Friday, 22 February 2019

Part 10 : Perfect

He stepped out of the hall, after 2 hours of that grilling final....this was the last was taking a wile for the feeling to sink in....finally armaan...ur a law graduate....its all done....welcome to the real world....he smiled to himself...instinctively he looked at the diamond ring in his third finger....he looked at it smiled and said "hey honey, ur husband just became a law graduate....wont u give him a congratulatory kiss???" following his impulse he kissed the ring, wishing it was ridhima herself....he did not stop to wonder or correct himself as to why he thought that way, nor did he try to refute his feelings....his impulses had been reigning over his better judgements for quite a few days now....unlike before.....n he was really happy right now...and the only person he wanted to see was tell her he had made hear her sweet voice expressing happiness for his success....his success...their success he thought blushing....for the first time in life he felt his achievement had a true meaning because there was someone with whom he just could not wait to share it....someone who would be happy not just because he succeeded but simply because he was happy about it...he walked towards the parking fast, knowing ridhima would be waiting there for him, like she had been at the end of each one of his exams...but reaching there he frowned slightly not finding her BMW
anywhere in sight....oh well....she might be caught in traffic he thought she will be coming soon....he had missed her wake up call in the morning today because he woke up early and was in the shower when she called.....and somehow he just could not manage to get through to her again, her phone had been engaged for ever it had seemed....he wondered who she could be talking to so long early morning, but the exam was greatly on his mind and he left that thought to browse over it later....for then he had just played her voicemail over and over..."hey honey i called to wake u up....why dont u answer the call???um just gona hope it is coz ur already awake and elsewhere and not cause ur still sleeping and cant hear my call....anyways call me back when u get this...its a special day...i really want to hear your voice" and after a slight pause, "lov u armaan" remembering her words his smile deepened, and at that moment, following his impulse again, he said ever so softly, "love u too ridhima",he stopped short, a bit suprised at himself....did i just say that????but amazingly, having said those words..he felt like he had not felt in a weight had been lifted off his shoulders....and then he thought....armaan??r u serious buddy....yes...yes....absolutely....for the first time in my life....i am serious about it like never before...yes thats it he thought getting excited....thats it....i love her....i love ridhima....he smiled n then told himself.....u know what armaan....dude u should have said this earlier....what were you thinking man....ok be reasonable...u were right about not falling in love all this time and all that...but couldnt that be because u had never met a girl like her???i mean ok armaan...u did not mind rahul and muskaan falling in love did u....just because of that one case between your could you this to urself....more importantly could you just let her fill in single handedly for the love which you both share....ridhima....yes i am going to tell her today how much i love her....yeh sorry sweetheart i should have done this ages ago....but i promise i will make up for all lost u dearest....and he felt like his joy knew no bounds he wanted to dance all over the streets and scream and tell everyone HE WAS IN LOVE....WITH THE BEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE WORLD....having finally accepted the truth that had been staring him in his face for weeks now, he wondered why he had deprived himself of this feeling for so long....any hatred that he had ever felt for the word love, completely vanished when he said her name along with it in the same breath....he felt like he could never get enough ofsaying the words 'love u ridhima' over and over again, to make up for all the times he had stopped himself from doing so.... to feel the words on his lips, as he had so wanted to for the past weeks....
but where is she he thought, frowning all of a this is the can she not be here today....oh i mean she will come of course but why is she not here on time like always....interrupting his thoughts he heard his cell ringing...there u go he said flipping open his phone and shooting right away "ridhima!! where r u honey??? i have been waiting for like..." "hello son its me..." interrupted samrat from the other side....armaan was disappointed ....n then immediately got conscious...had he said too much????what would faher think???? aloud he said, trying to sound normal and happy "father!...congratulate me father....i just turned into a lawyer....officially!!!" samrat however had not missed armaan's tone from his opening dialogue, but not wanting to push things at this moment itself he replied back in a seemingly cheerful voice "thats why i called you son...i figured you would be done by now...but looks like you forgot to call me today???" he could not refrain from saying that last statement...just to see his son's reaction....armaan was caught off guard, n thought OMG how could i have not remembered father even for a second back then....was so absorbed in ridhima he thought blushing but replied in an affected voice "actually i did try calling u first thing father but somehow i could not get that we are talking thats what matters...thanx for wishing me father...." and then not wanting to answer any further questions that might come up he said "coming duncan....father um sorry but u will have to excuse me, everybody out of the hall now, n you can imagine what the atmosphere is like....they will kill me if i dont get back to them now....bye father" with that he cut off the call....and heaved a sigh of relief....o hell armaan thats has to be the first time you lied to him....and two lies in a row....u were gona so be in deep trouble today....but anyways....where is this girl....why has she not come or even called till yeh he thought and flipped open his cell again to speed dial her number....."the number u r trying to reach is currently switched off"..what the f***...switched off???ridhimaaaa????where are u angel....please call so worried.....just then he felt he was swept off his feet..n then realizing he really was...he saw a whole bunch of his friends from class had lifted him in the his confusion he had not noticed until now that everybody was out of the hall and celebrating his own friends so excited...cheers to of class of 2008.....n they gave him high bumps catching him back before putting him back on his feet at last... he smiled at them, hugged them n gave hi fives...while his heart longed to catch just a glimpse of that one person alone whom he wanted to see so desperately right now....where r u ridz he thought again, looking at his ring he wished it was a magic stone which would bring her to him if he kissed it....


