Saturday, 2 February 2019

Last Part : Pulse

Vivek smiled as he looked at him watch…"Genius Vivek" he smiled think how he was going to trap her like before….he looked over at Anjali and Rahul as walked in there father shadow and smiled…. "I control the Gupta's…now this thing will pay off with Riddhima assistance…" Closing his eyes he remembered how he instigated the whole thing….

He watched close Shanshank had gotten to Riddhima and how she totally foiled his plan by being a donor match…. He manipulated Rahul's report as he too was a match but had no idea Anjali discover Riddhima existence… next part marry Anjali and control the business….but that too failed on Riddhima's arrival.

Just before the operation Shanshank requested to see the family lawyer and he stood by and listened very carfully hoping not to be discovered…. He changed the entire will….Making Riddhima 50% of the inheritance while Anjali and Rahul shaded the other 50%….he added that there mother had left them a million pound each for when they got married so they where set for life but Riddhima had struggled all her life and he wanted make it up to her.   Now the master key had changed and was in Riddhima hands….. that was when he decide he will use Riddhima and then Anjali and Rahul where easy to control…  Riddhima was beautiful and her at his arm he would be unstoppable…. The flowers and conversations they had where not effected her at all in fact she did not welcome his attention…. That was when Shanshank asked her to marry me ….which I planted in the old man's head she refused.  "When I sat on the plane to come here papa I told learnt that I'm totally in love with Armaan and I going to tell him once I get back….I have missed him so much lately and I have not called him as I would just get weak hearing his voice…."  Vivek learnt a lot from that conversation with her father….she told him everything and she had a look nothing but love for him.

"Why don't you call him?"

"Papa he would be here in a flash and …I have the rest of my life to spend with him, I want us to catch up….anyway I want to see how he is coping without me….i'll see him in a fortnight!"  I had to act quick and then decided that Anjali and Rahul could help me…..Informing them about the will changes made them look at Riddhima in a whole different light as her mother already had been the ghost in there mothers relationship with there father….now her she was taking there father away from them…the conflict started quickly Rahul and Anjali distant themselves from her and she could not understand why….then he instigated the big fight.  How they accused her for taking there father and there wealth away….Riddhima shocked in disbelieve but that was when I stepped in and protected her from them….. That evening as she looked totally in shock I lead her to my apartment… as I gave her a drink I spoke to her then I told her I loved her and she looked at him shaking her head saying she was involved with someone else ….i looked at her and took hold of her and told her that Anjali was right she was a gold digger like her mother and kissed her hard… as she hit me …..I was not going to let the two bit wh*** look at me and reject me…so I hit her back and she fell… as she struggled to free herself I felt so anger and I kissed her harder and then told her she will enjoy the rest of the night as I was going to my her my s*** and then I made her mine….as she stop struggling as I held her down and deflowered her totally….as she was unconscious I called a couple of my friends over as we all under the influence on the alcohol we ate her flesh and her…. As she gather up her strength and left the apartment she told Anjali everything who just looked at her and called me up…. I total her she was lying and Ravi and Ben where with me all night they too told her that she seduced me as she wanted me to help her take over uncles empire…. Anjali bought it and then to my surprised kicked her out of the house… Uncle was in hospital recovering and Riddhima was out on the streets…. I saw her going to the police but then she collapsed in the street ….I grabbed her and her things and left her at the womens refuge and paid the attendant that she is not to leave to go to the police…. I sensed she was not well the bone marrow transplant and the trauma for her rape had took a total on her body and soul smiling I knew she would never come back to claim her inheritance after what had happened…   Now Uncle was better he contact her several time but she ignored the letters and he could not understand why so I wrote a letter advising she was happy with Armaan and her life…and she had paid her debt to him in blood and no longer wanted to see him again… Rahul and Anjali kept him occupied in the business and now when I saw her by accident in the hotel I knew it was time to get back into the game.   Now with the fake photo's he was going to get her to sign the papers transferring the inheritance in his name…. This time he would be in total control and nothing was going to stop him as he looked at the flowers.


Riddhima looked over at the clock as they all headed back to the hotel.

"I have spoken to momma about uncle and she does not want to see him at all! She said she dead to him and the world so lets just leave it there and she does not want to leave us!" Riddhima looked over at Armaan how he cared for her and took hold of her his hand.

