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Part 51 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Armaan... Aaap... Yahan... I mean aap to subhe??" he sensed how nervous she is right now which he want to threw away from them forever Gadhi Shilpa tujhe aaj hi kuch... Comfortable pehenna tha... Pata nai kya soch rahe honge Armaan tere baare mein" she thought worriedly while staring down Its not like that she is not comfortable in front of him she is nervous coz she first time wore this type of dress in front of This Armaan whom she can't guess how will he react...?? Coz in Avni's Mehendi function when she wore that white dress which was exposing from back he scolded her not to wore in front of anyone except him then how will he react on this...?? While seeing her lost he shook his head and walked in front of her who was still busy in her thoughts when he clicked his fingers in front of her
"Kya soch rahi ho kabse??" he asked calmly as she looked at him slowly

"Kkuch nai... Aap batao aap kaise itni jaldi??" pretending in normal tone she asked slowly which made him smile
"Mera kaam jaldi khatam ho gaya to main aa gaya... But tum batao ye sab kya hai" he replied calmly looking at her who was looking away from him feeling nervous which he sensed so he thought to bring her back on her Chidchidi mode "Aaj kuch hai kya??" he asked in fake thoughtfull look making her narrowed her eyes "Pure Room ko ganda karke rakkha hai... Ab main sounga kahan??" he looked at her in fake anger which made her mouth dropped
"Excuse me!! Aapko kis angle se ye ganda lag raha hai... Ek toh itni mehnat se decorate kiya maine... Aur aap" keeping her hands on her waist she looked at him angrily who smiled at her back to self mode
"Par kyun??" he asked smilingly pulling her closer by her waist who banged wd his chest
"Vo.. Kya haina..." she tried to say in fake anger coz of their sudden closeness "Mera B'day hai aaj" she replied in extra sweet tone making him chuckled
"Achha... Happy birthday fir" he said smilingly pulling her more closer he kissed her nose whose hands rested on his half exposed chest
"Armaan... Aapka b'day hai... Aap kaise bhul sakte hai??" she asked angrily while pushing him lightly who smiled
"Kaam kaam kaam..." repliying this calmly he picked a balloon and started playing wd it as if it is some football or something where as seeing him a smile reached her lips "Vaise thank you itne acche surprise k liye" wdout looking at her he said smilingly still busy wd ballions
"Aapko sachmein acha laga...??" she asked wd a wide smile moving closer to him who nodded in YES smilingly "Acha... Fir ek minute haa" saying this smilingly she put her hand on his eyes from behind making him chuckled
"Ab kya reh gaya hai Shilpa...??" he asked wd a smile keeping his hands on her hands which was put on his eyes
"Ssshhh... Bas chaliye mere saath..." she said cutely and then slowly she removed her hand from his eyes "Ab kholiyee..." she said excietedly standing behind him who opened his eyes slowly and blinked them twice when he saw behind the bed 'Happy Birthday Armaan...' it was showing on wall made up of lights which was in colour blue... A smile reached his lips seeing the scene "Kaisa laga??"she asked excietedly coming infront of him who smiled seeing her glowing face in this dim light
"Thik hi hai... Kuch khaas nai .. I mean ye sab thoda zyada nai ho gaya" saying this in fake calm tone he looked at her whose face became sad one
"Actually... Mujhe laga... Huh...!" but her sentence left incomplete as he jerked her towards him by her back almost pressing her front wd his
"I am speechless... Mujhe itna accha laga Shilpa... I can't express in words... Thank you" tucking her hairs behind her shoulder he said truthfully making her smile "How mean... Ab tak mujhe b'day wish nai kiya" he taunted calmly making her chuckled as he repeated her sentence which she said on her last b'day on that beach
"Happy birthday..." she wished him smilingly
"Aur mera gift??" he asked in fake serious tone to which she looked up at him wd excieted look
"Haa vo haina couch pe rakkha hai... Aur cake bhi toh laana hai... Main laayi" saying this hurriedly she turned to go when he pulled her back by her exposed waist whose heartbeat increased seeing their faces inches apart
"Vo sab nai kuch aur chahiyee... Dogi??" tucking her strands of hairs behind her ear he asked softly which made her to nod in YES slowly when he moved his face closer to her ear who closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her ear also her nails dig inside his shoulder coz of his smooth touches on her bare waist "Tum... Sirf tum" he whispered huskily on her ear who smiled shyly hearing this
Zaalima tere ishq ch main
Ho gayi aa kamli... haaye...
"Armaan..." she whispered his name softly wd closed eyes as he blew air on her ear which made a sensation inside her body
"Tum nai jaanti Shilpa... How much I want you right now" he confessed nuzzling his face on her crook of neck making her hands to reached on his hairs dazely
"Armaan..." she moaned wd an increasing heartbeat as he bit her neck lightly while his hands were caressing her waist's outline smoothly which was making her difficult to stand when he started placing kisses on her throat passionately whose heart was racing at its fullest speed... His kisses were getting more rigid as her fingers were caressing his hairs arousing him to no ends who now started kissing her chin making her desparate for his lips... He stared at her wd satisfying smile while cupping her one cheek lovingly and brushed their lips lightly almost making her weak who was already craving for him... Actually they both were craving for each other coz of Armaan's work they didn't got time for each other since they come back from Mumbai... He started giving lingering kisses on her face except the lips she was dying to feel him again but he was torturing her by his kisses when at last he kept his lips on hers who pulled him more closer making him to take her lips in his who started sucking her lower lip which made her to pull him more closely while responding the kiss... How much she wants him he didn't have any idea but as she responded the kiss he gotted she wants him just like he wants her Their kiss turned into a passionate kiss making their heartbeat increased Shilpa's hands were caressing his exposed chest almost trying to remove his shirt where as Armaan was totally lost in her whom he holded by her waist... He freed her lips as he felt her nails dig inside on his chest feeling out of breath
Their eyes were still closed feeling blissfull while their foreheads were joined trying to collect their breaths Armaan slowly opened his eyes only to find her beautifull face breathing heavenly... He tucked her hairs behind her ear lovingly then cupped her face who opened her eyes slowly only to find him staring at her intently which made her looked down shyly It was enough for him to loose his control so making her looked up at him he took her in a kiss but this time he started smooching her lips whose heart was feeling jitters she tried to match his kiss but failed coz of his powerfull kiss... Leaving her lips his head started descending on her throat where he started smooching making her knees weak which he guessed so lifting her up swiftly he made her sat on bed following beside her and again took her lips in a demanding kiss... His head started lowering on her neck whose hand was already caressing his hairs turning him more passionate..

