Monday, 7 January 2019

Part 8 & 9 : Instant Messaging

Part 8

Later that afternoon in the library

Armaan notices a gir walking inside.. headed for a computr.
"wow,new girl looks hott! Meine isse pehle kabhi nahi dekha.. very pretty..' armaan said to himself as he was checking her out. She sat down.. to face armaan..
"MACCHAR? Oh my god!...." but even though he knew it was Riddhima.. he couldn't stop lookin at her and he couldn't help smiling.

BB: abhi tak online kyon nahi ho?
2 minutes later

"Riddhima.. just chat.. he is waiting fer you…" riddhima told herself.. as she logged in
FF: sorry … kuch kaam tha..

BB: koi baat nahi… you're here.. thts enough!!

How sweet!! *sigh* kash Armaan mere saath such mein aise hi hota!! Oh my god.. me kya soch rahi hu!! Armaan aur mein… nahi..
Shaking her head.. she got back to her So Called 'Reality'.

FF: hmm.. so college kaise tha?
Ignoring tht comment

BB: theek.. lekin.. aap ke jaise ladkiya he hi nahi… na?

Armaan said widout realizing tht he was staring at Riddhima..

FF: they might be there….shaayad, Aap unko pehchaan nahi paa rahe hai.

Riddhima lifted her gaze frm the computer and looked at Armaan.. she felt he was looking at her.. Armaan caught her gaze.. she found it hard to resist. It was as though he locked his eyes on her… Armaan smiled, there was soemthin bout her he had never noticed before… it was captivating…

Suddenly.. some one dropped a book and the loud noise broke the contact.. but armaan didn't stop lookin at her.. he couldn't.. he liked wat he saw.. more than tht.. he liked her looking at him.. suddenly he turned back to the screen .. he got a message

BB: shayad……
Riddhima couldn't take it anymore.. she could lie all she wanted.. but not to herself.

FF: im sorry.. par mujhe jaana hai.

BB: kyon? Itni jaldi?

FF:kuch home work hai.. sorry… bye

BB: theek hai.. mein bhi chalta hu… take care

Riddhima logged out.. and ran fer the door… but as she was going.. Armaan stole her sight.. she was once again looking at him.. but kept walkin.. and widout noticing.. she bumped into Atul…
"oh.. ouch…. Atul said

Waking up... "oh Shit so-sorry Atul.. chot lagi???"

"nahi… koi baat nahi… kaha kho gayi thi?"

"umm.. kuch nahi… I have to go.. bye.." she rushed out.. feeling completely embaressed..

Back at the library.. Armaan smiled to himself.. he saw her bump into Atul.. He realized tht he wasn't the only one who felt a connection.. riddhima felt exactly.. wat he felt fer her.
part 9

After the basket ball practice.. Armaan goes to the auditorium where the girls were practicing.
As Armaan walked in, the girls lost concentration.
"Hey Armaan… Whats up? Yahan kya kar rahe ho?" kajal asked really excitedly.

"kuch nahi, bas meri sabse favorite team ko dekhne aaya hu" Armaan said as he winked to kajol. The girls giggled.

Riddhima got annoyed.. the girls were getting distracted."Hame koi audience nahi chahiye."

"cmon yaar.. so sad" karishma said "Armaan do you wanna play wid us?"

"KYA???" riddhima said.

"look armaan ek bahoot accha player hai and we can learn soemthin."

Muskaan also reassured her.

"fine khelo…
"hmm I donno…. Riddhima bahoot rude hai… " giving her a naughty smile.
"shut up and play armaan!" riddhima said.. He is soo full of himself!

Armaan and riddhima were in opposite teams. Riddhima looked up to the way Armaan played . He really was a good player..

"Armaan.. teach some of those tricks na?" Tina said as she watched him shoot a basket.

"Kya?? yeh fakes?" armaan asked.

 "yeah, match 6th Aprl ko hai aur hame kuch tips ke zaroorat hai. " muskaan added

"theek hai.. yaha aajao.. dekho.. pheli fake hai yeh" armaan sad as all the guurls stood around him. He acted as if he was about to jump.. but instead went around to take a lay up.

"Riddhima u remember this shot ryte? Armaan said giving her a sly smile.

"Aur yeh hai dusri fake…. Riddhima come here." he said taking riddhimas hand and placing her in front of him… "bounce the ball.. and .. arre riddhima tackle me na!" as he was riddhima just standing there "... haan.. and then bounce the ball under her legs like this.. and take a lay up.. easy as tht.." He said looking at riddhima give him a Not-So-impressed look.

Armaan managed to teach them a few more tricks. They played a match to practice those shots.....Wow Yeh To seriously hame teach kar raha hai.. she thought

As Riddhima was trying a fake, Armaan was tackling her..she tried to confuse him.. but instead Armaan took it from her so easily.. as though he were takin candy from a baby.
"Rule No.1.. don't wait… dusri team ko pata chalega ki aap koi fake karne wal hai" he said .. giving her the ball back "alright?"
Rids nodded.

After the match was over.. Riddhima was keeping the basket balls back..
"hey.." Riddhima quickly turned around to see armaan standin behind her.

"meri home work…" armaan started…
Rids remembered how much work she had.. and how much she had to do for him.

"haan.. mujhe pata hai.. biophysics ke project.. cariology questions.. physiology ke notes.. aur…." riddhima continued

"nahi karma hai…." He stood smiling at her.

"Kya? Tum theek ho?" Riddhima said completely shocked..

"too much homework today.. tumhe to apni home work bhi karni hai na?dont worry mein apna kar doonga…" he said taking a step closer to her

"oh th-thank y-you.. " Riddhima said… a bit confused…

Surprised to hear the 'T-Word' from her…
He walked closer to her.. Riddhima caught the shelf behind her…he smiled.. he could feel her breath. And he whispered..

"anytime…" and walked away leaving her speechless and completely weak in the knees.


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