"We should repect her wishes Armaan, sometime we come across more then we bargain for when we unfold the pages of our past!" he looked at the tears in her eyes and slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him….feeling her head on his shoulder as they slowly walked back he smiled.

"Why don't you tell me what happened in London?" she looked at him totally surprised as he looked at her.

"Armaan I told you we just did not get on and Rahul and Anjali think I after there inheritance….which you know I am not as you and Diya are my life's biggest treasure!" feeling him halt he looked at her totally touched and pulled her slow to him.

"Armaan?" she saw tears in his eyes as he hugged her close to him.

"I love Riddhima so much!" feeling his lips on her as they kissed with nothing but passion he looked at her blushing.

"You fool! Everyones looking at us!" she head him chuckle as he tucked away the stand of hair from her face.

"So what I want to tell the world I love you…just wait til we go back to the hotel!" he lead her to hotel as they caught up with Padma and Diya as they had stopped for Ice cream.

"Armaan I promised Papa I will met him at 7pm…he wants to see me in private…" she cursed herself for lying to him as he looked at her.

"Do you want me to come?" he saw her shaking her head at him.

"There something I need to take care of for once and for all!" he looked at her and smiled.

"Ok!" she looked at him as he went to the counter to pay the bill.


"Hi Riddhima!" she looked at him staring at her making her feel sick.

"Would you like a drink?" he looked at her looking around the hotel room and smiled.

"What do you want Vivek you can drop the act!" she looked at the grin on her face as he was dressed in a pinstripe suit.

"You know what I want…" feeling him move closer she stepped back.

"Relax! I want to give you these…" she saw him drop the photo's on the coffee table and looked at him surprised and looked at the photo's.

"What do you want?" she looked at him in disgust as he chuckled.

"I want you to sign the papers ….giving me your share of the inheritance…" she looked totally shocked

"Was that why you played all those's games and raped me!" he looked at the tears running down her face as she slumped on the sofa holding her face in her hand.

"Every part of my plan was foiled by you…. I been planned to get uncles business at first I though Anjali was the key and then I faked Rahul's medical report ….then that old fart changed everything he make you the largest stake of the will….so I tried everything…again you refused….so I played Anjali and that b**** fell for it and she controls Rahul…so then I knew you would not fall for my charms so I raped you…" he looked at her and chuckled.

"You where the best f*** of my life….never had I felt that with anyone…pity you loved that Armaan …but he must me a happy man having you every night!" she looked at him in disgest as he took of his blazer….and placed the papers on top of the photo's.

"Sign the papers! Or Armaan will get these photo's!" he saw the helplessness in her eyes and loved the power he had over her…but she looked so tempting in front of her and moved closer to her…as the tears ran down her face she looked at the pen he held in his hand…. He looked at her taking the pen and stop.

"I want the negatives and photo's first!" he smiled and looked at her.

"Smart woman!" she looked at him disappear and come back into the room and give her the envelope as he gathered up the photo's on the table and hand them to her.

"Are these everything Vivek as I never want to see you again ever!" hearing the hatred in her voice he smiled as he nod his head.

"Sign the papers Riddhima! I swear you have everything…" she looked at him and placed the pen on the document.

"STOP RIGHT THERE RIDDHIMA!" Vivek stared in horror as he saw Shanshank and Anjali look at him….Riddhima looked at them surprised as they walked into the room as she grasped the photo's in her hand and lowered her eyes.

"YOU BAS***! I trusted you!" Vivek looked in horror as Anjali shouted at him.

"Riddhima honey!" she looked as Armaan entered the room as the tears ran down her face as she looked at him in horror….as he walked over to her as she stepped away from me.

"Riddhima!" he spoke to her as he moved closer to find her stepping away from him.

"Armaan stay away from me…I …I…" seeing the tears in her eyes as she shook her head at him he stepped closer to her and took hold of her in her arms.

"YOU GOING TO DIE!" Armaan looked over at Shanshank as he took hold of Vivek by the collar.

"I going to kill you!" Armaan looked over at Shanshank over powering Vivek but he pushed Shanshank off him and looked at them all in anger.

