Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Part 54 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"It takes 3 to make love...not 2 you...your spouse... And...God!"

"Kitna miss kiya aapko Armaan... Mai bata nai sakti... Sirf ek wajah se aapse dur hui thi... Vo dar jo hamesha se mujhe hai... Par aapko dekhne k baad kch feel nai ho raha..." staring at him she thought while playing wd her food "Ajeeb sa lag raha hai... Kyun ek excietment ho rahi hai... Jaise kch alag hone wala hai..." keeping her hand on her stomach she looked at him when she felt an unknown joy inside her heart feeling something inside her "Kya aisa ho sakta hai..." her heart said happily but knowing her destiny she tried to ignored when
"Ho gaya... I feel full..." keeping the glass on table he said tiredly making her looked at him "Tumhara plate bhara lag raha hai... Tumne khatam nai kiya isko??" staring at her he asked in strict tone which maked her to looked down

"Vo.. Mujhe bhook nai hai" she replied slowly keeping the plate aside which made him angry but moving his chair a little closer he picked the spoon and taking a morsel fro her plate he forwarded towards her mouth "Armaan maine kaha na mujhe bhook nai hai..." stopping his hand she said slowly
"See.. Mujhe majboor mat karo tumhe forcefully khilaane pe... Toh silently isse khtam karo..." saying this in calm tone he forwarded the spoon which left her no choice to eat that and like this he made her finished the food which maked her more guilty "Ho gaya na... Toh ab chalo sote hai..." stooding up he gripped her wrist who stood slowly dazed by his caring spell
"Mai ye rakhti hun..." saying this slowly she moved to picked the plates when he pulled her closer by her hand who looked at him questioningly
"See... Mai bahoot thak gaya hun.. Aur mera koi mood nai hai jaagne ka... So chalo mujhe room dikhao... Jaha tum ruki ho abhi... Kyun ki mujhe bahoot neend aa rahi hai" he said in tired tone making her confused
"Aap kya karna chahte hai Armaan... Mujhe samajh me nai aa raha hai... Aapko kya lagta hai ye sab karne se mai chalungi aapke saath... Toh bhul jaaiyee aisa kch karungi mai..." pulling her hand back she said in strong voice to which he rolled his eyes
"Ho gaya... Ab chale sone" saying this unintrestingly he gripped her wrist who opened her mouth to argue when he looked back at her calmly "Ek hafte se jo tumne meri neende cheeni thi... At least aaj toh mujhe sukoon se sone do... Chalo ab" he said in normal tone which maked her stopped and seeing her quiet he took her upstairs where he had seen her locked "Thak gya yaar..." he mummbled tiredly as they entered in room where as she is only staring him confusedly who didn't cared to look at her and sat on bed after removing his shoes "Aaogi ki invitation card dena padega..." looking at her he said in sarcastic way while she was only staring him confusedly knowing very well something is cooking inside his brain
"Nai.. Mujhe neend nai aa rahi" standing a litrle away from bed she said in normal tone to which he shook his head
"Jaisi tumhaari marzi..." saying this coolly he laid on bed and closing his eyes he went into peacefull sleep leaving her confused who is still standing there where as today Mr Armaan Malik is sleeping peacefully coz how he lived this one week wdout her was a torture for him... Every seconds he missed her like hell Sleep Food Peace everything was taken away wd her from him but now finding her his 'Chain & Sukoon' is back to him again
"Armaan itni jaldi kaise so gaye... I mean abhi toh just bed pe aaye" she thought confusedly sitting beside him who is sleeping soundlessly making her confused "Kya karun samajh me nai aa raha hai..." laying beside him she thought while staring his sleeping figure who was laying against his stomach making her to moved her hand to touch his hairs but it stopped in air thinking what if he awake?? She kept her hand back to herself and turned her back at him "Mai kyun aisa kar rahi hun..." she thought sadly staring at the space "Tu ek baar test kyun nai karwa leti pagal.. Result jo bhi ho uska at least tu kch sure toh hogi... " her heart suggested "Agar result positive aaya aur isse Armaan ne nai accept kiya toh" her heart asked fearly which maked her more sad while she put her hand on her stomach as if trying to feel it is true or not "Aur agar negative aaya toh yeh toot jaaygi... Par Armaam k saath toh rahegi" her mind supported which maked her to closed her eyes tightly while clutching her stomach when she felt Armaan's hand on her waist that too on her hand which was clutching her stomach who opened her eyes immediately and turned back at him slowly who is still sleeping soundlessly making her to adored him... Staring at him lovingly when her eyes closed down she didn't realized and they both slept wd eachother after one week's saperattion which was very hard for them

Two days later
@ Hospital
Sookh gaye hain aansu teri judai ke
Palkon se phir bhi baadal
Chhant'te nahin hain...
