Monday, 18 February 2019

Part 1 : Will You Ever Love Me?

The wedding is over and she has become Mrs.riddhima armaan mallik..she hates her name now as her name now consist of d 2 words she hate in dis world thatat is armaan mallik.
Their 1st night---

         Ridhima sitting quietly on the bed waiting for her so called husband armaan mallik. She was lost in her own world feeling uncomfortable and had a fear within her heart. She was sobbing as se had left her own house where she  has spent 23 years of her life. Her eyes were swollen and had become red. Armaan entered d room and locked d door of his room. She did realize as she was lost in her own world .Armaan came and saw riddhima'his wife,his life partner from today was sitting on his bed. He went near her and shouted her name Riddhima in her ear. She came out of her thoughts and was fuming with anger and he was laughing at her' seeing her face he got lost'he saw her green eyes n her luscious lips'.As her eyes met his blue eyes she also got lost somewhere..Armaan move closer and touched her cheek with his hand. As she touched a current flowed in her body.

      Armaan realized what he was doing..he moved mor closer and whispered her name and said loudly'"Move from my bed"'.Riddhima got angry so she replied"why should I move"'."Because this is my bed, this is my room and this is my house so just move"'.. "Excuse me this is my bed from today , this room is also mine and this house is too mine. Do not forget Mr. mallik that I am your wife and everything in this house is also mine. You know before it was 100% share for you but from today onwards 50% is mine n the rest 50% is yours"'. "Riddhima just move from my bed"'.."I will not"'."yes you will"'"I will not"'"So you will not move?"'."NO NO NO"''."Yes yes yes"'"no no no"'."yes yes yes"'.."no no no"'."just shut your mouth and move"'"no no no''" she was constantly going on saying no. he said "just close your mouth"'again her answer was "NO"'."you will not?"'"no"'"then.."'..he put his lips on hers and kissed her hard with passion (as it was his 1st timeTongue..hers too)'.. She kept on hitting n pushing him'but it was too hard for her'after ten minutes he broke the kiss as he was out of breath'."How dare you touch me you moron you jerk you'.you dog'.EEEWWWWWWW'. I hate you"'"Same goes for you"'.

 She moved from there and went to the bathroom and washed her mouth more than hundred times and came out changing her dress'she wore a nighty'After coming out of the bathroom she saw armaan in his shorts lying on the bed as he is the king of the bed. She came and shouted "move".."no its my bed I will not go and sleep on d couch"'"you go and sleep'"'"I will not"'"then move"'"I know girls wants to sleep with me and you to have the ame desire"'"chi''.you dog'.one track mind' I will never want to sleep with you"'"then why are you doing so??''" that's only because there are no other bed in this room'so I have to sleep here." She settled on the bed and put pillows in between her and armaan'to keep a gap. As Armaan switched off the lights(d bed lamps) she said "why did you switched it off"'"that's because I cant sleep in if ligts are on'why are you scared"'"no I m not scared of anything"'.but the truth was that she was scared of darkness and she did not wanted to admit in front of him'both dozed off to sleep after their bickering and as it was a tiring day for both of them'..

'If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate'


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