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Part 8 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima was sitting in her hall and watching TV. Suddenly it automatically switched off and even the light dimmed down. The she heard voice from her front door. Riddhima got scared, and was only looking towards her door. And then the door snapped open, and in front of her eyes was none other than Armaan. Standing there, from head to toe wet, as it was raining like cats and dogs outside. Riddhima whispered his name.

R: Armaan….

She was still sitting on her place and clutched the sofa. Even though Riddhima just whispered his name, he heard it. His eyes turned darker, even by just her voice. Riddhima whimpered as she heard his authoritative voice and looked into his lustful eyes. She couldn’t resist and obligated him.

R: Armaan…

Armaan’s jaw clenched as he took his steps towards her. Slow steps towards her. Not even once looking away from her. Riddhima could hear her heart pounding louder and louder. Was it because of anxiety or the excitement, what he would do to her and her body.

R: Tum yaha pe kya kar rahe ho? Tum yaha pe kya kar rahe ho?
A: Me agar yah ape nahi hounga, to phir kidhar Riddhima. Jidhar tum, waha pe.

Riddhima inhaled deeply, now he was standing just in front of her. He took her by her arms and then pinned her to the wall and pressed her with his body. They both were still looing into each others eyes. His hands travelled her face, down to her neck. Riddhima closed her eyes as his fingers continued their torture. His fingers moved down from her neck to her breasts, down to her waist and pinched her there, so that Riddhima opened her eyes and was forced to look into his eyes.

R: Armaan…

Her legs turned into jelly, if Armaan was not holding her by her waist, then she would have definitely fallen down. Armaan took her whole weight and moved forward towards her lips.

A: you are just mine Riddhima, just mine…

Riddhima looked back at his eyes, seeing the passion and lust in them. But also tons of love for her and admiration.

A: Say you are mine, just mine…

He moved more forward, his lips were barely touching hers. It was a torture for her. And finally Riddhima let go.

R: Yes, I am yours. Just yours.

That was it for Armaan. His arms pulled her moved into his body, so that they were basically pressed into each other. And then he put his lips onto hers, kissing her slowly and steady, enjoying every single moment of it. As he pulled her more into him, Riddhima felt his erection touching her stomach. She gasped, giving Armaan the opportunity to enter her mouth with his tongue. Soon they started to fight for dominance, and of course she would never be able to dominate him. He grabbed her more tightly and Riddhima jumped and locked her legs around his waist. She gasped again, as she felt his errection getting in contact with her already wetting pants.

She pants for breath, as Armaan let go of her lips and moved towards her neck. His lips laid butterfly kisses on her whole neck.

A: What do you want Riddhima?

He did not stop his torture. Riddhima’s hands were in his hairs, pulling them hard, but Armaan did not mind. Riddhima tried to get his lips back on hers, but Armaan didn’t let her. He wanted her to speak up.

A: Say it Riddhima, else I wont do it.

He bit on her neck, giving her a love mark, telling everyone that she is off limits, she is his, only his.

R: I want you….

Riddhima took a deep breath. She made him look into her eyes. As she saw the passion in them, she could not hold herself back anymore.

R: I want you to take me to the bedroom…throw me on the bed….rip off my clothes….and have your way with me….

Armaan smirked seeing the burning passion in her eyes.

A: With pleasure…

He then moved away from the wall, still Riddhima clinging on him. He moved towards the bedroom, he kicked it with his feet after entering it. He throw Riddhima on the bed and smirked at her.

A: now you are at my mercy….

He moved towards her, taking slow steps. Torturing Riddhima.

A: no one can save you now Riddhima, no one…

He put his hands on both sides of her head and dipped down. Their nose touching each other. He moved his head sideway and moved more down. Riddhima closed her eyes to feel his touch. But she did not felt anything. Nothing, she was waiting, but nothing came. She felt tab on her shoulder, someone was shaking her.

Z: uthooooo….

Then she heard her, her dauther. Zulaikha, calling her. Riddhima opened her eyes and realised that it was all a dream. But it felt so real, too real to be true. She looked at her daughter, who will be turning 3 very soon. Yes 2 years passed, since Muskaan and Rahuls death. From then on Zulaikha had been living with her, as her own daughter.

R: Uth gayi meri jaan.
Z: yesshhh Mama. Aaap uthhoo naa…
R: Uth ti hu meri Jaan. Aapke Baba kaha hai?

