Sunday, 3 February 2019

Epilogue : Pulse

"Dadi I win!" Padma looked down at Diya as she tugged her hand….Smiling at her grand-daughter she picked her up and walked into the room leaving the door open.

Riddhima looked at her fathers surprised face as it said it all as he stepped into the room followed by Anjali and Rahul.

"Beta I just get Diya ready for bed!" Riddhima heard the quiver in her mothers voice as looked at her as Armaan sqeezed her hand…She looked over at him as he blinked his eyes telling her it will be ok….

"I uh…" Riddhima smiled and walked over to her father as he stutter …seeing Padma leave the room

"Papa?" she looked at him in tears as he looked at Padma close the door.

"Riddhima we come to say sorry!" Anjali stepped forward with her head lowered.

"Thank you for your concern…but I can look after my family" Riddhima looked over at Armaan as he gave them a stern look still upset by the current event.

"Armaan beta! I had no idea …Anjali and Rahul hide this from me and we are truly very sorry… Riddhima beta I have never been there for you and I want to make it up to you…to both of you!" Armaan looked over at him as he sobbed.

"I have done wrong by you and you're mother …please give me a chance to repent! I don't want to die without either one of you forgiving me…" Riddhima looked over at her father as he slumped into the armchair sobbing…feeling Armaan releasing her hand she looked at him as he nodded at her to go to her father.

"Papa what happened was not you're fault in fact for so long I blamed myself thing I must have said or done …maybe this situation was all my fault…Armaan blamed himself as he was unable to protect me…but the truth was Vivek used me as part of him game to get you're money…. Anjali you where the one who invited me to London to see Papa and later I agreed to the transplant…I had no motive to get you're inheritance…." Riddhima looked over at her as she lowered her head.

"Armaan has given me everything and taught me about family and what each relationship means and how its all based on love…" feeling her eyes fill up she placed her hand on Shanshanks shoulder.

"I forgive you Papa…but this is going to be very hard for me to every trust you all again so you going to have to be patient with us!" seeing her father nodding his head she took hold of him as he sobbed…..


Hearing the knock on the door Padma knew this moment would come soon or later in her life time as was ready for it…as she looked over at Diya holding the story book in her bed heard the door open as she saw him enter the room looking at her….

"Who has been sitting in my chair…said the little bear…." Shanshank saw her as she did not look up to see him as he saw her reading to Diya.

"Dadi GoldieLocks!" Seeing her lean forward and kiss the toddler he smiled as he looked around the room.

"Hello!" Shanshank looked down and saw Diya looking up at him.

"Hi beta!" Diya looked at him as he knelt on the floor and looked at her.

"Do you want to hear a story?" Shanshank chuckled as he looked at her smiling.

"No Beta I want to end a story…" he saw the confused look on her face as she ran back to Padma as she set her small bed.

"Diya!" they all turned to see Riddhima walk into the room as Diya ran towards her to be swept up in her arms.

"Come on! If I know you're father he will not sleep until his angel tells him a nursery rhyme…." Hearing the door shut behind her he looked over at Padma as she stood near the window and approached her.

"I am sorry!" she turned and looked at him sternly.

"I lost everything Shaan… the man who promised me he will return to marry me…and I was told my own child died…for twenty five years I lived without anyone…and I will never forgive you for that…" feeling his hand on her shoulder she broken down and cried as she felt his arms around her.

"I never stopped loving you…you're brother told me you died and I never knew about Riddhima until you're bhabhi met me and told you had my child…even she told me you were dead!" feeling his voice quiver as he sobbed she looked at him and pushed him away.

"I am dead to you Shaan…just leave!" he looked at the hurt on her face as her green eyes looked at him with no emotions.

