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Part 56 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"Ooo... But bhabhi baccha aapki tarah hi hoga na... Ku ki iswaqt aap bahoot beautiful lag rahe ho" Neha complemented which maked her to show her red chubby cheeks Yes she is glowing more than before yaa she have gain weight but in healthy way Her chubby cheeks are showing more glow in them Her green eyes were more shinning feeling the inside happiness This is her 9th month of pregnancy her delivery is on next week
"Aree... Yeh sab mehnat mere dever ki hai" as Aditi teased Shilpa started beating her by cusion trying to hide her blush which maked everyone laughed "Aree pagal... Raat raat ko vo tere tantrums sunta hai" still laughing she teased which maked her more blushed
"Aditi tum bhi naa... Bechaari" Naina giggled
"Mai jaa rahi hoon" Shilpa said wd grumpy look
"Nai babu... Mai toh masti kar rahi thi aaja" saying this she hugged her who smiled slowly

"Mai toh chahti hoon... Armaan ko ek cute si beti ho... Janti ho kyun??" Ananya said smilingly to which Shilpa nodded wd a smile "Mujhe aur Billy ko hamesha se ek ladki chahiyee thi... Par aisa ho nai paaya... Armaan aur Dev ko bhi bachpan se khud ki behen chahiyee thi jisse vo tang kar sake khel sake but vo bhi ho nai paaya... Aur ab toh Anant ko bhi behen chahiyee vo bhi choti behen... Ku ki Riddu aur Shiddhi dono hi usse badi hai... Toh ab mai yehi chahti hoon ki mujhe ek poti mile" as she finished Shilpa smiled coz yes Armaan also want a daughter Yaah he didn't discussed wd her but before his accident he told to her
"Mujhe toh koi bhi chalega... Ladka yaa ladki bas vo mere Armaan ki tarah ho..." Dadi said smilingly which made them giggled
"Haa maa... Fir dhundhti rehna pure ghar me... Jaise Armaan ko dhundhte the... Aur ye bhi yaad rahe ki vo ek jagah nai rahega... Jaise Armaan" as Ananya said this everyone started laughing and just like this everyone enjoyed the evening then they went inside for dinner preparation

Five hours later
"Acha bata Armaan kab aa raha hai??" gripping Shilpa's arm Aditi asked normally which maked her looked at her slowly
"Parso..." looking on ground she replied slowly which Aditi observed but ignoring it they both started walking slowly slowly They both are walking in garden area while Anant is playing wd his boll
"Shilpa.. Tu usse baat kyun nai kar leti... Khud bhi pareshaan hai aur udhar vo bhi" after few minutes of silence Aditi suggested
"Nai... Mai unse baat nai karungi" she immediately refused
"Aree Shilpa teri problem mai samajh sakti hoon... Ki aisi haalat me tujhe chod k nai jaana chahiye tha usse... Par uska bhi toh kaam hai... Aur konsa do teen mahine k liye gaya hai vo... Kal hi toh gaya Panchgani aur parso tak aa jaayga bas" she tried to make her understand politely
"Par Aditi... Tu toh jaanti hai last time Armaan nai the tab kya huaa tha... Aur is baar mai aisa kch nai chahti" Shilpa's insecurity Aditi can understand but she have to forget that past.. Aditi was about to maked her understand when Dev came wd a plate making them confused
"By God!! Kya laaye ho ye??" She asked in strict tone
"Tumhaare liye nai hai... Ye toh maine Shilpa k liye banaya hai..." ignoring her he stood beside Shilpa who smiled "Dekho maine tumhaare liye kch naya aur tasty bananya hai... You know isme Kaccha Aam bhi daala hai..." saying this smilingly he offered the plate to her who looked up at him smilingly
"Wow!! Soo sweet of you" She thanked smilingly
"Aree ye toh kch bhi nai hai..." Dev chuckled taking a bite from his invented dish which Shilpa also to taste it making Aditi giggled at them
"Ummm... Wonderfull" Shilpa praised to which he bowed his head
"Bas... Ab plzz ek choti si angel dena... Hisaab barabar ho jaaygi" Dev said while chewing his food
"Buddhu ji... Vo ispe thodi hai" Aditi giggled taking a morsel from food which actually tasted good
"Haa yeh bhi hai... Par hope rakhne me kya hai" Dev said wd a wink which maked both the girls giggled when Anant also joined them and they four started walking in garden.. Its been seven months scince she got to know about her pregnancy which was making her to feel that exciting butterflies inside her also Armaan took great care of her he didn't lived her for seconds if he was in home... After that night when she opened her eyes in next morning find herself alone on bed so moving down from there she went to fresh up and coming out from washroom she went out to look for him but stopped at entrance where Meethi was standing wd the breakfast trey... Reluctantly she had to ate coz Meethi informed before going Armaan instructed all the servants to take care of her when Surbhi came there wd a cake and they celebrated this good news wd each other... In night time she went to met Dilshad & others who just cane back from Ajmer Surbhi was very excited to share this news to everyone but Shilpa was feeling shy to share this when Surbhi blurted out which maked every one soo happy that they started congratulating her infact also gave blessings... After chit chatting wd them she came back their home Surbhi stayed wd her Aapi & Jeeju but as Shilpa stepped inside their house find Armaan sitting on sofa wd his strict mode which maked her too gulped she looked around for Meethi but knowing the time she understood Meethi & Steve both went to their respective homes... So taking a sigh she stepped inside which maked Armaan to stood up as he saw her entering in house
"Itna der Shilpa?? Kabse mai wait kar raha tha tumhaara??" he asked angrily as she came infront of him
"Armaan mai vo... Dilshad aunty..." she fumbled to which he glared
"At least mujhe message toh kar deti... Lekin nai tumhe toh sirf apni padi hai.." as he scolded she gulped and thought to cool down so she immediately hugged him who left a little surprised
"Armaan Sorryy... Aage se aisa nai karungi... Promise" hugging him tightly she spologized in her cutest way which maked him to forget his anger
"Hmm... Thik hai... Chalo tumhe kch dikhaana hai..." this time he said wd his dimpled smile which maked her frown
"Kya??" she asked smilingly to which he held her one hand
"Aao... Dikhaata hoon..." saying this wd a grin he took her towards their room but stopped in front of the door which maked her confused "Ab jab tak mai nai kehta aankhen mat kholna... Okay" he warned in his calm tone to which she giggled while he put his hand on her eyes
"Armaan... Agar mai gir gayi toh??" she asked like a kid
"Aise kaise gir jaaogi... Mai hoon naa" holding her by her one hand he opened the door by his leg still her eyes were closed by his other hand
"Par Armaan... Aisa kya hai??" she questioned as he made her stopped in center
Keh de toh ban
Jaaun bairaag main
Kehde toh main
Teri maaya banu...

