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Part 55 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I have tried to let you go...and I CANNOT!!!
I CANNOT stop thinking of YOU!!
I CANNOT stop dreaming about YOU!!!"

"Mil gayi... Ab dekhta hun... Kaise tum log bachoge mujhse" he mumbled angrily looking at the phone and called Surbhi to unlock its password coz Surbhi can hack any machine coz she is an engineer So in just one hour she unlocked the phone... They both saw the video which maked them hell shocked seeing a murder happening in front of them
"Haww Mr Khan... Ab??" she looked at him who calmly kept the phone inside his pant's pocket
"I have plan..." as he said this Surbhi looked at him smilingly
"Kya Mr Khan?" she asked excitedly to which he looked at her calmly

"Abhi nai dheere dheere bataunga..." mumbling this he sat on arm chair tiredly making her feel sad for Arsh
"Acha hum isme inspector ko involve karenge??" asking this slowly she sat in front of him who have put his head on his hand trying to control his worry for Shilpa
"Haa... But abhi nai end me..." looking at her he replied calmly "Acha tum jaakar so jaao... Raat bahoot ho chuki hai..." saying this he stood to go when
"Mr Khan... I am sorryy... Mai... Bac..." but she was interrupted by him
"Tumhaari galti nai hai... Dont worryy kal shaam hone se pehle mai Shilpa ko dhoondh lunga..." he assured in confident tone which maked her amused that How he is handling this situation so smartly??
"Love you Mr Khan..." she smiled to which nodding in yes he went inside his room where as Surbhi also went into her room sadly missing Shilpa... As Armaan entered in their room everything came back inside his brain which maked him sad also angry so he threw everything here & there infact also threw the arms chair angrily but from inside he was feeling helpless
"Mai tumhe kch nai hone dunga Shilpa... Agar tumhe ek kharoch bhi aayina mai unhe zinda nai chodunga..." sitting on bed tearfully he mumbled in strong voice when his eyes landed on her pic where she was smiling wd her pets... He picked that pic from side table and watched her face wd moist eyes "Plzz khud ko kch mat hone dena... Mere liye" tracing her face he requested tearfully when her every moments came inside his brain... A light smile reached his lips as something came back inside his mind It was the time when the room renovation was just got finished and coz of his hectic workload he got high fever on night

Doori main mitaun kaise?
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata...

"Shilpa... Tum chup nai reh sakti... Mera head pain kar raha hai" he said irritadely coz she was still not stopping scolding him
"Haa kyun rahun mai chup... Jab khud ki baari aayi toh kaise... Bolungi... Ki kaise aap bimaar pad gaye" she said in scolding voice while opening his tie's knot who was sitting against the bed post
"Abhi nai plzz... Iswaqt sar bahoot dukh raha hai" he almost requested keeping his head on bed post tiredly which maked her worried
"Zayada dukh raha hai...??" siding his hairs lovingly she asked moving closer to him who nodded in yes wd closed eyes which maked her worried for him So she immediately she removed his shirt and felt his burning body which was shivering "Aap aaraam se so jaao mai kch laati hun..." saying this worriedly she moved to go when he pulled back
"Nai tum mere paas raho... Plzz" requesting it he hugged her tightly who felt he is suffering from high fever
"Armaan... Aapko toh bahoot tez bukhaar hai..." she looked back at him worriedly who nodded in yes still wd closed eyes which maked her heartbeat skipped So making him laye properly she brought his warm night T shirt and maked him wore who was trying to sleep but coz of his head pain he couldn't slept then Shilpa put a cold strip on his forehead which maked him a little calm... Shilpa moved out of the room and dailed Ananya's number coz this is the first time when Armaan got this high fever So she thought to ask about its effects & symptoms to Ananya who recieved her call afte two rings... Shilps told everything to which Ananya smiled and calmly informed her Just take care of him also dont leave him which always maked Armaan annoyed plus he can became cranky So just stay wd him till the time his fever will diappear... After talking wd Ananya she came back in room wd a soup for him who started scolding her for leaving him alone "Offo!? Armaan... Aap bhi naa baccho ki tarah behave kar rahe hai is waqt..." she said wd a smile sitting beside him who sat calmly against the bed post
"Tum harkate hi aisi karti ho..." he said in weak tone pulling the blanket up which maked her giggle at his adorable cute face
"Aapko pata hai maine zindagi me.. Pehli baar ek doctor ko itna high fever hote huye dekha hai..." she teased caressing his hairs who made a face getting irritating by it
"Abhi toh bol paa rahi ho... Lekin subhe dekhna kaise tumhaari band bajaata hun..." keeping his head on her shoulder he said in weak tone making her giggle
"Aww... Muaahh" pinching his nose lightly she gave a flying kiss to him who removed her hand from his cheek getting annoyed
"Shilpa plzz... Yaar..." he moved back as she irritated him again by ruffling his hairs
"Acha sorryy... Ab chalo acche bacchon ki tarah soup pee lo" getting serious she ordered to which he shook his head in No
"Ek kaam karo... First aid box laao..." he said in calm tone which maked her confused but nodding in yes she brought the first aid box and kept b/w them "Good... Ab isme se ek injection nikaalo" as he said calmly her eyes widened "Come on Shilpa mujhe jaldi thik hona hai.. Ku ki kaam bahoot hai yaar" before she could react he explained making her quiet
"Hmm..." wd a grumpy look she forwarded the injection to him who calmly took a small fever medicine bottle and filled in the injection
"Acha.. Cotton ko vaise lagao jaise us din maine tumhe lagaya tha..." as he said this she gave a horrified look to him "See... Tumhe hi karna hoga... Option nai hai mere paas" he answered calmly to which she gulped
"Armaan agar galti se kch ho gaya toh...??" she asked scaredly to which he smiled
"Kch nai hoga... Tum jaldi se karo yaar mera head pain bahoot kar raha hai" giving her injection he said in calm tone to which still fearing she pulled his sleeves up
"Agar kch ho gaya toh mujhe blame mat karna..." she rubbed the antiseptic wd cotton on his arm who nodded wd a chuckle
