Sunday, 20 January 2019

Part 6 : Heart Attacks & Seizures

Stop biting your lip!" Ridhima looked at Anjali as she stared at her. They both walked into the shopping arcade.

"Sorry Di!" Man its 1pm and Armaan is probably sitting with her laughing behind my back as to how stupid I am. Witch has got him wrapped around her finger I bet! CHURALI

"What the heck is wrong with you?… Ever since we left the house you have been weird??" Di you have no idea the Bandar took two hours to get ready and then he over did the hair and we had to do the whole thing again.. it was murder and then he hugged me kissed me on the cheek and left grinning… *sigh* I am dieing a thousand deaths right now and no one cares..

"Don't tell me you have had an argument with Armaan?" Anjali placed her hand on her arm and looked at her concerned… Ridhima smiled to reassure her.

"Di nothing like that… I think he is bored with me!" its true and anyway there is no US! You meantion the witches name and he has this look in his eyes… OMG he so digs her!!

"You're crazy and you know what I seen the way he looks at you and you him" *sigh* if only di he a great actor…he will beat SRK one day im telling he could run rings around all the female leads.

"So can we Ridz do some shopping?" Yeah di I could do with some retail therapy Lets blow my credit card away as I spent it on him anyway.. I am going to treat myself. Riddhima looked at Anjali as she selected a new sari.

'beep beep' taking out her mobile she looked at Anjali

'Honey wot do I talk about? I am sweating and nervous?' Great just fantastic!! You Bandar!! Cant believe you want me to tell you what to do? Turning off her mobile she placed it in her bag angrily. BANDAR I HATE U!!

Biting her nails she looked at the clock 5pm and he was still not back… closing her eyes she picture Kirti in his arms….

"Ridhima come on!" she looked up to see Sapna pull her up from the sofa and pushed her towards all the girls laughing.

"Come on Ridz… Anjali mehendi you have to dance…" Ridhima smiled at Sapna …man I feel like cryin …you can forget dancing!! I feel like crying and you want me to do nach baliye? What the heck is wrong with everyone????

"Come on Ridz …I remember you dancing at my wedding!" Sapna grabbed her hands and turned her around giggling…

"May be she's lost her touch?" they turned to see Kirti walk down the stairs smiling dressing in light blue lengha

Sapna looked at Ridz as she rolled her eyes…

"Churali is here!" heheh Sapna you kill me…I am so happy you are here as we both cant stand the wicked witch of the west

"Come on Ridz! Lets kick her to the kerb!!" Sapna winked at Ridhima.. both of them looked at each other and turned …..

Jhanak Jhanak Jhan
Khanak Khanak Khan
Jhanak Jhanak Khanak Khanak Khan Khan

Mera Jhumka Utha Ke Laaya Yaar Ve
Jo Gira Tha Barielly Ke Bazaar Mein

Main To Thumka Laga Ke Sharma Gayi
Boli Ghoom Kar Bata De Ke Main Aa Gayi

Mujhko Nacha Ke Nach Le
Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le

Jhanak Jhanak Jhankaar
Ho…Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le

Ab To Lutaa Hai Bazaar
Sub Ko Bhula Ke Nach Le

Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Jhanak Jhanak Jhankaar

Ho…Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Ab To Lutaa Hai Bazaar

Nachle Nachle Zara Nachle Nachle Chhatt Pe Bula Ke Nachle
Nachle Nachle Zara Nachle Nachle Jhat Se Bula Kar Nachle

As Ridhima spun around in her green and gold lengha she lost her balance and found herself in Armaans arms … he looked into her eyes and pushed back her loose hair…. Feeling Sapna hand pull her back she turned and danced….

"OMG ridz…you're man caught you in time.. Man I miss Muskhan as we really would have show Kirti our Jalwa!! hehe You both kicked hers and Anjali's butt at my wedding" Ridhima smiled as she looked at Sapna dressed in pink…

"Yeah she could not make it.. her father not well! As she busy in London… I'm stopping over to see her before I go back to new york"

"Honey you are looking breath taking!" huh?…feeling his arms on her waist pulling her close to him….she placed her arms loosely around his neck and smiled as everyone danced with there couples.

"So how was your date?" I WANT ALL THE DETAILS!!

"It was ok we going to meet up after the wedding…." YOU ARE??? She works fast!!

"Good !! I am so happy for you!" NO I AM NOT I WANT TO CRY AS I HAVE FALLEN MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!! YOU BANDAR!!…. feeling his kiss on her cheek she looked at him.

"What was that for?" OMG YOU Just kiss without thinking don't you!! Or warning.

"Everyone's watching including Kirti!" OMG!! I SO HATE U!!… feeling him pull her close to him he looked into his eyes. You don't have any idea what you are doing to me?? Do you? As you feel nothing to me?….feeling him take hold of her she could feel his breath on her neck… OH he just brushed him lip on my neck. I am going to have a seizure and die

"I just love you fragrance!" you do? OMG girl get a grip!!

