Friday, 18 January 2019

Part 52 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Kaise main Armaan ka interest unki puraani chizo mein laaun... I know ab vo pehle se zyada change hue hai.. But vo Akdu aur Sadu waala mode abhi bhi baaki hai..." a confused Shilpa thought while playing wd her hairs She was sitting in breakfast table waiting for him who was in Gym on their Terrace "Par Shilpa kuch toh karna hoga na.. Jisse unka interest firse baaki sab chizo mein aaye like Basket ball Football Parties aur Boxing..." she mumbled while stooding up from chair "Kya tu bhi Shilpa boxing toh Armaan on the spot karte hai... Basket ball aur Football khelne k liye toh main unhe Sunday ko mana hi lungi" she said to herself while ascending on stairs "Parties to mushkil hai... Par Dev ne kaha tha ki Armaan College mein sabse zyada Parties hi attend karte thae... Aur ab unhe Parties mein bore hota hai just like me... Par main toh paida hi issi khubi k saath hui thi... Lekin Armaan ka toh interest laana hi hoga.. Varna hamesha gusse mein hi rahenge... Aur gussa kya kar deta hai mujhse accha kaun
samjhega" she thought worriedly opening the door of the terrace where she found her husband doing push ups near the Swimming pool... Her heartbeat skipped finding him shirtless Yes Mr Husband was only in his knee length black shorts & sporty shoes "Gosh... Aisa kyun lag raha hai ki main inhe first time aise dekh rahi hun" she gulped thinking this while staring at his back where the sun's light was making it sweaty u can call him Hot!! On his ears he have put ear phones while taking push ups "Tu toh aise ghoor rahi hai... Jaise pehli baar dekha ho... Stupid... Chal ab breakfast k liye puch Mr Hot se" her mind scolded her who taking a deep breath corrected her white skirt and walked towards him "Armaan..." she called as she stood behind him who didn't stopped "Dumbo.. Ear phones hai kaan mein sunaai kaise dega inhe" her mind smacked her mentally to which shaking her head she walked in front of him who stopped seeing her heels and looked up at her frowningly when she kneeled in front of him "Aapko breakfast nai karna??" she asked in scolding voice making him narrow his eyes
"Kya??" removing his earphones he sat questioningly
"Armaan... Main breakfast k liye kabse aapka neeche wait kar rahi hun" smacking his chest lightly she asked angrily to which he chuckled banging her wd his chest "Armaan... Eeewww... Chodiye mujhe" she maked a face as her hands rested on his sweaty bare chest
"Toh... Tumhe breakfast kar lena chahiyee tha" he replied calmly nuzzling his face on her neck whose heart beat skipped feeling his kiss on her neck
"Armaan... Pehle aap fresh ho jaao tab hum saath mein karenge breakfast" pushing him lightly she said slowly to which he grabbed her wrist which was resting on his chest
"Haa vo toh hai..." saying this calmly he moved his face near to her who moved her head back knowing very well if they started where it will end
"Nai... Chalo pehle breakfast karlo.. Varna seedhe paani mein dhakka dungi" she warned in cute tone making him smile
"Main toh paani mein swim bhi kar sakta hun tum apna socho... Agar maine phek diya paani mein toh tum doob jaaogi"he taunted in calm tone to which she glared him and pushing him lightly she stood which he also followed
"Ho gaya aapka Armaan... Main jaa rahi hun breakfast karne aapko aana hai to aao... Varna mat aana huh..." saying this angrily she turned to go when he gripped her wrist and pulled her closer to him
"Paani se mujhe yaad aaya.. Mujhe tumhe swimming sikhaani hai..." as he said calmly her eyes widened
"Nai Armaan mera mood nai hai..." she requested trying to free her wrist from his grip
"I don't care... Tumhe swimming sikhaana bahoot zaruri hai... Pata nai kab kis musibat mein pad jaao... Isiliye tumhe pehle se prepare karna zaruri hai" tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear he said in calm tone making her to gulped
"Armaan abhi nai... Baad mein" pushing him lightly she requested in sweet tone which made him smirked seeing her scared
"Abhi nai toh kabhi nai... Shilpa" caging her in his arms he said smilingly to which she nodded in YES
"Mmain... Haaa... Mujhe yaad aaya ki maine Toy ko garden mein akela choda hai... Toh main aayi haa" making an excuse she pushed him lightly
"Aaj nai to kal tumhe sikhna hi hai..." he said in warning tone to which she nodded in YES scaredly and ran from there immediately which made him chuckled "Pagal..." shaking his head smilingly he picked the towel for change where as in Downstairs she was bitting her nails thinking about Swimming when something hit her head
"Aree Shilpa... Tujhe itna accha mauka kabhi nai milega... Armaan ko blackmail karne ka..." her mind said to her who was moving tro & fro in their Room "Haa tu unhe bol tujhe aaj vo Pub mein le jaaye aur tu Swimming seekhegi" her mind suggested which made her to gulped "Par swimming??"she bit her nails fearly thinking about swimming "Shilpa Armaan k liye??" her heart reminded her who nodded in YES and after making herself convinced about swimming she decided to talk wd him... Armaan was sitting in lawn checking something on phone almost ready to leave for his work when she came and stood in front of him "Armaan..." her cheerful voice made him looked up from his phone "Aap swimming ki baat kar rahe the na...??" she asked slowly to which he nodded in YES calmly "Toh main sikhungi... Par" sitting in front of him she said carefully to which he raised his bows "Par aapko meri ek shart accept karni hogi" as she said carefully he looked at her wd calm look
Hai nahi tha pata
Ke tujhe maan lunga Khuda...
"Kaisi shart??" crossing his arms he asked calmly to which she stood smilingly
"Yehi ki aapko aaj mujhe Pub le jaana hoga..." her reply was in nonchalant way which made him stunned
"Whaat??? Pub?? Vo bhi Tum??" staring at her shockingly he asked to which she nodded in YES wd an exciting smile "How sudden??" he still didn't believed She wanted to go in pub??
