Saturday, 16 February 2019

INTRO & character sketch : Will You Ever Love Me?

Intro :

'Papa plz I don't want to marry him''no beta you have to'but papa I hate him'and he hates me too''I don't want to listen anything'your marriage date will b fixed by next week'I love you papa'I want your happiness'.I am ready to marry him


Dad plz I don't want to marry that girl whatever her name is'dad I m just 24'

Armaan if u don't marry her you will not a single penny from my property and I will make sure that your account is freezed'But dad I hate her'Arman if you want your share you have to marry her'.I don't want to listen anything more'but dad'..

Wait and watch Ridd'.whatever her name is'oh yes'Riddhima shashank Gupta'soon to be riddhima arman mallik I promise to make your life hell it's a challenge'and Arman mallik do not lose any challenge and I will always hate you'


Dear diary,

Your Ridz is getting married. Can u stop this marriage? I know its not possible'I don't want to marry him'I hate him'. He hates me too'I know it's a mutual feeling'This marriage will never work'I know whatever I say it turns opposite but I know it will never work out'He hates me'He will never love me!...Or Will He Ever Love Me??


character sketch

Armaan mallik-the hottest hunk.24years. he has just completed his MBA from Mumbai Institute of business administration and has joined Mallik industries...he is a complete flirt and the world knows that he is a complete playboy but in real he has never kissed a girl....his best friend rahul garewal is the only one who knows all his secrets and armaan mallik in real..friends-rahul,muskan and anjali...armaan loves his dad jai mallik (a business tycoon)as he is his only family but he considers rahul as his brother..he hates riddhima shashank gupta as she was a competition to him during his college life as she always beats him in his studies and has scored d same points in MBA and shares the first position in the college and he hates sharing anything...and last but not the list he loved his mom and will always love her..he lost her when he was just 8.

  Riddhima gupta- a smart,beautiful,pretty lady...23years...has just completed MBA from Mumbai Institute of business administration...loves her family that is shashank gupta her father...n her diary which her mom gifted her on her 4th bday...her mom past when she was just 5 friend nikita malhotra...she shares every problem with her...friends nikita,abhi,sapna n atul...hates armaan mallik for his playboy character....she has joined gupta industries which will soon merge with d mallik's after her marriage with the armaan mallik 

jai mallik n shashank gupta--frnds                                       


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