"Mr Khan... Don't worry Shilpa ko kch nai hoga...??" as Surbhi said this slowly while keeping her hand on his who looked at her wd moist eyes
"I hope so..." saying this slowly he stood from the chair and stood outside the Hospital's room where doctor is checking Shilpa where as a smile reached on Surbhi's face seeing Armaan's love for Shilpa day by day it is increasing which she observed since the time she came back from NY... Not to forget these two days were she saw Armaan's deep love for Shilpa
"Vaise Mr Khan... Ab toh vo log kabhi problems nai create karenge naa aapke life me...??" standing beside him Surbhi asked slowly to which he looked at her calmly
"Nai.. Unhe faansi aur umarkaid hogi coz do murders or kidnapping ki hai unhone toh kch nai hoga don't worry..." he replied in calm tone wd a small smile on his face
"Par aapko lagra hai itne bade haadse k baad Shilpa ka dar jaayga... I mean usne jo face kiya hoga in barah ghanto me usse vo bhula paaygi...??" hearing this from Surbhi he took a long sigh keeping his back against the wall
"Nai... Par namumkeen nai hai... Mai puri koshish karunga ki uske dimaag se vo sab jaaye" staring at her he replied calmly which maked her smile also amused by his strong power on himself
"Agar Mr Khan... Ka aadha hissa bhi pyaar ka Rehaan apnale... Mai toh uski puja karun" thinking this she sat back on her original place waiting for doctor's arrival where as keeping his head on the wall he looked up at the space while crossing his arms
"Dhadkane tham si gayi hai Shilpa... Plzz tumhe kch na ho varna ye dhadne ruk jaayngi yehi" he thought sadly while closing his eyes remembering how she landed in this problem coz of his carelessness... Actually the thing is after that night when Shilpa opened her eyes left stunned finding herself in Arsh's bedroom
"Haww... Mai yaha kaise pahuchi... Mai toh Surbhi...??" she soliloquized looking around in their room still sitting on bed "Ho na ho ye kaam Armaan ka hi hai... Aaarrrgghhh how can he do this to me..." getting annoyed she pushed the blanket from her and moved down from bed when Armaan entered in room while whisteling a tune 'It's a beautiful day' but he stopped in his track as he saw Shilpa glaring him angrily "How can you do this to me Armaan...??" standing in front of him she asked angrily
"Kyaa??" he asked in normal tone while keeping his both hands inside his pant's pocket
"Armaan.. Zyada innocent banane ki zarurat nai hai.." she pointed her index finger at him who gave a very calm look to her "Aap mujhe vaha se yaha kyun laaye... Vo bhi mere sone k baad... Ye toh cheating hai..." she said frustadely where as he was calmly staring her
Khudko main hasaaun kaisi
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata...
"Tumne bhi toh mujhe cheat kiya tha... Mai ghar pe nai tha tab gayi mujhe chod k" moving closer to her he said in very calm tone throwing the right card in front of her who became dumb after hearing this "Ab jaao... Fresh ho jao tumhara kapde wapas apni jagah pahuch chuke hai... Aur mai Surbhi tumhara breakfast pe wait kar rahe hai... Jaldi aao haa" saying this smilingly he kissed her cheek whose anger frustration went into gutter after hearing his words who turned to go when he looked back again "Aur ek baat.. Agar tumne dobara ghar chodne ki himmaat ki to yaad rakhna mujhse bura koi nai hoga..." saying this calmly he went out of the room leaving her grumpy who reluctantly went to freahen up... On breakfast table Surbhi was laughing at her grumpy face also at Armaan's cleverness who was hidding his smile seeing Shilpa's grumpy look... But somewhere she was happy to back again in her house to her little family breakfast was a good start for the day where Surbhi & Shilpa were constantly talking on table making Armaan to calm himself not to shout on them but when Surbhi teased Arsh saying 'Ye accha hai... Pehle Mr Khan ko dogs se itni chid thi ki vo bagha dete the unko... Aur pehle Shilpa itna darti thi unse ki pucho mat... Par ab teen teen dogs ghar me hai vo bhi sukoon se... That's really call a true love' hearing this a light smile came on his face where as Shilpa rolled her eyes some how the breakfast got over and Armaan left for his work while they two kept themselves busy wd pets... At night Armaan came late fully tired which not at all maked him hungery so he thought to take a good sleep when he saw Surbhi who was standing in kitchen while drinking water which maked him to approached towads her who smiled also informed today Shilpa hadn't eaten anything on dinner coz she felt sleepy at that time and since then she is sleeping... Armaan got confused hearing this but thanking her he wished good night to her then moved inside their room where he found Shilpa sleeping on bed peacefuly and shaking his head he removed his shoes also changed his clothes then coming on bed beside her he slept tiredly... But in middle of the night Shilpa's eyes opened feeling hungry she thought to wake him but seeing him sleeping tiredly she didn't tried thinking he might be tired then she herself moved out of the room.. Entering in kitchen her stomach growled also a craved came in side her to eat Gulab Jamun which she thought to make So picking all the the things she started making 'Gulab Jamun' Where as here Armaan turned his position for better sleep but when he kept his hand beside him he felt the place empty which maked him to opened his eyes

"Shilpa..." he immediately sat up wd a unknown fear "Kaha gayi...???" he mummbled worriedly his heart was beating at its fullest speed but some how controlling himself he moved down from bed and looked for her in washroom which was empty "Kahin firse... Nai??" his heart feard to say this while he checked in backyard's room also in lawn then he moved out of the room to check her in other rooms... But his feet stopped finding the kitchen lights on which maked him to stepped inside the kitchen where he spotted his wife "Thank god..." he took a sigh of relief but got worried seeing her sitting on floor like a boll against the kitchen shelf her head was bowed on her hands which was kept on her knees "Shilpaaa... Kya huaa??" kneeling beside her he asked worriedly keeping his hand on her head who looked up at him wd moist eyes