"Amm... Haa.. Mujhe na suddenly mood kiya Pub mein jaane ka..." coming in front of him she replied excitedly which made him confused
"Nai... Sorry mera mood nai hai" he directly rejected which made her face fell "Aur raha sawaal tumhaare swimming ka .. Vo toh main kisi bhi haal meim shikhaaunga... Chahe tum mana karo yaa naa karo" he said in very calm tone which made her a slight angry but not loosing her cool she moved closer to him
"Armaan... Plzzz" sitting on his lap she requested wd an innocent look while playing wd his denim jacket's button who looked at her doubtfully "Mujhe na bahoot mann kar raha hai... Plzzz" as she showed her puppy face he shook his head knowing he already lost this battle "Plzz..." caressing his face by her index finger she almost seduced him who decided to accept his defeat
"Fine... But mujhe kya milega??" he asked in calm tone but she can guess the tease in it
"Aaapko... Jo chahiyee vo" keeping her hands around his neck she replied coolly which made him grin
"Thik hai fir do..." pulling her closer by her face he asked dazedly brushing their lips which made her blush when he again pulled her face closer to his level... In an instant she was pulled in a passionate kiss which only left her breathless "Ab bolo kab jaana hai...??" touching their foreheads he asked dazedly still holding her face who blushed
"Parso.. Saturday hai tab..." saying this she hugged him who smiled knowing very well he can never win wd her... After their lovey dovey moments he left for his work while Shilpa got busy wd her pets in evening when Armaan came back he directly dragged her to swimming pool area which was a storm for her while removing his shoes he went in swimmig pool and offered his hand to her

"Armaan... Nai main nai aaungi.. Paani bahoot thanda hai" she refused sacredly staring down at him
"Shilpa mujhe gussa mat dilao aur aao chup chap..." he said strictly extending his hand
"Armaan aapko bhi time mila mujhe... Sikhaane k liye... Subhe nai kar sakte hum log" she whinned making him to glare her
"Shilpa mujhe kal subhe jaldi jaana hai... Ab aao... Varna bhul jaao Pub" he blackmailed annoyingly to which she made a face
"Kahin Armaan ko pehle jaisa banate banate main inke jaisi naa ho jaaun" he thought while bitting her nails "Thik hai aati hun..." saying this sacredly she stepped ahead gripping her skirt tightly
"Shilpa... Aaj hi aana hai" taunting her in poliet way he extended his hand again
"Armaan..." she whinned removing her slippers "Gosh is skirt mein main paani k andar kaise jaaungi" she thought while sitting on pool's edge but as her legs deeped inside water a shiver ran inside her body
"Haath do..." moving towards her he forward his hand on which she kept her's
"Par Armaan paani bahoot thanda hai" she said slowly feeling cold
"Tum bas paani k andar toh aao... Apne aap hot ho jaayga" he flirted openly which made her stunned coz first time after his accident he flirted like before
"Armaaan..." she dragged his name as he jerked her towards him almost making her fell on him which leaded them to fell in water "Argghhh Armaan I hate you..." she pushed him as they stood in water fully drenched.. She coughed while rubbing her face by her palms where as he chuckled seeing her expressions
"Achaa... Ab swimming pe focus karen" pulling her closer by her waist he said calmly
"Naii... Shikhna mujhe swimming... Thand lag rahi hai" holding his shirt tightly from front she said angrily
"Shilpa... Tum samajh nai rahi ho... Agar tumne swimming nai seekhi toh aage problem hogi... By chance agar tum paani mein fas gayi aur swim nai kar paayi toh... Socha hai mera kya hoga" caressing her hairs lovingly he said in calm tone which made her to stare him "Main koi bhi risk nai le sakta tumhaare liye..." cupping her cheeks he whispered softly
"Thik hai... Par abhi thand hai" looking up at him she said slowly to which he kissed her cheeks lovingly
"Thik hai... Par agar ab paani mein hai hi toh thoda basic toh banta hai" nuzzling his nose tip on her cheeks he whispered teasingly which made her blushed while he banged her wd his chest making her hands rest on his cold chest... Moving closer to her trembling lips he pulled her closer and kissed her passionately whose hands caressed his chest almost opening his shirt buttons The coldness vanished from her body as he took her in hot kiss making her to caress his wet hairs lovingly... Their swimming training went in gutter coz of heat of the moment which lead in another dream world and in next day he didn't got the time to teach her coz of his work but day after next day in sunny morning he took her in swimming area He was only in his knee length shorts & turquoise shirt where as Shilpa was dressed in pink flowery shirt wd her knee length white pant... He was teaching her wd full concentration but she didn't had mood to learn
"Shilpa tum maar khaaogi mere haath se... Seedhi sharafat se suno main kya keh raha hun" he warned pulling her closer by her wrist who made a face
"Aapko pata hai mujhe koi interest nai hai seekhne ka..." keeping her hands on her waist she said angrily to which he rolled his eyes
"Ho gaya... Ab dhyaan do" keeping her hands down he said calmly
"Armaan... Aapko samajh mein nai aata mujhe nai sikhna..." crossing her arms she said wd grumpy look which made him to glare her
"Agar ab zyada boli na... Toh issi paani mein duba dunga... Isliye seedhi sharafat jo keh raha hun varna..." pointing at her he warned in calm tone to which she glared
"Varna kya karenge..." glaring him she asked angrily
"Varna usi paani mein duba dunga" he said in calm tone
"Toh fir aap bhi suniyee... Main nai karungi... Aur agar aap force karenge toh main bhi kuch karungi" replying in same tone she glared which made him chuckled
"Acha kya kar logi??" still wd smile he asked calmly to which she glared and looked around for something but didn't find anything Coz they were still in water
"Main..." she thought for something which made him chuckled
"Rehne do tumse kuch nai hoga..." he said in very cool tone to which Shilpa got angry
"Abhi batati hun main kya karungi" saying this wd a grin she started splashing water on him which made him amused
"Shilpa.. Kya bachpana hai ye..." trying to defend by his hands he warned but she didn't stopped and started throwing the water on him wd a giggle
"Abhi bhi bologe main kuch nai kar sakti" still throwing water she giggled
"Tumhe toh abhi batata hun main" holding her hand he also started splashing water on her which made them laughed and again they forgot their swimming enjoying this moment... After that teasing session he left for his work and in evening Shilpa got dressed in decent but elegant way coz she knew if she wore some skirt or something Armaan would never alow to her... So she got dressed in black printed loose top wd black ripped jeans just above her ankles and high heels she was waiting for him who came a little late which he thought she would scold him but seeing her smilling he took a sigh and immediately got ready in grey denim open shirt wd white t-shirt underneath and denim jeans wd shoes... They reached in Pub but as he stopped his car in front of the Pub Shilpa's heart beat skipped seeing the view

"So... Abhi bhi andar jaana hai??" crossing his arms he asked calmly as they stood outside the Pub near the entrance but Shilpa gulped seeing the view
"Offcourse..." hiding her nervousness she pretended cool which made him to hide his smile seeing her nervous
"Toh... Fir aao" pulling her closer by her waist he said smilingly to which she nod in YES ... And they both entered inside the Pub where the Music was playing in very loud voice also the crowed which was moving wd the music and seeing the crowed she gripped Armaan's hand who was enjoying the atmosphere after all he came after six years but as she gripped his hand he gotted she is getting nervous seeing the crowed where couples were dancing in very close position also the Cabre dancers who were dancing holding the poll and almost every man were drooling over them
Namaste behno aur bhaiyo
Bade hi kam shabdo mein
Aapko sunana chahta hoon
Uss saal ka lokpriye geet yeh...