Zulaikha just shrugged her shoulders and Riddhima understood that Sid must be gone by now. That was every day. Nothing knew. Sid still found it hard to accept Zulaikha as their, eventhough he was trying every day, but Riddhima knew, that she would never let Zulaikha go away from her. She is hers, and that is final. Sid had changed a lot, he was nice towards her and also towards Zulaikha. It was like, he had changed completely.

It was Saturday and Riddhima had a day off. So she decided to go with Zulaikha to a special place. A place, which is very close to her heart.

R: Chalo baby, jaldi se tayar hote hai. Mama ne aapko ek bohot special place dikhani hai.
Z: Yippieee.

Zulaikha was a carbon copy of Muskaan, by nature and by looks. Just her eyes were from Rahul. Everyday Riddhima looked at Zulaikha, she remembered her best friend and her brother. Riddhima pushed the thoughts aside and then got Zulaikha ready. Not even once did she think about her dream, but that does not mean, that she had forgotten it. It was just not the right time to think about it.

After breakfast and getting ready, they finally went outside. Riddhima drove to a very high mountain, from where she could see everything, the whole town. She came out of the car and took Zulaikha in her arms. She admired the beauty of the nature every single time, when she came up here. It made her feel closer to her God.

Z: Wooowww Mamma, bohot pyaala haii…

Riddhima kissed her cheeks and Zulaikha giggled. Then Riddhima let her down, and she went on the field playing. Suddenly she saw a bunny and followed it. Riddhima let her, as she knew that no one would be here.

She sat down on a quiet place and let her thoughts free run. Finally she thought about her dream. It was not the first time, she had such dreams. But each time, they turned more and more intense. Why was she feeling this, even though she knew, that now its impossible. She is married and a mother of a child. Riddhima looked up the sky with tears in her eyes.

R: kyu? kyu aap mujhe aise khwab dikhate hai? Kyu mere dil ko umeed dilwate hai? Kyu phir mere dil ko har roz tor dete hai? Agar in khwabo ki duniya me hi rakhna hai, to phir kyu mujhe har roz reality face karwate hai? Kyu nahi nikal dete aap Armaan ko meri Zindagi se? Me usko kabhi nahi paa sakti, lekin phir bhi aap ne mere dil me ek ummed lagai hui hai? Kyu kar rahe ho aap aisa?

She was quiet for some time. She just had no idea what was happening. Today was another of those day, where the pain was unbearable. Where she felt, like her heart is being stabbed by knifed uncountably. Like someone was torturing her purposely. Someone was holding her throat, so she wasn’t able to breath.

She looked up to see Zulaikha still running here and there, then she went to her car and took out her diary, which she kept here, because it wasn’t safe at home. She does not want Sid to find it and she wasn’t able to throw it away. It has to many memories. She went back and sat on her place.

Marne wale to ek din
bin bataye marr jaate hai
Roz to wo marte hai
jo khud se zyada kisi aur ko chahte hai…

She put her pen aside and went through her diary. She let her tears free run reading all the context. She stopped at a page, where his picture was.

R: kyu tum mere dil se nahi jaata. Tum La hasil ho mere liye. Lekin phir bhi yeh pagal dil tumhe nahi bhul paa raha? Kyu nahi, in 4 saal me kyu tumhari mohabbat nahi nikli mere dil se? kyu me tumhe bhul nahi paati? kyu me khud ko rok nahi paata, aur har waqt tumhe khuda se mang baith ti hu? kyu armaan kyuu.....

She put the picture near her heart and closed her eyes. On the other side of the world Armaan felt uneasy. He felt very uneasy. He felt like Riddhima was calling him, like she was in pain. But he did not know what to do. It’s been two years since he heard last time her voice. Yes he tried to call her, or get in contact with her, even through Ishita, but Riddhima was never there, or she would have no time. Yes, Armaan felt frustrated but then he finally understood her situation too. She was married to someone else. Eventhough his heart stabbed by this thought, but he belied, that probably Riddhima was now in love with her husband? this stupid Sid.

He way lying on his bed, he closed his eyes and took her dupatta from under the pillow. Yes he still had it. it was always with him. He brought the dupatta near him.

A: I love you Riddhima, me puri Zindagi tumhara intezaar karne ko tayar hu. Shayad yeh intezaar kabhi khatam naho, lekin mujhe phir bhi koi gila nahi hoga.

(heehe her comes the next song, what should I say, I just lovee songs. Hhahah. You can also suggest me some, if you want, and I will see if it will fit. Title: Kasam Kha Ke Kaho)

Hey Hey Hey Aa Ha Ha………..