"Hmmm... Abhi batata hoonn..." removing his hand from her eyes he whispered on her from behind which maked her heartbeat skipped who have still closed her eyes "Bolun..." he blew air on her ear which maked her smiled wd closed eyes "Kholo..." kissing her ear lovingly he whispered softly on her ear who opened her eyes slowly only to left amazed seeing their room which was decorated wd candles & baloons all around in room
"Armaan... Yeh kis liye??" looking back at him she asked bemusedly to which he smiled and pulled her closer by her waist
"Yeh... Tumhaare liye thodi hai... Yeh toh mere baby k liye hai" he replied in fake serious tone to which she also gave a fake grumpy look
"Haa... Toh yaha mai kya kar rahi hoon... Aap apne baby k saath rahiye" crossing her arms she said wd grumpy look to which he pulled her more closer by her waist almost touching their fronts
"Meri toh majboori hai... Ki mujhe wait karna padega..." keeping her one hand on his shoulder he said in fake calm tone which maked her smile "Varna mai toh kabka... Tumse alag ho chuka hota" as he said this while entwining their fingers her mouth dropped down which maked him chuckled where as they were dancing in slow motion enjoying this peaceful silence
"Yehi hota hai... Ladko ko sirf apne family aur baccho ki padi hoti hai... Wife ko toh kch samajhte hi nai hai" she complained in fake sad tone making him chuckled
"Seriously kon hai aisa badtameez husband..." he asked in fake serious tone making her to smack his chest lightly
"Hai ek... Badtameez Akdu Sadu Selfish Egoist Arrogant Armaan Malik..." counting her fingers thoughtfully she replied playfully making him amused by her also a little shock
"Accha kabhi milvaana zara mai bhi toh dekun kon hai vo" making her twirled he said in teasing tone which maked her giggled
"Kyun apna mood spoil karna... Vo bahoot khadoos hai" she said in complaining tone as she came back on his arms whose front touched her back
"Accha kina khadoos hai... Kya tum usse bardaast kar sakti ho??" hugging her from back he asked calmly to which she giggled
"Haa... Offcourse... Usme itni buraaiyaa hone k bawajood... Usme ek acchi quality bhi hai..." she replied cutely moving wd him slowly who sided her hairs aside from her shoulder
"Kya..??" he whispered softly on her ear who closed her eyes wd thudding heartbeat
Tu saaz hai
Main ragini
Tu raat hai
Main chandni...
"Yehi ki..." looking back at him she whispered shyly to which he blew air on her face smilingly making her turn at him while putting her hands on his shoulder "Yehi ki... Vo bahoot Honest hai" she whispered kissing his nose tip who smiled pulling her closer
"Aur..." moving his face closer to her he asked softly to which she closed her eyes

"Aur... Vo..." she mummbled softly to which he hummed in yes brushing their lips which maked her hold tight on his shoulder who cupped her one cheek and traced her chin wd his thumb lovingly "Armaan..." she whispered as his lips touchd her chin and widin seconds he pulled her closer by her waist while parting her lips by his thumb... Her breath stopped as he took her in a passionate kiss while cupping her cheeks whose hands pulled him closer by his black blazer their kiss was turning more passionate as he was not living her for breath but as he felt her hold tight he lived her lips breathing heavely while she put her head on his shoulder hidding her face on his neck still panting which maked him to took her in a hug
"Thank you Shilpa... Ye sab maine tumhe thank you kehne k liye bola..." engulfing her more into him he whispered softly which maked her smile
"Thank you kis liye...??" moving her head back she asked in fake innocent tone which maked him smile
"Aise hi mera mood kiya..." tucking her hairs aside he replied normally to which she smiled looking down on floor when sonething clicked his head "Aree haa tumhe batana bhool gaya... Maine tumhaare saare heels store room me rakhwa diye hai..." as he said this calmly she became stunned
"Kyaa?? Armaan kyun par??" she asked shockingly stepping away from him who crossed his arms
"Vo isliye... Kyun ki heels pehen k agar gir gayi toh..?? So mai koi risk nai chahta" saying this wd calm look he sat on edge of the bed making her looked at him wd pouted lips "Sukar karo pheka nai... Varna mood toh mera vo bhi tha..." he said calmly laying on bed his legs were half hanging down while he put a pillow under his head
"Armaan... Tab mai bahar kaise jaaungi??" she asked wd grumpy look while sitting at other side of bed behind his back
"Chalke..." he replied in very cool tone which maked her more angry
"Wow!! Kitna mast idea hai" she said in fake happy tone laying on bed just beside him but her head was resting near his arm side while her legs were on his head side In short their legs were hanging on both the sides of bed
"Thank you very much..." he looked at her smilingly while she rolled her eyes keeping a pillow under her head "Acha tum slippers bhi toh pehen sakti ho..." he suggested staring at her who faced him by turning her position who smiled at her shinning face "Shilpa mai toh sirf tumhaare liye bol raha tha... U know kitna risky hai ye heels veels" this time he said in loving tone which maked her smile looking down at him
"Jaanti hoon... Vaise ab mai soch rahi hoon.. Ki bina heels k bhi mai reh sakti hoon" she replied in understanding tone which maked him chuckled
"Jaisi tumhari marzi..." saying this he looked up at the ceiling wd a satisfying smile while she was only adoring his face lovingly "Shilpa... Kch puchun toh sach sach bataaogi??" after few minutes of silence he asked slowly still looking up making her hummed in yes "Jab tum pehli baar pregnant hui thi ye news kaise bataya tha tumne mujhe...??" his question made her eyes snapped opened which were closed
"Armaan... Ye question suddenly??" she asked slowly staring down at him whose eyes were only fixed on the ceiling
"Shilpa bas... Aise hi jaanna chahta hoon... Agar nai batana chahti toh koi baat nai par..." his sentence left incompelete as gripped his wrist which was resting beside her face
"Batati hoon..." she said slowly and keeping her cheek on his palm remembered that day when she disclosed the news in front of him which maked a smile on her face "Vo... Maine..." she started slowly but there was smile on her face where as Armaan was only staring up waiting for her answer and then she narrated the incident wd smilling face as if cherishing every moment of them