"Kch nai..." rubbing her moist eyes she replied slowly to which he sat beside her comfortably
"Tumhe mai bewkoof lagta hun...?? Acche se jaanta hoon mai tumhe... Kya huaa batao varna" staring at her he asked in strict tone which maked her to looked at him then at the space
"Vo... Mujhe bhook lagi thi.. Aur Gulab jaamun khaane ka man kiya... Toh maine banaya bhi... But vo acha nai bana kharab ho gaya... Saath me mera haat bhi jal gaya" she replied in complaining tone which maked him smile but when he heard her hand burnt he immediately took the hold of her hands
"Kisme lagi..??" he asked worriedly staring at her hands
"Isme..." she showed her right palm wd moist eyes to which maked him smile
"Bas red hi toh huaa hai..." he said in calm tone but there was a teasing smile on his face which maked her to pulled her hand back wd grumpy look
"Hatto..." saying this wd pouted lips she tood to go but coz of slipping of her leg she fell on his lap who smiled seeing her landing on his arms
"Agar chipakne ka itna hi shauk hai... To dur kyun jaati ho?" as he taunted she pushed him lightly by her hands and stood up straightening her white kurti & red patiyaala
"Mujhe koi shauk nai chipakne ka... Aapse... Vo to mera pair slip ho gaya tha..." standing beside the kitchen slab she explained which making him chuckled who stood calmly beside her
"Vaise zara mai bhi toh dekhun... Kya banaya hai tumne" moving closer to her he said in teasing way and looked at the bowl where that 'Gulab Jamuns' were kept
"Acche nai bane hai Armaan" looking sadly at the bowl she said in slow voice which maked him smile who shaking his head picked a spoon and tore a bite from it
"Vo toh khaane k baad pata chalenge naa Shilpa..." picking that bite he said calmly and tasted that sweet calmly where as she was staring his face expectedly "Hmmm... Its good... Not that bad... Bas thoda over cook ho gaya hai.." tasting that he commented in calm way keeping that spoon back on bowl
"Nai Armaan... Mujhe nai accha laga... Mujhe jaisa chahiyee tha vaisa nai bana..." she said in complaining tone which maked him smile
"Toh kaisa chahiyee tha...??" crossing his arms he asked in calm way to which she smiled
"Mujhe... Ek dum se tasty aur soft waala... Jisme Kesar Dry fruits aur... Vo jo bahoot saara Khoya hota hai vo waala khaane ka mann hai" he smiled at her excieting cravings for that sweet
"Toh... Fir chalo bahar se laate hai..." saying this calmly he turned to go which maked her stopped She didn't wanted to bothered him just wanted to eat her craving sweet
"Nai mai nai jaaungi... Ku ki mai khud apne liye bana lungi" hearing her slow voice he stopped in his tracks
"Tum kyun hamesha mujhe majboor karti ho... Ki mai tumpe force karun" moving towards her he asked in calm tone where as ignoring him she concentrated on her sweet's bowl "Shilpa... Mai tumse keh raha hun" making her looked at him by her elbow he asked in strict tone to which she looked up at him
"Sunn rahi hun Armaan... Par mujhe bahar nai jaana mai khud bana lungi" she refused in hasisstate voice which maked him to roll his eyes unintrestingly
"Tum chahti ho mai utha k le jaaun??" he warned in calm tone to which she nodded in No while stepping back "Good... Mai jaa raha hun car ki key kene... Tum bahar mera wait karo" saying this calmly he went in their room to bring key
"Kya jarurat thi apna mooh kholne ki... Agar bhook hi lagi thi toh isse hi kha leti... Dekha uth gaye naa... Ab pata nai itni raat ko kaha koi shop khula hoga" cursing herself mentally she moved out of the house and stood beside his car after ten minutes he came back wd the key
"Aaao baitho..." he opened her side's door who quietly sat inside the car
"Shilpa... Gadhi khud ki neende toh kharaab ki hi saath me... Armaan ki bhi kardi..." her mind taunted her to which she looked down where as Armaan was driving quietly "Par tujhe sudden itni craving hui kaise... I mean tujhe itna kya mann kar raha hai khaane ka..." her mind asked to her who kept her hand on her stomach as if feeling something "Par... Ab naa pata nai kyun Gulab Jamun khaane ka mann nai kar raha hai... Kch delicious khaana chahti hun aur thanda..." she thought feeling a new urge inside her "Dont tell me... Tujhe ab nai khaana vo..." her mind asked to which she got confused thinking How to say this to him??
"Hmm... Thank god Khula hai..." stopping his car in front of a sweet's shop he took a sigh seeing that opened "Lo aa gaya... Tumhaara Sweet shop..." he said smilingly looking at her who gave a hassistated smile coz now she didn't have interest eating that sweet "U know ye shop Bhopal me 24x7 open rehti hai... Luckily tumne aisi chiz boli jo aasaani se mil gayi" opening his seat belt he said smilingly making her guilty
"Armaan vo mai..." as he heared her slow voice he frowned
"Kya huaa??" he asked slowly to which she gulped
"Mujhe ab Gulam Jamun nai khaana... Kch aur khaana hai..." closing her eyes she said in one go making him shocked
"What?? Ab nai khaana matlab??" he asked in stern tone making her frightened "Tumhara dimaag kharaab hai... I mean pehle toh kehti ho ki ye khaana hai ab kch aur... Shilpa I mean" he was scolding her but seeing her silent he became quiet "I mean..." as he opened her mouth to say slowly she intrupted him
"Maine nai kaha tha aapse ki mujhe bahar laao... Maine toh khud mana kiya tha aapko... But aap..." as he heard her hurt voice he smacked himself mentally
"I am sorryy..." he apologized guiltfully to which she looked away from him wd her cute grumpy look "Shilpa... Tumhi batao yaar agar tum pehle bologi vo khaana hai fir khahogi nai khaana hai... Toh mai kya karunga" this time he said in loving tone trying to hold her hand which was kept on her thigh
"Kch nai.. Mujhe ghar le chalo... Bas" staring him wd pouted anger she said which maked him to hide his smile
"Nai... Pehle batao ab kya khaana hai??" staring at her he asked smilingly to which she glared
"Nai khaana mujhe..." she looked away from him who took a sigh
"Shilpa..." he moved to scold her who getting annoyed started opening the car's door
"Yeh khul kyun nai raha??" she said angrily trying to opened the door when he maked her looked at him by her elbow almost jerking her