Riddhima put her diary away, she wiped her tears and run to Zulaikha and picked her up.

Kasam Khake Kaho
Muskurake Kaho,
Dil Lagake Kaho
Pas Aake Kaho

She grabbed Zulaikha and tickled her. Then she turned her towards herself and kissed her whole face.

Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai

Zulaikha also gave a lot of kissed to her mother. She smiled at her mother.

Sharmake Kaho
Balkhake Kaho,
Ha Kaho Naa Kaho
Bas Kehtee Raho

Armaan was lying on the bed, with the dupatta in his hands. He imagined Riddhima coming there and lying next to him. He touched her face and put her hairs behind her ear.

Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai

Riddhima closed her eyes, as if she felt Armaan touching her. As she opened her eyes, no one was there. She turned around. Away from Zulaikha.

Ek Ajab See Dil Me Hasrat Hotee Hai Tumko Dekhke
Chahe Tumko Dil Me Chahat Hotee Hai Tumko Dekhke

She closed her eyes and thought about him, times she had spent with him. Just him, near her. In every single dream. The look of his eyes, the passion in his eyes for her.

Hame Pyar Karo, Ikrar Karo, Sanso Me Basake Rakh Lo
Tum Sham-O-Saher Didar Karo, Khwabo Me Chhupake Rakh Lo

She put her hand on her heart. She felt a tab on her feet. She looked down and Zulaikha ther. She smiled at her and picked her up and hugged her.

Najar Jhukake Kaho, Palak Uthake Kaho
Ha Kaho Naa Kaho, Bas Kehtee Raho

Armaan was looking at Riddhima, dressed as bride, sitting on his bed.

Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai

He sat beside her and put her veil down. He put his finger on her chin and made her look into his eyes.

Ek Bechainee See Hotee Hai, Abb Toh Tere Nam Se
Ishk Huwa Jab Se Naa Gujra Ek Lamha Aaram Se

She thought about the passed 5 years, yes 5 years have passed since she has been in love with him. And every day felt like, she had fallen in love with him again and again.

Kya Hal Huwa Chahat Me Sanam, Mushkil Hai Tumse Kuchh Kehna
Hai Tumko Kasam Mehbub Kabhee, Aankho Se Dur Naa Rehna

She took Zulaikhe and made her stand infornt of her. She looked at her lovingly and then Zulaikha hugged her, as if she understood her pain.

Itrake Kaho,
Jhilmilake Kaho,
Ha Kaho Naa Kaho
Bas Kehtee Raho

Armaan took out the tickets from his side table. He has a concerd in Sydney, next month. He was excited about it. Because he knew through Abhi, that Riddhima lived in Sydney.

Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai

He was excited to see her, he promised himself, that he will see her from far, he wont go near her, if she is happy in her life. He just once wanted to see her.

Kasam Khake Kaho
Muskurake Kaho,
Han Kaho Naa Kaho,
Pas Aake Kaho

Riddhima was wandering with Zulaikha on the grass. Looking for that bunny. Today also a day went, where she buried her feelings once again. And no one noticed it. Now again a smile was plastered on her face. And she was happy about it.

Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai
Tumko Humse Pyar Hai.

They finally drew back home, it had been a long day and both were tired now.

A whole month passed and now Riddhima decided that it was probably time, to move on. To let Armaan behind and start a new life with Sid. He had been so kind to her and also loveable towards Zulaikha. She decided, that finally today, she will accept him fully as her husband. Right now, she was getting ready. She took out her wedding dress, she thought to surprise Sid when he will come home. She had sent Zulaikha to her mother, just for tonight. She wanted to make everything right, if not for herself, then for Zulaikha. She had to take this step. She got ready, and was now dressed as a bride, waiting for Sid to finally come home.

Sid was driving home. He was smiling inwardly, that his plan, well his and his mothers plan had worked. He remembered their talk.

