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Part 53 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his oeauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him/her in the mirror of another loving, caring human being."

What's danger, what danger,
What danger
Take me down, down, down..
Take me down, down, down..

"What the..?" he made face as some cloth landed on him who removed the cloth angrily when he observed it was her shirt which she wore few minutes ago "Ye sach me pagal ho gai hai kya..." stooding up he moved to ask when her pant landed on him "What in the world is going on here...??" looking at the clothes stunnedly he moved to ask her "Mere khayaal se ye pagal ho chuki hai..." mumbling this he he threw her clothes on bed and went to asked when she herself came out wd wide smile on her face
"Armaan mai... Kaisi lag rahi hoon" she chiripped taking his attention whose eyes became big in astonishment

"Shilpa ye??" he blinked his eyes to see properly at his Hot wife who is wearing a very short skirt which was in color of Dark pink wd black checks there was a black belt on it... Her hairs were straight while her legs were hiding by her black transparent stockings In short she dressed up like a Cabre dancer but her make up was like before
"Lag rahi hoon na mai... Us ladki ki tarah jo.. Vo kya kehte hai.. Haa khambe ko pakad k dance kar rahi thi..." she asked in happy tone making him stopped at his place seeing her this stunning
"Par tumne... Ye kyun pehna.. Tum toh vaise bhi acchi lagti ho" saying this politely he moved towards her who smiled wd wicked grin
"Nai... Mujhe proove karna hai mai usse accha dance karti hoon" stepping ahead she said wd cute grumpy look making him to opened his mouth to stop her when she kept her palm on his lips "Mai karungi matlab karungi" saying this stubbornly she stepped back making him dazed by her scent
"Fine jo karna hai karo... Mai yehi hoon" crossing his arm he said in calm tone knowing very well when she get tired she herself will sleep
"Toh lights off" saying this happily she switched the lights only the night bulb was shinning in room when

Aaj dikha de mujhe love karke
O baby bahon mein bharke
O jo bhi socha sapno mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke..(2x)

"Shi..." his sentence left incomplete as he felt her hands on his chest from behind him where as she sang in full seductiveness making him amused when she came in front of him and nuzzled her face on him whose heartbeat skipped by her bold steps... She pulled him by his collar making him amused by her act while she moved her index finger on his cheek who chuckled at her cute face when she stepped back wd a teasing grin

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jism jaga...

"Yeh naa..." he chuckled at her as she danced while holding the door almost seducing him who stepped ahead towards her who sang while stepping back wd seductive grin when she stood on bed "Aree yaar vaha??" he held his head staring up at her who danced wd a smile and at last bowed her head wd giggles
"Toh kaisa tha...??" she asked wd a wide smile on her face making him amused
"Wonderfull...!! Ab aa jaao neeche" clapping for her he said in loving tone making her giggled who directly fell on him who immediately catched like before "Aree Shilpa..." he glared while holding her firmly who giggled to which shaking his head he carefully lifted her and made her sat on bed "See ab bahoot ho gaya... Chalo sote hai" sitting in front of her he said in strict tone
"Nai.. Pehle tum guitar bajaaoge aur mai gaaungi... Tab hum soyenge" she said wd cute face making him to rolled his eyes
"How about tum gaati raho aur hum so bhi jaayen" he suggested smartly while removing his eyes from her seductive looks which were distracting him
"Haa... Yeh thik rahega... Toh mai gaaun..??" she asked like a kid to which he nodded in yes smilingly "Okayy... Aee hhmm" she coughed as if making herself ready for singing which maked him chuckled who was removing her sandles when she sang the song

Dheere dheere se
Meri zindagi me aana
Dheere dheere se
Dilko churaana...

As he heard her words he became stiff as if trying to recall this song which he heard before also Shilpa was singing this wd closed eyes but there was smile on her face Coz in dizzy state also she didn't forgot their first dance date wd this same song which he sung wd her

Tumse pyaar hume kitna hai
Jaane jaana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana...

Opening her eyes she find Armaan who was staring her dazedly whose words were making that blur flashes cleared Yes he saw himself lipsing this for her who was blushing while dancing wd him
"Bas... Ab mai thak gayi.." she said tiredly making him came back from past
"Toh fir..." but his sentence left incomplete as she put her finger on his lips
"Ab hum kya karenge Armaan??" removing her finger she asked cutely to which he smiled
"Toh abhi hum sote hai" tucking her hairs aside from her shoulder he said tiredly to which she nodded in no "Toh fir??" he asked confusedly to which she cupped his face
"Hum kiss karenge" she replied in nonchalant way which maked him stunned "Bolo... Bolte kyun nai... Bolo" nudging him by his shoulder she maked him normal who looked at her beautiful face which maked him grin
"I don't mind" pulling her closer by her waist he whispered dazedly staring at her lips which curved into smile "U kno..." but his sentence left incomplete as she locked their lips cupping his face who held her closer to him by her back... She was kissing him very slowly which maked him to want her more so pulling her more closer he sucked her lower lips so hard that it maked her hand tight on his face Their lips were not ready to live each other but as she felt out of breath she somehow managed to unlocked it while taking long deep breaths... Her eyes were getting heavy where as he still didn't got over wd that kiss so he pulled her more closer by her face when his eyes landed on her swollen lips which maked him to took that once again in his greedy lips which resulted her hands were caressing his hairs... Still kissing passionately when they laid down on bed they didn't realized until he felt Shilpa's breath slow which was enough for him to understand she was fast asleep so living her he stared her face which is looking soo beautiful right now... He moved his hand to caress her face lovingly when something flashed again in front of his eyes The same way they kissed few minutes ago that flashed in front of his eyes which maked him again worried so moving up from her he maked her laye properly on bed and pulled the blanket up on her... Making himself relaxed he sat quietly in lawn on a bench "Kya tha vo sab... Kyun mujhe sab kch aadha adhura dikh raha hai... Na us scene k pehle ka dikh raha hai aur na baad ka... Sirf jo scenes repeat ho rahe hai vo kyun dikh raha hai..." staring up at the sky he thought confusedly and removed his denim jacket "Kitni ajeeb baat hai... Maine pics dekhe videos dekhe tabhi kch yaad nai aaya par jo scenes repeat ho rahe hai vo zarur yaad aa raha hai... Vo bhi utna jitna dikha usse zyada yaa kam nai..." he stood angrily getting frustrated by his memory "Kaafi alag bimaari hui hai mujhe sachme... Kaise solve karunga mai ye sab... Shilpa se toh keh bhi bna sakta... Vo hope le legi fir" moving his hands in his hairs he said frustadely then sat back again this time calmly "Par vo kya keh rahi thi... Konsi aisi chiz hai jo mai nai samajh raha... Par pata nai kyun har baar mujhe uss Ansh se compare karti hai... Most important kiske bina adhuri hai ye??" he thought worriedly "Kahin vo mere memory ki baat toh nai kar rahi thi... Gosh... Kch samajh nai aa raha" he was talking to himself for making himself to calm and just like this thinking he lived this matter and came back in room only to slept beside her tiredly... Next morning was a big problem for Shilpa who was sleeping but stirred coz of sun's light on her face which maked her to woke up

