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Part 7: Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Two years have passed. Two whole year, Riddhima being married to Siddhant. Her wedding day was the last day, she saw Armaan in person. As much as she tried, but she never could get him out of his mind. He was always present there. Her marriage life was not what she had expected to be. It was a total disaster. As soon as Riddhima flew back to Sydney, this time with Siddhant, everything changed.

Soon she realised that Sid had married her only for the green card he could get, he married her only for the luxury to come to Sydney. In front of her family, he was the perfect husband and the perfect son, but as soon as Riddhima and Sid were alone in their apartment, it was like Riddhima met a new Sid. They hardly talked with each other. Most of the nights, Sid would spend outside. They even slept in two different rooms. Sometimes, just sometimes Sid would try to come near Riddhima, but she would always make excuses and go away from him.

It also has been two years since Muskaan and Rahul got married. They were deeply in love with each other. As soon as the family returned back, Rahul and Muskaan got engaged and then 4 months after, they got married. Now they are proud parents of a little girl named Zulaikha. Riddhima was the guardian of Zulaikha. She recently turned one and was the heartbeat of the whole family. Riddhima loved her more than her own life.

Armaan on the other hand, changed his life completely. He was not himself since he returned from Pakistan. Even his parents noticed that he has changed, but he found it impossible to get Riddhima out of his mind. Every day every night, she has captured his mind. He was totally obsessed with her. But the worst part was, that he could not even find anything of her on the social media. He could not find her on Facebook neither on Instagram. Just her picture, which his own eyes captured two years ago, was printed in his mind.

Even Nishita and Barun got married. As soon as they came back from Pakistan, Barun proposed to Nishita and she agreed. Everyone was happy for them. But each day Nishita could feel the pain of her brother. He wasn’t sharing it with anyone, but to her. But she was also bonded by his sake, and could not talk with anyone about it. She was actually feeling sorry for her little brother, she wished that she could do something to lessen his pain, but there was nothing, as Armaan had completely shut him off from the world.

To the outworld he was still the same, but deep inside, he knew that he had changed, not only a bit, but a lot. He heart was craving for her, asking for her. He was dying to have her, but he also knew, that it was impossible now, because she belonged to someone else. Why, he asked himself every single day, why does love hurt so much?

One thing, no one had noticed, was the relation between Ishita and Abhimanyu. On the day of Riddhimas wedding, they both come close to eachother and exchanged number. Since then, they were in contact with each other. They would write with each other every single day, but they don’t even know, that they were slowly but steadily falling in love with each other.

Back to Riddhima. She was right now with Muskaan in her room.

M: Sun tu saach me sab kuch sambhal legi na?
R: yr, tu itni fikar kyu kar rahi hai? Sab theek hai.
M: Lekin agar Zulaikha ne tujhe zyada tang kiya to?
R: pagla hai kya, yeh meri beti hai, mujhe kyu tang karegi. Tu ja bhaijaan ke saath, apne second honeymoon pe. Aur Zulaikha ki fikar mat kar, yeh mere saath bilkul mehfoos rahegi.
M: Jaanti hu, tabhi mujhe iski itni tension nahi hai.
R: to phir kis baat ki?
M: wo actually me aur Rahul, akele…
R: ohhhh, to is baat se bhabijaan ghabra rahi hai
M: Riddhima, please…
R: aree muski, tu itn fikar mat kar. Life ko enjoy karo. Aur jab wapis aao na, to khushkhabri saath leke aana

She winked at her and then took Zulaikha in her hands.

R: kyu meri jaan, aapko bhi koi chahiye na, aapse chota?

Zulaikha just throw her hands and feet in the air. Riddhima smiled at her and kissed her cheeks. Muskaan watched Riddhima smiling.

M: Tu khush hai na Riddhima?
R: of course me khush hu, yeh kaise sawal hai?
M: you know what I mean, tu Sid ke saath khush hai?

Riddhimas smile left her face and Muskaan was sure, that Riddhima was just faking everything.

M: Kya baat hai Ridzi?
R: Kuch nahi Muski, bas… Aisa lagta hai ke Zindagi ko bohot maza aata hai mujhe dukh deke. I dont know, me shayad Sid ke liye kabhi ek aachi wife na ban pau.
M: Tu aaj bhi Armaan se…

As Riddhima did not answer him, she knew that Riddhima was still deeply in love with him.

M: Sid tere saath galat behave to nahi karta na?
R: Agar wo karta bhi ho, it cant be changed na.
M: Riddhima tu chup kyu hai? Tu kyu kuch nahi kehti?
R: shayad mere pas wo haq hi nahi hai?
M: Babyyy, i wish ke me kuch kar pati, lekin mere haath bhi bande hue hai.

Muskaan hugged her very tightly and Riddhima hugged her back.

R: Is shaadi ne mujhe completely change kar diya hai Muski. Me wo wali Riddhima nahi rahi. Armaan ne mujhe ek aacha insaan banaya tha. Lekin Sid to…. Pata nahi muskaan. bas me nahi jaanti ke kya ho raha hai. Kyu mera dil aaj bhi uske liye tarapta hai? Me bohot bara gunaah kar rahi hu, married hoke bhi me kisi ghair insaan ko apni dua’on me mangti hu. Aaj tak... Lekin saach batau, to mujhe bilkul bhi afsoos nahi hai.
M: me yeh to nahi keh sakti ke teri Mohabbat sahi hai ya phri galat, lekin itna zaroor keh sakti hu ke Mohabbat wohi saachi hoti hai, jo tumhe tumhare Khuda ke kareeb kar de. Aur Armaan ne yehi kiya. Baki us parwardigaar ki marzi.

