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Part 57: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Kamli kahaaniyo si
Jangli jawaniyon si
Jamti pighalti hai pal-pal paaniyon si
Behti rawaaniyon si
Hansti shaitaaniyon si
Chadh gayi hum pe badi meherbaniyon si...

"Nai... Mujhe tumhe colour lagaana hai..." she whined moving away from him
"Kya uske baad tum change karogi..." he asked in strict tone to which she nodded in yes innocently "Thik hai... Colours lagaane k baad change karna okay..." saying this he stood up to brought colours where as she threw her duppatta on bed when he came back wd a plate full of colour "Yeh lo... Jo karna hai karo... Aur plzz change kar lena..." he requested standing in front of her who kneeled on bed facing him
"Par mai isse lagaaun kaha...??" fisting the colours on her hands she looked at him wd cute confused face making Armaan to held his head when "Armaan..." she called in loving tone making him chuckled
"Haa... Armaan ki jaan..." as he said this smilingly his smile faded coz this words looked smiliar Yes that old flashes came inside his head when she coloured his cheeks lovingl which maked him smiled
Aise khenche dil ke penche
Gale hi pad gayi oye...

"I love you..." she said wd dreamy smile on her face making him pulled her closer by her waist lovingly
"I love you too..." caressing her cheek by his knuckles he rubbed his cheeks on hers who smiled shyly and kept her head on his shoulder almost hiding her face on his crook of neck "Acha... Ab bahoot ho gaya chalo change karlo... Fir so jaans thik hai" saying this lovingly he caressed her back when he felt her body loosed "Great... Hamesha ki tarah so gayi" he shook his head smilingly as he saw her sleeping soundlessly so making her laye properly on bed he rubbed the colours from her face carefully "Aise hi so gayi... I am sure jab uthegi toh chidegi khudlo aise dekh k..." staring her he mumbled smilingly and kissing her head lovingly he went out from room to see the pets... Evening was very tiring for Shilpa whose head was still spinning after taking showers for two times but still her head was spinning which maked her vomit But as she gulped three glasses of lime juices it soothed her throat... There was party arranged in society but she didn't went coz of her throbbing head which maked Armaan to stopped wd her and spending sometime wd each orher they slept after dinner but in night Armaan felt Shilpa's body burning which maked him to checked her who was burning wd high fever So in whole night he took her care... Till morning her fever gone which maked Shilpa to pampered Armaan more also she apologized for her unconscious state's slap to which he punished her by a soulful kiss and just like this their one month passed everything was control in his hand Yaah sometimes she behaves different by her mood swings but he always took in his hand but one thing was making him confused... Her craves which stopped after she got to know about her pregnancy so one day he thought to ask They both were in their room He was working on his lappy while she was playing wd her pets on floor happily
"Shilpa... Ab tumhe kch khaane ka mann nai hota??" at last he asked ending his confusion but hearing this she became stiff and when she didn't said anything he kept the laptop on couch and kneeled beside her who looked at him slowly "Kya huaa?? Gussa ho last time ki wajah se... Ki maine tumpe chillaya tha..." making her looked at him by her hand he asked softly
"Nai... Bas aise hi" looking away from him she said softly
"Mujhse toh jhut na hi bolo Shilpa... Sach sach batao kya baat hai??" asking in strict tone he grabbed her both hands to which she looked up slowly
"Armaan... Mujhe dar lagta hai... Bahar jaane se ku kahin mai gir gayi toh... Kahin koi accident ho gaya toh??" she said fearly gripping his shirt from front
"Shilpa.. Tum itna kyun sochti ho... Mai hoon na... Kch nai hone dunga tumhe" cupping her face he asurred softly to which she nodded in No
"Nai... Mujhe dar lagta hai... Nai jaaungi" saying this she hugged him slowly "Mai dobaara apne bacche ko nai khona chahti Armaan" she whispered softly closing her eyes to which he hugged her back
"Iske dar ka kch to karna hoga... Varna lock kar legi khudko..." ruffling her hairs he thought worriedly "Acha thik hai... Vo sab chodo ye batao... Tumhe kch crave hai khaane ka..??" parting her he asked smilingly to which she nodded in no "Shilpa..." as he said in strict tone she gulped "Bolo..." he asked calmly
"Dhosa..." she mummbled carefully to which he narrowed his eyes "I mean Masaala Dhosa wd lots of cheez & paneer grilled... Ye mujhe pichle ek hafte se khaane ka mann hai" she replied wd excieting voice as if craving for it which maked him chuckled
"Yehi waali ladki toh miss kar raha tha" pinching her nose lightly he said to which she smiled widely "Par uske liye tumhe bahar jaana padega... Ku ki lekar aane tak vo thanda ho chuka hoga..." he said in fake serious tone which maked her sad
"Toh chalega... Koi baat nai... Nai chahiyee..." she said in cute voice when Breezer Shao Pao & Toy started barking at each other fighting for a boll "Aree tum log... Offo lagta hai mujhe hi shaant karana hoga..." she said while moving towards them and started handling them where as Armaan was adoring her wd a smile... Two days went like this only happy wd each other that day Armaan brought a surprise for her so he moved inside their room to call her but left amazed finding her doing something
"Kar kya rahi hai ye...??" he mumbled smilingly seeing her sitting on bed but she was bending her head down while trying to tie the Anklet Yes the same one which Armaan gifted her on their first Valentine's day also which she brought from Mumbai wd all the gifts "Par ye jhuki kyun hai... Stupid" saying this he moved towards her
Ek dusre se jo
Baandhe humein
Baahon mein nanhi si
Ik jaan ho...