"Kahin maine koi galti toh nai kardi... Yaha Armaan ko laakar.. Kitna ajeeb lag raha hai" she thought looking around the Pub "Huh!!" she became startled as he pulled her suddenly closer to him "Armaan??" she looked up at his face questioningly to which he smiled while holding her by her waist
"Darr rahi ho...??" he asked calmly to which she nodded in YES slowly making him smiled "Accha idhar aao..." gripping her hand he took her in drink bar area where the music was slow and they can talk easily "Kabhi akele aayi ho aisi jagah??" as they stood in drinks area he asked calmly to which she nodded in NO slowly "Jaanta tha... Accha kabhi kisi k saath aayi ho??" staring her he asked in normal tone to which she looked at him
"Haa... Aapke saath" as she nodded her head in YES he frowned
"Mere saath kab??" he asked amusingly to which she thought to tell him or not but its his right to know this
"Vo... Hamari sha..." but she was stoped by him
"Okay nai jaanna... Tum mujhe ye batao... Tumhe suddenly yahan aane ka mann kaise kiya??" stopping her he asked calmly but it made Shilpa a little confused coz everytime when something related from Past came he reacts in this manner only Why he never ask or take interest in their Past life?? According to her when someone forget some memories of Past he/she took interest in it infact sometime became curious about it but Armaan is different... Infact before his accident when he was in his cool mood he never asked about their before marriage moments Why?? She was thinking this all when he clicked his fingers in front of her who came out from her thoughts "Bolo...??" as he asked in calm tone she smiled
"Vo... Bas aise hi mera interest aaya" she replied in normal tone which made him chuckled
"I don't believe you..." saying this he touched his back against the counter to which she looked at him uninteresting
"Aapki marzi" she said in uninteresting tone making him smile while staring on the floor "Armaan aapko Parties kyun nai pasand...?? Mera toh main samajhti hun but aapka??" after few minutes of silence she asked smilingly to which he looked at her calmly
"Aise hi bahoot saari Parties attend karli thi... Ki ab Parties pasand nai" he replied in normal tone to which she smiled "U know... Collage mein mujhe Parties mein jaana sabse zyaada pasand tha... Pure din k busy schedule k baad it was relaxing thing to enjoy" as he shared this she smiled widely
"Toh fir interest kyun gaya??" she put her another question which made him stared her suspiciously "Main toh bas aise hi puch rahi hun" as she saw he was looking at her suspiciously she replied carefully
"Bore ho gaya tha itni Parties attend karte karte... Aur fir jab kaam mein serious ho gaya tab pura interest chala gaya... U know ye sab cheeze sirf thode time tak acchi lagti hai" he aswered in very calm way which made her agree but somewhere its fun to enjoy these places "Aur kuch??" he asked smilingly staring at her who nodded in YES slowly
"Par agar aap abhi apne College mood mein hote toh kya karte is Party mein...??" as she asked slowly which made him smiled
"Toh..." he pretended to think but suddenly he banged her wd his chest by her waist whose eyes widened "Toh tum yahan seedhi sharafat se khadi nai hoti..." tucking her hairs behind her ear smilingly he replied which made her confused "Matlab... Tum mere saath dance floor pe hoti yaa fir hum kahin aur hote..." he answered her unasked question calmly which made her shocked
"Matlab... Agar main yahan nai hoti aur koi aur ladki hoti tab bhi aap yehi karte naahh??" she asked wd hurtful look which made him shocked
"Kya??" he looked at her shockingly who pushed him lightly wd hurtful look
"Haa toh... Aap uske saath flirt karte dance karte... Vo toh main aapki wife hoon isliye aap aisa keh rahe hai... Varna mujhe bhi aap flirt hi karte" she said in cute anger but her eyes were moist which made him to held his head
"Shilpa... I didn't mean that... Main toh sirf tumhaari baat kar raha tha... Tum toh kaha ki baat kaha connect kar rahi ho" controlling his anger he tried to say in calm tone which maked her more angry
"Haa toh fir thik haina... Main hi pagal hoon jo ye soch k aapke saath yahan aayi ki aapka mood thoda fresh ho jaayga... But nai ab main jaa rahi hoon" saying this hurtfully she turned to go which made him to calm himself thinking she came here just to make her mood relax
"Shilpa meri baat toh suno yaar..." following her he tried to make her understand calmly but she didn't listened anything when a cabre dancer blocked his way
"Hii... Handsome want to spend a night wd me.." moving her hands on his chest she asked huskily making Shilpa more hurt as she turn to look at him
"What??" he removed her hands from him and pushed her lightly "Sorryy I am not interested..." he immediately moved away from her and looked at Shilpa who shook her head in anger "Shilpa..." but he was late she already moved ahead to go when a Waiter blocked her way offering drinks to her who was about to refused but as Armaan came beside her she looked at the Waiter
"Ek soft Drink..." she looked at the Waiter
"Main abhi laaya Mam..." saying this that waiter went from there while Armaan took a sigh
"Shilpa... See I didn't meant something like that... Mera sirf tumse matlab tha.." pulling her closer by her hand he tried to make her understand in calm tone which made her to look at him wd pouted lips "Sach bol raha hun main Shilpa" as he said this in calm tone her all anger vanishes when some group of friends were passing beside them and by mistakenly one of a girl bumped wd Shilpa who directly landed on Armaan
