Tuesday, 26 February 2019

part 11 & 12 : Tumhare hum

This time I wake up to Armaan softly
whispering my name. I look at him
slightly confused until he says, "We
just landed Riddhima, come on lets
go!" I quickly get out of my seat and
follow Armaan out of the plane. We
quickly get our baggage and then
hail a taxi. When we arrive at the
hospital, I run to the receptionist
asking, "Shashank Gupta?" She

quickly tells me the room, when
Armaan catches up to me. We both
run towards the room in worry.
When I approach the room I stop
outside the door. Armaan catches up
with me and says, "Nothing will
happen Riddhima." He gives my
hand a reassuring squeeze and I
push open the door.
When I catch sight of my father, I
throw my arms around him sobbing
violently. My father gives me a hug
saying, "Beta, I'm fine… I promise!" I
wipe my tears asking, "Dad how did
this happen?" He whispers,
"Riddhima I was just a little stressed
with work." I demand, "Daddy you're
in a hospital! You have to take more
care of yourself! Do you know how
worried I was? I was so scared! What
would I do without you? I don't
want you thinking about business at
all! Just let someone else handle it
for a while! I don't want you to be
stressed over anything!" I give him a
little hug and turn my head. I see
Armaan smiling at us admiringly, a
very genuine smile. I pull away and
my father flicks my nose saying
sweetly, "Okay I promise I will take
better care! God Riddhima you are
worse than Padma! Even she didn't
scream this much." He starts
laughing and soon Armaan joins
him. I start to pout watching the
both of them poking fun at my
overprotective nature. I pout, "Mom!
Make them stop!" Armaan starts
roaring in laughing, while I shoot
Armaan a glare. That shut him up!
Armaan stays for about an hour
talking to my father animatedly
about anything and everything.
Armaan then gets up saying, "Okay
Uncle, I should leave and let you
rest!" I look at my father who nods
towards Armaan. This in my father's
language means for me to walk him
out to his car. I follow Armaan out
the door, fall into step with him.
When we get to his car I say before
he gets in his car, "Armaan…" He
turned around to face me, while I
continue, "Thanks for everything!"
Armaan smiles brightly, "Anything
for you Riddhima! Oh and don't
bother coming to work, I'll handle
everything! You just take care of your
father!" I smile appreciatively, "Yeah
you better give me time off!" Armaan
smirks, "What did you say? I can
take it back you know!" I snort,
"Yeah right! …Thanks again!" He just
leans over kissing my forehead
affectionately saying, "Bye!"
I watch his car leaving the parking
lot. This day has been just too
surreal! So maybe he isn't all bad,
he does have his good moments. He
is unbelievably comforting. After
what Armaan did for me today, I was
having trouble remembering why I
hate him so much. After a few
minutes of over viewing my past, I
remembered why. I just hope for his
sake that this isn't another plan of
his because if it is then he is truly
dead meat! I want to believe he is
falling for me because of the way I
caught him looking at my father and
me. I think he likes the fact that I
am so caring and passionate about
the people I love. Maybe he aspires
to be one of them.
A week passes by and my father has
already been released from the
hospital. During his stay in the
hospital, I would come keep him
company along with my mom.
Armaan came a couple times to ask
how he is doing and then he came
again with his parents. We chatted
briefly about business, my father,
what I have been up to lately, etc.
As of now, I am trying to force feed
my father some lunch. I say quite
irritated, "Dad come on please eat!
You're acting like me when I was
five!" He replies, "Riddhima, I'm
you're father and I say I don't want
to eat! It's so bland!" I laugh, "I'm
gonna tell Mom that you called her
rice bland if you don't eat this!" His
face pales, which causes me to
chuckle. My father says loudly, while
looking past my shoulder, "Oh
Armaan beta come on in!" I look
towards the door to see him and get
a bit worried. You see I'm wearing a
pink churidaar! In case you have
forgotten he hasn't ever seen me in
traditional clothes except for eight
years ago. I really don't want to jog
his memory, but all I can do at this
point is pray that he doesn't
remember me!
Armaan looks at me slightly
surprised and then comes over to
greet my father. Armaan says looking
towards me, "Actually Uncle I had to
get a couple signatures from
Riddhima. Is it alright?" Before I can
utter a word my father says, "Of
course Armaan. Riddhima why don't
you take him to the study." I shake
my head at my father and say, "Dad
you are still going to finish your food
or else I will tell mom!" Satisfied
after hearing him groan, I lead
Armaan towards the study. He gives
me the files and explains all the
contracts before I sign. He then
turns to me saying, "You know you
looked cute ordering around your
father." I laugh, "Yeah well
sometimes you just have to crack
that whip!" He laughs and then says,
"You actually look nice in traditional
clothes, I never saw you wear them
before." I give a half smile thinking,
"Yeah, well that's not what you said
eight years ago you *******!" I also
had half a mind to ask, "Not like a
behenji?" I decide against it knowing
that will totally blow my cover and if
it doesn't than that's just really sad
and disgusting. I fake a shy smile
saying, "Thanks. Umm I'm going to
start coming back to work from
tomorrow" while tucking a strand
behind my ear. He nods and gets up
deciding its time he leave and I walk
him out the door.
Just then, I get a telephone
call from Muskaan. I answer, "Hey
Muski, what's up?" Muskaan shouts,
grow wide in shock, "RIGHT NOW?"
Muskaan laughs, "No stupid! It's in
two weeks!" I scream, "And you're
telling me now?" She laughs, "We
just found out the auspicious day is
in two weeks so we decided to get
married then! We just don't want to
wait anymore! And by the way it's in
Pune because that's where his
parents live! You're the first person I
told and you just have to come or
else I won't get married" I squeal, "I
better be the first person you told!
Oh my God Muski I'm so happy for
you! Yeah of course I'll be there!"
We continue to talk about her
marriage. Apparently he proposed to
her yesterday and today they picked
the wedding date. I start hounding
her about how she should have
called last night, which she gave me
viable excuses for. He really makes
her happy and that's what matters
the most. I can't help but notice my
horrible love life. Sometimes I
wonder if I will ever be able to love
part 12 :