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"Offo!! Ye lock kyun nai ho raha hai??" she cursed trying to lock it when she saw Armaan's hands took hold of her anklet which maked her to look at him surprisingly only to found him kneeling on floor
"See... Maine mana kiya tha na jhukne k liye... Lekin tum nai sunti" he scolded while trying to lock the anklet which made her smile coz their Valentine's day flashed in her eyes when he maked her wore this anklet "Vaise kya suchi itni noise karne waali anklet pehenne ki" asking this strictly he bend to lock the anklet's lock by his teeth which maked her to closed her eyes smilingly feeling his lips
"Aise hi mera mood kar raha hai pehenne ka.." she replied wd a smile to which he looked up after locking it
"Dusra do..." he extended his hand calmly on which she kept wd a giggle "Tum aur tumhaare mood ka kch karna hoga... Vaise accha hi hai tum ye pehen rahi ho... Ku ki isse pata chalega ki tum ho kaha..." after tying the anklet he looked up at her who smiled and cupping his face kissed his cheek who was taken aback by her sudden gesture
"Kaha the aap?? Subhe se dhoondh rahi hoon aapko... Breakfast bhi nai kiya aapne" she started asking like a typical wife which maked him smile who stood up
"Aao breakfast bhi karte hai aur batata bhi hoon... Kaha tha mai..." grabbing her hand he started walking which she also followed wd a smile "Aao... Baitho..." making her sat on breakfast table he took a chair beside her
"Ab batao kaha the??" she asked wd fake angry tone making him to rolled his eyes
"Ghum raha tha..." his sarcastic answer made her pout "Hmm... Lid hatao ab" ignoring her pout he said in calm tone which maked her frown then shaking his head he himself remove the lid from the plate
"Haww.." her mouth dropped opened in surprise as she saw Her Masaala Dhosa wd Lots of Cheez & Grilled Paneer on the plate "Atmaan ye??" she looked up at him surprisingly
"Khao varna thanda ho jaayga..." saying this calmly he pour juice in a empty glass then kept beside the plate
"Armaan ye kaha se... Aur uper se garam hai??" she asked wd a smile to which he smiled back wd a calm look
"Tum khao... Baaki sab bataane k mood me nai hoon mai... Haa bas itna bata sakta hoon mai... Ki subhe ussi k liye gaya tha..." as he said this she felt again falling for him "Vo kya kehte hai usse... Yaa... Tum aam khaao na... Guthliya kyun gin rahi ho" keeping his back against the chair post he said calmly while picking his coffee mug she giggled at his words and started eating her food deliciously
"Umm... Amazing.." as she started eating she said like a kid who is enjoying her favourite food which maked him chuckled while admiring her face
"Agar mai tumhaari jagah hota toh ek baar zaroor puchta... Ki khaaogi" he copied her style while taunting her who giggled
"Hmm... Ye lo" saying this lovingly she inserted a bite inside his mouth who enjoyed the dhosa
"Not bad... Tumhaare uss Dark chocolate lava se toh accha hi hai" after chewing his food he teased in calm tone
"Accha..." she giggled to which he nodded in Yes calmly making her adored him "Armaan vaha kya laga hai" pointing at his cheek she said frowningly to which he rubbed his cheek
"Kaha??" he frowned

"Accha ruko... Mai dekhti hoon" saying this in serious tone she leaned closer to him who showed his cheek where she gave a lingering kiss making him amused "I love you.." she giggled seeing his amused face who grinned
"Oyyee Hoyyee!!" he said teasingly which maked her a liitle surprised hearing this from him after soo many months which maked her to kiss his other cheek also lovingly "Kya ho gaya tumhe??" he asked bemusingly making her giggled
"Pyaar..." pinching his nose lightly she said lovingly which maked him to glared her while pulling her hand down from his nose Just like this their life goes on wd happiness in it... Second month passed wd like this only but still Armaan was trying to make her come out from the house but she was adamant on her place and if he scolds she started crying which was another task for him to hold the situation also she became quiet and started thinking many things which always left her scared at nights... Like one night they had fight over his work Yes those days he was busy in his cases which maked Shilpa's insecurities more raised thinking she will loose him which resulted she started taking more care of him who vecame irrirated at her extra care so at last he blasted on her which resulted in big fight that night they both didn't talked and slept wdout dinner.. In middle of the night she saw a nightmare which maked her scared but she didn't wake him so hugging the pillow tightly she started crying silently Armaan's sleep broke coz as he moved his hand to touch her still sleepy he felt the place empty which maked his eyes snapped opened who immediately moved his head to look for her but seeing her at the edge of bed he took a sigh
"Thank god ye thik hai... Varna meri toh dhadkane ruk gayi thi... Par ye itne aage kyun hai... Abhi giregi toh" wondering this he moved his hand carefully on her waist whose back was facing him and before she could react he pulled wd such force that she came under him but his anger changed into soft one as he saw her puffed eyes who looked away from him clearing her tears "Shilpa?? Kya huaa?? Kyun ro rahi ho??" he asked shockingly cupping her one cheek who looked away from him again trying to hold back her tears "Shilpa... See yaar mujhe aise mat darayaa karo... Batao kya baat hai??" this time he asked in angry voice to which she tried to pushed him who grabbed her hand immediately "Okay... Agar tum jhagde ko lekar ro rahi ho toh I am sorryy" he apologized in soft tone staring at her who looked down guiltfully
"Nai... I am sorryy Armaan... Meri galti hai mai hi kch zyada involve ho rahi hoon... I know mai aapke kaam k bich aa rahi hoon... Par mai kya karoon mujhe dar lagne laga hai sab kch khone ka... But agar maine aapko disturb kiya toh I am So..." but her sentence left incomplete by him who kept his palm on her mouth shutting her up