"Armaan you are over acting!" he looked at her as she pulled away from him.

"I uh was telling the truth… you always smell good!" OH DON'T GIVE ME THAT CHEEKY DIMPLE SMILE?? …feeling his arm pull her back she looked at him annoyed.


"Armaan?" they turned to see Kirti smiling at them.

"Riddhima I hope you don't mind if I kidnap Armaan!" OVER MY DEAD BODY YOU COW!!

"Sure she does not mind?" hey….NO!!! DON'T GO! She looked at him as he winked at her and walked away. BANDHAR I HATE U!!

He looked at her as she removed her bangles sitting at the dresser…she had been so quite and came up early to the bedroom….he walked over to her as she mumbled…

"Honey are you ok?" NO! AS IF YOU CARE.

"I am tired!" he looked at her as she untied her hair and placed the pins on the dresser… everything had to be in its place ….she was so tidy and took pride in it as he turned to sit on the bed and unbuttoned his black shervani but struggled with the top button…

"I hate theses things…" she turned to look at him.

Feeling her hand on his he looked at her as she kneeled on the floor and looked at him…he lowered his hands slowly to feel her untie the buttons… moving his hands to her face he moved back her hair to see her close her eyes….feeling his lips on her …she felt him lift her up and sit her on his lap…feeling his kisses and his arms pulling her closer to him ….she pulled away and looked away…feeling her eyes fill up… "this is wrong …" feeling his finger on her chin she looked at him.

"Why did you not answer my text?" he looked at her as she lowered her eyes.

"My battery was dead!" she looked at him angrily and got up.

"Look Armaan! We had a deal I pay for the damage of the cars in return you get Kirti!… So why are you playing this game?"

"Me? playing games?" she looked at him as he got off the bed and looked at her.

"Yes God damit! Why the Hell did you kiss me just now?"

"Because you told me too!" WHAT WHEN?

"I Did Not!! ?" feeling him pull her back to him she looked at him in tears.

"You're eyes told me to kiss you!" WHAT AS IF!! My eyes where looking at you period!!

"Look Mister! I want you out of my life when this stupid deal is over … so kindly leave my room as I want to go to bed!"… he looked at her as she turn around crying!!

"I am sorry Ridhima …and you're right we both made a deal and should stick to it!" ….she fell on the bed cryin as he heard him slam the door.

Pulling up the covers she closed her eyes…feeling cold and his warm body not next to her. You stupid fool! You are totally in love with the jerk…and…placing her hands on her ears sobbing STOP IT! I HATE HIM! She sobbed.


She looked at him as he walked into the room in his cream shervani read for the wedding like her he had not slept well at all and they both felt so miserable… as they walked down together but not together…

"Awee Di I am going to miss you!" Ridhima held Anjali as they both sobbed holding each other. Armaan looked at Atul as he looked as if he to was going to cry and placed his hand on his shoulder… He turned to feel Padma's hand on his shoulder.

"Armaan beta…Ridhima is going to taking this badly …could you take her inside!" seeing the tears in her eyes he nodded as he moved forward and placed his hand on Ridhima. She looked at him and sobbed even more…

"Ridhima what wrong?" Anjali looked at Ridhima as she held her tightly and looked at Armaan as he pulled her from her and took hold of her sobbing….

Anjali looked at Ridhima as she held Armaan sobbing 'something is wrong? As she has never cried like that and was so clingy… "Anjali are you ok?" smiling through her tears she nodded at Atul as she turned to see her parents for the last time.

Stoking her soft hair he held her sobbing in his arms everyone turned to stare at them as the wedding car drove off.

"Shhh honey! I know you are going to miss her! I too am going to miss you!" she looked at him and pushed him away.

He looked at her as she ran into the house crying..

"I am going to miss you too momma!" Ridhima released her mother as she looked at her.

"Can't you stay another day?" seeing the tears in her mothers eyes she shock her head.


"Anjali has left me and now you are going so early this morning!" the soon I leave here the better.

"Are you ready?" she looked over at Armaan as she nodded.

"Ok I have spoken to the pandit about you're wedding and he saying best time is in three months…. Armaan I have spoken to your parents. I going to meet them next week… I wish you could both stay longer…" HEY pandit? Parents? She looked over at him as he smiled.

"Armaan we better be going!" she looked at him picking up the suitcases.

"What this about you're parents?" she looked at him angrily at the airport.

"Don't worry about it? I square everything over!" he looked over at her as she nodded.

"Well Armaan it's been fun…I wish Kirti and you all the best in the future! I might see you around in New York!" he looked at her as she held out her hand and smiled….taking hold of her hand he smiled.

"Can I request a hug!" NO! and don't give me that cheeky smile… feeling his arms around her she smiled.

"Good bye Armaan! and here's your engagement ring as you will need it!" she waved at him for the last time feeling her tears running down her face… come on girl! Being single is not all that bad? OMG u want a bet and I kind of got used to him… OK but don't look back…. I know!! as it hurts...


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