"See... Mujhe gussa mat..." he opened his mouth to say this angrily but seeing her glare he shut his mouth "Plzz yaar Shilpa aise bina dinner karne se sone se bukhar hota hai... Aur mai tumhe bimaar nai dekh sakta..." gripping her hand firmly he said lovingly "Aur usse bhi important ab toh mujhe bhi bhuk lag rahi hai... Ku ki maine bhi nai khaaya tha... Toh kya pata tumhaari wajah se mai bhi khaa lun... So batao kya khaana hai" he said in fake innocent tone which maked her heart melt
"Aapne sachme nai khaya??" she asked slowly to which he nodded in Yes innocently making her worried "Toh Pehle bolna chahiyee tha na Armaan... Yaa fir mujhe jaga dete... Mai kch bana deti aapke liye" she started scolding him who smiled at his victory Yes he used that Emotional Blackmail trick which worked also
"Isiliye toh bol raha hoon kya khaana hai... So that hum dono saath me dinner kar sake" cupping her one cheek he asked lovingly to which she noded in yes slowly "Kya khaana chahti ho??" tucking her hairs aside he asked smilingly to which she looked down
"Vo mujhe naa... Paasta wd extra cheez & Stiffed tomato chips... Aur dark chocolate Lava cup cake..." seeing her excieting face he became a little confused by her sudden craves as if seeing a six year old girl who only wants to eat something favourite of her "Bas..." as she noticed he is staring her confusedly she said in slow voice while looking down which maked him to come out from his confused mode
"Hmmm..." nodding in yes calmly he started the car also looking out of the window for some restuarant where he could find her Unique dish
"Kahin maine kch zyada toh demand nai kar diya... Tu bhi naa Shilpa hamesha Armaan ko pareshaan karti hai... Par tujhe ye sudden crave aaya kaha se dimaag me" she smacked herself mentally when she felt a growled inside her stomach making her realize that she is starving "Mujhe double double bhook kyun lag rahi hai" keeping her hand on her stomach she felt something different inside her "Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai... Jaise mai pre..:" she thought scaredly when Armaan stopped the car in front of a big restuarant which was opened at that time
"Finally ek restuarant mila..." he took a sigh looking at her who came out of her thoughts and looked up at him slowly "Dont tell me ab kch aur khaana hai...?" he asked in disbelief as he saw her quiet
"Nai..." she nodded in No wd a small smile
"Toh fir chalo..." saying this smilingly he opened her seatbelt and moved to opened the door when she gripped his wrist stopping him who frowned
"Armaan... Hum aise andar jaayenge...??" she asked slowly pointing at their night cothes Armaan was still on his mid night full sleeves t-shirt wd black pant while she was in her night white coloured Kurti and red Patiyaala Salwaar
"Kyun kya problem hai inme??" looking at her he asked smilingly
"Armaan ye night clothes hai... Aur hum inme andar jaayenge" she whispered slowly to which he smiled at her cuteness
"Mujhe nai pata... Par abhi mujhe bhook lagi hai toh hum chalenge" saying this coolly he moved out of the car also opened her side's door to which she slowly moved out "Ab chalo..." entwinning her hand wd his he showed her way towards entry door while She walkes hassistately inside the restuarant feeling awkward entering in night clothes... Taking a table for them he odered her desired food and for himself he ordered a glass of juice which makee her confused coz he didn't ordered food for himself but then he answered her unasked questioned coz right now he only wants to drink a juice which maked Shilpa to think He lied that he is hungry just to make her come wd him... Few minutes later their ordered arrived where Shilpa started eating her desired food
"Ummm... Finally" she closed her eyes feeling bliss after taking a morsel spoon full Pasta inside her mouth where as Armaan was calmly watching her adorable face while sipping his juice

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..
Mmm.. o...Mmm...
"Yeh itni strange kyun behave kar rahi hai... I mean as if kch alag tarah ki ladki... Like a six year old kid..." sipping his juice he thought while watching her face who is now eating her chocolate lava wd cute face "Kahin ye pagal toh nai ho gayi hai... Kya pata sochte sochte sach me pagal ho gayi ho..." his mind said to him whose eyes widened "Nai yaar mai Sadma film ka Kamal Hassan nai banaba chahta... Kch toh karna hoga... Aise mai isko pagal nai hone de sakta" he thought scaredly seeing her enjoying her food but as he saw her face a smile reached his lips "Par kch bhi ho... Kch toh alag lag rahi hai ye... I mean different more beautiful... Aisa kyun?? Iskiharkate bhi different ho rahi hai kabhi chidti hai kabhi isske alag alag cravings... Aise signs toh... Preg..." but he stopped his thoughts feeling his heart skipped "Aisa kaise ho sakta hai... I mean ye nai ho sakta... Shilpa kaise??... Par kyun nai ho sakta Armaan 30% toh chance haina... Par kahin maine kch zyada toh nai soch liya" he stopped himself for thinking soo far and concentrated on his wife when something hitted his mind "By the way... Kis khushi me tumne khaana nai khaaya??" keeping his back against the chair he asked calmly making her stopped
"Vo... Mujhe neend aa gayi thi dinner time pe aur saath me mujhe bhook bhi nai lagi thi uswaqt" staring at him she replied slowly bitting her lowerlip which maked him confused at her behaviour "Par aapne kyun nai khaaya??" her question made him smiled
"Ku ki mai thak gaya tha... But tum yaar kitni buri ho aaj pata chala mujhe" tapping on table he asked calmly which maked her narrowed her bows "I mean jabse aayi ho ek baar bhi nai pucha... Ki Armaan khaaoge" as he said this smilingly she giggled
"Sorryy... Armaan khaaoge??" looking at him she asked in teasing voice which maked him chuckled
"Agar tum offer karogi tab toh bilkul khaaunga" taking another spoon he replied smilingly winking at the end which made her blushed "Vaise suddenly Pasta?? I mean tumhe toh isse chid hoti hai na??" taking a morsel from the pasta he asked normally to which she smiled
"Pata nai kaise Paasta khaane ka man karne laga... Jab ki uthne k baad sabse pehle Gulab Jamun khaana tha" she replied normally taking that lava inside her mouth "Umm... Tasty" she said smilingly which maked him chuckled at her cute face