"Aahhh..." she winced holding her head as she sat up "Mera sar itna heavy ku lag raha hai..." holding her head she mummbled painfully which took Armaan's attention who was getting ready fir hospital

Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar, haaye...

"Finally uth gayi..." wearing his wrist watch he moved out from the room
"Mai yaha kaise... Mai toh party... Aur ye kapde??" she thought confusdly while staring down at herself when last night's image came back inside her brain which maked her shocked while putting her hands on her mouth "Haww ye kya kar diya maine" removing her palms she mummbled worriedly remembering last night she almost shared her insecurity also comparing him and Ansh most important she danced like maniac "Gadhi... Kitna kch bol diya raat me Armaan ko... Ab Armaan iski jad tak jaayenge" she smacked herself mentally "Toh tu bol dena tujhe yaad nai... Haa tab puchega hi nai" her mind suggested to her who nodded in yes when Armaan came back and stood infront of her
"Hmm..." forwarding a glass off lime juice he stared her calmly who gulped and looked up at him slowly "Peelo... Sar nai dukhega" hearing his calm voice she took the glass slowly knowing somewhere he is still thinking about last night "Ab thik hai...?" as she finished the glass he asked calmly sitting in front of her and took the glass away from her
"Haa... Vaise mai yaha kaise...??" she knew she was playing innocent but she didn't have any other option
"Tumhe yaad nai kal raat kya huaa tha??" he asked doubtfully to which she nodded in no innocently "Koi baat nai... Mai hospital jaa raha hun... Tab tak tum ready ho jaao thik hai..." caressing her cheek he said in loving tone which maked her guilty "Bye... Shaamko milta hoon" kissing her cheek lovingly he stood up to go which maked her more guilty
"Armaan..." before he could turn she called softly making him stop in his track and moving down from bed she hugged him tightly which maked him amused "I am sorry Armaan..." she mumbled softly still hugging him who kept his hands on her back confusedly
"Sorry kyun??" he asked confusedly which maked her to hide her face on his neck
"Vo kal raat... Kch bhi bol diya nashe me" she replied tearfully making him took a sigh coz he didn't expected that she will clear this
"Kch bhi nai sach bola..." parting her from hug he said in understanding tone making her to stared him "Baaki sab samjha... Bas ek ko chodke..." wiping her tears lovingly he asked what she feared the most "Aisi kya chiz hai jo tumhe adhura karti hai Shilpa??" he directly asked coz now he didn't want any misunderstanding b/w them
"Bata sakti hai tu isse ki... Tujhe baccha chahiye...??" her mind questioned "Nai Shilpa mat bol... Kyun ki isse tu sirf problems badhaygi tum dono k bich" her heart said "Aap..." replying this she stared his face who smiled
"Mai toh hoon na tumhaare saath... Fir kyun??" caressing her hairs lovingly he asked
"Vo kya haina mujhe dar laga rehta hai har pal... Ki kahin kch ho gaya toh" keeping her head on his shoulder she replied slowly to which he engulfed her more into him Actually she didn't lied its true she have fear to loose him
"Kch nai hoga... Mai hoon naa..." kissing her head he said softly "Acha ek aur sawaal puchun...??" he asked carefully to which she just managed to give a nod in yes still hugging him "Tumne kaha tha ki tumhe do logo se umeede thi... Ek mai hoon ye mai janta hoon... Dusra??" he asked in very carefull way which maked her look back at him slowly who already knew the answer but wants a clearification
"Mai jaanti thi ye sawaal iske mann me aayga... Iske kya kisi k bhi mann me aa sakta hai..." her mind mocked at her "Bata paaygi isko ki kyun tune aisa kaha... Ye nai samjhega Shilpa ki tere kehne ka matlab kya tha... Ye usse pyaar hi samjhega... Ye kabhi nai samjhega ki kyun tu chahti thi ki Ansh tujhe samjhe..." her mind said to her "Nai Shilpa pyaar ka dusra naam trust hai... Nai bata de agar gussa honge to koi baat nai... Par ab sach mat chupa" her heart said to her
"Shilpa I know vo Ansh hai... Toh plzz mujhe clearly bata do" seeing her lost he asked in loving tone while cupping her face who thought to tell him so she nodded her head in yes making him a little worried but he didn't showed that on his face
"Vo mai jab collage me thi.. Mujhe kahin na kahin expectations thi ki vo mujhe samjhega... Haa mai usse pyaar nai karti thi but chahti thi ki vo mujhe samjhe... Kyun ki almost sab log mujhe galat hi samajhte the... Ki mai Rude hoon heartless hoon... Aur Ansh bhi yehi samajhne laga tha... Vo mera best friend tha to mai yehi chahti thi ki vo mujhe samjhe... That's it aur kch nai" she shared in one go not daring to look up at him who was shocked to hear this thinking Soo much was hidden inside her but if he now show that he is shocked or something this will make her away from him again
"Par mai Ansh nai hoon..." he whispered softly pulling her closer who stared him "Mai Armaan hoon... Jo tumhe samjhta hai yaa nai ye nai pata... Par tumhe samjhna zarur chahta hai" caressing her cheek lovingly he said which maked her smiled slowly
"Jaanti hoon... Sorry" nodding in yes she hugged him who hugged her back lovingly which maked her to think How she is thank ful to god to get such loving husband? She don't know she did something good or not in past but getting him she gotted she must have done something good
"Ek baat batana toh bhul hi gaya... Kal raat k baare me" hearing his teasing voice she looked up frowningly "Tum dance... Aur gaana dono hi accha karti ho..." as he said this calmly she felt embarrassed while looking down which maked him chuckled and he pulled her closer by her waist "Accha ye batao... Tumne mujhe second husband kyun bulaaya tha raat ko??" trying to chear her he asked in calm tone after parting from hug which maked her to wide her eyes
"Aise hi..." stepping back she replied in fake normal tone which maked him amused
"Acha sachme??" he asked in teasing tone moving to catch her waist who stepped back
"Aap jaao apne kaam par... Mai jaa rahi hoon fresh hone... Bye" saying this hurriedly she ran inside washroom making him chuckled
"Shilpa aakhiri baar puch raha hun mai??" standing outside the washroom door he asked calmly
"Thik hai... Mirror dekh lo apne aap pata chal jaayga second husband k baare me... Aur agar first dekhna hai to... Un teen saalo k videos me dekhlo pata chal jaayga..." as she replied wd giggle his mouth opened understanding the meaning
"Tumhe toh mai raat ko batata hun..." warning her he left for his work leaving her giggling in washroom who was relieved from any burden except the child's wish... After two days Surbhi came back From New York for one months holiday but as she reached her home found from her servant that her Jeeju & Aapi Tanveer Dilshaad Ayaan & Nazma went in Ajmer for some relative's marriage which maked her sad coz she thought she will surprise them but instead she herself got a surprised... So she thought to meet Shilpa and as she entered in Arsh's house Shilpa became surprised seeing her who giggled and they two got involved on their chating in evening when Armaan returned and saw Surbhi he held his head seeing Shilpa & Surbhi fully engrossed in talking ignoring him... Just like Their life was going on perfect track untill two weeks ago she found her dates were missing which maked her hell worried Yes somewhere she was very happy that may be its a signal of her pregnancy but soon her happiness became in worriedness coz the other symptoms she didn't felt in her... She was in pressure which was making her weak coz day & night she was only thinking about the incompleteness in her Armaan was unaware of her this tension coz in front of him she pretended her normal self but one day she thought she needs to test herself once coz still her dates were missing but the fear to hearing something negative news made her not to take this decision also what if the news will in positive will Armaan be ready to became a father Yaah she didn't talked wd him but last she remembered his expression was like he didn't want to became father... But at last getting curious & excieted she thought at last to check Armaan's reaction over this issue so one fine morning when he was reading a case on laptop in hall she thought this is the correct moment to check his reaction so giving him coffee she sat beside him on sofa and keeping her coffee mug on table she switch on the TV in which she stopped on cartoon channel then looked at him