"Sorryyy..." wdout looking at them she apologized and went from there leaving ArSh lost in each other her hands were on his chest while his both hands were resting on her waist... She knew he didn't mean any word at that time but her negative mind have habit to take things negative that's why she over reacted where as for Him its not something big means he is facing this husband wife problem first time most important she came here just for him that made him more fell for her Their eye lock was broke by his cell phone which vibrated disturbing their moment Shilpa stepped back slowly where as he took out his phone from his pocket
"Rahul..." he looked at the phone which was flashing Rahul's name "Shilpa... Yehin raho main abhi aaya" he looked at her for excuse to which she nodded in YES wd a smile "Yahan se jaana mat... Hilna bhi mat main aata hun" saying this slowly he kissed her cheek as she nodded in yes quietly and he went to attened the call which was very important for him related for some case where as here she was getting bored when that waiter came and forwarded drinks towards her
"Soft drink haina..." she asked politely but coz of loud music he didn't heared what she asked so he just gave a nod "Thank you..." taking the glass she smiled politely to which smilling back that waiter went from there and she took a sip from her glass "Iska taste itna ajeeb kyun hai..." she made a face looking at her drink but shrugging it off she empitied the glass in a go "Aree... Sab kch round & round kyun dikh raha hai??" holding her head she said to herself wd a cute face when she saw a waiter was passing from there "Excuse me ye juice haina??" stopping the waiter she asked slowly coz her head was spinning
"Haa mam... Ye hai toh par ye appke liye nai hai" that waiter replied politely but in juice a lit bit if drinks were mixed for group of friends
"Toh kisi aur ko dusra de dena .. Abhi mera head pain kar raha hai..." saying this she gulped that juice in a go before that waiter could stop and like this she drank three glasses of juices extra
"I hope tu samajh gaya ho... Aur acche se sab kch handle kar lena" Armaan said calmly to Rahul standing outside the pub
"Haa mai samajh gaya... Thank you yaar is case me help karne k liye... Varna mai aur Sid toh soch me hi pad jaate" Rahul thanked politely to which he smiled
"Thank you vo sab chod... Tu case pe dhyaan de Rahoool..." he replied in very cool way infact teased him also which maked Rahul laughed
"I missed this yaar..." Rahul spoke still laughing which maked him chuckled
"Chal thik hai fir... Baad me baat karta hun" saying this smilingly he looked at the pub coz he was still worried of Shilpa "Bye..." bidding bye to Rahul he hung up the phone and ran inside immediately for his wife "I hope ussi jagah ho jis jagah choda tha..." he mumbled worriedly as he entered inside the pub but left frowned not finding her there where he left her last "Kaha gayi...??" he looked for her worriedly and started searching for her when his eyes landed in middle of the floor

Tu premi (Yeah)
Mai premi (Control)
Tu raazi (Wait a minute)
Mai raazi (Uh Ho!)
Tu... (Aaha)
Main.. (Aaha)
Tu... (Aaha)...
"What the...??" his eyes widened seeing his One and only wife dancing wd group of young girls & boys "Isse suddenly kya ho gaya??" he mumbled shockingly as he saw she was dancing wd boys in full swing making boys to to drool over her... She is in middle of the floor fully enjoying the Music while dancing smilingly where as calming himself he ran on floor but she was standing b/w many boys & girls who were also enjoying the music wd full swing "Excuse me!!" siding the crowed he walked in middle of the floor where Shilpa was dancing while two boys were trying to stick wd her which definitely made him angry
(Salaam le jata hua, udan khatola
Aur been bajati hui naagin)
Tu premi (aaha)
Main premi (aaha)
Tu raazi (aaha)
Main raazi...
"Shilpa chalo mere saath..." moving towards her he pulled her hand wd such force that she directly landed on him almost banged wd his chest "Ghar chalen...??" glaring her he asked slowly to which she blinked her eyes two three times
"Armaan..." a wide smile reached her lips as she recognized his face who glared her
"Haa ab chalo... Mere saath..." saying this in calm tone he gripped her waist and moved to go when she stopped
"Nai mujhe nai jaana..." she whined like a kid making him confused at her sudden reaction
"See Shilpa... Ghar toh chalna hi padega" entwining their hands he said smilingly when she pulled her hand back
"Nai mujhe dance karna hai..." saying this smilingly she again moved in crowed and started dancing
Phir kya daddy kya amma
Ik bas tuhi pyar ke kaabil
Saara jahan hai nikamma...
"Kyun nai samajh rahi ye... Pagal" he mumbled to himself while watching her who was dancing "Isse toh mai batata hoon..." saying this he pulled her towards him that she directly landed on him almost hugging him who smiled finally finding her near him... Slowly she looked back at him infact got lost in him who smiled and wd an instant lifted her up while she was only staring him... He took her away from dance floor and carefully made her stand who fell on him
"Mujhe tumhaare saath nai jaana..." pushing him she said wd grumpy look which made him confused
"Kahin isne pee to nai rakkhi hai??" as he thought this his eyes widened when someone tapped on his shoulder which maked him look back
"Sir drinks??" a waiter asked
"Nai..." replying him politely he looked back for Shilpa but she was nowhere to seen
Tamma tamma loge
Tamma tamma loge tamma
Tamma tamma loge
Tamma tamma loge tamma...
