Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Part 6 : Pulse

Dear Armaan

This is the fifth letter I am trying to write.. the others are in the bin. I have to leave in an hour and I am all set to embark on this new chapter in my life but before I do I want to tell you a few things about me.  As you know I was raised in an orphanage … but the truth was my mother re married and moved on with her life.  As I was an illegitimate child when I came into this world. I lived briefly with her and landed up in the orphanage… She had an affair with a married man and it was to late to terminate the pregnancy and she decided to put me up for adoption… but that failed.  I guess no one really wanted me and the orphanage where the only ones who tool me in!  I guess there was room in the inn…

My birth father is dieing and confessed to Anjali about me… she wants me to met my father? … I feel strange even saying those word mother? Father?. .. It feels so alien like?… I remember when I was eight years old and would dream bout my parents coming to find me as it had been a terrible mistake… but that dream faded with all my hopes that maybe one say I would discover why I was cast away…

I will cherish our moments together and I know you will find someone who has a wonder past and can exchange stories with… I know you Grandparents are very respectable and so is your whole blood line… lets not diluted that with a woman who is illegitimate and can not trace her own blood line as they rejected her.  I think you deserver some one who is worthy of you… as I am just an outcast to this world and will always be



Closing his eyes he clenched the paper in his hands …. For 2 weeks he had been trying to call her and the phone was switched off… Amma given number did not work and she had been worried too … But Riddhima called her once a week. Sapna and Amit where on there honeymoon which he did not want to disturb and now he had to leave for America with one of his patients…  "God Dame it!"

Picking up the bottle of beer he placed it to his mouth and looked down at the letter on the table.

"Stupid woman! I don't give a dame about this blood line rubbish and she….Uff!" he banged the beer bottle on the table.

"Hello moto!" he looked at the phone and placed it to his ear.

"Armaan?" hearing her sob out his name he gripped the mobile and closed his eyes as his pulse raced.

"Riddhima? Are you ok?" hearing a long pause he looked around the room in desperation.

"Ok tell me where you are?" he cursed himself for being so helpless and weak! How could he let her walk away?… she was unstable mentally and needed him and was not think straight.. I should be there with her Fool.

"I uh…" hearing her voice again he look over at the small shine of Lord Shiv Ji and prayed she was ok.

"I am in London!" the phone went dead and he looked over at the Shine pleading but it was no use…As it was dead!


"Cheers Atul!" he placed the phone to his ear as he left Heathrow Airport

"Dr Anjali Gupta! Ok got it I go to the hospital know… Champ I owe you one!" hearing Atul swearing he smiled as he looked over at the black taxi

"Hi I am looking for Dr Anjali Gupta?" he looked at the tall red haired nurse looking at him oddly.

"Do you have an appointment?" taking a deep sigh he looked at her and shook his head.

"She will not see anyone without and an appointment!" he looked at her as she picked up the files and turned to leave,

"Ok can you give her a message… I am her Jiju her sister's husband" he looked at her to see if she would take the bait as she turned to look at him

"Nice try mate… she has a brother Rahool. Last time I checked he was a man!" he looked at her giggling at him.

"Give her the message! Please!" he smiled at her as she shook her head at him oddly.

"Ok I am going to call her and say a strange man is calling himself her jiju and wants to meet you"  he smiled at her as she picked up the phone…

"Excuse me?" he looked up to see Anjali looking at him oddly

"Where is Riddhima?" he looked at her looking guilty as she looked down at her hands.

"See stayin at this address!" he looked at her hand over a card as she turned to walk away.

"Woman's Refugee?" he cursed his way to the taxi

He looked at the tall African woman as she led him down the dirty corridor towards the room

"You are Armaan right?" he nodded she had asked him so many times and she stopped at the door.

"She has no money and is not well… the girls have taken turns looking after her… and she made a call to you I was there?"  his eyes filled up as she opened the room and looked into the dark room to find a bed as he looked at her silhouette figure in the covers

"Why didn't you not go to the hospital?" he looked at her angrily as she turned on the light

"she refused to see the doctor here and … go to the hospital" he looked over at the state she was in all pale and weak as he cursed himself as the lone tear ran down her face.

"Why is she here?" he looked over at the woman as she headed for the door.

"This is a woman's refugee so you figure out why you're wife is here…"

"Her belonging and stuff!" he picked up in his arms as she was unconscious there was no way he was goin to let her stay in such a place.

"Take her to a good place Armaan and make sure she does not leave you again…" he looked over at the African woman as she place Riddhima suitcase in the taxi…

He placed her gentle on the bed of the small house owned by the senior doctor friend of his…. Which was empty for a week now he was looking after her as she suffered from pneumonia… if he had not gotten to her soon anything could have happened.