"Armaan... Aapko... Bacche kaise lagte hai...??" wd a thudding heart playing wd her coffee mug she asked carefully but what she noticed hearing this he became stiff for minutes and then taking a sigh he looked at her who was praying a good reaction from him
"Haan..." as he replied this calmly her heart started jumping happily a smile reached her lips who moved to inform the recent problems in her smilingly but before she could do that he said something which maked her heart sank "Par dusro k... Khud k sambhalna ek bahoot badi responsiblity hai... Jo I dont think so mai abhi ready hoon" he said in fake calm voice while concentrating on his lappy screen which he put on his thighs where as hearing this her heart shattered while she became quiet... Why Armaan said this we all knows His words which he said to her was not at all true coz he loves kids like anything also want their kids but knowing about her problem he lied so that she cannot expect much from him... He knows he hurted her but he didn't have any choice "Vaise tum aisa kyun puch rahi thi??" pretending normal he looked at her who put a fake smile on her face
"Bas aise hi... Vo abhi kids channel dekh rahi thi na... Toh aise hi" she replied slowly gathering some strength
"Okay..." nodding in yes he again looked down on his laptop screen
"Mai mugs rakh k aati hoon" saying this in normal tone she picked the mugs and went from there hurtfully
"I am sorry Shilpa... Par mai tumhe koi jhuti umeed nai de sakta" closing his eyes he thought tensely Yes he already understood her words when she said 'Vo jiske bina mai adhuri hun Armaan' but he can't do anything Where as entering in kitchen she started crying unknowingly... So that was last time she talked about this topic wd him she was deeply thinking over this but didn't said anything to him... Their life was going normal according to Armaan but from her side she was hidding herself from him but she also accepted her fate oOe day he didn't ate breakfast and went early in morning she thought to give him surprise so making lunch for him wd full speed... She reached his hospital wd his lunch coz she was excited to see his reaction but when she asked about him to a ward boy who informed he is busy wd his some important patient which maked her to smile then wardboy showed her his cabin in which she waited for him for fifteen minutes... She kept his lunch box on his cabin table and roamed to look around when she saw her pic on his table which maked her smile widely... Then she went to see his glimpse on down floor she asked to a nurse about him and nurse informed he is in childrens ward which maked her amused so slowly slowly she went to see him who was busy in playing wd kids... She stopped at the entrence watching him an unknown smile reached her lips seeing him talking wd kids
"Okay mai tum logo k saath khelunga... But you all have to promise me ki tum log injection lagwaaoge..." blackmailing the kids he kneeled in front of them who encircled him
"Thik hai... Par aap pakka kheloge na hamaare saath" one of a kid asked cutely to which he chuckled
"Offcourse... Mai apne commitment ka pakka hoon" ruffling that boy's head he replied smilingly which maked Shilpa chuckled but as soon as he started playing wd the kids her smile disappeared She felt a tug inside her heart seeing him happy wd the kids

Zaalima tere ishq ch...