"Mujhe acha lagta hai jab tum meri parwah karti ho... Mujhr uswaqt aisa lagta hai koi hai mere saath jo mere liye hai" he confessed staring at her intently who was listening him silently coz of his hand on her mourh "Haa mai gusse me bahoot kch bol deta hoon. Par uska reason mera kaam hi hota hai aksar... Soo plzz apne dimaag pe itna zor mat do... Varna hamaara baby pareshaan ho jaayga" removing his palm from her mouth he said slowly to which nodding in yes she hugged him tightly still sniffing where as he took a sigh of satisfaction finding her back... They both were enjoying the silence still hugging each other when Shilpa's stomach growled
"Aahhh..." pushing him she clutched her stomach tightly feeling the pain
"Shilpa...??" staring at her shockingly he asked but stopped seeing her in pain "I think baby ko bhuk lagi hai..." saying this worriedly he ran to bring sonething for her who sat on bed rubbing her stomach painfully also in b/w scolding her unborn child when Armaan came back wd food which she ate immediately "Feeling good??" rubbing her back lovingly he asked to which she nodded in yes wd a weak smile and finishing the food she kept her head on his shoulder tiredly "Vaise kch bhi ho... Mai abhi se hi apne bacche ko pyaar larne laga hoon" taking her in a hug he said smilingly to which she mummbled in sleepy tone why?? Which maked him smiled "Aree isliye ku ki isne tumhe abhi se hi nacha k rakkha hai... Most important ye apne bahaane tumhe khaana khilwa deta hai" as he said this she smiled wd closed eyes and keeping her head on his cheat slept where as after making her laye he also slept peacefully... Like this everyrhing was going good Dilshad Surbhi & everyone always there for Shilpa's help like a family in b/w Padma called to check her health also ordered Armaan to take care of her not only she but also Aditi too was ordering him to take care of her & most important Ananya who always called him to bring Shilpa back in Mumbai coz she wanted to take care of her Like in one afternoon she called him for same thing
"Mom yaar aap samajh nai rahe ho... Mai Shilpa ko nai laa sakta vaha... Vo ghar se bahar nikal jaaye vohi bahoot badi baat hai" an Irritated Armaan replied his mom's question
"Armaan toh uska dar bahar nikaalo... Vo maa banane waali hai agar vo daregi toh bacche k liye thik nai hoga..." Ananya maked him understand smilingly "Shayad tumhe nai pata par uska ye dar uski miscarriage ki wajah se huaa hai... Jisse nikaalna bahoot zaroori hai" she said slowly
"Mom.. Mujhe pata hai vo baat aur mai samajhta bhi hoon... Par thoda time de raha hoon mai usko mom..." he replied calmly while sitting on chair
"Haa... Thik hai... Par uske chauthe mahine pure hone se pehle yaa usse Mumbai wapas lekar aao... Ku ki mai aur Maa chahte hain ki tumhara bhi pehla baby issi ghar me aaye... Infact Padma ji khud chahti hai ki Shilpa ka baby Mumbai me hi ho..." she almost ordered naking him took a sigh looking at Breezer Toy & Shao Pao who were playing in lawn
"Fine mom..." he agreed while stooding up

"Haa... Aur suno tab tak tumhe hi uska khayaal rakhna hoga... Vaise Dilshad ne kaha vo hai vaha par kch zimmedaariyaa tumhaari bhi hai" she started her lecture which maked him to rolled his eyes "Accha suno... Last time vo dinner time dinner nai karti thi ku ki vo soo jaati thi... Toh ho sakta hai is baar bhi vo yehi kare aur tumhe raato ko jagaye... Toh ek acche pati ki tarah uska dhyaan dena aue shaanti se kaam karna... Aur haa ho sakta hai uska pair swell ho to warm oil se massage de dena... Usko healthy chize khilaana aur nimmbo paani pila dena... Taki dizziness thodi kam ho uski" she instructed like a teacher which maked him to rub his forehead to calm himself
"Bas bas maa... Vo ek doctor hai khud samajhta hoga sab kch..." Aditi's voice made Ananya stopped "Aap bhi na..." she giggled putting the breakfast trey on table which maked Ananaya smiled
"Haa ye bhi hai... Accha suno apna bhi dhyaan dena..." concentrating on Armaan she said smilingly
"Chalo aapko mere baare me yaad toh aaya..." he taunted smilingly which maked Ananaya smiled
"Yaad toh tum ho hi... Par tumhaare baare me mai jaanti hoon khud ka khayaal rakhna aata hai... Par iswaqt Shilpa ka dhyaan bahoot zaroori hai... Toh apne kaam ko side pe rakh k... Uska dhyaan dena" she replied smilingly to which he chuckled moving inside in house
"Haa... Thik hai... Chalo mom mai rakhta hoon... Bye" saying this calmly he hung up the phone after his mom bid byed to him who walked inside hall searching for Shilpa who is no were to be seen when he heared giggles from kitchen "May be kitchen..." mumbling this he walked inside kitchen where he find Surbhi sitting on edge of the kitchen slab Nazma was talking constantly may be informing about her Ajmer trip Meethi was making Juice for the girls & Shilpa is holding a glass of water in her hands standing beside Surbhi
"Allah miya... Mujhe samajh me nai aata Rehaan ko huaa kya hai... Jabse aaya hai... Bada usko Tanveer dikh rahi hai har jagah... Infact usse Mumbai se direct mere paas aana chahiyee tha toh vo direct Ajmer gaya... Arrgghh I hate him" Surbhi complained angrily which maked the girls giggle
"Mujhe lagta hai ab toh kch karna hi hoga" Shilpa said thoughtfully sipping her water as if drinking some cold drink or something which maked him to shook his head but before he could stop her his cell vibrated so moving from there he attended the call which is from Shagun
"Haa bol pagal..." he said calmly as she said Hello
"Oye... Congratulations mere sher... Baap banane waala hai tu... Next week se Shilpa ka chautha mahina shuru hoga aur tera patience exam" Shagun teased "Vaise jaise hi maine ye news sunni bas ek hi duaan maangi bhagwaan se... Ki tujhe Shilpa itna pareshaan kare ki tujhe meri yaad aa jaaye" she taunted
"Yaa right zaroor" he rolled his eyes after hearing this and after talking & pulling each others leg they hung up the phone Shagun always called him for pulling his leg... Armaan entered in kitchen to scold her for drinking water wd empty stomach but left surprised finding Shilpa alone
Aabaad ho chota sa ghar
Lag na sake kisi ke nazar...