M: Kya hai sid, itna time ho gaya tujhe waha pe, abhi tak waha ki nationality nahi mili tujhe?
S: kya karu Mama, Riddhima jab tak nahi chahe gi, tab tak mujhe yaha ki nationality nahi milegi.
M: To kuch kar na?
S: kya karu me Mama, mujhse to uski Shakal tak bardasht nahi hoti, ab to wo apne mare hue bhai aur bhai ki beti ko bhi ghar le aayi hai. Kya karu me, kuch samjah nahi aa raha. Jab bhi us Riddhima ki shakal dekhta hu na, to usko mar dalne ka dil karta hai.
M: Sid, kuch ulta seedha mat kariyo. Itni mushkil se mene shashank ko razi kiya tha is rishte ke lye. Tujhe plan yaad hai na?
S: Jee, Mamma, sab yaad hai. Jaise hi mujhe Australia ki nationality milegi, me Riddhima ko divorce de dunga.
M: Bas kuch bhi karke, jaldi kar mere laal, yaha pe taani teri intezaar kar rahi hai.
S: us se kaho, ke bas kuch waqt ki duri aur hai, me bohot jald aake us se shaadi karunga, aur usko yaha pe leke aunga. Lekin mujeh samajh nahi aa rah, ke me kya karu?
M: Are pagal, riddhima ko apne pyaar me pagal kar, aur agar tu Riddhima ko nahi kar sakta, to phir Zulaikha ke throw Riddhima ke kareeb a, aur usko majboor kar de, ke wo tujhe waha ki nationality dilwane ko tayar ho jaye.

Sid came out of his toughts. He was so happy that his plan actually worked, Riddhima had fallen for his sweet talk and applied for his nationality. And today he got the informatin, that he successfully got the nationality of Australia. He was so happy at that moment. He cant wait to tell his mother and then finally get rid of Riddhima. Sid was so lost in his thoughts, that he did not even saw a car coming towards him. His car crashed with another one.

Instead of Sid, Riddhima got a call form the hospital, informing here, that her husband had an accident and was in the hospital right now. Riddhima took the car and drew to the hospital. She run inside the hospital and asked for Sid, then she run towards his room and saw him sitting on the bed. thank god it was nothing serious. And then she noticed someone else also in that room. She looked toward the person and got shocked to see Armaan there.

Armaan stood up as soon as Riddhima came in running. He was stunned seeing her dressed in her wedding dress. His car actually crashed with Sid’s, but thank god it was nothing serious. He recognised Sid instantly, that’s why he insisted to come along to the hospital. he knew that Riddhima would also come there. And there she was, standing infront of him, looking towards him. he could see the confusion in her eyes, the pain, the shock, the hurt, every thing.

riddhima had to fight, to put her attention back to sid. She took a deep breath and moved to his bed.

R: Tum theek ho Sid.

Sid thought, that this could be the perfect time, to put his plan in action.

S: Me to theek hu, lekin shayd tum mujhe theek dekh ke itna khush nahi ho. Tum to yehi dua karti hogi, ke kab me marr jau.
R: Sid, yeh tum kya keh rahe ho?

Armaan was looking with confusion towards them.

S: tumhe pata hai Riddhima, jab se tum meri Zindagi me aayi ho, meri Zindagi barbad kardi hai tumne. Kabhi yeh problem to kabhi wo problem. Aur phir upar se Zulaikha bhi. Are pehle tum apne Husband ko to sambhal lo, phir kisi aur ki responsiblilty leti.
R: Sid yeh tum…
S: No Riddhima let me speak, Manhoos ho tum mere liye…

Riddhima took steps back, exact same words, her father used for her. She felt the pain in her heart.

S: Meri puri zindagi barbad karke rakh di hai. Aur aaj yeh accident. U know what Riddhima, me tumhe talaq deta hu.

Riddhimas eyes widened in horror, just as Armaans. He felt like he had lost his tongue.

S: Talak deta hu me tumhe, talaq deta hu. Divorce papers tumahre ghar aa jayenge. Kisi kisam ka rishta nahi rakhna chahta me tum jaise manhoos larki ke saath.

Riddhimas back finally touched the wall and tears fell out of her eyes. Sid smirked seeing her this condition. Armaan was now burning with rage. He hated Sid at this moment. How could he be so insensitive.

S: tumen meri Zindagi barbad ki thi na, ab me dekhta hu, ke ek talaq shuda ladki se, jo ke ek bachi ki Maa bhi hai, koun shaadi karega. Me dekhta hu ke koun tumhara haath thamega.

that was it for Armaan, he could not hear anymore. He had to step in.

A: Me karunga Riddhima se Shaadi….

All eyes turned towards Armaan. riddhima could see the fire in his eyes, and the hatred towards Sid. But her next words shocked armaan the most.

R: Mujhe aapki bheek ki zaroorat nahi hai Mr. Mallik.

With that Riddhima turned around and left the room.


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