"Huh..." she gasped loudly as he started placing kisses on her whole neck area ..Today he was soo passionate that she forgot everything except him His movements were like in Udaipur's night Yeah that passionate side of him His every kisses were making her crazy who was moaning his name at his every new move... Making her laye on bed he started placing kisses on her stomach who tightened her hold on the pillows moaning at his every kiss coming up he started smooching her neck making her gasped whose hands reached inside his hairs ... Entwinning their hands he started placing numerous kisses on her front who was gasping by his passionate moves "Ouch..." she gasped while bitting her lower lip as he bit her but hearing her gasped he relieved her by his feathery kisses then his face lowered down making her to feel bliss by his love where as she hided her front by her top.. His hands caressed her senseously while busying himself in exploring her who was trembling by his moves Her head pressed against the pillows while fisting her hands on sheet. loving her he came above her while taking the blanket on them ...
"I love you...!!" kissing her cheek smoothly he whispered softly making her smile slowly when he entwinned her hands wd his while placing kisses on her shoulder who was whimpering taking his name when he faced her and sided her hairs from her face who was trembling... Hidding his face on her crook of neck he claimed her again who gasped

"Armaan..." she gasped loudly feeling him while her nails dig inside his back who started making passionate love to her which was only making her tremble under him... He was making her breathless by his kisses on her neck who bit his shoulder as he got deeper and again they consumated wd more passion their love making went for few hours till the time she got tired which made him to come out of her... He kissed on her forehead while cupping her sweaty cheeks whose eyes were closed coz of tiredness
"U know... Maine kabhi socha nai tha tum itni hot hogi" as he whispered smilingly brushing their lips she opened her eyes slowly "Aur maine kabhi ye bhi nai socha tha... Ki mera b'day itna special hoga" tucking her hairs aside he whispered softly making her smiled while keeping his hairs aside from his forehead who chuckled at her gesture
"Sach mein..." she asked slowly while bitting her lower lip where he kissed lightly whispering YES which made her flushed
"Tell me... Tum Mall inhi sab cheezo k liye gayi thi na" nuzzling his face on her neck he asked softly to which she just managed to nod in YES coz of their bare bodies brushing which was making a current in her "Toh kya liya mere liye??" facing her he asked normally to which she started pretending to think making him to adore her cute look
"Kuch nai... Vo kya haina aap ladko k liye choices bahoot kam hoti hai" keeping her hands around his neck she replied in fake serious tone making him to hide his smile
"Acha... Aisa hai??" he asked in fake confused tone to which she nodded in YES bitting her lip trying to hide her giggle
"Haa..." as she said slowly he chuckled "Nai sachmein Armaan" she tried to sound in serious tone to which he nodded
"Ho sakta hai..." he said lovingly kissing her cheek who smiled at his love "But..." staring at her he whispered softly to which she nodded in YES "Asli gift tum ho mere liye..." he confessed caressing her cheek who smiled hearing this but thought to tease him
"Cheesy lines..." pinching his nose lightly she said wd a smile making him to made a face
"Tumhe kaise pata cheesy lines thi ye... Itni mehnat se dhundhi thi... Ab kuch aur bolna padega" he said in fake serious tone making her giggle
"I love you... Mere Shona" saying this lovingly she kissed below his eye who narrowed his bows at her words 'Mere Shona'
"Stop calling Shona ok..." warning her he laid beside her while taking her in his arms
"Kyun kya problem hai??" she asked cutely hiding her smile
"Problem hi problem hai" he looked at her who giggled seeing his face "Tum chup nai reh sakti na..." he asked wd serious look to which she nodded her head in NO smilingly which made him chuckled and he took her in his arms smilingly "Acha pehle tum mujhe ye batao... Tum Kareena Kapoor se Sunny Leone kaise ban gayi..." coming above her again he asked calmly which made her mouth dropped opened hearing this
"Armaan..." she smacked on his shoulder lightly who grabbed her hand firmly
"I mean tum aur Shorts... Its a new thing" as he said smilingly she smiled shyly
"Aise hi mera mood kiya..." she replied slowly to which he smiled and kissed on her nose who blushed
"Actually I loved that... It was a real surprise for me" entwining her hand he hides his face on her neck whispering huskily which made her to closed her eyes
"Armaan..." she gasped as he  on her neck whose hands automatically reached inside his hairs who started again loving her And wd this the night continued wd their unending love there was no hessitation or anything b/w them except the love... Three hours later they both were sleeping after their second romantic love making when Armaan's cell vibrated broking his sleep who recieved the call tiredly but as he heard its an emergency case in Hospital his eyes flew opened so poor Armaan had to got ready and widout disturbing his wife he left for Hospital..