As soon I left Riddhima's house, my
cell phone starts vibrating. I look at
the name flashing on the screen and
grin to myself. I answer, "Hey man"
He replies, "Guess who is getting
married?" Armaan laughs, "Who?" He
gloats, "Me!" I bring the car to a
screeching halt. I scream, "You're
kidding me?" He laughs, "Naw man
I'm serious!" I grin, "Well than
congratulations Rahul! Now where
the hell is my invitation?" He
chuckles, "Relax dude, it's on the
way, but just so you know it's in two
weeks!" I yell, "TWO WEEKS? ****
RAHUL THAT'S FAST! Why are you in
such a hurry?" He grins, "I know!
Anyways it's in Pune because my
parents wanted it there so you just
make sure you get there!" I smirk,
"Sure thing! Listen I'll talk to you
later tonight, I'm kind of driving
right now and I really don't feel like
dying at the moment!" Rahul replies,
"Alright talk to ya soon!" All I can
think is wow that was quick. I know
he was serious about Muskaan, his
girlfriend I just never knew how
As I enter my house, my thoughts
suddenly drift back to how Riddhima
will be coming back to work
tomorrow. It has been such a boring
week, no one to bother or annoy. I
really missed her! It's not a joke I
really did! Hey, I really do like her…
seriously I'm not lying! She's
different, well different from my
usual prey anyways. She's like an
enigma. There's so much about her I
want to know, but she has all their
barriers around her. She doesn't
really open up to me and I really
wish she would. I can't believe she
won't go out with me! Yes, I know I
sound like a spoiled brat, but I can't
help it! I haven't really been turned
down before…ever! I guess it's
understandable, I mean she doesn't
want to ruin our partnership. I think
it may be the fact that she knows my
track record. No, I don't mean track
like running! I don't exactly come off
as the sweetest guy on the block, in
fact far from it.
I tried the whole jealousy thing on
her, but it kind of backfired. She
didn't seem jealous much actually,
just kind of annoyed. Maybe she saw
right through it. She is quite
intelligent, what they call beauty
with brains. I'll admit that when I
first saw her well let's just say that
my intentions weren't quite
honorable. Come on, how can you
blame me? I mean she is flat out
gorgeous. I can't help but stare into
her beautiful chocolaty brown eyes
which have specks of gold within.
You know, they seem somewhat
familiar as if I've seen them before.
Then again, I have met many people
in my lifetime, well namely girls so I
do not count on remembering. Of
course, I've met lots of beautiful
women, but she has this intensity
about her. The best thing I like
about her is she isn't afraid to speak
her mind. I like arguing with her
because she is so easily annoyed.
It's quite amusing actually and it's
fun to watch her blow her top. Let's
just say it's never boring when she
is around.
It's not just her looks that attract
me, it's her innocence. I feel like
somewhere along the line, I left my
innocence behind. I grew up too
fast. She has this innocence that
intrigues me. I can't believe I'm
saying this, but her churidaar made
her look very attractive. It was light
pink, with a wide neck and a deep
back. It hugged her body in all the
right areas, but made her look so
innocent and pure. She has a heart
of pure gold. She's so caring and
loyal when it comes to the people
she loves. It broke my heart to see
her crying like that. I never felt
empathy before. When she saw her
father there was this twinkle in her
eyes and I've never seen that kind of
affection before. I felt envious of her
father because he has her in his
I've slowly realized that in the short
amount of time that I've known her,
I've changed. I haven't been
partying lately or having one night
stands. I've actually been on my
best behavior. I've mostly been
hitting on women only to get a rise
out of Riddhima. That's definitely
not right! I haven't been myself at
all. You know I should probably be
outraged that she's messing with my
head and what not, but really I'm
not. She's kind of made me a bit
more responsible and has got me
actually doing work at the office. In
America, I paid people to do my
work for me while I partied, but now
I surprisingly do it myself. This last
week without her was just horrible. I
had so much work piled on my desk
it was frustrating, but I wasn't going
to tell her that! Her father had a
stroke, I really don't need to give her
more to worry about. YOU SEE THAT!
I never used to consider other's
feelings or go out of my way to help
with their problems. I was so happy
that I found those files needed her
signatures as well. I got to see her
I really don't know if what I'm
feeling is love, namely because I
don't really believe in love. It's a bit
hard to explain actually. Whenever
she is in the room I get both
excited, yet nervous. I can't stand to
see her with any man other than
me. I feel the need to look out for
her and protect her all the time.
Her small gestures like a kiss on the
cheek have profound effects on me.
That night when she kissed my lips,
it felt so right, but it was so short.
That day I saw her in a towel… OH
MY GOD! I thought I was going to
have to take a cold shower after
that. I know I probably shouldn't
have kissed her since we work
together and all, but I just couldn't
stop myself. Look at me, I have been
thinking about her ever since I got
home! Shoot me now, I think I'm in


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