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part 11: Don't step on the Daisies

Atul looked over at Armaan and Shub as they looked in the jumping club for the girls.

"Armaan you sure there in here!!" Atul looked worried as he looked around.

"Anjali would not drink she pregnant and.. " Atul looked over at Shub pointing at the bar as he saw them….with there mouths open they looked up to see Riddhima, Muskhan and Sapna on the bar dancing…as the men and Anjlai and Kirti waved there hands in the air with the rest of the hen party girls.

Tuk Tuk Dekhe, Pal Pal Dekhe, Dekhe Aankhe Phaad Ke - (2)
Dur Dur Se, Ghur Ghur Ke, Maare Najariya Taad Ke
Arre Yeh To Bata -2 Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Khul Ke Bata De O Rasiya, Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya

"Atul baby!" Atul looked over at Anjali hug him tightly giggling.

"I love you honey!" Atul held her and looked over at Armaan laughing as he looked at Muskhan waving at him with Sapna… as he looked at Riddhima totally unaware of him dancing to the music in a trance…

"Shub! Where are the girls?" Shub looked over at Armaan chuckling as he saw the stern look on Kirti face.

"Darling there at home waiting for there mother!" Armaan placed his hand up and helped Sapna get down from the bar….and placed her on the floor.

"Muskhan!" he smiled as he helped her down to the floor… he held her as she hugged him.

"I am so happy you are back… we missed you!" Armaan smiled as he released her and looked at Riddhima still dancing shaking his head.

"Bhai why don't you take everyone outside I get Riddhima!" Atul and Shub nodded as the manovered the party towards the exit…

"Hello Riddhima!" he looked at her stop dancing and rub her eyes to see him again.

"You not really there I am dream!" he looked at her as she took hold of his hand…as he placed his hands on her waist he pulled her towards him slowly as he looked as her body brushed his as he placed her gentle on the floor.

"My wish came true!" he looked at her jumping and taking hold of him he held her giggling and released her to take a look at her… how he had missed her more now then every as she took hold of his arm and placed her head on his shoulder.

"Hang on! You never said you where coming back and …" he looked at her pout her lips at him looking adoreable as he grinned.

"I wanted to give you a surprise!" he looked at her folding her arms and looking away.

"Riddhima!" she turned to him holding a daisy and grabbed hold of it from her hand.

"I love you!" he grinned as she took hold of him again.

"Come on there waiting for us outside!" he looked at her smiling at the daisy in her hand as he lead her outside…

Armaan stared at Kirti shouting at Bhai and Anjali crying as she held Atul…while Muskhan and Sapna where being over friendly to a group of boys and the other girls with them…

"Riddhima can you sit in the car for me baby!" he looked at her nodding her head like a good girl and smiled as he released her…

"ARMAAN!" he looked at Shub and Atul shouting out his name and smiled…. Atul and Shub sighed as they managed to get everyone in the cars…

"Armaan you sure you will drop up the other girls at the hotel" Armaan nodded at Atul as he looked over at as he sat in the car…

"Yeah Bhai is dropping some of them off…I have Riddhima in the car… I follow you!"

Armaan smiled cheekily as he got Shub Bhai to drop the girls at the hotel so he could have some time with Riddhima alone… as he opened the car door she was not there …as he turned around he looked at her waving at a taxi…. Rushing to her side he looked at her.

"Riddhima!" he took hold of her hand as she looked at him annoyed.

"I Want a to go to court and get a divorce!" he looked at her and nodded and lead her towards his car and opened the door.

"OK! Lets go there!" he turned to look at her crying as she refused to move.

"You don't love me!" taking a deep sigh he moved towards her …feeling his finger on her chin she looked into his eyes.

"Says who?" he looked at her eyes as he wiped her tears and smiled.

"STOP IT!" he looked at her shouting at him and looked at the nearby members walking to the club.

"Excuse me miss is there a problem?" Armaan looked over at the security guard and then back at Riddhima as he moved forward nodding her head.

"He left without saying a word and come back with out tell me…You tell me is that any way for a husband to behave?" Armaan looked at the Security guard shaking his head Armaan stepped forward holding his ears.

"Sorry honey!" he looked at her staring at him….Armaan watched the security guard walk away.

"Don't give me that dimple smile?" he loved forward smiling…

"Why? What's wrong with my smile?" he looked at her walking away.

"You know!" he took hold of her hand and pulled her towards him.

"No I don't?" he looked at her as she placed her hand gentle on his face.

"It makes me weak and you look so sexy!" he looked at her as she moved closer to him and hug him.

"But you want a divorce remember!" he felt her hug him tightly as if she was hug him for the final time.

"Take me home!" he looked at her getting in the car … as he looked at her taking hold of his arm as he drove…

"Armaan u love me na? Jiju mention Sonja?" he sighed and looked at the traffic

"I mentioned her remember in Vegas!" she looked up at him confused.