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"Aree Armaan... Kch chahiyee aapko...??" as she saw him she asked smilingly while putting the plates aside when he blocked her way who frowned
"Tumhe pata hai... Mujhe kaise bacche chahiyee...??" pulling her closer by her waist he asked calmly to which she gave a shying smile
"Kaise??" she asked smilingly to which he smiled and stepped back making her confused when he picked a tomato basket
"Isse pakdo..." keeping the basket on her hands he picked other healthy vegetables which he kept on that basket which became more heavy
"Armaan... Ye toh bahoot bhaari hai" she said slowly while trying to hold the basket tightly
"Exactly... Mujhe bhaari bacche chahiyee... Vo patle sukde nai... Toh agli baar agar sirf paani piya toh mujhse bura koi nai hoga" keeping the basket away from her he said in calm tone caging her back who just gawped at him
"Aap mujhse direct bhi bol sakte the" hitting his chest lightly she said wd grumpy look making him chuckled
"Tumhe seedhi chize thodi hi samajhti hai.. Toh socha tedha hoke samajha aaun kya pata samajh jaao tum... Aur dekho tum samajh gayi" he smiled playing wd her hairs who shook her head smilingly "Toh plzz thoda khaao peeyo... Aur mujhe healthy bacche do..." as he said teasingly she hugged him blushingly who smiled while kissing her head "Accha baaki sab kaha gaye?? Abhi toh yehi the??" parting from hug he looked around for other two girls
"Meethi Breezer Shao Pao aur Toy ko khaana dene gayi hai... Surbhi Rehaan se apne swaalo k jawaab maangne gayi hai aur Nazma usse rokne" she answered in normal tone which maked him smile
"Acha... Ab tum ready ho jaao... Hume kahin jaana hai" keeping his hands on her waist he said carefully which maked her confused
"Nai Armaan mai bahar nai jaaungi... Car se toh bikul nai.." stepping back she refused which maked him to calm himself

"Shilpa tum samajh nai rahi... Aakhir kab tak aise bhagogi... Aur darogi... Face karo... Aur zaroori thodi hai ki jo pehle huaa is baar bhi ho... Most important is baar mai hoon na" he tried to make her understand calmly which made her to look up at him "Dont you trust Me??" cupping her face softly he asked to which she nodded in yes slowly "Toh fir... Hum saath rahenge kch nai hoga..." as he said this she hugged him tightly
"Thik hai... Par mujhe akela mat chodna" hugging him tightly she said in slow voice
"Nai yaar... Tumhaare saath hi rahunga... Dont worry" he assured kissing her shoulder who looked back at him
"Kaha jaana hai...??" she asked wd a grumpy look to which he chuckled
"Surprise hai... Tum bas ready toh ho jaao" kissing on her cheek he said lovingly to which she nodded in yes "Toh fir thik hai... Tum ready hoke aao... Mai bahar wait kar raha hoon tumhaara... Hmm" saying this he went from there leaving her there who was still fearing to go out in car coz she still can't forget her accident but for him she went to change... After changing herself in navy blue umbrella dress she came out only to find his car waiting for her outside who sat quietly on passanger seat and before he could start his car she warned
"Dekho Armaan... Car aaram se chalaana... Speed mat karna jaise hamesha karte ho... Aur plzzz aage dhyaan se dekh k chalaana... Aur haa baat mat karna mujhse" she warned wd fear in her voice but she didn't dared to look at him who was controlling his laugh seeing her sitting like a statue fearing if she will move something might happened... Armaan was loving her expressions so he thought to tease her
"Shilpa... Suno na" he called calmly still looking ahead
"Armaan plzz mujhse baat mat karo... Aur road pe dhyaan do" wdout looking at him she warned which maked him chuckled
"Aise kaise... Jab side me itni khubsoorat wife baithi ho toh aage dekh k kya karunga" he flirted openely staring at her whose eyes widened hearing this but she didn't turned at him
"Armaaan... Aage dekhiye" she squealed wdout looking at him who pressed his lips hidding his smile
"Oh Shit!! Shilpa dekho kya ho gaya" he said in fake shocked tone which maked her scared
"Kya ho gaya Armaan??" looking at him she asked scaredly to which he stopped his car
"Shilpa meri taraf mat dekho... Abhi accident ho jaayga" he teased which maked her understand that he maked her fun
"Armaan..." she started beating him who defended himself by his hands still laughing
"Shilpa... Mujhpe gussa karne se acha aage dhyaan do varna accident ho jaayga" he joked which maked her annoyed so crossing her arms she sat wd grumpy look "Okay... Ab chalo chalte hai" saying this calmly he started the car to which she didn't looked at him she was still angry wd him who concentrated on road hidding his smile He didn't mean to make her angry but just to disappear her fear he intentionally maked her angry so that she can only think about him whether it is her anger or something else After sometimes they reached at the spot "Shilpa utaro... Hum aa gaye" parking his car he looked at her who glared him wd grumpy look "Abhi tak gussa ho...??" he asked in calm tone