Mere dil mein jagah
Khuda ki khali thi
Dekha wahan pe
Aaj tera chehra hai...

"Bracelet... Bracelet" he called loudly as he entered in room looking here and there for her who moved down from the bed
"Kya huaa??" she asked but as her eyes landed on his hand on the envelope her eyes widened "Armaan ye..." she immediately snatched it from his hand making him confused
"At least mujhe dekhne to deti" he pouted "Whatever... Tumhe bukhar tha tumne mujhe bataya nai" he asked worriedly cupping her face who gave a hessistant smile
"Vo... Ab main thik hun" she replied slowly moving away from him who just moved to kiss her
"Haan to thik hai..." he pulled her again closer trying too kiss her
"Armaan... Pehle fresh ho jao... Main khana lagati hun" She moved away pushing him lightly who pouted
"Fine tumhe meri kya jaturat raho yehi huh..." Saying this he moved inside Washroom banging the door hard making her shut her eyes tightly
"Offo!! Ab to batana hi padega... Aur kitni jaldi gussa hote hai ye... Baap re acha huaa inko zyada gussa nai aata varna main to kabhi nai reh paaun inke saath..." she smiled shaking her head she looked at her Reports while smiling and moved out
"Pata nai kya ho gaya isko... Sabke aage mujhe bhul hi jaati hai" he muttered under his breath moving out from the Washroom changing in black t-shirt and jeans "Huh..." and in anger he started doing push ups when Shilpa walked in
"Ohhoo... Koi to abhi b gussa hai" she said teasingly bending to his level who ignored "Armaan bas haan... Itna gussa b thik nai hai" she pointed her index finger who looked at her angrily "Ok... Sorry... Bas" she held her ears who sat up wd pouted lips making her smile "sorry...vo.." but her words were left incomplete as he pulled her closer by her waist and gripped her hand wd his other one
"Ab kahan jaogi..." he smirked seeing her blushing face who didn't tried to free herself "So... Mrs Malik... Kiss me" he directly asked moving his lips closer to her who hugged him suddenly
"I luv u... Armaan" she whispered hugging him tightly who smiled hugging her back
"I luv u too... Par achanak... Kyun" he asked caressing her back who snuggled more into him
"Bas aise hi" she whispered making him kiss her head "Acha Armaan usme kyaa hai??" she asked while moving her head back staring at him who looked at the side where she was looking on the bed where a small shopping bag was placed
"Pata nai..." picking up in his hand he shrugged and opened the bag finding two envelopes "Ye kya hai" he frowned while opening the envelope where as she hides her giggle "Wow!!" he commented finding a card on which written "World's Best Dad Armaan" it was hand made by her she bit her lower lip while moving her lashes down thinking he understood "Par father's day to abhi aaya nai... To tumne kyun banaya abhi... Apne Dad k liye... Aur mera naam kyun likha" He asked frowningly making Shilpa's head snapped to look at him "Kya tum b" he shook his head making her mouth fell he didn't get what she wanted to say

"Armaan I hate u..." she said angrily while smacking his arm who got confused
"Aree par kyun" he rubbed his arm
"Itni si baat samajh nai aati aapko" she said angrily smacking him again who frowned
"Acha itni si baat kya??" he asked grabbing her hands
"Yehi ki agar card pe World's Best Dad Armaan likha hai to... Mere Papa ka kaise hoga ye... Iska to saaf matlab hai ki vo aapke baare mein hai" she spoke frustadeley making him narrowed his eyes
"Par main thodi Dad hun kisi ka" he asked
"Nai ho to... Ban nai sakte... Iska matlab saaf hai ki aap Dad banne wale ho... Par na..." she replied annoyingly but stopped immediately as she realized she told him who was just staring at her and an instant she was banged wd his chest by him
"Main Dad kya??" he asked wd a little grin to which she looked down shyly "Bolo Bracelet" he pulled her more closer whose hands were on his chest
"Haan Armaan aap Papa banane wale ho" she answered blushingly looking down where as he smiled wd moist eyes and wdin a second she was in his arms
"Bas yehi sunna chahta tha Bracelet... Sirf tumhare mooh se" he whispered nuzzling his head in her hairs who hugged him more tightly
"Matlab... Aapko pata tha...??" she asked wd a pout looking back at him who grinned
"Haa to... Tumhe kya lagta hai... Tumhari Reports mere haath mein aaye aur main dekhun na... Impossible..." he spoke proudly kissing her nose who smiled "Vaise b doubt to mujhe kabse tha tumhari harkato ki wajah se... But jab Aditi ne kaha ye tumhaari bukhaar ki Reports hai... Bas mujhe yakeen ho gaya" he said smilingly making her blushed
"Very bad... Armaan iska matlab aapka gussa vo sab natak tha" she smacked his chest who chuckled and sat properly while pulling her in his lap
"Nai gussa real tha... Kyun ki ye baat sabse pehle mujhe jaane ka right tha... But sabse last mein mujhe pata chala" he pouted making her to kiss his cheeks lovingly while cupping his face
"Sorry..." she whispered slowly to which he pulled her more closer
"Koi baat nai... Next time mujhe sabse pehle batana" he teased wd a wink to which she smacked his chest blushingly and hugged him "Thank u Bracelet..." he hugged her back
"I luv u..." she whispered kissing his neck who engulf her more
Flashback ends