"You don't remember …she was the reason I was there to get away from …but I fell totally in love with you… when you dressed my wound and kissed me for the first time…"

"I remember!" he looked at her surprised as he stopped the car outside the house.

"You do!" he looked at her nodding…

"I remember little bits…like when you opened my eyes from the blindfold and told me everything is ok!…" he looked at her and kissed her on the forehead and looked at her giggling….he watched her jump out of the car and run towards the house and stop.

"Armaan one thing we did not do!" he looked at her as she looked so seriously.

"You never carried me over the threshold!" she pouted her lips as he chuckled approaching him.

"OK! I guess I can do that know!" he picked her up in his arms and carried her into the house as she beamed and giggled in delight…

"Shh you wake everyone up!" she looked at the stern look on his face as he stepped onto the stairs …feeling her head resting on his chest he inhaled her sweet fragrance and smiled …

"Riddhima open the door!" he whispered looking at her as she placed her finger in his shirt making heart shapes on his shirt and adding a R in the middle.

"Riddhima?" he looked at her totally unaware of what he had said and lowered his arms

"NO! you have to place me on the bed!" she looked at the frown on his face and pushed opened the door for him.

As he placed her on the bed and looked at her as she smiled and jumped up to hug him again.

"I want to see the tattoo!" he looked at her opening his shirt buttons and placed his hands on hers to stop her.

"No Riddhima!" as he removed her hands and turned around to leave when he saw her run towards the door and bolt it…as he moved towards the window he looked at her standing in her way…. He looked at her smiling coming forward towards him.

"I better leave!" he turned to the door and stopped as he heard the soft music in the room….

In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein
Pakiza Se Riste Hain
Koi Kalma Mohabat Ka
Dohrate Farishte Hain

Khamosh Si Hai Zameeen Hairaan Sa Falak Hai
Ek Noor Hi Noor Sa Abb Aasmaan Talak Hai
(Nagmein Hi Nagmein Hai Jagti Soti Fizaon Mein
Husn Hai Sari Adaon Mein
Ishq Hai Jaise Hawaon Mein ) - 2

Kaise Yeh Ishq Hai
Kaisa Yeh Khwaab Hai
Kaise Jazbaat Ka Umda Sailab Hai

He looked at her in the moonlight and as she moved closer to him at arms length …closing his arms he turned around and walked over towards the bed and held the post closing his eyes… feeling her arms around him …he placed his hands on her hers to feel her head on his back…as he opened his eyes…

"Riddhima this in not a good idea!…. you will blame me again and …" releasing her hands from him he stepped away from her to feel her hand on his arm stopping him.

In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein
Pakiza Se Riste Hain
Koi Kalma Mohabat Ka
Dohrate Farishte Hain

Samay Ne Yeh Kya Kiya
Badal Di Hai Kaya
Tumhein Mene Paa Liye
Mujhe Tumne Paya

Mile Dekho Aise Hai Hum
Ke Do Sur Ho Jaise Madham
Koi Jyada Na Koi Kaam
Kise Aag Mein Ke Prem Aag Mein
Jalte Dono Hi The
Tan Bhi Maan Bhi
Maan Bhi Hai Tan Bhi
Tan Bhi Maan Bhi
Maan Bhi Hai Tan Bhi

He looked at her as she stepped in front of him…

"Don't leave me! Armaan" feeling her hands around his neck moving closer to him…

"Riddhima try to understand …you are drunk!" he looked at her looking at him.

"Intoxicated by you're love Armaan!" pulling her away from him he turned around.

"You know the truth don't you Armaan…." He turned to look at her walking towards the window..

"I am adopted and that papa is my legal guardian and he wants to see me marry Rahool so I have too pay them back…" he looked at her stunned and moved towards her and held her from behind.

"I want you to make love to you Armaan….let me feel love like I have never before for the last time…" seeing nothing but helplessness in her eyes he kissed her on the forehead..

"I love you Riddhima so much!" he held her in arms and felt her arms around him.

"I love you too.." he looked at her as she lead him to the bed. why could things just be easy for once he though looking at her in the moonlight taking of her top for his eyes only… as she placed her hands on his shirt and opened his buttons….feeling her lips on his chest where the tattoo of his declaration of love her was placed he closed him eyes.

"Riddhima …." He moaned in delight as he pulled her close to him and kissed her…feeling her naked body near

"Armaan!!" feeling her gasp as he touched her like no other man ever could she closed her eyes…as he kissed her…..

Din Badle Raatein Badli Baatien Badli
Jeene Ke Andaaz Hi Badle Hain

In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein
Pakiza Se Riste Hain
Koi Kalma Mohabat Ka
Dohrate Farishte Hain

Nagmein Hi Nagmein Hai Jagti Soti Fizaon Mein
Husn Hai Sari Adaon Mein
Ishq Hai Jaise Hawaon Mein
Ishq Hai Jaise Hawaon Mein


Love Kat

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