"Kaha gayi ye??" mumbling this he moved to search her whom he at last found in corner bending two remove her heels when two of boys came behind her to tease
"Hello... Kya aap hamare saath dance karengi??" one of a boy asked politely which maked him angry so he moved towards them
"Haa ek dance to banta hai" the other boy said wd sly grin on his face while touching her arm who removed immediately while balancing herself
"Hattoo..." she pushed that boy wd her unconscious state
"Accha drink...??" the first one offered her drink which she snatched and threw on his face which maked her giggle where as the second man also hide his smile seeinghis face "Iski toh??" he moved to grip her arm when
"Ronnyy rehne de... Lagta hai nashe me hai chod isee... Chal chalte hai" the second boy stopped him where as she was still giggling seeing his face
"Nashe me hai tab toh aur bhi acchi baat hai... Chal iski akal thikaane lagaate hai" that boy said wd crook smirk while the other man tried to stop him who moved to touch Shilpa... Who was holding her head which was spinning while that boy moved his hand to pulled her waist when
"Huh..." her breath stopped for seconds as Armaan jerked her towards him almost making her bang wd his chest while the two boys stared him questioningly "Armaan..." blinking her eyes she looked at his face smilingly who turned his face at the boys almost glaring them
"Out!!" piercing his teeth he commanded angrily which make them frightened
"But who..." but poor boy's question left uncompleted as Armaan stepped angrily in front of him
"Sharafat se jaaoge ki... Bhejna padega" he said in very calm tone still holding Shilpa's wrist firmly who kept her head on his back balancing herself
"Sorryy... Chal Ronny" that second boy apologized and dragging the first one he went from there leaving Arsh there... Armaan looked back at Shilpa calmly who directly landed on him
"Kaha the tum?? Jab zarurat hoti hai... Gayab hote ho tum.. I hate you" pointing at his chest she said cutely while balancing herself which make him confused
"Ye aise kyun..."?? He mumnbled slowly but stopped as he observed her face and gotted she is drunked "Ohhh... No yaar.. Isne toh pee rakhi hai..." he held his head while holding her by her waist who smiled slowly
"Haa... Maine pee rakkhi hai... Vo bhi... One two three four glasses juice" she replied cutely while counting her fingers which make him to shook his head
"Zarur isne... Juice ki jahah drink pee liya hoga... Stupid" he thought while making her stand properly who landed on him
"Par tum kaha the...?" smacking his chest lightly she asked wd grumpy look making him smiled seeing her face
"Yehi tha abhi chalo..." he tried to say politely while grabbing her wrist who pulled her hand back
"Yaha nai the tum.. Mujhe pata hai... Jhut bol rahe ho tum" she said scrunching her nose which make him chuckled
"Jhut nai bol raha mai... Mai yehi tha" he said wd a smile making her to think
"Acha... Yehi the toh mujhe dikhe kyun nai..." keeping her index finger on her chin she asked wd cute frown "Haa mujhe pata hai... Tum Mr India bane the naa??" saying this smartly she put her hands on her waist looking at him who chuckled at her question
"Haa... Tumhe kaise pata chala...??" nodding in yes he gripped her wrist who directly fell on him
"Vo kya haina.. Mai bahoot smart hun... Maine bahoot si Mission Impossible series dekhi hai" replying this wd wide smile she took out her heels and was about to fell when he catches her by her waist
"Maar khaaogi tum mere haath se ek din..." warning her he gripped her arm and moved to go when she pulled her hand back making him to glare her
"Maara toh tha... Bhul gaye... Kitna dard huaa tha mujhe..." as she said in cute sad face which made his anger vanished also that guilt came inside him again
"Sorryy..." he apologized from heart moving closer to her who stepped back
"Nai aise nai maaf karungi... Tumhe meri baate sunni padegi toh" crossing her arms she said wd cute anger making him to calm himself
"Fine bolo..." he looked at her tiredly who smiled widely
"Okay... Toh tum kaan pakad k maafi maango..." she directly ordered moving towards him but loosing her balance she fell on his chest who held his head
"Shilpa kya bachpana hai ye... Chalo ghar" parting her away from him he said strictly to which she made a sad face
"Dekha... Tum hamesha mujhepe chillaate ho... I hate you" making a sad face she pointed at him who took a long sigh to calm himself
Ki teri galiyon mein iss qadar
Aaunga har pehar...