"So aise bataya tha maine aapko" she finished wd a giggle but she informed half only coz she knew it might hurt him where as Armaan didn't smiled or giggled infact he didn't reacted also at it he was just staring up calmly "Vaise kyun pucha aapne ye??" staring at him she asked smilingly
"Aise hi..." he replied in calm tone which maked her frowned at his silent mode she was about to ask that Why he became silent?? When he asked something which maked her smile fade "Shilpa... Agar ye news mujhe pata nai chalti... Aur tumhe pehle pata chalti to kya tum mujhe batati?? Aur agar batati toh kaise??" turning his position at her he asked wd a small smile Obviously its very genuine that he also wanted to hear the news in surprise manner like she did before his accident but their situation was different then now "Yaa fir batati hi nai??" staring down at her by his elbow he asked hopelessly which maked her guilty coz he is right if she would got to knew about this first she would have never informed him
"Haa... Par agar aap ye nai kehte ki aapko bacche nai chahiyee... Tab toh mai bahoot hi surprising tarike se aapko batati" trying to light their moods she replied in her chearful way which maked him smiled
"Like...??" he asked wd a grin staring down at her who smiled and taking a turn moved her face above him who looked up at her face amusingly
"Like..." she mummbled cupping his face who stared up at her lips which were brushing wd his forehead whose face was hidden by her hairs "Surprise hai toh kaise bata doon... Hubby" kissing his chin lovingly she said teasingly and sat up which he also followed making them face each other
"Ab kya faida batake... Ku ki mujhe pata hai Stupid" hitting her head lightly he said in calm tone which maked her giggled who sat by her knees and moved her face closer to his who raised his bows
"Aap jaante hai mai aapko kaise batati??" keeping her hands around his neck she asked cutely to which he nodded in No wd a teasing smile "Mai aapko kehti ki Armaan kya aapke paas time hai... Toh aap apni khadoos awaaz me kehte... Nai hai kyun... Toh mai gusse me kehti... Toh time nikaal lijiye kyun ki ab aapke sar pe bahoot saari musibate aane waali hai... Toh aap confusedly kehte... Musibate kaisi musibate Shilpa clear karo... Tab mai aapko kch deti toh aapko pata chal jaata" mimicking them she said in normal tone which was making him hard to control his laugh
"Acha aisa kya deti tum...??" pulling her on his lap he asked smilingly to which she giggled and moved out from the bed to bring something "Shilpa...??" he looked at her confusedly who brought some heavy books wd herself from their wardrobe "Ye sab kya hai??" he asked confusedly as she sat infront of him again after keeping the books beside him
"Khud dekhlo..." she replied coolly while keeping that four heavy books on his hand who looked at the books confusedly but as he readed the names of books he smiled slowly 'How to take care of your pregnant wife'... 'How to understand your pregnant wife'... 'How to take care of your new born baby' & 'Pregnancy effects & deffects on womens' as he finished the reading he started laughing loudly making her giggled

Main bhatakta huaa
Sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan
Pe aake thehra hai...