"Armaan... Aap toh baccho ka dil yun jeet lete ho... Aur aapko dekh k aisa nai lagta ki aapko bacche nai chahiyee..." putting her head on entrance side wall she watched him wd moist eyes "Kyun aapko bacche nai chahiyee... Mai toh mar rahin hoon Armaan..." she thought staring him lovingly she kept her hand on the side wall while her eyes started getting wet wd her tears "Mai kitna chahti hun ki hamari bhi ek choti si family ho... Par kyun bhagwaan nai sunn rahe meri... Shayad ye mai hoon na to problems toh hogi hi" she thought while sniffing but as she saw Armaan lifted a little girl up on his arms playing wd that little girl Shilpa didn't has strength to watched this scene so wipping her tears she went from there "Sab teri wajah se ho raha hai... Teri hi galti hai jo bahoot kch expect karti hai... Armaan ko to andaaza bhi nai hai ki kya chal raha hai tere dimaag me..." her mind cursed her as she started walking slowly slowly in corridor "Par aisi kya wajah hogi jisse ye possible nai hai Shilpa...??"het heart questioned "Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki problem tujhme hai... Miscarrage k baad kya pata kch complications aayi ho..." her mind said doubtfully where as she was still walking wd moist eyes "Acha... To iske dates aise hi miss huye??" her heart said in taunting way which maked her more sad "Bimaari bhi toh ho sakti hai" her mind suggested making her to think about it more lostly when she bumped wd a nurse who was walking wd a patient on wheelchair "Sorry mera dhyaan nai tha" she apologized in sweet poliet way to which nurse passed a smile
"Koi baat nai" Nurse replied poiltely
"Aapko toh nai lagi naa??" bending to the old woman's level she asked slowly to which she nodded in yes smilingly when Armaan who just came out from childrens ward stopped in corridor seeing Shilpa in front of him talking wd a patient which maked him confused
"Am i dreaming...??" he blinked his eyes thinking he is dreaming but as he saw her smile he thought she is really standing here "Par Shilpa yaha kaise??" he mumbled confusedly and thought to meet wd her who bidding bye to the patient turned to go making him smile Its a real surprise for him
"Shayad mujhe ab jaana chahiyee..." she mumbled slowly walking towards his cabin who was following her smilingly "Armaan se bhi nai mili" she whispered softly but as she was about to opened his cabin's door when Armaan gripped her wrist suddenly and jerked her inside the cabin locking it "Armaan...??" she looked at him wd wide eyes which maked him chuckled who caged her b/w his hands & wall
"Tum yaha kaise??" asking this calmly he stepped back making her to stare him wd a smile
"Vo aise hi aape nazar rakhne" she said in calm tone stepping away from him who nodding in yes sat on couch calmly
"Toh fir kya pata chala...??" keeping his phone on side table he asked smilingly to which she sat beside him while taking the lunch box wd her
"Mujhe pata chala ki... Mera pati kch khata peeta nai hai sirf apne patients me busy rehta hai" opening the lunch box she said in cute tone making him chuckled
"Tum mere liye lunch laayi... That's something new" staring at her he said in amused tone which maked her smile
"Hmm... Kya karun mujhe laga... Agar Doctor hi bimaar padega toh patients ka kya hoga" taking a morsel full on spoon she forwarded towards his mouth she said in cute tone which maked him smile
"Soo sweet of you..." he said lovingy moving to kiss her cheek who moved her head back eyeing him to eat the food to which he rolled his eyes "Mai nai khaunga..." he directly refused making her mouth opened
"Kyun nai khayenge aap??" she asked frowningly keeping the spoon back on bowl
"Aise hi... Jab tak tum meri baat nai maan leti" he said in calm tone loosening his tie
"Konsi baat Armaan??" she asked wd a smile to which looked at her then pointed at his cheek wd a small smile making her smiled shyly "Nai" she directly rejected wd a teasing smile
"Toh bhul jaao... Mai khaunga" he said in strict tone to which she shaked her head and kissed his cheek which maked him to showed his dimples who directly moved to kiss her
"Armaan... Khana" she warned making him to take a sigh and he started eating calmly making her smile when his cell rang
"Yes doctor... Abhi aadhe ghante me aata hoon" she can't hear whom he is talking but guessed he might leave the food coz of work This scene maked her to remember when she first time went Sanjeevani wd lunch box which leaded their first date
"Kya huaa Armaan...?? Aap jaa rahe ho??" she asked slowly as she saw he hung up the phone
"Haa abhi nikalna hai.." he replied calmly taking a bite on his hand but hearing this her face became sad
"Matlab aap jaayenge" she asked in slow sad voice to which he chuckled and inserted that bite inside her mouth who frowned
"Nai... Tum yaha aao aur mai kaam karun... Impossible" as he said this calmly she smiled while chewing the food He first time sided his work for her well That's new
"I love you Armaan" saying this happily she kissed his cheek who became stunned for seconds and looked at her questioningly who looked down shyly
"Ab toh tum gayi..." cupping her cheek he moved to kiss her who giggled stopping him So wd their cute little romance they ended the lunch also she forgot her grief... But whenever she was alone in house she was only thinking about this... One fine afternoon she suddenly fainted on couch which maked Meethi worried who splashed some water on her face which maked her awake her head was spinning when she felt something strange inside her Meethi asked what happened to her to which she replied its nothing just becoz she didn't ate last night and in morning she fainted... She actually thought this reason but it didn't convinced Meethi who said hasitately its a symptons of some good news and hearing this she felt broken but pretending normal she replied in No... Whole day she was only thinking about Meethi's words