Next Morning
11:23 AM
Main toh yun khada
Kis soch mein pada tha
Kaise jee raha tha main deewana...

"Umm... Stop it Shilpa sone do..." he hided his face inside the comfortor as he felt someone blew air on his ear "Tch!! Shilpa ek to already main Hospital mein tha... So nai paaya... Plzz sone do mujhe" he requested in sleepy tone still hiding his face inside the blanket when
"Bowww..." Hearing three loud barked from three dogs one was big and other two were small which was enough for him to understand its non other than Breezer Shao Pao & Toy "Bhoww... Bowww..." again they barked which was enough for him to sit annoyingly
"Gosh!! Sone b nai dete tum log yaar" he said still in sleepy tone and rubbed his eyes while they three were only staring at him hopefully when he heard something blast making him startled and he found rose petals were falling from up also some shinning glitter papers which made him surprised wd a smile... The petals were raining on him which made him smiled heartly knowing it was done by his wife
"Bowww..." he looked at the three as they barked but as he saw them he chuckled seeing the birthday hat on their hats specially on Shao Pao & Toy's head coz it was hiding their faces
"Ye zarur.. Miss Bracelet ka kaam hoga" he corrected their hats smilingly when Breezer jumped on him "No Breezer... Abhi nai.." pushing Breezer a little away he corrected his black denim Shirt when
"Happy Birthday... My ASUAM..." hearing her cheerful voice he looked at the entrance of their Room where she was standing holding a balloon on which his name and b'day wish was engraved making him took a sigh seeing her as always gorgeous who wore a black loose top and black shorts Is she really trying to seduce me?? He thought... She approached towards him wd teasing smile while Armaan extended his hand towards her who held his hand smilingly "Happy Birthday Armaan" sitting beside him she wished happily making him chuckled who kissed her cheek lovingly
"Thank you..." he said smilingly pulling her in a hug

