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Part 1 : Tumhare hum

8 years ago…
In a secluded garden sits an
innocent girl dressed in a churidaar
with a very cute boy dressed in
jeans and a fitted polo shirt. It is
their last day of school, he will be
going away forever after today and
there is something she needs him to
know. The girl is Riddhima Gupta,
who is merely 17 years old and the
boy is Armaan Mallik, who is merely
19 years old at the time. She turns
to him and says, "Armaan I have to
tell you something?" Armaan

uninterestedly responds, "Mhmm
what is it Riddhima?" Riddhima
slowly and shyly replies, "I love you
Armaan!" He looks at her shocked
and moments later breaks into fits of
laughter exclaiming, "Whoa whoa
whoa… love? Are you kidding, Main
yeh pyaar vyaar mein yakeen nahin
rakhta! I don't love you Riddhima!
Mere liya pyaar sirf ek khel hai, jo
maine tumhare saath khela hain!
You don't mean anything to me! You
were just a challenge, a bet, nothing
else! (Whoa whoa whoa… love? Are
you kidding, I don't believe in love! I
don't love you Riddhima! For me love
is just a game, one that I played
with you! You don't mean anything
to me! You were just a challenge, a
bet, nothing else!)" Riddhima
questions through her tear brimmed
eyes, "Bet?" Armaan slaps his palm
against his forehead in realization,
"Oh I forgot to tell you, well you
know how I'm very proud of the fact
that I can get any girl I want… well
you…you were different… you were
the first girl to show no interest in
me. I like a good challenge and
that's all you were to me!" Riddhima
looks angrily towards Armaan and
grabs him by the collar saying, "Aur
mera kya huh? Main tumse bahut
pyaar karti hoon, uska kya? How can
you do this to me? I love you
Armaan! (And what about me? I love
you so much, what about that? How
can you do this to me? I love you
Armaan brushes off her hands
saying, "Whoa relax girl…maine kaha
tha ke mujhse pyaar karo…nahin na?
It's your problem, not mine! Tum
samhajti kya ho aapne aap ko… tum
toh sirf ek time pass thi, aur kuch
nahin! Tum mere kabil toh bilkul bhi
nahin ho, have you looked in the
mirror, shakal dehki hain aaine
mein… ek dum behenji laagti ho!
Tumhe toh mera ehsaan maana
chaiye ke maine tumhari jaasi ladki
ke saath waqt guzaara! Just be
happy you got the privilege to spend
time with me because you will
always remain a behenji in everyone
eyes! You'll never be good enough
for me, NEVER!!! (Whoa relax girl …
did I tell you to fall in love with
me… no right? It's your problem,
not mine! What do you think of
yourself… you were just time pass,
nothing else! You aren't worthy of
me, have you looked in the mirror,
have you seen your face in the
mirror…you look like a behenji! You
should be thankful I spent time with
a girl like you! Just be happy you
got the privilege to spend time with
me because you will always remain a
behenji in everyone eyes! You'll
never be good enough for me,
NEVER!!!)" Riddhima can't seem to
stop the tears from running down
her face as her heart begins to
shatter in two.
If that is not enough, just then a
bimbo makes her way towards
Armaan and grabs his face giving
him a long passionate kiss.
Riddhima watches with pain in her
eyes and tries to suppress the tears
from flooding her face once again.
She looks away in disgust as Armaan
releases the tramp's mouth from his
captivity. Armaan smirks looking at
Riddhima's heartbroken state. He
comes near Riddhima's ear and
whispers, "Waise I had fun while it
lasted… bye babe!" Riddhima looks
at him sickened as she watches him
leave with the tramp.
Riddhima walks home like a
statue through the rain. She ignores
the voices of her parent's asking her
what the matter is. As soon as
Riddhima enters her room, she
breaks down on the bed crying her
eyes out. Armaan was her
everything, her first kiss and her first
love. All it took were a few moments
to tear her heart apart. She feels a
huge lump forming within her
throat. She feels so betrayed, so
hollow, so alone, and so depressed.
She hates the fact that she loved
Armaan Mallik, but every time she
thinks of him it only reminds her of
his betrayal. Riddhima screams out
as the pain became unbearable,
Riddhima wipes her tears abruptly
Chapter 1
Present Day
I promise… I promise… I promise…
I had awakened as the words from
my past rang in my ears. It was
something I had repressed deep
within my mind, but for some time
now I have been having this
reoccurring dream. It is the most
painful memory I possess, one I had
no intention to relive. Even today I
still remember his exact words. His
every word had cut through me like
a dagger. I do know that those
words, his words have molded me
into the person I am today. I am no
longer the traditional, quiet, and
innocent Riddhima Gupta. I have
become an argumentative,
sophisticated, and modern woman.
His words have changed me not
exactly for the better, but not
exactly for the worst either. In those