"Mere saath reh k aadhi doctor toh ban hi jaaogi" he teaaed wd a wink which maked her smile while she pick the injection up on her hands
"Armaan agar kch ho gaya toh...??" she asked scaredly looking at the injection to which he shook his head
"Doo... Mujhe mai hi karta hoon" extending his hand he said in tired tone which maked her worried
"Nai mai karti hoon..." looking at him slowly she moved the injection near his arms who smiled seeing her worry for him "Dard hoga.. Toh batana haa?" concentrating on his injection she said slowly making him smiled
"Pehle tum lagao toh sahi" still smiling he said in weak tone to which taking a long sigh she mummbled God's name and injected him scaredly "Sss..." he closed his eyes painfully making her worried
"Aap thik toh haina Armaan??" looking up at him she asked worriedly when he winced coz the injection was still hanging down

"Aww... Pehle usse toh nikaalo" he said painfully making her shocked at her stupidity
"Ohh... Sooorrryyy soorrryyy" removing that carefully she apologized and put the cotton on his arm who took a sigh "I am sorry Armaan... Dard ho raha hai??" cupping his face she asked worriedly to which he nodded in No wd closed eyes
"Shilpa mera... Sar bahoot dukh raha hai... Plzzz daba dogi" he tequested in weak tone to which nodding in yes she put his head on her lap
"Mujhe toh hassi aa rahi hai... Ek doctor ko aise dekh k..." she giggled teasing him who hidded his face on her lap hugging her while she caressed his hairs lovingly
"Kyun... Doctors bimaar nai padte... Vo bhi toh insaan hai" he replied in sleepy tone gripping her one hand who smiled at his reply
"Haa vo toh hai..." she caressed his hairs lovingly "Accha aapko nai lagta... Aapke baalo ko kaatne ka waqt aa gaya hai...??" she fisted his hairs lightly who made a face "Choti baandh sakte hai..." she giggled
"Ho gaya... Ab plzz shaant raho" he requested tiredly to which she smiled
"Sorryy..." saying this lovingly she caressed his hairs who closed his eyes peacefully
Flashback ends

"Hello!!" Armaan's flashback was broken by an unknown call
"Armaan... Yehi naam haina tera?" that man's question made him frowned
"Haa... But??" but his own question made him stopped as it clicked inside his brain that this person may be Shilpa's kidnapper So immediately he on the tracing app Actually he already expected this call "Yes mai Armaan Malik hoon... Aur aap kon...??" he tried to sound normal while moving out of his room hurriedly
"Mera introduction chod... Pehle ye sunn teri biwi ko maine uthaya hai..." that man said wd evil smile which maked Armaan to fist his hand angrily when Surbhi came
"Mr Khan... Aap dinner...??" but her sentence left incomplete by his raised hand
"Toh kya chahte ho tum...??" he asked in calm tone moving out of the house while Surbhi also followed him worriedly
"Jai ka phone... Aur kch nai... Dekh abhi tak to humne teri wife ko kch nai kiya... Par agar tune kisi police ki help li... Yaa fir zyada hoshiyaari dikhaayi... Toh ek hi goli me maar denge usko" that man said in warning tone which maked Armaan angry but controlling it he sat inside his car
"Mr Khan aap kaha jaa rahe hai..." Surbhi asked confusedly when he gestured her to be quiet which maked her silent who sat on passanger seat when Armaan eyed her to moved out but she stayed on her place
"Bolta kyun nai... Ki maarde" that man shouted angrily
"Toh fir maardo usse... Mujhe farq nai padega" he sounded in calm tone while starting his car while hearing his words Surbhi got stunned
"Abbe pagal... Lagta hai tujhe teri wife pyaari nai hai..." that man said angrily
"Nai hai... Ku ki hamaara divorce hone waala tha... Toh maarna hai toh maardo... Par haa... Mai vo video... Live dikhaane waala hoon... Har jagah..." he sounded in rude tone which maked the kidnapper shocked
"Ayyee... Tu aisa kch nai karega... Varna mai teri wife ko maar dunga" that man tried to blackmail him to which he gave a fake chuckled
"I already told you... Mujhe farq nai padega..." he said in normal tone while taking Surbhi's phone and texted something to Abhishek where as Surbhi was only staring him confusedly "Par tum apna socho... Agar maine Ye video viral kar diya toh tumhe toh gyarah mulko ki police bhi nai bacha paaygi" instead of getting blackmailed he himself blackmailed that man whose expression turned in fear
"Maine ab tak... Paanch khoon kiye hai... Zyada time nai jaayga tujhe udaane me..." that man warned him angrily while Armaan speeded his car wd fullest speed making Surbhi to close her eyes
"Jab tak tu mujhe udaayga... Tab tak ye video viral bhi ho jaayga... Aur pandra minutes me tu hoga jail k andar..." he said in calm tone stopping his car infront of a construction site which was deserted but there where cemants bricks & sticks were kept on every floor "Isse accha meri ek deal sunle...??" he said wd a winning smile making Surbhi's eyes widened "Varna tu bhi janta hai... Ki tere saath kya ho sakta hai.. Agar ye video viral ho gaya" he blackmailed
"Thik hai jaldi bol..." as the man agreed a smirk came on his face who moved out from his car following by Surbhi
"Mr Khan... Hum yaha??" she looked at him confusedly when he put his hand on her mouth shuting her
"Tujhe phone chahiyee... Aur mujhe paise..." he answered in calm tone while moving ahead following by Surbhi
"Thik hai.. Mil jaayenge tujhe paise..." that man agreed wd full anger where as Armaan started ascending on stairs while Surbhi gripped his wrist scaredly
"Pandra minute baad mujhe batao kaha milna hai... Mai phone leke aata hoon..." he said in normal tone reaching on the floor where that tracing light stopped on his phone
"Thik hai... Upper lake k peeche aaja..." that man said sternly to which replying yes he put off the Bluetooth and hung up his phone
"Mr Khan... Hum yaha... Kya kar rahe hai??" Surbhi asked in a whisper to which he shushed her and gripping her hand hidded behind a wall making her confused "Yeh toh vohi log hai..." she whispered shockingly looking that two men who were standing outside a room "Omg!! Aapko kaise pata vo log yaha hai??" she asked in low voice but shock was written on her face to which he gestured her to quiet and moved behind a wall wd her
"Simple hai... Mere phone me tracing app hai.. Jisse kisi ka bhi call aaye i can trace them... So jaise hi ek unknown call aaya... Mujhe doubt huaa ki ye zaroor kidnapper ka number hai so maine phone tracing mode pe karke... Bluetooth on kar liya... Aur yaha aa gaya" he explained in low calm tone which maked her soo amused by him