"Kya aisa ho sakta hai... Yaa nai" she mumbled to herself tearfully looking at the space she was sitting on floor against the couch Just like she sat in their wedding night "Nai Shilpa... Aise kaise ho sakta hai... Naa tujhe vomit feel ho raha hai... Na toh tu weak ho rahi hai... Haa aaj tujhe chakkar aaya par vo isliye ku ki kal raat se tune nai khaya Armaan jo nai aaye the... Aur tere date missed hona vo kisi aur problem ki wajah se hoga" her heart said to her "Nai... Aise kaise saare points galat ho sakte hai... It can be possible ki ye pregnant ho... Mai toh kehti hoon test karwa le at least ye confusion to dur hoga" first time her mind took the right side "Par agar hai bhi toh kya farq padta hai... Armaan ko toh nai chahiyee" her heart said sadly which broked her who started crying keeping her head on her knees when Armaan entered in room but finding her like this he became stunned who immediately ran towards her and kneeled beside her
"Shilpa..." nudging her he asked worriedly to which she looked up at him tearfully "Kya huaa... Kyun ro rahi ho??" cupping her cheeks he asked worriedly and seeing him she more broke down "Shilpa kya baat hai... Bataogi" he tried to calm himself but she didn't stopped instead hugged him tightly while taking hiccups "Tum mujhe dara rahi ho yaar..." caressing her hairs he asked worriedly which maked her to sniffed also she realized what is she doing wd him so she slowly parted from hug and looked up at his face who cleared her tears by his back of fingers making her stared him lovingly "Kya huaa??" this time he asked in loving tone which maked her more guilty thinking coz of her He always faces problems
"Vo... Mmaine ek dangerous sapna dekha..." looking down she replied slowly which not at all convinced him
"Jhut mat bolo shilpa... I know baat koi aur hai" making her looked up at him he said strictly which maked her scared
"Nai Armaan mai sach bol rahi hoon" gripping his shirt she replied wd moist eyes which maked him worried for her so living the topic he nodded in yes and took her in loving hug whose eyes got heavy feeling his arms which resulted her in deep sleep
"I hope tum sach bol rahi ho... Varna..." but his sentence left incomplete as he felt she is sleeping so taking a sigh he picked her up in his arms and carefully maked her laye on bed "Kitni weak lag rahi hai... Zarur madam apna khana peena skip kar rahi hongi..." caressing her cheek lovingly he thought then laid beside her He decided now he will daily took her care of her meals by his calls or messages... Then next morning when he left for his work not before warning her to eat properly her meals Shilpa was fearing too loose something unknown and for this she needs time to stay away from Armaan for few weeks so that she can decide what to do... So she talked wd Surbhi but didn't informed anything about their personal life she just told Surbhi that they got a fight and she needs time to stay away from him for few weeks on which Surbhi excitedly suggested she can stay in her house no one will get to know coz they will not tell to anyone not even Armaan... Agreeing by Surbhi's idea she left the house in evening leaving a letter on washroom door Yaah she knows it will hurt him but she didn't had any option also she took Toy wd herself coz she needs someone to love... Where as in night when Armaan came back he called her name many times but when he didn't heared anything he thought she must be in washroom so removing his shoes he moved to check in washroom but stopped in front of the door seeing the letter which he read
Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main
Mar na jaaun kahin... (x2)
"I know Armaan.. Aap jaankar gussa honge ki mai suddenly kaha gayi... Par mujhe aapko kch batana hai... Bahoot din se pata nai kaise ajeeb se khayaal aa rahe hai mujhe... Ek dar sa lag raha hai... Mujhe laga kahin meri us dar ki wajah se mai aapko na kho doon toh... Maine ye decision liya ki mujhe thoda time chahiyee... Sab kch samajhne k liye... Khudko samjhaane k liye aapko samjhaane k liye... Mai jaanti hoon mai bwkoofi kar rahi hoon par option nai hai mere paas... Toh mai chali gayi... Aap fikar mat karna mai thik hoon... Aur safe bhi hoon.. Plzz mujhe dhundhna mat... Mai aaungi bas do teen hafte wait karlo mera... Aur gusaa mat hona... Not to forget cheeze mat todna plzz I love you Armaan... Aapki Shilpa" as he finished the reading his back touched the wall feeling broken & shattered
"Aisi kya galti ki maine Shilpa..." he mumbled hurtfully but when he didn't got any answer from back memories he broke everything inside their room in annger & frustration... He threw everything here & there trying to grip his emotions who was feeling helpless then kneeling on floor he cried... Where as in Surbhi's house no one was there except this two girls and Surbhi's maid Lisa its been one week since she left their house Yes she knew she did wrong but she is feeling helpless... She daily asked about him from Surbhi who always went to check Armaan but mostly he was on his work but when Meethi informed that from three days he was skipping his dinner & breakfast which maked her heartbeat stopped for minute Meethi also informed The day after Shilpa left the home when Meethi came in next morning she found whole room was messed up which Shilpa already expected... Since then she is worriying about him but tonight she sent Surbhi forcefully to their house for making Armaan to eat something coz she saw his car from the window Surbhi was not at all ready to go in Arsh's house fearing of Armaan's anger but seeing Shilpa's sad face she went... And now Shilpa is waiting for Surbhi to hear he ate or not??