awful moments of heartbreak I
learned a lot, more importantly I
learned to never let anyone take
advantage of me ever again.
My take on love completely changed.
I used to believe that love and trust
go hand in hand. I can't seem to
find myself trusting anyone
completely, let alone give my heart
away. I gave it away a long time ago
only to gain rejection from the one I
loved. I can't risk feeling vulnerable
anymore. So obviously you can tell
now that I no longer believe in love
anymore. I vaguely remember the
feeling of being in love with him,
which is probably because the pain
I received was greater than my love
for him. I always felt like I lost a
part of myself that day, along with
my love.
After surpassing so much misery,
today I head an entire fashion house
and interestingly enough so does he.
I know this because he has made
many waves in America, but now he
has come back here, to India after 5
years. So it's no surprise that soon
enough we will be working with one
another. I would have gladly
rejected the offer, but somewhere in
my heart I wanted to come face to
face with the man that had broken
my heart so many years ago. Well
that and I father asked me to merge
the company with my competitor.
Why would he do such a thing, you
may ask… well it's because my father
is friends with Billy Mallik, his father
and they think that if the two best
fashion houses get together our
designs will be by far the best in
the markets. My fashion house has
already undergone construction to fit
his employees as well as mine. In
any case, I don't really like saying no
to my father, so I accepted the
proposal… whoa wait not proposal,
bad choice of words umm I'll go with
offer! Him and proposal… ugh
Today, all I feel for him, is pure
hatred and a desire for revenge,
nothing more. Maybe I would have
let this hatred pass through me had
he not become the Casanova he is
today. Yes, he has conformed to his
ways of being a heartbreaker. He is
quite a famous personality
nowadays, as am I though I don't
like to brag as much as him. He is
on the television for some reason or
another, mostly for his return to
India and making everyone proud for
his excellent work in America. Why
wouldn't he be, after all he is the
owner of a major fashion house, not
to mention has several other large
corporations under his belt, well his
father's belt. He is filthy rich with
the body of a Greek God and killer
looks, which makes him the most
wanted bachelor in India. You would
think with the reputation of his
womanizing behavior, women would
stay away, but I guess money does
talk. Anyways what gets me the most
is that he is still quite proud of the
fact that he can get any woman he
desires with the snap of a finger.
It's the worst feeling in the world to
know that the man who has wronged
you, continues to wrong other
women as well. Sure, I make him
seem like the devil, but really is he
anything less than Satan himself? I
think NOT! Nevertheless, my point is
that he didn't change his ways, but
he did change me instead. He
changed my personality completely,
but never bothered to perfect his
own faults. For that, I had promised
myself years ago that I would make
him suffer through the same pain I
went through and now it is time to
fulfill that promise. I know by now, I
sound like a broken record… but it's
the story of my life.
Setting these thoughts aside, I
finally muster up the courage to get
out of bed after that horrid dream. I
set foot into my shower to ease away
the pent up anger and aggression I
am feeling for him at this very
moment. As the warm water touches
my shivering soul, I feel the anger
melting away. I can't let myself
dwell on these thoughts for long
because they only seem to infuriate
me further. Today is no ordinary day
at the office either, today I would be
meeting him face to face. For years
now I have only seen him on
television about how well his fashion
house is running in America. The
moment I saw his face five years ago
on television, I recognized him
immediately feeling hurt seeing him
so happy, so carefree, and so proud.
I quickly throw on my bathrobe
carelessly as I step out the
bathroom, hugging to comfort myself
in the process. I walk into my closet
and pick out a short white skirt with
pink flowers imprinted, along with a
pink and black blouse and black
knee high boots. I lightly apply some
blush to my creamy skin and lightly
apply kohl around my eyes to
enhance the beautiful light brown
orbs of my eyes, batting my naturally
long eyelashes when I'm done. I
style my thick dark brown hair with
loose curls giving it that wavy look.
Passing through my bedroom, I look
into the mirror as his words ring into
my ears, "have you looked in the
mirror, shakal dehki hain aaine
mein… ek dum behenji laagti ho!" I
smirk as if challenging his
statement, thinking, "Watch what
this former behenji does to you
Armaan Mallik… just wait and

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