"U r genius Mr Khan..." she complemented in low voice making him to smack her head
"Abhi nai... Pehle Shilpa mil jaaye tab..." he whispered in low voice making her to nod in Yes
"Par aapne toh usko bola... Ki vo chahe toh maar sakta hai Shilpa ko... Toh agar usne usse kch kar diya toh ye jaanne k baad ki Shilpa ki zaroorat nai hai??" her question made him smile
"Itna time nai hai ki vo kch kar paaye..." saying this calmly he bend down and picked a small stone in his hand "Acha suno... Yaha se bahar mat aana... Mai aata hun... Aur ek baat paper sprey laayi nai hogi toh... Yaha se koi ek danda uthalo khud k raksha k liye" he said in low voice while moving ahead
"Mr Khan don't worryy... Paper spry mere paas hamesha rehta hai... Yeh dekhiye" saying this smilingly she showed that paper spry making him to shook his head... Armaan threw the stone on another side getting the attention of that two men who looked at the stone
"Kon hai udhar...??" one of a asked while holding his gun tightly
"Tu ruk mai dekh k aata hoon" second one said taking out his gun and moved ahead to see
"Surbhi paper sprey dena..." extending his hand he said slowly to which Surbhi kept the paper sprey on his hand "Acha suno... Abhishek aata hi hoga apne aadmiyo k saath... Maine usse text kar diya tha... Toh tab tak yehi chupi rehna" saying this he slowly slowly walk ahead making Surbhi scared for him
"Mujhe bhi kch karna hoga..." Surbhi mummbled peeping her head to watch that man who was standing outside the room "Issi ne mujhe dhakka diya tha... Iski band toh mai bajaaungi" she thought glaring him while Armaan was hidding behind a pillar watching that second man who was staring at the stone confusedly
"Yaha toh koi..." but his sentence left incomplete as Armaan shut his mouth from behind and hit his head wd strong stick which maked that man faint
"Next one..." stepping back he mumbled angrily when that first man came behind him and pointed his gun at Armaan who turned back seeing a shadow behind him
"Aahhh..." that man hissed as someone hit his head who fell on floor making Armaan to look up where he find Surbhi standing wd a stick
"Dekha Mr Khan... Maine kaha tha na... Mai bhi smart hoon" she said smilingly making Armaan smile and they both hifive each other
"In dono ko baandhna hai... But koi rassi nai mil rahi hai..." he looked around for something then his eyes landed on some sticks bundle which were tied by some ropes So running there he took out them and tied the mens tightly
"Mr Khan... Abhi toh aur log honge na andar??" she questioned confusedly as they both made the mens hide behind a wall
"Nai sirf teen the... Jinme se do yaha hai... Aur ek room me jo I am sure inka boss hoga... Ku ki inke baaki saathi pakde jaa chuke hai... Naya ye log kharid nai sakte ku ki inko pata hai police peeche hai... So yehi bache hai... But tum ye lo paper sprey inpe nazar rakkho mai Shilpa ko lekar aata hoon..." explaining her he gave the paper sprey on her hands and ran towards the room where they both were standing... He opened the door slowly just to watch inside but somewhere praying for Shilpa's safety

"Dekh tere pati ko teri zaroorat nai hai... Par tu itni bhi buri nai hai... Toh mai tujhe rakh sakta hoon... Lekin sirf ek raat k liye..." that kidnapper said wd eveil grin touching Shilpa's hairs who turned her face away from him in disgust... Her hands were tied behind her back like her legs which were tied on her ankles her mouth was shut by a hankerchief she was sitting on floor against a wall while that kidnapper was kneeled infront of her... Armaan's hand tightened in a fist seeing this but controlling his anger he opened the door slowly "Vaise usse toh sirf paisa chahiyee... Toh soch raha hoon... Usse phone lekar maar doon fir uske baad tujhe..." stooding up he said in angry tone making Shilpa to close her tearfull eyes still not looking at him her condition looked like she can faint anytime coz of weakness
"Uske liye Khud bhi toh zinda hona padega..." but as she heard Armaan's voice she looked up shockingly only to find Armaan standing behind that man wd his angry look while that man looked back
"Kon ho tum aur andar kaise aaye... Teri toh..." moving ahead he moved to punch him but instead himself got a punch in return which maked the kidnapper fall
"Tujhe nai pata kon hoon mai... Abhi jiski taarife kar raha tha vo hoon mai" pulling him up by his collar he said angrily which maked that man confused but pushing him he moved to beat... Before he could do that Armaan kicked his leg making him fell on floor painfully where as seeing the fight Shilpa got scared and in a minutes Armaan beat that man so furiously that it made the kidnapper faint he was looking like a furious lion who can kill a prey in any second "Aur kya keh raha tha..." banging the kidnapper wd the wall he asked in angry tone and was about to punch hard on his face when
"Armaan... Ruko... Mai dekhta hoon... Plzz kanoon ko apne haath me mat lo..." Abhishek's voice stopped him to calm who threw that kidnapper on floor angrily while Surbhi & Other cops entered in the room where as Armaan immediately ran towards Shilpa
"Shilpa... Shi..." opening her tied ropes he tapped her cheek who took a sigh seeing him
"Armaan..." she immediately hugged him tightly while crying bitterly making Armaan to tightened his hold on her Its been 12 hours since they got separated but he was feeling ages he only knows how strongly he told that kidnapper to kill her just to make that kidnapper manipulate... His heartbeat was beating loudly in every seconds when he was taking the steps to reach in this room and finding her in this state an unknown rage came inside him but thankfully she is fine
"Tum isse... Aur baaki dono ko bhi le jaakar band karo... Mai aata hoon" Abhishek told to his cops who nodding in yes took that kidnapper
"Mr Khan... Shilpa behosh hogayi hai..." Surbhi's worried voice made Armaan to look at Shilpa who has fainted now which maked him hell worried so he immediately picked her up in his arms
"Surbhi... Jao neeeche car ki door open karo..." saying this he moved out while Surbhi immediately ran outside... He reached down near his car where Surbhi already opened the doors of it So he carefully made Shilpa laye on passanger seat while Surbhi sat on back seat he was about to sat in car when Abhishek stopped him