"Sirf thank you nai... Mujhe special treat chahiyee" she said excietedly making him chuckled picking the rose petals on his palm when she took all the rose petals on her hands and blew that on him who smiled
"Shilpa..." he eyed her who giggled while throwing the petals on him "Acha abhi ruko" taking petals on his palms he threw that on her who giggled throwing back on him "Ok now its enough" pulling her on his lap he hugged her from back "Thank you" kissing her neck from behind he said smilingly making her giggled while Toy & Shao Pao came on her lap where as Breezer was sitting beside Armaan "And I am sorryy" he apologized slowly which made her frown
"Sorry kyun??" she looked back at him confusedly who smiled while playing wd her fingers
"Haa... Main tumhara birthday bhul gaya tha na... Aur kuch special bhi nai kar paya... Aur saath..." but he was stopped by her palm on his lips
"Aapko pata hai... Mere saath rehte rehte aap bhi bewkoof bante jaa rahe ho... Aapko kya lagta hai ye sab main aapko dikhaane k liye kar rahi hun...??" as she asked cutely facing him he nodded in NO while entwinning her hand wd his "Toh fir...?? Ye sab main aapke liye kar rahi hun.. Aur main jaanti hun ki uswaqt ki baat alag thi aur ab alag..." her cute tone made him chuckled while he pulled her closer to him "Samjhe Mr ASUAM" pinching his nose she kissed his cheek who made a face
"Baaki sab toh sahi tha bas ek word wrong bola" tucking her hairs aside he said smilingly which made her frowned "Aur vo ye... Ki main sirf kehta hun tum bewkoof ho... But aisa hai nai... Mere liye tum duniya ki sabse samajhdar ladki ho... Haa thodi tum bewkoof ho but puri nai" as he said this softly she giggled ruffling his hairs who eyed her to stop "Aur ek baat... Ye baar baar ASUAM jo kehti ho vo actually hai kya??" he asked frowningly to which she looked at him wd a giggle "Shilpa..." he glared to which she smiled
"Simple... ASUAM matlab... Akdu Sadu Unromantic Armaan Malik" as she said nonchantically he nodded in calmly hidding his shock "Aur kuch??" she asked smilingly to which he nodded in YES "Kya??" she asked frowningly to which he pulled her closer
"I love you..." kissing her nose he whispered softly making her blushed "Acha ye batao... Aaj kya plan kiya hai tumne??" hugging her from back he asked calmly keeping his chin on her shoulder
"Maine kuch plan nai banaya.. Mera kaam sirf yehin tak ka hai.. Baaki aap dekhna" she said in normal tone making him chuckled
"Thik hai.. Lagta hai mujhe hi kuch sochna padega" he said thoughtfully while engulfing her more into him "Soch liya..." as he said slowly she looked back at him excietedly "Par usse pehle... Mujhe kuch chahiyee...??" looking at her he said carefully making her smile
"I know... Kya chajiyee aapko" saying this smilingly she stood up making him confused while she moved down from bed following by her pets "Coffee haina??" she asked smilingly moving towards the door which made him to held his head
"Main kya bol raha tha... Aur ye kya samajh baithi" he thought taking a sigh "Shilpa main vo nai keh raha tha yaar..." he said loudly as he saw she was out from the Room following by the dogs "Kya musibat hai... Bolne se pehle hi chali gayi" mumbling this annoyingly he opened his shirt's buttons slowly when
"Armaan... Coffee..." her cheerful voice made him looked up at her unintrestingly
"Nai chahiyee..." wdout looking at her he said calmly making her frown "Kya huaa??" keeping the coffee mug on side table she asked frowningly sitting in front of him
"Kuch nai huaa Shilpa..." he replied in fake serious tone making her giggle
"Kuch toh huaa hai...?" she replied doubtfully looking at him who stared her calmly "Kahin aapko firse Hospital toh nai jaana... Kyunki ki aap pehle se ready ho... Toh" but she was intrupted by him
"Aisa kuch nai hai..." he said calmly looking away from her who stared him suspiciously Guessing his mood
"Acha... Coffee toh peelo" she said normally to which he looked at her unintrestingly
"Nai mera mood nai hai..." replying this calmly he removed his wrist watch
"Aree par abhi to aapne bola ki aapko coffee chahiyee... Fir kaise mood nai kar raha" she asked confusedly moving closer to him
"Maine nai bola coffee k liye... Tum khud gayi.. Bina meri baat sunne" hearing his strict voice she gotted she mistook him
"Sorryy..." she apologized slowly to which he rolled his eyes looking away from her who guessed he is angry wd her "Acha ab bataiyee kya chahiyee aapko??" moving closer to him she asked smilingly to which he looked at her slowly and pulled her face more closer by her head almost leaving an inch gap b/w their lips where as Shilpa stared him dazely
"Rehne do... Tum de nai paaogi" hidding his smile he whispered softly tucking her hairs behind her ear whose heart skipped guessing what he wanted "Toh rehne do" leaving her head he whispered smilingly looking away from her who bit her lower lip to do or not?? But seeing his calm face she smiled shyly daring to do what he wanted
"But come on Shilpa you are his wife... Tu nai toh kya Madona aaygi Armaan ko karib laane k liye" her mind mocked at her who gulped "Haa Shilpa pyaar mein thodi... Koi itna hessistate hota hai... Armaan ko show kar ki Yes.. You can do anything for him..." as her heart said this to her she nodded in YES all the shyness from her "Aur agar main... Kahun ki... Main de sakti hun toh?" pulling him closer by his collar slowly she asked softly staring him closely which only made him amused
"I don't think s..." but before he could show some fake anger she pushed him lightly on bed which was a shock for Armaan who stared her flabbergastered when she lowered herself on him... Almost making their faces an inch apart "Shilpa.. Ye??" he looked at her questioningly to which she stared him smilingly while cupping his one cheek who was about to ask but stopped seeing her lips brushing his lips which was enough for him to understand what's coming... They both closed their eyes feeling the touch of their lips his hands moved on her back caressing it while her hands were cupping his cheek still kissing him Their kiss turned into passionate one as he took the charge of the kiss holding her by her head who sucked his upper lip trying to match his passionate kiss and getting out of breath she slowly unlocked their lips facing him who still didn't wanted to end their kiss
"Aur kuch...??" collecting her breath she asked slowly which made him smile while nodding in YES staring at her dazely who hidded her coming blush and looked at him... She slowly sat making him disappoint who followed quietly and gave her expecting look where as looking at him she hidded her smile "Kya??" moving closer to him she asked smilingly
"Tum..." an immediate answer from him while pulling her more closer by her waist almost banging her wd his chest
"Har waqt main nai milungi aapko..." cupping his face she replied slowly while touching his cheek by her nose tip just the way he always did wd her which made him to lost in her fragrance
"Tumhi toh milogi... Aur koi nai" pulling her more closer by her waist he replied in lost voice caressing her waist under her top who smiled at his words "Shilpa plzzz..." he requested wd closed eyes as she blew air on his face while she giggled at his reaction who opened his eyes seeing her giggling "Aur mujhe bolti ho... Main mood spoiler hoon" he taunted looking away from her who smiled seeing his this side
"Kya spoil kiya maine??" she asked in fake innocent tone which made him to glare her
"U know what..." but his strict voice was stopped by her fingers on his lips who stared her dazely
"I know..." removing her fingers from his lips she nodded in YES smilingly to which he stared at her green captivating eyes who kissed his dimples wd thudding heart coz she is doing this first time Yaah once she took a bold step towards him on their honeymoon but that time Armaan maked her easy while teasing n all which made her shy again at that time but right now This is Akdu Armaan who was expecting something which she can't let down... She kissed on his face slowly softly making him desperate who only wanted to feel her his hands were caressing her curves almost feeling it and pulling her closer by her head he took her plumpy lips in his which he chewed taking in a urgent kiss... Her hands were caressing his shoulder from where she slowly removed his shirt who was lost in her beauty when pushing him lightly feeling out of breath which made him narrowed his bows "U can do it Shilpa... Itna bhi bada bold step nai hai ye..." her heart cheered her to take next step where as he is still waiting for her move "Armaan k liye kuch bhi" she thought while controlling her thudding heartbeat and pushed him slowly on bed making him stare her dazely who staring him wd increasing heartbeat removed her top from her...

