Thursday, 31 January 2019

Part 7 : Pulse

Riddhima smiled as she looked over at Sapna she had noticed Diya had drifted of to sleep in her arms and looked over at Sapna as she looked at them both.

"So how long is Armaan away for?" Riddhima smiled feeling Diya snuggling up against as they sat in the lounge.

"He be back by the end of the week? He is in Delhi attending a seminar.."

"So how have you been keeping" Riddhima looked at the serious look on Sapna face and got up holding Diya.

"I just put her down Di and be right back…"  Sapna looked worried as she watched her disappear and holding Diya…. Even since she came back from London she cursed herself for not being there for her and the cracks where begin to show in her relationship…As she watched her walk back towards her she saw the tears in her eyes.

"I am happy di!" Sapna looked over at her staring at the coffee mug and reached over and took hold of her hand.

"When are you going to tell him Riddhima… this burden is too much for you to carry.." Riddhima looked over at her and wiped her tears.

"It's taken me a year when I came back to come to term with the fact it was not my fault and im scared to tell him the whole truth…"

"Riddhima do you have any idea what he being going through?…every time he leave you alone he calls Amma or me to come over and be with you… he loves you a lot but feeling like you can't help you… and…."

"I know …it has taken me a year just to come close to him have an intimate relationship with him…and when I told him I was pregnant he became more over protective and does not let me do anything…"

"I'm scare to tell him as I might loose him…." Riddhima looked over at Sapna as she nodded.

"You should have told him the truth from the start Riddhima…" feeling Sapna firm voice she knew she was right but how and when was the best time to tell him.

"I cant tell him.."

"So you going to let him walk on egg shells around you forever?" Riddhima looked at her and lowered her head.

"What do you want me to say.. hey Armaan my step brothers friend raped me!" Sapna looked at her with her hand in her face crying and moved towards her and hugged her…cursing the b***** who had done this to her…feeling  helpless and annoyed as to why she could not have thought about her and not her wedding and why she let her go alone.

"Momma!" wiping her tears she looked over at Sapna crying…she was the only one she could talk to and now she had to bury this secret from Armaan …as she could not loose him or Diya.


Armaan smiled as he looked over to see them waving at the airport… how he had missed them so much as he looked over at Diya running towards her he lifted her up in his arms and felt her kiss on his cheek… seeing Riddhima giggle as they approached him he beamed in delight as he took hold of his world.

"So gorgeous how are we!" feeling his lips on her forehead she blushed seeing the passer by look at them.

"Armaan!" he chuckled as she blushed deeper.

"OK now for the next three week I am totally Diya's !" Armaan looked into her little green yes like her mothers as he pushed the luggage trolley towards the exit.

"Ok good! I can reset my Diya is with her father…" Armaan stopped and pulled her back towards them.

"How said anything about resting we all going to Singapore in a couple of days…" seeing the surprised look on her face she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek to she him blush this time as someone whistled walking pass… he looked at her turned red and looked over at Diya trying to whistle but blew raspberry instead …laughing they left the airport.

"Hmm its good to be home!" feeling his chin on her shoulder as he hugged her in the kitchen she smiled.

"Diya as sleep?" he looked at her nodding her head as she washed the dishes.

"I told you to hire someone to do the chores…" Riddhima turned to look at him pouting his lip and taking hold of her wrists…. The truth was when kaka passed away she did not trust anyone and just did the chores herself as it helped her pass the time.

"I want these beautiful hands all to myself…" he looked at her giggling at his cheesy line as he placed his hands in the water and helped with the dishes.

"Riddhima I am serious looking after Diya is a full time job and these other chores can be done by someone else."

"I love doing all this stuff Armaan … like cooking and cleaning for my family!" she looked at his face as he smiled and kissed her on cheek.

"This is why I love you so much! … but I'm installing a dishwasher machine as then I can spend quality time with you…" feeling her arms around his neck he looked at her smiling.

"Like what?" feeling his lips on her she melted in his arms.

"I am pregnant!" feeling her feet no longer on the ground she giggled as he twirled her around.

"Thank you!" she looked at him as he lowered her.

"Ok this time we going to have a boy I just feel it… and I'm hire someone when we comeback from Singapore to do the chores and …" listening him talk so fast she lead him to the bedroom as he spoken.

"I guess that weekend at the beach house did the trick!" she looked at him whispering to Diya…and hit him on the arm as he chuckled.

"You going to be a Didi and boss your brother around!" Riddhima placed the blanket on her as he mumbled about teaching them basketball and other games..

"Armaan let her sleep!" he looked at her and nodded walking towards her as she stood by the door.

"Hmm I don't feel like sleeping!" feeling him lift her up in his arms she shook her head at him…

"Ok I told you I want 3 kids max… and then.." she kissed him to silent him as he grinned.

"Armaan shut up!" she looked at his stunned face as he placed her on the bed.

"Yes boss! If you kiss me like that I shut up…" he looked at her blushing and sat next to her.

"Well may be if you behave I might!" feeling his arms around her he looked at her.

"Can I be a naughty boy and you can punish me!" he looked at her eyes widen in horror and grinned cheekily at her.

"In that case I will not kiss you!" looking at his mouth wide open she kissed him on the cheek and got into bed smiling…


"Welcome to Singapore!" Armaan smiled as he took hold of the hold room card and looked over at Riddhima as she held Diya.

"Honey why don't you go up with Diya, while I check out what we can see… as a family!" he looked over at Riddhima nodded as he walked over to the hotel travel desk..

"Hello!" feeling like someone had walked over her grave she stopped clinging onto Diya near the lift… as she smelt that familiar cologne she opened her eyes to see him in front of her.

"Never did I think that I would see you here!" looking around to see Armaan she looked at him as he smiled wicked at her grinning as he had scared her for life.

"Is this your baby!" seeing his hand moved towards Diya she stepped back.

"Don't touch her!" as everyone turned to see her he looked around the hotel lobby smiling.

"Always creating a scene… but I know exactly how to handle women like you!"

"Riddhima!" she turned to see Armaan and sighed in relief as she watched him approach her she turned to see him nowhere insight.

"Baby everything ok?" Armaan looked at the pale look on her face as she looked so scared.

"Armaan take us to out room please !" feeling scared as she had tears running down her cheeks he nodded and lead them both away…


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