"Mai nai jaaungi aapke saath" looking away from him she said wd pouted lips making him took a sigh

"Shilpa... Maine vo mazaak isliye kiya taaki tumhaara dhyaan dusri taraf kar sakun... But agar tum aise react karogi toh fine I am sorryy" as he said in soft tone it maked her realized she overeacted "Mai bahar wait kar raha hoon.. Tumhe aana ho toh aana... Nai toh bata dena mai ghar drop kar dunga" saying this he moved out of the car
"Shilpa tu bhi naa... Kabhi bhi kaise bhi react karti hai.. Ek toh pehli baar Armaan ne kch mazaak kiya unke accident k baad... Fir tu kyun unko Sadu aur Akdu bana rahi hai" her heart scolded her who looked down on her hands guiltfully "Par mujhe toh mere Sadu aur Akdu waale Armaan bhi pasand bahoot hai" she mummbled cutely "Toh fir yaha baithi kya hai Nalayak jaa mana usse..." her mind said to her angrily to which she moved out of the car immediately and looked around for him who was standing against his side's door where she approached slowly slowly... Stooding beside him she tapped on his shoulder who looked at her calmly
"Decide kiya... Kaha jaana hai??" he was still on his original position to which wdout replying anything she kept her hands on his which were crossed while she stood in front of him who tried to behave strict but from inside he is relieved that at least she cam out
"I am sorryy..." she apologized staring up at him like a kid who got caughted by someone
"Ye mere sawaal ka jawaab nai hai..." removing his hand he said calmly to which wd cute expression she nodded in yes
"Haa chalungi..." she said wd a smile making him smile too "Par aapka haath pakad k..." as she said this he entwinned their hands
"Toh chalo fir" pulling her closer he said wd a smile making her giggle
"Par hum jaa kaha rahe hai??" walking wd him she asked confusedly
"Aise hi time pass karne" he replied calmly to which she gotted he will not say directly so she walked wd him where he was taking her... They reached inside a big Mall which maked her frowned but she didn't asked knowing he himself reveal but her feet stopped as they walked inside Children's floor where everything was available on floor like Kids clothes shop Toys section Play stations etc.
"Armaan hum yaha kyun aaye hai??" looking up at him she asked frowningly to which he smiled
"Ab hum parents banane waale hai toh kch toh.. Time spend karna banta haina baccho k saath" pinching her nose lovingly he replied which maked her smile but soon her smile faded "Kya huaa??" seeing her lost he asked slowly
"Par Armaan.. Mujhe aage k baare me nai sochna... Mujhe dar lagta hai" looking down on floor she replied slowly but he can sensed the fear
"Shilpa" making her looked up at him he said smilingly "See... Mai yaha tumhe iss liye nai laaya hoon... Ki hum humare aane waale bacche k liye kch kharide yaa fir uska naam decide karen... Mai yaha tumhe is liye laaya hoon... So that hum ye phase dusro baccho k saath enjoy kar saken... Aur feel kar sake ki ye responsibility kitni badi hai" he explained in most calm way which maked her to feel Soo fortunate to have him
"Thank you Armaan" saying this smilingly she moved to hug him who stepped back eyeing her to look at public which maked her giggle... And then they explored the place also enjoyed wd kids Its not like that Armaan dont want to do anything for their unborn baby he also want to decorate a room for his baby want to filled the room wd toys & baby clothes want to decide names for their baby but knowing about her fear he didn't did something like that But somewhere he agree wd her coz They should enjoy this phase instead to think about future But its also true that yes he have made arrangements for his unborn baby That empty glass room which he made beside their wardrobe room it will be their kid's room which he didn't thought at that time when he was making it but since he got to know he is going to became father he decided that it will be their kid's room till he/she get 6... After roaming in mall he took her in Aquarium which was under the ground floor which Shilpa loved the most She was so excited to saw the sea animals Armaan was only enjoying her expressions calmly
"Armaan kitna beautiful hai yeh..." she said wd amusing smile on her face while touching the Jelly fish which stopped in front of her behind the glass wall
"Haa... Accha aao... Tumhe ek octopus dikhaata hoon" taking her hand he walked ahead wd her "Yeh dekho" stopping in front of the octopus he made her touched the glass wall which she immediately pulled back wd a giggle making him chuckled then they again started walking exploring some more fishes when she stopped suddenly which maked him frown
"Armaan... Yaha pe Mermaid nai hai...??" she asked confusedly looking around for Mermaid but her question made him stunned
"What??" he narrowed his eyes questioningly?