She lowered herself on him who was compeletly mesmerized by her beauty she stared his face slowly when removing her hairs from her face he caressed her cheek lovingly then in a swift moment she was under him who started devouring her mouth senselessly making her to caress his back... Leaving her mouth he descended his head on her throat where he started smooching making her to feel him lostly "Armaan..." she moaned lostly as his head descended more down till her front where he started loving her whose body was getting uncontrolled while his hands were feeling her every inch of her body when in a swift moment her every clothes were out from her body by her desparate husband... His every move was so intimate that she was pleading for him who didn't have mood to leave her so easily "Sss..." she hissed as he bit her on her belly button where he soothed also "Arm... Plz..." she whimpered while digging her head on pillow where she have grippped feeling helpless but no he wasn't stopping teasing her whose body was getting out of her control which made her to bit her lower lip feeling his unending torturing moments... Ending his torture he faced her in b/w his way kissing her whose eyes were closed wanting to became his again her hands caressed his back seductively while her lips were taking deep breaths making him to locked wd his... He smooched it very hard that she dig her nails on his back who wdin a moment took her which made her to scratch his back painfully but he still didn't leaved her lips who just wanted to breath and observing this he leaved her lips which made her "Huhhh..." moaned while his head hidded on crook of her neck still making love to her who was whimpering painfully also bitting his ear in pain but soon it turned in a pleasuring one... He kissed her throat to sooth her who was trembling under his strong deep love making when he kissed on her nose when she bit his chin for calmly herself which was getting out of her hands... Their love making ended when he find she was tired which made him to leave her so kissing her head lovingly he came out and took her in his arms where she slept immediately who didn't knew what he did wd her that she was feeling dizzy & tired which made her to sleep while Armaan also slept after noticing her features also appreciating in mind... His b'day turned the best bday of his life coz of getting her in his life as a gift from god

Evening time
Chhup ke se aake tune
Dil mein samaa ke tune
Chhed diya kaisa ye fasaana...

"Aane do... Mr Akdu ko... Kya kaha tha.. Haa Shilpa tum bas mera teen ghante wait karo main aa jaaunga aur tumhaare liye ek surprise bhi hai... But nai yahan saat ghante ho gaye.. Lekin Mr Badtameez ka kuch ata pata nai hai" a grumpy Shilpa cursed her husband while moving tro & fro in Hall while her little pets watching her move calmly "Na phone pick kar rahe hai na.. Message ka reply... Aane do baat hi nai karni mujhe inse" she blabbered angrily looking on floor where Toy was following her "Faaltu mein hi Meethi aur baaki sabko chutti di... Aur Faltu mein ready hui main... Huh" she looked at herself wd grumpy look Poor Shilpa wore a Red one piece which reached just above her knees wd high white heels and her hairs were opened straight Actually the thing is after their tiring morning session she woke in late afternoon only find herself alone on bed wd his shirt on her body which made her hell blushed... She thought to take shower but coz of tiredness in her body she didn't went in fact she didn't moved down from bed also what he did wd her he only knows?? Coz her body was feeling so tiredness in it when his call came and Mr Husband told her to wait for him who will take her wd himself on their Dinner date but its been six hours still no sign of him in b/w he texted her to go and submit some bank papers in bank which she did and return also but there was no sign of him "Aarrgghh... Main jaa rahi hoon change karne" getting annoyed she stumped her foot on floor and turned to go when she heard a sound of bike "Bike ki awaaz... Ghar k andar kyun aa rahi hai" she frowned looking at the door when her eyes widened seeing a bike entering in the house while making its noise loudly "Bullet?? Armaan??" she put her hands on her mouth shockingly seeing Armaan on bike which entered inside the house making Breezer Shao Pao & Toy ran around it

"Boww..." they three barked while roaming around it excietedly as Atmaan stopped his bike in front of her
"Hello... Meri Bollywood beauty..." staring at her he said calmly making her to crossed her arms observing his look who have wore a brown leather jacket wd denim jeans while his hairs were hiding his forehead "Aise kyun ghoor rahi ho??" he asked smilingly staring up at her
"Main ghoor nai rahi ye soch rahi hoon... Ki bike yahan kyun khadi ki hai... Seedhe terrace pe le jaate" glaring him she taunted which maked him chuckled
"Gustaakh ladki.. Ek rockstar se kaise baat karte hai... Tumhe nai pata" hiding his smile he said proudly to which she shook her head and turned to go when he gripped her wrist "Mujhe aise koi nai ignore kar sakta tum bhi nai" making her looked at him he said calmly which was enough for her anger
"Armaan... Kya hai ye??" she asked angrily while pulling her hand back
"Tum ek kaam kyun nai karti... Tum mera backyard mein wait kyun nai karti... Live concert dekhne k liye" winking at her he started his bike making her amused by his this side
"Acha... Agar main kahun mujhe interest nai hai toh??" keeping her hands on her back she asked in fake serious tone which maked him chuckled
"U know Armaan Malik k charm se koi nai bach paaya aaj tak... Toh tum kya cheez ho" saying this calmly he took his bike away from there making her giggled as he left
"Mujhe nai pata tha... Ki mere Armaan mujhe itni aasaani se milenge... I mean vohi khush rehne waala mera Pati aur dusro ko khush rakhne waala mera Pati... But is baar to mujhe bahoot kuch jaanne ko mil raha hai inke baare mein... Well I am excieted to see more" thinking to herself smilingly she walked towards backyard "Aao.. Baccha log Mr Akdu ka performance dekhen" patting on Breezer she said cutely which made them excieted and three of them followed her in backyard where her feet stopped seeing him sitting on bike like some Hero in movies... His both hands were holding the bike's handle firmly while his hairs were moving wd the cool breeze almost making him irresistible and the dim lights were only making his face more handsome her heart skipped seeing him staring her
I love you all
Doston na koi manzil hai
Na koi saathi hai...
Moving down from bike he sang loudly which made her smile seeing his this side when he picked the guitar and started playing its strings while looking back at her who tried hard not to giggle coz it can disturb him which can lead he will not sing for her so she thought to enjoy this side of him

Phir bhi nikal pada hoon
Ghar se
Shayad iski talaash hai
Wohi saathi hai
Wohi manzil hai
Hit it...

