Phone kyun busy aa raha tha tumhara??" he asked another question holding her waist tightly who smiled seeing him normal to his self
"Main aise hi bahar shopping karne gayi thi... Aur Surbhi se phone call pe busy thi" she replied smilingly putting her hands around his neck who smiled lightly
"Ab plzz... Uthogi mere uper se... Aur coffee dogi?" suddenly he said in fake strict voice making her mouth dropped opened who pushed him angrily and sat away from him which made him chuckled
"Aaj suddenly aapko ghar ki yaad kaise aa gayi..."she asked in taunting way making him smiled who sat properly beside her
"Abhi do ghante baad mujhe jaana hai... Toh plzz kya aap mere liye coffee laayengi" this time he said calmly taking her hand in his making her to glare him
"Meethi..." stooding up she called when he again made her sat
"Nai tum banaogi..." he ordered directly making her to argue when "Plzz..." he showed his puppy face which made her to forget her anger coz she hardly get time wd him also she knows he is a busy person in these days
"Fine..." wd pouting lips she replied which made him smile
"Toh fir jaao... Lekar aao aise kya dekh rahi ho" he ordered in fake strict tone which made her to smack him wd a cushion and went inside the Kitchen to get a cup of coffee for him who put his head on sofa post "Agar tum meri life mein nai hoti toh main kya karta Shilpa... Sochke hi darr lagta hai... Bina kisi manzil k hota main..." closing his eyes he thought smilingly when Shilpa came back wd his coffee mug but as she found him closed eyes she put the coffee mug on table and standing behind the sofa she caressed his hairs lovingly making him to opened his eyes slowly feeling her fingers inside his hairs... He gripped her hands and stared her smilingly
"Kya huaa??" she asked lovingly to which he gripped her wrist and made her come infront of him "Armaan...??" she looked at him questioningly as she sat beside him who entwined her hand wd his
"Shilpa... Plzz kabhi mujhe bina bataye kahin mat jaana... Aur hamesha apna phone on rakhna... Most important plzz Driver ko saath lekar jaaya karo kahin pe bhi" staring at her he said softly which made her hell confused at his sudden worry
"Armaan kya huaa??" she again asked but this time concernly to which he didn't said anything instead he hugged her tightly which was a shock for her
"Aise hi... Thodi zyada fikar ho rahi hai tumhaari" parting from hug he said slowly making her smile
"Acha... Kyun??" brushing his nose tip by her index finger she asked smilingly to which he shook his head
"See tumhaari wajah se meri coffee thandi ho gayi" as he said this normally looking away from her she smacked his arm for spoiling her mood
"Aise hi peelo.. Vaise b aapko cold coffee ki bahoot zarurat hai" crossing her arms she taunted angrily making him smile while picking the coffee mug on his hand and then turned on to a news channel
"Itni b thandi nai hai..." he said in teasing way to which she rolled her eyes and was about to stood when she saw someone on News show which made her shocked who put her hands on her mouth making him frown at her reaction
"Armaan..." she gripped his hand shockingly while watching the News which made him confused
"Kya huaa... Shilpa...??" keeping the mug on table he asked worriedly to which she looked at him scaredly
"Armaan... Maine isse dekha tha... Mall k bahar" saying this scaredly she hugged him tightly who became confused and looked at the news where the headline were flashing 'A 26 year old boy was murdered brutelly behind a Mall... His dead body was found near Parking Lot... Police need to find the criminals' wd heading there was also showing that boy's pic
"Shilpa calm down..." concentrating on her he tried to calm her down who looked back at him slowly
"Armaan... Main isse takraai thi... Bahoot dara huaa tha ye... Aur kuch gunde..." she was saying this worriedly when he cupped his face to calm her
"Ssshhh... Aaram se batao..." saying this softly he caressed her hairs who became quiet for minute "Take a deep breath... Then leave it" he said carefully which she followed then taking a sigh she narrated everything in a go making him stunned "Shilpa... Dimaag kharaab hai tumhara... Kaha tha na Driver k saath jaana... Kya zarurat thi... Scooty pe jaane ki??" he started scolding her who looked down slowly "Kabhi to mujhe serious liya karo" he said angrily which made her also angry