"I know aapko bahoot hurt huaa hoga Armaan... Par mai aaungi next week abhi toh mujhe khud nai samajh raha mujhe ho kya raha hai" looking at the sky she mumbled softly then kept her head on wall waiting for Surbhi "Pata nai pregnant hoon bhi yaa nai... Test karwaane ki himmat nai hai mujhme Armaan... Bas khudko prepare kar rahi hoon... Aapko is problem k baare me bataane k liye" she whispered softly keeping her hand on her stomach trying to feel something but didn't felt anything

After 10 minutes
"Shilpaa...!!" a worried Surbhi ran upstairs shouting Shilpa's name who was playing wd Toy in her room but hearing her voice she stopped
"Kya huaa... Surbhi tum chilla kyun rahi ho??" Shilpa asked worriedly as she saw Surbhi entered in room pantingly
"Vo... Mai... Mr Khan..." she panted holding Shilpa's shoulder
"Ruko pehle..." making her sat on bed she brought a glass of water for her "Paani peelo fir bolna..." handling her the water she sat in front of her who gulped the water in a go making Shilpa giggled at her reaction "Aur??" she asked sweetly to which she nodded in no "Kya huaa ab batao..." taking her hands in her she asked smilingly
"Sab gadbad ho gayi... Shilpa... Galti se mere mooh se... Tumhare bhaare me nikal gaya... Jisse Mr Khan ko mujhpe doubt ho gaya... Aur unhone mujhe warn kiya..." she said in just two three breaths making Shilpa confused
"Tum kya keh rahi ho... Mujhe samajh me nai aaraha... Clearly bolo" Shilpa asked confusedly making her to nod in yes
"Ok... Mai tumhe shuru se batati hoon" taking a deep breath she said slowly "Actually... Jab mai mai Mr Khan k paas pahuchi... Vo apne room me the pareshaan se... Meethi ne bataya ki unhone dinner nai kiya... Toh mai unhe insist karne gayi room me... Vaha vo bahoot pareshaan baithe the... Maine unse kaha ki khaana khalo toh unhone ulta sunna diya ki jao yaha se... Fir maine unhe force karna shuru kar diya toh unhone kaha jaati ho ki dhakke maar k nikaalun... Fir mujhe bhi gussa aa gaya aur maine sunna diya... Ki aapke nai khaane se Shilpa wapas thodi aaygi infact vo to thik hai... Mere saath mere ghar me... Bas itna kehte hi mai shock hoke bhaag aayi... But mujhe..." she narrated carefully which maked her shocked
"Kya??" her eyes widened hearing this
"Haa... Aur mujhe lagta hai ki shayad unhe doubt ho gaya hai..." looking down Surbhi said slowly which maked her shocked
"Plzz Armaan ko kch nai samjha ho..." she mummbled worriedly to which Surbhi nodded in yes slowly when the door bell rang that too many times making both the girls stunned
"Ohhnoo..." they both stood up scaredly
"I hope ye Mr Khan na ho..." Surbhi said worriedly
"Haa varna hum dono ka murder ho jaayga..." she looked at her scaredly "Aree Surbhi jaao... Lisa k door open karne se pehke tum khol do..." looking at her she pushed her outside the room when
Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata...
"SURBHI... SURBHI!!" hearing Armaan's angry voice they both stopped at their places "Surbhi... Mujhe tumse abhi baat karni hai..." he shouted angrily from downstairs which maked Shilpa almost faint but Surbhi catched her
"Isse pehle Mr Khan upper aaye mai neeche jaati hoon... Aur tum yehi raho..." saying this Hurriedly Surbhi ran downstairs following by Toy while Shilpa locked herself in room and stick to the door praying for herself & Surbhi
"Kya huaa Mr Khan... Aap itni raat ko yaha" Surbhi asked in normal tone as she reached downstairs where she find a Armaan who is looking like an angry furious Lion
"Shilpa kaha hai Surbhi??" he directly asked the question which was bothering him since Surbhi blurted out
"Shilpa... Yaha kaise hogi Mr khan..." pretending normal she said coolly stepping back a little seeing his anger
"See Surbhi I know Shilpa yehi hai... So don't lie or else mai kch bhi kar sakta hoon" he warned in angry tone to which she gulped
"Nai Mr Khan... Aisa kch nai hai... Vo toh Huh...!" her sentence left incompelete as he banged her wd the wall making her scared
"Mind you Shurbhi... Agar mujhe pata chala ki yaha pe Shilpa hai aur tumne jhut bola mujhse... Toh mai sachme tumhe deewar me chunwa dunga..." pointing his finger at her he warned angrily to which she got scared and gulped scaredly
"Amm.. Meri baat suniye Mr Khan... Shilpa yaha nai hai" trying to say in nomal tone she looked at him who glared "Mai aapse jhut kyun bolungi" she said slowly to which he looked down thinking yes Why she would lie to him?? When
"Bowww... Bowww" he looked down as he felt someone is pulling his shoe laces which maked him to looked down only to glared back Surbhi coz he find Toy who was pulling his shoe laces gaining his attention which maked Surbhi too close her eyes getting caughted
"Toh Shilpa tumhaare saath nai hai...??" this time he asked in controlled voice while stepping away from Surbhi who nodded in no "Acha... Ek minute" he said calmly making her gulped "Lisa aunty...??" he called loudly to which Lisa came from kitchen "Kya Shilpa yaha hai...??" hearing his poliet tone Lisa smiled when behind from Armaan Surbhi gestured her to say no "Aap sirf meri taraf dekhiyee... Aur bataaiyee" ignoring Surbhi he asked wd a smile to which Lisa smiled back
"Haa beta... Vo uper waale room me" Lisa said politely which maked slSurbhi to hide her face on her palms where as Armaan thanked Lisa who smilingly went from there while he glared Surbhi
"Mmm... Mr Khan dekhiyee itni raat ho gayi hai ab aapko ghar jaana chahiyee... Chaliye fir gud night" gripping his hand she made him stand at the door step which maked him angry
"See Surbhi... Mujhe bata do..." but he was stopped by her raised hand
"Mr Khan... Aapko jaana chahiyee bas..." cutting him she said in fake angry tone but from inside she was fearing