"Mr Malik mai jaanta hoon iswaqt rokna accha nai hoga... Par mai aapko thank you kehna chahta hoon... Aap jaise log bahoot kam dekhne ko milte hai bahadur... Aapne itne bade criminal ko itne aasaani se pakad liya... Ye kaafi shocking hai.." Abhishek said in poliet tone to which he just managed to smile "Mera matlab hai... Aapne pehle se hi tracing gadget daala hai apne phobe me... Its like aap koi detective the" he said wd a smile
"Nai mai ek doctor hi hoon... Aur vo tracing gadget toh maine apni wife ki wajah se hi daala tha... Last time aise kisi scene ki wajah se mujhe ye karna pada... Aur dekho aaj ye kaam bhi aa gaya..." he said in calm tone making Abhishek smiled "Aur yeh raha... Jai ka phone" taking out Jai's phone from his pocket he gave that to him
"Thank you... Aur thank you isliye bhi ki... Aapne mujhe text karke bata diya tha ki aap kya karne waale hai..." Abhishek said smilingly to which he nodded in yes and moved to sat inside his car "Mr Malik aur ek baat... Aap bahoot genius hai" as he saw Armaan sat inside his car he complemented to which Armaan just gave a small nod and starting his car in full speed he came in nearest City hospital where now Shilpa is in hospital room while they both were waiting for doctor to come out
"Mr Malik..." as he heard doctor's voice he came back from his thoughts
"Yes... Shilpa... I mean meri wife thik toh haina??" coming in front of doctor he asked in strong voice while Surbhi also stood beside
"Jeee vo thik hai... Bast dar aur weakness ki wajah se vo behosh ho gayi thi... Par ab dono thik hai... Bas aapko ab aur zyada unka dhyaan dena hoga... Varna dono ko hi problem hogi" as the doctor said this he took a sigh of relief but frowned at her word 'Dono'
"Doctor dono??" he asked frowningly to which doctor smiled
"Oh... Sorryy... I mean aapki wife aur aapka baccha dono thik hai..." she replied wd a smile where as hearibg this Armaan became stiff while Surbhi looked at her surprisingly
"OMG!! Kya...?? Matlab Shilpa pregnant hai??" Surbhi asked excietedly holding doctor's hand who nodded in yes
"Jee... One and half months ki... Aapko nai pata tha??" as the doctor asked this Armaan's head started spinning but calming himself he looked at the doctor
"Ye kaise ho sakta hai... I mean... How is this possible??" he looked at the doctor shockingly which made Surbhi confused while the doctor got frowned
"Kyun nai Mr Malik... Vo sachme pregnant hai... Vo bhi dedh mahino se... Aapko nai pata chala... Bade hi ajeeb husband hai aap" she looked at him strangely to which he stepped back in shock where as Surbhi became confused by his unhappy behavior
"How is that possible... Nikki ne toh kaha tha..." sitting on one of a bench he said to himself shockingly "Mujhe usse baat karni hogi..." saying this he dailed Nikki's number and informed this news to her who became happy after hearing this
"Armaan... Isme itna shock hone ki kya zaroorat hai... Iska matlab hai 30% chances me Shilpa paas ho gayi... Khud ko lucky samjho tum bhi na..." Nikki's happy tone maked him believed this news coz he losted all the hopes to became father "Aur ek baat congratulations!!" she wished happily to which he smiled lightly
"Thanks..." saying this smilingly wd moist eyes he hung up the phone and hidding his face on his palms cried... It's a real shock for him coz he didn't expected this news to come but now hearing this he didn't knew how to react How he is happy he can't explain so clearing his face he ran to meet his wife
"Mr Khan aap kaha gaye the...?? Aapko toh sabse pehle Shilpa se milne jaana chahiyee tha...?? But nai aapko toh iswaqt bhi kaam sujhta hai" as he came near the door Surbhi stopped him angrily
"Surbhi... Abhi nai mujhe Shilpa ko dekhna hai..." he said annoyingly to which she pouted
"Jo bhi ho... Congratulation" she chripped hugging him who smiled lightly when something clicked inside his head
"Acha... Surbhi kya tumhe is baare me pata tha...??" parting her he asked carefully
"Nai... Mr Khan... Varna ab tak toh mai Shilpa ko tease kar kar k nai chodti" she replied in her chearful tone
"Toh kya Shilpa ko??" mummbling this doubtfully he sat on chair "Kya yehi reason ho sakta hai Shilpa ka mujhe chodna... But may be usse nai pata ho... Varna vo mujhse kyun chupaati... Kaisi baat kar raha hai Armaan Dedh mahine ki pregnant hai vo kaise nai pata hoga... Ho toh yeh bhi sakta hai ki vo tujhe isi reasin ki wajah se chod k gayi ho..." his mind & heart were batteling while he was staring the space lostly"Kch samajh me nai aa raha hai... Kya Shilpa ko ye baat pata hai ki nai...??" he asked to himself in low voice when Surbhi sat beside him
"I know Mr Khan aap yehi soch rahe hai ki Shilpa... Ko kaise batayenge naa??" she asked wd a teasing smile making him looked at her
"Agar usse pehle se hi pata hoga tab...?" his question made her smile fade
"Nai Mr Khan... Agar Shilpa ko pata hota toh vo aapko yaa mujhe zarur batati... Infact bahoot careful hoti..." she said in confident tone making him to agree somewhere "Infact mujhe hi pehle samajhna chahiyee tha... Uska raat raat ko mujhe jagaana aur kch bhi khaane ki zid karna... Vo to do baar behosh bhi hui thi maine hi dhyaan nai diya... But uswaqt hum dono ko hi laga ki kch nai khaane ki wajah se huaa hai..." as she informed this he looked at her stunnedly
"What?? Tumne mujhe pehle kyun nai bataya..." he asked in strict tone making her smile
"Mr Khan... Bola na ki hume bhi nai pata tha..." she replied in normal tone
"Shilpa ko kaise nai pata tha... Vo pehli baar thodi hi maa bani hai... Aur agar pata nai tha to ghar kyun chod k gayi..." he thought confusedly and was about to ask Surbhi that Is there any other thing which happened in his abscence when the nurse came out from Shilpa's room taking his attention "Nurse meri wife ko hosh aaya" he asked worriedly
"Dont worryy... Unko hosh aa gaya tha par weakness ki wajah se vo so rahi hai... Aap unhe dekh sakte hai" Nurse replied in poliet tone which maked Armaan to immediately moved inside the room leaving Nurse smilling & Surbhi giggle
"Jab tak... Mr Khan Shilpa se milte hai mai Aditi Rehaan Shagun Aaysha Phuphi Aapi sabko batati hoon..." saying this excietedly she moved to inform everyone where as inside the room Armaan walked slowly slowly towards Shilpa who was laying on bed wd closed eyes
Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina...
