Saturday, 9 February 2019

part 10: Don't step on the Daisies

Riddhima stared into space as she heard Muskhan moaning about Dr Kirti telling her off as she totally got freaked out in the operating threate …

"Ridz are you listening to me!" Muskhan looked at the sandwich on the plate and back at her.

"Two days and 7 hours … Muskhan not a single message or a phone!" Muskhan looked at her pout her lip as she pick up her coffee mug.

"Come on yaar…he is away to assist on the medical case in Kolkatta as Atul jiju told us remember…" Muskhan looked at her oddly as she picked up the glass of water

"Where ever I went I told him like any wife does and he just left without saying a word…"

"WHAT!" Mukhan spat out the water and looked at her.

"Riddhima what did you just say!" Riddhima looked at her frowning as she waved her hands in the air.

"He just left without saying a word!… Muskhan I'm not in the mood for these jokes yaar… he gone and left the whole ward in my hands and the registrar Dr Sharma is giving me the evil.." Muskhan looked over at her as she picked up her sandwich.

"No before the he left without the word bit!" riddhima looked at her shaking her head.

"I so hate him!" Muskhan giggled as Riddhima looked over at her going batty.

"No you said like every wife you told him where you where and he left without saying a word…" Riddhima looked at her surprised.

"Now why would I say that?" Muskhan looked at her and placed her arm around her shoulder.

"When you were away from Rahool I never saw you all moody and spaced out… Now that Armaan has gone away you are calculating the time away and you just call yourself his wife! Just face the reality Ridz you love him!" Riddhima looked at her surprised and closed her eyes.

"Love?? Muskhan! I seriously don't know what that is and I am begining to hate him even more!" Muskhan looked at the tears appearing in her eyes and smiled.

" You are so cute!!!! I miss jiju too!… OK now what we doing for Sapna hen night as the wedding in a weeks time… I say this weekend we do something!" Riddhima nodded her head and listened to Muskhan's plan.


"We all set now on Saturday we Party!" Riddhima and Muskhan grinned evilly as they walked into the house to see Anjali looked at Atul on the phone.

"Armaan listen if you have to stay a few more days don't worry! Just be back for the wedding …ok! Hotel number sure I have it… why don't you! just rest!… Ok bye!" Anjali looked at him as he placed the phone on the table.

"Well what is the hold up!" Atul looked over at Anjali as Riddhima and Muskhan joined her.

"Sonia!" Riddhima looked over at Anjali shaking her head.

"His ex girlfriend?" Atul nodded his head as he looked at them.

"She wants to get back with him and he seriously think about it!… I guess we all knew he loved her but when she left him… he was heart broken as she was seeing someone else behind his back… you remember how possessive he can get and now she handling the case with him…" Riddhima looked over at her sister and Jiju..

"No! he would never!" Riddhima looked at them as they turned to face her…feeling Muskhan elbow she smiled at them

"Miss the wedding… I meaning!" she smiled as she took hold of Muskhan's hand.

"Di we all set for Saturday night!" Anjali nodded and smiled at them.

"Totally I have invite a few more of Sapna college friends… so I guess we are ready" Riddhima looked back and her sister and smiled.

As she looked at the ceiling her heart pounded think about him and his ex…

"I so hate you Armaan!" as she pulled up the covers she closed the light as the emptiness and darkness surrounded her… was this how it would be for the rest of my life she though closing her eyes… *beep beep*.. as she picked up her phone she looked at the message from Rahool and placed it back on the bedside table.

'Ring, ring' picking up the phone she placed it to her ear.

"Rahool I'm trying to sleep. I'll call you in the morning!" feeling irritated she turned off the mobile..

'ring ring' "Buzz off Rahol" she picked up the mobile angrily


"Riddhima!" hearing his voice she sat up in bed and clenched the mobile.

"I am not talking to you!" hearing him chuckle she let out a long sigh and pouted her lip.

"Forget something did we?" hear him letting out sigh she lay back down on the bed as she took hold of a strand of hair and twirled it with her finger and smiled.