"Thik hai... Yum chahti ho na mai andar na aaun toh thik hai... Mai andar nai aaunga" he said in calm tone which maked her to take sigh of relief "But... Mai jaanta hoon Shilpa yehi hai... Aur mai wait karunga jab tak Shilpa wapas nai aati..." saying this slowly he sat on her door step making her shocked
"Par aap...??" she looked at him perplexed
Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina...
"Dekho yeh tumhaari marzi hai... Ki mai tumhare ghar me rukun yaa nai... Par yeh meri marzi hai ki mai Shilpa ka wait karun... Puchle ek hafte se mai kaise raha hun uske bina mai hi jaanta hoon... I hope tum samjho... Ki kisi ka intezar karna kaisa hota hai" wdout looking at her he said in hurtfull tone making Surbhi to stuck b/w Arsh thinking whom to support but thinking about Shilpa she went inside quietly while Toy ran on Armaan's lap who picked him up smilingly after all Toy was the one who informed him about Shilpa "Aur champ miss kiya mujhe..." picking him up he asked lovingly to which Toy started jumping on him who chuckled seeing his excietement... Where as Surbhi was watching this scene from inside and got confused what to do Shilpa was still inside the room feeling sad... Two hours passed Armaan was still busy wd Toy where as it maked Surbhi felt bad
"Tu pagal hai Surbhi... Mr khan kabse Shilpa ka wait kar rahe hai... Tu kyun unke pyaar ki dushman bani hai... Shilpa ko khud zarurat hai Mr Khan ki bas us choti si fight ki wajah se insecure ho gayi hai..." she scolded herself mentally and deciding to make Arsh together she went on door step and queitly sat beside Armaan who looked at her "Vo uper waale room me hai... Thodi upset hai toh gusse se nai pyaar se samjhaana..." wdout looking at him she said slowly which maked him smile happily
"Thank you..." saying this happily he kept Toy on her lap and ran inside making her giggled at his excietment
"Dekha Toy ye dono ek dusre k bina ek pal bhi nai reh sakte... Par jhagdte aise hai... Jaise abhi sab kch khatam kar denge... But aisa hota nai" picking Toy up she said cutely while walking inside to check Arsh
"Shilpa... Shilpa... I know tum yehi ho.. Plzz door karo... Plzz yaar" knocking on door hurriedly he requested which maked her came out from her deep thoughts and she stood against the door where she kneeled "Dekho mujhe sirf itna bata do galti kya ki maine... Plzz yaar ye tum bhi jaanti ho mai tumhaare biblna nai reh sakta... Plzz darwaaza kholo..." as he said in hurt tone she kept her palms on her mouth trying to control her tears "Shilpa..." this time he called softly keeping his hand on the door which maked her broke "Thik hai... Tum yehi chahti ho na ki mai jaaun... Toh fir mai jaa raha hun... Sirf teen tak geenunga... Rokna hai toh rok lo" not hearing anything from her he at last got defeated at that time Surbhi came wd little Toy on her hands but seeing Armaan stepping back she stopped in her tracks "Ek..." he said loudly moving back from the door which maked Shilpa to keep her hands on the door "Do..." he said more loudly standing at the edge of the stairs which maked Shilpa to keep her hands on door knob while Surbhi was only watching this scene blankly "Teen..." at last reaching down he shouted "Mai jaa raha hoon Shilpa..." he shouted at his top of the lungs which maked Shilpa to broke down while Surbhi ran near the door
"Shilpa plzz yaar dekho... Gussa chod k ek baar unhe samjhaane ki koshish karo vo samjhenge .." Surbhi said in understanding tone to which Shilpa wiped her tears
"Surbhi... Mai aaungi pehle tum dekho Armaan kya kar rahe hai" wipping her tears she requested sadly
"Thik hai..." saying this Surbhi ran downstairs only to find Armaan sitting on sofa calmly playing wd a cube "Mr Khan... Aap gaye nai??" she asked slowly to which he looked up at her calmly "Dekhiye... Abhi aap jao thodi der k liye... Jab Shilpa ko lagega aap gayye vo khud door kholegi..." she suggested carefully staring down at him who chuckled
"Jao apna saaman pack karlo... Vo bhi jaldi" staring at her he said in calm tone which maked her confused "Haa tum abhi isiwaqt jaa rahi ho... Hamare ghar I mean mere aur Shilpa k... Ku ki aaj puri raat mai yehi rahunga" he cleared her confusion calmly which maked her shocked
"Par Mr khan...??" she looked at him shockingly "Allah Miya what's wrong wd you Mr Khan..." she looked at him angrily
"Jaati ho ki nai... Yaa fir haath pakad k le jaaun... Jao chup chap..." he directly warned which maked her angry but coz of his anger she went to pack her stuffs Armaan sat coolly on sofa while keeping his legs on table "Tum seedhi sharafat se nai maanogi... Ku ki tum tedhi language samajhti ho na... To tumhaare liye ab mujhe tedhe hi raaste apnaane honge... Meri Chidchidi Cinderella wifey" playing wd the puzzle he thought wd a winning smile on his face Nd after sometime Surbhi came back wd her bag also wd grumpy look "Chalo tumhe chod doon..." taking the bag from her hand he moved ahed calmly which maked her confused
"Mr Khan mujhe samajh me nai aaraha aapke dimaag me chal kya raha hai... Aap kyun usse nai samajh rahe" she asked angrily as they came out of the house while Toy was following them
"Toy ko uthalo... Aur haa ghar me jaate hi ghar ko andar se acche se lock kar lena... Lisa kaha hai??" looking back at her he asked calmly which maked her tired knowing very well she wasted her time on him while they reached infront of Arsh's house
"Lisa apne room me so rahi hogi... Kyun??" she replied then got confused
"Good... Acha tum aaram se ghar me raho mai aata hun... Bye" saying this calmly he went back to Surbhi's house where as Surbhi shook her head annoyingly and picking up the Toy she went inside Arsh's house... Meanwhile Armaan entered in house and locked the door carefully