"Armaan... Mujhe kuch important lena tha is liye gayi... Thi..." Saying this angrily she went from there making him to calm himself
"Ye accha hai bolo issi k bhalayi k liye aur sunne ko khud mile" he taunted himself while stooding up "Pehle toh is incident ko iske dimaag se nikaalna padega" taking a sigh he calmed himself and went inside her Room where she was sitting on bed still thinking about That boy whose face she couldn't remove from her eyes
"Kaash maine kuch kiya hota uske liye..." she thought guiltfully while staring at the space when she felt a movement beside her
"Sorrry... Par Shilpa ye incident sunne k baad tumhe kya lagta hai main kaise react karta.." hearing his soft voice she looked at him who moved his hand to held his ears "Seriously Sorry..." he apologized to which she hugged him fearly making him to caress her hairs
"Sorryy Armaan... Main darr gayi thi us ladke ko yaad karke" she whispered slowly hiding her face on his chest who kissed on her hairs lovingly
"Koi baat nai... Bhul jaao Shilpa... Hum kuch nai kar sakte..." he tried to make her understand politely
"Par Armaan..." she looked up at him when he kept his index finger on her lips
"Sshhh... Zyada sochke apne chote se dimaag pe pressure mat daalo... Aur jab saamne main hun to sirf mujhpe dhyaan do" he whispered softly removing his finger from her lips who nodded slowly "Good..." saying this smilingly he kissed her cheek who smiled "Aur ab mujhe ye batao... Tumne shopping kya kya kiya??" taking her in a side hug he asked calmly to which she gulped
"Kkuch nai..." looking away from him she replied normally
"Timepass karne gayi thi na Mall mein..." he taunted laying on bed while taking her wd him where as she kept her head on his chest
"Ab kya karun... Mere Pati k paas time hi nai hota to kahin to timepass karna tha hi" she indirectly taunted him who chuckled Their legs were half hanging down
"Sirf ek din aur... Fir dekhna tum" looking at her by his elbow he watched her face who looked up at him smilingly
"Kyun aap... Aisa kya karne waale hai??" she asked smilingly ruffling his hairs who grabbed her hand while eyeing her not to touch his hairs
Baaton mein teri jo kho jaate hain
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi, haaye...
"Sab kuch agar tumhe bata dunga... Toh khud karunga kya??" he replied smilingly kissing her ear lovingly who smiled shyly her hand was still in his strong grip who moved to kiss her neck when his pager's ring made him layed straight "Kya yaar isse bhi abhi hi aana tha" he cursed looking at the ceiling where as she giggled
"Ab plzz jaayenge" she said in fake sweet tone making him to looked at her
"Jaa raha hun..." shaking his head he stood up while she sat on bed wd pillow on her lap "Aur tum raat ko khaana khaake so jaana... Door acche se lock kar lena Meethi k jaane k baad... Gaurds bahar hi rahenge aaj... Main kal subhe tak aa jaaunga" he instructed while taking his phone from table
"Ok... Gud night advance mein" looking at him she said normally which made him smile
"Aur..." leaning on her who nodded in YES smilingly "Aur mera wait mat karna" whispering this on her ear teasingly he moved back making her dissappoint who thought he will kiss her
"Bye..." she said unintrestingly making him to hide his smile
"Aur ek baat batana toh bhul hi gaya..." again leaning on her he said in fake serious tone to which she looked at him unintrestingly "Aur ye ki..." lowering his face near her face he stared her who looked at him frowningly when suddenly he cupped her face and took her in a surprising kiss whose eyes became wide... But coz of his powering kiss she responded equally when he leaved her lips wd a satisfying smile on his face "I love u... Bye" pecking on her lips lightly he stepped back leaving her dazed by his surprising kiss while wd a grin he moved out from the Room making her blushed who layed on bed smilingly and hided her face in her palms blushingly still remembering their kiss