"Tum nai jaanti Shilpa... Tumne mujhe kya diya hai... Jo umeed mai chod chuka tha... Vo diya hai..." standing beside her wd thudding heartbeat he thought whose eyes were moist "Mujhe toh abhi bhi yakeen nai ho raha hai... Ki mai father... Nai" he mumbled softly staring down her stomach and moved his hand slowly on her stomach touching it as if feeling her "Papa... Yaa fir Dad... Yaa Daddy... Jo bulaana chahe vo bulaaye..." caressing it softly he kissed there emotionally and looked up at Shilpa "Thank you..." sitting beside her he said softly caressing her hairs who opened her eyes slowly
"Armaan..." seeing him she immediately say up making him to help her
"Aaram se..." taking her hand in his he made her sat properly when out of blue she hugged his waist tightly while crying "Stop it!! Shilpa aise rone se aur weak hogi tum" caressing her hairs he said lovingly
"Armaan... Mujhe bahoot dar lag raha hai..." she said looking up at him who sat beside her and rubbed her tears softly He can understand that what she faced in those hours its very hard to forget but it is very important for her that now she should take care of herself more
"Ssshhh... See kch nai huaa... Tum mere paas safe ho... Ek dam sahi salamat... Aur vo log jail me..." he assured in calm tone to which she sniffed looking down on her hands "So kch socho mat... Ku ki doctor ne kaha tum bahoot sochti ho... Isi wajah se aur bhi weak ho gayi ho... Most important ab toh bilkul nai... Ku ki ye tum dono k liye hi thik nai hoga" tucking her hairs aside he said calmly which maked her looked at him questioningly
"Dono??" as she asked confusedly Armaan gotted that she do'nt know about her pregnancy
"Kitni badi pagal hai ye... Dedh mahine ki pregnant hai aur pata hi nai hai... Ki madam pregnant hai... Lagta hai ye kaam bhi mujhe hi karna hoga... But aise nai..." he thought while shaking his head "I mean hum dono..." he replied smilingly to which she kept her head on his chest tiredly "Neend aa rahi hai...??" kissing her head lovingly he asked to which she just nodded in Yes "Thik hai mai Surbhi se bolta hoon tumhaare paas rahe... Mai doctor se kch baat karke aata hoon" engulfing her into him he said slowly to which she nodded in Yes wd closed eyes "Shilpa..." as he called softly she looked up at him smilingly "Thank you..." he said lovingly cupping her cheeks who became frowned "Meri zindagi me aane k liye" he answered heartly feeling that excietment to became father inside him where as hearing this she smiled while keeping her head on his chest hugging him tightly
"Nai Armaan thank you... Mujhe har musibat se bachaane k liye" she mumbledslowly to which he kissed her head lovingly ruffling her head when something hit his head
"Mai kaise puchun... Ki isse pata kyun nai chala..." his mind said to him "Acha... Shilpa doctor puch rahi thi kya tumhe... Pehle se weakness yaa vomiting feel hoti hai??" he asked carefully to which she looked up at him
"Nai... Mai toh bilkul thik thi... Haa kabhi kabhal chakkar aate the but vo khaana nai khaane ki wajah se" she replied in innocent tone making him to nod in yes calmly and stood up making her confused
"Acha tum yehi raho mai Surbhi ko bhejta hoon... Mai aaya haa..." kissing her head he went out before she could stop him when Surbhi came inside and was about to congratulate her but then it clicked inside her brain that Armaan ordered her not to say anything about her pregnancy untill he himself will inform her So keeping her excietment side she entertained Shilpa wd her Shayris also informed how smartly Armaan handled this situation which only maked Shilpa fell for him more.. After sometome Armaan came back after meeting to the doctor and signing the discharge paper they came back Arsh's home where he made Shilpa carefully to laye on bed Shilpa immediately went into a good sleep not before changing into a comfortable clothes where as he was still thinking about doctor's words while staring at Shilpa's face...
2 Hours later
Sapna jahan
Dastak na de
Chaukhat thi woh
Aankhein meri...
"Shilpa bas thoda sa hi toh bacha hai... Khatam karo" a strict Armaan said to his lovely wife who is making faces to finish the last spoon of soup
"Armaan... Bas mera pait bhar gaya" she said annoyingly keeping the spoon on bowl to which he glared which maked her to finish the soup reluctantly
"Good..." he said in calm tone as she kept the bowl on side table "Ab tum aaram karo... Mai aata hoon..." saying this wd a small smile he stood to go when she gripped his wrist making him stopped "Kya huaa...??" he frowned sitting back in front of her who kept the pillow beside her from her lap
"Aap mujhse gussa hai Armaan...??" she asked slowly to which he just stared her
"Tumhe aisa kyun lag raha hai..." taking her hands in his he asked calmly
"Bas aise hi..." she replied slowly looking down making chuckled to which she looked up confusedly
"Expected tha tum kch aisa hi kahogi" as he said smilingly she felt guilty Actually since she woke up he was not living her for seconds also taking care of her double but the problem was he didn't talked her properly just behaving normal which was a signal for her that he is angry for something
"Sorryy... Par aap mujhse thik se baat nai kar rahe the" she munmbled slowly which maked him smile
"Toh tumhe farq padta hai... Ki mai baat karun yaa naa karun??" his taunting calm voice made her look up at him
"Aap aisa kyun keh rahe hai Armaan... Agar aap kidnapping waali baat ko lekar gussa hai... Toh usme meri galti nai thi... Pata nai kyun uthaaya unhone mujhe" she explained herself wd moist eyes making him angry
"ZAROORI NAI MAI USI CHIZ K LIYE GUSSA HOON... MAI JANTA HOON KI ISME TUMHARI GALTI NAI THI..." stooding up from bed he said angrily making her frightened by his sudden anger
"Toh fir... Kya baat hai Armaan" facing him she asked slowly seeing his anger
Baaton se thi
Tadaad mein
Zyaada meri...