"Kaha fasa diya yaar" thinking to himself he looked at her who was looking away from him wd sad face "Thik hai... Par iske baad tum mere saath chalogi" making her looked at him he said calmly to which she nodded smilingly making him amused "Okay..." looking at her he nodded and looking around to see no one is watching them he pulled her closer by her waist "Plzz Shilpa mujhe maaf kardo... I am a jerk... Jo tumhaari importance nai samajh paaya" helding his ears he apologized in honest tone which maked her smile
"Vo bhi.. Bina galti k maara... Galti hoti... Tab toh thik tha... But bina galti k maara" she complained in cute voice making him smile
"Haa tabhi toh bola... Ki mai stupid hun... Ab chalo..." he nodded while moving to touch her who stepped back
"Naiii..." she refused to go and sat on one of a couch in corner which maked him angry
"Shilpa kya bachpana hai ye??" standing in front of her he asked angrily
"Dekha... Tum hamesha mujhpe chillaate ho" she looked at him wd innocent sad face which maked him to rub his face
"Calm down Armaan... Iswaqt isko chad gayi hai isiliye pagal hui hai... Toh tujhe calmly handle karna chahiyee..." he said to himself in controlled voice and kneeled in front of her "Shilpa... Dekho maine toh maafi bhi maang li... Fir kyun nai chal rahi ho?" taking her hand in his he said in calm voice to which she looked at him wd pouted lips
"Kyun ki tum bure ho... Kabhi bhi mujhe chod k jaate ho" she replied in grumpy tone
"Loo... Bol bhi vo raha hai... Jo hamesha mujhe chod k jaati hai" mummbling this under his breath he looked at her "Okay... My fault... Abse nai jaaunga... Ab toh chalogi naa..." this time he said lovingly to which she nodded in yes "Thank god... Ab chalo" standing up he smiled while making her stand wd himself when she pulled her hand back
"Nai mujhe nai jaana tumhaare saath..." pulling her hand back she refused again which maked him to calm himself
"Accha band baja rahi hai teri... Saari galti teri hai isse yaha laana hi nai chahiye tha... But nai mana jo nai kar sakta tu isse" he smacked himself mentally staring her who moved ahead to go when he pulled her back almost banging her wd his chest "Enough... Ab chalo chup chap..." now he said in warning tone making her angry
"Kyun jaaun mai tumhaare saath... Jab bhagwaan ne mujhe.. Ye do haath diye hai chalne k liye" as she said in cute anger he rolled his eyes
"Stupid... Pair hote hai chalne k liye" smacking her head lightly he corrected her who pushed him
"Jaanti hoon mai... Khudko smart samajhne ki zarurat nai hai... Tumhe kya lagta hai mai nai chal sakti... Mai ek self respected ladki hoon... I can walk I can talk" clicking her fingers in front of him she said proudly while balancing her self
"Ye aise nai maanegi" shaking his head he picked her heels "Ye lo... Pakdo" handling her the heels in strict tone he stood beside her who snatched it wd cute pout when he lifted her up in his arms
"Aahhh... Chodo mujhe" she closed her eyes fearly holding his shoulder tightly
"Chup chap raho varna fek dunga direct neeche..." he warned in calm tone while walking towards the exit door
"Toh tum... Mujhe neeche phek doge...??" staring him she asked wd cute sad face making him to took a sigh
"Tum koi option bhi toh nai chodti" he replied calmly still walking when the guard stopped him
"Aap inhe kaha leke jaa rahe hai...??" the guard asked strictly stopping him who dropped her down and entwined her hand wd his
"Meri wife hai ye..." he replied in very stern voice to which the guard looked at Shilpa who looked up at Armaan innocently "Nai Shilpa... Iswaqt dhoka mat dena..." staring at her hopefully he prayed in mind
"Kya aap sachme inki wife hai??" that guard asked politely to which Shilpa nodded in no making Armaan to held his head "Toh fir??" he glared Armaan
"Mai iski wife nai ye mera husband hai" she replied in nonchalant way while gripping Armaan's arm which maked him relaxed "My second Badtameez Akdu Husband" as she said this Armaan's head snapped turned at her shockingly while the guard hided his smile "You know ye kitna khadoos hai... Ki mujhe dar lagta hai isse kch puchne me" moving ahead she complained to that guard who looked behind her at a shocked Armaan "Mai toh kehti hun tum kch mat pucho... Varna tumhe bhi Dhisoom dhisoom karke maarega jaise sabko marta hai... Bahoot multi talented hai ye... Doctor hai Boxer aur Singer bhi hai infact Football Basket ball sab kch aata hai... Mere second husband ko" she said in warning tone making Armaan to closed his eyes in embarrassment while the guard smiled "Toh ab hatto saamne se" she said angrily
"Shilpa... Ho gaya naahh... Ab chalo chalte hai" holding her by her hand he said hurriedly giving a fake smile to the guard who nodded in Yes
"Par mujhe tumhaare baare me aur bolna tha..." she looked at him wd cute sad face making him picked her up
"Ghar chalke bolna haa..." staring at her he said wd a smile and walked out from the exit door
"Par mujhe yehi bolna hai" she whined
"Thik hai... Bahar chalke bolna vaha pe bhi kch pagal tumhari tarah khade honge" he said in cute requesting tone to which she nodded in yes doubtfully while he took her in parking lot
"Thik hai fir mai unko bataaungi ki tum kitne bure ho aur Sadu bhi Akdu bhi ho... Par fir mujhe ye bhi batana hoga ki tumhaare... Dimples kitne cute hai aur tumhaare eyes shinning... Aur tumhaare hairs..." she started commenting on him doubtfully as he dropped her down beside his car and maked her stood against it but became stiff hearing her praising words who was constantly praising him by counting her fingers but Armaan was stiffed some flashes came from flashback The same lines of her... He is handling her... She confesses something

"Armaan aapko pata hai" she spoke slowly still in dizziness to which he nod in NO "Aree haa maine to bataya hi nai to aapko pata kaise chalega..." she laugh at herself to which he smiled
"To ab bata do" he spoke while looking here and there seeing anyone is awake or not but what she said made him stop
"Armaan aap mujhe bahooot ache lagte hai" she spoke excitedly stretching her hand showing it big which made him to look at her in disbelief "Aapko pata hai aap World k Best Husband ho... jo bahot acha hai...sabse different Husband... I consider myself very lucky" she smiled while he was still not believing his ears "Aur aapko pata hai mujhe sabse acha kya lagta hai aapka" she asked in childish tone
"Kyaa??" he somehow asked still not believing
"Mujhe na aapki... aapki ye jo... aankhe hai vo bahooot achi lagti hai... specially ye jo chota sa til hai na inke niche" she replied while keeping her index finger on his'Til' "Mann karta hai ki" she spoke in kiddish tone
"Mann karta hai ki" he repeated suspiciously