"Oh My God!! Shilpa... Tum na... Kamal ho" he said after controlling his laugh but there was still smile on his face
"So dekha mai aapko aise batati..." sitting on his lap she cupped his cheeks who smiled heartly "Aap samjhte ki nai Armaan??" she asked smilingly pinching his nose lightly who chuckled removing her hand
"Haa samajh toh jaata... Par mai ye bhi expect karta ki tum mujhe batao.. Infact mai toh direct puch bhi leta" pulling her more closer by her waist he said smilingly
"Toh mai direct kehti... Mr Armaan Malik aap papa banane waale hai" kissing below his eye she said normally which maked him smile and he pulled her in rib crashing hug
"Aur mai kahunga... Thank you mujhe itni saari khushi dene k liye" he mummbled honestly hidding his face on her hairs who caressed his back lovingly after few minutes of lovey dovy moments something clicked inside his brain "Acha ek aur sawaal puchun??" playing wd her fingers he asked slowly to which she nodded in yes "Tum us din isiliye ro rahi thi na... Ki tumhe laga tum maa nai ban sakti... Aur tumhaare vo jo adhurapan waala bhi isiliye tha naa...?" he asked slowly still playing wd her fingers whose back was touching his chest but hearing his question that days came back inside her first that day when he came back from hospital and found her on floor against the couch while crying... Second when she was drunked and blurted out her insecurities in front of him "Shilpa??" his voice brought her back from flashbacks
"Haa... Par vo tab ki baat thi Armaan... Abhi mai is pal ko jeena chahti hoon aapke saath" keeping her head on his chest she replied slowly to which he smiled caressing her head lovingly when suddenly "Aaahhh..." she clutched her stomach painfully making him worried
"Kya huaa Shilpa??" he asked worriedly holding her firmly by her waist who looked up at him painfully
"Armaan lagta hai bhook lagi hai mujhe... Ku ki ye pain mujhe tabhi hota hai jab mujhe bahoot tez bhook lagti hai" holding his shoulder tightly she said painfully
"Kabse ho raha hai ye Shilpa??" rubbing her back he asked concernedly
"Last week se... Har raat ko yehi hota hai.. Pehle mujhe laga shayad meri bhook ki wajah se hota hoga .. But ab samajh me aaya ki ye Baby k bhook ki wajah se ho raha hai" she replied slowly which maked him chuckled
"Acha hai.. Abhi se tumhaari akal thikaane pe laga k rakkhi hai..." he said in sarcastic tone while moving out from bed "Toh bolo kya khaogi...??" he asked in normal tone while removing his black blazer
"Armaan... Kch bhi... Par jaldi" she said slowly still clutching her stomach which maked him worried so he immediately went out "Tumna bilkul apne papa ki tarah bas mujhe tang karo..." looking down she said in scolding tone still gripping her stomach "Spcly... Jabse mujhe pata chala hai tabse toh aur bhi badhti jaa raha hai tumhari masti" she complained removing her sandals when Armaan came back wd a juice
"Isse peelo... Fir dinner karenge haa" sitting beside her he gave the juice to her who made a face "Shilpa peelo... Varna zabardasti peelana padega" he warned moving his T-Shirt's sleeves up till his elbow to which reluctantly she started sipping her juice "Good girl..." he smiled seeing her finishing the juice quietly and kept the empty glass on table "Ab chalo... Dinner karte hai... Miss Bracelet" extending his hand he stood up where as a smile reached her lips as he called 'Bracelet' which he rarely calls just to tease her but whenever he does it maked her happy from heart
"Par Armaan... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai..." she said slowly laying on bed making him angry
"Tum... Pehle apna ye shedule change karo zara... Dinner time tak sone ka..." saying this strictly he leaned on her who hidded her face in pillows mummbling No "Tum aise nai maanogi" shaking his head he picked her up in his arms
"Armaan... Mai gir gayi toh..." she squealed hidding her face on his neck scaredly who smiled while walking out of the room
"Mere hote huye kaise girogi" he said smilingly where as still she didn't lived his shoulder fearing to fall "Ab yaha baitho... Mai khaana laata hoon... And for god sake aankhen kholo" he said in calm tone making her sat on chair also warned her who opened her eyes slowly but left amazed seeing herself in Lawn Tent under which their romantic table was arranged wd white balloons & ribbons there was a candle shinning on their table wd white Sunflowers on vase also around the tent lights were shinning
Hum pe sitaaron ka e
Ehsaan ho
Poora, adhoora har
Armaan ho...

"Armaan ye...??" she looked at him surprisingly who smiled sitting in front of her
"Tumhaare liye nai hai... Baby k liye hai" as he said teasingly she giggled when something fluffy touched her feet
"Aww..." she smiled seeing Shao Pao & Toy jumping on her leg where as Breezer was sitting quietly on floor eating his dinner
"Shilpa nai... Pehle khaana khao... Fir unhe uthaana" he warned as he saw she bend to pick Shao Pao & Toy
"Par mujhe neend aa rahi hai..." she said slowly to which he glared which maked her to start her food wd grumpy look making him smiled "Ye mat samajhna mai aapse dar k khaa rahi hoon... Mai sirf apne baby k liye kha rahi hoon.. Samjhe" she said wd attitude which maked him amused
"Haa... Toh mai bhi tumhaare liye nai apne baby k liye keh raha tha..." he retorted wd calm look which maked her to glare him and wd their cute banter they finished their dinner... After the dinner they walked in backyard talking nothing just pulling each others leg while their pets were playing around them and at last Shilpa got tired so they return in room for sleep following by the pets... Next two days were very annoying for Armaan coz everyone is calling & congratulating him which deffenately done by Surbhi who informed everyone Armaan was feeling irritated coz Ananya & Padma both instructed him how to take care of Shilpa... After two days there was Holi celebration in society In night Shilpa was very excited to colour Armaan first also making plans that How she will colour him?? She was excited and was waiting for morning but as she woke up in next morning found herself alone on bed which maked her frowned when she found a note on washroom door 'Happy Holi Wify... Tum jaldi se ready ho jao... Mai aadhe ghante me aata hoon' as she readed her heart fell but knowing his work she let it go and got ready in White saari wd golden & pink borders her hairs were curled from down... As she came out find Surbhi Tanveer & Nazma waiting for her excitedly but as they saw her empty cheeks they moved to colour her who she stepped back making Surbhi to tease her 'Ohhoo lagta hai Jr Mr Khan ki mumma Sr Mr Khan se pehle colour lagwaana chahti hai...' as she teased it maked her blushed while other girls laughed then they all kept herself in chating and moved towards lawn where they chated for hours... Meethi came informing Shilpa that Armaan is waiting for her who excusing from girls went to see Armaan while hiding her excietment but as she stepped inside their room became confused coz Armaan was nowhere to be seen
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi (x2)

"Armaan... Kaha hai aap??" she called his name confusedly and as she stepped in middle of the room red & pink colors fell from up making her fully colorful"Aww..." she hided her face wd her palms
"Happy Holi... Meri Tufani Chidchidi Wify" standing against the door he teased wd a smile still crossing his arms He was fully ready in a light blue shirt wd light brown formal pant as always looking handsome
"Arrgghh... Armaan... I hate you... Pura rang diya mujhe" she whined cleaning herself which maked him laughed