"Isse kch toh huaa hai... Par kya??" staring at her smilingly he thought where as she was enjoying her food when suddenly her pregnancy time came back in her mind where she forced him to woke for her cravings also her demands for another things which was not her choice at all and this made her hand stopped
"Kahin mai sachme toh pregnant nai...??" she thought wd a fear "Nai Shilpa ye sab signs thodi proove karti hai ki tu pregnant hai... Naa tujhe chakkar aa rahe hai yaa vomiting dizziness etc. Kch bhi nai... Toh kaise ho sakta hai ye??" her mind asked to her whose one hand moved on her stomach "Par fir mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai jaise koi aur bhi hai mere andar??" her heart said confusedly which maked her stiff for minutes where as seeing her like statue he clicked his fingers in front of her who looked at him slowly but there was an unknown fer written on her face
"Kya huaa kha kyun nai rahi??" he asked smilingly to which she gulped
"Bhook khatam ho gayi" she replied slowly to which he shook his head
"Nai... Pura khatam karogi tum..." as he ordered her she made a face "Bilkul nai... Tum khatam karo..." he said in calm tone to which she pouted
"Par ye mai nai khaaungi..." siding the dark chocolate lava towards him she started eating quietly making him smile
"Bas itne me hi bore ho gayi isse..." he indirectly taunted to which she rolled her eyes knowing very well he taunted her "Tell me... Tum mere bina is ek hafte khush thi na...??" hearing his calm question she looked up at him
"Haa aapko ksise pata chala??" she replied wd fake sweet tone making him chuckled
"Kyun ki tumhe dekh k lagta hai tum khush thi" he said in calm tone to which she smiled slowly finishing her paasta "Vo kya haina... Tum aur bhi khubsoorat ho chukii ho" as he complemented her a light blush came on her face where as wd a grin he took a spoon to taste her chocolate Lava "Yuck!!" he made a face as he tasted that which maked her giggle "Itni ajeeb chiz tumne khaayi kaise... Kitni Yuck..!!" seeing his face she laughed
"Hmm... Paani.." still smiling she gave him water who drank in a go
"Shut up...!! Chalo ab" keeping the glass on table he said annoyingly making her giggled and paying the bill they left the place still Shilpa was giggling at him who was making faces still remembering that taste... As they reached home he found Shilpa sleeping peacefully on passanger seat so lifting her up he took her inside their room where he made her laid on bed also slept beside her tiredly... Next morning was very annoying for him coz when they were on breakfast table wd Surbhi who was constantly talking company by Shilpa which was making him annoy

"Gosh!! Ye dono toh aise baat kar rahi hain... Jaise sadiyo baad mili ho" he thought getting annoyed by the two so he thought a trick to stop them "Shilpa... Mera phone room me reh gaya hai... Toh kya tum plzz le aaogi" hearing his poliet tone they both looked at him surprisingly "Plzz..." as he showed his dimpled smile Shilpa nodded in Yes smilingly and went to bring his phone
"Mr Khan... Mai aapse kch phuchun...??" Surbhi asked slowly to which he nodded in yes calmly taking sip from his coffee "Kya kal... Shilpa ne aapko bich raat me uthaaya tha??" he can see the curiosity on her face but hearing it he frowned
"Nai..." he replied in normal tone concentrating on his News paper He didn't said yes coz he didn't wanted to discuss about their personal matter but Why did Surbhi asked this?? "Vaise kyun pucha??" keeping the news paper on table he asked calmly
"Yehi toh... Aapko pata hai Mr Khan... Pichle teen raato se usne mujhe bich raat me uthakar... Dinner karvaya tha... Ku ki vo dinner time tak so jaati thi na..." as Surbhi informed this he looked at her interestingly "Infact aapko pata hai ek din toh usne... Mujhe Jalebi khaane k liye jagaya... Ab bolo mai aadhi raat ko kaha dhundhti Jalebi... Fir usne online Jalebi recipe dekh kar banani shuru ki.. Mujhe bhi interest aa gaya toh hum dono ne raat k teen baje... Jalebi khaayi... U know mujhe itna maza kabhi nai aaya... As if mai kisi choti si bacchi k saath thi..." as she finished wd excieting look he got more confused by Shilpa's behaviour but he smiled also "Bada pyaar karti hai aapse... Meri teen raato ki neende udaadi aur aapko pareshaan bhi nai kiya... Very bad" she teased him who shook his head smilingly and stood to go when Shilpa came out from the room wd his phone
"Tumhe nai pata kitna pareshaan kiya usne mujhe kal raat..." he thought staring at her dazely who was looking soo stunning that he can't take off his eyes from her Day by day she is glowing more this red flare Anarkali dress is perfectly suiting on her "Ye suddenly itni glowing kaise hoti jaa rahi hai...??" his heart skipped seeing her look spcly when she looked at him wd a smile
"Hmm.. Phone" giving him the phone she moved to pick the juice glass from breakfast table where as Surbhi giggled seeing Armaan lost in Shilpa when his cell disturbed him who received the call still staring her
"Hello..." he said calmly while his eyes were fixed at her
"Hello... Kya mai Mr Armaan Malik se baat kar sakta hoon...??" an unknown male voice took permission from him who got confused
"Yes... Aap kon??" he replied confusedly moving towards the door "Shilpa... Meri car keys le aana room se.. Mai bahar hun" keeping his hand on the phone he said to her and moved out of the house making her to shook her head
"Ab ye bhi mai karun... Acha Surbhi tum khaao... Mai Armaan ko unki car key deke aati hun" she looked at Surbhi who smiled widely
"Haa jao jao... Humne kab roka hai aapko" taking a bite from her toast she said teasingly to which she rolled her eyes wd a smile and went to bring his car key where as outside Armaan reached near his car
"Jii... Mai senior inspector Abhishek Mehra bol raha hun..." as he heared a Inspector's name he frowned
"Yes... Mai aapki kya help kar sakta hun" he asked politely stooding against his car's door
"Jii... Mr Malik mujhe aapse abhi isi waqt milna hai... Its very important... Toh agar aapke paas tym ho toh plzz mujhse abhi miliye..." Abhishek requested which maked him confused thinking Why he wanted to meet him??