Playing the guitar's strings he watched her face smilingly who giggled seeing him winking at her which made her to put her both hands on back of her hips smilingly when he pointed at her indicating she is the one for him it definitely made her to look down shyly then at the end he threw his guitar towards her who catched wd a smile and kept on floor beside the door 

O o jaane jaana
Dhoondhe tujhe deewana
Sapnon mein roz aaye
Aa zindagi mein aa na...

He danced while pointing at her who smiled widely seeing him singing the song for her now she noticed his jacket was opened which was showing his exposed chest almost showing his six pack abs making her drool over him Yes his every move is making her crazy for him

O o jaane jaana
Dhoondhe tujhe deewana
Sapnon mein roz aaye
Aa zindagi mein aa na

Moving towards her he sang smilingly taking a round of her who was watching him excietedly he gripped her hand and wd an instant made her twirl who giggled by his move Armaan sang looking at her deeply but there was a smile playing on his lips that too a teasing one which she can't guess

Mere khaab
Mere khayaloon ki rani
Kisi din banegi
Hamari kahaani...

He sang while pulling her towards him wd cute fake thoughtfull expressions which made her giggled when he twirled her by her hand making her smile widely who landed on his chest and he pulled her closer by her waist whose hands reached on his chest

Mere khaab
Mere khayaloon ki raani
Kisi din banegi
Humari kahani...

Pinching her nose lightly he sang while pulling her closer by his other hand while she smiled at his expressions which he was making while singing when he nuzzled his face near her ear which made her smile shyly and pushing him lightly she turned to go wd teasing smile on her face

Aye meri bekhudi
Ye kasam maine li
Pyar mein ek din
Meri jaan tujhe hai paana...

Pulling her back by her wrist he sang twirling towards him which made her banged wd his chest who sang again while clicking his fingers which made her confused when she felt rose petals were raining from up which made her giggled she lifted her eyes on up leaving him she roamed extending her hands she took the rose petals on her palms which made him smile

Sapnon mein roz aaye
Aa zindagi mein aa na...

He extended his hand in front of her who looked at him wd a smile and nodded her head in NO which made him grin so he stepped back smilingly which made her giggle

O o jaane jaana
Dhoondhe tujhe deewana
Sapnon mein roz aaye
Aa zindagi me aa na
Aa zindagi mein aa na

He sang wd a calm face which made her giggle so she moved towards him smilingly and kept her hands around his neck who sang brushing their noses making her to nod in YES when he kissed her cheek who giggled hugging him tightly
"So... How's it??" he asked wd a smile keeping his hands on her waist who started pretending to think
"Kuch khaas nai tha..." she replied wd teasing smile
"Oh Shit!! Mehnat waste gayi meri" he made a fake sad face making her giggled "Hass kyun rahi ho??" he asked smilingly to which she nodded in NO and kissed his cheeks lovingly
"Vaise ye suddenly rockstar banane ka idea kaise aaya dimag mein??" encircling his neck she asked smilingly
"Tumhi ne kaha tha ki" he started smilingly to which she nodded in YES "Isse acha maine kissi Rockstar se shaadi ki hoti... At least gaana to gaata yaa fir dance to karta mere liye" as he mimicked her she broke wd fist of laughter
"Hahaa... Armaan aap" she said in b/w her laughing which made him to stare her dazely
"Acha lag raha hai... Tumhe khush dekh k... Vo bhi meri wajah se" he thought smilingly staring at her who was laughing remembering his face which he made while mimicking her "Ho... Gaya" pulling her closer by her wrist he asked calmly who nodded wd a smile
"Mr Birthday... Dinner karne ka kuch plan bhi hai ki nai??" she asked cutely siding his hairs who smiled pulling her closer
"Haina... Aankhen band karo" saying this calmly he closed her eyes by his palm and took her somewhere
"Wow...!!" she looked at the view smilingly as he removed his palm from her eyes who looked at the dinner table which was made in Tent house It was looking so beautiful coz of that dim light
"Toh fir chale... Dinner karne" hugging her from behind he asked smilingly to which looking back at him she hugged him tightly whispering YES and Their dinner start also their romance

4 hours later...
ArSh's Room
O... muskurana bhi tujhi se seekha hai
Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai...