while the atmosphere around him was all perked up, everybody in a complete mood to get drunk and party, armaan sat with a fake smile on his face, tying to concentrate on what his friends were saying....he had waited for her in the parking for over an hour past his exam making lame excuses, and would have stayed longer, but for his friends who did not listen to him after that and just shoved him into the car, drove to the biggest club in town....but his mind had not ceased to think of her for a moment....he had gone out of the basement where the big bash had been arranged and tried calling her countless times since there was no network in the basement but the answer remained unaltered....her phone was switched off....and now his friends had taken his cell away from him so he would not ditch them anymore but just sit with them and have fun.....they were all already quite drunk and would not listen to any reason he gave for trying to get his cell back....frustrated he just sat there not knowing what else he could do....but wishing for only one thing at that be with her and to tell her what he knew she had longed for him to confess....his restlessness was growing on last he gave in....picked up the vodka shots lying before him one after the other until hew was done with the whole tray of 16 shots....cheers ridhima, he said putting down the last u darling.....where r u?????


As they drove on the streets, all with the exception of Atul, the guy driving, were quite drunk, singing out loud, armaan sat in the passenger seat grinning aimlessly....he was still in senses enough to understand completely what was happening around him, and to still be able to think of nothing but her....however his worries had numbed out thanx to the amount of liqour he had consumed, and so his frown from before was now a silly grin plastered across his face....while atul kept driving stopping at certain points to drop of all the guys in his car one by one....finally when it ws just him and armaan left...he felt a tap on his shoulder,and turned to look at armaan, who said "atul....have u ever been in love, not with ur plants of course????like not the dating n silly stuff....but real crazy love????like when its just that one person in the world you care about, and even when u r with everybody who matters to u, her absence makes you mad and lonely????when you wish for every moment of the day to be with her....just sit watching her without saying a word for hours?????like.....u know what um talking mate???? atul stared at him, he was sober, but hearing this statement from armaan, he thought to pretty sure i told the bartender to give me NON ALCOHOLIC LEMONADE....i couldnt be drunk....but did i just hear armaan talk about love????? still shocked he said "sure i know what u mean buddy....but i dont think u know what ur saying right!!!ur talking like rahul....i know ur missing him and muski but still....u really are drunk today ammy....its ok....i will put u back home safely dont worry..." armaan continued to grin at him and said again "i know why ur saying that....but i mean it....i am drunk....but i know what i am in love champ.....and its the best feeling in the world mate....."and then suddenly looking crestfallen he said "but where is she....for the first time i want to tell her the truth....and she just is not there....champ...please u have to help me.....get me my ridzi....i need to talk to her....find her buddy....please....."saying this armaan went back into a daze....and atul stared at him....ridzi????did he mean ridhima the girl he was engaged to????
atul and rahul were cousins, and these three had been friends since they were playschool later years the three of them went to the same all boys boarding school, while armaans sister muskaan went to the contemporary all girls boarding...they had grown to be closest of friends...and rahul had fallen for muskaan at a very young age....but for years he hid this fact from ammy and him....because whereas rahul had been the emotional one, smitten in love, armaan had been the 'none of this love nonsense' guy...atul meanwile had been the bridge between the two...he loved having the 2 of them as best friends and knew how much they cared about each other and him despite the essential diferences amonst the 3 of fact rahul had been so unsure about armaans recation to his love for muskaan that when the truth had come out eventually it had been muskaan and him who had told armaan, not rahul himself....they fought over this that whole evening, hugging each other in the end with tears in their eyes.....n then looking at each other man....we are gona be related now....and then armaan had set himself to mission RM and had gone out n fixed the ridhima rahul issue quite swiftly, and ultimately the two had been married off....he thought ....this is the first time we are talking properly in about a month now....ever since rahul gave his exams early and left with muski for their honeymoon post their wedding, atul and armaan had been crazily busy with their own exam work...and being totally different fields of study, armaan being the law guy and atul being a botany major they never did have common study sessions which rahul and armaan often had...end of term was always insane....they had met at basketball games, and of course at armaans engagement, which had come as a tremendous suprise to atul, until armaan had explained the deal thing to him.....having not seen armaan much over the month he had not had a chance to witness armaan's change, and his comments about love in this inebriated state now totally took him by suprise...shock he corrected himself....when did this happen?????he had noticed how uncomfortable armaan had been at the bash today right until he got drunk on that tray of shots....following which he had been in this was just not like him thought atul....the only time he had seen ridhima had been at the engagement and he had thought she was rather a nice girl, more than that he knew nothing....well buck up dude he told himself...its time i get to know her....if she could make THE ARMAAN MALIK fall in love, she must be something.....softly he ruffled his dear friends hair seeing him smiling slightly in his half asleep mode.....he said to himself....sure buddy..i will help u out of so happy for u armaan...if ur finally in love.....


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