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Part 6& 7 : Instant Messaging

Part 6

Back at home
"Ridsy jaldi ao.. Biker online hai" Muskaan shoutedas she saw biker_boy 247 send her a PM

"wait im coming.. Armaan ki homework finish kar rahi hun. Rahul ka home wrk finish kiya?? Riddhima shouted back from another room.

"haan.. obviously.. we are talkin bout RAHUL!! u think i wont d it?." Muskaan said as she saw riddhima come into the room. "yeh lo.. tumhara Biker."muskaan gave the laptop to riddhima.

FF: hey biker.. how was ur day?

BB: really good.. everythin went the way I wanted it to. Aur tumhara?

FF: Horrible.. just horrible..actually biker I don't wanna talk bout it.. sorry.

BB: no problem …. But I promise.. ill make the rest of the evening as pleasant fer you as possible.. I promise!

Awww soo sweet.. kash Armaan aisa hota!! Riddi thought..remebering how much she had to write for him! No one else had to do so much of homework.. the other players didn't ask the gurls to do everythin… but armaan wasn't like other guys !

FF: thankz.. I hope so too Smile .. aaj tumhara test tha na?kya hua?

BB; anytime!! The test was a piece of cake.. humne jo questions discuss kiye the.. wahi aye tha..

FF: hmm.. to meri thank you kaise karoge…

BB: aise… MUAH! Hehe ;)

MUAH???? OMG.. kiss? Riddhima blushed and felt butterflies in her stomach..
FF: omg!!! BIKER!!

BB: chill.. only on ur cheeks ofcourse! Im sorry.. but im really happy today..

FF: its ok..

BB: u lov flowers don't you?

FF: yup! Which gurl doesn't!?

BB; good.. nw I no wat to give you if I ever meet you!

…………………BB and FF chatted all night…
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------
Next Moring at college
While putting her books away.. riddhima gets disturbed by armaan.

"oy macchar.. meri homework kiya? Walking over to riddhima he pulls her out of the locker.

"ha.. yeh lo… flowers? Kis liye?"lookin at armaan hold flowers in his hand..

"pakad lo..yeh bhi" giving the flowers and his cell her..and reading the homework..rids put his cell phone and flowers into her locker.. she couldn't hold her books along wid other things.
Flowers??? Wow.. thank you kehne ke liya de raha hai… so beautiful..rids thought.. admiring the flowers

"good.." noticing her admire the flowers. "machhar yeh flowers DR. keerti ke liye hai.. aaj uski birthday hai!" taking the flowers from her.. "thankz… gotta go.. bye" takin the flowers.
"I-i … kn-knew tha-t" riddhima said.. lookin at the flowers go.

"hey armaan..." muskaan said as she passed by armaan..
"hey muskaan"

"oh hey muskaan.. bahoot khush lag rahi ho!" ridsy said.. turning her frown upside down

" guess wat…. Yeh dekho" muskaan said thrusting her cheeks onto riddhima

"aur mein kya dekh rahi hu? ' riddhima asked tryin to find something

"Rahul ne mujhe ek kiss diya!!!homework karne ke liye !!!" jumping up and down

Riddhima started giggling.."u didn't faint?"
"no.. but mein coma mein zaroor aoungi.. don't worry, now come.."

Rids closes her locker and walks off.
"muskaan tum court par jao.. mujhe meri jersey leni hai" ridsy told muskaan.. after the college lectures had gotten over.

Opening her locker.. she saw armaans cell phone..
Oh.. he forgt to take it… koi bat nahi mein call karoongi...ridsy said to herself as she called Atul and asked him to tell armaan.ridsy obviously didn't have armaans number.. y would he.. he was her enemy number 1

"Armaan nani ke pass gaya hai.. ha theek hai.. kal dedungi.." ridhima said as she put dwn the phone.

Lying on her bed.. she messaged biker.
Meine shaam ko bhi message kiya.. wo reply kyo nahi kar raha hai.. he always replies.. she sighed.
Chalo ek baar aur karte hai.