"Jaanna chahti ho na tum... Toh suno... Kyun gayi thi tum mujhe chod k Shilpa...??" he asked angrily "Varna mai pagal ho jaaunga ye sochte sochte ki... Aisa kya kiya maine ki tum mujhe suddenly chod k gayi... Meri galti batao... Dammit!!" jerking her by her shoulder he asked frustadely to which she just stared him "Nai bataogi naa... Toh fir mai hoon hi kyun yaha..." saying this hurtfully he lived her shoulder and immediately went to go when she ran towards him who just touched the door knob to go
"Armaan nai..." she hugged him from behind which maked him to closed his eyes calming himself feeling her helpless He knew its not good for her & the baby to think much but she didn't left any choice for him... He was not at all angry on her it was just his frustration that Why she thinks soo much?? Why she stored so many things inside her?? Why she didn't shares any thing to him??
"Shilpa... Pehli baat rona band karo..." facing her he said in calm tone while cupping her face "Sorryy... Thoda gusse me tha" he apologized clearing her face who mummbled its ok "Par yaar tum koi option bhi toh nai chodti..." he explained wd a smile looking at her who nodded in Yes
"Sorryy..." she mummbled cutely to which he tucked her hairs behind her shoulder who hugged him
"Plzz yaar... Khudko azaad karo apni saari soch se... Aur mujhe thoda sukoon do tumhaari hassi se" he requested hugging her tightly who looked back at him
"Toh aap jaanna chahte hai... Ki mai kyun chod k gayi thi aapko??" she asked softly to which he nodded in yes kissing her head "Kyun ki... Mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki..." wd moist eyes & in strong voice she looked up at him whose heartbeat skipped guessing there must be a big reason behind it "Ki mai Maa nai ban sakti..." as she said in broken tone fisting her hand on his T-Shirt whose eyes widened hearing this
"Kyaa??" he looked at her stunnedly who nodded her head in Yes still crying "Shilpa... Meri taraf dekho... Kyun tumhe aise lagta hai ki tum maa nai ban sakti??" making her looked at him by her cheeks he asked softly to which she sniffed
"Armaan aap aise kyun behave kar rahe hai... Mujhe pata hai ki aapko ye baat pata hai..." she said in hurtfull tone making him shocked who looked at her wd questioning look That how did she know about this???
"Shilpa... Aisa kch nai hai... Aur kis basis pe tum ye keh sakti ho??" wiping her tears he asked in understanding tone to which she nodded in No
"Armaan... Mai jaanti hoon.. Mai nai ban sakti maa... Mujhe lagta hai ki..." before she could finish her rubbish he cutted
"Wow Great!! Tumhe lagta hai... Ki tum maa nai ban sakti aur tumne mujhe chodne ka decision le liya... Sirf tumhaare lagne ki wajah se haina" his sarcastic tone made her cried silently while he moved away from her "Maine aaj tak tum jaisi Dumb ladki nai dekhi apne life me... Jisse sahi galat kch nai samajhta... Infact jisko khud k andar kya chal raha hai ye bhi nai samajhta..." she can see hurt on his face
"Par..." as she opened her mouth he intruppted
"Enough!! Shilpa... Bahoot ho gaya... Sirf is ek aadhi adhoori apni is soch ki wajah se tumne mujhe chodne ka faisla le liya... Bina ye soche ki mai kaise rahunga... Mera kya hoga tumne faisla le liya mujhe chodne ka... Great Shilpa" he said in hurtful tone stepping ahead which maked her back touched to the door
"Mai toh sirf hamare baare me soch rahi thi Armaan" her tearfull eyes made him to calm himself thinking about her health & their baby
Jabse pade tere kadam
Chalne lagi duniya meri...

"Ye hamare baare me sochna nai huaa Shilpa... Ye sirf apne baare me sochna huaa..." staring her he whispered in soft tone which maked her to look down "Jaanti ho hamare baare me sochna kab hota... Jab tum ye sochti ki agar tum mujhe chod dogi toh mai kaise rahunga... Jab tum yeh sochti ki jo tumhaare andar chal raha hai vo mujhe bata deti... Jab tum mujhe akela chodkar nai jaati" jamming her wd his hands he whispered in defeated tone which maked her to stare him tearfully "Lekin tumne nai socha... Tumhe toh sirf tum dikhi mai to hoon hi nai jaise... Socha uswaqt ki agar tum mujhe chod deti toh mai ek saath do logo ko kho deta..." his words maked her guilty also she didn't noticed he said two people "Agar tum chali jaati... Mai toh akela pad jaata... Tum dono ko kho k... Infact kabhi mujhe pata bhi nai chalta ki... Mai..." but he stopped seeing her confusedly staring him
"Dono??" she somehow managed to asked wd thudding heartbeat which maked him smile wd moist eyes
"Oh haa... Tumhe nai pata... " stepping a little back he said in calm tone which maked her scared a little "Maine tum jaisi dumb bewkoof ladki aaj tak nai dekhi jisse... Samajh me nai aaya ki vo kis phase se guzar rahi hai... Par mujhe lagta hai mai tumse zyada stupid hoon jo doctor hoke nai samajh paaya" his every words were making her heartbeat raised "Tum shayad pehli wife hogi jisse uska husband batayega ki..." coming closer to her he took her hand in his which maked her to stare him hopefully
"Ki??" she mummbled softly still staring him who smiled and kept her hand on her stomach wd his above which maked her eyes wet guessing what he is trying to say but just wanted to hear from him
"Ki... Tum Maa banane waali ho... Mai Papa banane waala hoon... Aur hum parents banane waale hai" as he whispered this smilingly it made her stunned while their hands were still on its place "Didn't you feel...??" staring her deeply he asked softly while cupping her face
"Armaan...??" she just mummbled to take his name still in shock
"Yes... Tum pregnant ho one and half months ki" touching their foreheads he answered smilingly which maked her broke down "Ssshhh.." seeing her crying he took her in a hug who tightened her hold on his back crying bitterly After all she losted all her hopes but now hearing this she didn't knew how to believe on this "Kitna roti ho tum... Yaar" he tried to chear her who was sniffing still hugging him tightly Still trying to adjust this news that she is going to became mother now she understood why she was feeling that unknown happiness & excietment inside her?? Why she was craving for anything?? Why she was not eating her dinner untill midnight?? Why she was fainting from few weeks?? Most important why she missed her dates?? Everything was making clear now... How stupid she is that she didn't understood this feeling just becoz she felt she can't became a mother coz of her miscarriage's scene & also after their night in Udaipur where they didn't used any precaution and these things made her to think she can't became a mother... She always doubt on herself Stupid!! Only if she realized this before she would have not lived him Most important How Dumb she is that she didn't realized she is pregnant from one and half months... Thinking this all her eyes got heavy which maked her hands loosed on his back "Ab toh chod k nai jaaogi naa tum...??" caressing her head he asked softly but when he felt her body loosed he parted her slowly only to left amazed in next second finding her sleeping "Behosh ho gayi... Ki so gayi hai??" picking her up in his arms he made her laye on bed carefully "Vaise iska sona toh banta hai... Thak gayi hogi..." making her laye properly he sat beside her "I hope ab ye sochna band kare aur kch sukoon de khud ko... Mujhe aur hamaare baby ko..." he mumbled smilingly keeping his head on bed post but his hand was caressing her hairs lovinngly

55 minutes later
Mere dil mein jagah
Khuda ki khaali thi
Dekha wahan pe
Aaj tera chehra hai...