"Tumhe dekh k ek vo kya kehte hain... Haa kahawat...vo yaad aa gayi..." approaching towards her he said teasingly which maked her pout while drying her hairs "Jo dusro k liye gaddha khodate hai... Vo khud usime gir jaate hai..." correcting his goggles he said in calm tone which maked her to glare him "Ab dekho na... Tumne mere liye plan kiya tha... Ab tum khud usi k neeche aa gayi..." he chuckled seeing her angry look
"Argghh... Mujhe aapse baat hi nai karni..." saying this angrily she moved inside washroom leaving him smiling
"Armaan yaar... Jaake sambhal varna holi k din... Ye acche se khabar legi teri... Aur kya pata firse chodne ka mood ho gaya toh..." saying this to himself he removed his goggles and ran inside the wasroom where he find Shilpa cleaning herself wd water which maked him smile "Vaise ye toh galat hai... Pehle khud mere liye plan karti ho.. Aur jab mai vo tumpe try kar raha hoon.. Gussa ho gayi... This is wrong" he said in complaining tone standing behind her who rubbed her face wd the towel and then looked at him slowly "Fine... I am sorryy..." he apologized uninteresting to which she crossed her hands while glaring him who took a sigh thinking what to do??
"Aapko pata hai aapne meri puri saari colorful kardi..." saying this wd pouted lips she turned towards shower area
"Holi k din... Sab colorful hi hote hai Shilpa" saying this calmly he looked at her who looked back at him wd a sweet smile which was not a good sign for him
"Happy Holi Armaan..." she said in most sweetest way to which he looked at her suspiciously "Kya huaa... Armaan??" she asked innocently
"Aaammm... U know.. Mujhe ek kaam yaad aa gaya hai... Mai aata hoon" stepping back he said carefully
"Accha thik hai... Jaane se pehle aap kya plzz... Meri taraf se Muskaan ko Happy Holi wish kar denge... Vo kya haina mere phone ki battery off ho chuki hai... Toh plzz aap kardo" she requested innocently to which he smiled slowly
"Yaa sure..." he nodded in yes doubtfully coz somewhere he guessed she is upto something?? But ignoring that he texted Muskaan from Shilpa "Ho ga..." but before he could compelete his sentence she threw a bucket full water on him who became stunned
Aise khenche dil ke penche
Gale hi pad gayi oye...

"Happy Holi... Mere Shona..." keeping the bucket on floor she wished wd a giggle
"How dare..." as he opened his mouth she took the shower handle and maked him fully drenched "Shilpa... Agar maine tumhe pakad liya na... To chodunga nai..." he warned rubbing his face by his hands which maked her laughed
"Pehle pakad toh lo..." she giggled stepping back
"Acchaa abhi batata hoon..." saying this in warning tone he immediately took hold of her hands and snatching the shower handle he maked her fully drenched
"Armaan..." she whinned as he maked her fully drenched wd a smirk
"Isse kehte hai tit for tat..." throwing the shower handle he corrected his hairs properly which have became wet
"I hate you... Ab mujhe saari change karni padegi" stumping her foot angrily she moved to go when her feet got slipped "Aaahhh..." she closed her eyes fearly as she slipped but fortunately landed on Armaan who immediately held her by her waist wd fear
"Isiliye mai tumhe paani me... Nai laana chahta tha... Abhi geerne se bacchi tum..." as he scolded she opened her eyes slowly realizing her Knight saved her as always
"Armaan..." she immediately hugged him fearly who caressed her back only to realized In what condition she is right now Her saari was clinging to her skin while her wet hairs was pulling him more closer to her
"Shilpa... I think tumhe change karna chahiyee varna bimaar pad jaaogi... Jo baby k liye thik nai hoga" parting her slowly he said in calm tone while controlling his desires
"Ye sab aapki wajah se huaa..." she said wd grumpy look while drying her hairs by her fingers which was only making Armaan to lost his patience but he have to control or else he can loose in any moment
"Thik hai tum... Change karlo... Mai bahar change karta hoon..." saying this he turned back to go when she gripped his wrist making him stopped whose heartbeat skipped
"Aapko nai lagta... Aap kch bhool rahe hai..." as she said teasingly he looked back at her frowningly when she stood in front of him by hidding her hands behind her back making him to raised his bows suspiciously
"Kya chal raha hai tumhaare dimaag me...??" he asked in calm tone while crossing his hands
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chad gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi...

"Yehi ki aap kitne handsome lag rahe hai..." she flirted wd a smiled making him to gave her questioning look "Ab toh aur bhi handsome lagenge..." sayig this chearfully she coloured his cheeks wd her hands which maked him stunned "Happy Holi..." she giggled seeing his face to which he just stared her stunnedly "I Know Aap yehi soch rahe haina.. Ki colour kaha se aaya... Toh mai aapko bata doon... Mera dusra plan bathroom me hi tha... Toh vo use kiya..." she said wd a winning smile looking at him who showed daggers to her and stepped ahead which maked her stepped back "Aap mujhe kch nai keh saktte ku ki aaj holi hai okay.." she tried to warned him while stapping back when her back touched the shower glass wall
"I think tum sahi keh rahi ho... Aaj holi hai toh... Kch bhi chalega haina..." caging her wd his hands he said in calm tone to which she smiled slowly "So how about tumhe bhi color laga doon..." saying this calmly he brushed his cheeks on hers which maked her crimson red mumbling his name who pulled her closer by her bare waist... Entwining their hands his face started nuzzling on her neck making her to forget everything while her saari opened fully where as her Pallu fell down by him who was compeletly lost in her The atmosphere turned more romantic when unintentionally Shilpa's hand touched the shower knob on Which maked them fully drenched
"Armaan..." she blushed as he lived her lips pantingly which maked him to kiss her already red cheek lovingly
"So agli baar Armaan Malik se panga lene se pehle soch lena..." staring at her he whispered in calm tone but she can guessed that teasiness in it
"Ho gaya... Ab mai change kar loon... Varna bimaar pad jaaungi" keeping her both hands around his neck she said smilingly to which he thought for sometime
"How about... Mai help karun??" he asked in fake serious tone which maked her red but didn't loosing her cool she looked at him confidently
"I dont mind... But sirf paanch minute me hona chahiyee..." as she said confidently he chuckled amusingly seeing her face who also smiled
"I love you..." kissing her nose tip lovingly he mumbled pulling her closer... Just like this they ended their romance plus cute Nok Jhok and got dressed in dry clothes Armaan wore a white shirt & ripped denim jeans and came out of the room only stopped seeing Rehaan & Surbhi's fight while Ayaan was enjoying their fight munching some wafers
"Yeh kya ho raha hai...??" standing beside Ayaan he asked calmly to which Ayaan chuckled
"Bhaijaan... Surbhi gussa hai ki kyun Rehaan ne sabse pehle Tanveer ko colour lagaya usse nai... Jabki un dono ki shaadi k baad first holi hai ye... Aur Rehaan argue kar raha hai ki Tanveer saamne se colour laayi toh vo kya kare..." Ayaan narrated the scene wd a smile while listening him calmly Armaan also started munching the wafers "Aur issi baat pe dono adhe ghante se lad rahe hai..." he finished to which he nodded in yes calmly and they both started enjoying the show
"Acha... Toh tum ek kaam kyun nai karte... Chale kyun nai jaate Tanveer k paas" Surbhi said angrily pointing her index finger at Rehaan
"Surbhi tum baat ko kaha se kaha le jaa rahi ho... Hum toh sirf unhe wish kar rahe the" Rehaan argued
"Accha... Tumhe meri toh kabhi yaad nai aayi wish karne k liye" she taunted which maked Rehaan to held his head
"Hume samajh me nai aa raha hum tumhaara kya karen" he said tiredly
"Khaayin me phek do..." as she replied angrily Armaan & Ayaan chuckled
"Kahaayin bhi tumse pareshaan ho jaayga Surbhi uski socho tum" he taunted angrily making her fumed
"Bhaijaan.." Ayaan whispered in Armaan's ear who hummed calmly munching his wafers "Jaise humne inki shaadi secretly karvaaiyi... Ab mujhe lagta hai ki divorce bhi secretly karvaana padega" as he joked Armaan chuckled hifiving him when Shilpa came out from room wearing a white dress but stopped beside both the boys seeing Rehaan-Surbhi fighting
O udti patang jaise
Mast malang jaise
Masti si chadh gayi humko turant aise...