12:15 Night
Our ASUAM's Birthday

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar...

"Finally home..." a tired Armaan took a sigh as he entered in their House where he find peace "Thank god... Aaj vo surgery successful ho gayi nai to kal subhe aana padta... Kitna thak gaya hun yaar bas ab directly sounga..." he mumbled to himself taking a chilled water bottle out from fridge "Shilpa to so gayi hogi ab tak" he thought after drinking the water and then shaking his head he moved towards their Room "Finally ab do hafte aaraam se apna holiday manaunga..." he smiled at his thinking and opened the door of their Room only to stopped at the entrance seeing the dim light on in their Room... His eyes traced the balloons & ribbons decorated in their Room which was in white & baby pink colour it was scattered all around in their Room there was no space he can walk inside "Ye sab??" he mumbled frowningly while entering in Room also siding the balloons by his leg making way for himself except Bed balloons were scattered everywhere when his eyes landed behind the bed Where something is written but he can't guess it correctly "Ye zarur miss Frozen Princess ka kaam hoga... Par vo hai kahan??" he thought smilingly sliding the door of the Wardrobe "Par ye kis khushi mein kiya hoga mahotarma ne" he scratched his head confusedly and entering inside Wardrobe he opened his shirt buttons thinking she might be in Washroom... Picking a faded pink colour shirt he wore but didn't buttoned his shirt coz it clicked inside his head she still didn't came also he saw Washroom's door opened where he checked but didn't found her "Shilpa... Yaar kahan ho tum??" he called her name loudly while moving out of the Wardrobe Room when by mistakenly he stepped one of a balloon which got pressed by his leg and it busted grabbing his attention "Lo... Isse b abhi hona tha" bending on floor he picked that balloon when he observed something was written on it 'Happy Birthday Armaan' wd his pic printed on it as he read this he stood up surprisingly and looked around everywhere in the Room noticing it was written & printed on every balloon "Aaj mera birthday hai??" he asked smilingly to himself looking at every balloon "Shilpa..." he smiled heartly feeling so emotional by her this gesture "Isse kaise pata ki main aaunga... Kyun ki mujhe khud nai pata tha ki mera kaam jaldi khatam ho jaayga" he thought confusedly "Par ye hai kah..." but his sentence left incomplete as he heared her voice near the door
"Maine aaj tak mujhse badi gadhi dekhi nai... Sab Kuch ready karke gifts aur flowers us Room mein hi bhul gayi... Armaan sahi kehte hai.. Bewkoof" opening the door by her leg she cursed her self while balancing the gifts where as a smile reached his lips seeing her talking to herself But his smile faded as he observed her look... OMG!! She wore Shorts his eyes widened seeing her in White full sleeves loose top which was reaching till her waist almost showing her navel and white wd silver mixed shorts which was ending till her thighs Her hairs were curled from down

"Iska mujhe maarne ka iraada hai kya??" he thought dazely scanning her from up to down She is soo Hot!!! He thought observing her looks who is unaware of his presence coz she was busy in arranging the gifts on couch he was facing her back... His heart was beating fast seeing her in this get up now he can't control himself
"Yeyyyee ho gaya... Bas ab lights off karke... So jaaun... Fir subhe Armaan isse dekh k surprise honge" she said happily keeping the roses on table which made him smile who stood against the Wardrobe door staring her lovingly Right now he is feeling so fortunate to have her in his life "Aur kuch reh toh nai gaya na...??" she asked confusedly while bitting her nails which made him chuckled
"Nai... Everything is perfect just like you" hearing his calm voice her eyes widened which made her to look back at him stunnedly who smiled seeing her look


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