"Is anything serious...??" he asked in serious tone
"Tabhi toh maine aapko call kiya... Trust me aapke hi kaam ki baat hai" Abhishek said in polite tone
"Thik hai aap batao mujhe kaha milna hai... Mai aata hun..." as he saw Shilpa coming out he said normally to which Abhishek informed a restaurant's address "Thik hai... Mai milta hun abhi..." saying this he hung up the phone when Shilpa forwarded his key who smiled seeing her "Thank you..." taking the key from her hand he removed his goggles

"Bye..." waving him smilingly she turned to go when he pulled her back by her waist almost banging her wd his chest "Armaan...??" she looked at him wd wide eyes making him smiled
"Itne jaldi bye kyun bola...??" pulling her closer he asked calmly to which she stopped wriggling and looked at him smilingly
"Agar aap jaa rahe hai to bye nai toh kya bolun??" putting her hands around his neck she asked calmly to which he smiled
"Ye bolo ki jab mai ghar aaunga... Tab tum mera wait karogi..." nuzzling his face on crook of her neck he whispered softly which maked her blushed "Ku ki tumhaara koi bharosa thodi kab chaldo mujhe chod k" he tuanted in calm tone pulling her closer who smiled looking at his face
"Aapko late nai ho raha hai...??" playing wd his shirt's buttons she asked slowly to which he chuckled
"Acha... Tarika hai question ignore karne ka..." tucking her hairs behind her ear he said wd a smile which maked her giggled "Par Shilpa aaj toh mujhe bata hi do... Kya abhi bhi jaaogi tum mujhe chod k??" playing wd her duppatta he asked in serious tone making her to stare him slowly "Aur plzz... Iss baar ye mat kehna... Pata nai" before she could give her answer he warned which only maked her giggled who hugged him
"Nai jaaungi Armaan... Pata nai mujhe kya ho jaata hai... I am sorryy" still hugging she replied slowly to which he engulfed her more into him

"Ab pata nai... Tum sahi keh bhi rahi ho yaa nai... Par agar keh rahi ho toh chalo maan lete hai" making her looked at him by her face he said smilingly to which she looked down shyly "Acha ab mai nikalta hoon... Mujhe kisi se milne jaana hai" looking at his wrist watch he said calmly to which she nodded smilingly and stepped back to go but he pulled back firmly making her frown "Usse pehle... Tum promise karo... Ki sach me nai jaaogi ab??" caging her in his arms he asked in serious tone to which she smiled and cupping his one cheek gave a tight kiss on his cheek lovingly who showed his dimples
"Nai jaungi..." she said wd a shy smile on her face to which he showed his other cheek making her giggle so she moved to kiss there but to her surprise as she moved to kiss he turned his face at her which leaded their lips met making her startled who moved to backout but before she could do that he grabbed her head and took her in soulful kiss
"Bye..." leaving her lips he whispered on her face who looked down shyly making him to peck her cheeks then bidding her bye he zoomed his car to meet Abhishek where as she went inside the house after hiding her blush... Armaan reached at the restaurant where he find two cops standing behind a young inspector who was waiting for him on their booked table he shook his hand wd Abhishek who showed his ID
"So kahiyee kya kaam tha aapko??" he asked normally as they sat on chair
"Mr Armaan... Mai aapse jo kehne waala hun... Mai chahta hun aap patiently sunne aur soch samajh kar hume batayen" Abhishek's serious voice made him frown
"Baat kya hai??" this time he asked in serious voice to which Abhishek nodded in yes looking at one of a cop who kept the laptop on table b/w them which maked Armaan confused
"Armaan... Aapne Jai Mishra murder case k baare me sunna hai??" Abhishek asked calmly to which he thought for sometime
"Yaah... Vo jo mall k peeche murder huaa tha" he replied doubtfully to which Abhishek nodded in Yes smilingly "Par usse kya matlab hai??" he narrowed his bows
"Armaan... Aap ye CCTV footage dekhiye... Aur bataaiye kya ye aapki wife hai?" Abhishek showed the laptop screen to him who looked at the screen and saw How Shilpa bumped wd that boy outside the mall
"Haa... Par isse kya?? I mean kahin aap usse murderer toh nai samajh rahe...??" after watching he asked wd a smile
"Jii nai aisa kch nai hai... Mai toh aapko ye bataane waala hoon... Ki Jai ek witness tha ek bahoot bade political murder case ka... Usne vo murder apne phone me record kiya tha aur jo gunde the unhe pata chal gaya tha... Isiliye vo usse follow kar rahe the... Aur Jai aapki wife se takra gaya... Aur usne vo phone aapki wife k shopping bags me se kisi ek me daal di... Fir bhaag gaya tha vo vaha se but un gundo ne pakad k usse maar diya" Abhishek explained calmly which only maked Armaan shocked "I know aap soch rahe hai ki problem kya hai... Aapki wife k bag me usne vo phone daal diya tha jisme vo murder record thi..." he asked in serious tone
"But meri wife k paas aisa koi phone nai hai... Trust me..." he said confidently "And most important aap kis basis pe keh sakte ho ki... Vo phone meri wife k paas hai??" he asked in strict tone
"Armaan... Un gundo me se teen gunde pakde jaa chuke hai...jinhone ne ye qubool kiya ki marne se pehle Jai ne bataya tha ki mall k bahar ek ladki se takadaya tha vo jiske bag me phone daal diya tha usne... Unke group k leader aur do gundo ko chod k sab pakde jaa chuke hai... Aur unke bataane k baad hume parso vo CCTV footage mila mall se... Par vaha jaane k baad hume pata chala ki kisi aur ne bhi vo footage liya hai..." as Abhishek informed this Armaan stood up shockingly "Exactly Mr Malik... Yaani unko pata chal gaya hai aapki wife k baare me... Hume aaj hi aapka number mila aapke credit card ki wajah se jo us din aapki wife ne use ki thi mall me... Isi liye humne socha ki sabse pehle aapse baat karlen..." Abhishek also stood up and informed which maked him hell shocked thinking Shilpa is in danger??