"Oh really!! U know what just go to hell..." saying this angrily Surbhi picked a full jug of water and in an instant threw that on Rehaan's face who became stunned while Ayaan laughed loudly making Armaan chuckled where as Shilpa put her hands on her mouth shockingly
"Haaww... Surbhi ye tumne...??" moving towards her Shilpa asked shockingly
"Thik kiya..." Surbhi replied angrily glaring Rehaan who rubbed his face which maked Armaan to revind their scene in washroom
"Hume tumse baat hi nai karni Surbhi..." saying this angrily Rehaan went from there
"Mujhe bhi nai karni..." she also said in same tone and went from there leaving the three alone... Shilpa looked back at both the boys who were discussing about match making her angry
"Armaan... Ayaan aap dono ne roka kyun nai unke fight ko... Dekha jhagda ho gaya unke bich na..." she said in strict tone glaring at the two
"Bhabhijaan... Mai Rehaan aur Surbhi k matters me nai bolta jaldi kyun ki tab unki ladaai aur ho jaati hai" Ayaan explained in his cool style making her to glare Armaan for answers
"Mujhse mat expect karo ki mai... Kisi k personal matter me bolunga... So sorryy... Bye" saying this coolly he took wafer from Ayaan's hand and went from there following by Ayaan which maked Shilpa fumed coz she didn't expected this from him... So she herself started thinking something for Surbhi-Rehaan and she reached in society's holi party where everyone is enjoying playing the festival wd full swing when Nazma came informing her about Surbhi & Rehaan's ignorance to each other which she also observed coz they both were standing opposite to each other... She was thinking something when one of a Society's girly gang came wd 'Laddoos' wishing her Holi who smilingly wished them back taking that sweet Surbhi also gave company to her and they both ate together that laddoos in which the Bhaang was put making their heads spinned
Lagti current jaise
Nikla warrant jaise
Abhi abhi utra ho net se torrent jaise...

"Allah miya... What's wrong wd this place... Kyun ghum raha hai ye Shilpa..." balancing herself Surbhi said confusedly to which Shilpa laughed
"Lo... Mujhe toh tum ghumti hui dikh rahi ho Surbhi" holding Surbhi by her shoulders Shilpa said confusedly
"Mai nai buddhu tum ghum rahi ho..." Surbhi said wd a giggle
"Nai.. Nai Tum..." Shilpa pointed balancing herself "Par Surbhi aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai... Ki hum dono nai... Sab log ghum rahe ho" putting her index finger on her chin she said confusedly
"Haaa... Yeh ho sakta hai" she laughed loudly when Ayaan came there wd a glass of juice but as he saw both talking nonsense while balancing each other he gotted they must have ate that Bhaang wale Laddoos which was his idea to give Rehaan & Surbhi but seeing Shilpa like this he smacked himself mentally and immediately ran to call Rehaan & Armaan who were busy in talking at corner side of party Armaan was making Rehaan to understand about Surbhi's feelings which worked also coz Rehaan was nodding in yes... Reaching there Ayaan narrated pantingly which maked the two shocked Armaan was about to beat Ayaan who said he can beat him later but first check the both Rehaan agreed and they three reached there where they find Surbhi laughing on something as if making someone's fun
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chad gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi...

"Rehaan... Tu Surbhi... Ko lekar jaa mai Shilpa ko lekar aata hoon..." he almost ordered moving near the Surbhi
"Par bhaijaan hum...??" But Rehaan was shut by his one glare who ran to search Shilpa "Zaroor sambhaalenge inko... Chaliyee Surbhi ji" saying this he gripped Surbhi's hand who tried to free
"Nai... Mujhe tumse baat hi nai karni... Tum bure ho" Surbhi said wd sad tone but still she was unconscious
"Thik hai baat mat karna par chal toh sakti ho??" he asked smilingly taking hold of her hand who smiled
"Par ek shart pe..." she said wd a wide smile
"Ye tumhaari har baat maanenge tum bas keh k toh dekho..." Ayaan said smilingly to which she clapped
"Thik gai murga banno..." Surbhi ordered making Rehaan's eyes came out "Bante ho ki mai chillaun" she yelled to which bending on ground he reluctantly followed her order making Ayaan laughed at their scene Where as Armaan was still searching Shilpa who was dancing wd some young girls on Balam Pichkaari... Armaan's eyes came out seeing her like this that too in this condition so he immediately ran towards her and picked her up on his arms who started wriggling
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi...