Typing: Biker.. kaha ho? Aap mujhse naraz ho? Plz reply!

Suddenly.. ek message aata hai.. Armaan ke cell par.. the light flashes really brightly.. rids decied to turn over the phone to hide the light..
But as soon as she picks it up, she screams


"kya hua.. kaun hai? Chor aaya kya? Abhi dikhati hu… meri cricket bat kahan hai?ridsy!" muskaan rushed in..

"chor nahi… armaan ke cell me dekho!" giving her armaans cellphone.

She read: msg from flower.forever124….
"to?" muskaan askedred

"apart from us… only biker knows im FLOWER! Aur yeh MERA MSG HAI!.... ISKA MATLAB HAI ARMAAN BIKER HAI!!!!

Part 7 

Next day in shubhankar 'not so interesting physiology class'.. a chit falls on riddhimas table.
She turns around to see Muskaan grinning wid a thumbs up sign.
Opening the chit..
She reads: so wat u planning to do about Biker AKA Armaan.
She replies: what muskaan.. class chal raha hai.. not now! Talk later!

Throws te chit back.. to get an immediate reply.
M-chodo na Shubhankar Sir ki hi class hai who kirti maam ke bare mein hi soch raha hoga.. he wont notice anything else!

Riddhima giggles.. and they continue passing chits back and forth.
R- do you think armaan knows tht I am flower?
M- obviously not! Why would he chat wid you.. after all he doesn't really like you.
R- yaa.. mujhe pata hai.. lekin wat if he deos no its me and this is all a part of some prank ??
M- so our next missin is to find out yeh ek mazaak hai and if he knows tht ur flower!
rids turns around to see muskaan giving her a thumbs up sign and a toothy smile!

"Miss Muskaan Chaddha aap kya kar rahi ho meri class mein?" shubhankar asked
Rahul pokes muskaan from behind asking her to stand up.

"nahi sir .. m-mein to a-apki lecture se bahoot impressed thi… haa.. impressed thi.. isilie yeh thumbs up!

Some one from behind "TASTE THE THUNDER……"
Class giggles…

"oh really? Sach mein" shub asked..

"haan haan Sir.. after all physiology is my favorite subject"
Shubankar is impressed and really flattered.

"oh thank you muskaan…" Shubhankar grinned lookin down.. flattered obviously.

Rahul whispers "Oye muskaan.. tune pehle kyo nahi bataya yeh tactic Shubhankar ko impress karne ke liye??"

Behind him armaan gets up "Yes sir.. AAP hamare college ke sabse favorite teacher ho"
Rahul give each other a low five thinking they will obviously pass shubhankar sirs exam this time!
The whole class cracks up.. lookin at shubhankars red face!

"bas bas guys.. thank you.. can we get back to our studies now?"

Rahul and armaan together "ofcourse cant wait..!!"
Rahul whispers to arman.. "NOT!!"

Just then the bell rings and whole clas goes.. "aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww.." half laughing…
"theek hai.. kal milenge." shubs says.. dismissing the class.
Lunch Break in the cafeteria…..

Rids and muskaan talkas they grab their favorite dishes- chicken pulao, butter paneer and ofcourse.. ridzys favorite caramel custard!

Just when riddhima puts her plate down on the table to seat heself .. Armaan comes over and grabs her plate "Mmmmmmm my favorite … caramel custard"
Riddhima just glared at him.. seat himself near a couple of gurls nd looked at him winking back at her.

Riddhima gets up to get another plate…. Anyways He wont listen.. wats the point.. she thought.

"iska matlab hai ki he doesn't know tht he I chatting wid you" Muskaan said as she saw rids coming wid a fresh plate.
"ab mein kya karu? Should I tell him its me!? She added hesitantly.

Muskaan notices the hesitation "no no go wid the flow…. Continue chatting wid him.. kya pata .. baad mein yeh ek serious mamla ban jaye…. DIL ka mamla!"

Muskaan winked at her and got up to get more desert.. leaving riddhima thinking about the serious "Dil Ka Mamla"


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