"What did you think I would be your pet dog forever! Mr Gupta… I had everything in my hand and that bi*** walked in and ruined everything… but I taught her a lesson she will never forget…" Riddhima looked over at Vivek as he stared at her and felt Armaan let go of her and angrily marched over towards him and hit him…. Riddhima looked in horror how the gentle and loving married she married hit Vivek again and again.

"I have been waiting to get my hands on you…for five years and …" Vivek struggled to get out of his hold as Armaan over powered him and hit him…

"I saw what you inflected on her…and for five years I have been waiting to get my hands on you…" Riddhima looked at Armaan surprised as he took hold of Vivek by the neck…Riddhima looked over at her father as she pulled Armaan of Vivek all scared that he would kill him.

"Leave me alone Uncle! You choose this creep over your own flesh and blood and I'm going to kill him…" Riddhima looked over her father's helpless face as he lowered his head to see Armaan hit Vivek again and again….moving forward she placed her hand on Armaan as he turned and looked at her…she saw Vivek pleading for his life as Armaan held him.

"Armaan!" she saw the anger in his face as held Vivek to the wall with one hand as she held his fist.

"Riddhima let me go baby… I have waited five years to get my hand on this guy…you would have died in that refuge and he paid the attendant not to release you …I had to get you out of there…"  she saw the tears running down his face and knew he had know everything for five years yet he never mentioned it once as it was eating him up alive as well…

"Armaan let him go! Please…he not worth it…come on lets go home to momma and Diya!" she saw his grip loosen as watched Vivek slump down on the floor.

"You're finished Vivek and I will make sure of it!" Shanshank looked over at Armaan as Riddhima took hold of him and lead him away….cursing himself he looked at them as they left the room….


Padma looked over at them as they walked into the room to find them both in tears as she looked over at Armaan as he held Riddhima close to him on the sofa…Padma released Diya from her arms as she watch her run over to them and looked at her parents.

"Momma? Dadda?" Padma watched how Armaan placed her on his lap as Riddhima placed her head on his shoulder.

"It's all over no one messes with my family!" Padma eyes filled up as she walked over towards phone and ordered food from roomservice.

"Riddhima beta why don't you two both freshen up! Diya come on lets get you into your pj's…come on honey!" Armaan looked over at Diya as she kissed him and jumped off his lap…he looked over at them leaving the room and looked over at Riddhima….

"Armaan?" he looked at her as she got up and helped him up as she lead him to the bedroom she knew that they had to talk.

"Riddhima before you say a single word I know everything…I saw the state of you body as I nursed you better and knew you had been raped…I just need to know who it was and….when uncle called me when you where out I got suspicious and Anjali said she saw you go to Vivek's room and then we all got there and heard everything….I am so sorry I could not protect you ….i failed you honey!" she looked at him as he broke down and sobbed…feeling her arms take hold of him she knew this was eating them both up for so long and not once did they both talk to each other… She remembered how when they got married how patient he was before they shared a physical relationship and not once did he complain and moan he was just there for her as always… he loved her more then she could ever imagine.

"I am sorry Riddhima!" his voice quivered as she held him so tightly.

"Armaan I am not worthy of you!" he looked at her as she lowered her eyes sobbing.

"No honey! I will never let anyone hurt us again ever….and I loved you!"


Padma looked at them confused as she saw Riddhima feed Armaa her children where so hurt about something as when she asked them …Armaan told her Momma we fine please don't worry…she did not want to press them anymore and saw them both nurse each other mentally… Riddhima eyes where puffy and Armaan looked like he had fought the biggest battle in his life but something told her that they would tell her but now was not the time… as she feed Diya she smiled she only dreamed of this and know she did not want to leave her children…

'buzz buzz' Armaan looked at the clock wondering who would be at the door this late as he got up.

"I get it beta you both finish off … come on Diya beta better you have to beat papa look he's winning" Armaan chuckled as he saw the determine look on Diya face as she held the spoon of rice… Riddhima looked over at them and smiled as she watched them Armaan looking at Diya and moved her plate to slow her down…

"Dadda cheater!" Riddhima looked over at her mother heading for the door

"Padma?" Riddhima heard her father's voice totally surprised as her mother stood still looking at him.


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