Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Distances Between Us

"Armaan''.Armaan, I said get out of my cabin'''''.

Get out..NOW"She screamed at the top of her voice, emphasizing each word,. She didn't know what to do. Never had she been betrayed.  It was the first time that she was mistaken in judging someone. How she wished, she could turn the time back. When she fell for him, fell in love badly for him'.. but he just walked away today shattering all her dreams, crushing all her hopes. How wrong she was .! she knew to day. She was left heart broken. She didn't believe he did this to her. He ditched her, threw her like some garbage in the dustbin. He ripped her heart off, now how was she supposed to live. She couldn't imagine her life without him. She just wished that once he would return back. She was confused of her own feelings. Once she, wished that he would just come to her , hold her in his arms, kiss her in order top make her feel his love and tell her that it was all a bad dream and that he was , is and will always be there for him. How she wished that he would carry her in his arms and make her feel the strength of his love, take her away from the world, in their world of their own. She didn't want anything. But the next moment she felt that, if she could just kill him, if she could just want an answer from him,'if he really didn't love her and it was all for her money and lust'. She just kept sitting in the corner of her cabin, hugging her knees close to her chest, remembering all those
cherished moments together. She remembered their cute talks, the way he made her feel when she was with him, the way he touched her everytime she felt a 100 volt electricity pass through her, arousing new sensations. She knew it was all love, asli true love from her side, but never ever feeled that I wasn't from his side either. Every time she looked in those blue mesmerizing eyes of her, she lost herself in the ocean filled with love and only love. never did she feel like he didn't love her. he didn't feel the same way as she did when his body touched her. she just still couldn't beleive it. she kept crying histerically all day.. oping to never open her eyes again as she didn't want to spend her rest of life without him... never ever. she would love her till her last breathe...

After 8 years

He roamed here and there like a lunatic, searching for her. he could't till day beleive that she lefth im for forever. he knew that he did a  mistake , a very big mistake indeed without confessing his feelings to her... he was now all alone.
 he bent there to put the flowers on her grave. he sat there beside the grave and cried his heart out. he still remembered that day.


'i maya., ridd.dhiima...' he stammered through his words.
he didn't know why he felt a sudden pain in his heart. he loved maya, but being with riddhima was hell lot of a different experience. he didn't know why but his heart was trying to stop him from telling her. more of it when he saw tears in her eyes hefelt his heart tear apart.
'how could u do this armaan how could u...???' it was more of a statement than a question. she was devastated and he was standing there with another woman in his arms. he tried to move forward, but she stopped him far behind.
'go armaan, go. i don't wanna see ur face again. never'. hearing her words he somewhere in his heart felt a deep pain. something which he couldn't express with his words. he just closed his eyes hoping that the pain would lessen, but he didn't . as he couldn't hold it longer, he went out of the office, leaving a broken riddhima alone.
it was not that he didn't feel for riddhima but he always thought that maya was the girl for him until one day when he found out that he ditched him. leaving riddhima in that condition was not easy for armaan either. he couldn't sleep, he couldn't eat. he couldn't do his work without once imagining ridhima there but still he hushed away all thought thinking that as he was with her for so many days, so he was just not used to of it and will get himselrf over it. but he was wrong. he couldn't forget her. her every small thing he remembered, from her likings to her dislikings. in everything he did, he just included her thoughts.
one day he tried to call her, but she didn't pick up her cell. so, he called at her landline no., the servant of the house took the phone. and when he heard the news, he fell on the floor, completely alone. the servant said that after their arguement, she went out of the office and drove the car so fast and hit the tree. the doctors couldn't save her. that was the day when he understood that whatever he felt for him wasn't just a crush or lust, it was all true love. asli true love
from that day till this day, he is alone, he wants to go with her. but she is not here, not here anymore.
"riddhima u left me, without even giving a chance to explain myself. i don't know when will these distance between us end:.


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