Monday, 25 February 2019

part 10 : Tumhare hum

The next morning I take my
sweet time getting up. I am so
happy not to wake up to see
Armaan's face in front of mine. It's
no fun seeing that your enemy is in
your personal space. I yawn loudly
and smile thinking of the
development I achieved last night. I
just hope it affected Armaan
because I don't want my sacrifice of
kissing him to be in vain. Okay, so it
barely qualifies as a kiss, it was
more of a brush of the lips, but still

my lips touched his so end of story!
I lazily get up to take a hot shower.
After having a relaxing bath, I
realize I left my clothes outside.
Now yesterday that would have been
a problem, but today I have my own
room! Heck I can walk around naked
without a care in the world because
there is no one from, which I need
to hide. I quickly wrap a towel
around my body and step out the
bathroom whistling in delight. I
freeze as I hear a deep voice say,
"God, it's like you're trying to turn
me on!"
I slowly turn around in
complete and utter shock. There is
Armaan sitting on my bed, leaning
back onto his elbows for support. He
is wearing white suit with a black
button down shirt, looking
ridiculously hot. Meanwhile I stand
before him, with only a towel
wrapped mercilessly around my
body. I stutter, "H-How d-did y-you
g-get i-in m-my r-room?" He smirks,
"I swiped your extra key yesterday."
I scream, "WHAT? WHY?" He steps
closer to me, forcing me to walk
backwards. I end up being backed
up against the wall. Great this is
just what I need, to be backed
against a wall wearing only a towel!
I look towards the side, trying to
avoid his eyes. He takes hold of my
chin, forcing me to look into his
passion driven eyes. He tucks a
loose strand behind my ear, while
smirking at my awkwardness. He
softly whispers, "I really like you
Riddhima…" I open mouth to say
something, but can't seem to find
the words. He keeps leaning in
closer and I know what he is about
to do. All I can get out is, "W-we c-
can't…" Armaan interrupts by
capturing my lips. I tightly shut my
eyes, not wanting to break down
because of the familiarity of the kiss.
As soon as I start to respond, he
pulls away mumbling, "I'm sorry, I
shouldn't have… I'll wait for you in
the lobby…" He walks out the door,
while I breathe deep breaths. What
the heck just happened?
So… it looks like I may
have underestimated the effect his
kisses had on me. Hey, it's been a
while, okay? The kiss from last night
was different because I was calling
the shots, but just now I had no
control whatsoever. I can't believe I
started responding to his kiss, but I
wasn't suppose give into him just
yet. One thing I can conclude is
that last night Armaan realized that
he really liked me, that it is more
than just attraction and lust
anyways. Therefore, I guess it is a
positive thing. I decide to put my
thoughts aside and get ready for the
meeting. I settle on wearing a light
yellow dress with my black boots.
No, I did not look like a bumblebee
thank you very much! I wear my hair
in a messy bun and all that holds it
together is just a yellow stick. I
smirk knowing that Armaan will want
to pull the stick out of my hair, to
watch my hair cascade down to my
shoulders. How do I know that, well
he's a guy isn't he? Hmm, actually
that is debatable, JUST KIDDING!
The ride there is filled with
an awkward silence. I want to break
it, but Armaan doesn't look my way
even though he can sense my stare.
The most he does is look at me from
the corner of his eye and eventually
I give up trying to get rid of the
weirdness. When we arrive, we both
make our way to the meeting. We
quickly read over the paperwork, nod
in agreement, and then sign the
necessary paperwork. Then with a
simple handshake we were on our
way back to our hotel.
Armaan doesn't get out of
the car when we reach the hotel and
just sits there silently. He slowly
looks towards me with those big
apologetic eyes. Oh, this aught to be
good! Armaan says slowly, "Riddhima
I'm sorry about earlier, I shouldn't
have done that!" I grin, "You
shouldn't have?" Armaan looks
perplexed, "Well yeah I mean you
already made yourself clear that you
don't want to get involved with
me…" I smile knowing that I'm
confusing him to no end. I tilt my
head to the side asking seductively,
"And what about you, what do you
want Armaan?" He looks flustered,
not expecting me to say something
like that.
Before he can respond, his
cell phone starts to ring. He snaps
his attention to the caller, while I
roll my eyes thinking it's one of his
bimbos. He answers, "Yeah?...yea
she's here with me… WHAT? ...How
bad is it?...No we will leave right
away! …I'll call when we get there!
…Okay keep us informed! Bye dad!" I
start to feel a bit panicked as I hear
his end of the conversation. He
slowly turns towards me with those
same apologetic eyes, but they look
more hurt. He slowly says, "Riddhima
y-you're father…" Tears starts
forming in my eyes as I look up at
him, "W-what h-happened?" He
softly says, "You're father had a
He pulls me into his
embrace and the newly formed tears
stream down my face. Enemy or not,
at this moment it didn't matter. I
cling to his shirt whispering, "Dad"
repeatedly. Armaan holds onto me
tighter as I start to shake while I
sob. He assures me, "Shh…
Riddhima, don't worry it will be
alright! Come on we have to pack.
We have to get to the hospital!" I
pull away from him screaming,
AGAIN?" Armaan pulls me against
him with a stronger grip and says
comfortingly, "Riddhima don't talk
like that! Nothing will happen to
your father! I won't let anything
happen to him, okay?" He pulls me
out of the car and takes me to my
room to pack all my belongings. I
watch him expressionless and he
looks at me with sad eyes. He then
goes to his room to pack his own
stuff, leaving me to reminisce about
my father. Soon we checkout and go
straight to the airport. Luckily, there
is a flight to India, leaving in an
hour. We check in our luggage and
sit at the departure gate. Armaan
glances over at me, noticing I
haven't said anything since my
outburst in his arms. He gently
wraps his arms around me, pulling
me into a soothing hug. I don't try
to resist because I feel so alone all
of the sudden.
My father is a very
important figure in my life. He is a
great role model and has always
been a wonderful father. Sometimes
I doubt if my own husband could
love me as much as my father does
and that's if I ever get married. My
father can't just leave me! He just
can't, he wouldn't! I love him to
much to let that happen! I melt in
Armaan's arms while he rocks me in
his arms to try to calm me down. I
pull out my cell phone to call my
mother. She doesn't pick up, much
to my distress. Soon it is time to
board the plane. In the plane, I
blankly stare out of the window.
Armaan removes the armrest
between us and pulls me closer. His
embrace seems to comfort me
surprisingly. I just count the
precious minutes until we are able
to get to India. I really wanted to
see my father. I want to make sure
he is okay, to see him for myself.
Only then will the tears go away. I
fall asleep against Armaan's chest
the whole way to India.

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