"You wanted money and power and got that…now I hope you are enjoying you're rewards!" her word her harsh and he knew she was right …as his ambitions drove him away from her…

"I never knew what it was like until I lost you….i guess I have been paying the price all these years… Riddhima came into my life and saved me….I guess she takes after you in every way…always thinking of other….I just wanted to say that I still love you and I will never stop….I am so happy to see you are alive and well and that's all I want to say…" she looked at him but the pain he had given her was to great the betrayal as he married another and then she lost her child as her brother did not want to get his family name dragged in society ….as he told her that the baby was died… just before he died he told her the truth and she forgave him….but this she could not forgive as he broke every promise he ever made to her and destroyed her and Riddhima life …..


Padma felt his hand in his as she looked over at him scared as he held Diya in his lap

"Shaan I am scared ….the last couple of weeks have been hard for her" feeling his lips on her forehead she looked at shaking her head as he chuckle.

"Papa you always kissing Dadi!" Shanshank chuckled as he looked over at Padma blushing….in the past nine month they had slowly started to get really close to each other and once this was over he was going to ask her to marry him as it was getting hard to be apart from her especially since he moved to India just for Riddhima and Padma…. Anjali and Rahul took over the business of running the hospital in London while he lived as a retired but we feeling like a teenager again with Padma around.

"Diya! He's a naughty old man!" Diya looked at Padma and winked.

"Hey who you calling old!" Padma giggled as she looked at the hurt look he gave her…she looked at Diya who looked at them both confused.

As the door opened they saw Armaan looking at them as he came out of the delivery room.

"Dadda?" Diya ran towards him as he swept her up in his arms smiling.

"Come on Angel I show you the new editions!" Padma looked at him smiling as her eyes filled up..

Diya ran into the room to see her mother asleep on the bed…Armaan lifted her onto the bed as she crawled and kissed her on the bed to see her mother smile at her as she opened her eyes.

"Momma you tired! Don't worry I look after the babies…with Dadi!" Riddhima took hold of Diya in her arms and kissed her cheek.

"My baby is all grown up and know a Didi!" Armaan heard the faintness in her voice and rubbed her shoulder as she smiled at him.

"Ok Diya…Momma needs her rest so lets see the babies…" seeing the excited look on her face he smiled as Padma walked over towards Riddhima…. Feeling her lips on her forehead she smiled.

"Momma im ok…just a little tired!" Padma looked at her closing her eyes.

"You rest I guess we can handle things… You're fathers here too" Riddhima opened her eyes to see him and smiled weakly..

"Hi papa!" she saw tears in his eyes as he looked at her.

"Rest beta! I supervise you're mother.." Riddhima giggled as looked at her mother give him a look…she got a custom to there bickering like an old couple and smiled.

"Shaan!?" he looked at her and smiled.

"What? If you think you're getting my grandchildren all to you're self you have another thing coming.." Armaan looked at them and chuckled…

"Yeah well see! They love me more then you! Old man!" Armaan looked at Shanshank as he narrowed his eyes at Padma.

"Dadda they fight all the time and then Papa kiss her all the time too!" Armaan chuckled at Diya outburst as he looked over at Padma blushing and Shanshank grinning like a cheshire cat.

"Dr Armaan!" they turned to see the babes coming into the room.

Padma took hold of one of the babies and Shanshank the other.

"Diya you're brother and sister!" Diya looked at her father in surprise

"Any names yet Armaan!" Padma looked at him shaking his head….

"We decide once we go to the family pandit…like we did with Diya! Armaan beamed as he looked at the two bundle of joys in the room

"Why don't we take Diya for ice cream and leave you both to rest…" Padma placed the babies in the cot and took hold of Diya.

"Congratulations beta!" Feeling her loving hand on his face a lone tear ran down his cheek as he nodded his head.

"hey honey!" feeling his kiss on her lips she opened her eyes to see him getting in the narrow hospital bed grinning.

"Armaan you need to rest! Go home the extra nurse you hired will see to the babies…" She felt him lift her tired body on top of him …as she rested her head on his chest she looked at him closing his eyes..

"I can't sleep without you're head on my chest…and im not leaving you…the babies are asleep in the nursery and …." She opened her eyes to see him fast asleep hearing his pulse……..which only beated for her....


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