"Par isme meri wife ne kya kiya hai... She is innocent in this.. Infact usse toh idea bhi nai hai is baat ka" Armaan asked angrily
"Armaan agar aap video dhyaan se dekhenge toh... Aapko pata chalega... Jai ne phone aapki wife k bag me daala tha... Jiski wajah se vo gunde unke peeche padenge sirf us phone ko haasil karne k liyen.." Abhishek explained which made him to rub his forehead to calm himaelf "Aur shayad unko ab tak aapki wife k baare me pata chal chuka hoga... Toh hum aapki wife ko security dena chahte hai... Aur saath me hum unse puchna chahte hai kya unko koi phone mila tha unke bags me" he said in calm tone to which Armaan took a sigh
"I dont think..." but his sentence left incomplete as something clicked inside his brain It was after a day of his bday when he was looking at his gifts but he found an unknown phone inside the bag

"Shilpa... Mere paas phone already hai toh wapas dene ka kya matlab hai...??" looking at the phone strangely he asked frowningly making Shilpa to turn her attention at him from her novel
"Phone?? Maine koi phone nai diya aapko" keeping her book on side table she sat beside him who was sitting on edge of the bed
"Toh ye udd k aa gaya..." he showed her the phone which she took confusedly "Kahin tum ye soch k toh nai laayi na... Ki mai gusse me phone todta hoon toh... Toh yehi de do... But mai tumhe bata doon maine already do rakkhe hai" looking at her he said in calm tone
"Armaan mai sachme nai jaanti is phone ko..." as she said in serious tone he got confused
"Toh fir kiska chura k laayi ho tum ye...??" keeping his hand on her shoulder he asked in taunting way to which she pouted "I think galti se gir gaya hoga ye tumhaare bag me... Aur password bhi hai toh pata kaise chalega ye kiska hai" taking the phone from her he said thoughtfully
"Arman agar ye kisi ka important huaa toh... Hum kaise isse denge usko??" looking down at the phone she asked innocently making him smiled
"Dont worry isse rakh do kahin... Mujhe agar tym raha toh mai... Police ko de dunga... Vo dhundh lenge iske owner ko" giving her side hug he said smilingly to which she too smiled
"Hmm..." hugging him back she nodded in Yes smilingly where as after that he kept the phone in hi wardrobe and almost forget about it untill now
Flashback ends

"Kya huaa Mr Armaan...??" Abhishek's voice brought him back from flashback
"Mujhe yaad aaya vo phone kaha rakkha hai maine... Actually jab hume vo mila tha to laga galti se paas as gaya hai... Vo khula nai ku ki usme password tha toh hum pata nai laga paaye ki kiska hai... Aur usse rakh diya tha so that mai police ko de doon... But coz of work bhul gaya mai..." he immediately explained which maked the cops & Abhishek smiled
"Great fir... Aap hume vo phone de dijiye... Taaki hum jald se jald us crimal ko dhundh sake..." Abhishek said smilingly "And most important aap check karlen aapki wife safe toh haina ghar pe... Ku ki mujhe doubt hai" as he said this Armaan's heartbeat skipped who nodding in yes ran towards his car which made Abhishek confused so he also wd his two cops followed Armaan's car by his police jeep... Armaan was driving while trying to call Shilpa whose phone was ringing but no one was picking it
Haathon ki lakeerein do milti jahaan hai
Jisko pata hai bata de
Jagah woh kahaan hai...