"Kiss karlu udhar" she replied nonchantly making his eyes pop opened
"Really !! Aur kya acha lagta hai" he asked curiously while kneeling properly and keeping his hands on her lap to which she looked at him
"Aur mujhe aapki smile bahot pasand hai... specially ye dimples" she spoke excietedly while poking her fingers on his dimples making him grin"mann karta hai kiss karti rahu vaha jab b aap haste hai" she smiled widely while he chuckled at this
"Sach me..." he asked bemusedly to which she nodded her head in YES
"Haa...Aur..." she spoke while moving her hand in his hairs ruffling it making him annoyed
"Tch!! Bracelet... kya masti hai ye" he spoke annoyingly while correcting his hairs to which she stopped in middle
"Umm... mai karongi hatao..." she removed his hand and started caressing his hairs making him close his eyes "I luv ur hairs they r so soft... mann karta hai ki" she whispered to which he opened his eyes
"Ki..." he asked bemusedly to which she moved closer to him
"Ki..." she whispered and blew air on his hairs which is fell on his forehead now floating when she blewed it, he smiled and shakes his head
"To ye karne ka mann karta hai" he asked smilingly to which she nodded her head in YES wd a giggle "to aur kya acha lagta hai meri Bracelet ko mere baare me.." he asked while pulling her closer by her waist
"Aur..." she whispered tracing his face by her hand which made him to close his eyes feeling her touch
"Aur" he whispered back when she put her another hand on his cheek and pulling it koochi kooing it making him startled "Bracelet..." he yelled while bringing her hands down where as she was already laughing
"See I like ur cheeks also... everything about u I like" she spoke wd a giggle making him smile to
"Everything about me u like" He asked still trying to confirm to which she nodded
"Yes" she spoke in kiddish tone making him smirk at the complement
"I dont believe this Miss Bracelet aur meri taarif" he spoke excitedly asking to himself and again looked at her "Aur kya acha lagta hai Bracelet ko mere baare m" he asked while putting his hands on her moving closer to her to which she looked at him"kya pata nashe m hi sahi Bracelet apne dil ki baat kehde... aakhir iske mann m chalta kya hai" he thought and stared at her cute face waiting for her answer
"Aur..." she spoke thinkingly while putting her index finger on her brain/head tapping it making him giggle at her cute face "Haa...I like ur tattoos... aapko pata hai mujhe kisi ladke ka tattoo nai pasand but" she spoke like a little girl while pointing at his tattoo which made him to look down at his hands wd a smile when she put her one hand on his cheek making him look at her "Sirf aapka tattoo mujhe pasand hai" she smiled widely making him grin "Aur" she spoke
"Abi aur b hai" he asked amusedly stopping her
"Haa to..." she nodded "I like ur like nai I luv ur style...I luv ur shirt... I luv ur shoes... I luv ur personality...I luv ur height & weight.." she started counting her fingers but he chuckled on her word height & weight "I luv ur cute nose..." she smiled and poked her index finger on his tip of nose which made him to blink his eyes "i luv ur abs...six pack... muscles...biceps...neck...aur.." she spoke in one breath making him stunned
"Bas mujhe sharam aa jaygi.." he hide his face wd his hands in fake shyness to which she frowned and kept her hands on his hands
"Aur I luv ur...hands" she chiriped while removing his hands from his face making him smile
"And I luv u for this" he spoke lovingly and kissed her on her cheek making her rub it quickly
"But I hate u" she spoke angrily by crossing her arms wd a pout but for Armaan she is the bestest girl right now on earth!
Flashback ends
"Mera sar..." holding his head he tried to ignore that flash Did he saw Shilpa drunked?? That too confessing her feelings in front of him who was listening excietedly "Gosh mera sar dukh raha hai..." putting his hairs in his hairs he tried to calm himself where as she constantly blabbering which maked him more was irritated
"Aur aap... Huh" but she was stopped by his hand on her mouth which maked her banged against the car door of his
"Bas... Ab aur nai.." staring her he said in angry voice which maked her to stare him dazely while blinking her eyes "Mat bolo..." he requested coz of his throbbing brain which could'nt handle the old memories "Armaan kya kar raha hai... Is aaddhi adhuri yaadsaat ki wajah se Shilpa ko kyun hurt kar raha hai... Ye toh already unconcious hai... Calm down... Ignore kar vo sab bas Shilpa pe dhyaan de" his mind kicked him mentally seeing Shilpa's frightened face So taking a sigh he lowered his hand from her mouth slowly "Sorryy... Mai gusse me tha" he apologized slowly to which she pushed him making him taken aback
"Yehi toh kaam hota hai... Aap ladko ko... I hate you..." she said wd tearfull eyes and looked away from him who smacked his head lightly
Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar...
"Sorrryyy..." making her looked at him by her chin he held his ears
"Naiii... Pehle gussa karke sorryy bolne k baad... Aapko kya lagta hai... Vo vo... Kya bolte hai usse..." looking at him wd cute little girl's face she said but got confused at a word
"Pyaar..." he suggested
"Nai.." she nodded her head in No
"Aammm... Feelings" he said doubtfully
"Nai... Aree vo jisse bahoot bura lagta hai.." she denied making a cute face
"Sad..." he said smilingly
"Naiii... Vo jo sad jaisa hi hota hai... Par bahoot bura lagta hai" she said angrily
"Ooo... Hurt" he said slowly
"Haa... Yehi... I hate you... Tum mujhe hamesha hurt karte ho" pointing at him she said in cute voice making him guilty who grabbed her hands slowly
"Sorryy... Abse nai karunga" he apologized slowly to which she fell on him feeling dizzy "Shilpa... Tum thik toh hona" caressing her head he asked worriedly
"Aapko farq padta hai Armaan??" she asked slowly holding his shirt from front still her head was put on his chest who got confused at her sudden question
"Offcourse!! Padta hai Shilpa" parting her slowly he replied n loving tone but seeing her moist eyes he became stunned "Kya huaa??" cupping her face worriedly he asked to which she just stared him
"Jhut bol rahe hai tum Armaan... Tumhe farq nai padta... Ki mai sad hun yaa happy..." still in unconsciousness she said wd hurt look making him hell confused "Aap mujhe samajh hi nai sakte... Koi mujhe nai samajh sakta... Naa Papa naa Mamma na meri sisters na friends koi nai... But jin do logo se mujhe umeed thi vo bhi nai" Armaan became stunned seeing her this broken thinking What just happened her suddenly?? From four months they were living happily then all of a sudden what just happened to her?? And who the hell is that two people??