"Haa... Jab yaha pe saare fishes hai toh Mermaid kyun nai..." she looked at him cutely
"Kyun ki usse Tom cruise utha le gaya" he replied in sarcastic way to which she made a face "Stupid Mermaids nai hoti" slapping her head lightly he said in scolding voice
"Jaanti hoon Mermaids nai hoti... Par inhe nakli toh banake rakhna chahiye tha" grabbing his arm she said coolly to which he shook his head
"Haan zaroor... Konsa aisa pagal insaan hoga... Jo paani k andar Mermaid banke rahega" he said unitrestingly walking wd her out of the aquirium
"Par Armaan... Thodi der try karne me kya jaayga" she argued
"Tum kyun nai try kar leti..." and there start their cute argument over this topic... Still bantering wd her he took her in Upper lake & Lower lake just to roam the place but Shilpa didn't dared to went on boat so they both started walking in garden... Her fourth month started which maked her more Cranky Stubborn Tantrum queen also Insecure but he was trying to handle her patiently like if her leg swells he was the one who massages her legs but if he was present there Shilpa always cursed for being a woman which only left him chuckled at her grumpy looks... But its not like that he wasnt serious yes if she didn't listened him he scolds or directly orders her who has to listened whether from heartly or dishearteningly She never demands anything instead kept silent which only left him to guess what she wants... About Stubborn yes she has became stubborn like when he told her about Ananya & Padma's wish to see their first child in Mumbai where they have to live after two days but it maked her angry who stubbornly told she didn't wanted to go coz of her fear... They landed in a argument which leaded he didn't came in night coz of his work but it made Shilpa so tensed that she was nearly to faint when he entered inside the house and seeing her holding her head he ran towards her anxiously... Making her laaye on bed he laid beside her tiredly but in middle of the night she saw a nightmare which maked her woke wd fear
"ARMAAAN...!!" she shrieked while sitting up which made his sleep broke who sat up immediately
"Kya huaa Shilpa??" he asked worriedly cupping her face who looked at him scaredly
"Armaan aap thik toh haina... Kch huaa toh nai na aapko..." cupping his face fearly she asked wd tears which made him confused but seeing her scared face he guessed she might had a nightmare
"Haa mai thik hoon Shilpa... Par" but before he could asked she hugged him tightly while taking hiccups
"I am sorry Armaan... Par ab aap jaha kahoge vaha chalungi mai... Mai Mumbai bhi chalungi aapke saath... Par plzz mujhe chod k mat jaana..." she requested still hugging him who calmly handled her that night... And about insecurity it can come any time inside her brain like one night she was waiting for him who still didn't returned from hospital so she took her phone and called him but what she heared from other side made her shocked
"Hello!!" as she heard a unknown girl's voice her smile faded "Whose there??" that girl asked confusedly

"Kya mai Armaan se baat kar sakti hoon??" trying to sound normal she asked normally
"Armaan... Ooohh" that girl's happy tone made her jealous
"Haa kya mai apne HUSBAND se plzz baat kar sakti hoon??" she asked in extra sweet tone emphasizing the word 'Husband'
"What?? Vo married hai??" she can guessed that girl's unhappy voice
"Haa.. Mai unki WIFE bol rahi hoon toh kya aap plzz unhe phone dengi... By the way aap hai kon??" she asked in fake polite tone making the girl to gulped
"Vo actually vo shayad apna phone reception area pe bhool gaye.. Aur mai toh yaha apne friend se milne aayi thi... Aur is phone ko yaha dekha tabhi aapka call aa gaya" that girl explained slowly
"Koi baat nai kyaa aap plzz unhe phone de dengi" she said smilingly to which that girl said yes and hung up the phone making Shilpa hell angry on Armaan that How can he forget his phone on reception area?? Most important how can a girl pick his calls?? Thinking this all she started waiting for him when some negative thoughts came inside her like May be he is cheating on her?? Coz she have became a little healthy?? Or may be now he is over wd her?? Or now he have lost all his interest from her coz she is pregnant?? Two hours passed She was still thinking this all when Armaan came back wd good mood... But as he stepped in hall Shilpa's angry look made him guessed she is upto something so in calm voice he asked What happened?? Which resulted her anger
"Agar aapko lagta hai ki mujhse peecha chudakar... Aapko azaadi mil jaaygi toh mai batadun... Aisa kabhi nai hoga" pointing her imdex finger ay him she said wd angry look which maked him hell confused coz he didn't have any idea what she is talking?? "Aur agar aapne mere siwa kisi aur k baare me socha bhi naa Armaan... Then I'll swear mai aur mera baby yeh ghar chodkar chale jaayenge... Aur aapko bhav bhi nai denge" she glared
"What?? Tum keh kya rahi ho yaar clear karo??" he asked in confused plus shocked tone to which crossing her arms she gave a fake smile
"Clear... Haa zaroor... Yeh jo aap apna phone kahin pe bhi bhul aate hai... Aur koi bhi utha leta hai... Aapko pata bhi hai" she said wd full anger
"Oohh... Acha vo... Haa mai galti se bhul gaya tha reception pe... Par jaldi se usse lene bhi gaya... Vo toh bhala ho Anushka ka jisne vo phone sambhal k rakkha tha..." he said in normal tone but hearing that girl's name she fumed
"Aapko uska naam kaise pata...?? Vo toh ek patient ki relative thi na?? Fir kaise aapko uska naam pata chala??" she asked wd cute sad plus angry voice which made him amused
"Kyun ki usne khud bataya tha jab vo apne friend se milne aayi thi jo mera patient hai" he explained calmly
"Toh uska naam jaanane ki kya zaroorat thi...??" she argued making him to calm himself for stopping his anger "Armaan mai samajh chuki hoon... Mai ab acchi nai dikhti isliye aap aisa keh rahe haina??" she said wd sad look which maked him stunned "But mai aapko bata doon... Agar aapne mujhe cheat kiya toh mai aapko chodungi nai... Divorce ka case karke aapko jail pahucha k fir aapko chodungi... Samjhe" saying this angrily she went in bedroom and locked the door from inside wd angry look where as He was so stunned at her words that he didn't knew how to react