"Armaan... Kya mai sachme maa ban gayi??" her question made him to held his head coz this question she asked sixth time since she woke "Bolo na Armaan..." nudging him by his chest she asked again still her head was put on his chest who was sitting against the bed post
"Nai... Mai papa ban gaya..." his reply was in sarcastic way which made her smile
"Par mujhe fir kyun feel nai huaa..." looking up at him she asked softly "Haa mujhe doubt tha... But koi symptons zyada nai dikhe" sitting properly in front of him she asked cutely
"Pehla reason tum bewkoof ho... Aur dusra most important... Tumhe isliye koi symptons nai aaye ku ki tum bahoot stress leti ho aur sochti ho... Isliye tumhe other symptons nai aaye" tucking her hairs aside he explained calmly "Maine khud us doctor se baat ki... Jisne tumhe check kiya tha" he replied in normal tone to which she smiled
"Baby thik toh haina Armaan...??" staring him she asked wd a slight fear inside her which maked him smiled
"Haa... Agar tum thik rahogi toh vo bhi fit n fine hoga yaa hogi" taking her hand in his he said smilingly which maked her smile
"Aapko pata hai.. Mujhe bich bich me doubt hota tha ki kahin mai pregnant to nai... Par dusre hi pal laga ki ye nai ho sakta..." she shared her insecurity wd him who pulled her more closely by her hands
"Haa ab toh kahogi hi..." he taunted wd a smile to which she pouted "By the way kis khushi... Me tumne mujhe nai bataya apne dates missing k baare me aur jo chakkar vakkar aaye the unke baare??" as he asked in scolding voice her mind went in flashback where she was about to test her pregnancy but after knowing he didn't wanted child she dropped that idea "Jawab do kaha kho gayi??" clicking his fingers infront of her he asked which maked her angry so picking up a pillow she started beating him who became stunned "Shilpa... Kya hai ye?? Aawwwe... Shilpa??" he asked shockingly defending himself by his hands
"Ye sab aapki wajah se huaa... I hate you... Sab aapki wajah se huaa" still beating him wd the pillow she said angrily to which he grab her both hands
"Par kiya kya hai maine?? Ye toh batao??" throwing the pillow he pulled her closer to him almost caging her by her hands
"Kiya kya hai.. Ye bhi mai hi bataau..." smacking him lightly on his chest she said angrily
"Toh aur kon batayega...??" he asked in calm tone making her hit his chest again lightly "Shilpaa" he glared
"Ye sab aapki wajah se huaa... Agar us din aap yeh nai kehte ki... Aapko sirf dusro k bacche pasand hai... Khud ki ek bahoot badi responsiblity hai... Toh na mai aapko chod k jaati... Aur mujhe pata bhi chal jaata ki mai pregnant hoon" she said wd her cute pouted anger making him frowned
"Kya matlab??" sitting properly he made her sat closer to him and asked confusedly
"Matlab ye... Jab mujhe doubt ho raha tha toh mai test karwaane waali thi... Par sirf aapki wajah se maine nai kiya.. Ku ki aapne us din keh diya ki aapko bacche ek bahoot badi responsiblity lagte hai... Kitni mehnat se maine idea dhundha tha aapse puchne k liye cartoon ka bahaana lekar but aapko toh sirf apni padi thi..." she replied wd cute sad face making him revind that day where she asked about this and remembering that he held his head
"Aree Shilpa... Vo toh... Maine tumhaare liye kaha tha..." as he said this normally she looked back at him questioningly to which he nodded in Yes smilingly "Mai nai chahta tha ki tumhe koi jhuti hope mile..." taking her hand he whispered softly
"Toh matlab aapko koi problem nai hai??" she asked innocently to which he nodded his head in yes
"Shilpa... Mujhe kyun problem hogi .. I love kids most important mai chahta hoon mere bacche ho... Infact kon nai chahega.. Baap banana" hugging her from back he said in loving tone making her smile
"Tab aapko mujhe batana chahiyee tha naa..." she said in scolding tone which maked him chuckled
Main bhatakta huaa
Sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan
Pe aake thehra hai...