"Kya Armaan chale gaye honge...??" a tensed Shilpa thought while stepping out of the room "Mai bhi kitni badi bewkoof hoon... I think mujhe Armaan se baat karni chahiyee..." she mummbled softly descending from stairs "Surbhi..." she called loudly looking around for her "Kaha ho tum..." she walked in hall looking for Surbhi when "Huh!!" her breath stopped as someone banged her wd the wall while shutting her mouth wd his palm Yes its non other than Jahapnah Armaan Malik
Kaat'ta hoon laakhon lamhein
Kat'te nahin hain
Saaye teri yaadon ke
Hat'te nahin hain...
"Tum mera hamesha test leti hona... Ki kitna mai bardaast kar sakta hun... Ki kitna mai toot sakta hoon... Yaa fir mere pyaar ka test le rahi ho..." glaring her he asked angrily which maked her scared "Tumhe andaaza bhi hai meri haalat kya thi tumhaare bina... Tum itni heartless kaise ho sakti ho Shilpa..." stepping back he asked hurtfully making her cry "I dont know tumhaari problem kya hai... Par ab bahoot ho gaya" in anger he broke a vase which maked her frightened "AB NAI ... AB SIRF MERI CHALEGI... CHAHE TUMHE BAANDH K SAU BODYGUARDS K SAATH HI NAA RAKHNA PADHE... PAR RAKHUNGA..." pointing at her angrily he blasted on her who started crying
"Armaan.. Mai..." she moved to touch him when he jerked her towards him angrily
"Enough!! Pehle mujhe ye batao tum yaha kyun aayi... Meri galati kya thi... KCH TOH BOLO DAMMIIT" pushing her angrily he asked Shouted to which she cried
"I am sorry Armaan... Par mujhe nai pata maine ye kyun kiya" she replied wipping her tears and sniffed which maked him to calm himself
"Dekh Armaan... Ye pagal ho gayi hai.. Agar isse thande dimaag se nai handle kiya toh ye pagal ho jaaygi" his mind said to him who rubbed his face to calm himself and looked at her who was staring down still hiccuping which maked him to observe her face... He noticed her face is glowing which is making her more beautiful than before There he didn't ate anything wdout her and here She is glowing how??
"Sorry Armaan par mai nai aa sakti..." she said slowly when he directly stood in front of her making her stopped... She got scared seeing his calm look who now stepped ahead making her banged wd the wall He calmly put his arms beside her almost caging her who gulped seeing his calm face
"See... Sirf tumhaari wajah se maine ek hafte se apna dinner breakfast lunch sab skip kar diya tha... So ab tum jaao mere liye khaana banao... Mujhe bhook lagi hai" moving his face closer to her he directly ordered her who stared him unbelievingly
"Par..." she opened her mouth to say when he pointed his index finger at her who shut her mouth
"Zyada time waste mat karo mera... Jaao chup chap banao..." glaring her he stepped back to which she gulped and nodded in yes
"Kya khaayenge aap...??" looking at him she asked slowly as she saw he sat on sofa calmly "Mujhe samajh nai aa raha Armaan aise kyun react kar rahe hai..." her mind & heart got confused seeing his calm reaction "Ho sakta hai tujhse ab tang aa gaya ho..." her mind said smartly which maked her looked down on floor
"See mere liye tum... Ammm..." he didn't have mood to eat anything but to make her more confused he pretended he is hungry "Yaa... Spagetti wd fried rice... Aloo ka paratha wd matar paneer & Rasgulla" as he finished calmly she gawped at him "Mai ek ghante se zyada wait nai karunga..." picking the cube he looked at her calmly which maked her hell confused still looking at him confusedly "Jaogi... Ki utha k kitchen me chodun" when he noticed she was still standing he taunted her calmly who nodding in yes she went inside in kitchen
"Samajh me nai aa raha hai ki kya kahun... Suddenly ye shaant kaise ho gayye... Kch toh dimaag me chal raha hai is insaan k... Varna aise kaise ye calmly se baithe hai" she blabbered taking out the vegetables and things to make food for him "Kya pata tujhse tang aa gaya ho... Aur soch liya hai ki tujse baat karna bekaar hai" her mind taunted her "Kya pata Shilpa Armaan ne tujhe bahoot miss kiya ho... Aur khaana bhi toh nai khaaya hai unhone... Toh tere haath se khana kaana chahte ho..." her heart said to her which maked her to agree and in one hour she prepared his demanded food... Where as Armaan was calmly playing wd the cube forgetting everything when Shilpa arranged the food on dinner table "Armaan... Khaana..." she called him keeping the last bowl on table but when she didn't heared anything from him she walked in hall where he was still playing wd the cube "Armaan..." she stood beside him who didn't looked up at her concentrating on cube to which she moved her hand to nudge him when he gripped her hand which just touched his shoulder "Huh!!" she looked at him stunnedly as he jerked her beside him who threw the cube behind him carelessly and stared her calmly
"Kyun... Kar rahi ho ye sab... Pyaar bhi karti ho... Aur chod k jaati bhi ho??" pulling her closer by her hands he asked in calm tone which maked her guilty "Tumne ek baar bhi nai socha... Agar tum chali jaaogi toh mera kya hoga... Shilpa mai ek aadmi hun mere paas tum womans ki tarah strong stregth power nai hai... Jo itna sab kch hone k baad bhi strongly khada rahe... Mai darne laga hun Shilpa ki kahin tumhe kho naa doon... Har pal dar dar k rehne waalo me se nai hoon mai... Toh kaise rahunga" staring her he said in hurtfull tone which maked her eyes moist who opened her mouth to apologized when he hugged her tightly "Plzz mujhe aur kamzor mat banao Shilpa... Mai kamzor logo me nai aana chahta... Mai chahta hoon tum mera strength banno weakness nai" still hugging her he whispered softly which maked her to hug him back tearfully
"Mujhe nai pata Armaan maine ye kyun kiya... Par mai majboor hoon... I am sorrryy" as she whispered slowly he parted her
"Matlab tum nai aaogi...??" staring her he asked in calm tone which maked her to look down and seeing this he took a sigh "Chalo mujhe bhook lagi hai..." saying this he stood also making her stand by her wrist who got confused
"Armaan...??" she looked at him questioningly who calmly made her sat on dinning chair and took a chair beside her
Kaat'ta hoon laakhon lamhein
Kat'te nahin hain
Saaye teri yaadon ke
Hat'te nahin hain...
"Khaana khao...??" serving himself and her he ordered in strict tone to which she opened to argue when he inserted a Rasogulla inside her mouth whose eyes became big "Agar tum chahti ho mai jaaun... Toh mujhe company do khaane me... Bas aur kch nai" eating his food he answered her unasked question calmly which maked her to chewed her food silently obeying his order but somewhere she is happy to be wd him coz its been a week since they separated from each other... He was quietly eating his food where as her eyes were only fixed on his face


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