"Naa pucha paani loge... Naa hi pucha kch khaaya... Aur naa hi ye pucha din kaisa gaya... Bas aate hi baras padi... Kamaal hai ye" sitting on two seater sofa he mumbled wd confusing look "Isse acchi toh pehle thi ye... At least bhav toh deti thi... Iske saath soft kya huaa meri toh koi value hi nai" he said to himself while keeping his head on sofa post "Par ye itna chid kyun gayi thi sirf us ladki ki wajah se... Mujhe toh bolne ka mauka bhi nai diya... But aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai ki madam ka koi mood swing huaa ho yaa fir yeh jealousy ho" as he thought about jealousy smile reached his lips when he closed his eyes "But ye kyun keh rahi thi ki yeh ab acchi nai dikhti... Goshhh!! Girls kp samajhna ktrna mushkil hai yaar" thinking this when he dozed of tiredly he didn't knew where as inside the bedroom scene was different Shao Pao Toy & Breezer three of them were trying hard to gain her attention but Shilpa's mind was only thinking about Armaan
"Dekha tujhe manaane bhi nai aaya... Iska matlab saaf saaf hai ki yeh tujhme interested nai hai..." her mind said to her who was sitting on edge of bed wd grumpy look while her three of pets were nuzzling on her leg from floor "Pagal hai Shilpa kch bhi mat soch... Isme Armaan ki kya galti hai ki vo apna phone bhul gayye... Tu bhi toh bhulti haina fir??" her heart scolded her whose grumpy look was changing into soft look "Iske aur uske me farq hai... Iska phone koi ladka nai uthaata" her mind argued "Accha agar tera phone kahin chut jaayga aur koi uthake dega toh ye saabit nai hota ki tu usse janti hai... Kaisi wife hai tu naa khaana pucha na paani aate hi shuru ho gayi... Kitne thake huye lag rahe the aur tu shuru hogayi" her heart scolded her which maked her worried for him "Ohhno... Mai bhi na" mumbling this she immediately moved out of the room... She was about to ran but stopped fearig to fell "Mai bhi pagal hoon..." she cursed herself as she saw Armaan sleeping on sofa in sitting position... She slowly slowly approached towards him whose head was rested on his hand which was kept on arm of the sofa "Armaan..." she slowly kept her hand on his head while nudging him who opened his eyes slowly and looked up at her who was standing in front of him wd a guilty face
"Kya huaa??" blinking his eyes twice he asked tiredly to which she quietly sat beside him who looked at her calmly
"Sorryy..." looking up at him she apologized while helding her ears which maked him chuckled
"Hmm... Is baar kya reason hai??" taking a long sigh he looked at her while keeping his head on sofa post
"Vo... Pata nai" she mumbled wd cute look making him smile
"Idhar aao..." taking her in a side hug kept his head on her shoulder tiredly "I know tum jealous thi... Par" but his sentence left incomplete as she moved back staring him wd pouted lips
"Mai koi jealous nai thi... Vo toh mujhe laga ki aapka phone kaise koi... U know" she replied in annoying look which maked him smile

"Haa... Samajh raha hoon... Par ek chiz galat boli tumne" gripping her hands in his he said slowly to which she looked at him confusedly "Yehi ki tum acchi nai dikh rahi iswaqt... But tumhe bata doon mai tum iswaqt mujhe bahoot beautiful lag rahi ho... Ki mai bata nai sakta... I am speechless" as he said this a blush formed on her cheeks "Shayad itna ki... I am loosing my control from me... Aur bhi kheech rahi ho tum mujhe apni taraf" but he didn't said this to her who kept her head on his shoulder smilingly "Accha ab plzz mujhe khaane ko dogi... Cos i am starving right now... Aur tumhe bhi toh khaana hoga" he said in calm tone to which she nodded wd a smile and out of blue she kissed his cheeks who looked at her surprisingly when she stood for dinner... But he helped her in serving so wd their lovey dovy dinner they retired to sleep coz they have to leave for Delhi in early morning coz Armaan have an important work to do there then after two hours they took a flight from Delhi to Mumbai... So next morning after meeting wd Rehaan's family & dropping their pets in animal care they came on Airport where Shilpa was hell nervous but Armaan's hold on her hand maked her strong so they sat inside the plane where Armaan was reading a megazine while Shilpa was quietly watching out of the window when some questions came inside her brain
"Armaan" she looked at him who looked back at her after keeping the megazine aside "Humne Shao Pao Breezer aur Toy ko animal care me kyun rakkha??" gripping his arm she asked slowly to which he tucked her flicks aside smilingly who is looking so cute in this Pink long skirt wd denim jacket her hairs are tied in cute pony making her more adorable "Hum unko ghar lekar nai chal sakte??" her second question made him entwined their hands
"Nai... Kyun ki Dadi ko dogs pasand nai... Infact vo toh ghar me dekh bhi nai sakti..." he answered in calm tone to which she opened her mouth to say something when he intrupted "I know Shao Pao k baare me bologi... Par Shao Pao ek tha aur ye teen teen hai... Toh vo keh dengi ki le aao but andar se unhe accha nai lagega toh fir kya faida le jaane ka" he maked her understand calmly to which she nodded in yes slowly and kept her head on his shoulder who smiled... They reached Delhi airport safely which maked her relieved Armaan was waiting for someone
"Armaan humne direct Mumbai ki flight kyun nai li...??" they were standing outside the Airport near a texi when she asked this
"Aree vo isliye... Ku ki Rahul yaha ek case handle karne aaya hai but usse problem ho rahi hai... So mai use us case se related ek file dene aaya hoon... Aur tumne us din kaha tha ki tumhe Delhi ki Chat pakode khaane hain... Toh socha saath me vo bhi ho jaayga" he replied in calm tone to which she nodded in Yes wd a wide smile "Aur hamari Mumbai ki flight lene me teen ghante hai tab tak... Chalo tumhaare chaat pakode waale k paas vaha Rahul ko bhi bula lenge... Usse file dekar wapas aa jaayenge" he explained smilingly to which she hugged him happily who responded wd chuckle when a texi stopped infront of them which Armaan took and they both reached in Delhi's khao Gali where Shilpa ate her Chats also forced him to ate wd her who ate but also scolded her for eating too much which she stopped realising she is full... Rahul also came after few minutes handling him the file they both left for airport where Shilpa changed her clothes coz she was feeling irritated so She wore a pink Umbrella dress wd orange mix... They sat inside the plane where Armaan was texting something when Shilpa asked something which made him stopped
"Armaan... Aapko ko mujhse itna pyaa kaise ho gaya??" as she asked slowly while bitting her lower lip he looked at her frowningly
"Yeh kya question hai??" keeping the phone aside he asked calmly