"Chodo mujhe chodo..." she shouted in her kiddish tone as he took her away from public "Haww tum mujhe kaha le jaa rahe ho..." she asked confusedly looking up at the sky where as he closed his eyes finding her again in this state which is always a hard task for him "Sab kch blue hai yaha..." she blinked her eyes twice seeing the sky blue
"Shilpa yaar bina... Soche samjhe kch bhi mat khaya karo... Dekho ab kya hogaya" he scolded dropping her down in front of their house's door
"Kya hogaya Armaan...??" she asked innocently balancing herself
"Do minute shaant rahogi..." he said annoying holding her by her wrist who sat on the steps which maked him held his head "Shilpa kahin pe bhi mat baitha karo" he scolded kneeling in front of her
"Toh kaha baithte hai...??" she asked wd a giggle to which he took a long sigh trying to calm himself "Tumhe pata hai... Holi k din na... Bahoot kch khaate peete hai aur colours bhi lagaate hai" she informed in cute voice making him looked at her
"Accha huaa bata diya... Mujhe toh pata hi nai tha" he said in sarcastic way making her to slap him lightly on his cheek who became stunned
"Jaante ho maine tumhe thappad kyun maara...??" pointing her index finger at him she asked wd a cute pout to which he rolled his eyes
"Kyun??" he asked uninteresting to which she cupped his face lovingly who raised his bows amusingly
"Kyun ki... Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..." as she said nonchalantly he chuckled
"Good... Ab chalen..." stooding up he held her wrist who pulled her hand back
"Nai... Mujhe nai jaana... Mujhe Holi khelna hai" she said wd grumpy look making him to calm himself "Chalo... Chalte hai" stooding up she moved ahead to go when he stopped her by her waist
"Nai Shilpa... Tumhe aaram ki jaroorat hai..." making her looked at him he said calmly
"Kyun mai thodi koi bacchi hoon..." she argued
"Bacchi toh nai ho... Par bacche ko janm zaroor dene waali ho..." he thought holding her firmly by her waist who looked at him cutely
"Bolo... Bolte kyun nai..." hitting his head lightly she said wd her cute anger
Khilti basant jaise
Dhulta kalank jaise
Dil ki daraar mein ho pyar ka cement jaise
Akhiyon hi akhiyon mein jang ki front jaise
Mil jaaye sadiyon se atka refund jaise...

"Kyun ki tum pregnant ho... Its not good for you to roam like this" he said calmly holding her who fell on him
"Pregnant??" she looked at herself "Mai pregnant hoon??" she asked cutetly to which he nodded in yes calmly "Par mai thodi moti hoon... Aur na hi mera stomach bahar hai..." looking down on her stomach she asked confusedly to which he rub his forehead to calm himself
"Shilpa... See mera dimaag mat khaao... Varna utha k le jaaunga" he warned to which she started laughing loudly "Lagta hai pagal ho gayi hai ye bhaang k laddoo khakar" he mumbled under his breath staring at her frowningly "Ab kya hogaya...??" making her looked at him he asked in strict tone
"Tum... Kitne bade buddhu ho..." she said still laughing which maked him to glared her "Stupid... Dimaag thodi khaane waali chiz hai... Vo toh sochne waali chiz hai..." controlling her laugh she said smartly which maked him to held his head
"Sirf PJ's maar rahi hai kabse..." shaking his head he took a sigh "Shilpa bakwaas band karo... Aur chalo andar varna utha k zanardasti le jaaunga" he warned pointing his index finger which she bite "Aaahhh... Shilpa..." he said angrily rubbing his finger
"Tumhaari mumma ne tumhe sikhaya nai... Ki never point on girls" keeping her hands on her waist she said angrily making him irritated
"Tum chalti ho ki nai??" he warned and was about to point but immediately pulled his finger down
"Nai... Jab tak tum mujhe utha k nai le jaate" she said stubbornly crossing her hands "Aur tumne kaha mai pregnant hoon... Agar mai chali gir gayi toh..." she asked wd pouted lips
"Kabse mai kya gaana gaa raha tha...??" saying this sarcastically he picked her up on his arms
"Dekho... Mujhe giraana mat" she warned holding his shoulders tightly who walked inside carefully

Zubaan pe chadh gayi oye
Kudi zubaan pe chadh gayi
Lahu mein badh gayi oye
Kudi lahu mein badh gayi...

"Haa baba jaisa tum kaho..." wdout looking at her he said calmly and walked inside their room
"Okay... Tab tak mai tumhe teen stories sunaati hoon" she said wd a giggle making him amused "Dekho pehli story me... Ek raaja tha aur ek raani thi dono mar gaye khatam kahaani..." as she finished he raised his bows confusedly making her sat on bed "Dusri story me... Ek Haathi tha aur ek Cheeti... Haathi ne cheeti ko kuchal diya khatam khaani" she said wd a giggle which maked Armaam to rolled his eyes at her PJ's when suddenly she became quiet making him frowned who sat in front of her
"Aur teesri...??" removing the colours from her cheeks by his knuckles he asked smilingly when suddenly she slapped lightly on his cheek making him stunned
"Buddhu Story mai suna rahi hoon ki tum..." saying this she started laughing which maked Armaan to held his head
"Isse maine ek thappad kya maara zor ka .. Ye toh thappad pe thappad maare jaa rahi hai" he mocked at himself watching her still laughing "Acha chodo vo sab... Chalo change karlo..." gripping her wrist he said calmly


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