Both parted with eachother and Muskaan started her packing. They both changed the topic, as Muskaan knew, that Riddhima was feeling very uncomfortable with this subject. Riddhima also packed a bag for Zulaikha, as she will be living with her, till Muskaan and Rahul would return. Even though Padma said, that she would take care of Zulaikha, but Riddhima was the only one Zulaikha was attached to after Muskaan. And Riddhima would love to have her by herself. Riddhima especially took off from her work, to spend quality time with Zulaikha.

In the night the plane took off with Muskaan and Rahul. Riddhima took Zulaikha back home with her, even Ishu decided to sleepover by her. Right now Riddhima was on her bed, with Zulaikha and Ishu. On the other side of the world, Abhimanyu was in his room as he decided to call Ishita. That was their regular time to chat with each other. He just pressed the call button, as suddenly his father called him. Leaving the mobile on his bed he went down to his father. In the meanwhile Armaan came in his room, to look for a shirt. He saw the mobile on the bed, and saw that it was ringing someone. Armaan got curious and took the mobile.

Ishita at the exact time went to the washroom, leaving her mobile behind. Riddhima saw that someone named A was calling her. She decided to take the call and tell the person to call later. She took the phone and accepted the call.

R: Hello…

Armaan heard the voice and put the mobile on his ear. He did not recognise the voice at first.

A: Hello….

Riddhimas breath got stuck in her throat. Was it really him, could it be him? No, there must be a misunderstanding. She clutched the mobile tightly. Armaan then finally realised the voice, he knew to whom this voice belonged. It was hers. It was Riddhimas’. he felt his heartbeat rising. then finally he called her.

A: Riddhima….

It was just a mere whisper, but Riddhima heard it. She heart his voice, she heard her name. Means he still remembered her. He still knew who she is. He hasn’t forgotten her. She closed her eyes as he called her once again.

R: Armaan…

She closed her eyes as his name slipped out of her tongue. Tears fall out of her eyes. She heard how his breath stopped. Armaan could hear her fast breathing. Suddenly Riddhima heard steps coming near her room, instantly she disconnected the call and put the mobile back on its place. She wiped away her tears and took Zulaikha in her arms. In the same moment Ishita came back in the room.

Armaan on the other hand was confused by the call end. he again pressed the call button, but this time it was Ishita who picked it up. Riddhima was sitting beside her, and tried to ignore it as much as possible.

I: Hey Abhi, kaise ho?
A: It’s Armaan.
I: Oh, sorry Armaan bhai, me samjhi ke Abhimanyu tha.

Unknowingly both Armaan and Riddhima let out the breath they were holding. Riddhima thought, that Ishita was in contact with Armaan, whereas Armaan thought that Riddhima was in contact with Abhimanyu. In the exact moment Abhimanyu came back to his room.

A: wo aagaya hai, yelo, tum us se baat kar lo.

Armaan gave the mobile to Abhimanyu and just left from there. He went to his room and locked his room.

Next day, Riddhima was in the living room with Zulaikha and Ishita. Zulaikha was crying form the morning, Riddhima felt very sorry for her. She had no idea, what was missing her. Sid was also present. then she got a call from Padma, who was crying terribly. Riddhima found it very hard to understand her.

R: Maa hua kya hai? Aap kuch bataugi mujhe.
P: Riddhima, news chanel...

Riddhima started the news channel with confusion. And then she realised why her mother was crying hysterically. The news channel reported that there has been a plan crash. Riddhima looked clearly at the flight number and the destiny of the plane. Then realization struck her mind. It was the same plan, where Rahul and Muskaan were in. Her hands automatically took Zulaikha in her arms and hugged her tightly. She heard carefully to the news reporter, who announced that every single passenger has died in the plane, no one could save anyone.

Riddhima totally forgot her mothers call, so Ishu grabbed the phone and informed her mother, that they were coming. Sid drove everyone to Padma. Even he was feeling sad for Rahul and Muskaan. As soon as they reached the house Ishita and Sid run inside, with Riddhima just behind him. Padma was with Atul in the living room, crying very badly. Riddhima just heard her mother saying…

P: Itni choti si umar me wo bachi anat ho gayi…

That was like an awakening call for Riddhima…

R: Nahi, Zulaikha anat nahi hai. Aaj se yeh meri beti hai. Me banungi iski Maa. Khabardar agar kisi ne bhi Zulaikha ko Anat kaha to. Yeh meri beti hai. Yeh meri jaan hai.

Riddhima took her face and kissed every single inch of it. tears were coming out of her eyes continuously.

R: Meri beti hai yeh, meri hai Zulaikha. Me hu iski Maa.

Weeks passed, now everyone has somehow accepted Rahul and Muskaans death. No one talked about it in front of Riddhima. Riddhima had officaly taken the custody of Zulaikha. And she also had officially adopted Zulaikha as her own daughter.

Sid on the other hand, was not really very happy with the situation. He could not accept anyone others child as his. But Riddhima also made it clear for him.

R: Agar tumhe Zulaikha se problem hai, to matlab ke tumhe mujhse problem hai. Aur darwaza tumhe pata hai kaha hai. Lekin khabardar, agar meri beti ke bare me tumhe kuch bhi kaha to. Yeh meri beti hai, aur mere saath hi rahegi, agar tumhe koi problem hai, to tumphe yeh bhi pata hoga ke bahar ka raasta kaha pe hai.
S: Tumhari beti, tum banogi iski Maa. Are tum aaj tak aachi biwi nahi ban paye, to aachi Maa khaak banogi.

Then Sid left from there to his room. Riddhima hugged Zulaikha close to her heart.

R: me tumhe kuch nahi hone dungi. I promise baby, me tumhara khud se bhi zyaada khayal rakhungi. I promise.

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