"No! not really!" she could sense the smile playing on his lips and smiled.

"Oh OK! What you want?"

"I called about the patients in the ward.. everyone is ok!" frowning she stopped playing with her hair and shifted her weight on the bed.

"Everything is fine! Not that you care… as you left in such a hurry without giving a handover and…."

"I miss you too!" dame it … why does he always get under my skin.

"I do not miss you… if fact im loving my freedom and Rahool keeping me occupied!"

"Liar!" hearing him chuckle she sighed angrily.

"What do you mean liar? I spent most of the day with him! And…."

"Armaan!" hearing a soft woman's voice in the background she stopped.

"I have to goo…" hearing the distraction in the background she closed her eyes and collected herself.

"I have an early start too… bye!!" ending the call she hit her head on the pillow.

"What the heck is wrong with you Ridz!" shaking her head she looked up at the ceiling…. Muskhan is right as I never missed Rahol in the past year when I was away from him and … I am totally going nuts! I hate you Armaan!

'beep beep' she looked over at the phone flashing Armaan and reached for it.

'I miss my wife! Dame I this judai it's killing me… love your one and ONLY husband!' shall I text back she though as she pushed the button it accidental dialled the number.

"Riddhima!" hearing his voice a little surprised she pushed the hands free button and smiled.

"I uh…" hearing him chuckle she sighed.

"I know you wondering when I am coming back and…"

"No! I am not! You can stay there for I care… I just called back as I wanted to discuss the ward!" hearing a pause she slapped her forehead cursing herself.

"Oh ok! So tell me what do you want to discuss!…. hang on!" hearing some noise in the background she listened carefully to hear anyone in the background.

"I just came out the shower when you called… its cold here in my towel!" feeling her cheeks going red she cursed herself for imagining allsorts and grinned evil..

"Hello! You still there?"


"What are you doing right now Riddhima?"

"I was trying to get some sleep before you disturbed me!"

"Go to the window!" feeling curious she took hold of the phone and got out of bed.

"Don't tell me! You are climbing up?" hearing him chuckle she pulled the curtains.

"Disappointed are we?" she looked down to see no one outside.

"No! last couple of days has been great without you pesting me about this 30days rubbish!"

"Hmm really this days apart don't count!" hearing his firm voice she narrowed her eyes looking at the moon.

"They do! Not my fault you had to leave!"

"Shhhhhh…. Shooting star you see it!" she looked at the star flying gentle in the sky past the moon..

"Close your eyes and make a wish!" hearing his whisper down the mobile she closed her eyes…

"What you wish for?" opening her eyes she looked at the moon.

"For a divorce!" hearing a long pause she looked over at her family photo on the wall.

"I will pray that your wish comes true…bye Riddhima… room service has come up with my dinner…"

"bye Armaan!" ending the call she got back into bed.

'ok why did you lie? I was noting going to tell him I wished he was here with me… that I am missing him… but Ridz.. the family! I know!! thats why I lied' pulling up the covers she closed her eyes….


Muskhan stared at the group of girls looking at Sapna chatting..

"Omg Riddhima! This is boring!!!!!!" Riddhima looked at the bored face of her friend

"Tell me about it! I feel like this boring kitty party!"

"Hey I have an idea which would spice things up" Riddhima looked over at Muskhan as she disappeared to the bar.

Muskhan smiled looking at everyone getting merry as she paid the bar attendant to make fruit cocktails for everyone… and it was proving to me a hit.. but she was not going to tell Riddhima as she would have totally told her not to do it…

"Omg Everyone lets go clubbing!" Muskhan looked over at Riddhima as she shouted and got everyone up and headed for the door.

"Jiju… Riddhima is drunk! And…." Hitting the end call button Muskhan smiled.

"Right! JIJU I know you came back this evening as Atul jiju told me and Anjali… you where landing about now!!....why don't you come and see what you're wife is up to…" Muskhan giggled picking up her drink and jumping with Riddhima!


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