"Shilpa ye tum... Kya baat kar rahi ho?? Mai kch samjha nai??" he asked slowly yet worried was there on his face
"Yehi toh problem hai... Koi nai samajh sakta mujhe..." she said hurtfully looking down "Naa Ansh... Aur na Tum" saying this softly she kept her head on his chest who became a little angry hearing Ansh's name "U know Ansh mera sabse accha dost tha... Bahoot expectations thi usse kahin na kahin par vo nai samajh paaya aur ab na Tum" she shared slowly still in dizziness but her eyes were getting heavy but hearing it he understood not everything is cleared out b/w them
"Ek baar mujhe bata k toh dekho... Mai koshish karunga" making her looked at him by her face he asked lovingly
"Do you love me??" out of blue she asked this to which he noddee in yes "Tab kyun nai samajh rahe ki mujhe kya chahiyee..." holding his opened shirt she said sadly making him confused
"Ek baar bolo Shilpa kya chahiyee??" composing himself in calm way he asked
"Vo jiske bina mai adhuri hun Armaan..." hugging him slowly she replied in soft tone making him to solve her this puzzle but he couldn't did feeling her all weight on him
"Shilpa tum??" still trying to adjust her words he held her back firmly when she tightened her hold on his back
"Mera pair dukh raha hai... Aur dimag ki dhadkane ruk gayi hai... Saath me dil b nai soch paa raha hai" hugging him like a kid she complained which maked his all questions vanished in a go hearing her words
"Vo dil ki dhadkane aur dimaag ki soch hoti hai" lifting her up in his arms he said smilingly to which she kept her head on his shoulder
"Toh kya farq padta hai.. Dil aur dimaag toh haina..." her tone was in a sleeping tone which maked him smiled and making her stand beside their car he opened the door of passanger seat
"How smart" saying in a calm tone he maked her sat inside the car and then coming on driver's side he sat
"Smart toh mai bachpan se hun..." she said smilingly as he locked her seatbelt
"Vo mujhe pata hai..." starting the car he said in calm tone still trying to slove her words... Shilpa was quietly looking out of the window while her legs were up almost touching the gear
"Armaan..." she called in very loving tone to which he looked at her smilingly
"Haa bolo..." he looked at her who was already staring him expectadely
"Gaana gao na..." she said in cheerful tone which maked his smile vanished
"What?? Abhi??" he looked at her who nodded wd a happy face "Nai Shilpa... Ghar jaakar gaaunga... Yaha nai" he said in loving tone concentrating on road where as hearing this her smile faded
"Kyun nai gaaoge??" she asked cutely keeping her both hands in his arm which was kept on the steering
"Kyun ki... Abhi mai drive kar raha hun aur drive karte waqt gaate nai hai" he replied in sweet tone to which she nodded in yes quietly
"Haa ye bhi hai..." she said in cute pouted look making him smile "Toh fir kab gaaoge??" she asked in cheerful tone again which maked him chuckled
"Ghar pahuchte hi... Gaaunga" concentrating on road he replied calmly to which she smiled but soon it faded
"Par agar mai so gayi toh...??" another question from her which maked him to held his head
"Toh mai jaga dunga... But abhi shaant raho plzz" he requested to which she giggled and nodded her head in yes... Till the time they reached home Shilpa slept so lifting her up he went inside their room and carefully laid her on bed which maked her sleep broke
"Armaan... Gaana" as he was about to move up from her she pulled him back above her by his collar which maked him smiled
"Thik hai... Aankhen band karo" caressing her hairs he said lovingly
"Agar mai aankhen band karungi to sunungi kaise??" blinking her eyes she asked in kidish tone making him to shook his head
"Vo aankh se nai kaan se sute hai..." he corrected her
"I know... Par mai dekhungi kaise ki tum guitar kaise bajaaoge" poking her fingers on his cheeks where his dimples exist she said in smart way which maked him amused
"Ab guitar bhi bajaana padega" moving up from her he asked tiredly to which she nodded in yes sitting in front of him
"Mai laati hun" saying this happily she moved down from bed to bring guitar but coz of spinning on her head she fell back directly on him infact she almost sat on his lap
"Shilpa rehne do... Mai gaana aur guitar kabhi aur karunga tumhaare liye... Vo kya haina raat bhi bahoot ho chuki hai aur guitar toh abhi so raha hoga to aaj rehne den" holding her by her back he said in cute tone to which she stared him for seconds
"Toh abhi kya karenge??" holding him by his shoulder she asked slowly to which he pretended to think "Mujhe pata hai hum... Kya karenge..." she clapped happily making him suspicious
"What??" he asked doubtfully to which she stood on bed while balancing herself "Shilpa kya kar rahi ho tum??" he asked in strict while standing on floor
"Mai dance karungi... Aur tum batana kaisa tha.. Okay" saying this excitedly she fall straight on him who held her strongly by her waist while her both hands were kept on his shoulder but her legs were still kept on bed
"Lag jaati toh??" he scolded
"Toh tum ho na.." saying this cutely she kept her head on his head who immediately made her stand on floor carefully "Tum yehi raho... Mai aati hoon..." stepping back still dizzy she said wd a smile
"Shilpa... Dekho tumhe sona chahiyee" trying to grip her wrist he said firmly when she giggled nodding in No
"Nai... Apna phone do mujhe..." she directly commanded making him to take a sigh and he silently gave his phone to her who smiled widely and put a song on making him narrowed his eyes

Give me give me give me love
And give me more
Thoda sa mujhse love le bhi aao
My lover gave you down n I feeling low
Again and again and again...

"Yeh karna kya chahti hai..." he thought confusedly as he saw her throwing her sandles in corner of the room "Shilpa..." he moved towards her who stepped back wd a wide smile "Gir jaaogi tum.." he warned as her back touched the wardrobe door which made her giggle d
"Nai... Mujhe khudko sambhaalna aata hai.." balancing herself she said wd cute anger making him to calm himself coz he can shout on her anytime "Acha suno... Door bahar se lock mat karna" warning him she went inside wardrobe room wd a teasing smile which maked him frowned
"Isko kch zyada hi chad gaya hai..." he mumbled under his breath while sitting on bed and started undoing his shoe laces when


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