"Armaan..." Shilpa called slowly playing wd her hairs still her head on his bare chest who was staring up at the ceiling mumbling hmm after their romantic night they both were laying in each other's arms wd bare body "Aapko pata hai... Shagun aur Avi ko twins baby huye" she said smilingly staring up at him who looked down at her
"Jaanta hun do hafte pehle hi baat ki thi Shagun se" his calm voice made her looked down up wd a smile "Paka rahi thi.. Pata nai kya kya bakwas kar rahi thi..." looking up at the ceiling he said calmly which made her to stare him lostly while he was playing wd her fingers which were entwined wd his
"Galti se bhi apna mooh mat kholna... Tu bhi jaanti hai iska anjaam kya hoga... Armaan toh bacche k baare mein soch bhi nai rahe honge Shilpa aur agar tu puchegi bacche k baare mein toh kya pata gussa ho jaayen..." her mind warned her whose eyes were getting moist "Nai Shilpa tu acche se jaanti hai Armaan aise bilkul nai hai... Ek baar baat kar bacche k baare mein kya pata tere kehne se unhe bhi mehsoos ho" her heart tried to make her understand "Wrong Iska reaction bhul mat jo isne Manali mein diya tha teri pregnancy ka sunke... Aur agar isse bacche chahiyee hote to pehle hi ye bolta..." her mind debated "Shilpa Armaan ko bacche chahiyee dekha nai tune unhe baccho se kitna lagao hai... Tabhi toh unhone kabhi kisi precaution ki baat nai ki" her heart made some sense in her "Tab toh zarur problem tujhmein hi hogi" as her mind taunted she closed her eyes tightly gripping his hand tightly who was busy in talking thinking she is listening him but when he felt her grip on his hand fisting his fingers which made him worried
"Shilpa kya huaa??" turning at her he asked concernly while cupping her cheek who opened her eyes slowly "Shilpaa...??" he got worried seeing her tearful eyes who hugged him tightly making him hell confused "Kya hua kyun ro rahi ho?" he asked worriedly caressing her hairs who sniffed tightening her hold on his bare back
"Kuch nai..." she mumbled still hugging him who kissed her head
"Shilpa... Jhut mat bolo.. Main jaanta hun koi toh bahoot badi baat hai... Ab batao mujhe ro kyun rahi ho??" this time he asked in serious tone parting her who sniffed while he came above her "Batao mujhe??" wiping her tears he asked lovingly to which she gulped looking up at him
"Nai Shilpa tu ye galti mat karna... Armaan aur durr ho jaayega" her mind warned her to which she stared him who was waiting for his answer "Vo... Kuch yaad aa gaya tha..." staring him she said slowly
"Kya yaad aagaya...??" caressing her cheek he asked lovingly to which she think for some excuse
"Haa... Vo mujhe Shao Pao ki death yaad aa gayi" She lied looking away from him who smiled lightly and kissed her forehead
"Shilpa... Main tumhe kaise samjhaaun ki un sab baato ko yaad karke koi faida nai hai" saying this calmly he hugged her who nodded in YES hiding her face in his neck
"Sorryy Armaan... Jhut bolna pada but koi option bhi nai tha mere paas" closing her eyes she thought while he was caressing her hairs staring at her
"Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai... Ki Shilpa ko koi aur baat pareshaan kar rahi hai... Par kya??" his mind was calculating her reactions "Par abhi nai puchunga... Jab iska mood thoda light hoga tab puchunga" he thought still caressing her hairs who slept peacefully in his arms then making her laye properly beside him and pulled the blanket more up on them still thinking about her One and half month later
"Samajh mein nai aa raha hai... Khush houn ki ab Armaan sukoon se jeyenge... Ki udaas apne Armaan ko chodne k liye" a sad Shilpa looked outside the window "Main jaanti hoon... Main iswaqt selfish banni hun sirf apni khushi dekh rahi hoon... Armaan k baare mein toh socha bhi nai maine... Aur chodkar chali aayi unko..." keeping her both hands on her knees she kept her head against the window wall "Pata nai khaana khaate bhi honge... Gusse mein kahin ghar ki cheeze na tod den..." she thought looking at her ring "Kaash main aapko vo khushi de paati Armaan.. Jo aap deserve karte hai" she whispered wd moist eyes keeping her head on her knees and started crying revinding this one and half months... After that night their relation became more strong day by day Armaan always made her happy while she made his life more excieting & thrilling by her unique actions just like one day he was sitting in lawn working on laptop while Shilpa was playing wd her dogs It was Sunday so he was at home also Meethi wasn't there only his little family was there
Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi, haaye...!
"Shilpa coffee..." he said loudly still looking down on lappy but when he didn't heard anything he looked at her who was playing a ball wd her pets and seeing her laughing he forgot everything "Tumhe khush dekhta hoon.. Toh ek alag hi khushi hoti hai Shilpa... Zindagi k saare colours tumne meri life mein daalen hai... Chahe vo pyaar ka rang ho yaa nafrat ka... Tumhaare saath rehkar khudko samjha hoon main" his heart was soo happy to see her happy "Jaan paaya hoon ki zindagi kitni kubsoorat ho sakti hai... Agar tum jaisa humsafar ho life mein... Haa tumhaare saath problems bhi bahoot hai par usse zyada khushiyaan hai tumhaare saath hone ka... Jisse khona nai chahta main" he thought smilingly while closing his laptop then watched her who lifted Shao Pao on her lap and started cuddling him which made Breezer & Toy jealous who nuzzled on her to which she giggled ruffling both's head "Ye waada to nai kar sakta ki humaare life mein koi problems aane nai dunga... Kyun ki problems toh aayngi yehi to life hai... Haina... Par itna waada karunga ki un problems mein main tumhaara support banunga... Aur saath mein khada rahunga tumhaare" standing up he watched her smilingly then started walking towards her
"Tum bahoot masti karne lage ho... Toy kisi din peetoge mere haath se" Shilpa scolded Toy cutely which made Armaan chuckled who just sat in front of her
"Ab... Kyaa aap plzz mere uper bhi dhyaan dengi" as he said this calmly she looked up at him smilingly
"Nai ye aapka time nai hai..." she directly rejected which made him smile
"Koi baat nai mujhe apna time nikaalna aata hai" ignoring her he said calmly and ruffled Breezer's head who jumped on him which made her giggle and they both got busy wd their cute little family in which Shilpa irritatingly called Armaan looser for loosing the football match but she was unaware that he lost the match coz he was lost in her beauty
"Ab... bas main thak gayi" she raised her hands in up tiredly which made him smile so he lifted her up making her surprised "Armaan..." she looked at him surprisingly gripping his shoulder tightly
"Thak gayi naa... Toh tumhaari help kar raha hoon... Andar tak chalne mein" he replied calmly while taking her inside the house which made her giggled "Hasna band karo... Varna chod dunga" he warned looking at her
"Kyun... Mere hasne pe aapko problem kyun ho rahi hai??" she asked wd cute face while playing wd his shirt's collar who brought her inside the Kitchen
"You are distracting me" replying this calmly he dropped her feet on floor making her confused seeing the Kitchen
"Kitchen kyun??" she looked at him confusedly who took out a chilled water from fridge
"Mere liye tum coffee banaogi isliye.. Isiliye toh main laaya tumhe... Tumhara kaam aur thoda easy karne k liye" he replied calmly after drinking the water which made her to shook her head smilingly "Aur tum aaj kal thodi bhaari nai hogayi ho??" as he said just to tease her whose mouth opened hearing this
"Haaww... Matlab main moti ho gayi hun" she looked at him angrily who chuckled
"Haa... Thodi si" he said in fake serious tone which made her sad who started making coffee for him and seeing her silent he laughed which made her angry
"Aap hass kyun rahe hai...??" she asked wd grumpy look to which he made her turn at him by her elbow who looked at him frowningly
"Kyun ki tum.. Iswaqt bahoot beautiful lag rahi ho" kissing her cheek he replied smilingly to which she opened her mouth to say something when he intrupted "Mazak kar raha tha main... Just to tease you" this time he said slowly cupping her cheek who looked at him angrily "I know gussa ho... But" he waid slowly when she pushed him lightly
"Aapko bahoot maza aata hai na.. Mera mazaak banane mein... Toh khud banao coffee" saying this angrily she gave him the suger box in his hand and went from there leaving him shocked
"Shilpa.. Vo mazaak tha yaar... Tum itna serious kaise le sakti ho??" he asked loudly "Aur main kaise coffee bana sakta hun... Meethi bhi nai hai.. Plzz aa jaao" he requested following her
"Khud bana lo" saying this angrily she shut her Room's door making him held his head So this was also a one of days which goes for him like this... Everyday she surprised him by her new antics just like one morning he was sitting on sofa while talking wd Rehaan on phone who was in Mumbai handling some case when suddenly she came wd his coffee and chess board