"Tum bhi toh mujhe bata sakti thi... But never mind ho huaa so ho gaya... Abhi hume apne present ko enjoy karna chahiye nai" kissing her cheek lovingly he said softly to which she nodded in yes and turning at him kept her head on his shoulder who pulled her in a hug when something clicked inside his head "Acha Shilpa... Un gundo ne tumhe kch kiya to nai tha naa??"he asked in normal tone
"Nai... Unhone mujhe bandha aur door close karke chale gaye the bahar..." she replied thoughtfully to which he just hummed "Vaise Armaan... Aapko kaise pata chala ki mai vaha hoon??" playing wd his T-Shirt she asked slowly
"Tumhe shayad pata nai... Par maine tumhaare uper ek chip lagayi thi" playing wd her strands of hairs he replied in calm tone to which she smacked his chest lightly wd a grumpy look "Okay... Tumhe darga waala scene yaad hai... Jab tum kho gayi thi aur mai tumhe dhundh nai paa raha tha... Tabhi maine decide kiya tha ki mai dobaara aisa koi scene nai hone dunga... Toh bas kidnapper ko manipulate karke GPS use kiya..." he replied in normal tone to which she looked back at him amusingly
"Aapka aise time pe bhi dimaag chalta hai...??" she asked in bemused tone to which he chuckled
"Jab baat tumhaari hoti hai... Toh dimaag chalaana padta hai" he replied very calmly making her smile
"Vaise vo log the kon...??" she asked confusedly making him to take a sigh
"Mere dost the... Bas unki shaadi me nai gaya tha toh gussa ho gaye the" his replay made her to glare him
"Armaan aap koi bhi answer seedhe seedhe nai de sakte" moving away from him she said annoyingly
"Toh tum bhi toh kch dhang ka pucho... I mean jo ho gaya usse jaanar kya karna..." laying on bed he replied calmly
"Karna hai... Unhone mujhe kidnap kiya tha... Aur kyun kiya tha ye jaanna mera right hai" looking down at him she said slowly to which he took a sigh and extended his one hand which she grabbed
"See... Ek misunderstanding ki wajah se unhone tumhe kidnap kiya..." saying this he narrated that whole Jai's incident calmly which maked her to put her head on his chest scaredly "Shilpa plzz yaar ab ispe mat sochna... Baby k liye thik nai hai ye" rubbing her back lightly he said in calm tone to which she just nodded in Yes
"Armaan hum kch acchi baat karen...??" she mummbled softly to which he caressed her hairs
"Tum chaho toh kch bhi..." his tone was in calm tone which maked her smile "Par Shilpa... Aaj se tum apna double dhyaan dena... Sochna mat itna" he caressed her hairs
"Kyun aap kahin jaa rahe hai??" she asked wd a smile making him chuckled
"Vo tumhaara kaam hai... Mera nai" as he tuanted she sat up wd grumpy look
"How rude Armaan..." she said wd a pouted lips to which he shook his head tiredly "Aur aapko toh meri..." pointing her finger at him she said angrily when he pulled her wd such force by her hand that she landed on him "Armaan...??" she looked at him incredulously who tucked her hairs aside
"Abhi mera ladne ka bilkul mood nai hai... Kyun ki mujhe bahoot neend aa rahi hai... Toh chalo sote hai" he requested in tired tone which maked her smile
"Par mujhe neend nai aa rahi hai..." she said wd a smile to which he carefully made her laye beside him and pulled the blanket on them
"Koshish karo... Aaygi" taking her in his arms he said in sleepy tone
"Par mujhe nai aa rahi hai..." she looked up at his face
"Par mujhe aa rahi hai..." as he requested she giggled
"Okay... Mai try karti hoon..." seeing his tired face she said wd a smile which maked him smile too
"Good..." mumbling this in sleepy tone he hidded his face on her crook of neck who caressed his hairs lovingly Knowing he must be tired coz of her
"Kitna acha lag raha hai... Sab kch wapas pakar... Par vo dar abhi bhi nai jaa raha Armaan" she thought staring up at the ceiling where as Armaan's one hand was kept on her waist wd his head buried on her neck "I am sorry baby mumma samajh nai paayi... Ki tum ho... But is baar mai pura dhyaan dungi tumhaara aur apna dono ka... Not to forget papa also"keeping her hand on her stomach she thought smilingly and tried to feel her baby which only maked a excitement inside her... Since the time she woke didn't believed she is going to became mother but it was Armaan who made her believed that yes they are going to became parents which maked her Soo happy that she couldn't held her tears It is the only happiness which she was dying to hear and now feeling a new life inside her she don't want anything
Seven months later
In Mumbai
Malik Mansion
Tu rooh hai toh
Main kaaya banu
Taa-umr main
Tera saaya banu...
"Maa... Bas ab mai kitna khaaungi..." Shilpa said tiredly as Ananya made her eat the fruits
"Shilpa... Bas ye oranges khatam kardo... Fir jo karna hai karo..." Ananya's scolding voice made her quiet while Aditi giggled
"By God!! Agar tu healthy rahegi tabhi toh tera baccha healty rahega" Aditi teased smilingly sitting beside her on sofa
"Healthy tak toh thik hai... Bas mai moti nai hona chahti" she said wd grumpy look which made the ladies laughed
"Shilpa tum bhi na... Pata hai jab mai pregnant thi toh mom ne... Mujhe itna khilaa diya tha ki.. Delivery k cheh mahine baad mujhe Gym join karna pada" as Riddhi said this Shilpa Aditi & Raina giggled while the elder Bahus smiled
"Haa to dekho kitni healthy hai Ridu aur Siddhu" Naina took her own side
"Haa... Aur ab mai bhi chahti hoon ki Armaan k bacche healthy ho" Dadi said smilingly keeping her tea cup on table All the ladies were gathered in lawn enjoying this wonderful evening Shilpa Aditi & Ananya were sitting on one sofa while on other Riddhi Neha & Raina were sitting in front of them Dadi was comfortably sitting on her arm chair beside Naina's chair who was enjoying her tea
"Haa maa... Mai bhi chahti hoon Armaan k bacche khub tandroost aur hatte khatte ho" Ananya joked
"Maa... Bacche thodi... Baccha hoga" Shilpa said wd shy smile making them giggle
"Aree bhabhi... Badi maa iske baad waale baccho ki baat kar rahi hai" as Raina teased Shilpa became red
"Pehle isse toh hone do..." Shilpa replied wd blushing face making them laughed
"Haa sirf ek hafta aur... Fir Shilpa k bacche khelenge mere Anant k saath" Aditi said wd dreamy face making Shilpa to smack her arm
"Bacche nai baccha... Twins thodi hone waale" she corrected wd grumpy face
"Ki farq penda... Aane to waala haina" Aditi giggled hugging her sidely which maked her smiled too
"Accha bhabhi aapne uska naam socha...??" Raina asked excietedly which maked Shilpa's smile fade
"Nai... Itna nai socha maine... Jab hoga tab rakhungi" she replied slowly making Ananya to caress her hairs understanding her fear
"Ooo... But bhabhi baccha aapki tarah hi hoga na... Ku ki iswaqt aap bahoot beautiful lag rahe ho" Neha complemented which maked her to show her red chubby cheeks Yes she is glowing more than before yaa she have gain weight but in healthy way Her chubby cheeks are showing more glow in them Her green eyes were more shinning feeling the inside happiness


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