"Riddhima!" he looked at her eyes look up at him filled with tears.

Taking hold of her on the bed he stoked her hair she was so weak and she was responding to the medicines as he pulled her close to him he kissed her on the forehead.

"I am here sweethearts. I promise to never leave your side!"


She lifted herself up in the bed and looked over at him walking in with breakfast.. she looked at him humming merrily as he placed the tray on the bed and kissed her on the forehead seeing her blush he smiled

"Riddhima what happened?" he looked at the tears in her eyes and took hold of her in his arms..

"OK … You know! Lets just forget anything happen it was a bad dream.." feeling his lips on her cheek she nodded her head wiping her tears.

"Once you are well enough we go back home get married!" he looked down at her as she took hold of him sobbing. Right now she need him period what had happen he will find out sooner or later… but his was goin to make sure nothing separated them ever again.

As he gentle placed his bag on the floor he heard the gentle laughter and smiled as he walked over toward the living room of there new apartment they had moved into …as he looked over at her smiling he felt a gentle tug …and looked down to see two loving eyes looking up at him as they raised there arms.

"Daddy!" he reached down and lifted her in his arms…. As he felt the tender lips on his cheek he smiled as he looked over at Riddhima smiling at them as she approached them…. As he leaned forward and kissed Riddhima on the cheek he felt to arms around his neck… As he felt the lips on his lips he chuckled looking at Riddhima giggling.

"Momma kiss!" Armaan chuckled as he looked at Diya lean forward and kiss Riddhima in his arms.

"kissie kissie! Mwah!" they looked at her sending flying kisses to them as they looked at her in Armaan's arms

As he sat on the sofa with Diya in his arms he smiled… in the past four years everything had changed he looked up at the family photos on the wall… of them married and of him holding Diya in his arms two years later… there small toddler now had taken over there lives as he looked at her getting off the sofa and follow Riddhima to the kitchen he smiled and knew what was going to happen next…  He looked over at Riddhima hold a tray of tea and he looked at Diya holding a plastic pink tray with another cup and a small slice of cup cake in a plate.. Smiling he looked at Diya copy Riddhima make the tea and looked at her eagerly come toward him with her cup… Armaan held the empty white cup in hand and looked over at Diya grinning… "Diya where you're cup?" he looked at her slap her hand on her forehead as he chuckled at her antics. "Momma cup!"

"Ok you sit next to daddy and I get you're cup!"  he looked at her grinning.

"Daddy cake! Daddy cake!" as he handed her over the cup cake he smiled seeing her eating..  Everyday was the same he loved how coming home was full of nothing but love as he looked at Riddhima place the glass of milk on the table.

"How was you're day?" he looked over at her chuckling.

"Me and Diya went to see Amma and did some shopping!" he looked at Diya get off the sofa and jump on Riddhima lap.

"I am so jealous … ok not be able to spend time with you both!" she looked over at him as he picked up the cup of tea.

"Armaan! We goin on holiday soon…so just chill!"

"Chill Dadda!" they looked at the stern look on Diya face and laugh


Armaan stoked her hair as she lay next to him and smiled.

"lets go to the beach house this weekend!" he grinned look up at the ceiling.

"Armaan?" he looked at her blush as he remember making love to her there in every part of the house and kissed her on the forehead.

"You Riddhima have a one track mind!" feeling her pinch him he chuckled.

"Armaan you are to much!" he smiled pulling her into his arms and turned to looked at her.

"Thank you Armaan!" he looked at her and shook his head.

"You given me something that I only dreamed of " he looked at the lone tear run down her cheek and leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

"I love you! and I want to give you the world!" she felt his lips upon her…

As he turned over he moved his hand to feel no one there as he got up out of bed he smiled knowing where she would be…He gentle pushed open the door to find her looking at Diya in her cot a sleep feeling his arms take hold of her from behind she smiled.

"I uh.. came to …" hearing him chuckled she smiled.

"She is happy Riddhima and she going to be with you always!" she smiled as she knew Armaan knew her fear… that this was all a dream and she was going to wake up soon to find her away from them both…. He looked at her lean forward and kiss her on the cheek and looked at him.

"Come on lets go to bed! I can sleep if you not there!" she looked at him pout his lip like a child as he lead her back towards the bedroom.

"Lets have another baby! I have a feeling Diya bored by herself!" feeling him pull her towards him she shook her head

"You have a one track mind!" he grinned as he kissed her bear shoulder.

"What can I say… every time I see you I just want to have my wicked way with you.!" hearing his evil laugh she giggled as she felt his hand on her waist pulling up her satin nightie…As he kissed her passionately….


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