"Zarur kahin idhar udhar rakh diya hoga isne" he muttered angrily while concentrating on road his heart was racing under him there was certain panic came inside him which made him to speed his car at its fullest speed... Where as Surbhi & Shilpa both just came out from mosque still teasing each other when
"Oh Shit!! Surbhi mai apna phone andar hi bhul aayi" Shilpa stopped suddenly remembering about her phone
"Allah miya!! What's wrong wd you... Aise kaise bhul gayi tum" Surbhi scolded to which she looked down
"Tum... Yehi ruko mai leke aati hoon..." saying this hurriedly she ran to bring her phone back before Surbhi could stop her
"Yeh Shilpa naa..." she shook her head smilingly when her cell phone rang "Mr Khan??" she frowned seeing Armaan's name flashing "Hello... Mr Khan galti se aapne Shilpa ki jagah mera number dail kar diya" she teased as she heared his voice
"Surbhi... Mai iswaqt bilkul mazaak k mood me nai hoon... Mujhe batao Shilpa kyun mera phone nau utha rahi hai...??" hearing his worried voice Surbhi became serious
"Mr Khan vo apna phone Darge k andar hi bhool aayi hai... Toh usse lene hi vo andar gayi hai... Isiliye aapka phone nai uthaaya usne Mr Khan" she replied smilingly
"What?? Tum dono darga me ho??" he asked shocking which maked Surbhi confused "Dimaag thikaane pe toh hai tum dono ka... Surbhi Shilpa kaha hai..." he scolded which maked her frowned
"Mr Khan... Aap fikar mat kijiye... Shilpa mere saath hi hai... Vo dekho aa bhi toh rahi hai" Surbhi assured as she saw Shilpa approaching towards her slowly while looking down at her phone
"Surbhi usse akela mat chodna plzz... Uski jaan khatre me hai..." he almost requested still speeding his car which maked Surbhi serious
"Kyaa??" Surbhi looked at Shilpa calmly when someone stood beside Shilpa stopping her in middle
"Excuse me...!! Kya aap mujhe ye address bata sakti hai??" a unknown man asked politely making Shilpa to look at him
"Amm... Dijiye..." she took the paper from his hand and looked at the address
"Surbhi mai tumhe baad me bataunga... Pehle tum Shilpa k saath raho... Mai aa raha hun vaha..." he said in calm tone taking a turn
"Mr Khan... Aap fikar mat..." but her sentence left incomplete as she noticed a man behind Shilpa who was informing the address to that stranger "Mr Khan... Vo..." her eyes widened in shock as she saw the man behind Shilpa put a handkerchief on her mouth "SHILPA...!!" she shouted in horror which made Armaan to stop his car like a halt
"Ammm.. Emmm...!" Shilpa tried to free herself while her mouth was shut by that man's hands when that stranger man gripped her hands
"Tu... Isse pakad k rakh boss car leke aate hi honge" that stranger said hurriedly while trying to free hetself Shilpa kicked that man's leg who still didn't leaved her
"Kya Huaa Surbhi??" Armaan asked wd fear but when Surbhi not responded he speeded his car where as Surbhi ran to save Shilpa
"Iske pair pakad tu mai haath pakadta hun..." that stranger yelled to which that man tightened his hold on Shilpa's wrist when a van came beside them
"Chodo... Ise..." reaching at them Surbhi tried to beat that stranger when he pushed her who stepped back
"Leave me...!!" Shilpa yelled painfully pushing that man when Surbhi came and held her hand
"Leave her or else mai pitungi tum logo ko..." she warned pointing her finger at them when one of a man picked Shilpa who shouted for help while hitting that man when he threw her inside the van but her Dupatta stuck b/w the car's door which he threw out of the van... And that stranger pushed Surbhi on ground who looked at the van which disappeared wd that goons & Shilpa and feeling helpless Surbhi cried "I am sorry Mr Khan... Mai Shilpa ko bacha nai paayi..." stooding up she wiped her tears looking where the car got disappeared when suddenly the cloud started raining making her fully drenched watching the space at that time Armaan's car came following by a jeep... Armaan immediately moved out of the car and approached towards Surbhi
"Surbhi... Sshilpa kaha hai??" controlling his panic he asked in calm tone but somewhere he is fearing coz of Surbhi's sad face
"I am Sorryy... Mr Khan mai nai bacha paayi Shilpa ko... Vo log... Le gaye usse..." keeping her head on Armaan's chest she cried which maked him stunned
"Rajan.. Shankar.. Security badha do aur pata lagao... Yaha kahi CCTV footage hai" Abhishek ordered his cops who nodding in yes went to follow the order
"Mr Khan... Vo" Surbhi looked up at him who stepped back blankly and ran ahead to check something related to them
"Miss... Kya aap hume bata sakti hai kya huaa tha??" Abhishek's question made Surbhi to looked at him slowly where as reaching ahead Armaan looked here & there for any clue when his eyes landed near his foot where he saw a red colored... Immediately he gotted its Shilpa's duppatta which she wore today and bending down he picked that duppatta slowly while the heavely rain maked him drenched fully
Ishq mein jaane kaisi ye bebasi hai
Dhadkano se milkar bhi dil tanha hai...
"I am sorryy Shilpa... Mai tumhe bacha nai paaya... Mai uswaqt nai tha tumhaare saath... Jab tumhe meri sabse zyada zarurat thi..." his heart said painfully while hugging her duppatta he closed his eyes tearfully... Her face flashed in front of his eyes That smile of her That green orbs Her naughty grin Her musical laugh Not to forget her giggle and Top of that her blush Everything was flashing

"Aisa nai ho sakta... Tumhe kch nai hoga Shilpa... Mai waada karta hun in 24 hours me tum mere paas hogi... Kch nai hone dunga mai tumhe" mumbling to himself in strong voice he cleared his face and kissing her Duppata lovingy he ran back where Surbhi was standing wd Abhishek "Surbhi... Tumne unke vehicle ka number dekha tha...?" as he reached near Surbhi he asked hurriedly which maked her a little confused seeing him like this "Jaldi bolo time nai hai??" he nudged her who nodded in yes slowly "Great... Numbers ki detail do mujhe .." he direct ordered which maked Abhishek a little confused
"Mr Malik... Aap rehne de... Hum kar lenge... Aap.." but before he could complete his sentence Armaan looked at him in strict mode which maked him stopped
"Nai... Ab mai karunga... Bas aap meri help karna..." staring at him he said in calm tone which maked the both to stare Armaan confusedly... After that Armaan took all information from Surbhi who narrated the incident which only maked Armaan's anger raised he felt to beat them as he will get them... Then wd the help of inspector he gotted all the CCTV footages where that van showed and which ended at end of the city Abhishek & His inspectors were trying to findout that van where as in Police station Armaan met wd that goons who were locked in jail he asked about their boss but they only gave half information which maked Armaan angry so he started beating them but was stopped by Surbhi & one of a constable... Then he thought a trick to take the hold of this case so he immediately reached home and searched that (Jai's) phone which he found in his wardrobe's drawer


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