"Armaan plzz bolo na" nudging his hand lightly she insisted to which he shook his head
"Pata nai... Bas ho gaya" pinching her nose lightly he replied in loving tone to which she giggled "Aur ab plzz do minute shaant rahogi... Mujhe ek message send karna hai Rahul ko... Phir bataaunga detail me okay" he said in loving tone which maked her smiled
"Par tab tak mai kya karungi??" asking this wd grumpy look she looked at him who calmly put the lappy infront of her
"Tab tak tum koi movie dekho mai... Abhi send karke batata hoon" he said in calm tone to which she nodded in Yes "Aur haa Allu Arjun ki movie mat dikhaana... Kyun ki mai nai chahta uska koi asar ho mere baby pe..." as he said this she rolled her eyes and opened the laptop to watch movie where as still smilling he concentrated on his work After Fifteen minutes he finished his work then he looked at her who was fully engrossed in her animated movie which was 'Brave'... He smiled at her childishness and taking a sigh he kept his head on seat post closing his eyes which took him in a peacefull sleep... After watching the movie she kept the laptop side coz of feeling sleepy and turned to look at Armaan who was sleeping soundlessly which maked her smile then she kept her hand on her stomach as if feeling both... She observed his face features whose head was dropping slowly down resulting his hairs fully fell on his forehead almost hidding his eyes which was making him more adorable "Sote huye kitne masoom lagte hai aap Armaan..." she mumbled smilingly as she stood in front of him whose face is looking soo innocent right now "Dil kar raha hai sirf dekhun aapko" she thought cupping his on cheek softly "Mai chahti hoon hamaara baby bilkul aap jaisa ho... Spcly uske baal" she smiled at her thinking and blew air on his forehead whose head descended a little which maked her to moved a little closer to him smilingly "Tum bhi dekho... Papa kitne acche hai" keeping her hand on her stomach she mumbled softly and kept her head on his shoulder while gripping his arm whose head directly dropped on her head slowly which maked her smile so she also closed her eyes smilingly holding his arm Their journey went like this only wd his head on hers who opened her eyes slowly feeling the sun hit her face from window which maked her realized that the plane landed in Mumbai... She woke him who opened his eyes groggily then they both landed on Mumbai Airport where Dev was waiting for them and wd Dev they moved to their house... Three months passed everything was going amazing His family took her care also Armaan who treat her like princess but wd his Sadu + Akdu + Caring + Romantic = Lovable Husband Shilpa's Seventh month has started (Yes she has gain baby bump) their baby always kicked when she didn't ate anything or she fights wd Armaan like one night they both were arguing on Allu Arjun's topic when her baby kicked

Mere dil mein jagah
Khuda ki khaali thi
Dekha wahan pe
Aaj tera chehra hai...

"Aaahhh..." she winced keeping her hands on her stomach which maked Armaan worried
"Kua huaa Shilpa??" he asked worriedly keeping his hand on her stomach who pushed the blanket on side
"Kch nai... Baby laat maar raha hai..." she looked at him wd painful look which maked him chuckled
"Isiliye kehta hoon.. Mujhse mat jhagda karo vo gussa ho jaaygi... But nai tumhe toh ladna hai... Ab dekho gussa ho gayi naa vo" he scolded keeping his hand on her stomach who took a sigh coz the baby stopped kicking her
"Armaan ho gayi ka kya matlab hai?? Abhi tak baby aaya nai fir aapko kyun lagta hai... Hogayi??" as she asked this her baby kicked again making her winced which maked Armaan laugh
"See... Mujhse mat lado varna vo gussa ho jaaygi..." controlling his laugh he said smilingly while rubbing her stomach light which maked the baby stopped and Shilpa left amused seeing this
"Aapko kaise pata ki... Ho jaaygi??" keeping her head tiredly on his chest she asked smilingly to which he engulfed her into him
"Bas aise hi" rubbing her back he replied calmly still wd a smile and they both still stayed in same position on bed talking about their baby... Her parents sometimes visit her coz it was her seventh month of pregnancy and Padma wants to take Shilpa wd her but Ananya refused which lead them in a cute arguement Shilpa was only watching them wd worried look while Armaan was only watching them calmly sitting beside Shilpa on bed
"Okay okay... How about Shilpa aapke saath jaaye par sirf ek mahine k liye... Aur mai baad me usse lene aa jaaunga" stopping the two ladies Armaan said calmly to which Shilpa looked at him questioningly who assured from his eyes that He will manage
"Haa yeh thik rahega" Padma smiled to which Ananya also agreed where as Shilpa was only admiring him who winked at her standing b/w their Moms who were constantly talking... Then she went to her parents house not before Armaan instructing her to take care of herself and baby which she obeyed but somewhere fearing about missing him but as she reached her house forgot everything coz her family took her care like princess her one month passed there wd lots of fun until one night when she started missing Armaan also her baby was kicking her from inside who was in full pain when her cell rang flashing Armaan's name which she took immediately
"Hello Armaan!!" she said in slow voice when she felt her baby stopped kicking her
"Shilpa mai kal subhe aa raha hoon... Toh ready rehna ku ki mai zyada der rukunga nai..." hearing his calm voice she giggled which maked him frowned "Kya huaa??" he asked frowningly
"Kch nai.. Vo kya haina kch der pehle mai aapko bahoot miss kar rahi thi aur mera sar dukh raha tha... Aur hamara baby mujhe kick kar raha tha... Par jaise hi maine phone uthaya mera sar dard aur uska kick dono band ho gaye" she replied wd a smile which maked him chuckled
"I think tum dono hi mujhe miss kar rahe ho" saying this calmly he walked in Garden area
"Haa vo toh hai" she giggled and they two talked for few more hours then slept... Next morning he took her back from her parents house carefully coz she was fearing to sat inside car So their life was going in perfect track until yesterday when Armaan had to left for Panchgani for an important case which made Shilpa angry wd him coz last time also he did the same which resulted her accident... Armaan knows she must be angry but he didn't had any choice so he went but here Shilpa is hell angry wd him


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