Friday, 15 February 2019

Last part : Don't step on the Daisies

"Armaan remember we where in the hotel grounds and we where walking barefooted in the grass on the golf course and you accidental stepped on the daises… how I shouted at up and you just looked at me baffled as I sat on the grass looking at the tramped daisies …. That how I feel today… like some has stepping all over me …" as the tears ran down her cheeks looking at him as he laid so still on the bed… in the pass 4 hours he had not moved and she looked at the charts to discovered the knife had penetrated his lung … but his vitals where stable….suddenly the machines started beeping one by one…

"ARMAAN!" she looked as Dr Kirti and her father ran into the room.

"Dr Kirti… he is having difficulty breathing!" Riddhima looked at her father as he shouted over at the nursing in a numb and dazed state she watched her father pull off the sheet and stare at his tattoo with her name readable to everyone …he looked over at Riddhima as she machines all started to beep loudly.

"Dr Kirti he is sinking! Get the crash cart Nurse!" Riddhima looked over at her father as he placed his hands on his heart and pushed down… feeling her own heart stopping as she looked around in tear.

"Armaan… Come on! You cant leave my Ridz? Armaan!" she looked over at her father as she placed the electric plats on his chest..

"CLEAR!" as he whole body jerked up of the bed he looked over at the monitor for a sign.

"Dr Kirti?" Riddhima watched how she pumped the air on the oxgen mask.

"Armaan! Comeon!" Riddhima looked over at there eyes looking at each other to confirm… as her father placed the plates on his chest again and looked over at the staff in the room.

"CLEAR!" as she watched his body jerk up once more she looked over at the monitor as Kirti pumped the air through his mask… as they looked at the monitor there was a faint pulse …it was faint but steady… as she saw a faint smile on her fathers lips she over to him and hugged him….feeling his hand rubbing her back in reassurance that it was over she looked up at him.

"What do you really think your father is heartless?" feeling her arms taking hold of her again as she sobbed uncontrollable in his embraced.

"I was scared papa?"

"I was not happy about your sisters decision but I respected her as she fought for him and proved me wrong… but you Riddhima you even fought for you're love?" he looked at her as she looked over at Armaan on the bed.

"I am Dr Amar and Pooja's daughter!" feeling her father leasing her she looked at him wide eyed…as Dr Kirti looked at them as she left the room with the rest of the staff….. he looked at her taking hold of Armaan's hand.

"When did you find out?" she turned to look at him.

"When I was 12years old!" he looked at her shooked.

"So you were paying me back?" feeling his own heart breaking as the tears formed in his eyes he looked at her staring at Armaan.

"I would give up my love for you papa… and Armaan and I separated so that you could keep you're word to Rahool's father….you and momma have given me a good life and I will marry Rahool once Armaan is ok!" he stared at her stunned….feeling his legs going weak he turned to see Padma and Anjali in the room with them.

"Our love was never a debt you need to repay… Amar was my youngest brother… Padma and I looked after you as Pooja went to the airport to pick up your father they met with an accident and died…. You are mine and Padma daughter as it our blood that runs through you're vains… Anjali is your sister! We never thought of as not our own…but you seem to think differently." Riddhima turned to look at them in the room….she looked over at her father sobbing along with her mother and sister.

"Papa?" she turned and took hold of him as they all held each other sobbing.

"Stupid girl! I like Armaan way better then Rahool too!" as a small smiled formed on her lips as she looked up at him.

"Ridz you idiot!" she looked over at Anjali as she took hold of her.

"Off all the men in the world you choice Armaan? God help you Ridz!" Riddhima looked at her wiping her to see a small smile on Anjali's lips.

"She had no choice who could resist a good looking guy like me?" they turned to see Armaan slowly opening her eyes and look at them… feeling her hand in his he smiled weakly and closed his eyes again.

"Armaan?" feeling his hand squeeze her he opened his eyes and looked at her.

"I know don't step on the daisies?… look in my jacket pocket?" she looked at him curiously as she felt her hand in his pocket… to her surprise in was a daisies chain and smiled at her parents and Anjali as they left the room.

"I was making that remember you taught me how to make the chain…I am sorry!" she looked at him closing his eyes.

"You better be as I want a crown as well to match!" she looked at him chuckle as she reached his face and touched it….feeling his lips on his cheek he closed his eyes.

"Not fair! I cant move and you are at an advantage!"

"Oh really!" he looked at her as she grinned….feeling her lips on his he looked at her as she released him.

"Ok don't you ever do that to me again!" seeing the tears running down her face he chuckled.

"I would if you promise to never leave me …as they I will truly di.." feeling her fingers on his lips he looked at her shaking her head.

"One condition!" she looked at him frowning as he let go of her hand and looking the other way angrily….taking his hand forceful she placed her fingers through his head.

"You know Atul book tickets to Singapore…so I was thinking maybe when you get better we could like go…but only when you are better" he turned to look at her.

"Honeymoon!" he looked at her blush and smiled.

"Hey!" they turned to see Kirti, Minnie, Navi and Shub walk into the room.

"Hey chachu!" Armaan smiled looking at them tiptoeing over the bars of his bed.

"Hey sweethearts!" they started to cry and he looked over at him.
"I be better soon… Dr Riddhima is taking care of me!" the girls looked at her and smiled.

"Hey she's the one you caught in blind mans bluff" Shub and Kirti looked over at the girls grinning.

"Well Armaan you scared us all to death!" he looked over at Dr Kirti and Shub as they looked at him holding hands.

"Sorry Bhabhi!" he looked at her in tears as she held Shub.


"There you go!" he looked over at Riddhima as he placed a crown of daisies he made on her head….feeling her lips on his he feel back on the grass as she kissed him.

"Hmm you know we going to get caught on this golf course?" he looked at her as she placed her head on his chest as she lay on top of him.

"It's not my fault the best daisies grow here?" feeling his arms around her she smiled.

"Hmm… so what now?" he looked at her as he looked down at her.

"You have a crown so tell me what I get?" he looked into her teasing eyes as she got up and blushed…placing his hand on hers he kissed her cheek

As he helped her up he looked down at her bump as she looked at him admiring her and smiled. We had know been married for a year now and life was just perfect as we sneaked off and found daisies together…

"Ouch!" he looked at her as she shook her head.

"I cant wait to have this child… I swear he taking some sort of revenge!" here him chuckled she looked at him placing his hand on her bump and smiled.

"I cant wait either as I want to have another baby again!" feeling a hand hit his chest he chuckled.

"Come on before the security guard catches us again…remember last time!" he looked at her as he felt her move totally into him as her hand fell on his waist as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"How can I forget it was the best night of my life! We got married remember?" he looked at her as she buried her head in his chest….and smiled how can every forget Vegas…

The End 

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