"Armaan... Aap free ho iswaqt??" she asked slowly as she kept the coffee mug on table to which he gesture her to kept quiet by his finger "Okay..." mouthing this she sat beside him quietly and kept the chess board b/w them
"Sunn... Full concentration se is case ko samajh fir... Kuch karna varna risky hoga kisi k health k liye... Tu samajh raha haina" he said calmly to Rehaan while looking at Shilpa who was quietly arranging the chess pieces which brought a smile on his face
"Jee Bhaijaan... Bas ye case khatam karke hum Bhopal aayenge... Aur hum sambhal k kaam karne ki koshish karenge" Rehaan said poiletly
"Haa... Acha thik hai fir case close hone k baad mujhe details de... Rakhta hun fir" saying this he hung up the phone and turned his gaze at his lovely wife who smiled sweetly seeing him staring at her "Ye kya hai??" keeping his chin on his hand he asked calmly to which she smiled
"Armaan ye chess hai..." she said amusingly making him to rub his forehead
"Jaanta hun ye chess hai... Par kyun??" his tone was calm which made her giggle
"Haa... Kyun ki mujhe chess sikhna hai.. Mujhe nai aata" she said wd cute look making him adore her
"Par kyun sikhna hai...??" he asked calmly correcting the place of a rook
"Aise hi... Mera mood kar raha hai" she replied nonchantingly which made him smiled
"Thik hai... Toh dhyaan se suno mujhe main iske steps batata hun ok..." saying this calmly he picked the king of chess
"Okay.." she nodded in YES wd wide smile making him chuckled and he narrated about the game carefully which made her excieted... After ten minutes of teaching they started playing the game Shilpa has made a very serious look while playing which was making Armaan to control his urge to kiss her "Hmmm..." keeping her index finger on her chin she started thinking how to check mate him where as seeing her this look he was controlling hard not to laugh "Ye lo..." keeping one of a piece ahead she said happily to which he chuckled
"Check mate.." making her defeat he said coolly which made her pout
"Armaan... Aapne cheating ki" she whinned crossing her arms
"Shilpa tum haar gayi ho... Accept karlo" he said calmly correcting his blazer
"Nai... Aapne mujhe zarur wrong method sikhaya hoga..." she said angrily which made him to held his head
"Main aisa kyun karunga Shilpa...??" he asked in calm tone to which she glared him
"Kyun ki aap nai chahte main jeetun" she replied wd pouted lips "Aur ab aap haar gaye.." saying this she mixed all the pieces "Ab main jeet gayi" she said in sweet tone which made him amused when she stood to go but gripping her wrist he pulled her on sofa beside him closely
"Aaj kal... Tum zyada bhadakne nai lagi ho??" hugging her from side he asked smilingly to which she looked at him wd grumpy look
"Nai..." she replied cutely to which he kissed her cheek lovingly which made her heart melt "Sorryy..." she apologized playing wd his shirt's button who smiled
"Its ok.. Ab main jaaun mujhe late ho raha hai...??" caressing her cheek lovingly he asked to which she nodded in YES slowly "Aur kal fir ek chess hoga tab dekhte hai kaun jeetega" stooding up he said calmly while correcting his blazer to which she nodded in YES smilingly
"Aur kal main aapko haraaungi" she said wd a challenging look which made him smile
"Kal dekhenge... Abhi bye" leaning on her he kissed on her cheek who smiled shyly and biding bye to her he left for his work... His everyday goes wd new experience coz of his wife who Demands Orders Pamperes him also sometime Ignores him Her demands always left him stunned.. She didn't demand something big or expensive she demands something very new and exciting things which made him more interested in life... Like one day she was thinking how to make his interest more into life like he was in his collage days coz the day before night he broke a vase in anger coz he didn't found his important file but when she searched it was on study table which made him calm that time she thought to make his anger vanish but how?? She was thinking.....


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